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a blue bird's song—
moving on
accepting, regretting
and slowly it's letting
it's wings fall weak
but still
it soars.

a cardinal's cry—
paint the sky
loving, and hurting
learning, returning;
telling its lies,
too pained to fly.

a sparrow's coo—
adored by moon
running and falling
weeping and calling
the sparrow takes flight
never back from the night.

those wishful birds
silenced words
too thin for their sorrow,
must they pray for tomorrow?
aquis 2d
one of the hardest things in life
is to simply accept someone
for who they are

one of the easiest things
is to strongly hate them
for not being able to change

choosing the hard one
will help you grow

and choosing the easy
will help you destroy

which one will you choose
Speaking to myself...
A tiny little seed doesn't benefit much.
It requires a certain green thumb's touch.
Sometimes seems trapped, stuck there in the dirt,
but sometimes that's the place it will not get hurt.
A few things it needs to prosper and grow,
water, soil, and most importantly a star's glow.
The tiniest seed may sometimes seem like a joke,
until one day you look and it became a great oak.
in order to be strong to fulfill any deed,
all it takes is some faith, like a mustard seed.

It may seem strange but at the time of writing this I'm growing a beanstalk
from a seed, and it hasn't grown much, it's just sprouting, but for some reason
I'm proud of it and actually catch myself talking to it, encouraging it. I think this is how God feels about us when we grow, He is the one who provides what we need all we have to do is grow, and even though we are small, and we don't grow very fast, He's proud of us.
I cultivate the subsoil, the separation, the height,
the thoughts crossing the sky,
then I let them go.

The rhythm of new boundaries
It’s the beating of changes
I carry on ripening
and I give them a name, a sense,
as simple as it might be
is essential.
Any experience is a tile on the path of life which each time further seems to be safer, know, useful and understood. All makes sense in the end.
jerelii 4d
inside of that bud
my affection grew
as the summer had passed

love learns to wait
love learns to listen
a heart
that flows like the wave of the ocean
as each time it cross on my path
it reminded me of you
across the blue horizon
my love for you reflects
to the sound of my soul
it tap me outside
of my comfort
that dances freely
that sings confidently
that all i can see is
the light of the sun that comes after me

in the garden
you bloom so beautifully.
10:30 pm
sept 18,2018
Diana Garcia Sep 6
I feel brand new
I’ve got a new set of goals
No more excuses
No more switching roles
I am me and I can swim myself to safety
Only way out of the gutter is up
It’s about time it goes beyond words it’s going to be tough
All that matters is that I know I’m enough
If I love myself as a person
Somebody will want to fuck me rough
The way i like it, I’ve always wanted to be like Alexa from spy kids
Smart and real force to be reckoned with
I’ve got the tools, it’s about time I finished school
I want him admire me while I whipe off his drool
I’ve never wanted to love myself so much before..
I’m such a fool

This whole time I’ve wanted to be a queen
But was never good enough for the king
Arke Sep 2
love is not a scarcity
it is a renewable resource
if you've found it once
you will find it again

nothing is truly static
you will outgrow people,
places, relationships
and that's okay to do

remember when times are tough
the only person you should trust
whom you can always rely on
is yourself

we all age, we all die
so make sure the people
you love know how you feel
because they will not always be there

it's okay to leave a situation
that makes you unhappy
that's not selfish
it's self-preservation
Just a few life lessons I am still learning.
Growing happens through pain and not through comfort.
Greg Jones Aug 29
I’m overwhelmed, I’m underprepared,
I’m under the guise of someone ready for the world.
I’m too scared to speak, afraid of myself,
Worried about what the world wants from me.

I had all these thoughts circle my mind,
Locked in my room praying tomorrow won’t come.
My heart’s in my throat, I’m starting to choke,
Hiding behind the safety of my youth.

I hear my dad saying,
“It comes about-face.
When you’re least expecting it.
So handle it like a man.”

But I’m just a boy.
Simone13 Aug 29
down the Valley
where the river flows
flocks of graves
swarmed with crows

ashes to ashes
turn dust to dust
where their metals lei
and turned to rust

stenches of blood
screams and decay
where wasted sheds
are left astray

down the Valley
where the river flows
are plumps of graves
where flowers grow
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