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Joanna 2d
Change is evident to anyone who can see pieces of the puzzle come together as a key.

Stages come and go, and yet it can seem slow to the one who is unaware. Somethings that happen are just unfair.

Levels of growth appear shallow and strained, especially for one just coming in out of the rain.

Two steps forward and one step back, today has ended feeling off track.

Just the same, there is a determined climb to overcome obstacles, and find strength in the midst to go the mile.

Change is real even when there seems no real chance to move the dial.
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m h John Oct 12
you colored me blue
some days the blue of the sky
because you knew how to
make me feel carefree and alive

other days
the blue of the ocean
because you never knew
how to handle your emotions

you were the kind of blue
that was full of life
the kind of color
that made me see the conception
between you and i
Only by acknowledging your mistakes and correcting them will you grow.
Poetic T Oct 8
When we are strongest
they try to chop us down
                    peice by piece.

                     Till were a stump,
that they can just stand atop.
But we will never be toppled.

We will always grow from
                     our lowest point.
And reach ourselves further
than we were before.

And if anyone were to try to
                                make us topple.
We'd poilitly let our heaviest branch
                      fall uopn them.

And watch them lie lower than
they ever tried to make us feel.
But we shall not gloat,
        we will just grow stronger
                   from there weakness.
We are just humans’ beings.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Mistake, mistake, we’re learning.
Fall down and up, we’re growing.
Before we judge, let watch ourselves.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Laokos Oct 3
the closeness of
my soul is
upon me
with the
right music

the body eats
and eats
eats - i can't
help but
feed it

the heart cries
and sings
between each
stranger it lets

madness encircles me
like a kettle
of raptors

my spirit reeks
of death
the genesis birthed
from it

the greatest
opportunity to
develop and
grow beyond
my tired limitations

i am not
done yet . . .
Owen Cafe Sep 29
When I was young, I could fly.
From thought to wish to dream to the sky.
When I was becoming, I could think.
I thought I'd thought that they were thinking,
that I was simply thoughtless.
When I was discovering, I could feel.
I could feel the feelings of earth of mind of soul,
those feelings connected though fingertips and goosebumps.
When I fell, I couldn't see.
I could not see that they could see that I was blind,
the view is up when you are down.
When I was climbing, I grew strong.
Could see the bumps in the road, the connections,
the grips, the traps, the full scale of the map.

Then I saw it. Not far now.
Just another corner, my branches are full of colour and life.
I can see the flowers ready to bloom.

Spring is coming, and I am too.
Reflective appreciation of realizing the future.
Bhill Sep 26
There are clouds in life and we all take a turn
They come from a place that helps us all learn
Just take on that cloud and acknowledge it's there
Do not dismiss it when it strikes as it will come, so unaware

The clouds we detect will be of all shapes and meanings
Just know that there and except some cloud teachings
We learn as we grow and we learn from just doing
The clouds in our life can keep us improving....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 242
Life clouds aren't always dark...
William Troup Sep 21
With summer past in yearning,
   as if silent and gently learning,
this winter came in stinging,
   as if wild with plenty falling ...
      falling at my flailing door!

With winter set in burning,
   as if fired and slowly growing,
this autumn went out flying,
   as if filed and wonders calling ...
      calling at my swaying door ...

Quoth the weather “flow”,
   flow? where shall I go?
   Go where pastures await anew?
       what will be there to view?

Quoth the weather “fly”,
   fly? where will I land?
   Fly to dreams where she awaits?
      what will be there but fate?

... ... ... ...

With winter past in glowing,
   as if mild with aching growing,
the summer will come out crying ...
   as if beaten with voices shouting ...
      shouting at my closing door!
We’ve all had the chance to chase love ...
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