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She lives in my daydreams,
stealing me from reality,
from the one that looks like her,
that is her.
All I think about is being with  her
Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.

                                             It's a funny little thing,
                                             The thing stuck in my mind.
                                             How could I ever think,
                                             That there was a love I could find.

I wonder sometimes,
What others would say.
They would see the scars,
And they would walk away.

                                              Every single day,
                                              It gets darker.
                                              The darkness leaves a mark,
                                              Just like a marker.

Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.
Dew drops placate
the hungry grass

Sun--breaking night's serenity
leaving us forgetting ebony

Fire bugs breathing
in star luminance

Moon--who prefers to assuage
lovingly dims the Sun's immanent rage
Mel Apr 27
One last morning
Before the longest night
of my life

may it come in rains

periodically, forcefully

persistent in its integrity

distant for some maybe

but all so interpersonal for me

tapping on my window

showering me

seeping through the cracks

Raven Feels Apr 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never give me:]

search the olds

never the least

clung onto hopes I hope to cheer

drag the stick and flick them bright

get the ignite and force a light for to be fight


Evening comes a new I got this gift
of nature that
I just can't
afford to
lose. Which I
wish I could
keep so much
longer. I need
a friend of
the heart to
always there
to stay all
through the weather. Friends till
dying day. (s)
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