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Zane 5d
someone will drive you around the same roads i did
under streetlights at 4am
where our love was
where our love never was

to parks we sat in
wherein we spoke words of compromise
understanding and compassion
where our love was
where our love never was

in your apartment
i held your hands so gingerly
and spoke words of endless devotion
where our love was
where our love never was


in your arms
in my mind
in your heart
the place where our love was
the place where our love never was
Yesterday, a cloud burst in mythologies
and the rain fidgeted over the retreat

of a tidal pantheon; deities swept away
by a current, and we stood awhile, watching

the moon elbow out the dusk. Breathing
is burdensome when cars float on water

and corpses leak out of cavernous
basements. Every tablet, etched, in the cold

heart of building code was read again
and then again. It wasn't enough to blame

Aeolian whim or the raging riposte of Apollo,
now that we had marvelled away Gaia's

ozone skirt. Her amnion always leaked
in folkloric floods each time she birthed

a parable. She once asked Noah to build
an ark so he could ride her waves

and we scrape the sky to impale her
in shards where her womb is soft and yielding,

as we sour the air and burn the water and strip
her of her emerald sigh and melt her hills

and silt her wetlands. Mostly it was the asphalt
plastering her yearning that calcified her veins

and arteries, as she died slowly under our feet.
We could hardly fathom her sorrow for the tears

rolled off her torso like an oil slick
and rode far into the subway for sewers.
Hurricane Ida’s remnants created deadly havoc in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York days after the system hit the Gulf Coast — some 1,000 miles away ( I composed this poem in the aftermath. Read further at my blog. Originally published at on September 4, 2021.
Sandy Sep 13
Are they still good
When the songs of life played
Where were they?
Playing silences on cottage

Are they still alive
When they breath half air
Are they;

When they wander to the seas
Are they Alive?
mark soltero Sep 10
man was the first to preform suicide
natural born martyrs
too sick to bring themselves to eat their own filth
our strongest are easiest to fall
men were not made to survive
but sequential installments are in
follow suite in order to remain on top
in order to fall farther
mark soltero Sep 10
Wilfred Sep 9
I you start with a breath
and end you with a death
and in-between l don't know.

By that l mean
I cannot guarantee you your dream
I cannot guarantee time
I cannot guarantee your love
I cannot guarantee you your self

You see my friend, all we  
can do is to never to hope
but to live.

Descovia Sep 5
No matter what just keep going

You are loved.

Stay vibrant, stay active, shine like sun.

You are the one.
Kimberly Anduaga & Descovia Collaboration
Descovia Sep 5
I may not be your first or only

It appears that forever is not to be

I cannot see you without me

Time flies fast, any moment the next flight, could be our last!

To have you as everything, even at the cost of my own wings.

The light of miracles and destined hope, makes you shine so brightly!

My shadow-self,  is visibly able to see the pieces of the true me,

reflecting in your glorious radiance.

Reality dissolves, accepting my eternal fate for an unholy escape.

Darkness burns it all before my eyes

Watching the parts of me die and scatter.

Wanting only my love to matter.

In the end, I became something more I hate.
I just realised you can read this backwards as well!
Celestial Sep 5
I feel an unfamiliar breeze.
Warm and gentle it soothes,
Not only my skin, but mind.

As it swallows my ears,
My thoughts disappear.
Leaving it's bustling song.

Carrying messages of change.
I close my eyes,
To see the growth and welcome it

Almost like breaking an embrace,
The wind moves on.

Feelings linger.
Of prosperity and new beginnings.
I am thankful for it's blessing.

The clarity it bestowed,
Only shows and confirms my path.
Making all things seemingly possible.
Gives me goosebumps to stand on the edge of the water and to feel the sea breeze.
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