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grace 5d
It’s been four months since the sun last shown.
Since I last said goodnight.
The stars twinkle,
And the lamplights are an illusion.

Sometimes, I can pretend that it’s the same.
Sometimes, I remember that the sun is also a star.
The stars I see now are just a bit further away;
They don’t shine as bright.

I want to get on a rocket ship
And fly far far away.
I want to forget about this sun and its tragedy.
I will find a new sun

The new sun will shine brighter.
The flowers will grow taller.
The world it shines on will be more beautiful.
I will say good morning again.
A treacherous journey one embarks on to heal,
With unexpected turns in the path it is not linear,
Through adversities there will be triumphs,
In hardship you will prevail,
Keep going in the direction the universe has set for you,
Keep growing at the pace that is right for you,
Individualize your experience and embrace your process,
You are deserving of the kindness bolstering within.
-elixir- May 22
Your arms reach out
for my lost breaths,
as you breathe into me
the soul of  Gaia,
the colossal womb
of rebirth.

I'm alive again

as her soul embraces me,
as I convince the lost
to grow out again,
with the rains
from heaven.
I was floating on the moon now I’m back in town.
My feet still hover, smooth, they don’t touch the ground.
It’s hard to fall in love
When you’re guilt trippin’.
When my back was against the wall
Somehow, you went missin’.
Now that I’m doing good
You start blowing kisses.
Talking wedding bells in June,
You wanna be my Mrs.
I’m onto better days.
I’ve outgrown this zone, how could I ever stay?
I just want to elevate.
I can’t afford the time to just sit and wait.
Floating through the stars because they can relate.
It’s not up for debate, you’re already too late.
I’m driving on the cosmic interstate while you hesitate.

I’m onto better days….
Don't let nobody prevent you from becoming who you're meant to be
You're named,
And considered,

Your name,
Needs special,
deadhead Apr 28
be like the ivy
continue to grow and climb
without causing harm
Melody Mann Apr 23
Gloriously unbound you grow ravenously,
Spreading your roots as far as the earth can bare you reach limits unseen,
A survivor despite the climate your radiance is saluted,
Such beauty in the unrecognized you thrive,
Sparkle in silence young wildflower because your time is near,
To be adorned in April showers and masked in summer's sun,
Magnificent is your journey and true is your existence.
LC Apr 15
it let the bird fly,
learn, grow, change.
but when the bird falls,
stays the same, decays,
a thrill climbs up our bones
as the crack of the wishbone
echoes in our expectant ears
like a loud, resounding gong -
as our supposed fate awaits.
#escapril day 14!
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