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It’s the mirror you don’t look into,
the one without the morals,
emotions, doubts and fears.

How much wisdom do you gain
in confronting your older self,
tailing it thru a city of statues
and bridges, fighting with it
in the catacombs amidst
an audience of smiling skulls?

You have trained to be the good soldier,
one that doesn’t doubt the orders given,
tuned your mind to see the world
as targets and you as the weapon,

happiest when flat on your belly
and ready to pull the trigger,
letting the bullet be the arbiter
that makes sense of the world,
knowing at your martial core
your country deserves
the perfect version of you.

You don’t close your eyes
as you watch the bullet’s flight,
follow the darkness you must walk thru,
knowing sleep is where the ghosts are,
and the blink where the pain resides.

You think of your father
and his raised hands,
how your creator
tries to **** you
when you turn
and develop a conscious.

You don’t doubt
you are better than that.
“I love you son.
Don’t let yourself down,”
you imagine the bullet howling.
Or is it the far away man
in your gun sight?

You see yourself dying
to be in a relationship,
a husband, father,
all the things he got
and you will never get to be.

As the bullet nears its target,
all those things knock you
back in the gun’s recoil and
you know that he deserves to die.
Suhayb 4d
Peace for our time.
Before the blasts of bomb and battling,
The roar of rhythmic rifles rattling.
Sudden sounds of screams are silenced.
Many millions meet their maker.

Peace for our time.
Is peace the vapid void of voice,
And sound surrounding the silent scores,
Lying lifeless, once laughing lovers,
Forever forgotten, in fields of flowers?

Peace for our time.
Did this twist of truth tempt the tides
Of fate, and fan the flames for us
To make the most merciless decision,
To **** for victory,
To **** with precision?

Peace for our time.
Both sides with bibles buckled to belts,  
Gamble on the good graces of God.
Which god would support this mindless ******,
Burnt bodies piled high to rot?

Peace for our time.
When our soil was soaked with soldiers sorrow.
Women wept, eyes echoing their agony.
Let us rejoice that this time would befall.

For if this is peace, speak not of war.
Based on a speech from the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, in which he declared 'Peace for our Time' shortly before the outbreak of WW2.
I’m sure I’m quite right,
I cannot be wrong,
I was always so bright.
My memory’s strong.

I well racked my brain,
Considered all facts
And with consummate strain
Followed the tracks.

The Kurds were not there
Nowhere in sight,
This I declare
Knowing I’m right.

That day on the beaches,
With fighting so strong,
As history teaches,
No Kurds came along.

Now they seek succor,
Too late by a mile,
When so far in the gutter
They needn’t me dial.

They claim we should help them,
Protect them from foes,
It’s me they condemn
For their long list of woes.

Get with the program,
Move it along
Hurry and scram
From the conquering throng.

Don’t try and convince me
I’ve made the wrong choice,
I’m sure you’ll agree
You haven’t a voice.
In my infinite wisdom
I tell you this thing,
In this here my kingdom
Will the pendulum swing;

One minute the Kurds
So cute in their garb,
The other the Turks
With their venomous barb.

The former I’m told
Are people to trust,
But I just like the bold
That don’t self-combust.

Give me a winner,
A strong man each time,
I’d rather a sinner
Who’ll follow my line.

Call me ‘cold-hearted’
But what do I care,
The process now started
Depicts my great flair.

Like a conductor
I set forth the tone,
The finest instructor
The world’s ever known.

Let’s finish this bleating
And follow my lead,
So the Kurds get a beating,
A serious nosebleed;

They’re nothing to me,
Just a festering sore,
I hereby decree
This subject’s a bore.
Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling as one
Making love up high

Shared experience alone here
Twenty miles from our city
Which glitters on the horizon
Full of fake people

Oh how good you feel dear
I’ve always wanted you
Now you’re mine and I’m yours
We *** together

In no way clichéd
From here we hear the sirens
As the Red Chinese bombs fall
Our beginning or end?
LaFayette Oct 6
Pulling at the strings of my soul
Tearing the tendons holding me together
Snapping the bones of my frame
Destroying all that makes me

Please stop the churn of my chest
The turmoil and spin of my viscera
Stealing my love and my laugh
Demeaning the light I can emit

Prescient that I never **** you
Time after time I will fight
Savor a daily victory or loss
Don’t think you will ever beat me
LaFayette Sep 1
Sons of the Eagle down to their last morsel
Terrified and exhausted from the fight
Alive in nothing but frozen soul and spirit
Lying within their cold encrusted tombs
Iced to the ground, like trees long dead
No longer understanding why they came
Gone from their families, lost and alone
Round and round the circle has closed
And it all comes down to this, a final push
Die in the snow soldier, and know not why
I'm a big history nerd and am reading about the battle of Stalingrad in World War II. Decided to write about what the experience would be like for a German soldier knowing the end was near and him wondering what was the point.
You and I are two souls fighting to be the same body
We wish to absorb both into one
Merge lips, merge tongue, merge flesh and bone
We each claw to have executive power
We don't want to be together but we don't want to be alone.

We are hate stronger than immovable force
We are love as an immovable object
But this is not a universe of parallels
We kid ourselves to believe both can exist
I will not be stopped
You will not be moved
Let the battle to see who is wrong begin.
Whoever is standing in the end will win.

All is fair in love and war
And when it's both, rules are no more
I'll use my teeth and nails to make you bare
I'll torture you until you can no longer endure
You'll bow to my will like a **** in the wind
And I will be your master in the end.

So in hand to hand combat let us make love
What we could not say with kisses
Let us tell with blows
Leave your marks upon my skin
For neither of us can be gentle again.
A M Ryder Oct 4
We buried ours
And they buried theirs
Then it started all over again
Mark Wanless Oct 3
on soft clouds i walk away
so many days we were lovers

feel time pass now with my heartbeat
as we wander far apart

kissed by angels when i'm sleeping
or is your sweet soul touching mine

this vaunted world is just a nonsense
without your memory in my mind

in dark night dear past the moonbeams
i will ever see our favourite star

but in this moment my spirit aching
i'm slowly marching off to war
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