Day sweats
Night shivers
The morning sun sings
And the midnight moon hawls

Where footprints in the sand once stayed,
                      one is now washed away..
And we look around hoping one day ours
                       will be joined by another's.

Different from before,
                       But for now we walk on the beach
  looking at each sunrise,
                     because there is always another day..

Each time it grows a little darker
Each tear a little sharper
Make it stay a while longer
Let it gleam and feel its heat
Be okay with not okay
Feel elated there’s a beat

Because we are so much more than this moment
This moment doesn’t own me
I think yesterday I smiled
And today I couldn’t speak
Wrap me up and feed me
Water me like a mule
But I’ll make it through this new day
If it’s the only thing I do

She awakes
as the dawn nearly awakens
Rising above the river banks
the moon is slowly disappearing.

She walks on the pasture
watching the lake ripple
as the wind brushes against her
she looks to the sky.

A blue light sky
a color between dark and light
shines where the flowers lie
turned to periwinkle dandelions.

Her hand picks up the tips
as her breath touches the top.
Nearly brushing her lips
watching where the petals go.

So much bitter sweet love
For the pictures In front of me
How much left to the imagination
Color in the imagery

Warm hues nearly toxic
Feelings, intoxicating
Melting away into memory

And I'm the king of this playground
For like, another hour or two
And I'm on the top of this world
Because I've got nothing better to do

Beyond my power

I could've cried the day away
But the sun keeps prying
And swallows me anyway
Into beams of security
Belonging in every ray
And the time seems to rush by
Minutes folding into a day
Marked on a calendar
Never to be reclaimed
But still cherished just the same

Every facet of freedom
Sounding perfect from every side
Sometimes lacking wisdom
And brevity to realize

Life is so short

e 5d

there is something strangely
about taking
a morning shower
when there is no force
or coercion
being exacted upon

on a morning
where you believed—
you'd attained
the solitude that was
fought so hard for
those preceding

a bug, black,
creeps along the insides
of the tub,
climbing up and down
the sides.

"you little FUCK,"
I say, reaching for my old man's
near empty shaving foam.
"I'll get you!"

spray, spray, spray
and he just won't fucking

he moves up the side
of the tub,
feelers twitching, feeling
feeling for some kind
of salvation.

there will be none
for him;
I've done this before —
they reach the peak
and collapse,
fat black carcasses
with the rest.

attain and retain.
attain and retain.

9-16-17, 23:20
Star BG 5d

Some people wake up and shower into their day.
Other people eat breakfast to sooth stomach.
While still others mount
their horse of challengers
to ride moment.

Me, I write
scribing thoughts destined for page
as poet within revs up
motor of heartbeats
to celebrate day.

e 7d

she wakes at
approx 7:36 p.m.
after being asleep
for 12 and a bit

she is alive.
she is a mound of inky vines,
extending, howling, singing.
she is lucid.
she is drunk on shooting star shots.
she is able to drink those on terrain level
under most of the bars of the world.

when 6 a.m. comes round,
she'll slip into a
stratocumuli blanket
at said designated time.

sometimes she will
stay awake past then
lapse into sleep after being

such are
the life and times
of young layla.

9-14-17, 18:35, (*Layla apparently means night in Arabic, so because the word suited, I made the night into a girl. why not? also another piece pulled from my brain ass.)
jamie Sep 13

i don't know how you
feel about me anymore

i know we're friends
who tell one another secrets

but maybe there's one more
secret we haven't told

what if i were to say
i had feelings for you

we've been here before
things didn't quite work out

but i can't help but feel
there's something more

lingering thoughts
missing touch

maybe one day we could meet
or say these things in person

but for now
i'll sit here

with my poetry and music
while you're across the ocean

with your poetry and music
possibly thinking the same things

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