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Hammad Oct 11
I have burned
all the boats
to reach to your shore
so my dear!
You can either
take me with you
Or leave me drowned...
Erian Rose Oct 4
Her voice trembled under unsettling cold
breath hitched at starless dusk,
an ocean of black ink
drowning the moon's marvelous magic

Footsteps echoed her own
a balancing act in the dark
playing with unwritten spellwork
scattered in her shaken eyes

She wasn't afraid of what lurked
Beneath the running seas and crashing shores
the orbs that followed her
all but left to her cryptid-tale
ShadowSpy Sep 15
Steal my
No one to
I am
I am
No more
Tizzop Sep 10
got bass-addicted at age 5, waterfalls boliling
holy high, i'm asking god for forgiveness
lost my morals on the way, lord forgive me
a night and a fifty, forever frisky

time is frippinly frozen, so much ice and a watch
i can't say that i'm not chosen, maybe watch and listen
between the shore and the castle, i am trippin'
everybody needs a trademark, i got a lion birthmark

how can you count on people when they are leaving
find me down by the boat, measure my breathing
under the palm trees, we will be leaving
16 souls in the bottega, zippers are shivering

investments full of frippers, you feel me?
the magic of the rubix is really speedy
i am needy like an infant, a snow male, steely
benjamins are flying through the money machiny
Aparna Oct 1
rummaging through oceans
stirring storms
spinning aequoreal
threads into cerulean fabric
hemmed with
in leaps n' bounds
washing over crystal grains
inexplicable surges of
swirling thoughts

phlwest Sep 3
we kiss
like tides unsure of the shore
Kashish Aug 31
The waves are calling me
I think it’s time I go now
The thoughts are crashing inside my head
Like the waves crash on the shore
Maybe if I listen to their calling
And get immersed into the depth of the ocean
They will decimate me once and for all
And finally, I will be in peace. With no hurt, no emotion
I certainly don’t mean anything to anyone
I think it’s time I go and untie the knot
I got caught in the mayhem. My mind is drained
From asking thyself, whether to quit or not?
Spriha Kant Jul 30
As I stepped into the sea waves ,
I got drifted into our friendship and no longer remembered about going back to the sea shore.

The moment you held my hand in your hand amidst the sea my fear of sinking under it wiped out like that of sand houses on the sea shore under the violent waves and I bathed in your pearly love , my seashell.

Swim with me till those stream lines where there's no trace of the sea shore and I will submerge and breath in them with you as a mermaid till eternity.
If I could take your love
And hold it til we meet the sea
The horizon and the shores
Are more than a destiny

Take my hand,
Lead me into your heart
Because today, can be
The start of our own reality

Because, darling I hope you see
That our world is meant to be
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