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Cox 2d
Don’t be the flower that exists for the sun.
Live by it.
Be it.
Grow as it.
Physical death is permanent.
But emotional death,
(numbness, "feeling dead inside)
Is a starfish.
It can grow back
through a process called support
Surrounded by family
People I've known all my life
Yet I feel my heart stone cold and numb
We're not the same people anymore.
I've changed. I've come so far.
I'm sorry. I can't take you on this
new journey with me.
My happiness is at the distance
and I want to reach it.
It's been everything a person can feel.
Thank you
Now, it's time for me to spread my wings.
Nikolas Oct 9
To be young, is to be little and be elderly,
Is to carry all the weights put upon me,
And daydreaming continuously,
Is what means to be young.

Pressures push me to the side,
But I believe they'll do me right,
I'll have to take me as I am,
And do the best with me I can.

Old is old, rust is rust,
But young is old, and rust is gold.
I'm still a naive small being,
And responsibilities are towering in front of me.

Hope to grow, and hope to show,
I'll stay ambitious, won't stand low,
It takes one big breath and one take,
The best outcome is my own stake.
Ingram Oct 4
My mirror reflects someone
I don’t recognize
but I love her
and I respect her
more and more
Khoi Oct 1
. . .Word me
     cut me. . .          
  . . .bleed me
  blood me. . .
Prachi Sep 28
Life is all about change;
We grow by the process
Of problem exchange.

Overcoming a phase,
Brings us to the next;
Excellence is what we chase.
Prachi Sep 26
A virtue that makes you glow,
Giving you the spirit to explore,
It is the one that helps you grow.

A realization of being capable;
A silent attitude hitting louder when
Self-doubt ceases to be operational.

Being right always is not what you need,
It’s time to let go of the fear of being wrong;
Soon you will breed confidence indeed.

When it comes to thinking about self,
You won’t go on the wrong track;
It is not that simple to deceit oneself.

Embrace the beautiful mess you are,
Cut off the insecurities and,
Your success will have no bar.
Maja Sep 25
The heart is a
And to grow
A muscle needs to
Through hurt, you heal.
You break, you grow.
What doesn't **** you, makes you stronger.
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