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you know how to make such a bad day into something so much better.
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
Furey 1d
Today I thought would be good
I woke up and said
"Happy Birthday"
To my dad a VFW
I got dressed and empty the litter
I kissed my kitten June
Packing my things together
I even remembered to charge my computer
My class did a Vet's day memorial service
Then I went to class and everything fell apart
My computer wasn't working
Google Classroom failed
I looked at my grades
My mom will be mad
I know I turned that in though
I mumble to myself
I talk to my teacher so I can get everything done
Hopefully before tonight
All will be forgotten
I can look forward to the holidays
My family
My kittens
Ha even my friends
Today is one of those days
Where it can be bad
Slowly though becomes good
I hope everyone can appreciate
These some days.
They trained hard for this,
Sacrificing themselves for others.
Something that strong is tough to dismiss,
Becoming each other’s sisters and brothers.

They fight so we can live free,
Wearing different colors of camouflage.
Yet, we disgrace them by taking a knee.
That, to me, is the ultimate sabotage.

They are our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,
Even our friends and neighbors.
So let’s remember them, as we do others.
As we rest from all our labors.

Remember those that have and continue to serve,
On this eleventh of November, it's the least they deserve.
A tribute to those who have served/are serving.
jerelii 3d
a sun will arise
another day welcomes you,
wrap and shine brightly.
do your best in every opportunity
that open your door.

november 11,2018
Corey 3d
Pulled from falling apart
after searching for life,
Start drawing gridlines
that help achieve focus on
the simple things that make
life beautiful:
laughter and smiles,
love and gratitude,
the product of its kind
and unique approach.

Receive enthusiastic praise
from all over the world.
Spend more time with
family and friends
and less time, well, trying.
The mission is simple:
inspire a life that is
full of laughter and smiles.
Little moments matter
on your journey.

The result of a blackout poem I did on the inside introduction of my new planner.
Something was different about you,
I could tell the moment we started talking,
I remember being in my bed looking at my phone smiling,
Butterflies fluttering in my chest,
My heart being so fast,
We live during a time where people pick out their mates like fast food,
I'm jealous of those people who got to meet you organically,
They didn't meet you from behind a screen,
I wish you craved my touch,
Fantasized about my warmth,
I wished you would have spent months wondering what it was like to kiss me,
Or how I tasted,
Would you be jealous of my current lover?
However, if we met like that maybe we would have never met,
Then you wouldn't know what it's like to wake up next to me in the morning,
Or hold my hand on a foggy beach,
Or watch me fall apart,
Only to be the glue that puts all my pieces together,
Or experience our unique passion,
That physical connection,
A splendor so strong,
We dance momentarily between multiple dimensional planes.
I know with me,
You wonder what I will look like on our wedding day,
Maybe dream of our love 20 years from now,
I dream of spending a thousand sunsets with you,
A parade of pink, purple, and orange,
Reflecting in your eyes,
Please be patient.
This is the poem that ended my engagement on Valentine's Day.
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