B Young 8h

They keep calling me an underachiever.
I don’t understand is this all a contest. What is there to achieve?

There is no hope for you
little girl little girl
You drive too fast up north
little girl little girl
You are running from mediocrity
little girl small girl
You  fill your lungs and heart with poison
little girl little girl
I refuse to watch the streets take you
darling girl
sweet girl
Be beautiful forever
There is hope for you
my girl my girl
Drag yourself from your demons
my girl my girl
with the world my girl
Don’t turn blue on me ever again
dancing girl dancing girl
See the world through the songs of redemption
and recovery,
Dancing girl
Be still
Be free

sage 1d

When I first met you there was a garden growing in my mind,
But it was never beautiful.

Filled with thorns from the dead roses I had been given by someone I used to love,
My thoughts hurt me every day.

My head was bleeding on the inside,
The outside willing to collapse at any moment.

My tears watered the thorns,
Helping them to grow stronger, and sharper.

Then you came along one day,
And said hello.

My heart skipped a beat as I stared into your bright green eyes,
Admiring your sunkissed skin.

Freckles scattered across your nose,
reaching your softly blushed cheeks.

I bit my lip,
Saying hello back.

Now I know you,
That garden is no longer dangerous.

That garden that wanted to be beautiful,
Finally was.

You cleared the thorns,
And replaced them with daisies.

Now every time I close my eyes,
I don't have to fear myself.

not my best but I liked the idea.

Receive and release energy
only through your gifts.

But, I'm a human and stuff
just happens.

You're right. Your existence
is a product of stuff
just happening.

Like randomly?

No it was more like conscious
decisions and energy transfers
mixed with human passion and

ig: @voicesinthewild

Trust in her timing for she is slow to speak, but always says the right thing.  Going ahead of her is only going to lead you back to the start.  It's best to wait in patience, and keep a sharp eye.  You don't want to miss her in your folly it'll surely be a regret.  Her plan always works regardless of how impossible it seems.  Yes there is suffering while you wait, but that only makes you appreciate her arrival even more.  When she comes knocking don't rush to the door.  She'll be already speaking when you see her, so listen closely.  Your future in her hands delivered very slowly.


ig: @voicesinthewild

I use to worry, sitting at home lying on the couch wondering just how long I could go before drifting off into some psychedelic slumber. Wondering how long it would take for you to find your way home from a bed two towns away. I use to think of all the ways I could maybe, for a while, get you to stay. That I could try and make you remember the cold January nights when sleet covered Philadelphia's streets and icicles hung from windows, yet we stayed outside, because for the oddest of reasons we were happy out there.

I use to stay up late, sitting on the kitchen floor against the fridge, staring up at the yellow fluorescent light above the sink watching fruit flies dance to some unknown rhythm. Shoulders drooping, arms laid haphazardly at my side like fresh snow shoveled from a driveway. I guess I found some comfort gathering from the tired warmth that blew from the fridge vent, some stale form of heat, that if I closed my eyes and dreamed seemed almost like passion. Almost like acceptance, almost peace, almost satisfaction, almost like you weren't gone.

I use to be so cautious. Cover my shoulders, keep to yourself, don't let them stare as you cross the street. Just come home, just come home where you belong, you were there. At least you use to be. Then sometime under the dehydrated September sky I settled at the front step. I let myself stay free for a few more moments, and it grew. Everyday I would stay outside the front door a little longer - as I began to not flinch at every creak coming down the street because I knew it couldn't have been you. You were in some other city, down on some other street, in another house, with some other fool that let you be their everything.

The simplest things are the first to change.

You eased out of my life like the slack of a power line, coasting away a little every day till I could only see you as a horizon, and then beyond. No sooner had every piece of you eased out of my house, life drifted back in. I sat on that couch and little by little every day, yellow dripped from the ceiling. The smell of lilac flowering from the walls, and for the first time in a while, an empty apartment felt filled. Occupied. Present.

you told me you were falling
but i don't know how to catch you
these arms have been broken so many times
breaking the falls of others
who never deserved me

i'm sorry i'm so scared
but can't you understand why?
you've lived my past
through words i've spoken to you
and it's frightening

but i know i've fallen.
you know it too
how could you not?
this smile only lives when i'm in your arms
this laugh, so foreign, i had forgotten it's existence

catch me if i catch you
we'd be good together, we can try
i see its truth
sweet loves remedy
be still my beating heart

all the love songs make sense now
i see a future
in which we're happy
your hand is in mine, your lips on my cheek
and i wouldn't change it for the world

i'm so in love with you

this is not a poem
but an announcement:
I have released a new book
of poetry that is available
now on Amazon for purchase--
thank you all for reading. <3


I'm clumsy.
And sometimes I do this thing,
Where my brain doesn't keep up with my mouth,
Like for example:
At the grocery store last week the guy asked "paper or plastic"
And I said "yes."

I used to date this guy.
I want to tell you his name,
But frankly I don't remember.
And I want to blame it on some deep-seated heartache,
But in reality my memory just sucks.
He told me once that I could never love anyone.
He wanted to be a permanent fixture in my life,
And I didn't know how to tell him that I changed the sheets on my bed every month.

He was gone that April,
Leaving nothing behind except for the faint smell of cologne on the pillowcase,
And a note that read, "good luck."
To this day I still don't know if that was directed at me or the next person who had the misfortune of dating me.

That following winter,
I met someone.
And I learned that constellations aren't always found in the sky,
And the North Star doesn't seem as bright when you're standing beside someone you care about.
He took all the imperfections I thought I had,
And turned them into little treasures that he kept in his back pocket,
And on rainy days,
He'd hold one to my face and ask,
"How can you not love this?"

It wasn't until I was 2 years in I realized
That I had met someone who made me think,
Maybe these lavender sheets
Can stay a while.

(g.h) // February 29, 2016 - 10:01 PM
Crimsyy 4d

I'm afraid to imagine
any other time besides now,
I'm afraid to imagine
any future,
any future made up of you and I
but not one day goes by
without thoughts of you
on my mind.

It's been a year,
and we've stirred
all the laughter and the tears,
tempted to break away
for the sad nights with no sound
but in the end,
a reason to leave was never found.

And maybe that's who home is,
arms embracing despite it all,
warm despite this August's cold,
someone you feel empty without,
heaven if that destiny
would be allocated to you and me.

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