I gotta focus I gotta focus ... Im losing focus.
Im not really open , in a world so hopeless.

When I look in the mirror , I am perfect.
Maybe not, to you.
I matter.
Im better.
I'm growing.
Loving myself each day , You'll love yourself more when you stop caring what people say ..

We all grow.
Pain may hit you,
hurt you,
but you will glow.
Every moment
of your life
you are together
or broken.
Growth puts you
where you need to be.
Hard time approach,
but you always get through...

cait-cait Jan 13

the room is red, through
eyes stained by
blue glass ,

vague memories plague
(a girl in a dress,
the orange sun, and the red
and white
of his walls)

i can’t believe i know you,
with water leaking
from your eyes .
one day,
i think —
while gassed,

ill carve our initials into
the first
tree i find ,
and cry into my palms
to help it grow .

maybe that will make me love you

im trying to get back into the groove of writing because things have been weird lately. This was supposed to be based off of my feelings about how nervous I am in my relationship but it turned into a poem about the video game bioshock,,,,: lol.. which I love no doubt but still.... I wish I could feel normal, I think my meds have stopped working.

Oh, at times I don't really care about whether I live or die,
I've been through so much already it would make one cry.
If anyone would ever come to know the details of my life
the long and recent past are full of misery and much strife.

Sure, I've been through, like most others, the highs and lows
that everybody is familiar with and all one's life just shows,
but there are certain aspects that have been very dark or gray
which may never come to be known or see the light of day.

It may seem that by saying this I'm after your sympathy or praise
but spare a moment to think what issues our memories can raise.
And in particular all those things that now do bind us to the past
from which we try to free ourselves of and our present day is cast.

Don't they make you wish that they could've been done differently
and if given the chance to change some of them that are apparently
now causing you to stall in certain areas of your life that you know
not allowing you to move forward or into your full potential grow?

Written in 2017.

a seed
In the soil,
the seed
will grow
to have a
you give a
little gift,
you never
know how
your gift
can plant
a tree

Sink Jan 9

I can slowly feel myself getting older in front of a mirror
But my heart is full of wrinkles
And if I could walk those wrinkles
I would find out that
Your love is circinate
And I am a square

Olivia Jan 9

There’s always a world within you,
A whole new different hue,
Don’t fret about the time you have,
Just enjoy the days of being alive,
You will blossom and flourish!
Your past is like a seed that will undoubtedly make you grow and flourish,
Dream about poetry and art,
But don’t let those dreams get away,
Make art and poetry your ultimate bae!
C'est la vie is what they say!
It’s life and it’s your life,
Make it what you want and make it sway!

Namu Jan 8

It burdens me
the more I hold on to my innocence
an album of joy and cheer
devoid of concern and stress
Fool, immature, reckless
wild, untamed...destructive
names that would land
on my ears
Fiery gazes blazed upon me
yet, I let me be

Nuna Jan 7

i promise you i will walk these streets like i own them
if i have to, i will even go walk on the moon like my name is carved on it
i will no longer sink my head, or dreams
my echo will fill the halls that made me feel the smallest
i will speak up, use my voice to break the walls
dive through the  hate and grow love
(grow, love)
grow flowers inside each broken soul
water them with assurance that eventually things work out
i will help look for the pieces missing of your heart
i will give you what's left of mine
grab my hand
let's walk these streets like we own them

Mikhaila Jan 6

I am a sunflower
I am the Son’s flower
pollinating the earth with the seeds of joy

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
bending but never breaking under the strength of the wind

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
regrowing a generation focused on self-growth rather than world-growth

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
shedding tears for the hopeless, feel, and the weak
for the ones who don't have the strength to grow
for the ones who need just a tad more sunshine
for the ones surrounded by drought
I shed tears in hopes of giving them joy, hope, life, and happiness again

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower

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