You stole any sparkle in my eyes
And made me believe I deserved it
You stole each star in the sky
And I didn’t deserve to know why
You took my sun
My moon
Ripped me apart
And scattered the pieces of me on the floor with your torture

Yet it was all your delusion.
You projected your own darkness on to me
And made me believe it was mine
And you convinced yourself;
But I see it in the way the wind brushes my face as if to stroke it
I see it in the way the sympathetic mouths passionately puzzle

You have been blinded by your darkness
You are looking through black lenses, at a girl who hurts you.
But if you take the black lenses off, you’d see a girl who’d
Who’d rearrange all of your stars in the sky
Who’d give you the sun
the moon
who’d stitch you back together
and unconditionally love you.
I know she isn’t perfect
But neither are you
And everybody can change. For the better.

You are blinded by your demons.
I hope one day soon they leave you alone.
What do you do when the one you love pushes you away in their dark time?
Lilly 17h
Slit my wrists; hope to die
Take some pills; start to cry
Knot the rope; pull it tight
Put a bullet in my mind
I am okay now, this is an old poem I wrote and published on my wattpad
cristy 17h
needle thin wrists ,
and a thigh gap as big as the Pacific Ocean .
slender neck ,
and colar bones as sharp as knives.
a flat stomach ,
and legs that look like sticks .

those are the things i dream being.
open to criticism
Dear depression,
I know it's been a while,
but right now your back in style
don't be afraid,
Deep inside of me I can see you,
so just come out and I'll show you what's all about,
don't be afraid!
I know when I need a friend you'll be the one I while trust until the end,
but till I see you again,
Dear Depression,
Dear Depression!
Still putting this poem together ;)
That guy has social anxiety
That guy has no friends
That guy is judged by his first impression
And it doesn't go further than that
Because that guy doesn't get a chance to portray who he is
That guy is an introvert
That guy is lonely and depressed
But to hide it he puts on so many facades for so many different people
That guy has forgotten where the facade ends and where he begins
That guy has been hiding so long he has found comfort in this lonileness
That guy looking back in the mirror is forlorn, troubled and is longing for help
            So please Help Me!
As the sun rises in the east,
the sky fills with light.
Faded yellows absorb the dark hues of the night.
Gone are the blues and purples of darkness.

As the normal person wakes,
they make breakfast.
As I wake,
I ponder my own being.

Am I good enough?
The age old question that has been asked since the dawn of man.
I know the question will never be fully answered.
And I know I will have to live with the ugly truth,
I am not good enough.

As the sun grows higher into the sky,
your life long companion,
your shadow,

The normal person is making breakfast,
but I am instead still forcing myself to sleep.
I cannot bear waking up.
I shove my feelings down my throat and force my dreams to appear.

I dream of a time when humanity was defined,
not by what they said on the internet,
but by what they did to help there friends.

I dream of a time when humanity had morals,
had beliefs,
but most importantly,
had love.

The sun begins to set in the west.
The bright colors of day begin to fade into the dark hues of night once more.
This amazing deep orange comes through the clouds in the distance.

The normal person is having dinner,
but instead I am looking out of the window in my bedroom,
which I haven't left in three days.
My heart and mind ache with thought.

My body feels like a waste of space.
It feels like god is taking his finger and pressing down on me.
I feel confined.
I feel detained.
I feel,

The sun falls back behind the houses in the distance.
Every scrap of light falls into darkness.
Nothing is left of the world.
Everything is consumed by this elusive creature represented by the lack of light.

The normal person is kissing their loved ones goodnight,
but I,
am alone.
Don’t care who it hurts or not
Not coming from a feeling
Feeling nothing actually
Actually apathy
Apathy now I can’t feel
Feel this emptiness
Emptiness but full
Full of the imminent
Imminent end
End this life
Life so hollow
Hollow feelings, gone
Gone like dust in the wind
Wind me away
Away from the living
Living a lie
Lie to them
Them who I want to help
Help me now
Now how about that
That fucking circle
Circle in my head
Head in under water
Water gagging gasping grasping
Grasping at some reason
Reason to love
Love is gone
Gone like my will
Will I do it it
It the biggest sin
Sin to the end
End it all
All of me
Me what’s the point
Point out the reasons not to
To do the deed
Deed to this body
Body vessel borrowed
Borrowed feelings and time
Time to choose
Choose to live or die
Die every day
Day and night day and night
Night in my heart
Heart turned numb
Numb to you
You to me
Me caught in this forever
Forever asleep life
Life pales in comparison
Comparison to living the dream
Dream now and
Erica C 1d
i yearn to hear the voice that once lied
i crave the lips who kissed another
the hands who held mine one hour, but another's the other
the warm embrace then felt like he was putting me back together
just to break me...once again
yes i am in love with a boy
who broke me to pieces
but also who sent tingles down my spine
and one who knows me more than i know myself
this boy
is the reason i trust people too much
because i think everyone
is like him
i don't fall in love oh so easily
but when i do
i fall hard
Lilly 1d
I've got a secret
I can't tell it
I've got a headache
I can tell why
My secrets are bearing down upon me
They are crushing my mind
No one will know
Take it to the grave


My secrets would kill me if I let them.
My secrets would hurt others if I let them.
Others won't get hurt by what I feel if they don't know.
My secrets will kill me, or I'll kill them.
Secrets hurt.

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