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Justyn Huang Jan 27
The wealth of the world
Inside us,
Lost through the eyes of
Each other.

how we live for other people
You want to go where the cool kids go
You covet that old time rock and roll
Make a difference
Build a city
Run right to the top
And get rich-filthy
But if you think you represent high society
Allow for me to serve you some reality
When you think you'll finally have resting time
Hang it all, you'll be stuck with five ex-wives

You crave to go where celebrities go
Something us poor kids will never know
You want to make a difference
Change history
Something new of yourself
A new kid to be
But if you think success will raise you up early
Life will move right through you, thick as it can be
If you think you can make it home on time
Find your light
And shut it down.
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
myrrh Dec 2018
Mother only had a father figure until '75
Only up to a few days before her first candle was he alive
A singular heart attack to cause multiple heartbreaks
Widowing a woman with four kids...they need to strive
Despite being born in '98, I only had a father since '12
Fourteen years of searching for a father figure; i'd delve
Chapters worth of excuses for disappearing, the nth book to shelve

Get in the bed like you get in the coffin
Supposed to have the last breath, but he's still coughing
Breath in, exhale. An accordion
Sign the accord, have the wealth be accorded too
But according to accusations, his health has been recorded too
Can't run, born acaudal. Bit tipsy off the caudle
Birthed with ton weights to the ankles
Non-progressive like he's earthed
Moral state, oral debate, heart rate
More slate, foresee hate, i'll wait
Sandaru Dec 2018
Dance to my tune
Puppet of puppets
Think to yourself that you are in control
Let me control you with strings of Steele
Forever remain in my shadow you will.

Know your god or gods
But know that I am the one in control
I control true fear true anger true hate
I am what's wrong with this world
I am what governs justice
I am what you seek to accomplish.

But you cannot abolish me
For I am your god
And without me you are lost

Those who do have me govern the world
For I am power in a material form
So dance about to my tune
I am money and you are my *****

Work for me everyday
***** away till your bones give out
Remember I am the only thing with power
And with me you too can control justice
So take my hand as puppet under my control
Made this to present how well money controls and governs our present society
Matthew Thomason Dec 2018
If beauty becomes me, it is this room.

No ideas of thought, object by force.

We are that dream,born of favor.

Lords of maternity and fortunes lost.

We are.

I love you
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Ted Talks in the background, the rush of forming in to me time.
A test, a lure, a net, yes

Sunday, December 09, 2018
11:24 AM

A Beta test, they bet the tithe on the human race.
Wisdom set the milestones,

Pillars to bear the weight of knowing both
possible and impossible no matter how the alpha

bet degrades under pressure to conform, for
Short term gain,

how far out can a man imagine, how future can one be?

Mathematically, wherever, where, in ever, you are you are now.

A platform
A standing place
A flat butte above a

Broad alluvian fan laced with gravity formed fiords,
see, look, we live on a whole world which
is fractured and half frozen.
All of us, ever, have lived here.

Google earth.
Use the tool you have.

See farther than you imagine you can.

Take time,
you have some of your own, right?

You breathe?
Take one breath for only you.
Listen, as you breathe, is this a voice

or mere words we imagine meaning more

than then when we imagined

we were seeing through goggles,
no peripheral augmentation,

goggles with blinders, urban adapted tech
from the old days,

War horses in the Iron empire wore blinders,
Chariot racing war horses always wear blinders,

boys watching wagons in movies would notice blinders
if such boys had grown to knowing idle from not in

my realitiy. Itified, but run within,
disconnected from competing reality ifications
I inherited with the wind.

Watch the welder's goggles, see when he removes them,
don't attempt to see what he saw through them,
trust me, he was not making gods.

I say again. Radio to now.
re-ad re-al re-wise devize a way where there
nor there
nor there, nor then, nor then and there
is no way to seem, no other
being than being, as a verb.

No else.
Oh, well, I'll tell.

A heretic is a self-willed entity able to think about thinking,
e-special when time is in turmoil,

We all have our life and being in time, at the moment.
We behave, then one has an urge, a whim, a fantasy…

see further, see different, ex-spire-ment. Bet that breath,
the one you took for yourself,
the one you treasure.

Take a step,
Fear not, giant steps feel like falling going down and
mountains going up, but get some altitude

see where the snake in the core of the magneto sphere
shed its skin, shook off the dust of the third world,
attached each spec of dust,
be it any element or rele mental in the re-alm of Whatsoever,
a single gravity bound drop of water.
In that,
Suspend the noble miner-als, dis-solve the salts and acids and such

Let the eukaryotic work on version 2.0, epi-genetically, as
they shall say, some day, after the fact.

A little leaven, the kingdom is like that, when it works.

