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A global class system that values its citizens based on their economic wealth.

A global economic cast system based on:
3rd -  How much disposable income an individuals has.
2nd - How much an individual can consume.
1st - How much consumption an individual can generate.

Peoples privileges are then banded appropriately, based on their position within the economic carousel.

There are also millions of people that don't have, food shelter, security or drinking water.
(These are rarely mentioned)
we are valued for our monetary worth, love is the only respite, keep the ones you love close...
Zywa May 21
The downpour dances

with the waterfallwater –

the lake overflows.
Collection "New Ago"
Henk De Wet May 20
Right now
foresight and wisdom
seems to be more
than the fifth dimensional prism

It's a system

Finances provide answers
only if you can provide
their transits

their means of making
their planning and paining

So draining

Think of the time
think of the place

think of the meaning
that you will take

Why do you want it
why do you need it

what is the way that you will ask
why you will take what you ask of them to relate

It's simple
It's a system

Write it and roll it
that's what she says will fold it

and planning
your productions and provisions
your margins and makings

It's a system
It's simple

It's not ones and zeros
You see
It's twos and threes

Don't you see

Be like me
Be like him
Be like
those three

You don't see

Plant your trees
they grow for fees
in twos and threes

Take a step
Take a break

See your wealth

Make it break
Make it ache
Make it work

See the growth
Take the oath

Make it croak
Make it soak

Take a sip
Save the rest

That's the game
That's the play

See the wealth

It's simple
It's a system
Zywa May 12
This is our good life:

a whole lot of food has been –

cast before the pigs.
“Cien años de soledad” (“One Hundred Years of Solitude”, 1967, Gabriel García Márquez)

Collection "After the festivities"
Africa, your time has come
To increase your prosperity
And unlock your wealth

Through cooperation
And innovation
Your time has come
To remove obstacles
And create life abundantly

Your energy keeps building...
So many hopes and dreams
In pattern and matrix form
Ready to be clothed with
Physical matter

The ideas and technologies
Now safeguard personal identity
And bestow economic identity
To people and nations
That prosperity may abound
This is Prosperity Poem 117 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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This poem was inspired by Charles Hoskinson, the genius mathematician who is also the founder of Cardano.  Charles and I both were inspired by Kiva, the micro-loan lending group that helps so many people worldwide.

Cardano is a cryptocurrency, but it's much more than that.  Charles has in mind to use it to establish economic identity for millions in Africa who do not have this blessing.  They need a safe and secure way to transmit money, own land with deeds, borrow money, and much more.

The projects are in the incipient stages but developing rapidly - especially in Ethiopia.  So I wrote this poem as a tribute to the people of Africa - and to Charles for helping establish systems to unlock the prosperity of the African nations!
Joy in your life
Does not follow wealth
Or fame
Or even ambition

Joy in your life
Follows purpose and meaning
Friends and family
Incremental progress

When you feel disconnected
From Joy in your life
Reach out to another
And connect again

Connect with laughter
Connect with play
Connect with gratitude
Connect with focus
Connect with service
Connect with forgiveness

These will light the fire
For joy in your life
And joy will remain
Your constant companion
This is Prosperity Poem 114 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

my Mom has a website, and I help her keep it up and create and link new content.  I was working on her "Joy" page and pondering about what creates joy in our life.

Check it out and see if you agree.  This poem is actually prose, since it's one of the very few that doesn't rhyme at all.  

For me, the things that bring joy into my life are so simple, and you can choose to act today to bring more joy into your life.  Amazingly, these choices and actions will also bring joy to others.  So share this poem freely and let's impact the world for good!
carvermon Feb 26
A billion dollars I have gathered
That’s the billionaire’s way
The bit that I’ve earned
a tiny fraction of that
(only so many hours in a day)
Instead of hard work
I work around rules
that once described the way
that one who worked hard
spending effort and hours
could secure that hard day’s worth of pay

Many have struggled
to build the wealth I’ve now juggled
into shelters and holdings and banks
I could carelessly burn it
‘cause I didn’t earn it
But those who did,
I guess,
deserve thanks
Ken Pepiton Feb 21
sides in position
self imposturing, pre sep
paration, settling scores and bounds
church from state… wait

what are these

things? Words? Or mental wisps
daring done to render due
to whom due, honor or otherwise reknown.

