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It might seem like the world doesn't care about you,
that you don't matter,
that you won't make it,
what's the point,
I should leave,
it won't matter if I'm there or not,
but this isn't true,
those are just lies inside of you.
The pain is never the same,
but it's a constant,
and you never want it,
but my heart is with you always,
to hush those voices,
and get you to make better choices,
As we continue,
things will get easier I just know it,
I'll do everything just to show you,
the love inside,
and get you from trying to hide,
away from the world,
and the eternal flame that we have lit,
will allow us to make as much time as we see fit.
I love you with all my heart,
and I love you just the way you are,
but there's just one thing I don't want,
and that's this hole inside of you.
I'm going to dig into it,
because that's where we'll find,
the troubles that lie,
within you and then we'll be able to cover it up,
as we plant our flag on top,
and we'll know those little voices will have finally been laid to rest.
Dez 4h
Depression is my soulmate
He fell in love with me
He couldn't wait
Depression lays in bed with me at night
Follows me in my dreams
Holds me back from the light
He wants me all to himself
He whispers sweet nothings in my ear
Convincing me I can't survive by myself
I try to get away
but he holds so tight
He says I  have to stay
He pulls me close, slow dances with me
When I'm with him , he recites ever bad memory of the day
I start to believe this is all my life will be
I want to think it isn't true
but,is it?
It might be?
I have no clue
Depression doesn't like when I have a friend
He gets jealous of happiness
He makes a big fuss and that's usually the end
When they leave and he reminds me , hes here to stay
I lay in my bed,crying
He comes , holds me till I'm okay
I know I should get away ,find help
But not even my mother believes me ... whelp
Depression meet my parents without my knowing
He made them think when I'm free from him ,the real me isn't showing
I guess hes my better half
The side of me that makes them laugh
But I can't get away , it too late
I lost the key to freedom's gate
Apparently this is my fate
Depression is my soulmate
Joy B 5h
How do you tell someone
something big that you have done?
Will they hate you?
Will they love you?
Will they tell you to run?

You will need to have trust.
It’s important. Please, you must.
You have to risk it
You’ll be okay.
Just wipe off all the dust

And tell your beautiful story.
The world will see your glory.
No matter what
Please open up
Feel free and please tell me.
megan 1d
lately i don’t feel okay,
my feelings by my smile betrayed.
inside i am crumpling,
lonliness overbearing.

i feel like im trapped inside,
i need something to free my mind,
craving the bottle cyanide,
i need help.
Furey 1d
I knew this was coming
I knew one day I would have to face my fear
A little girl
No more than six
She is the one who told
I didn’t have as much courage at the age of twelve
She picked you out of a line of people
She let them know what you’d done
How you had asked
‘Are you a boy or a girl?’
‘Could I be your friend?’
You only targeted the lonely
That was your M.O
I was always alone
I must have been an easy target
You were so nice
They had been looking for a man
While you hid in the shadows
I cried when I heard they had caught you
Now I have been asked to testify
I will if only to save more from the same
I had nightmares
You haunted me more than anyone else
I was terrified as a kid
Now I’m all grown up
I have the chance to tell others about you
I hope you rot
My parents say I shouldn’t hate
Hate is a strong word
But you took my childhood
Like him you are a monster in my eyes
In many others you are a monster
We will never be scared
Of you
Of your threats
Never again
Eric 1d
All these people try to keep me from happiness.
The do it to spite me never the less.
They take away all the ones I like or love.
People that I think are heaven sent from above.

They take away my talent when things are going good.
They even turn their back’s on me if you would.
Can someone tell me why this is?
When it comes to anything I am right there with.

I even go through unbearable pain from these people.
They threaten me all the time with unfair judgment that makes me feel weaker.
I am trying hard every day.
I can not even make ends meet so what can I say.

Some if not all have made me lose my ways to get paid.
They even ruin my chances of being laid.
I try to hold it together.
I always have to deal with danger just to watch a picture.

These people could care less who they step on.
They are people that are close to me and even ones where I want to just help to make myself move from.
I do not like these games that they are playing.
I do not even like what they are saying.

I can not take it anymore.
Everyone sees their side of the story just something that I can not ignore.
I need some help from someone please!
I am here saying help me please!
Alex 1d
Can anybody help me?

I'm screaming.

But my head's underwater.

I can't hear myself under the pressure of the compression of my anxiety.

I can't love myself under the hatred that hugs my insides with every move.

I cannot be happy until I have gotten rid of everything.

I cannot accept this monster until I have become nothing more than what I was.


My head is spinning like an arrow but it refuses to land on an answer.

My heart is being torn out of my chest a billion times over but I can't scream.

I cannot look into the mirror,
Without being afraid of who I am.

I cannot look at myself,
Without seeing numbers over my head.

I've forgotten how to see.

My eyes are broken.

