Who killed the cat?
Was it the man in the black hat?
Or was it Schrodinger's cat?
Never alive or dead.
Who killed the cat?
Was it curiosity?
Or was it a Bat?
Who killed the cat,
Mayhaps it was was the cornered rat,
Who bit back at the menacing cat.  
We will never know,
The truth of the fate,
Of this poor cat.
We still do not know,
Who killed the cat?

It's not that I fall in love too much or too easy
I just adore human's body
Their shape
Warmth of the skin
How some of them smooth
How some of them rough
The colors of sunshine and dark night
Make my mind wanders
Like the spring I bloom
Then the petal falls like autumn
As I my fate moves
And my mind touched all over again
Like the phases of the moon

Anomaly 19h

As far as the eyes can see,
there is nothing wrong with me.
They cannot see my broken heart,
or my wounded soul.
They cannot see this little girl
lost inside her own home.

- Stranger in this human shell

The highest of societies,
Have their paupers,
And Peasants,  
As well as Princes,
And Queens
Showing always,
The duality of mankind.

jessie 1d

are we so afraid to be kind

we are all citizens of this earth
mother natures children
brothers and sisters of this one and only world
of ours

i care for all of us

and it is not a vulverability

it is my greatest strength

Alaska 1d

i'm seeing a psychoanalytic therapist
they want to analyze me
because my so called life has turned into the scariest
and somehow in a country of freedom i can't be free
they want to analyze me like a mathematician
analyzes the graph of an unknown function
psychiatric ward it says in the papers for my admission
i'm not crazy somebody please give me a definition
how do you think you can analyze a human
you can't look inside my mind
where all my thoughts are blooming
creating my emotions, feelings or something of an other kind
why do all my actions need a reason
how do you know i didn't write that poem
just to show them how i see the world
it doesn't necessarily mean i'm broken
just because you do not understand
doesn't mean I suffer from some unknown disease
why analyze a masterpiece
cause that's what every single human is

BSeuss 1d

were all here right now, why are we searching for the proof.
you love money, money doesn't love you too.
I can't believe the way we do this, down to the roots.
the tree isn't dead, but it bears no fruits.

at first glance
a pile of bones
entrapped by love
its shape alone
a dubious definition
it cannot run
is left instead
confused and bitter

this mess my designated world
i reprimand myself
through you


Our Words
Are thought expressed
Within the contacts
Of our heart's intent

Our Word
A manifestation
That reveals
Our spiritual condition
The humans friction
Between good and evil
A piercing to our emotions

Our Words
We either speak
To please
To deceive
A blessing
Or filled with profanity

Our Words
Are a part of you
They stick like gum to a shoe
Freely they are used
Floating around like a balloon
Careless and playfully like a cartoon
No clue
Of its true

Our Love
It Hurts
It could bring us together
Or rip us apart
We need maintenance to our hearts
Like a broken car
It has lose part

Our Love
Is blind
Yes that’s right
We only like
What we see with our eyes
Don’t care to hear the truth inside

Our Love
Understanding of it is wrong
With sin, it’s clogged
We toss it around like a ping pong ball
Always hitting a wall

Our Love
Its moral attribute
With self-confused
Everything to gain and nothing to lose
It's the opposite
Everything to lose and nothing to gain
We have to stop playing that mind game

Our Actions
Is a reaction
To the attachment
Of our mental process

Our Actions
Our behavior
In labor
Towards what we favor
Self pleasure
Who cares about our neighbor?
It’s the law that we find better

Our Actions
Or an accident
It was motivated
By sin Influence
Either by self or spiritual darkness
Still, have to face the consequence

Our Actions
More evil than goodness


His Word
The unseen and makes
The physical state

His Word
It's not like ours
For creation is showered
Sustained by its power
Throughout histories hours
It’s been strong like a fortressed tower

His Word
Doesn't change
Always Remains
The same
It's not to entertain
But to heal our pain
For our very being is sustained
By the fulfillment of its grace

His Word
Is true
Holding past, present, and future like glue
its track record not new
Nothing to prove
Always alive never on mute
Let it consume

His Love
Is not random
Nor can it be fathom
Molded by those hands
So that we can all become
His daughter's and sons
Right were we belong

His Love
Is pure
The Cure
The rescue
To our emotional insecure
In its wing of mercy, we are secure

His Love
The human joy
From its core

His Love
Not an imagination
But arms of affirmation
To All person
With no divisions

His Actions
In Him
Who died on the cross?
For you and me
Can not deny
Just the need
To believe

His Actions
Sins forgiveness
Life redemption
Brought out of darkness

His Actions
Against all evil devices
To protect our life
Day or night

His Actions
Eternal judge
For all, we have done
Saved in Christ the one
That died for our wrongs
So we will not be condemned
Let’s not wait until the end
Embrace Him as a father and as a friend

A corporeal form,
In this coldest reality,
Humanities pride,
It's hubris,
Shall always be,
Man's downfall.

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