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It was fall now and something fell from the sky and atop my head it sat. I figured it be something of green leaves or the tears from a clouds uncertainty. The water lay in cracks deep underneath the piles of autumn leaves over sidewalks where children played games of hopscotch and three pile. There was something of fall when things grew old and shriveled that made me realize the meaning of old love, there was something in the crisp air that let me feel like a new beginning. The leaves told me it was time to start anew.
The best season of them all
L Brown 1d
You ask me how my day is,
I tell you it’s been rough,
Today was not one of my best days,
I broke down and cried,
I want so much for myself and my family,
But everything just keeps going to shit,
Don’t worry you say,
But how can I not,
Cause soon as things get hard you take it out on me,
Shit is terrifying,
I want to live with ease,

This is just wrong
Sadie Oct 1
habituated within the confines of woe
accompanied yet felt lonesome,
the mere must sets forth tomorrow,
my memorandum is no hokum.

there was more than meets the eye,
but any has felt, not just I,
dispatches of melancholy comply,
for must I say goodbye
-- for now...

seek wholesome where it was borne,
restoration is the new.
nay mourn, nor fret, nor pout
and shall come back, subdue.
Is part of getting over you,
Disregarding my influenced interests?
Is it unhealthy to hold on to what made you the one that stuck in the back of my mind,
Even when my heart no longer pined,
For you.
I’m discovering new beauty,
Yes it’s great,
Should I set down some souvenirs,
Were they solely for you and me?
Golden light,
Will you still shine?
Maybe in a different time,
Strung by new threads of twine?
I’m ready to pursue,
Somewhere I have not yet flew,
Find something new of mine.
i like being on my own i really do it’s empowering it's freeing i get high off knowing exactly where i’m going without any direction from anyone

but sometimes i get this pit in my stomach and i cannot breathe i cannot think all i know is that i miss you

or at least i miss the idea of you the idea that someone would always be there for me the idea that you would love me no matter what the idea that i could always reach out to find you there

and then i bounce back and i remember sobbing on my front steps with the snow sinking into my jeans i remember holding on so tight to my mother after you left because i couldn’t shake the feeling that the world was crashing down i remember my hands trembling i remember refusing food because somehow maybe that could bring you back i remember our last kiss i remember how i always thought it would be bittersweet but in reality it was just bitter

so bitter that i couldn’t get the taste off my tongue for weeks even after countless shots of tequila i drank and drunken kisses full of regret

i remember that you were not the one for me you were not the one to give me light

that was me

i know that i put myself back together after you left i know that the sole reason i’m standing where i am now is because i have power deep in my bones i know that i don’t need anyone i know that i am good enough on my own

i know that

but sometimes i remember the good things too and it brings back the butterflies and i forget just for a second that you didn't want me to begin with
The pages I write I do use out of spite
They're a way of me putting my message across
And I'm not bowing down to no boss
I'm my own person im sure you will agree
Well if not maybe one day you may see
I May find my next home like a cat with nine or ten
When's the next time i will see you again?
A poem about moving on with your life. Getting to the places you want to be. Aspiration inspirations
As my mind wonders into the abyss of space and time
Trance like states blow my mind
These distant places
Different faces
Terrifying for some
Magical for others
But they try to judge
Be abit more like your mother
A kind hearted person
Nature can see
What's the problem it's up to me
A poem about judgement and how we should accept other people's decisions and actions. People change all the time
We're  born into a world without a view
Unknowingly experiencing somthing new
Life's what you make, it's a choice of your own
It can be simply the matter of picking up the phone
Don't just sit there moan and myther
Yes you're maybe on your last fiver
But tomorrows another day and have some inspiraion
do somthing you wouldn't normally for the sake of your bacon
A poem to inspire and try to somthing new
love is a wonderful thing
it fills our hearts
with a feeling
a warm feeling
cant even describe it...


well on second thought, lets give this another go

love is terrifying
its something many people fail to show
it drives you to do things
irrational things
it can tear us all apart
oh-and it has!
sometimes love is just so sweet
other times its bitter and tart

you must know in order to love someone truly
you must be able to give yourself up to them
and thats hard
because us humans
are selfish
but to the few that do
give themselves up
does your partner do the same?
if not
do you feel that your the one to blame?
for those who don't-
who wont
give themselves up for their
significant other
do you feel guilty?
really think about it

it will make you become at war with yourself
for not being enough for that person
that you love
and you will try so hard to make them happy!

well lets see, raise of hands!

how many of you have you failed to love properly?
got a lil angry while writing this. it was supposed to be happy
I was born here.
My body is here,
here I feel the love of my family,
here is where my house lies,
but here is not my home.
My legs long to run,
to take me elsewhere.
My skin itches to feel another atmosphere,
lungs to breathe another air.
My heart craves another happiness,
one not shadowed by doubt and pain.
My eyes hunger for a different view.
Here is where I write this,
but here is not where I belong.
Here is not my home.
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