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honeycomb lips,
swarms of bees on your tongue,
hives on your heart,
a Queen bee is your soul.

buzzing, buzzing, buzzing,

all in my ears,
now a taste of my tears,
straight after I got stung.

buzzing, buzzing, buzzing,

there she goes,
only protecting her sweet,
nectar is her love,
but I found myself allergic to bees.

buzzing, buzzing, buzzing.
ScaryGary Nov 2021
it's a tree's life
a birds and bees life
the bees knees life

but they carve into me with these knives
see, i'm a tree and i help out the bee hives
in every land of milk and honey
honey, it's the honey that's the money
it's straight tree life
not down on a knee life
i stand for one thing and that's all

texas chainsaw massacre and hatchets
lost limbs and widow makers
in every atom is a gift within
every thing of thick and thin
it's straight tree life
it's so great to be life
i have one godly fate, to all relate

breathe me in and lay beneath
i am the shelter that you seek
come to me don't be afraid
i am all warmth and in all shades

it's a straight G's life
yo nuts swing on deez life
it's a tree's life

we all shake with the leaves
and say goodbye when they leave life

spring will be back to see us
not exactly, but we will be us
loving the sun, wind and rain
changing with the weather to be the same

accepting change
knowing we will live on
tree life
stay standing
Corrinne Shadow Oct 2021
Banners billow
And flutter in the breeze.
Loose sleeves, loose leaves,
And friendly bees.
kenz Sep 2021
Writing is like a bee.
You never know if the bee is good or bad
If the bee will make you  sad
Or if the bee will sting and make you mad
You never know
You never know if the bee will be so sweet with honey that you feel fuzzy inside
You never know if the bee will make you laugh with a little tickle inside
You never know
You know if the bee will hurt you or land and on you and teach you
a lesson that not all bees are bad
You never know
All bees are different and that’s okay
Some bees hurt,
Some bees just want to bee friends,
Some bees tell a beautiful story that fills you with life,
And some leave a mark that stays with you forever.
You never know
You may have a favorite type of bee
And may hate another
You never know
I wrote this is creative writing and thought I would share.
Elizabeth Zenk Mar 2021
Rhododendron bumblebees
Oh how weak my knees can be
Counting every step
it’s a threat, no it’s death

Palm leaves, apple trees
wishing that I could believe
my body is a temple
break it down tenfold

Lungs heave
free me
trapped inside this barn
my body is a spool of yarn.

watch me string it out
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