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Healer 3d
Does the solitary candle desire to melt and die?
Is it silvered kite fate to glide on the wind?
How can a blind seek the uncertain light?
What if these wishes are the test of an unfair life.
Maybe it wasn't about the candle's love,
But the warm gaze of baleful flame grew all unkind.
Maybe a blind can't find the light,
can't differentiate between black and white.
Like pandora's box mystery, the light will give him a fright.
Maybe there is no answer that is right.
My mother once said,'no one is empty of love'
Then why every soul is thirsty,
Why is every heart full of questions?
is pure
and beautiful.
One can make
such powerful
statements with
I do not need to ask
if I am wasting their time,
or if I am boring,
their silence
answers all my questions.
"What is your favorite song?", I asked you.

"What is your favorite love story?", I asked myself.

"What is yours?", the question asked herself.

"I am yours", the answers answered their will.
Indonesia, 7th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
The greatest wisdom is so easily destroyed
Brought low by the innocence of a child
The greatest minds of the earth
Philosophers, scientists, leaders
They can never answer the simplest question


The truth is we know nothing
We know how some things may work
But we do not know why they work
We know the arrangement but not the purpose
We can mimic but never improve upon
A least a child has no pride to be hurt
So they fear not to ask


And there is only one answer
To every why in the universe
It is accessible to everyone
Should you only become humble
Shedding the useless weight
That the world has imposed upon you  
There is nothing to lose but pride
A benefit to any who try it

And after all Why Not?
Raven Feels Jul 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never knew before:?

mind fluttered
heart triggered
or was it the opposite?
to not feel
is constantly abandoning the real
or was it overthinking?
white sun
yellow moon shun
or was it the lamp in my room?
exclamation mark
question bark
or was it me confused?!
flames left turned in hurt
backs flared then burnt
or was it them that slammed the door?
now a missing bone
from an unsolved puzzle all alone  

Will my best ever be enough?

Will I ever heal?

Do I have to live the rest of my life like this?

Do I have to keep feeling like this?

How will I ever love again?

How can I ever trust anyone after what you've done?

Where did I go wrong?

Where is the happiness I so want to feel?

When did it start falling apart?

When will I finally leave this all behind?

Why do I feel nothing?

Why do I feel everything all at once?

What am I doing here still?

What did I do to deserve this?

Can I ever feel normal again?

Can I actually live my life, like this?

Who is at fault for this?

Who is there to blame other than myself?

Am I ok?

Am I perfect enough?

Will I ever be satisfied

Will I ever be happy again?

The questions only keep growing in the cell of disarray that is my mind.

Every single one fall on deaf ears.

Spain without the s
Juliana Apr 29
Hey Mommy?

When I type bat instead of cat, do the letters get mad at me?

Is it a vacation, a retirement to the land far away,
full of words I’ll never get to know,
or did I send them away to crumble into pixels?

Is that forgotten apology chopped up
into little pieces in the back of the computer,
a plastic box under the harddrive
that Daddy gets to clean out
when he refills the printer ink?

I want to read the book filled with all the lost letters,
the one where my fourth-grade book report
comes after the job application you were never qualified for,
but just before the neighbor’s college essay,
deleted so his own Mommy could help him.

Hey Mommy?

Can I ever check on them?

I hope they turn into a book about superpowers.

I’d be sad if these keys turned into nothing more
than a scrapped poem or a forgotten apology.

Hey Mommy?

I miss the forgotten letters.

Do you think they ever miss me?
"Hey Mommy?", "bat," and "cat" should be italicized.
abhinav Apr 23
Staring at bricks
stuck together
Lying and thinking whether
worth the kicks.

What's the point
a dull voice voiced
undermining the excited one
Life, more like a temple run

Everyone's aiming for high
like cannabis cannibalizing cerebellum
I can't think of a reason why
follow withered curriculum

Last nail's been hammered
Once again it surfaced
as I gaze with my face dazed
among others with thought so tattered.
have you every wondered what's the point in grinding day in and day out. what 's the final goal. if you understands the answer to the question what's the point do hit me up too........
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