Mars Dec 8

This light that is on,
Is it inside me?
Or am I inside of it?
My old question
that has pestered me
and offered no salvation
But, someday past
I cannot remember when,
I became aware
of a third option.
When a nut learned
he was a tree,
A man learned
he was free,
and a wave
was the entire ocean.
It put an end
to this old
impossible question.

Aerinlia Dec 8

What exactly is future?
Is it tomorrow?
Is it next week?
Is it next year?

What is it exactly
The future that I always feared
I know what will I do tomorrow
But why it is so scared to think about "the future"?

Ammar Dec 5

you're asking me questions
i do not have the answers to

i do not know
and i do not know
how where when or why

all i know is that
i do not deserve
to be lied to or to be cheated
the way you have done both to me

my mind does not deserve
to be fucked
the way you have fucked it
and taken away its peace

you don't give me the peace
or the love or loyalty
or the
that someone like me deserves

and that doesn't mean that
you can't heal the wounds
just that you choose not to
because you'd just cut it open again

you're asking me questions
i do not have the answers to

i do not know
to fix a broken being
which you willfully shattered

all i know is that

you did this and that
"this" is no blame but a
responsibility you must take

this isn't on me
and this includes
the pain caused and
the love lost

and i do not know
that if what you have lost
you can ever redeem again
or even know the worth of

perhaps it was all worthless
to you to begin with
perhaps i and the 'i love you'
was only worth your broken lie

but maybe that is a question
i will never have an answer to

Don't ask me questions that you have answered for yourself
Chloe Dec 3

my distant lover
will i ever find another?

Oculi Dec 3

It's been a fun time, hasn't it?
I've been all kinds of people for you and I.
But my tears are at a loss.
A dry desert, if you will.

So I take this pen and jab it into paper one last time.
I enjoyed being all kinds of spirits.
You really let me release myself.
We got past such great milestones.

The world has changed and only I remained.
You're not the same and I'm not the same.
But I feel like I'm still just me.
So I'll blame it on the world.

All these scribbled words have been attempts.
I've been calling for help.
And help came for me.
But I didn't really need anyone but me.

These last tears, they're important to me.
To others, they might seem like...
Tears in rain.
But to me, they're my powerful last breath.

I've dreamt so much in such a short time.
And it gave me wings of hope.
I've never been better.
And I've got myself to thank for that.

I grew out of the armor.
I don't need it anymore in this world.
We're at peace, everyone's alive.
The womb keeps us all together.

The questions are answered to an extent.
I've exposed myself to you.
You know all of me as well as I do.
I'm bare naked before you now.

I shan't try to cover myself.
As the rain washes over me and covers my tears...
I'm not the same person, I can see that.
Nothing remains the same.

I've reached the end of rebirth once more.
This time the end is but an end.
There's no new beginnings here, nothing can change.
Embrace the past, young shepherd, for the future is set in stone.

Lead the people who have my legacy.
My armor, my pen, my tears, my soul... Goodbye.

Eighth of five.
melanie Dec 2

a chilling light seeps in
as my restful night
turns gnarled teeth on me.
and in my questioning state,
I dare not leave stones unturned.

I pick, I poke, I tear
under the surface of the sun,
until I not only know the answers,
but hate myself for them.

selling my soul to the devil
may be my only chance of survival.

Timothy Daly Nov 24

God is to be found
in the silence between
the question and the answer,
in the clarity
between two thoughts,
in the attention
between two actions…

Xaviera Allan Nov 20

You ask if I have ever
You. But that is the wrong question
I distrust everyone
Because what I have found is that
People usually do not deserve my trust
And most especially you because
You have earned it
Which is far more dangerous.
Ask me if I have ever
You, and I will have no choice
But to be honest
And say yes,
I have.

Ivo Nov 19

nobody will ask me anyway
but I don't care
that's all I have to say
I don't even want to rhyme
think of cliche metaphors
after all
I'm what I used to hate nowadays
a pity to lose your soul
I just don't care
nobody will ask
but that's all I have to say

Oculi Nov 19

I've been asked so many questions by these dreams.
My reality, my ideas are being questioned.
What is the world?
It's all that's around me.
What is the world?
It's everyone and everything.
What is the world?
It's what I see and feel?
Is that what your world is?
I... think so.

Who are you?
I'm Johnny.
Who are you?
I'm an artist.
Who are you?
I'm the pilot, The Third Child, the poet, the unwanted man.
Who are you?
That is me! What do you want from me?
Who are you?
I'm... I hate myself.
Is that who you are?
I... don't know.

Why do you write?
Because it helps me relieve myself of my feelings.
Why do you write?
Because I need to share my artistry.
Why do you write?
Because I want people to notice me.
Why do you write?
Because I want to be loved!
Why do you write?
I just want love.

Because I'm alone.
I hurt myself.
I hate myself.
I... I...

What is this world to you?
It's pain, it's emptiness.
You probably just made yourself think that.
Everybody hates me.
You probably just made yourself think that.
I hate me.
You probably just made yourself think that.
Everything is terrible, I hate it all.
You probably just made yourself think that.
You... You're lying to me!
You probably just made yourself think that.
I don't know what's real anymore.

That's no issue. Take some time.
Your friends will help you understand reality sooner or later.

Fourth of five.
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