Brynn 5h

A cool fall night and the heat hasn't kicked on yet. You wrap me with warmth as we drift off to sleep. Insomnia and nightmares usually occupy my nights but with you, you occupy all my senses. Our breathing matches one another and we drift to sleep your hot breath on the back of my neck radiating to my ice cold toes.

I wake up in the middle of the night, my normal restlessness creeping in on my sleep. I try to move and not wake you but you just grab me closer, you hold me close to your chest so I can hear your heartbeat.

6:30, 6:45, 7, 7:10 your alarm goes off 4 times but I don't mind. Each time you turn it off you pull me closer, you kiss my face, you wrap your legs around mine, you fall back asleep.

The last alarm finally goes off, and you get up, the bed is cold again. You hug and kiss me, I pull you a little closer and pull your kiss in for a little longer, you groan and reluctantly pull back. You look at me one more time before you leave knowing you'll be back tonight and hopefully every night.

Begin again

She held on too tightly, white knuckles shining through the blackest of nights, that returned with such venom, that she stung to her very core.

The shades came crashing down and the pull of the night dragged her curious mind back into her past. A past that was so familiar, it had become a second skin.
Stretching over her lightness, an eclipse, of which escape seemed too far out of reach.

Surrounded by her friends she was still alone. The wall she'd built,  towered above and was too high; There were days when it's bricks were cemented together with fear and jealousy. A black, sticky mass that no love could pass through.

She had to find her way back to the lightness. No longer could she endure. For she had felt the lightness that tugged at her soul and she dared to believe. Dared to hope

She fought until her knuckles and elbows bled with an angry, frustrated but knowing love.

She fought until just breathing and stillness were all she could summon from inside herself

And in this breathing and stillness she found her quiet mind. A mind so strong that it grasped her from dark to light in a single heart beat. Just as it had stolen the light away only hours before.

She would return to darkness time after time. She had accepted this.

But now she was loved, and she loved.
And this love would always pull her back....

I'm scared
Of the way
That I
Look at you

I know
You won't
Do it too

I'm afraid
Of the things
I'm willing
To do for you

My heart knows
That you'll never
do it too

Sadly...  *sigh*

I wanted to tell him
He can light up a room
When he smiles

I wanted to tell him
How mellifluous
His laugh sounds

I wanted to tell him
That he's the only one
Bringing me joy

But little did I know
That the thing he only wants
Is for me to leave him alone

this is basically how i feel right now.. but why would he like me anyway

I missed you before you were mine
dismal nights spent wondering what t-shirt clings to your back
& what it would feel like to wake up with it falling off my shoulder
but now your fingers keep getting tangled in my hair
& your skin fits mine like a puzzle piece
& my imagination never did you justice

Crimsyy 2d

depression, the musical
the only musical
without a rehearsal
it isn't picky with its cast
in fact, its director retired
the moment it met you,
now it's you

depression, the musical
the only musical
without a proposal
you are meant to be its director
but all your chords have frozen
and now all we hear is static

depression, the musical
the only musical
without a melody
i'm sorry but,
we were too sad to craft a beat
too sad to dismantle ourselves
from our beds, get up, and eat

depression, the musical
i'm too tired to stay awake
depression, the musical
a thief stealing my sleep
with all the clutter it makes

depression, the musical
the only musical
that requires therapy
you see, a musical like this
is rather toxic, rather mental,
rather real
because after all, it is all
in our heads

all in our heads.

- crimsyy

a/n: thankyou so much for reading! i hope that through this poem, i've helped someone, anyone, in some way. If you do suffer from depression, please don't hesitate to seek help. I'd like to say that, as someone who has struggled with depression, i have come a long way from where i was this time last year. Recovery is a long journey but not only is it worth it, it is possible.

Whatever that is poet within
me, in this time of hurdles,
Issues from my mind
as images, mute.
Gazing directly back at
you, intimate, silent.
Speaking into your own
apertures, inviting contact.

Poet friends one and all, you are with me always. If you wish, you may view new images I am creating as posted on Instagram: #farfalla_in_the_world
Pace in Terra, Elisa

"you overthink everything"
i get that a lot
i dont understand why i do
my mind thinks horrible things
my feelings are negative
towards everything
i want to think that everything will
be okay and that it is okay to not be okay but i cant help but think
i can't trust my mind
because i overthink every thing

it's finals week!!!! some1 kill me now. here's to less sleep and more stress.

Everyday is new
the age old sun
mints in sniffing
a blossoming fragrance
off nothing just off
the soil, a pure earth!
Deep inside of this
hallowed turf is a
a perfumed earth:
A rose in the heart!

Falling for a new season
The leaves with its monochromatic moments
Of accelerating fall
Finding a new pathway and following
Overcoming more obstacles
and never looking back
You were my new season.
I fell for you.

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