lostboy 1d

Google oh Google!
You answer our questions so;
Why can't penguins fly?
What is the yellow snow?
You then answer us,
So that we will then know.

Google oh Google,
This I must say;
You change your appearance
In almost every way,
Just to drop a hint
Of some eventful day.

Google oh Google!
Many topics you suggest
So we may rely on you
For you know what is best;
To stop our worry
And put us at rest.

You would think my heart was a diamond, pure and white.
Because though many are cruel to me, I love them despite.

My kind words of encouragement you'd swear came from an innocent soul
But if you could read my mind and crack open my heart, the truth would be told.

Could You Handle My Heart?

When my heart is frozen and I give you a frost bite kiss?

Could You Handle my Heart?

When I feel so alone that my lips refuse to smile for a lovely bliss

Could You Handle My Heart?

When I feel on drowned in the darkness that I have embraced?

Could You Handle My Heart?

When my soul is bleeding and I laugh in insecurity and disgrace?

Could You Handle My Heart?

When I reject your warm soft glow, and pierce it with my shadow?

Could You Handle My Heart

When I create a puddle of sinful tears and scream because I am determined to grow?


Could you even handle my heart...if it were to fall?

Answer the Question... Could You Handle My Heart?...

The Lord has put up with my pride and my insecurities and my disobedience and all of my lies... He can handle my heart... what an amazing God we have....
HYA 4d

I look at you
   looking at her
      while she's
         looking at
            H   I    M.

The question is... is there someone looking at me?


We all question our motivation and endeavours
                     of life's cause and effect.
Then we realise,
           life is a challenge of moments,
and how we play the game of our finite moments...

Do we give up?
              or do we collect our strength
      and show all that were
                   stronger than a question mark..

Scar tissue in the brain...
Mental issue
Memories that with no effort can you refrain...
Endless thoughts are my bane
Six feet under pen...
No limit to this theoretical den
What's inside that mind?
What kind of shit will I find?
What shapes you, What creates you?
What molds you, What makes you?
Are you really who you say?
Are you fake too?
Is anything you even say true?
Temporary issue
Lies becoming
Impulse to lips running
You're a fake, a disaster
A plaster of pain on my life
Sweet blinding laughter...
Chatter, Chatter, Chatter
Timeless collapse, end up naps
Dreams of bad, horrible things

Wake up

Sometimes the past can leave a part of you broken. maybe that's trust, maybe it's physical or something else mental.
Madi Oct 5

the most common question
that you may ask someone
how are you?
how's it going?
and i think that it's kind of
nobody ever
says anything other than
or fine
why do we ask questions
about other people
if we can't even answer it ourselves

i mean
i don't want to be a burden or anything
that's why i may choose
to say
i'm fine
even when i'm not

i find that we
as a community
"are you okay?"
whenever somebody is crying
way more than we should
because i mean

i don't want to create a scene
so i'll
stop crying
and tell you i'm fine
i told you
i don't want to be a burden

i personally
find that the term
works quite well
it's still not the full truth
but i'm not a burden then either

so i think we need to
stop asking
start answering
because life isn't always
or fine

What is your desire?
What causes fights and quarrels among you?
Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?
You desire but do not have,
so you kill.
And still
You covet but you cannot get what you want,
It's not on your will
so you quarrel and fight.
You do not have because you do not ask God.
When you ask,
you do not receive,
because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.
So you may use what you get for wrongs reasons
As seasons comes and go
You have reasons upon your motives
So what is your desire?

Just a question for love-wealth-happiness-peace..etc
IJustBS Sep 27

How many times does it take someone to figure out their mistakes?
How long does it take for someone to realize they're not always right?
Why can't people grasp that their own life is out of their control?
Who can recognize any of these?
We go around in circles day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
Generation after generation.
We try to change our future.
We are...
But we only scratch the surface of our faults,
our nails caught in the ravine of misconception.
Only caused to fall back into the loop that is reality.
We are all-
We go around in circles day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
Generation after generation.
Countless meaningless wars.
The same argument with the same person day after day.
Falling in love over and over.
Why am I asking questions so many people have before?
There's only one explanation I can think of.

if you see any mistakes in grammar tell me please and thanks <3
IJustBS Sep 26

Meep Meep
A rush of dusty air zooms past me
I am scairt'
That burd be scairin meee.....
the mean old burdie,
I must protecc
Ima bamboozle him real good
The dum burd won't know what hit em
Oh no where did dat burd go?

wile e coyote's thoughts and emotions projected onto a poem
Zane Gorham Sep 24

The room has movement with an inkling of calmness.
Faces speak at each other, the corners of their mouths skewed upward in smiles and laughter.
Everything has serenity in this cage, even the people.
The orange hues drape the room in mists of dusty ray.
Beneath the ground the exposed ceiling casts reflecting light off the wooden beams.

I watch the fluid surface bubble rising through the lava lamp.
The orange light passing through the cylindrical glass reflects the vivid colors of a green and purple ocean ebbing across the wall.
Scan the room my eyes catch those of another.
A single wink sends me free falling through the looking glass.
The space between the beams above writhe with living organs, and I fall backwards into nothingness.

I blackout.
The eyes flutter open and I'm no longer myself.
I'm trapped.
The elongated glass chrysalis envelops everything that I am.
I breathe.
The air rushes into my lungs through segmented tubes strapped to my face.
I'm paralysed.

This godly creature form is who I truly am, I'm all knowing.
The body somewhat twisted and deformed it feeds constant.
Eyes move but they alone, body frozen in fetal.
I watch the show it fills me and I watch myself in the glitch.
The cubic projection slides the landscape under my human feet as I move.  
Each interaction, each step, each emotion transferred from the mind of the beast, my beast, my true self.
My skin is naked stripped of filament, blue and cold but just cold enough to be cool to the touch.
This form is eternal and yearns for stimulation.
The only way it can do this is to temporarily erase its mind and project it into the great simulation of life.  
Both sides are learning both sides are real.
One knows forever, unending in knowledge and that life is meaningless stimulation.
The other searches hopelessly for the meaning of life but ultimately
ends its inconsequential life cycle.
The cycle's knowledge, emotions, experiences transferred into the mind of the creature as an afternoon snack in an endless day.

I blackout.
The eyes snap open, I've returned to the simulation.
I panic.
The room is not what it was before.
I'm alone in my bed, the lights are on.
Objects are wavy and reality realigns itself.
I've been given a glimpse of what lies beyond our realm.
My life has no answer, I will never be great, I am worthless.
Death means nothing, life means nothing.
I'm trapped in here, this earth, I'm trapped out there, the next.
My life amounts to nothing more than the feeling of a scratched itch.
Just one of many collected experiences moulded in the mind of an eternal.

I don't have an explanation.
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