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Eric Jan 12
When someone tells you they love you
What does that mean to you ?
It means
I lose everything
I lose my very being
I lose everything I'm used to seeing
But love you decieve me
Tricked me into contentment
Believing I was comfortable
High Apon my feet shouting with Glee
But you decieved me.
Now I am alone
Not making a move
Because it comes with a fee
You take it so easily
As I crumble
With every part of me
I'm lost
The cost
Is too much
I let go
And forget I breath
I thought I was better
To know
When I was decieved.
Sombro Jan 6
There's a tolling depth to me,
A rebounding chasm
Space a hopeful quantity
Tuned instruments ignore

Where broken column qualities
Lie ***** in the unkempt stubble
Undisturbed, those civilised peaks
Mountains for heavens bored smooth by soft hands

Champing teeth abound the wind,
Old sounds of dun legs taking flight
And leaving the knotted trees
That died in the clotted soil

Be warned, beasts have left this barren
Sharp corners have been smoothed for
Once this land was deep and green
And gushed with florid indecencies

Now its depth tolls
With the charter of the wind
Scattering what few collected rocks remain
As bricks for walls built far beyond.
stopdoopy Oct 2018
I'm running out
and drying up
you've left me no more tears to cry

gone is our time
my soul a stone
stuck beneath waves
of emotional toll

so please
get out
let me dream of something more

I can't do this forever
and sooner or later
it's you or me
who will be dust
I think this was made before "Laundry", and it's based on the same premise on me being sick of dreaming of my ex and how in the dream I go somewhere, run into her, eventually one of us talks,  and we end up being friends again.

However, since I've actually posted "Laundry" I think I only dreamt about her twice since? And that only happened early on after the poem, which is great.

Growth happens, it just takes time.
duncan Sep 2018
bodies for my shrapnel
lay limp on the street
like dogs in the summer time.
i will bring my storm to you.
have faith in my punch,
believe it.

but don’t you trust
a survivor.
they wouldnt know
how to leave a city in wake.
they wouldnt know not to
pull the knife out.

i am a hurricane with skin
and i will
rip your house in half
if i have time to catch a glimpse.

you can pack your bags
and flee but
i dont stay gone.
i live on forever,
i dont die easy.
the toll will raise.
i havent had internet for awhile so im posting a few that have been building up
as there's
a potato
in her
frock that
she cried
shank a
pleasantry that
persisted when
she'd only
garner a
twist that
hers now
exist in
this open
context albeit
that seeds
her trust
Vexren4000 Sep 2017
A toll,
Taken by reality,
A toll,
Taken from my soul,
Pain all I know,
A toll is taken from me,
By father time,
As if I am made of,
Things to be taken away.

Pauline Russell Apr 2016
The demons live within my soul
I cut thin lines to let them go
They just make the memories grow
Over and over they make them show

Oh so very long ago
Within my head thier seeds they sow
Over the years They took control
They left me feeling so ******* low

My misery is thier only goal
With every punch I try to roll
The more I take the more they throw
It's really starting to take it's toll

Through my agony they just stroll
Every ounce of happiness is what they stole
They left me in the deepest, darkest hole
You can't be lost if you have never been found,
You can't fly if you've never walked upon the ground,
You can't be broken if you you were never whole,
Because that's what life is life takes its toll.
Pastell dichter Feb 2016
You can't be lost if you have never been found,
You can't fly if you've never walked upon the ground,
You can't be broken if you you were never whole,
Because that's what life is life takes its toll.
Ryan J Toll Jan 2016
Far into the night I wandered
over vast age and distance
before time or names
through dense shadow thickets
across wide black waters
to the edge of an infinite sea
In my palm, a pebble
which I skipped along the surface
disturbing the dark glass
I heard a thousand voices
saw a thousand faces
and lived a thousand lives
all in a moment
I knew yellow
I knew cinnamon
I know fear and love
and I found you
and I found many others
but you I found again and again
over countless lives
I found and lost you
a thousand times
the melody rolling
outward forever and on
the stone and the sea
the world in a song
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