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miki May 24
my sister walked in the door
a grim face and no words
i’ve never seen her like this before
she sat beside me, dragging her feet on the cold linoleum the entire way,
three cushions down
and stared blankly at the tv
“i’m really tired”
she says she only got an hour of sleep
i didn’t know what to say
i had seen the news

i could feel the sadness
it poured out of her and sept into anything in its path
i can feel my heart slowly breaking
i don’t think she noticed
she lays down with a blanket
and closes her eyes
she’s not sleeping, but i didn’t know how to help
i had seen the news

i told her
go sleep in my room
go get a snack
go home for a while
but she never listens to me
i just wanted her to be okay
i didn’t really expect this time to be different, after all
i had seen the news

she didn’t sleep
she didn’t eat
she didn’t go home
she just lay there
in silence
for hours
i kept thinking about the news

i worried all day for her
and when she finally went home that night
i still worried for her
i cried for hours
all i wanted was to help her
i didn’t know how to help her
all i knew is that
i had seen the news
Ikimi Festus Nov 2018
So bitter the truth, it won't bring you joy,
Today I'll be honest, no facade to employ.
Before I commence, I must humbly confess,
Imperfections abound, my efforts digress.
No matter my striving, it's never enough,
Yet I never imagined it could be this tough.
I don't mean disrespect or ungrateful disdain,
But in this world, Lord, your people are in pain.

Fear silences voices, they tremble and hide,
As wickedness revels, with malevolence wide.
Darkness descends, nations drown in despair,
Our flame to serve wanes, burdened hearts bear.
Oh Lord, see the state of your suffering earth,
Witness misguided hatred, the Holocaust's dearth.
What sense can be made of such human plight?
The hour grows late, Lord, please act with your might.

Life as we know it hangs on a thread,
Endless nights pass, dread upon dread.
Evil thrives rampant, your world cries for aid,
When will you intervene, this chaos to fade?

LORD: I have already sent you, my child,
To be my vessel of light, to heal and renew.
Zack Ripley May 16
I won't say I have the answers
or that I'm the answer to your prayers.
I can't tell you what it's like in heaven
or that I can take you there.
But I can tell you that I'll listen.
And I'll show you that I care
by telling you the things
you've never had a chance to hear.
I won't promise sunshine and rainbows
or that I can make it all okay.
What I promise is I'll try to help you believe
that there's always a reason to stay.
Hunger May 14
Hot tears stream down my face and burn my skin,
Hot flames consume me is i burn for my sin,
Living itself should be i crime,
Just barely scraping by on the dime,
I guess hell would be better then being alive,
In this world how do so many survive,
Suicide rates have never been higher,
As peoples need for help becomes more dire,
But so many screams will never be heard,
So many people ignored every word,
Mind like a cage that keeps me inside,
Id ask to be free but I already died.
rather than check
the forecast
for some reason
i think it enough
to merely
look to the sky
for a cursory
ten or so seconds
to observe the drifting
of weighty clouds
the overwhelming of
any strokes of blue
that might remain
being diminished
by the shifting greys
of approaching rain
before surmising
whether or not
a coat or umbrella
might be needed
at some point
in the coming hours
Zywa Mar 18
Oh dear, my best friends

are already making plans --

to make me happy.
"Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters" (1955, Jerome Salinger), quote: "I suspect people of plotting to make me happy"

Collection "Em Brace"
David Hilburn Mar 14
And a told rise of climate
Special speed to them, the more we then
The greater the fate...

Whits in unison, time is a reach...
Powers of unction or lucre
Time is a shadow of whether, we insist
Paces of control, and the help of the future...

The watched for inertia, here
Is a fear in total live, and lets share due
Given the age of need, are you redoubt or near?

Patience is such a walking nightmare...
Presence for a friend, is a whole order to tame a thought...
Powers that be, seek a question nobody has forgot, where...
Passion is for a fool's errand, to remember what is not...

The look of callousness...
Turning for simpler silences to deal with
Adding a habit, in gray sources and duly the imagination lest
With a knowing hand, the reasons of valor, to intone is...
Submission is a grand view on the devil's real estate...
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