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Dawn 2d
Someday, I wish I could be
to you
What you are to me
You deserve as much
You deserve so much
I fear I'll never be
Good for you
Sometimes I feel like you give me more than you take from me. I feel inadequate. But I also feel thankful for you, more than anything
Reckless, in a cloud of bloom
Ocean salt from seeping wounds
Eroded sands and mindless chats
Raised eyebrows, and an empty hand
My pulse, waves of emanating pain
In the troughs, is the space
You placed your absence within

Fortresses of shy encounters
Built around memories of happenstance
My cloudy speech and murmurs of nonsense
Infiltrate the speck of soil that still remains
Barren land, and you, a seedling of perseverance
Have found an impossible way
To grow
In my aching heart
Jammit Janet Jun 11
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Right here, right now

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Of all that does not serve me
Of all that stunts my growth

Breathing in
Breathing in
Breathing in
And compassion

To spread love and light
In the kindest of fashions.
Jammit Janet Jun 10
I’m having the best day
I’m in my zone
The force is with me
As I effortlessly flow
Empowering all around me
With the confidence to grow.
Jammit Janet Jun 9
People push my buttons
Everywhere I go
Intentional or not
They constantly push me
To grow
Step outside my boundaries
Find new ways to know
What I’m comfortable with
What I won’t allow
And ways to glow.
It’s true that sometime
bare limb and sprig can be beautiful,
that dun lands can show stark heart,
but for this diurnal chimp
the cough of leaves remembered,
a view engorged,
is deeply needed
I used to choke
On flowery words
I could not bear
To rip the roots
From deep
In my throat
Yet I find now
That I have grown
Full fields of blooms
In my very chest
Only to pluck
Every single one
For you

Rickey Spence Mar 12

Did you ever play in the rain as a kid?
Now it reminds us of all sadness did.
Did you ever stare out of a window pane,
And let your joyless tears fall with the rain?
Did it ever make you feel wet and miserable,
And leave you asking questions unanswerable?
Did you ever wonder how something with
So much life could bring also death?
Allesha Eman Jan 23
In these clay-covered hands
I hold the last droplets of water
We laugh off the miseries
Drinking steaming tea
Stepping into pools of mud
Laughter on a leash
Follows us wholeheartedly
We hold onto the clouds
So that we don’t fall asleep
And miss these terracotta skies
That match our skin
Where within transcribed
Are hopes and dreams
A flower you are
So preciously delicate
And I’m here praying
That whatever I have left
Is enough to
Your growth
Out of this midnight grief
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