I can feel my heart dying
it's pulse weakens
as I lay in this,

My life -
I understand
to be man,
I must kill my heart
raise it like a Mayan god
and give into the grey
it can end no other way -
I am a dog, not a man.

Hades 23h

God took a new set of cards from his shelves,
And he began to shuffle the it
He named it Andres,
The hand pulled out a card which etches
"Life" and placed it at the bottom,
Instantly, the man started to breathe.

He took another card and formed his appearance
Arranging everything from its external points to internal ones;
Once the God was contented with the patterns,
He placed him down the desk which he called it, "earth."
After he secured the last layers of the man,
God let the people take the cards in his newly shuffled ones,
And they placed their own behind.

Most of the cards were fine,
Some cards are were torn apart
Some were beautiful, filled with roses and it's shining,
Some were made of numbers,
Some has vandals of poetry and drawings
Some were made of mechanical parts,
A few ones were made of diamonds and gems,
But Andres noticed that he kept on giving his king of hearts to the Queens,
And none of them ever held it for long.

He then asked God,
"Why am I bad at love?"
And the highest took all the cards that were left behind,
He spread across the table
And explained,
"You can't have everything, Son."

When one is treated
poorly, lesser than human
It becomes their truth

And it affects them
Crippling their good spirit
Stripping the colours

No matter the race
No matter what they believe
They are still human

Look at their beauty
That radiance that's within
Deeper than their skin

Black, White, Asian, Mixed
Yes, culturally different
But born of one race

We are all human
Don't remain blind in one eye
Embrace all of us

In a world of such tension, it pains me to see division...
The world becomes more and more ugly by the day. People forget thee beauty that is all around us...

Or should I say: an Ode to You?
Does it make any difference? Really?
Let’s start again, let’s start by saying
In’Lak’ech Ala K’in
You are another Me. I am another You.
For that’s what’s so unique
about being Human.
We are the Same.
BECAUSE we are not.
We were created equal
BECAUSE we were all created different
with this raging desire inside
of being who we are
who we truly are
each one of us
billions and billions of versions
of creatures who can say I am
who want to know who I am
who want to define it
be being just like X
and by being dislike Y

Unlike the flower, the tree, the fish,
the animals, the mountains, the oceans
that are what they are,
we reflect.
We reflect about who we are,
We reflect about our world.
I reflect about who you are,
and I reflect who you are.
You reflect who I am.
BECAUSE on this or that, we are the same,
look the same, feel the same, believe the same.
BECAUSE in this or that we are different,
look different, feel different, believe different.
Billions and billions of reflections
billions and billions of versions
of being Human.

This comes with great responsibility.
For we need one thing
to bring this raging desire to reality:
we need to honour our differences,
we need to respect them.
From two perspectives, in fact:
from the selfish perspective
for if I want to truly be me
I need the freedom to fully express
who I really am
so I cannot allow you or another version of the human being
to shrink my universe of possibilities.
From the altruistic perspective, too.
For to define who I am
I need you, every single version of you,
to fully express who you are
in order to reflect in all it’s glory
who I am.

The more I love who you are
the more I love your differences
the more I honour you as not me
the more I can become who I am
the more I can see who I am
because you reflect it so well
just the way you are.
Billions of you.

Hence any man, woman or child
who endangers the difference
of another man, woman or child
is in fact destroying a reflection of his or her own uniqueness.
Belittle the options you allow another human being,
and you belittle your own self and your own glance.

That is how we are all connected.
Through the most fundamental right of being different.
That is how we are all equal.

BECAUSE I am not you and you are not me,
we are the same.

In La’kech Ala K’in
An Ode to You.

Or should I say:
an Ode to Me.

Marie-Hélène de Cannière, © 2016

You claim not to know
You merely know to deny
Child, be on your guard

The power of change
Which connotes both good and bad
Nothing stays the same

The natural line
Of what human truly means
A grey area

Humans are living contradictions.


A sepal, petals, thorns and nettles
  in metal, settles, worn and fettle!
  Summer, winter, upward high
      these monuments fly;
      derelict eyes...


A bee, or three, as laurels recede
  to trees, they flee, warn and plea!
  Morning, evening, downward days
      these echoes replay;
      voices away...


A child, wild, born and styled
  in piles, files, torn and smiles!
  Southern, northern, wayward plights
      their memories fight;
      dulling white...

The master and expert,
The master knows the secret,
The expert has yet to unlock,
The master sits atop the mountain,
waiting for the worthy man,
To trek up the side of the mountain,
To master the art,
Of being human.

Star BG 6d

I dance on a stage lined with poetic words, phases, and rhymes.
My barton is my feathered pen that moves in the wind.
My inspiration is everyone I meet as I bow to them with grace..
I swirl in the sacred energies as body moves on Mothers soil.
The cool dirt tantalizes my senses to write with visions.
The sun above feeds my breath so I merge with its light.
The wind carries periods, and comas in my creative mind.

Yes, on stage I go celebrating the moment
The moment I am in human form.

inspired by dr Zik

Destiny peeks, it is weak.
It is malleable to human strokes and racing feet.

Vexren4000 Jul 14

The haze hangs over the memory,
As if it were a dream forged by reality,
As if it were,
As if it was,
There once was a moment,
Now passed as the ticking of the clock,
Faded away as the graffiti upon the city wall,
As if it were a falsehood,
Something created by some silver-tongued salesmen,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Now the elder of the village has passed as well,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Always the fate intended for him.

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