jas 22h

what do you know about living my life
what do you know about drowning inside
I know im dying
you don't have to tell me
im already facing reality
losing my dignity
so what do think you know

im pushing but im barely hanging on
down to my last breath
on a tightrope of my life
and you seem to want to define , mine.
like you know

but you don't know anything
do you?


I'll check the news,
Then turn off my phone.
Switch off the light,
And crawl into my cocoon.
I'll stare in darkness,
Waiting for light,
A flash of writing,
With a wave of delight.
Some nights it's just dark,
Some nights it's bright,
Some nights I crawl away,
And feast upon my lonely fright.
Gnaw on bones of past lovers,
And wrestle with fantasies of memory.
Underneath my covers.
Breaking down again in certainty,
Only in the low hours,
Am I stuck in never-ending cycles?
To avoid the angel on the window ledge ,
who does nothing but glowers,
with its golden hooded eyes,
Again and again.

Let The Melody Shine

Distance is distance,
and when I am where you are not,
I am distant.

Time is time,
and when seconds lapse sans thee,
I am wasted.

Love is love,
and when you are not the one to touch it,
I am emptied.

Days are days,
and when you are not the sun,
I slumber.

Nights are nights,
and when you are not the moon,
I swoon.

I am this stillness disturbed. The world as we know it in disquiet. Lines askew. Cue that. That blue jazz track. Straight up smoking that brewed backlash. Hash hits hover somewhere over our shared atmosphere bashing our senses senseless. Bougainvillea in full bloom. Toasty under a summery scorcher.

Hold that hot air dear—
humid with tension
so sexual.

Tugging at all those strings strung among us,
and so we gravitate—
towards one another.

Two distant planets:
alone in their struggle,
lonely when they stumble.

Elliptical orbits
ending in ellipses…

Fumbling forward
towards some sort of

Mumbling stories
over skies,
under stars.

Memories jumbled
smelling of insinuation,
persecuted by persuasion.

Paranoia in the clouds. I can smell it. This rain’s come. We have not drowned, but we have died.

“How do we live without each other?”
“You don’t.”
“Try not to either.”

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make my heart warm
when i'm freezing in memories.

You are my lullaby,
my only lullaby.
You never let my nightmares haunt me
when i'm sleeping in your arms.

You are my love,
my only love.
You brighten my days
when the sun is gloom.


At the end of the day,
I'm left alone,
With nothing but my thoughts.

If ever my darling leaves me,
it would always be too soon.
If she were to depart untimely,
I'd be vulnerable to the moon,
Naked in it's consuming mass,
I'd feel it's weight in the heavens.
just waiting for this night to pass,
in hopes my pain might lessen.

If ever my darling has had enough,
and she decides to haste away,
If her love is a lack thereof,
I will forever be in dismay.
If ever our paths divert,
somewhere along the way,
I hope one day to reassert
and walk once more one day.

If ever our puzzle erodes
and pieces will not fit,
we find ourselves on antipodes,
with a love that you acquit,
spare I the hurt of a love you lost
and just rip it fast and clean
save from me any accost
and run to the end, foreseen.

If ever my darling leaves me,
I guess she would be just,
to escape commitment and be free,
and to freedom again adjust,
I wish for her to tarry,
on her wayward saunter,
my burden, alone, is to much to carry
but a burden still to conquer.

phoenix 3d

I love the way the flower blooms
In my garden, like a thousand hopes
Sprinting out. It reminds of my home,
Of tweeting sounds, of the tick-tack-toe
From my grandfather's cane, or the
Old songs he used to sing.

I love the way the hot breeze
Whispers onto my ears. It reminds
Of summer days in my room,
Watching movies or listening to
Pop-indie songs, and the smiles
Of my old lovers in middle school.

LNI 3d

When a new day begins
We butcher our desires.

There’s a million different ways to convey the love that burns inside for you
If you give me the chance I promise reveal one a day for the rest of our lives
Starting now
The very first time my eyess set sight on you
I can remember exactly what you wore
Both on your body and face
Come to think of it
Since then and up to now
My memories of you play like a movie
each of my senses reliving them perfectly

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