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Oh our nation, of freemen
Listen to this glorious plan
To build as such this nation
Of which we shall breathe and love!

A land stricken by beauties dawn
This sweet land of blindness
To such as classes or race
This land of sweet harmony!

For our native kin do cry
Make our nation, good and great
*** defend New Zealand!

May our foes, welcome us
as a mighty host do pray
Let them fear us then let them live
Mercy ever be our boast!

*** of battles, in thine anger
Put our enemies to flight!
Let our cause be just, be right
*** defend New Zealand!

Believe! Believe! O'er the land,
Land of the free and the loved
Darling and bonnie are thee!
My sweet sweet country!

Fore'er wave thy calming ensign
The banner of our kind home!
The Stars and Jack shall rise once more!
Today, or tomorrow's morn'!

From sweet England's pleasant plains
Ireland’s isle, and Scotland's while
Sweet Pacific's beaming stars
*** defend New Zealand!

May our nation ever be
free and just and honourable
*** save our queen *** save peace
*** defend New Zealand!

From dishonor and from shame
guard our countries spotless name
Crown her with immortal fame
*** defend New Zealand!

Let our rill-sides ever be
liberty upon the seas
Make us happy, keep us free
*** defend our freeland

Guard with in the nation van!
Never to seek slaveries brand
keep her safe and keep her free!
*** defend New Zealand!

Maori, English, Dutch and thee all!
Pleasant rapture to our kin!
*** defend our New Zealand
I finally found someone new
I finally found someone better than you
She cares and I like that
You cared but not like that
Her smile beats yours
And I'm happy with my new doors
That I'm opening right now
It's over for you, take a bow
But it was never your fault
I just wasn't the one
You never opened that vault
But I'll stop trying, I'm done
Maybe I'll make it this time...
Backwards; maybe
I'm not upside down
I'm looking for a new perspective
When you are down; you're really up
So perk up; all is well
Polar winds, frost over broken hearts
Plans implode, people grow apart
The spark of flint that once lit wild fires
Dulls with time, people will change desires
The warmth of **** can’t shift a mind
Not everyone can be along for the ride
The moment of choice will stand above all else
Which option will be put upon the shelf
With no alternative, someone is bound to lose
Winters here, summer will come soon
And a frozen heart will melt with love
Stick we me, I will show you some
Trying to branch out in my writing style recently. It is difficult.
Aztec 1d
I miss him cause he showed me how to be treated.
He showed me that if someone really wanted to see me they will
If someone really cared they’ll show it
If someone really loved you they’ll tell you
He showed me how someone who truly wants to be with you will sacrifice and make it work.
Yes we did end but it was all peaceful.
He was literally put in my life to show me how to be treated.
Lynnia 2d
Blazing life sets my soul on fire
All white clouds and green meadows
I can’t help but stare now
I haven’t a care now
And darling, we can breathe, finally
Set myself lose, run me dizzy
Let me live and let me die
Here I stay, forget me not
While I grasp tightly to this sweet lie.
it makes me feel sick to my stomach that you’ve loved someone else before
that she was the first one to
kiss you goodnight
and i know that’s unfair
i’ve loved and loved and loved
more than humanly possible

i know that’s unfair
you deserve someone
who understands that love is infinite
and i so want to be that someone
but my body hurts
and i feel the anxiety bubbling up in it
moving from my belly button up to my forehead
and suddenly i don’t know if i can be that girl

i think i’m falling in love with you
and your love in return should be enough

but it’s 4 am and i’m looking at old photos
and she’s wearing the sweatshirt of yours that’s in my top drawer right now
I’ve been trying to
Get past my past but the door
Is locked from your side
Cradle me in-between the
                         of your lies.

For when I breath a new...

I know that every word is spoken
               with fresh breath.

Not tainted by
                the past exhalations
of what were  
                      expelled from you..
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