My heart was perfectly satisfied.
My emotions grew and flew with the thought of you.
Knowing you’d be by my side until the very day I die.
I never thought that love could be so true.

The angelic presence my eyes concieved you as was fairly new to me.
My heart was locked up tight.
But you were already waiting there with the key.
You took it without any fight.

Until the day the sky turned to silver gray.
Felt like ash was all around.
The day that destiny took you away.
My knees hit the ground and my soul became unbound.

That drop of water running down my face was just the begining,
To a extremely painful ending.

One thousand shoes on the ground around me,
Filled by strange creatures,
All on their own mission.
Up to them.
Just breath.
One more day.
One more day.
On more year.
On more year...

my focus is now drawn to only a ticking clock,
i count the seconds down to the last,
a feeling of weary washes over me,
hearing only but the wind from the bathroom window and feeling
the breeze that follows
senses i once had, now, almost non-existant,
numb to everything and nothing.
the sounds fade, the pain fades and the light fades.

I woke up and was late for work, so I was fired

On the way back home, I was pulled over and my car was towed

In the shuffle and arguing with police, I dropped and broke my $800 phone

I had to walk 5 miles to my dingy apartment. On the way, I was attacked and bit by two dogs

When I got to the apartment, there was a 3 day eviction notice. It had been there two days

There was nothing in the fridge that was not expired. I went to bed hungry, broke and depressed


When my head hit the pillow, I heard a ringing in my ears, the same I'd hear when you would say those three little words to me...

It was the best day I've ever had!

© - Luiz D. Syphre 2017

Nylee 3d

As night is done,
and rises the sun
there goes away the fun.

the day begins
me contemplating
following the same things .

working till it's dark again
juggling the pain and the gain
to sleep in nights heaven.

Nobody dreams anymore when they sleep
How they wake to find
That their dreams of the day are not met
Will not meet
How long will this nightmare continue to be?
Like a daily life with eyes wide shut
Squeezing tightly until its extinguished from me

Of Dreams

If not to touch the earth
and know your sun kissed skin,
if not to chase your shadow
through every place you've been.

If not to stand on mountains,
howling from the peaks,
if not to lie in fields
as melodic whispers weep.

If not to dance in forests
where tangled roots take hold,
if not to bathe in oceans
while eternities unfold.

If not to touch the earth,
upon me you would shine
and for that fleeting moment
I could call you mine.

Dedicated to a very special friend of mine who comes on here often hoping that I have posted something, no matter how long I have been absent. I hope that this will brighten your day.

Children's day
Celebrated on 14th November
In schools every year  

Our Teachers presented dramas
And Light musicals on stage

The fancy dress
A visual treat
And a lesson, short

The children treated
With Goodies
Fond and vivid
The childhood memories

Today it's my children
Who keep the child in me alive
My younger son wears a pair of socks
Of two different colours
Asks me to match the other pair with him
It's 'hidden' , he says
And I do follow

Let's celebrate its children's day
Believe in the child within
Today and everyday
Happy Children's Day

Today 14th November , is the birthday of our first prime minister
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru . We celebrate children's day in his honour ,
For the fact that he loved children . He was fondly called Chacha(Uncle) Nehru
olive 4d

when the line was there to comfort,
and i heard you breath a sigh,
i never even had to worry
because i knew we would be fine.

when we spent the day in bed
and talked about our lives,
we became less than two
and i watched the fading lines.

when they told us it was melodrama
and i felt our lips entwine,
everything had disappeared
in this little room of mine.

when you were on the other side
and i was left alone,
i never could stop needing you
because you were my home.

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