There is
a certain kind of
my body feels
when I pull
my heart out of my chest
and place it
in front of you

Puzzlers puzzling,
Placing precariously,
Precious pieces of a picture,
Postponing pain,
A puzzler puzzles,
Peacefully panging,
For but one moment of,

Blois 3d

What is a soft touch for a rock?
You would be surprised, my friend.
Except us, rocks. What is
a soft touch for a human?

It depends on the human
and it depends on the rock.

he used other human capital
to achieve his own ends
what kind of person would
be involved with these lends

beneath his exterior
a brain-washer lay
exploiting everyone else
to bring him handsome pay

credit in his dodgy account
came at a considerable fee
abusing and misusing
Bob and Mary's kindly spree

they had no understanding
of his predator plan
working them over so he'd
be the number one man

Can one chase the past
Heaven's gate communicates
River flows around

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell

A cap a cover,
A clover a clever chipmunk,
Closer than cold climbs,
Caverns of Cretaceous-era caves,
And caring coddlers,
Calming Children,
That Lost their favorite caps.

Guden 4d

We are fleas that live in the ass,
We think we own the dog.
We fight fleas that live in the head,
We bomb fleas that seem different
Only to us,
For the dog we are all a nuisance.
Fleas that create songs
And flags
To celebrate their portion,
Living in the ass seems better,
Some prefer the ears,
I choose to roam.
I dream with other dogs
Maybe cats.
We are fleas
That destroy their dog host.
Perhaps this dog needs a bath.

nim 5d

Ever been happy so much,
You cried?

Ever been sad so much,
You laughed?

I love so much that I hate
I hate, so I must love
I'm a living mess
Who am I, wandering this place?

And know that I mean what I say,
I say what I know
But I know that not knowing anything
Is what I know the best.

A mess, tangled in wires
Of unsorteable emotions and
Unrecognized behaviours
Unknown thoughts,
Uncommon, just another head in the clouds.
Who are you to change this world?

A living contradiction.

To be or not to be?
To live, or not to live?
I know the unknowable thoughts

Because everyone knows what they do not know.
Everyone has their reason to live,
Or not to live.
So I said let it be!

So you can proudly say,
»I know the unknown!«

So you can always say,
»I know the unknown!«

| Living contradiction|  |Hamlet|  |To all the confused|

i guess when we laugh sometimes at our anxieties
we just trying to find a reason to laugh  
we think we might heal

maybe we do




human tendencies

A happy day,
Spent in earnest,
By a child,
On their birthday,
A day that only is exciting,
Until the dawn of adulthood,
After such a marker,
Every year is just another step into,
The reapers arms

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