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Celestial May 11
My mom is mischievously, mysterious,
    with her momentum.
But perfectly perpetuating her
    purpose on earth.
Never wavering wondering, or
    wishing for it all.
Only knowing.

She is in her palace.
Filling her chalice.
Toughening the callus,
That's needed..

Necessary negativity to neutralize,
        The highs and balance the lows.
Candidly correcting the corrupt
         With a simple smile.
Lifting the leveled and the loveless,
          With ease.

There is no tail,
That could make a wail.
Only mine of I fail,
But, I won't walk that trail.

I'll take the teachings and trials,
      She will give.
Learning love and limits
      With a laugh.
I just want to say,
       Thank you
For my life and the love you've given.
       You're perfect, just for me.
Poem for my moms bday and mothers day
Aquila May 10
I waited on many mothers with their daughters today.
my last table had a prada shopping bag with them.
they stayed an hour after my shift ended.
did they think
I didn't have a mother
waiting at home?
of course, my mother wasnt at home.
she, too,
waited on many mothers with their daughters today.
i wonder if she realizes,
in another life,
we would be at the table
with a prada shopping bag
give me a few years, mom.
we'll get there.
they didnt tip either
Bailey May 9
Birds sound in the distance
Closed eyelids stain red
Sunlight brushes tanned skin
Smells of grass fill the air

A moment of content
Short but sweet
In this ending moment of peace
One way to get wealth is by making
And the second way is by taking
Inflation is theft
Leaving people bereft
With the pace of inflation breathtaking

With minds all around us awaking
To the rules our leaders are breaking
In Bitcoin we choose
For we don’t want to lose
Our family wealth we’ve been staking

With strength of economies shaking
And all common sense forsaking
Now Bitcoin’s the way
For a much brighter day
With value that’s truly groundbreaking
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Kassan Jahmal Apr 20
All the shortest summers,
I compare a love to a beautiful day,
Tempted temperatures; this artistry close to lust,
There's a careless wind of having nothing to say.

But summer's a bit short,
by these winter chills down my spine,
You leave so lovely; missing a bright complexion,
And of course; that lovely bright smile.

All that's fair; but feels dimmed, and trimmed,
Cut off from your love, I held to my very last,
Opened my eyes to yours; to feel I once dreamed.

But I do scare of beauty's fade; coming to our age,
When all our possessions are but empty, and cold,
Children remembering us as shadows under shade.

Time grows. And I've grown deep roots into love,
But love often is this constant battleground.

But I'll be one keen to fight all for you.
It is not the rising
or the setting
of the sun
that I most love
but the colors
it  paints the sky.
Sunflower on azure
Clouds threaten

This is part one of a two part set of Tilus poems I finished recently.

Tilus Format:
First stanza two lines; second stanza one line
Six syllables in first line, three syllables in second line, and one syllable for final line
So 10 syllables total.
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