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yuyu Aug 27
We thought the world would stay the same,
We breathe the same air everyday,
We are pulled by the same gravity,
We are staring at the same blue sky,
The rain always brings us water,
The sun always keeps us warm,
So we thought that the world would stay the same...

Would the world change the way humans do?
Even the tectonic plates move,
Even the trees grow,
Even the volcanoes bleed,
Let alone humans' hearts...
if nature is changing and evolving of course humans do too, we grow and change for both good and bad reasons. humans are the most complicated creatures in this world
George Krokos Aug 24
Garden flowers are
colorful needless to say
with care some are grown
Written in 2020.
You told me to stop
I did
But I think I was too late
I see the bruises I left in your eyes
Hiding the pain
The pain we couldn’t share together
We’ve tried once before
I should have known better

Under the earths crust
I stayed
It didn’t feel safe to play
I feel things
I no longer say
I hear the voices in my head
I don’t want them to stay
Under the earth’s crust refers to my poem called 9
Your soul is pure
The brightest I have ever touched
Only using your powers for good
Your balance, grace and kindness
I had never known nor understood
I saw myself in you
My twin flame
Wanting to repair the pain of our past
To see you grow
Wanting to make it last
I wanted us to thrive
To see you truly be alive
I don’t need to call you mine
You were right
You have it all figured out
It’s just a matter of time
My thoughts of you will always end with:
I just want to see you shine
We became one
Promised to always show up
To always give 100%
We’d both been burned before
But my mind wasn’t clear
I didn’t stick to the script
I didn’t remember all our secrets
The chaos
The madness
The pain
We both shared  
Endured together
I didn’t know I was blind
I didn’t see the signs
I never do
I lost touch
I forgot about myself
I put you first
Wanting to help you grow
The fragments began to swirl  
The tornado came
My reality cycled
I disappeared
I didn’t show up
I never called
I didn’t think loving you
And you loving me
Could ever be real
Maybe it was just my imagination
Wanting to force something
Wanting to feel
Myrrdin Jun 24
I am pulling weeds from the garden and I want to scream "there is nothing wrong with you there is nothing wrong with you there is nothing wrong you"
I am replacing you with something beautiful and hard to maintain because I value appearances more than growth
There is nothing wrong with dandelions i swear, please do not develop a complex, I just cannot love you unless someone else does
My father spent years weeding me and trust me it gets easier
it hurts less if you learn to hate yourself the same way
There is nothing wrong with you I just have to do this he is coming over later and he might remember he doesn't love me if he sees you here
There is nothing wrong with you but I will **** you still
Like my father
Commended for everything I grow in the wake of what I ****
There is nothing wrong with you I scream but I will throw you away and you will wonder what is wrong with you anyway
He told me I have room to grow before hugging me goodbye
There is nothing wrong with you he said
I just don't want you here
Lost in the clouds
In my own world
I cried out for help
I didn’t know
You heard my cry
I thought I was imaginary
But now that I’m here
I’m not sure if I’m ready
To be 6 feet under  
I have unfinished business
I need to stay
To be saved
But I have to go now
To grow
What we had was special
But we didn’t see it through
When I think of my kitty
I will always think of you
Cats are the answer
c Dec 2022
I think it is unkind for me to be in love
and be in love still
I think it is unkind for me to love you
Like every other petal of a flower

I did not pick it
But it is wilting either way.
Psych-o-rangE Nov 2022
A hole.

Means there's space to grow.

Now go forth, with this knowledge and go insane.

And never forget, my disciple, space out for the space outside is beautiful and the space away is always greener.

Endlessly strive to get nothing accomplished. Click the X. Submit the test. There will be no marks for you. Fill it yourself.
I don't know what I'm saying!
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2022
Within my magic
is me
Within my spirit
is my magic
To be me is to be filled
with the magic spirit
I am a manifestation
of the wiccan witch
The gifts bestowed upon me
come from the witches
who gifted me the knowledge
of the magical way to live
& spiritual power to heal
In there honor , I give my contribution to the witch's past
I honor them when , I cast my
spells and grow my magic
so within my soul
is the magic spirit
that is me
This wiccan witch

© Jennifer L DeLong. 9/2022
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