Did they ever work in the first place?
Anthony 1d
Why am I like this?
Why is it that I cut?
Why is it that I feel these thoughts like a hiss?
I cant help it my brain was made this way.
I cant help that I always feel the need to pay.
I deserve this don't I?
All this pain that forces me to sit down and cry?  
It makes me feel alone like nobody's there.
And every single time I'm coming out worse for wear
Every scar that shows on my arms,
Every bit that shows I've done harm,
It ads up over the long stretch of road
"You'll get over it" the overseer crowed
But you never do.
See people like us we get forced this way, through tough times, poverty, abuse, and not being alowed to say.
To be honest we all feel alone, but we aren't
just look around and really see, show your heart. Look to your idols, look to the skys,
Look to the man that sits there and cries. Find yourself.
By helping
Sorry, needed to write this to uplift myself. Hope someone out there finds something useful in my words. I needed to write
Haleigh 1d
Step 1:
Realize that winning at life does not mean that you beat others, but rather that you beat life itself. Realize that the only thing holding you back is life's grip on you that convinces you that you can't beat it. Break free of it. You're not seized by death, but by life.

Step 2:
Take care of yourself. Self-care is the most important, specifically the hard stuff. Clean your house, one room at a time. Shower, brush your hair and teeth, go for a walk outside, exercise, cook proper meals. You're not helping yourself at all by doing things you already do and enjoy. If you don't change yourself then the world won't change around you. Better yourself and everything else will follow closely in your wake.

Step 3:
Accept that happiness is a reward and not a gift. Accept that happiness is fleeting and you will have to continue to work for it if you want to keep getting it.

Step 4:
Listen to music you enjoy. Listen to music that matches your mood. Listen to music that inspires you. Trust me, it's important and you'll even enjoy it.

Step 5:
Be mature, but never grow up. Remember how to be a kid, but keep in mind that you have to be an adult sometimes. If you can decipher when each are appropriate then life will be significantly easier.

Step 6:
Get over it. It's harsh, but it's true. If you keep dwelling on things that happened in the past and are irreversible then how will you find the time to make sure the future turns out better?

Step 7:
Remember that you have plenty of time left, but that you have much control over how plenty. Remember you were born with enough time to do everything you want, but if you waste it then you'll lose it and can never get it back. Remember that if you enjoyed wasting the time then the time wasn't wasted and that you will die eventually.

Step 8:
Acknowledge that forgiveness is not a requirement. You do not have to forgive anyone who has hurt you, but people say it's nice.

Step 9:
Remind yourself that your health is more important than others' comfort. If someone feels better at your expense then they need to stop. Take care of yourself first, other people have their own coping mechanisms and they will get over it. You are your priority, no matter what.

Step 10:
Never forget that all problems have solutions. If you feel stuck, think. You'll eventually realize you know how to solve all of your problems. Never forget that solutions might not solve every problem at once, and you need to pick what's most important and what can be saved for later.

Step 11:
Accept that the future might be worse. Especially if you're in an environment you don't have full control over, things out of your hands could change for the worse. Accept that you can change most things however, and you can decide when things get better.

Step 12:
Know that there will come a time when you'll be forgotten forever and that will be so freeing. After you die, someone will think about you for the very last time and you'll be truly free. Nothing you do in life will last forever and soon everyone will have forgotten you ever existed, and it will be good.

Step 13:
Don't be superstitious. You'll worry more than you already do.

Step 14:
Realize that you won't ever get a positive answer unless you ask. No one will tell you yes unless you express that that's what you want to hear.

Step 15:
Listen to your doctors. Take your medications. Do your exercises. They studies for many years to tell you how to not die, listen to them. I promise they know more about how to help you than a random article online with no sources of sustenance.

Step 16:
Trust your gut. If you even stop to seriously consider something, it's probably at least a little bit true. If something is wrong, you will know it. You also know when that opinion is yours, or the one you've been tricked into believing is yours.

Step 17:
Think about the past. In moderation. Realize that the past is only as good as you remember it, and if you think it's better than the present then you will grow to despise the present. Realize that even if the past was better, you cannot go back and it passed for a reason.

Step 18:
Don't get back together with an ex. You broke up for a reason. Unless everything was a misunderstanding, in which case maybe. Even if you look back on your break up and think the reasons were foolish, remember that they hurt someone enough for you to break up. That will permanently damage your relationship, even if you try your hardest to fix everything.

Step 19:
Realize that you don't need to take advise from a random sixteen year old over the internet. Realize you can and should disregard any previous steps if you disagree.

Step 20:
Die knowing you lived.
the more I ignore it, the more it grows
and every time I hide it, the more it shows
things are getting complicated day by day
whatever is happening to me, I couldn't say

would you dive in the deepest darkest ocean,
or go to the moon without any reason?
I know, for you, Its a waste of time
but I would do it just ta save my mind

I know there is no cure for this kind of desease
even the doctors have a never ending list
of people who died with their eyes open wide
witnessing the world that left them behind

people are afraid of things they don't know
and numbers of depression isn't getting low
don't know when or how it will be mended
but I hope its not too late or another life will be ended.
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