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All Smug and Warm

All Snug and Full of Yourself

You and Your Grooming Buddies

Such a fear based surplus

in your aging frailings

Have you resolved nothing ?

Victorious against us all

You are the Excess Death




You Helm our Species

til it’s conclusion

Well done !

Crawl back to your smoky cozy womb

and tell your drunken accounts

to those who’ll blindly envy
A Carriage Clock On The Mantlepiece /

Contains Self Plagiarism
Simon Oct 8
A cell exceeds boundaries when meeting the wealth of another. Another who is like them. A salt of the earth. One won’t deceive you as we merge together. Common courtesy for now. Cells become greater focus when merging together with trust. Trust amplifies common courtesies. Foundations arise, and fall. Balance? No. Relationships? At first. Then what…? Simple. Two halves with a void, slowly becoming consumed by another. Filling in the necessary. No voids existing in open spaces the size of what they never understood. Something zaps in pleasure! Pleasure becomes the common courtesy. Tensions rise and fall between the mergers. Forming into a newly merged claim. A form never exceeding the wealth it ever deserved. It happens anyways. Exceeding one’s primary focus. Deserving when having no other choice. Choice is meant to brisk them to light. Light zaps onward. Foundations rise and fall again. Something clicks. Giving rise to an interpretation. Interpretations give rise to wealth. Wealth claiming two mergers into newer states. The state of mixing is known as (reaching beyond itself.) Two halves never lucky, until merging as one. A brain cell is born.
A brain cell is never alone. Only when merging with another, will it truly discover just how rich and wealthy it's materials has to offer. Complex. Rich! A network bigger then itself, has yet to merge more wealth into itself. For itself to understand.
Wordsmith Oct 5
Blue ink was no friend
Blue ink was the most boring plan
For the trees and hills Suzy ran
When Mama came with a stick in her hand

For months and years Suzy despaired
This forced acquaintance she wished to be spared
This Hulk of a character Mama'd personify
This waste of time, she knew not why

I just wanna be free, Suzy lamented
An uproarious laughter, with which she was greeted
Why do you act all so tormented, said this voice
Without blue ink, you will be mistreated

How do you carve a path of your own
How do you enforce a right you wouldn't have known
How do you right a wrong you don't condone
How do you condone life when left alone

To the books and pages Suzy ran
Devouring much material in the given span
In a solid colour, she saw a world of wonder
In its simple strokes, there was no more to be coaxed

In happiness and despair, Suzy was elevated
In health and sickness, she knew to be liberated
In company and solitude, Suzy was educated
In wealth and poverty, she knew she had profited

Blue ink had granted her the highest of privileges
For to live well, is to live with choice
A coveted privilege, with which we rejoice
Sumairupoetry Sep 27
I realized that we are
 burning the Earth down
 because of the printed illusion of lack,
that we created.
For the love of money is the root to all evil.
Haylin Sep 24
We have many ideas,
but we do not seem to have idealists anymore.

We have droves of problem solvers,
but we do not seem to have solutions anymore.

We have endless media discourse,
but we do not seem to have dialogue anymore.

We have unrestrained capitalism,
but we do not seem to have money anymore.

We have innumerable drugs,
but we do not seem to have treatment anymore.

We have scores of Baby Boomers,
but we do not seem to have elders anymore.

We have unlimited vacation days,
but we do not seem to have days off anymore.

We have incalculable amounts of information,
but we do not seem to have facts anymore.

We have regular, established elections,
but we do not seem to have elected officials anymore.

We have America,
but we do not seem to have a nation anymore
My eyes hurt whenever I see what they have in their hands
It seems the treasures they have glow more than mine
If I could take what they have maybe I won't whine or demand
For my mother told me a boy should never be envious in life

As I was getting taller my resentment grew stronger and louder,
"I want to have what they want! They have the cleanest of luxury"
I was never raised to grasp rubies so I begrudge men with power
Whenever I want something they refused, so I grew up with envy

Now my hands can afford diamonds like everybody else
the satisfaction that I felt was all I yearned for these years
Looking back to where accessories were considered wealth
Senseless for me to think that not having earthly desires is what I fear

Now if ever I pass by an alley and a kid looks at me with jealousy
Three words to change his look, "Here's a candy"
So he could see that happiness shines more than jewelry
To the kids who were not given anything when they were young
you know what it feels like
i will worth
that great wealth

to be wide of her
as the rich one

heard me
noticed me

how i talked
about her

he spies
he sends eyes

until he sees
he loves

he tells the offers
and i had chances

to be rich
or have her smart

but i love her
i let her know

any more
she does know

i become wide
i do not take that amount
which makes absent
to any mind
the man loves her, he wishes every good to who beloved. and he can sacrifice for
Sam Wickstrom Sep 18
Jittery and get it done
Heart says I'm on the run
Only building someone's dream
Saying goodbye to mine slowly
Big belly and I'm ****** cozy
Lay here and regret, go out for a smoke
I want a bigger truck and better luck
Going to buy some lotto tickets and beer

Friends all agree lets be average
Lets sit back like we don't have an itch
Nothing, no really, everything's been alright
Just going to work, getting things done you know

Baggy eyes
Persistent cough
Clicky joints
Pain in the gut pretty often
Let me get you some Tim's
How about a brand new car and a zero dollar down phone!
Bigger house
Bigger TV
Shrinking heart
Withering creativity


What are most people sacrificing on a daily basis? Time and Energy
Little prizes for sitting still and wearing a smile
Sickness and at least becoming senile before you realize how much has been wasted health for money, then money for health and for more and more distractions from the loss of health

community breaking down

Sleep deprivation

What dreams? I don't even recall having them. (denial)

Time with family

depression and mental illness
Jon Thenes Aug 30
bus to the graveyard

show you how rich we all get

grave explanation
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