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You take pictures of books you'll never read
write words you'll never truly know
and speak ideas taken from people that did.

But it's so common
and you're not the only one doing it
it's a whole spectrum of people
creating nothing
but consuming everything.

They may be just words,
but those words belong to someone
and without the person
they act without purpose--
repeatable, but with no meaning.

So few take what they have
to mold reality into new creations
that eventually the consuming will be consumed.
Leaving only an echo of what used to be
the cacophony of life--
it will become a mass of sounds
unrecognizable to the words we used to know.
If you repeat things long enough they'll lose whatever impact/meaning they had in the first place.  Sometimes you don't need to be clever, instead it's best to be cleverless and just take a risk to invent something new.
You are a thousand miles away,
but it doesn't mean
I can't feel you and your love.
Distance just for people
who don't believe in
a power of soul connection.
I don't know how many times
they say to me that
we are not meant to each other,
but they forget, they are just a human
who can't decide our destiny.
I don't fear the future anymore,
today is my forever,
and if tomorrow we are
possible to meet,
then let's celebrate it,
maybe we are meant to be.
I saw you watching me
Without even really know why
I was drawn to something
That was real and beautiful
Something powerfully within
A thousand colors marked your soul
thousand others to make you whole
You struck out your truth into the void
Filled meaning in a place empty
Meaning, snare and bait, it sent me
Before I only saw you as a person
Now I see the person that you are
A sparkle in your eye behind a star
Vast pain of one who touched the sun
Felt love's kiss's true burn
From loves wish's did you learn
Of one who reached within
And found what had always been
To see such truth I was unprepared
Not to lie, of you I was scared
But even more so I was ready
Without truth my heart made heavy
You shot my hull and broke my mask
You sunk my ship, sunken at last
To think so much lied behind
Though human, wonder did I find
And all I had to do was ask.
Truth, for truth's sake at last.
Have you ever met some one that made you realize there is so much more to being a person. Have you ever met someone that showed you who they really are? Have you ever opened your eyes and heart to see someone for who they really where and notice them? If you haven't then would you try it?
Humans are sociable creatures
Sometimes I don't feel human
I have more emotional connections
With objects than with people
Maybe that is the reason why
I can let go of people so easily
And yet can't let go of something for so long
I'm not scared of being alone
I am scared of wanting to be
I should yearn for human connection
But sometimes it just feels
Like a social obligation
If I'm not human
What am I?
Fills you up with carrion,
And leaves you to marinate,
Merely Marionetting movements,
Jerky and unfamiliar with the phlegm thick,
Cement heavy,
Consistency of your limbs,
Tires you out,
Until you sit a screen zombie,
Having your scalp pulled back and skull
Like a jaw breaker
I listen to my mind
talk while my heart
roars in its cage,
wild within my

Is it bad that I just
don't listen to it
I've gone so long without listening to it because when I do, I get hurt again...
I just want to be deaf to its demands at times...
Feeling a little better now.
Thanks everyone for your patience with me.
Much love,
Lyn ***
Amanda 2d
You were every fantasy I imagined
Inside my head, perfect intrusion
Don't want to lose these childish hopes
Can't hold a man who's an illusion.

Let me sleep, be at peace
Worry will come when I wake
Contol over urges is weak at best
Drawn to the people who bring me heartache.

Of the dreams I've sacrificed
The hardest to lose is the future we planned
Promised myself I'd mature and grow
Reasons took time to understand.

What happened to nightly conversations?
Once was my favorite part of each day
My heart torn in two directions
I foresee danger either way.

How do I choose which way to head?
Stuck thoughts which cost me sleep
Try to stop them with mental blocks
Over the hurdles hours leap.

Feels like you're always lurking in the shadows
Where your memory burns like fire
In false promises identity is revealed
Lost in a maze of sweet desire.

The human in front of me
Does not match the image in my mind
Seems you've grown roots hidden in my brain
Not as simple as it sounds to leave you behind.
Erasing someone from your life is one thing. Erasing someone from your heart is a different story.
you cannot silence my voice,
erase who i am and stand to be.
i will not be pushed to nonexistence,
for my story is not written in pencil,
it is written in ink.

― and i will leave my mark on history
don't forget to register to vote and then actually go vote this novemeber
today, i am blue.
sometimes we need to be blue.
it's what makes us human.
it's what makes us poets.

For every story of addiction
has trauma at the root

Thats the usual case anyway.
I'm sorry everyone for not updating as much as I want.
I'm still feeling really unwell...
Hugs everyone
Lyn ***
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