If I could wake up tomorrow
And be someone new
I’d hope to be someone
That didn’t care about you

A person who wakes up
And smiles at the sun
Not a recluse
That hides from fun

Someone who looks in the mirror
And values themself
Not insecure
Loathing herself

I wish to be someone
Free as a bird
Not someone who cares
What others have heard

But when I wake up
I will still be me
Hoping and wishing
One day I’ll be free

Aynura 1d

Tasty sense of celebrations
Mixed with little dose of rush;
Laptop plays the Christmas specials,
Frost replaces me my blush.

Noise around the Christmas tree,
Everyone is sharing gifts:
“Wow! A clock I never needed,
Book that isn’t worth reading,
And baggy jeans that I can drown in.”
But at least I don’t feel guilty,
Cause my gifts are just as shitty.
Who cares about them anyway?
If we’re getting closer to swallowing grave.

Music’s loud, fun is endless.
Room is filled with hope and joy -
Joy that never fails to leave
With the first lights of New Year.

I made wishes that won’t happen -
Cliched thoughts I entertain,
Like, “I want money!
I want power!
I want guys to be around me!”
So fed up with feeling foreign,
I will die to feel important.

Be aware, it does not matter
If you put out idle chatter
From the surface of your mind.
Take some notes and please remember -
Just tattoo it on your mind:
You don’t need a cold December
To be better than you are.

Tasty sense of celebrations,
Year is coming to an end.
While the others gorge illusions,
Smile and work, my dear friend.

kate 2d

11:11 appears on the clock
and i think of the times
we were scared to talk

ahmo 2d

often in days where the sun,
in its highest hierarchy,
still refuses to warm my feet
engulfed in charcoal

the colorless kaleidoscope behind my eyes will become a photo album of the purple-red hue of waterfront nimbocumulus,
jade scrubs not yet bloodied,
and the tea kettle sweetly whistling,
a collective hymn only conjured by your
an antidote comprised of scarlet tablecloth and ballroom reverie within the smallest bones of my wrist.

in this auspicious daydream inexplicably affixed to reality,
i watched a cackling crown absorb the ultraviolet in a stale, forgotten parking lot


as rainbow plumage replaced black,
i thought of your modest palms on my vacant chest,
immersing the colorless into the radiance,
and unafraid.

I don't wanna be me anymore
Crashing out the front door
Make my way into school
Act like the fool
Spend my time thinking how to be wittier
I don't wanna be me anymore
Researching video game lore
Calling up every friend
So we can we argue and contend
On which backstory is shittier
I don't wanna be me anymore
Face down on the floor
Covered in red
Hoping I am dead
Then getting up somehow feeling guiltier
It'd be a simple case
I'd change without a trace
New grace
New place
New face
And as I'd ride the train
I'd think I was sane
Thinking I'd evaded my emotions, my pain
But at the end of it all, this new person is me
And I'd start all over again

i dont really know what i want to be
kate 5d

everything will be
maybe not
maybe not
but i promise you darling;
there will no longer be so much

sorry this is shitty oops .
kate 5d

i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things


Withholding on the tip of my tongue
Forget the He/She
Lost in a Trance
I never want to Wake Up
  Unlatch or Wear Me Out
Fascination all around
Unwrap me or Throw Me Away
I'm Dying to Bring to Light
The Clock & the Dagger
Simulation Underwraps
Hush, Hush
Broadcast of the Night Us Bare all Night
Take a Hold of My Hand
Through the Backdoor We Go
My Shield only Debunked by you
Confined in a Castle in the Air
Call it a Daydream or a Pie in the Sky
Just Store me, Baby
Release me on a Lonely Night
New Years Eve
This is my Sacred Word
My Promissory Note
I'll Never Leave You
Always be Here for You

The Clock & Dagger.

a flower plucked- no, uprooted
from the only garden they've ever known
to have been so casually thrown into
unknown dirt and expected to wither
instead falls into soil so rich with
the nutrients it had been starved of all it's little life
is finally flourishing as it should
roots digging deep into the earth
and finding not restraint from
the surrounding foreign foliage but
acceptance and support
a new promise made to grow
as beautifully and as strong
as plantly possible

As I fall onto the pile of freshly dried clothes, I can feel the freshness seeping into my skin. The comforting warmth  flows through me in the dead of winter. More... and more... and more. I never want to get up.

I tried something different today.
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