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Zack Ripley Jan 20
Tonight's story doesn't start
With once upon a time
Or take place in an enchanted land.
It doesn't have magic or dragons,
Kings or queens.
It doesn't even feature a grand adventure.
But it's still a great one all the same.
Because, you see, tonight's story is your story
Told by me.
You may not like your story
Because it's always been told
from your point of view.
But that's why I'm telling it.
So when you look in the mirror,
You see something new.
She always had an opinion

About the men she choose to entertain.

For her I’m one in a million

In her diary, I fit the description.

However; she can’t help but continue to

Run back to the villain who caused her pain

Because that’s the only man she’ll listen to.

She’s well educated, sophisticated, & independent

Yet, highly brilliant in being ignorant in choices.

A slave to her own prison

Who knows no boundaries to the poor decisions

Being made or how it’ll affect her condition.

Causing separation from soul to flesh or

Flesh to soul that’ll keep her head spinning

Minute after minute.

Eventually, those diary standards will vanish.

She will lose sight in that vision.

And that man [who’s me] will be re-wrapped

Like a gift, given to a new woman

Who will treat me like I’m her one in a million.
Blue Dreams
Zane 1d
i foresee death, washed up on the shores
of this island of self-pity i have shipwrecked myself upon
the absence of a willingness to change
mixed with my deprecating thoughts
is all i have consigned myself to drinking
given that i am unable to handle self destruction as a normal human would.
whereas one might lose themselves to alcohol
or another intoxicant
I chose to reach further and further into the despair that previously has spurred me towards growth
yet now leaves nothing but fumes to continually choke me.
i wonder.
will i spring out of this cocoon of hate?
or make another attempt to end it for real?
go somewhere greener.
be ******* neater.
Axel 2d
I'll take the pain and paint the night away.
paint every inch of my body
maria 2d
I, no more
count years
in new year's eve,
I, count years
in birthdays,
your birthdays.
Not speaking for months,
a happy birthday
and a new roller coaster
Written on March 04, 2021
© ,Maria
Walking down a peaceful mountain,
where shiny snowflakes fall beautifully and elegantly.
A nuance of white floats in the air,
painting the ground, coloring our vision.
Each one is unique, but all have the same structures,
yet are pretty similar despite their differences:

They are like you and me.
Some disappear and some appear.
The cycle of life we all center ourselves and move forward.
The new year is there to offer us something different.
We can make the difference like we ended all past years, in inference.
I feel the pressure of your achievements weighing me down.

A boat cannot sail forward with its anchor in the sand.

I wish to cut the chain and let the anchor sink,

Because the ocean is to big to stay here forever.
Michael Ryan Feb 21
New Job.
New Drive.
New Interest.

It's all so new,
yet so-so familiar.

All there is, the heat -
encased in a fireplace
or a furnace.

the ashes
never filter through
these windless lungs,
instead of oxygen
the flame kindles
on anxiety.

Life is going splendidly - no hiccups -
Breathing is easy
but all that rushes in
is the flagrant blossom
of ragged thoughts,
all the possibilities
for how helpless
the wind is
when it's always being
knocked out.
I started a new job, I started driving, and there's a girl of course that I like too much.  There wouldn't be much of a story if there wasn't the drama of a boy likes girl, right?   Everything can and is going smoothly, but when I am home I feel like it's all falling apart.
Zack Ripley Feb 21
I didn't know I was lost until I met you
I'm still lost.
But before, I was lost in the world;
A sea of blue.
Now I'm lost in something new.
Something true.
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