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James LR 18h
Eyes that shun the light of day
They close and just can't stay

When the night has vanquished day
My eyes may close but always stay
Sunshine 22h
it was about time I stopped staring at blank pages
thinking something could jump out
drag me into another dimension of time and space
how foolishly my imagination got me
and I fell headfirst into a new world
full of specks of memory and emotions
endlessly wandering and looking for any sign of life
looking for any sign of something new
with each breath, my voice seemed to echo out
my eyes felt like they were exploding in my skull
the edges of my skin turned into diamonds
I fell headfirst into my own mind
I spiraled out of control until I found myself
sitting back in my same chair
with these familiar walls and that same window
leaning back and looking up at the white ceiling
wondering if it could swallow me whole too
taking me back into that endless void of my mind
and I, spinning endlessly inside my own mind
only to find myself back in reality, every time
Momoir 1d
Laying on the grass beginning yet another stressful day
Thinking, thinking, things – working my under-developed brain
Worrying, letting the insecurities of life and society eat away at my soul
Then I felt the hand of God warm my skin with the sun
And I got a chance to experience the music of the master
The calm, quiet almost still waters gently washed upon the shore
And in the distance in all directions I could hear the echoes of people content
A laugh, hear a child’s happiness ever reverent while the sun enlightened me
And soothed the coldness I had felt for so long
People to the right of me were celebrating an anniversary
And they began to sing, a large family in harmony
To the beat of the quiet shore, to the rhythm of the seagulls above
children in the distance were everywhere but the tiniest baby in arms was contented
and for a few brief minutes nothing meant anything.
Everything was light and warm
Some pages of the book on the blanket on the grass begin to flap in the mild breeze and I drifted
Drifted away from the uncaring hopeless society I’ve been a part of forever
And upon waking I realized how unimportant the pressure of it all really was and is
The clouds carried me to a place in my spirit
Where I began to understand how irrelevant it all really is
and showed me my character in strength and lightness
they gave me wisdom to be able to not care so much about it all
they made me clear on what’s important like the love, the music, the children, the laughter and the light and warmth that surrendered me…. That Day.
Written by my mother, 1989
I'd give you sunbeams
Golden of hue
I would make this light
Last for all time
And wish you a night
Bright with moon shine
If I had words
To close this day for you
A spin on "If I Had Words" (1978) by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keely. A wish for a friend on a special day.
Umi 2d
Isn't making sense over so little irrational ?
Then again, with the constant change of life is there such a thing as being completely, or even partly rational to begin with ?
Perhaps not, all what is thought of it are social standards which in themselves differ from each culture in each country in a small world,
Those unlikely to advance are left in darkness all by themselves,
Rotting within the terror of their mind, shunned by interaction,
With the simple wish to be considered normal, to feel the way most of their many encounters of human beings do every single day,
As a result, they may further distance themselves and define each other as an inhuman, resented by life, losing the last light of hope,
Such is a cycle of despair, a downward spiral of lost emotions,
What does it take to enjoy just one more day, one more moment,
Before quitting it all the same, leaving without trace,
After all a demon like me has no place
In this beautiful world.

~ Umi
Whilst laid on my bed
I'm closing my eyes on today because Its one
those days, I don't want
to see nothing so far has gone right for
With only one thing to do close my eyes sleep my troubles away In hope I wake to a better day when  my ability to cope hopefully will be
A bad day today so Im going to sleep It away In hope I wake to a better day
My dad was a bus driver when I was a kid always a thrill when he'd take me out In his bus got me away from the house for the
Away from my abusive mother that dad was totally aware of I would sit behind the driver seat to watch my dad driving his bus
He was well liked by all passengers for dad was so kind and polite and helpful
to all
He would drive through all those quaint little villages to pick up all the regular passengers I was so proud of him
He was my dad and I missed so much when he passed away and at his funeral
I spoke and said If I had a chance of one more day I'd wish for one more ride on a bus with him such a wonderful father he
My dad was a bus driver he was so well liked by all his passengers always a pleasure he'd take me out with him for the day
She whispered into her heart to embrace the wilderness.
I  heard the voice of silence
tormenting my soul
with spirits of nothingness
each day switching sentience
into my heart screaming
quiet in the shade of melancholy.
Beyond bread and wine


one year later, I step into this in awe of

The quest mark
symbol of the snake facing west or east
standing on the point that sets the plain

so much meaning, so little time.

that's mortality, not life.

quest marked.
a point made
whose horizon meets mine
vanishing point of no return

death may be that idea.
beyond that

which lie will you allow?
which lie called lie is illegal? Be lief being
thy will being done by you
on earth whether
or not.

Will you let the liears lie? Lying ears?

was re a son in this mad man's stutter static

tune to tomorrow nonono live for today nonono

die, or don't --do or die

some old guy just looked you in the eye

winked. "zero beat, and wait for the signal."

[a cameo by Radioman of Judging Angels and
Unmazing Grace game fame, after the silence]
Going with the flow, it seems sensible, a syl lable at at time. Sillables have somethimg to to with lips, if you twist the babble legend and bake it in a PIE.
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