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i do not know what
day it is is that good or
bad i do not know
Jeremy Betts May 17
I'm not gonna sit here and say
Why it is I feel I'm not okay
I'd be here all friggin' day
And you'd only lose interest anyway
Distracted easily midway
Forgotten before the rising sun of the next day
So, if you don't mind, I'll just take what I was going to say
And be on my way

George Krokos May 12
Keep away from bad company if you want to see the new day
as dark clouds will quickly gather to drive the light of hope away.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Do I really have to completely and painfully forget about us, deeply and frenetically in love, passionately devouring each other?!
Must I abandon my sincere dream of being joyfully and profoundly yours?
How can I escape being so obsessed with all of you? I’m surprised by my own strength, acting as if none of the turmoil around us matters.
I can’t overcome this silence and emotionless moment, but I swear it’s all due to the melancholy inside me.
I’m depressed, yet you’re still the one and only who can drive me crazy.
Jeremy Betts Apr 26
"It's not a bad life,
Only a bad day"
To which I respond right away,
But what if it's everyday?"
Their reply?
"That's just life"
"Oh, ya don't say"

I’m home again,
with the same tragedy
that I used to smile through.
With the same cup of coffee prepared,
yet I’ll never drink it.
I’m home,
yet lonely,
seeking solace through my silence.
I have no expectations for tonight,
except finding joy
in solitude.
In love with the silent moments
of mine.
I’m home.
Luna Pan Apr 20
you and me
we are far off on a foreign coast life
you in your black hoodie
me in my good girl clothes
entering our eternal summer
my cheeks blushing from wine
your hands locked on mine
dark nights, crashing waves
your eyes glows like champagnes
inviting me to dive
Luna Pan Apr 20
hot, salty july night
you and me in this greek tavern
moon is high but so are we
dancing, laughing, kissing like we are gypsies
you with your wine, me with my martini
we are drinking but we are drinking each other's sorrow
your orpheic mouth on mine, my limerence is on you
my Anam Cara
all the things you'd do to me in this greek tavern
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