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Sara I Raad Apr 19
I admit.
I used to wake up
in the middle of the night
and stare at you.
I absorbed your body in my eyes.
Nothing amazed me more than
watching a violent hostile human
remain calm and intact.
It was my only moment of peace
with you next to me.
It was the moment you reminded me
of the person I first fell in love with


Sara I. Raad
دema Feb 4
Am I upset?
No, I don't think so.

I think the best way to describe how I feel towards you right now
is to buy a ******* useless vase, instead of adding it to the rest of your collection of useless stuff down in the basement, use it as a decoration, give it life and purpose and make a pretty flower grow in it, every now and then water it, clean the mess it makes, heck-- even take selfies with it. Next, I want you to unwillingly do the following:
put this vase on an ad on Craig's list, give it for free to someone who is on the same continuum of uselessness. Done? ok, now go break that ******* vase. What? You can't? It's not yours anymore? How does THAT feel? Do you feel upset? Angry? Confused? No, you feel helpless. Well now you know how your friendship feels like and what your friendship means. Not cool. We aren't cool. Don't make me break you, it won't fix you into becoming someone I need.
Blue Oct 2018
You must,
You just must surround yourself with people who respect you,
Give regard to those who do not
The path down the hill of contempt
Is one not well-kept
You might hear this often
I do,
I guess I know it’s a lot easier to write this
than to do
But once you leave,
you will feel free
Your company should never make
You feel hostile and trapped
You’re worn out and
It’s uneasy and uncomfortable
You don’t need an explanation to leave
Havoc and abhorrence
That’s they’re own doing
There may never be a consolation to these type
Of toxic relationships
But that’s the beauty of free-will
You are in charge of ones discretion
It may be unrequited, unsettling for them
But think about you now
Liberate yourself
Respect yourself

let them go
& now, be free
A Dec 2017
Their is no sort of hell for the trip we took
I bloodied my knuckles and stabbed myself
You cried your eyes to your knees  
You've erupted into a flowing river of hate
I stand by your door and hopelessly wait
For you to realize i STILL love you.
My cold being is in transition
The icy crater I create in fear of monsters
Yet you erupt and I slide back down my hole
Escaping your roar and claws
Reaching for the only thing I have left
I hold myself and calmly say "this is a nightmare".
I do not sleep in peace
I assume your position hovers above me
I assume you can weaken my defenses
Unlock my door with a glance
I fall asleep in fear that the monsters will release themselves,
That angry beast summons itself and destroys us both.
IP Jun 2017
my eyes x-rayed you as a stranger
as you were one
I knew I should give you a chance
But my heart refused to budge
K G Apr 2017
This day was fused with difficulty and a newer sun
The only note this night can end on, is a bad one
In the rush I fell further from life, poor fortune seemed impaled
The crude white's new and improved hypocrisy had been scaled
A restless heart burns beneath these bones with a trembling sigh
As I'm identified, it hits like vesta when these loaned emblems tie
Her wont on a sleeve
only made hour grieve
while fever fed a cold today
the road sought hither late
and zonked this dale
still clamored in her oath
she'd bid herself again
but to perish her affront
while inside my belt
only brought here by stock
would swelter in her seat
along highway oft-tried and
never abandoned till a rap
her deathly congestion, Alas
Eloi Dec 2016
Held hostage.
I am one,
With the monster who has a gun,
Through my veins shoots adrenaline,
I taste bitter blood on my tongue.

Silence kept,
Not even the sound of breath,
He creeps near,
Surrounding me with fear.

A mask of a joker,
He wears on his face,
With blood dripping from his teeth,
And a cloak to hide his disgrace.

He's hunched over,
Walking on all fours,
I'm chained up,
Against two old steel doors.

Hanging there waiting,
For the knife to strike,
He holds it near my throat,
I try to fight.

Despite my efforts,
His knife does its job,
It slices my throat,
I fall to the floor,
Breathing no more.

A distraction was the gun,
To hide from me the real danger,
People are like this,
Even some strangers.

Be careful what you wish for,
I welcomed death a thousand times a day,
But when it came,
In that Crimson way,
I wanted nothing more,
Than to be able to stay.
that is what I have been
for 8 years.
I've been a mute.
I have been expected to take the ****
to make the impossible work,
sleep it off,
and take what i cant dish out.
Don't expect to understand me
my life's story
is really quite boring.
He  wants you to think
that I am just a perfect, quiet little church boy,
that has a demon side to him
he has lied for years,
each time pushing the mute button a bit harder.
I am a mute,
but it is time for me to speak.
He won't expect it,
he WILL regret it.
He is responsible for my scars,
and they want revenge
I'm coming for him.
I shall arrive only so soon
the dagger in his chest,
8 years of damnation
will fill his soul.
He will be muted
just as I was,
*so long long ago.
Aaron Bee Mar 2016
My mind frozen
time frozen
efforts cold
I still hold
My cellphone
in one hand
mouths chatter
eyes close .


Cold lifeless hands
inching closer
to hot smooth flesh
raging with *******
Throbbing heat and
angry breath
fills the room
What you think
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