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You're not quite human you know,
You are the most human out of anyone,
And all other people are just shells,
Shadows of what could be.
Your body is utterly perplexing,
It folds and bends and stays still,
In ways that my poor mind cannot comprehend.
You aren't quite human,
Or maybe you are the most human of all.
You tell me what you are thinking with a glance,
And nothing more,
Yet I am overcome with understanding.
You think and feel and touch like no other.
Like some celestial being,
You fill me with wonder and hope.
You are not human,
Because you are the most human.
People do not know how to live anymore,
People do not know how to love anymore.
With your great limbs,
Sweep up the remnants of this broken world,
And open our eyes,
To the great gift that is life as a human being
Luna Jay 16h
Your reality is unrealistic.
You are not a simple statistic-
You are a person.
The thoughts seem to worsen
Within the ages of these stages
And changes of the seasons-
I don’t know the reasons,
But the wind whispers through
My hair, and without a care,
I watch silently
As our reality tears.
It’s raining heavily
And the water
Fills out a
Red, blue, yellow, and white
It overflows.
The water is the teardrops
Of my people.  
Wanting to be treated like a human
And to be free.
Simply*     (not perfect)
But only human.
Compete never

Never worth that fight

Fight only for innocence

Innocence runs through you

You are alive

Alive, but not awake

Awake the dormant innocence

Innocence that runs through you

You fight only to compete

Compete never
उ बाँच र बाँच्न देउ भन्ने मान्छे
उ आफ्नै कर्ममा बाच्ने मान्छे
उ कल्पनामा डुल्ने, सपनामा रम्ने मान्छे
उ चरासँग बोल्ने, प्रकृतीसँग खेल्ने मान्छे
उ आफ्नै सिद्धान्तको कहिल्यै साथ नछोड्ने मान्छे
उ बिना गेरु आफूलाई जोगी ठान्ने मान्छे
उ मानवतालाई ठूलो धर्म मान्ने मान्छे

उ सधै आफ्नोपन खोज्ने मान्छे
उ मानिसको हुलमा विचारले एक्लो मान्छे
उ एक्लो संसारमा रमाउन जान्ने मान्छे

उ एक्लो संसारमा रमाउन जान्ने मान्छे
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
Salman 3d
I sit
I eat
i drink
i sleep
i learn
i love
i hate
i read
i write
i am strong
i am brave
i am who im meant to be
i am human
you can break me to down to dust
you can break everything i am
but i will rise above your hate
i am stronger than you know
i am braver than you know
i am more human than you know
i am less weak than you know
i am breakable
but you dont know that,
because if you did than you would stop with
your bombs
your guns
and you automatic rifile which is your mouth.
although i am human. i am breakable
if my father has taught me anything in twenty years
it is to avoid a man with any resemblance of him
and it's not that I feel sorry for myself but if we're being honest
he broke my mother's heart before mine was ever intact
and I was born trying to piece together a mess of a man with no intentions of being saved
because I believed every drunken "baby things will be different soon"
and I thought that if you loved someone it meant pulling them out of the pit they dug themself into
so I keep letting people fall temporarily in love with me
and trying to fill the gaps of my past with boys with their own open wounds
hoping my words are a scapel until they realize I'm just a human and not a surgeon
I just knew what it felt like to have your heart ripped into shreds before I even knew what organs were
What the @&$# is being human????
Being a *** object.
Too **** with that
Being human is
Being imperfect
Being able to talk
Being able to feel emotions

What the @&$% is being human
Being sexually wired
To **** with that
Human means
Being able to laugh
Use our thumbs
Express yourself in art
To help others

What that $&@# is being human
****** Love
The **** with that
Being human
Is knowing our flaws
Being human
Is making mistakes
Being human
Is seeking knowledge
And enlightenment
Please do excuse my French.
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