Heroic words. I've uttered some,
imagining all boys did,
singing with their dad's, to Queen,
are the champions
of the world, we pretend, to the end, then

we fall away… or they
fall away … the anthems in the ballparks,
say. can you see… we are the cops,
we are the redcoats and the brown shirts
and the cavalry and the real estate speculators,

slipping my grip, the idea of me, citizen-soldier,
come limping home from the edge
of baseball,
where futbol over laps ancestral lessons
in rendering unto the owner rents ……….

How old is old?
Ask a child, for old men never
learn the bounds, or
if they do, I can't say,
there seem no theys I fit just right.

balance _ or I lie /I\ am lifted leaning lost.

Salt, salaried man,
spending time in reading strange sayings
as if
know there is meaning found some times,
we think.
we mentalate, cogitate, take a tic

to stop
and think
a gain or a loss, more sense or less, inessence
or essential point

in time? See? Say what you see? Squiggle wiggle
vermicule breeeze, or
whispy vapour
above or diving into a period,
a point
in time to see ifery vanish in wasery wonder iffing
any way.

We lived past that. Now, we make sense……..

Radical is root-related, as well as
related… out on the edge of known
self awareness wonders at my existing
outside the inside
as seen on TV
via AI guides through the explosion of knowns

I am anonymous.
There is a canyon near my home
the sign says it is the canyon with no name.
The map says it is a slot-like canyon, with no name.

Thingery thinking in terms of lines and letters letting
all we knew
blow into the winding times told of in tales too tedious
with Howard Bloom level detail. {he is unique}
He touches me, do I not touch back? The curio knows.

How sharp the edge of a point stretched from

the mind that could see the wind whip a spark to life.

Sense when nonsense seems the fashion, the way
forms fashion fasteners around axes,
facistical twigs and vines

something says this is missed as a message,
this ax bound in sticks,
I dare, I do, I ask what was the meaning of this,
while we're on my dime, what's with the wings
on the Phrygian cap,

I mean,
what was the artificer's source of inspiration, like
why is liberty always a lady
wearing fashion far up the ladder of learned things,
what is the trick
feminine wile, legendary lure, curious art, enchanting
one bite.

That idea, boing, stretched so tight it threatens ever
if it
breaks once, just

the attention span…

An encrustation sensation overwhelms me,
I'm thinking
I know
I know
I know
nothing so important that it could not wait to be said
by you, reader/writer being ready
read on

words to the wise are plenty,
these who say we know bread, they say leave the leaven.

:they said leave it in Egypt:

But who knows how?
Sour dough is sour dough, y'knows, it don't cook with no bubbles,
dough rises in a backpack tied to an ***, crossing the red sea,
near that place where
National Geographic got that image of a golden chariot wheel,
reminiscent of the drowned army,
or was that
not true?

Do you believe AI knows? I mean, does your believing matter?
Ask who knows what and you learn, the memory we share
holds answers to questions you are afraid to ask.

One in 8 billion, those are the current odds,
taken to scale, with man, all varieties and models,
augmented intellectuals allowed,
the measure,
of all things…
two's a crowd.
Social distance morphic resonance,

send me money, I am drowning in debt…
do I doubt?
Don't you, what if… somebody is going to win,
I think I can.

Ha, Wattie Piper, child hood infection exposed
too soon  to
W. Clement Stone, do it now

selah, right word right time, just before
I lose my mind

na na na na

Is the universe friendly,
does it matter if we know or if we agree?
It is,
I say.

I made my bet, I go with the goodness aspect
of knowledge,
truth itself, yes, the idea, real, the whole

Good is never evil. That is a true story rule,
you can bet on it,
because life isn't fair.

Think no evil, see no evil. My side won.
My weapons are not mortal, I know.
Once fooled, once ready,
I know
the trick is knowing good enough to know
the difference,
by now. We are mostly post-

original disconnection beans being removed
at birth,
with that little blue **** thingy,
nigh on universal by 1948,

super bloom, that was the year, the pollen way,
hey, see this singer singing home song long song
far away, way way way away

---- dancing dust motes seen in sun ---
A scratched itch, if nothing more.
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