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Behold the Man who goes to see
The New Creation then set free
The place no sins or sorrows grow
The Promised Land to come aglow

Oh flee the gates of Babylon!
The ***** who feeds on her own spawn...
May Zion be your heav’nly home
The City where true lovers roam

Ash 19h
Father, forgive me for dressing myself in the shackles that you tore off.
Father, forgive me for trying to bear past burdens along with your cross.
Father, forgive me for breaking waves when you asked me to tread water.
Father, forgive me for wearing Shame when you already bought her.
Shrika 1d

~ rewind, replay,
regret, repeat. ~

I stop on this
crafty bridge of time,

scraping my nails
the rails of reasons
piercing my gut,

my already
withered psyche,

clouding my
tarnished mind,

clawing at my
distorted reality,

my existence.

Today it changes.
Sometimes, thoughts are my own enemies, trying to learn some positivity.
no one closes their eyes,
to see the one who can stop their cries

no one covers its ears,
to listen to someone who can brush off their fears

no one shuts their mouth,
to save something that is heading down south

no one untangles their hands,
to intertwine with a soul who understands

no one slams their door,
to someone who embraces them when they're down on the floor

no one freezes their hearts up,
to someone who filled love in all its gaps

no one walks away,
only until they run out of words to say,
only until too much compromising causes dismay,
only until they contemplate if it's still worth their stay.

love itself is an unconditional give and take,
if it's unrequited, it's a fragile heart at stake,
people don't choose who they love, they just do
lovers muster all their strength just to make it through

no one half-loves for it would be such a mediocrity,
so know the right time to bid a farewell and sincere apology,
love is a precious thing, but one must see their worth,
it's not selfishness, truth be told, it's always our last resort

take baby steps when you have had enough,
you may be limping and crying, alone in the tough
you might be disregarding your wounds just to run back
in the same old arms and hands that made your heart crack.

but again, take baby steps to heal, it's a process
with each step, smile, endure the pain, listen to the beat
weep and mourn all throughout for the loss and emotions suppressed
you loved enough to walk away when it was your heart to deplete

listen to the conjuring harmony of a new music in the making,
solely made from the footsteps you took, away from something that made you feel less deserving.

We never wanted to but sometimes we had to.
Kaitlin 2d
I'm sorry, Mom
The squirrel got the bowl of nuts.
I know you told me to watch.
To keep watch.
But how can it be the puppy
with the black tips
has turned all grey?
How can it be?
She smelled like milk,
now she smells like vet
and clean and dead.
And the brothers,
they were toothy and twelve
and now, somehow, they're men, Mom?
And me?  What about me?
How can it be these legs of mine
sprouted long ago,
and there are muscles now,
beneath the round?
So what I'm saying is,
I must have looked away
Missed a moment (or was it 16 years?)
And this is why
the squirrel has chewed
this tea-stained memory.

I'll say I looked away,
since even that feels nicer
than admitting it all happened,
that the squirrel stole and years stole more,
all while I was watching.
Reflecting on my earliest memories.
Under the bow
of a failing nebula
floats a time capsule
full of unused bandwidth
and disappearing summers

Swimming-pool eyes
they're in remission
discovering Columbus
on the starboard side
of this standard suburban saltbox

Fragility and risk is this
cosmic companionship
rowing to latitude
through dark matter
seiche or refracted

The oncoming tide
will mean a migration of steep passages
"though shiny, sculpted pebbles
spoke of frequent waves
the sea was docile that day"
Inspired by the poem "in love with to the north sea (swinburne)" by fellow HP writer, beth fwoah dream stclair.
Within my hand I held it strong
Notwithstanding its weight prolonged
The burden carried, the weight parried
I wish I had but just some clarity

It was precious, precarious, and persuasive
My yearning for it was but invasive
Like the ring its presence grasped my mind
Was it really the type to be kind

Many have sought and called it mine
But only for a mere instance in time
Joyous contempt filled the others
Who were not blessed by Olympus’s mothers

Intangible yet it could still be held
Was it the fire which had really meld
The fortitude of its past successors
The pain incurred by its predecessors

If it’s Ares who carries, it’s very scary
Bide, the burden is deeply buried
Through thoughtful triumph will prevail
The victor who holds the true avail

by Mike V.
Any Advice?
ScarletLily May 21
I've been wanting to tell you
These pieces i've collected
From the day you left me on read

I just wanted to say I'm sorry
Because I found someone else instead
You held me like no one ever did before
But she held me so much more

Thank you for leaving me behind
As I found someone else to call me "mine"
You broked my heart
but now I have my fresh start
As I found someone
Who will never leave me apart.
A Dedicated Poem to the person who broked my heart.
FrannyFoo May 21
Let's die slowly
In each other's company
In each other's arms
In the space between each glance
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