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labyrinth 16h
If you’re a good person
It radiates. People know
If you’re a bad person
It radiates even more
The dawn of humans unknowingly sparked a debate in sincerity.
While praising dexterity, one may neglect the warmth of a tender heart.

Is it better to ablate the ***** —
do we intend to berate its kindness?

I wish to travel to the beginning of evolution,
when no pollution of such harshness is clear;
that may be our only solution here.
Laokos 1d
i'll raise an electric fence around
the gods up there
in mountains and ivory towers
and they'll all wear shock collars

i'll spread peanut butter on bread
and send it to them through
the mail

i'll write them letters from the
lower world saying that 'time
really isn't a bother anymore
because apples rot in home
baked pies down here'

i'll reach through my own
tainted build up of corrosive
discharge and pull a petal
from the flower of life
to eat in front of
them with a coffee toothed smile

i'll throw weeds over
palisades into
groomed gardens

i'll **** on the flaming sword
spinning like i do
heavenly gates

i'll put AA batteries on
my ******* and force
feed the north star
until it bursts

i'll stain the glass in windows
extolling failures and shining
blunders under vaulted

i'll be nothing less than
the imperfect son of
an imperfect man and
an imperfect

all too human
after all
Jonas 1d
They know

something is teribly wrong
with me
something is off
I'm not right
not normal
They can see
sense it
can't pin it down
find excuses
but They know
If you insist
I admit I’m racist
When it comes
To all ignorants
We cannot seem to manage
To be just one another
There is no bigger damage
Or problem for that matter
We are human beings
With feelings.
Look around
Not enough empathy
Each day we look more like robots.
We are so clever, only brains.

Shell ✨🐚
With advanced technology we ourselves have less  empathy, less interest in people near us.
MLD 6d
First l thought it was the skin color
Then l saw some dude who killed his brother over inheritance, I then thought maybe its the mula
A few days later l saw some rich Portuguese dude who had hanged himself, they said it was about a mulher
So my question is "Is violence an essential part of our being"
Who was I
Before they broke my heart
A simple human being
Now it's Hella complicated
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