Just like a hurricane
passing through time and space,
i can feel every inch of the electricity inside my brain,
melting and carving constellations
of the galaxies that exist in my mind.
The war of stars,
an unending tale of all the times i started looking at myself
straight in the eyes;
It destroyed me thoroughly,
leaving not a single stem of a flower,
or a ray of sunlight,
or a tiny bit of blue sky.
But this dimension is hidden within myself
and i am unable to force my way out.
i can not make all of this a discovery for others,
as it is mine and mine alone.
But i will not be the victim of my own hands;
i am going to rule the ruins of my island,
and even if you ever find me
at the bottom of the deepest part of the sea,
isolated and abandoned,
do not weep for me,
for i am still the ruler of my island,
i am still the guardian of my galaxies
and no hurricane
can bring my empire down
i allow it to.
this is my first poem ever. i never thought i'd share it, but i want to discover myself and learn to befriend who i am. little by little. this is my new journey.
Hey copper bullet tell me where ya gona fly.
Used for target practice or to make another mother cry?
Hey copper bullet whats the sense of your creation?
To kill another young man
to make us a prouder nation?
Hey copper bullet are you used for self defense?
But wasn't it you who had jumped over the fence?
Hey copper bullet is there shame on your face?
If you lay your body down will it make this a peaceful place?
Hey copper bullet why don't you go away?
We need to make a change or youll be here to stay.
Real tenderness can be perceived, longing affection, like how overused a glance is used in the romance genre, oh how else is lover supposed to start? For what I’m I supposed to do, when she’s not around? So I write poetry to help pass the time. I want to bask and yawn in paradise, as for me, I dare to dream on her, sweet honey kisses, though until it’s in actions, there is nothing wrong with romanticizing upon her, poetry is comfort until she glances attention, shifting my emotions from terror of angst to perhaps life isn’t so bad. Do I dare to glare inside her secret eyes? Secrets, secrets, secret inside. Do I dare wonder how many had dared to do the same? As I watch her turn away, as my heartbreaks in two. It’s only earthly sadness in eternal war. I’ll breathe in the moon, I’ll breathe in the sun, sucking in all of life’s beauty. For it’s only temporarily compensations. I’ll report back to poetry. For love isn’t meant for some strange land, some dream we all experience, a yearning or a sigh. Love was made to be held in our hands and experienced.
(knowledge variable)
Sam 3d
Through the smoke and ash in the air, the rebar spears
through the broken concrete
it was meant to hold,
mangled and awkward and stiff. Rebar
clawing at the sky like the hands that tried to
dig their owners out of the rubble. Out of the ruins. Out
of the explosion that brought a dozen lives to oblivion
and a dozen families to their knees.

Blood everywhere. On clothes, faces,
hands, flowing over exposed bone
that tore through skin
like the rebar through the facade.
You ask your god why
it has to happen like this. I laugh,
because you pretend
you don't already know the answer.
a poem from death's perspective
C’mon, let’s drop some more bombs!
It’s alright, they are the ones who are wrong.
They run, they scream, they hide—
It’s alright, people always die
There’s no need to know why
Just go focus on getting by.

But I’m tired of all the lies
I can’t see—
I’ve lost sight of the blue skies
The fire and smoke burns my eyes
It’s alright, everyone dies!

But why would I live
Where there’s no sunrise?
Blacked out by greed in disguise
I think I can hear their cries!
It’s alright, everyone dies!

Oh, but I know why!
It’s now so clear to me
Oh, yes, I can see
When You compare us to them
It looks like we are free
But this is not who we ought to be
We have to break from this false reverie!

You can’t erase what You’ve done,
Our memories, or the fallen ones.
None of this is my idea of fun
So I won’t turn, I won’t run,
Not until we see the day
When peace has won.
A poem for the American military industrial complex
It is coming
A gathering storm
Of men, swords, and horses
Ready to spill the blood of their fellow man
For reasons unknown
Except only to them

Brother strikes down brother
Family is forgotten in this storm
There are no bonds, nothing to distract them
Only a desire to kill

Blood shall be spilt
Bones shall be broken
As we observe this clash of blades
With smiles on our faces
First one ever, no idea if its good or not...
without war
we wouldn't know the meaning of peace
but I'd rather stay in the dark
and not appreciate the word
than learn the hard way
how fragile it can be
I saw how the world gets more colorful
Fallen bombs turn into colorful butterflies
Weapons shoot flowers instead of bullets
Hear how the birds start to sing
Children started to play outside
And I feel the feeling that everyone needs
Love, fun, trust and peace
Unfortunately it was all just a dream
I do not want to be woken up
I just want to continue living in the dream
But it was all just a dream.
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