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Bekah Halle Dec 2023
See the world distinctly?
A kaleidoscope of memories?
Or lucidly look differently?
A beggar, or free from the constraints of Western reality?
New eyes take in all perspectives: perceptions,
Compelling new experiences: horizons.
Releasing shame; distorted distractions.
Embracing imperfections, peccadillos,
Layers of realities,
Depths, and
Anais Vionet Jan 6
It’s going to snow tonight. It seems the brick shoulders of Elm Street will ooze, like watery eggnog, with a light snow tonight and we’re twitching with delight.

The vibes of it are too much and sure, it will just turn to slush, but you know how romance twists reality - snow seems laced with pageantry.

After two snowless winters the light dribbling, like a flirty look or a stolen kiss, will be exciting.

When I chose Yale, I was promised - ok threatened with - cruel winter weather.

I’m going to dance however I want, and if I commit to cruelty, I’ll accept it with all of its honest challenges. That cruel weather never materialized.

We returned to New Haven yesterday to be here - for the snow. Earlier, the wind was blowing in from the sea - but hurray! That’s changed.
James Rives Jan 1
lips crisped cold, anticipation
building above and below
any seen surface.
months of waiting culminate
in an awkward embrace,
and two pairs of lips
branding one another
with tenderness and lust.
Chelsea Quigley Dec 2023
The final day,
To a year of sorrow.

Now seen as strength.
Roads seem no longer bent.

A clear way,
I now create.
For change is ahead,

It is never too late.
Happy new year angels, have a blessed new start, be proud of yourself, for happiness is ahead.
Dec 2023
what a privilege it is
to celebrate with fireworks.

to hear thundering booms fill the air
and not simultaneously be full of fear.

to have the sky painted
with vibrant dazzling colours -
not the grounds stained
with new shades of red.

to hear the calming whistle
and anticipate a euphony -
not a cacophony of
cracks, bangs, screams and cries.

what a privilege it is
to have never heard the latter.

what a privilege it is
to associate explosion
with new beginnings -
not an impending end.

what a privilege it is
to celebrate with fireworks.
food for thought. thankful for the privilege i hold. wishing for better days across the world.
Bekah Halle Jan 1
The time taken was not what I dreamed
of, craggy paths, dead ends, or so it seemed.
But now, with back a turn, I see a glimmer,
Of the bigger picture, that calls me nearer.
With eyes wide open, listening ears;
A heart full and a spirit clear,
Peace and acceptance: my purified pearl.
On torrid winds from whence it came
A lurid light has taken aim
Bold and bright and dry it seeks
Cold and quiet eyes to pique

For change is that, a whipping wind
A blinding light that has no end
Curst and harsh and strong it burns
At worst it marks us with concern

When torrid light has gone or come
And horrid sights of change begun
It can admit a ranging chorus
Attending to what changes for us

And it's just that, the music notes
Of binding, tight, subduing hope
The skipping sounds of steps that pass
The winds of change that never last…

            walk with me a while
Mandii Morbid Nov 2023
Within your eyes, I am magnetized.
Green and glimmering, the shaky hand of fate instantly realized.
Draw me in, drown me in the sweetest sin.
Your gentle hands, a wildfire burning through my skin.

Blushing, as you kiss me, I feel fullfilled, waking up, blooming.
Ours is a passion all consuming.

This empty cup, it overflows. Within, a new love slowly grows.
Each of us only silently knows. As I dread the morning when he always goes.

How we fit together, like no other could before.
Every last embrace, always leaving me wanting more.
I considered running away, but oh how it's you I adore.

Your smile it warms me up on the coldest day.
I want to run my fingers through your dark curls and sweetly ask you to stay. Nervously, ask you if you feel the same way?

Am I alone in this aching need?
This silent plead.

There was more to this connection than a fleeting escape from our disparate lives and our broken pasts. I can't help but think this is a love that lasts.

Can we give it a try? Can we give it a go?
You're so far away, but I would be willing to take it slow.
The moment I met you was the moment I would know.
There was nobody else, I didn't want to have to let you go.

I made a wish, spoke it out to the universe, screamed it with my heart. A hope for a new love, a new start.

A home where the passion didn't die.
A love that wouldn't lie-
to escape loneliness or their own despair.
A love who would always dare.

Baby, can we dance in harmony?
Can you help to set me free?
Let's runaway together, you and me.
I promise it'll be an adventure, one that was meant to be.

This is a delicate game.
To wait and see-
if our feelings are the same.
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