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It’s quiet.
Like a dark room, with a small candle.
Only a small flicker of light.
A peaceful pace of breath.
A chest rising and falling,
like a pattern that never ends,
never changes.

It’s still.
A green lake,
covered in moss.
Baby ducks follow their mother,
swimming peacefully.
Unaware that soon they will be alone.
Unassuming, not worried.

it’s not.

It’s not quiet.
Thunder rattles windows,
ferocious and angry.
Trees sway,
their limbs turning into long fingers.
Scratching and knobby.
Like a witch dropping potions,
swirling a poison.
So potent and dangerous,
even a touch can eliminate
the ticking of a steady heart.

It’s not still.
The ground rumbles with something underneath.
Something so unpredictable.
Even the bravest get scared.
Something always so steady and safe,
no longer.
It shakes and breaks the fragile glass
sitting on the counter,
once stuck in its place.

Something is wrong.

The constant, ever present fan spinning above.
Blowing cool air, providing peaceful sound.
Providing comfort.
It speeds up.
It goes faster and faster,
until it becomes a wind storm.

A fog falls.
Whirling around until eyes cannot see through.
It is blinding.

Air picks up.


Too fast.

It’s too much.
It is all
too much.

It was once quiet and still.
When you looked into my eyes.
The room was dark,
the candle sat diligently,
doing it’s job,
providing light.
Just enough.
The water was calm,
innocent and kind to life.
Never able to be disturbed.

Now you look.
Into my eyes.
It’s scary,
Your heart beats faster.
It’s dark, it’s violent, it’s spinning.
Spinning and spinning.
Faster and faster.
It doesn’t make sense.
Like the wicked witch brought her twister.
Knocked on my skull,
and I let her in.

This is my home.
My home that fills every space of me.

When will my home be saved?
When will rescue barrel through, swiftly
as if there is nothing in its way to stop it?
When will the relief come?

I’m ready for the quiet.
I’m ready for the still.

I’m ready for rescue.
The Flame Jun 3
I think I'm stranded
The tides are changing and I'm stuck in the rocks
The water is neckdeep and  scared of drowning
Everyone has helped but that's why I'm not dead yet
They've done all they can and I'm alone
Please, please help, I don't want to drown
Please help my sister and I  get back home we're running out of time before we get evicted.  It's ok if you can't help but anything is appreciated
yellow soul May 30
Music is playing loud in the room
People are shotgunning’ a beer or two
Girls making out just for fun
Some guys playing with a water-gun
Someone looks at me and smile
I look away after a while
The thought that maybe I could feel
Everything suddenly gets so real
The air inside the room is gone
I lay down out on the lawn
My friends are probably hookin’ up
There’s no more liquor in my cup
People are walking all around me
I never actually really feel free
They take my hand and try to guide
How should they know every step is a fight
I try to tell them I am sad
But they just tell me life’s not that bad
They ask if it’s cause I’m not over that guy
I nod yes, but it’s a lie
I try to smile but a tear is coming
Everything feels so numbing
Why am I even still here
What if I just disappear
Maruko San May 30
Hey, how are you?
Are you grateful for this year?
Or are you mad because you can't go anywhere
because of the invincible disease that's floating everywhere
The disease that hinders your freedom
Or are you thankful because you had the chance
to know yourself more,
the chance to make up for the lost time with your loved ones
Or are you alone by yourself with nothing to do but
listen to the tick of the clock, the beat of your heart and
the classic beep of pure silence
Or does the loneliness that engulfs you acts as a therapy for your
broken soul,
Or is it just the fuel that feeds the monster inside
The monster that makes you vulnerable to your emotions,
The monster that keeps you up all night weeping,
The monster that's slowly drifting you away from being sane,
The monster who everyone calls a “phase”
But you call it depression.
Because no one understands the agonizing misery you’re going thorough
And instead of fighting for being in control
you just gave up and let it roam
because you are now tired of their judgment,
of their criticism,  
of their endless complaints.
But don’t worry you’ll get through this
You’ll make It through this.
Because you’re a warrior who survived war even without weapons.
How are you really...
Estel May 26
Seems like I’m back at square one
If not a little behind
What have I done?
It’s always 2 feet forward
And three back

I wish you cared how I was
And I could tell you
Without lying
That I’m fine

I’ve crossed the little red line
That I sketched into my mind
Now I feel lost
With no one to hold

I wish I could end it all
No one takes me seriously
I wish I could scream
“No I’m not fine!!”
But that would never do, no
Just hold it inside
Cut my woes away
And fake a smile.
Jay May 25
One more word, and I'll blow up.
One more day, and I'll grow up.
One more drink, and I'll throw up.
One more week, and I'll give up..

But words don't have to be said-,
Growing is an ongoing process,
Drinks don't have to be alcohol,
And help is easily available.

You don't have to give up like me. We can work through this, okay?
Bianca Hodge May 24
Right before your eyes a person with so much pain you couldn’t see, to your eyes I was fine, happy, jolly and complete, however I was dying struggling to breath. My body felt heavy ready to give away, I fight every morning contemplating if I should stay. I didn’t want to be here anymore, I wanted to go, I wanted all the noise to stop because I couldn’t hear my voice anymore. When I smile at you, I guess you thought I was okay, a happy person with hopes and dreams ready to take the world on. However, the world defeated me, I couldn’t fight anymore the little strength I had was enough to survive barely. At times I try to get your attention to let you know, I'm reaching to the point where I won't be able to do it anymore. But you didn’t see, you couldn't hear the child in me crying, begging for someone to save them. Help me it cries, see me it says, I'm here and I'm drowning, and I cannot breathe. How can you not see me, are you choosing to ignore the desperate silent cries that escape me? The pain, if you feel this pain, I wonder if you would have saved me. Would you have took the time to stop and embrace me? I needed your help because I couldn’t save myself. My demons were winning, poisoning me with their malice, infecting me with their diseases. Slowly eating away my existence, I didn’t know who I was anymore? But I guess it's too late, the deed has been done, I'm finally free, now it's too late for you to save me.
Leah Carr May 22
I don't understand
at. all.
Are you a comfort?
Or a threat?
Are you a friend?
Or an enemy?
Help me understand
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