it is not enough to love,
it is never enough. you must sew your fingers shut
like treasure.
mold into paper, heart like memory foam.
you must lock
the doors and change the keys, even if they don't visit. make your first drink in this palace a delight,
mount a bottle to the ceiling - decorate
with pale pink everything.
build a fist fit for windowpanes
and break no glass.
remember that a laughing bird will never fly at night, cranberries won't grow on trees and
his blood cannot stain your teeth.
young girl your are so lucky to sleep,
so lucky to dream and so lucky to love.
but it is not enough to love.
one must also learn to be.
JAC 2d
You outgrew me
and I didn't mind

I grew at my own pace
and later left you behind.
Your fingernails give away the debris you've collected
I've known you for a while but it feels like longer
feels like sunsets under my tongue
blue bruises behind my eyes
every skip of the needle brings back our old skins &
the hush-hush type of self worth,
keeping pens full of red ink so we can
play the demon in this one instead
of closing the door, we don't wanna gossip
at the edge of the room like strangers,
we wanna be in the center
and your fingerprints look a lot like mine sometimes, especially when we laugh and cry together
especially when you fall asleep and I watch
for soft signs of openmouthed breathing that signal
we are in deeper than we thought.

I can't stand the way you look at yourself though, sometimes I wanna
run away from everyone here
sometimes I wanna just up and leave it all
in a shallow grave where it belongs,
but the moments are softer when you slip my name onto your cotton tongue,
and I don't punch out a pattern for my self loathing quite as quickly when
we tally up our thread counts and what time we have left

Inevitably, I still paint my teeth black,
because words about my future never felt right coming from my pink and purple mouth
but your lips could twist anything up into a lot of sense,
I could kiss you and kill time forever
in parking lots and on the edges of stained mattresses
I didn't ever want a home until I thought of hanging up your colors to dry
keep them here in the niches or
scrawled onto notepads I keep beside my bed,
put down your demon scripts and ask me in the morning
if it takes a while for seeds to grow,
I'll tell you to keep a can of water nearby
and to make sure it's somewhere sunny
I know there's something foreign growing in me and it's
bigger than I've ever been,
but I think maybe you know and
it's bigger than both of us, maybe
you know and
you've been doing some growing, too.
I remember your kisses
And the feeling of your hand in mine,
Heartbreak is a war inside ourselves
But we must continue to shine.
It is not the end, only a new beginning
Amanda 5d
I do not know, I always fuck up,
Constantly making you mad,
Being together feels so good,
Our lives are turning out bad.

You said you need help, I try,
I find myself caught in a trap,
Baited with doubt, fear, and pressure,
Can't get out to aid you before you snap.

Used to being a damsel in distress,
It is difficult to take on another role,
Not looking for a hero to rescue me,
Just don't think I am ready to save your soul.

This is pathetic truth of who I am,
Addicted, weak-minded, fool,
Still dream of bettering my whole self,
Despite efforts, I cannot find the tool.

I am looking for a teacher,
Who can show how to escape my selfish ways,
Once I learn to grow and be selfless
Will deliver a future full of happy days.
They are happy now, but they could be a lot happier for both of us.
let the LOVE
you form for you
be as formless as the
the SOUL it soothes
it’s ebs and flows
bring you to sea

so you can see
reflecting you
with Cosmic Sight
your darkness grew
a brighter LIGHT

at first WITHIN
but just be still
and watch as it
begins to fill
all you SEE
with all you seek
your clearer sight
forms new beliefs

the clouds all part
to let you RISE
as you let go of
what won’t bloom
and dance away
the heat of june

the summer Sun
has grown with you
its shining through
the cracks they left
your losses GLOW
with every step

this new selflove
you won’t forget
sara Jul 7
I wipe marker off the board, and
I have a painful tendency of quickly growing bored.
I can't erase the ink-spots lingering
in high-up corners;
to spare the self-defeat, I teach myself how to ignore them.

Ignore the marks, and stains, and pains
pretend I'm wiped clean, all the same
with little left to lose or gain:
I leave them; growth is self-restraint.

Perfection is a non-existent notion,
so they say;
yet, unobtainability is all I can create.
For in my mind, these false ideals make tame desires stray,
and self-destructive pleasure is my antidote to pain.

I think I'm like a little plant
of stunted growth, just seeds to start,
my plantpot made from broken hearts:
before I grow, I say I can't.
Before we accept something we must first wholeheartedly reject it.
like England winning the world cup lol

Joking, I just use humor to mask my emotions x
For now,
the call aching.
small sips in the womb
in advancement.

the earth hardens,
hidden hands
refusing to pay,
open hands wasting.

all must end.
the devil's polishing,
the lazy heart,
silk to the narrow punks.

millions are wasted,
to ones which don't understand.
so I bundle in the pocket,
showing nothing in the hand.

take your green,
flourish young king.
I sing the bridges meet,
and unto it I tread upon.

leave your message.
there forms an epic,
an incredible excel,
in the life ahead.

your mark of curse,
crosses not even the pond,
as I pray to the day,
I cross the sea.
Lord, raise a son to success.
Yesterday you bathed yourself
And it made me sad
Today you wiped yourself
And for that I am glad
Tomorrow you will feed yourself
And I will be left feeling mad
That your growing so fast
That you no longer need your dad
That I will no longer be your best friend
That I will be just another comrade

I understand,
I did this once before
Except I don't recall
Saying best friend
Or friend.
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