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SeaChel 1d

Quite often, I ponder
“What’s worse?”
a love that once was
or a love that could have been
and the ”what if” that follows it?
Anya 2d
When I'm on a field
I can be free

When I'm with my family
I can be free

When I'm with little children
I can be free

When I write
I can be free


But when I'm anywhere else
I'm constrained by
a cage known as-
self consciousness
social anxiety
She comes by many names

By any chance,
are you familiar with her?
I’m sure you are

You may have met her,
In JK,
When you found out there’s a difference
Between a boy
And a girl

You may have met her,
In the playground
When you were
The only one
Who though
“Fashion show”

You may have met her
When that annoying
Red head
Kept saying
Your underwear
During P.E.

You may have met her
In middle school
When you had your
First crush
But everyone insisted
You liked

You may have met her
When every one
Of your friends
Was in
But you
Couldn’t wrap
Your head
Rational functions

You may have met her
When every one of your friends
Had success branded
On their foreheads
With their futures
Straight through
A paved road
While you
Were left
A forest

You may have met her
In any number
Of places
With any number
Of people
With any number-

Even in the sock
You forgot had a hole
In it,
And wore to school

She’s obviously
So you can’t ignore her
Hating on her,
Just makes
You hate yourself

Why not become her friend?
Stxlle 6d
You are a question, a puzzle, a riddle.

I have subsumed you in every thought but I don't know how this happened. I let you consumed me but I have no regrets. You gave me a different blend of emotions and its a feeling I simply can't forget.

There is part of you that is incomplete and I can see the missing piece.

You are still unsolved. Locked up in your own world. I want you to give me your key. I want show you what I can see. A world of just you and me.

I don't know why I'm thinking about all this. These are the ideas I can't dismiss. I don't know if its wrong to have feeling for someone this strong.  I want you to see the real me but I've started to be more cautious of the things I do. I constantly think about what I am to you.

I can't grasp your essence. You are complex. You make me lose all commonsense. I've already asked those around but none of them have been as curious as me. I fear to answer you directly because people might see what  I want us to be.

Well, not really. I don't fear us. I shouldn't care what people think. I just want to be the fragment that fills her absence but I fear the chance that I won't be a piece that matters.

But, I still hope I might be your answer.
This is a commission
Cat Lynn Oct 6
I scream when I get what I don't want...
        ­                                but then I cry because I know need it...

Just because I want something... doesn't mean I need it

and just because I there's something I don't want to happen or gain... doesn't mean I don't need it...

                                       *Such a Conflict
Scream, Cry, Want, Need... What more can I say?
Do we need to throw
All the memories we had
To say we move on?

Do we need to forget
To say we forgive?

Do we need to be hurt
To realize the things we did?

Do we need to cry
To smile

No, but why we always comes up to these questions?
Anya Oct 5
Being frank here,
I think a lot

And I think about
my thinking

And I have a unique way of thinking
as do most people

But I combine my thoughts
with analogies
I conceive through
my creativity
And weave them
into words

Which I have learned to love
through my obsessive reading
in my elementary
That's it
I haven't read
enough official

I don't really
edit my

I don't overthink
too much

Just my thoughts,
on a lonely page
I've wondered time
and time again,
is this even

My thoughts
carved with

Rough on the edges
with spots of

As well as
as smooth and cold
as marble
The honesty hidden
other distractions
when the truth
is too much

But it's still me on the page
But what I can't figure out
do I do it
for social approval?
To be heard?
To spill out my emotions?
To make something beautiful?
Just cause?

A wintry night
the wind swirls around
blowing my questions
away with a chill...
This was inspired by the poem on this site "Poetry Reeled me In".
Em Oct 2
To write
And express
And share
an idea
or a thought
or a memory
or a romanticized past

...Is it all that?
haha im suffering from boredom
Sam Sep 27
I’m sitting in class,
And I don’t know the solution ,
The teacher sees me struggling,
She’s aware of my confusion.

I stay after class,
She knows I’m really trying,
So when I don’t raise my hand,
I suppose she thinks I’m lying.

I really don’t know the answer,
I’m really just confused,
But it seems she wants to shame me,
So the class can be amused.

Four problems in a row,
But I guess she isn’t done,
After every “I don’t know”
She says, “you’ll do the next one”

I can hear the class laughing,
And a crimson shade comes to my face,
And I wonder why I feel so ashamed,
In what was my “safe space”
Life as a student
I've been trying to see the in-between;
The overlap in separation...
                            I want to see what can't be seen.
                            I want to embody imagination.

"That's a tough way to go." They say,
                    "You shouldn't try so hard to know."
But a river is a tough thing to stop,
                                   So I just let the water flow.

Because you don't come upon an idea...
You always start from within it,
Both springing forth and unfolding,
From their inception, until it's finished.

Your ideas, as you are, are intricately connected
To a place where no thing exists without a purpose...
No answer without a question.

The question and answer, you see, exist in simultaneity...
Born from the same concept; they are stuck together, forever, genetically.
Anya Sep 22
“It’s in your blood”
This phrase irritates me
To an extent because
We build
All his hype around
And blood
In the end
Aside from appearance
Certain genetic qualities
Maybe some personality traits
You’re a produce of your environment
“Birth parents”
“Legitimate child”
As long as there’s love in the relationship
Does it even matter?
Basically, my inner cynic let lose. If you have more experience in this matter and disagree with me feel free to shoot me a comment or message. I’m just letting out the thoughts in my head and I’d love to understand if someone else has a different view.
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