Saint Audrey Nov 2017
Proper planning less demanding
Blowing out like a candle
Burnt through and drowning
In my own wax

Stay classy world, its going to be a long one

Stay active always until it starts to bite
At the space behind your eyes
As you lie to yourself that you still have health left
If integrity isn't what you're interested in

In the end its fun enough to bloat
Forgetting your true status because
Despite your best intentions you choose to forget
The drugs only get you so far
And you speed up the natural ending

So many enemies to create for the fuck of it
So many amazing new creations to unlock like
A mason, stare into the stone and wonder why
It comes up looking like you put
So little heart into the thing you've just bled dry for

Like, why do we lie about the things we have and have not
Like dropping yet another line lower is something
To be proud of
And picking up something else someone else cant
Is tantamount to an accomplishment

I was never good at improv
And life isn't that funny anyway
To make a joke out of it is intrinsic to staying alive
But finding time to praise the idols of false self made

Too many humans lost themselves and punk rock is dead
So time to end it
Hear here,
They're there,
Now now.
Let me help calm you down.
I hurt,
And on a scale of-
One to Ten,
Its an Eight.

I scream-
In my head,
Yet breath could wait.

I cry,
Please notice me,
Please comfort me,
Pain held in hand,

I hide,
The stones-
And the sticks,
As life demands,

I exhale,
Another day,
No-one can know,
What I contemplate.
If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please seek help.

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they think that chicken soup
for the human soul
can cure me,
but I am vegetarian.
thought this was a silly concept
I'm still angry
I shouldn't be but belated feelings bemuse me
And now alliteration alters my speech
Like an infection I've held intact that intimacy
But angry still

Love tainted me
Trust tortured me
Like a dogs bone you toyed with my talent
Took it for granted and spit it out in dirt
So take it back
Because these hands will


Never make you come again for i have come to a conclusion
Fuck your trust
And fuck your dishonesty
Sex saturated saturdays cease to supliment me
So too do the sudden situations of unneeded:


So now I stare
Stare at the hands that started the solace
And wonder if they'll ever be clean
Forse può aiutare.
LinaM 1d
Im told I'm fake
Because I try to please everyone
But I cry and I laugh and I forgive
Does that make me fake?
I smile in the halls instead of frown like most
Because smiles spread quickly
Does that make me fake?
I prefer friends over enemies,
Because when I was younger I had neither.
Does that make me fake?
They tell me to be myself,
Because having pink hair makes me too different and I try too hard
So I fixed my hair.
If being fake means helping others,
I'm going to be fake for as long as I can and I refuse to fix myself.
Maybe not a poem but I had to get it out of my system. -L
Asonna 1d
Every night i stare at this pill,
white and small in size.
My feelings, once quite intense
are brought to a little hum.
The pieces where I'm broken,
they're slowly on the mend
although not as fast as one would hope
but its progress is better than none.

I cried tears about heartbreak,
the fatal blows of rejection.
But my patchwork heart, beating still
despite no one wanting to love me.
I get i'm young, almost 23 years
but the loneliness grows quite deafening,
Patches have worn and some even torn
yet i'm still sewing myself together.

Skin so thin, delicate & Friable,
Skin so pale and bleak.
Skin and organs to make a person whole
who feels so intensely deep.

It becomes a flaw to love so blindly,
to be kind and compassionate for them,
For the people who yet still hurt you,
but you'll turn a blind eye for them anyway.

Because you love them.

Every night i stare at this pill,
white and small in size.
My feelings, although quite intense
Make me whole somehow.
So I'll take this pill with treasured spirit
that one day I might be better.
although not as fast as I would hope,
It's the progress I hold onto the most.
g hope 2d
drinking isn't fun anymore
and drugs aren't fun anymore
and popping pills isn't fun anymore
and blacking out isn't fun anymore,
but death sounds appealing
and i know that makes me sound crazy
and maybe i am,
but the sadness is made of me and i can't let go
and oh god i want to let go
please let me let go
i'll get better
are expressions.
They are also presentable
when it is real, true, and friendly.
Smiles can be fake, sham, or ungenuine.
Real or fake, smiles are simply appealing.
Here is a lame poem.... pyramid shaped. Honestly wasn't trying that hard :((
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