Left said is of the simple stories unread,
Begun of tales lost and of mistakes within rot.
A flower blooms in the mist,
Open petals of human thirst,
Nourish, as the sun burnt, our seething scars learnt.
Each of each fought,
And this story witnessed by the stars,
Grows through the whistling call of the Sorrowful,
The Vengeful,
The Regretful.
All characters sought;
A kiss from the power of light, life with litigation,
Left and begun,
Battle and won, from all, anticipating admiration.
Hero, he is, to escape the soul of those that know him not.
He was everything, yet
Everything willing to bet.
The tale of called-on salvation from endless forget.
Script by the Gods, this desperation,
A play with human nature, I must mention.
He proved endearing eyes, grinning grimes,
By grain and by grain,
Destiny designs a breakable frame.
Prologue that will soon be followed by 4 parts with an epilogue.
Sophia 1d
It is not criminal to exist
It is not criminal to seek freedom
It is not criminal to be born

Not criminals

They deserve help and love
Not cages

They are not criminals
They are humans

They are not "they"
They are us

Who do you think you are
This is not American honor

Why can't you see that?
don’t let all those flowers deceive you
clouding judgment with flower dust
and the charm of colorful aroma
they have agendas of their own
and you are but a step in the ladder
An asymmetrical girl stares back at me.
Long face.
Uneven jaw.
Large chin.
Small mouth.
Large nose.
Uneven eyebrows.
Sunken, tired eyes.

Why does she even get up in the morning?

An annoying thing stares back at me.
Mumbled voice.
Unfunny jokes.
Tries too hard.

Why does she even get up in the morning?

A worthless creature stares back at me.

Why­ do I get up in the morning?
I stare back at me.
Not good enough.
Poison and passion
Cruelty and compassion:
This is the human soul

Even the darkest shades
They scream: FASCINATION

Roses have thornes
Sun burns your eyes

Madness is the ruin and salvation
Children loosing parents,
Parents loosing children,
A world of dog eat dog,
And man has never left this rule,
Even if we left the woods, plains and jungle,
We never left our animal side behind.
Amenah 2d
infinitesimal shards of glass
glisten fiercely underneath neon lights of prospect
a reflection of shattered hopes and aspirations
now lay asunder for being trodden to dust
carpeting over splashes of blood long gone brown
a silver ring or two coated in red
pearls scattered like a life torn to shreds
rag-like bedsheets torn at the seams
as if the fabric of reality was chewed by cruel Fate
emptiness echoing through the debris of humanity;
with a room torn of its plaster wallpaper
paint chipping off like rain
the conconcrete within never looked so ugly as now
hideous and disformed
by weathering the storm of conflicting ideals and isms
numerous cracks snake through concrete body
at any moment ready to crumble to naught.

can anyone fathom what wonders gave birth within these walls?
first loves promised in wedlock,
difficult loves resolved clemently,
impossible loves grew to become the greatest,
broken loves coalescence to wholeness,
platonic loves strengthen for lifetimes,
familial loves strung back once more.
Tis was the Rose Room of Ethereal Wonders
that harmonized the tragedies of humans
unfortunately even the worst of chaos is meant to remain unbridled
of which to leave asunder is better
or else You’ll just be a soul sacrified in vain
She looks into my eyes
as if searching for my feelings
for a hint of my disposition today
can’t she tell by the softness of my voice
the sweet things I say
can’t she sense my love  
in these moments together
are we both really alone
and this union a figment?

It is as if she is wondering
in her little mind behind her amber eyes
what it is like being human
as I wonder what is like being feline.
Shirt on, tie and suit
Rushing out the door in new shoes in hot pursuit after the buss
Onboard, looking for a free seat
Looking for new people to meet
Of the buss, rushing to Uni
Have to be there before eight
I'm late, guess that's just fate
Ready to study, human philosophy
Human evolution, what a catastrophe
A real equation, philosophical question, then the answer and a spicy evaluation
Not what we thought, something we forgot?
I guess not
Thinking really hard
Well, I'm not all that smart...
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