An aging world,
An aging race,
A pace moving slowly,
Yet almost at light speed.
Time a cruel master,
That sends its agents of aging,
out to destroy man.
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't let your sunshine go away.
I got a remedy for better days in store for
us to deal.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
Got some things to tell you even if their
wrong to say out loud.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
I had a darker part of me that I got rid of
for you in this life.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
Put insecurities aside for me to prosper as
a human being.

Bringing out the best in me when nobody
Covering my every flaw just so you could
love it,
Brushing my face with your hand is lovely
In its own prime,
The beauty of you will never go unmissed
in this life.
soul 1d
Human anatomy is similar in many ways
they got same organs
same hearing
same speaking
ability to walk
show emotions

the only difference is  
brain is working just to satisfy others ego
despite of having same cranial capcity
they chose different worlds
either good or bad

Murder, robbery, backstabbing and what else they do
just to conceal their evil souls
Doesn't pay any heed to justify their deeds
Ignoring their inner voice pleading them stop

Blood flowing in their veins is red
won't cry when they see their family on death bed
Their heart is turning black
coz of their unspoken guilt

slowly they are leaving the human behind
just to join hands with the devil

Human anatomy is similar in many ways
but the mind is creating the difference
according to science every human being shares 99.9% similarity every other person is diffrerent some chose right path some dont
happy independence day
Realities don't hurt
my individuality --
they once did.

Realities don't hurt me.

Check this out:

No one cares about an addict,
unless they've found god
out in the desert sands.

Problem is,
this Earth, even as green and blue,
is all a giant wasteland, which
has decided I fit right in.

I fit right in.

Would a god try and find me,
in return? I'm pretty sure,
they wouldn't have time for that.
Especially when,

in a giant pen of temporary wills,
I fit right in.

If Gawd's children tip their pens
in front page worthy salvation,
then dip dip dip, because,

I have found that I am just
as artistically fulfilled
while hidden, as I am in light.

Enjoy your safe temp warming lamp
before consumers come to eat you.
The God Warriors.

This One Piece of Shit
We live in a world where even humans might become extinct because of what we are doing to one another and our surroundings. If suicide also continues, complete extinction is humanly possible, excuse the pun. But the main problem is: we are destroying the memory-makers of our children's lives. No more nature; no more beauty. No more humans; a lot more growth and indulgence, albeit, not for mankind.
Do you want to see destruction or the creation of new, beautiful life? It's up to you.
I'm a hopeless dreamer
A full-blown love-believer
An apologetic oversharer
Might as well give you my preprinted waiver

But I don't need anything
from this funny little human thing
you call a heart and stand tall
Non-believers can't get through my make-believe wall

And you're the biggest one of them all
Push and pull, careful, you might be the one to fall
Never heard of "we reap what we sow"?
Your love was only a glancing blow.
Karo 1d
At seven 'til midnight
I sold my soul
my heart stopped
the rhythm of life
was gone
my body burned
while I danced around
with ashes falling
one by one
to the ground
with the last
I died.
CGW 2d
Every moment.
Any moment.
Could be that moment.
That last life breath would escape.
And you would fall
And die.
So in this moment of reckoning we stand still.
In the light of a new era
We breathe golden light.
Light pulled down from the heavens above.
We are rooted to the earth.
To the rivers.
To the rocks.
To mountains high.
Golden sacred light flows deep through the energy veins.
It flows through everyone of us causing a great surge of Enlightenment.
An infinite moment of peace for all life and all who dwell on this Blue and green planet.
Long has the fight between light and dark dwindled on the strings of the human race but now
We are free.
Now we stand together.
United we are everything.
The light will break every darkness and will echo through out time and the universe.
Ishika 3d
This is about you.

A composition
of your perfect

It’s about
your ample nose
on your
sculpted face
scaling a symmetry
only I understand
but its intricacy
only God knows

You, with your dark eyes
in its shining
and its gloom
narrate stories
only I hear
and listen to.

How I seek pleasure
to solve
your dissonance
because you accepted
my woe
making it your own

When you play
songs on your lute
it’s like stars shoot
and harmony soars
over the bay

When you hit
a minor chord
and smile
you erase a plight
and make beauty
by something so odd  

You don’t force
a smart pun
a thoughtful gift
a witty remark
you just say and do it
I suppose
in effortless effort

You don’t just talk
you exchange
mental delight
in bold intellect
and subtle pride
in considerate stealth

you love poetry
the way you admire
and symphony

How your eyes seek mine
in a multitude
and shamelessly
acknowledge its find
baffles my mind

you’re deaf
to the blaring thoughts
of staring strangers
at us
or rather
you with me

you’re an enigma
in a way
that makes your sobriety
my toxic
your drunken state
my vulnerability

You don’t have to be
a man
or an angel
if either existed
I would seek
for you to be
the former

you don’t need
to have
the charm
of a woman
or a magician
to allure me

it’s perfect
when we look
at each other’s face
there’s nothing that
seems or feels
out of place

i can smile at you
in ease
and affection
never running out of it
for days

Because you’re only
the figment
of my vast imaginings
and you are beautiful

You’re someone out there
I will always hope to tell
the pink of pigs
to the purple of laughter
to the red of sad blood
and come running to
when I’m covered in mud

You’re either romance
in furtive stance
of a fake acquaintance

Or a doting friendship
with a silent lip
of promising actions

Or maybe
you’re just my dream
wrapped in an uncertainty
of becoming my reality
I would cherish

As I grow
I will wonder
and ask the universe
or the other
where in the world
are you right now?

what would it take
for me to get you
or get to you
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