Bianca 2h

i'm honest this morning, more honest than yesterday
i want other twinges in my heart, please
just like the ones that i already have
and walk away from where i'm standing now
it's time for you to wield those words
they're heavy, they're lead - it's easy
just turn around and look at that sunset
and for those who don't like metaphors
turn your back on me
and be patient until i take my weapon
i just want to see it in the light
(it's dark over here, in my corner)

we can start a dreamy war today

Tife 5h

They cry out in vain
For they refuse to believe
The truth that stands in front of their faces
And it yells and screams for them to come home
To end the taunts
That grew into battles
that turned into wars
That are never won
All because they still refuse to obey
They built their lives on towers of lies,
Pride fills their heads with idiotic ideals
And blind them with darkness
Like lost sinners with no saviour
The light moves further away
As they stop talking
As they stop loving
As they stop.
It never worked
It's not the answer
But what is the question?
How many must they kill?
How many must the slaughter?
How many must suffer?
For the the extra bit of land
Is not the answer
But it is the question
And the answer is peace!
The answer is love

I wrote this a really long time ago and just found it recently. I understand that it sounds a bit naive but I was trying to get across the problem we have with violence and hope you liked it.  Please comment at criticisms you have or things you liked
Jobira 23h

We become the dejected souls
merciless soldiers,
who rain sadness
into the running rivers,
that spoil the growing grains
with blood stains.

The decayed and forgotten bones
of human ashes become fertilizers,
which are used to grow dejected plants
to feed dejected souls, which
withers not under any weathers.

In flashbacks,
souls used to grow in the deserts
like the forbidden apples
in the oasis gardens,
which lusciously ripped mankinds
from their minds out of their hearts
and put them on dejected journeys
forever lost within their flashes
and parched desires.

We become the dejected souls
soldiers who lost their ways
yet, march to destroy the unborn souls
so in their arrivals,
they have already grown rotten minds
to turn their futures into ashes.

It's hard to believe we are living in a scary world today, with all the rotten things that are happening to all humankinds.
I hope we find our ways to salvation.

buried in darkness
beauty begins to blossom
in a world of pain

Sent a bullshit note calling it an apology
And a phone with a promise that if I needed you all I had to do was call
And I’d be tempted
If your shield never came crashing down on my chest

This is a Civil War
The moment I realize what I’ve always known
I was never your friend
This is the part of the story where you abandon me
In the middle of nowhere
But it’s not like you were ever there  

Shattered my armor, made of iron, into a million pieces
They said engineers could fix anything
Create a brighter, better, brand new future
So I’ll spend the rest of my life fixing my broken heart

This is a Civil War
The moment we disregard peace negotiations
No compromises, it’s all your fault
This is where I stop following orders and take control
I’ll take my chances with the guilt
As it swallows me alive

The longest hours of my life
Waiting in a hospital room
Playing with the lighter,
You gave to me,
As everything you ever said and everything I never said
Came crashing down like that shield on my chest

This is a Civil War
I woke up shouting in the best way
Trembling limbs, anxious heart
But I won’t back down
This is the end of the story
This time I refuse kneel before your monarchy
This Civil War is mine

alan 3d

Someone told me when the war starts, and I'm there
they wanna break my body now and I'm scared
I'm not even aware why I dared
and I know that life is not always fair
but I see all this war everywhere.

i need friends

it is too late evil is upon us
the days for preparation are over
war has begun
battles have been lost
while you have been sleeping in the sun


Whoever said
All is fair in love and war
Must have been soaked
In a pool of misleading naivety
For nought is fair to the
ONLY girl in the world
who now is the
OTHER woman in the picture

©Belema .S. Ekine

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