In the orphanage a child
cowers from cursing men outside.
She wants to climb back into
her dead mother’s womb
and hide inside its warm, soft,
un-edged safety,
where no explanation is needed
or reason to hide under splintered
staircases or run the gauntlet to basement
bomb shelters, existing minute to minute
with strangers until the dawn arrives with her
deliverance and she refuses to be born.

Michael J. Whelan

They said he needed to change
So he became the person he was not
He hated the person he'd love to become
He abhorred that which he once desired

He gave up all he had
They gave him nothing in return
Every challenge he would conquer
Ten others would accompany his triumph
For every victory he would acquire
A defeat would hover over his prestige

How could he win this insurmountable war
The answer stood before him everyday
The war was never meant to be fought
His foes stood not before him
They stood within him and around him
How could he defeat an enemy who was his only ally

One day he abandoned his struggle
The opinions of his advisors bothered him no more
His foes mockery remained in vain
Finally the war was won
Without him having him lift a sword
He was never meant to change
He was meant to remain the same

He finally won a battle no one can win

MU 1d

Please consider me ‘has been gone.’
Corpse; with rifle but no head…
Sacrificed for the freedom
And the calmness of all souls..

Think of me as a hero
Slaying sick dogs that are dead
Since the moment they did join
The black pack of blood and hate

Think of me as a mountain
Fending the dark waves and rains
Madly swallowing the plains
Filling our souls with pain

Think of yourself as widow
But a widow who wears white
Since the moon has quit the night
Kneeling in front grace and might
Of your patience, sacrifice…

My lady...

To all soldiers who lost their lives fighting ISIS, and to all widows who are hurting…

Whispers of their breath
echoes of ecstasies
the rose was a virgin,
the nectar was strong
So the ant searched her petals,
at the fall of the first light

Her fragrance filled the garden,
the dancing leaves of an olive
against the wind,
riding on a dragon's back,
breathing in and out,
the flames of their hearts

Guns and roses
blood and tears
to the bone we bled
Bonnie and Clyde
and in oblivion we merged
as, Romeo and Juliet

All is fair in love and war
Nylee 3d

The world would have been wonderful
if wars were peaceful
hate was lovely

There would be no one hurt
No dread , no threat
no violence

I once sat at the table with my family
Prepared to feast on the small bread and glass of water
Dust lingering in the musty air
From disasters ongoing
Outside our doors

Each meal quieter than the last
As outside the noise grows louder
The earth moves stronger
The atmosphere daunting
Big eyes staring at me

How they haunt me day and night
The sound of that whistling
Like a rampaging train
Signaling its approach towards hell
Making its presence known
For those unsuspecting few
Wondering where the train will wind up
Until its too late

The screams in the chaos
The unappetizing bread
The unquenchable water
Evaporating into nothing
The sudden darkness
This is what blindness must be like

The pain shooting through my spine
The confusion my brain feels
Trying to piece together what just happened
The sudden darkness
I'm all alone in the hell that is my home
Surrounded by carnage

And the white helmets
Bringing me back to what
I think is reality
I don't know
Yet the sudden darkness
Haunts me to this day
It should've consumed me too

JM 4/20/17

I wanted to write about this for some time but the words didn't come together until now. This writing is about the situation in Aleppo as I heard details of people sitting in their homes wondering where the bombs would land. I saw much horror on the news and documentaries showing the devastation and I'd wanted to write about what Syrian people felt during that time. This is not written for political reasons and I'm not interested in which side you are on.

So marred by war
was the soul that
I adored

what was before
so easily filled with
bares now a fruitless
attempt not worth
its salt
rather now it be
consumed by


A heart of Fire;
But soul of Ice,
And she loves with passion
He longs to entice.

Listen once more
To a heartbeat that roars;
The flames of her love
Only burns behind doors.

His eyes see only her own,
And his cold on her has grown.

The embrace of him frozen,
And her body he has chosen.
He wants it willfully,
Plans to take it skillfully,
But this she will not have.

A guarded phoenix flying,
His shards of ice are prying
And to take her, he must maintain vanity,
But she, smarter and with sanity,

War at oneself.
Two sides,
And forever fighting,
Two sides,
Quick as lightning.

Fire and ice,
The naughty and the nice,
Kill one side,
The other begins to die.

This was my bio up until lately, so I decided to just post it.
WalkerZ 5d

I hear their screams
I can feel their pain
I killed innocent people
You plead to me
To save your child
But I was ordered to kill
I'm sorry for the lost
But I've lost more
I've lost my humanity and maybe more.

Maybe wars is the cause of more people losing their humanity

My mother places a dot of
On my forehead the same hands
That have helped
Bury a million
Unborn babies in the lush green
Fields that the brochures display

The young bride enters her groom's house
Her alta colored feet leave red
Bloodstains in her wake
A young girl trails behind
places her little feet
in the same prints and

The gotar mali has her arms tied above
Her head and her legs splayed blood
Drops from her body and the officials
Frame it in a green background and
call it a flag, call it a country, call it a
Dying woman's honor

My mother places a dot of
on my forehead
And I wonder if it's way of
Women with an honor
they did not ask for
And cannot control

Inspired by the brave women warriors of Bengal.
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