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Brett 5h
Insects have invaded the safe haven
Of my home
Wood warped from an endless squall
They slink through the cracks
Crawling on the walls
Product of neglect
A refusal to suture open wounds
I spray and Raid them away,
The Nuclear Option ever solved a problem
I train my gaze to look the other way
See, sunken minds can forget for days
When I sit and stare
I see them polka dotted everywhere
Skeeving, dry heaving and pulling out my hair
Cold sweats as I am combing through my bed
The critters have crept and nested
Deep inside my head
All my worrisome thoughts
Have kept the insects fed
Nature provides endless insights into life
Neelam 1d
Lost smiles echoing in faded remembrance,
I waded through the sea of memories

Paradise squandered,
Numbed nerves, sensory overloaded by crushing pain,
Silenced faith wallowing in the murky shadows of falsehood swallowing up the peace,

Grayed vision of faint heartbeats beneath the rubble, struggling to catch a handful 
of breath,

Tomorrow lies beyond as a mere illusion,
A deceiving mirage alluded the desperate souls in this rotten carnage,

Eyes are shut forever ...
Every tinge of life's essence had been drained incessantly,

Apathetic judgements crushed justice underfoot,
Grief stretched nerves and sent the unfortunate souls flying into abyss, 

Breaths are getting heavier under the 
unbearable torment,

Every traces of freedom vanished,
Stripped of the innocent baubles as
the child blinks tearfully at her mother's frozen feet,
resting on the God forsaken land ...
Dedicated to the people who didn't give up hope and fought for survival amidst the war, pestilence and famine.
Our homes are war zomes.

Made with bricks of invidiousness.

Polished with the indignities.
Plastered by insincerities.

Smeared by censures.
Stained by the scandalizers.
       Shredded by the scandalmongers.
Sayyiduna Haatim Asam  (رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَلَيْه) has said, ‘A malicious person
is not a religious person, a contemptuous person is not a genuine
worshipper, a backbiter is not at peace with himself and one who is
jealous is not supported.’ (Minhaj-ul-‘Aabideen, pp. 75)

Imam Shaafi’i (May Allah have mercy upon him) has said, "Malicious and jealous people get the least peace of heart in the world."

A smoked mirror and a bad heart are not respectable...
It's true to say that we have permitted evils to control our hearts. Outwardly, we are beautiful and caring. And inwardly, our hearts are filled with immense malice and hatred for others. Not only malice but also jealousy, backbiting, and lies. Because of these hidden feelings, our homes are a palace of never-ending disputes. We deceive and envy so many people. Please realize that life is too short for holding strong grudges against someone.
Forgive and forget :))
Brett 5d
Are we just sitting around counting down the clock to doomsday?
Casual watchers of the apocalypse
Like another piece of news to gossip with
“On the tube today, all the free worlds have up and gone the way
   Of every other empire too resigned to say….”
Maybe today,
Is the day we change

Beggar, sir, please, come and play
Your empty tin can tunes
                    Politician, sir, please, preach me your wants
                    And masquerade them as my needs
Hurt me, so you can wipe my dying tears away
Enslave me, so you can break the chains and whisper I’m free
Be all you have ever been. Seemingly, all that you can be.
Why can we never seem to get it right. What does it even mean to be human anymore. Is there any purpose in the world outside our own selfish desires?
I, Too, Sing America (and did so in my diapers!)
by Michael R. Burch

I, too, served my country,
first as a tyke, then as a toddler, later as a rambunctious boy,
growing up on military bases around the world,
making friends only to leave them,
saluting the flag through veils of tears,
time and time again ...

In defense of my country,
I too did my awesome duty –
cursing the Communists,
confronting Them in backyard battles where They slunk around disguised as my sniggling Sisters,
while always demonstrating the immense courage
to start my small life over and over again
whenever Uncle Sam called ...

Building and rebuilding my shattered psyche,
such as it was,
dealing with PTSD (preschool traumatic stress disorder)
without the adornments of medals, ribbons or epaulets,
serving without pay,
following my father’s gruffly barked orders,
however ill-advised ...

A true warrior!

Will you salute me?

I hope my “small” attempt at humor will help readers remember the sacrifices made by the spouses, children and extended families of our valiant servicemen and women. It was not easy making friends only to lose them, time and time again, as I grew up a “military brat” on American air bases around the globe. I really did make sacrifices for my country, while winning every battle against the “communists” in our back yard.

Keywords/Tags: Memorial Day, military brat, service, war, duty, honor, heroism, soldiers, army, navy, air force, marines
Jason Nwaeze Jun 1
If you were to go
Like those of the old

I would surely long for that touch
Which was lost

The eternal pain of you no more
Would fill my heart with thorns

If you were to go
You would want me to continue conquering my foes

Your wish is my command
But I cannot erase all the memories from the past with my hand

Your breath will make me long for you
But I must let go and carry on with my bow

If you were to go
I’d long to go with you.

IG: @Jacey7n
outside, amid the rubble, stands a mound two
soldiers high, made of bricks and mortar, and

cement and steel twisted up with everyday life,
where tables and chairs and beds and blankets

tumble carelessly, askew in the hot sun that beats
ceaselessly against a refrigerator toppled on its’ head,

and upon on a sewing machine halted mid-stitch,
the needle poised above the hem of a flowered dress
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