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Diya 5h
Whenever Humanity
Gets a step closer
Riddles of the Universe
My dear Cosmos
Eccentric ways
Changes the whole Conundrum!
Enigma and Universe are friends forever!
Just a thought :)
faithful eyes are restlessly observing the luminous night
an angeldog is sitting on the debris of a former court house
its silky fur is glowing while it is singing a song of the ancient
long mother tongues are licking up all of the words, greedily

the dog's night is a creature and it is alive, serious and cheerful
nobody will be able to spot it with the glimpse of humans
dogs can easily scent its traces, like foul fruits, grasping
animals can not talk but they sense way more than any human

science, arts, music are simply distractions from our inabilities
we have to assure us daily that we have a selective soul
that we observe and recognize the existing to recreate it
goosebumps are a replacement for our lack of scent

poems come, artists go, dogs are better off in silence
a dog's barking is nothing else but a distraction for us
we think we control pets, they know us better than we do
the dog's night is dark by now, asleep with one eye opened
Today is a good day.
Cox 1d
You may be human, but you’re also a flower.
You hold so much power as you walk through April,
no avail.
Head risen.
Petals curtly tucked away.
A rush.
Heart closed.
Walking past the naked trees,
you shiver from the Autumn breeze.
You wait for Spring,
although knowing you haven’t met winter.
You think that this year your heart will freeze.
In the beginning it's all a dream
A dream where all of us are numbers
Number one
Number two
Number three

But then all of a sudden the arithmetic
Comes in, numbers that were "equal" now become "more equal"
Greater than comes in lesser than  comes in ,the equality that was unity yesterday becomes a boundary between the numbers.

Moreso the unknowns on the other side of the equal sign.
Some are on left, some are on right.
far from over on the other side of the equal signs there is (x) and (y) all unknown to the other side of the equal signs
Oh no some numbers become determinant(s)of (x)(y)
The slash sign of Power  separates the numerator and denominator  

Mockery at it's peak ;the equal signs are replaced by greater than or less than.
As if that is not enough
In the second method improper fractions emerge as former numbers become decimals
Graphs of anarchy, imperialism, dictatorship and religious annihilation scatter across the x~axis of humanity and y~axis of ideology

Third method
Proud Rounding up/off begins
Continental Arch's mark the trajectory of division along lines
Shapes of character finally emerge
Assume the value of (x) is that "all this is a dream"
Syntax error; this is no dream

This is reality and remains relevant today
Pure maths is yours dear mathematician!
This cry of anguish is rooted to the cat rat relation with my mathematics teachers ;even when mathematics wasn't my cup of tea it still delivers the painful truth we all know and continues to remain relevant in a modern society that boasts of equality and democracy
there are all these
just going around
passing through
my life
thinking they are
n o t h i n g
   or maybe fleeting
or forgotten
when they have
no idea
that they
are life itself,
and to me
are each
so unfathomably unique
and beautiful,
that the mere
thought of them
sustains me.
Two young souls sat within the towering grass of an endless field.

They watched an infant universe dance out from a bottle, new life revealed.

As they watched and studied, their minds were filled with questions where the answers became lost in a void.

The boy so curious, he became furious because no answers to the burning questions made him annoyed.

As the patient child gazed in amazement at what they just discovered, the impatient child stood up and over the bottle, his foot hovered.

The patient child jolted upward and screamed a piercing sound
as the impatient child's foot hit the ground.

Under his ****** foot laid the remnants of an early life.

With no remorse, he walked off while the crying child held the shattered pieces in her hand and asked "why can't we have anything nice?".
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
mirrors are used to tell you the truth within dreams
their memory goes further back than a day's length
you, the human, are dreaming of eden, an undiscovered maze
the night restlessly sells off her estranged gaze

shadows are flowing through your spinning mind
you see a child, contemplatively engaged in a game
not willing to follow any caring orders; you are glowing
as you are trying to hide yourself under a blanket of knowing

future has decayed, you have to blink, you have to smile
a century's crippled hands are grabbing at your truncated tongue
not even words, terms, speech and language remain
while rain is dripping from leaves, leaving its stain

asleep, you taste the bitter broth of your dream
the gods of the woods are coming for you, in amusement
the dog of voices is barking at his shadow; you are burping
while you hear the muzzle of your dream delightfully slurping
Today is a good day.
a dark melody is sleeping in his stomach
sound of a star rolling over heaven
swarms of stones populate the earth
they float beneath mask man's shape

the horizon is swallowing his thoughts:
they slip into emotion, they burst into splinters
mask man's body is jailed inside an image
behind the bars of a prompt; he is scared

as animals are scared of men and fire
as rivers are killed by dirt and arrogance
as children are abused by adults and abomination
mask man, oh mask man: what can you do?
Today is a good day.
keonah 5d
The sun shall set and the moon will reign the night.
My celestial body will enfold in its presence.
I live and breathe with the same waters the moon reflects apon.
We dance ‘til dawn,
As you start to wane,
As your rays depart and;
As we give greetings to the morning sun.
a full moon is so overwhelming and glistening and I just wish to be connected to it some day. To be at peace with myself and in the world
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