help me
I'm lost in love
trying so hard to escape
i don't want this to become my home
I don't want to find comfort here
love isn't where i belong
I had just begun to trust myself
I can't let someone ruin that
Help me
Center attention.
There's where you stand.
Look no further or less.
Break and you'll find X.

Understand we have to cover where you stand
Otherwise you'll be dragged into foreign land.
There you see just one belief.
Or else you'll be seen as the enemy.

I guess our house divided helped me see,
No one is correct.
Not even me.
Avengers together, but we all fall alone.
Family drama is just another living issue
My speciality is hiding
A turtle in my shell
A people pleasing personality
Developed by the days of destructive anxiety

I’ve been broken by so many things
And people
and I thought I’d been repaired with gold,
but it seems I’ve been left a bit unstable at the core.
So I guess the only solution is to carefully crack me open once more.
Tharuki 1d
And you broke  
Shattered me
Killed me...
But there’s something about you
That I can’t
Let go of
Tharuki 1d
Her mind
Was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear
It held the extraordinary
The secrets
The lies
The untold truths
But it held the pain
And the hurt
And the suffering
And it kept everything hidden
Yet so exposed
Her mind
Was strong
But weak
Her thoughts hurt her
But hiding it took more strength
But life kept going
And so did she
Even though her life wasn’t
What she wanted it to be
Her mind
Kept her safe
But put her in danger
And with every thought
She was a step closer to death
But closer to being alive
And her thoughts
Sustained her
They made time obsolete
But still made life so fast
Her mind was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear.
Tharuki 1d
Shes a mirror
People only see
what the want to
Tharuki 1d
can you hear it?
Im talking
Im screaming
but no one ever hears
a thing
you never really cared
or loved me
you never asked
I only ever
caused you pain
Maybe i should stop
being such a burden
and leave for good
No one ever wanted
me around
Kira 2d
Your eyes
are a fire that lights up my skin
Your heat
is a force that ignites from within
Your hands
are so gentle, they make my head spin
Your lips
give me chills, I can't help when you grin
Your voice
has the beauty of a golden violin
Your body
invites, excites, entices sin
Your attention
is an ocean I get lost in
Your love
is a life that might have been
I second guess myself constantly. I don't know what I'm afraid of. I wish I had the courage to pursue love, instead of backing away and feeling regret.
Just because it's suggested doesn't make it right.
In the hands of teachers, other staff.
What other purpose could this directly serve.
To defend our institutions.
To further endanger those around.
The knowledge instilled from book to teacher a different practice.
Now holstered, hidden in the drawer of a desk.

What goes through the mind of the victim that's been bullied.

What training can be set in place to stop the next bulletin.

Shooting across the screen.

The kid in 10th grade that carries the weight of the world.

Sitting all day staring out the window.

Mother in hospice.

A fragile thought swallowed by deafening silence.

It no longer becomes a listening session of encouragement.

The after school sessions of comfort sped up.

Another bulletin of hysteria fired across the screen.

Teacher student affair.

15 year old student found with 42 year old man.

When in reality she was seeking help due to a troubled home.

Afraid to sleep knowing the door would creep open.

Leaving her terrified to close her eyes. The relationship between step daughter and father without boundary.

Where's the specialty training for those who care.

The proper resources that extend beyond that of a pamphlet.

The dark skin kids that's made fun of because they look different.

Stereotyped as aggressive.
The dope boys, the baby mamas.

The light skin girl that's made to feel inferior because she turns red with every hit.

Her hair is longer than theirs so she wants to cut it.

Aggressively forgetting all the beauty she possesses.

The active shooter managing to make it pass the metal detectors.

Rallying the attention he didn't get at home.

The debate carries on across every wall except the right ones
Tharuki 2d
I both the victim
and the perpetrator
I hurt myself
my being me
My thoughts consume me
with hate and fear
They take me
and ruin me
and victimise me
but I still hold the blame
i hurt myself
by being myself
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