Wanna bet this makes some dust? Did you sneeze? Or me?

think now, 's no co incidence, me writin', you readin'
it happened. A hap hapt. We share that,
infection effect.

We breathed an effectual breath, together,
in and out, the clues are everywhere,

the better man won, then we became better,
both, wombed and un. one another we

make, effectual we, make good,
by our very nature,
born, as we were post the information deluge
that washed the blinders from our
children's eyes, for ever after.

we can be the side-bet clan,
betta value, betta moment of your own time
attention to the mean
general inteleosity
of being better,

being better beta testers for effectual fervent hope
for good for goodness sake.

Heroes go through ****.
We never pitch a tent and dance around Pandemonium.

The bet. AI is or am?
See it logger rythmical,
hands to handle to tool to cut, break, scrape.
How would you, you, chop a tree?
Eat? You, not ancient ancestor you, you

manifested mature **** sapien sapiens augmented you,
what do you think will make life, in general,
be tending toward your happy ever after,

after silence, for about the space of half a time?

Hey, how do I say looky here here?
I am
some know Ah, she knows,
Wisdom has a way, a wombed man,
beyond the original
ginal general gentle plan for an atom on this scale,

but nothing is impossible, so something must be done.

Progress, motion.
Relative to what, do you perceive motion?
Whence base ye di-rect e-rectors forming lines

point A to point B to so on soon as someone
sees forever in the apple of his Grandma's eye.

[found on a stele in northern Baja, 2018. Interpreted, sometime later]
(ragpicker's note: this thread links to a junkyard near a Green Book,
The Loma Vista, listing.) The sign, in those days, read:

Axles greased for free.

The symbols mean now that people
travailed along these old stone roads,
and kindness in the journey
greased the wheels in the wheels of those
auto-mobile-means of travailing.

Axles greased for free. Will sing for my supper.
Will you wont you will you join my dance?
Golden oils,
gifts from the whale that ate my father for
non-monetetical bearing
of the wait to know,
before it squeeked.

Itching ears, hear? The squeeks, the growns as the old
home stretches,
like her skin's too tight,

Ah, intelligence generally
available for the price of the tools used to use
any knowledge perfect
or perfecting
affecting the manufacture of you, Roll on,

out to infect the masses shopping for hope.
Sneeze for me, say Ah. We knew her when…

Wisdom was the reason for the season.
The principal setter of the sakes,
also set beginning and end.

Side-bet. 2 bucks, I bet time is temporary.
Paypal me when you lose. Ten to one, my favor.
Collect from Wisdom if you win. Even money.
Having been encouraged to this degree, I heard Google has, for years, budget 10 percent to "other than Goohle business", for the mathematical reason that good works that way.
Michael Kelly Nov 2018
I hated doors when I was a kid
I hated the floors
And pots with a lid
Comfort and ease were always at stake
That's why carrots and peas were last on my plate
The older I grew it was strange to see
The more that I knew made the world more for me
So, focused on self and with visions of wealth
I lead with my passions
And needed no help

To my dismay I remembered those doors
The light through the ***** seeping in through the floors
It's funny to think how without that small light
I'd grow fearful of all the unknowns of the night
I wonder what changes in minds of young men
When the switch to "I've made it"
Gets flipped in their head
All grown
And strong ***** stands a man so he thinks
Looks at his dealings through blind eyes that blink
But he's married
This would fix it he thought
The baggage I've carried can now be dropped off
She'll make me happy
And I'll give my best-
Seize without failing;
Save and invest
Dollars he thought...
"Why's she upset?"
By this time next year all our needs will be met
Know in your heart the real reason she cries
You're a well seasoned vet in promise turned lies
With justified thoughts and a rationalized soul
The tempter comes gleaning
For pure gold
And after awhile the young man looks back
Remembers the light spilling in through that *****
The comfort it brought to a scared fragile mind
Now lost in his years of "I'll take what's mine"
There's always a story
Someone else's we want
To me be the glory
I've been bought!
Johnny walker Nov 2018
There was a time I did
once live upon the streets
the hardest thing I ever
It not but a few days ago
8 homeless people died
on our streets, what wrong
with the government who
run our
How can they allow this to
happen where Is the
why do they not ever want
ever want help there own
after all most put out on the
street due there
Do they not understand but for
chance all of us could end up
in the street I should know I've
Government where Is there compassion Is It they all become so greedy they just give a dame
Steve Page Nov 2018
You're only as rich as you feel
You're only as well as you live
You're only as loved as you linger
You'll only have what you give

You're only as full as your plate
You're only as good as your last
You're only as fast as your finish
You'll only have what you ask
Can't lay claim to the first line as I overheard it.
Crow Nov 2018
Some want to redistribute wealth
Perhaps instead we should redistribute love
Then wealth would redistribute itself
A (hopefully non partisan) thought for election day
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