Eve 14h
Seeking love in those who have never really experienced it, will be heartbreaking they say.
Yet, the sense of words they reason all make sense, indeed.
I’ve just haven’t caught a glimpse of reality,
Instead, I remain oblivious to the consequences I know I’ll face,
The challenges, obstacles, and struggles,
They can’t possibly “hurt” you in any sort of way, they exclaim.
- I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be,
It lifted me upon my feet and aimed a light on my head that all these men, most certainly aren’t for me.
Who are you?
But who are you
when the titles are stripped away,
when extrinsic definitions lose their meaning,
when you cease to see the value of the dollar
of power and status?
Underneath these shallow words
is the person who remains
representative of who you want to be?
Do you remain true to your morals
even when they contradict societal expectations?
When you are asked a simple question:
who are you?
Can you respond
I am
or the rarest of all:
Question 1.
can you escape the words that so easily want to roll off your tongue
can you put them away
see them off on a ship

have them cross into the horizon and dissipate
under the burning red sun
of the east
Question 2.
Can you replace all letters of an alphabet
that easily taught, rolled off your tongue
can you put them in a shoe box,
seclude them in a corner of your new life,
where 80% of the time you are fine
Do you think they will cross too
cross the horizon, like the things you wish would
and then dissipate
Question 3.

Does the pollution amplify the heat, if so can the heat burn or melt old Polaroids
this is a writing experiment how close can you get to the space between the source and conception of a question my answer was to play with grammar usage asking questions that need no grammatical indication of their querying because i want the structure to more adequately reflect the state of mind i’m in while i ask these questions. obscurity. I do not know what I seek by inquiring, and so these questions do not know their own purpose, thus by not including a question mark the statements above never fulfill all the grammatical prerequisites of a question, the statement has yet to realize it is a question and just lingers somewhere in between.limbo. If you’ve made it this far, give feedback please. What else can I do to deconstruct the structure of a question? Do these above statements feel like they are real questions?
Taji 4d
How can you want to die in a world so fiercely beautiful?
Where rain comes out of no where and thunder claps loudly.
Where even night, through the stars lacks no light.
How can you want to die in a world where people love you when you cant for yourself?
Where hope claws through despair.
How can you want to die in a world so wide and new?
Where the sun shines warm on your face.
Where the cold wakes up your soul.
How can you want to die when there are so many reasons to stay alive?
This was written while i was in a mental hospital struggling with the old question of to be or not to be.
Said that never give up on people
I kept looking through the peephole
They wouldn't change, unless I do
I hesitate, but what should I do?

Think straight like it's the only way
Side by side, pretending to slay
What offers me a lasting pleasure?
If it only leads me to the treasure

How can I be the only person?
To stay and direct my own life
Change God's will, is it a treason?
To rush out of here with a knife
Once I step outside,
the first thing I do is look at every faces that pass by and wonder
"What are their stories?" after all.
"Yes, I do that. I do that a lot."
Dustin Dean Mar 10
Camouflage confusion
To reduce reduction
While your ducks in a row
Are the only thing left to go

Spiral down the stairwell
Denied pleasures in hell
Guilt admission is leaking
All over the God you're seeking
Which does not listen to
In a state of you
Not verse, not chorus
Just a standard torus
As we blindly get by
Before we forever die
Nyx Ursa Mar 9
My passion is the silent sympathy
My mind always strays to emotions
They are perfumed from unseen notions
I was a goodwill and you a sensitivities
Back into my memories trusting
It was rusting

I heard an unknowing, fond rotting
And so you came gently chirping
Back into my memories relying
My togetherness, I could not awaken
Mystic Ink Mar 9
“Why I am here”,
she asked

“To distract, my time”,
I replied.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: quick response
I've found something I shouldn't have
I've taken it too far
Preserving everything I can
Make wounds out of scars

Is it wrong to have assurance?
Am I in the least bit, "obsessed"?
I think there's a mental disturbance
As far as what's going on in my head

I'm not concerned for what I've found
I'm concerned that I don't know how to use it
Do I give it up to those around,
Or do I simply keep it and renew it?

This little compilation of things I shouldn't have
That I've taken and copied and hidden away
I don't know what to do with it, for it's in my hands
I can't help but want to poke and prod and see what shakes
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