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Brynn S 3d
Corpsed leaves caress
Wind blows them from their homes
The colors fade from the deep
They return to their roots
Not fallen, but unleashed
Ill play with you in the sand.
You never have to doubt
im always watching
Your sticky fingers wont freak me out

The older we grow, so grows our picking field of memories
Ill guide you if I can
I dont know whats going on either.

You're a kid and you trust me.
Thats a good enough reason to love a child.
So Ill be your friend man.
My little babino
Follow the leader, not
Left me on the heater hot
Like teeter tot four meter drops
For me to stop you need more than you come with

Done it one two three times
Higher than the tree climbs
Never said i wouldn't fall
Never let a rhythm stall never

Ever in my mind prime stand tall
Level off the time binding bands fall
******* fans call up on me hands on the long haul
Land of the free and brave ah **** wrong song

Cyclic I'm like which way
Sick like this may break a *****
Knowledge this more than tip
******* every sentence ****

What sense is this aye
Like sending ships back to bay
**** I couldn't stay
Couldn't face it so I change my ways

Meta on the surface
Met my purpose
Not too certain still I set a course and work it

Know it's worth it
When I render words
When I send these verbs
Conquer this and and that

Hella bad
Hella abstract
Leave ya
With that
listen here:
were playing tag
having fun
were screaming
but were smiling
were laughing so much
that were crying
"tag your it"!

but then they grew older
we went our separate ways
i thought we were best friends forever
but things changed
i couldn't let go

"i'm not playing!"
"get out lets have some fun"!
"you'll never leave again
once i'm done"!
she wasn't smiling anymore
and i was laughing so much
she was crying
but then they stopped
i was crying

"tag .. your it...."
Always thought Helen
and I would grow old
In each others
But when we married
to grow old together
sadly was never
meant to be
But this Is something
one can't see not until
it far to late as It was
Didn't have a chance to grow old with
In to this furnace
I ask you now
to sing another song.
In to this furnace,
where the stars grow old
and the dreamers walk barefoot
I ask you now
to kiss me a thousand times.
In to this furnace
I ask you now
thought by thought
let us die
you and I.
In to this furnace
I ask you now...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
"i want to grow old with you." darling, the things you say to me are the things i've always wanted to hear.
Kieran Oct 29
You can't see me because you don't want to
Whatever it is,
I no longer know you
Whatever the reason
I cannot feel you
But our love was so clear blue

Come on, dance in a circle with me
Lose yourself in the rhythm
Creating gravity and thus, life
A circle is a sign of infinity

But another you ask
With haze in your mind
And a foot in the past
In an attempt to solve a solution
You only thicken the mask

You break the circle and **** the chance
I promise you others will come
But an unholy trance
Will engulf the sweetest
I'll leave it at a glance

Because if I stare, my brain will debt, I broke
If I care, my throat closes to choke
On a fractured mind,
That isn't mine.

Just believe in the happiness you bring

To the circle of another
The circle of love in that of your mother,
Sisters and brother
And the friends you breathe

I'll never leave
I seek refuge in me
A personal experience with love. This piece resembles the extremities of the circles it induces, how each may interlink or lead to another. This is not the end of something but simply a new beginning of 'Me'.
Tru1 Oct 27
The mark has been set and ready they are to go no finish in mind the future isn’t theirs to know buried deep beneath the winters snow the earth endured with months to go until warmth allowed it to flourish and grow
jerelii Oct 23
learn from those mistakes
shape and mold you to become
wise, humble and kind
learn and grow

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