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Mark Wanless Jul 8
i saw a venue in mind
walking towards the shore
of consciousness once more

many generations of me
splashes among the sea
and it is a heartfelt kind

the echoes resound dimly
i think i hear words
or just an error simply

softly i transverse
in my dreams
the whole universe

awake i am human
Your life could be going smooth like a ship sailing in calm waters, yet a sudden change in your life can turn it upside down, suddenly this ship is caught in a raging storm.

Are you ready for the rough ride? With all of your planning, knowledge, and skills?
Have you prepared your survival boat to safe shores?

Hussein Dekmak
their lights are dim on the horizon
two ships headed East
soft blue glow barely seen
from this vacant shoreline
random stars begin peeking
through the thinning cloud cover
in the remaining bit of light
ghost ***** scurry about
free of human interruption
the white crest of breaking waves
glimpses in the darkness
this is when the beach awakens
this is when I am at home
breathing the life of the sea
my favorite spot
mica Apr 2022
let’s drift apart as quickly as we got along
like the waves across the shore
it is but a fleeting moment
leaving nothing but a dampened sand
to remind that we have met once in a lifetime
met a friend just to become strangers…
vanessa marie Apr 2022
i went to the market today
i bought myself a fresh bundle
not of your favourites, but of mine
of yellow and blue with green stems

tonight i will fill the mason jar fresh
with water and petals floating alongside
and i will watch as the petals drop
one by one i save them, dried

tomorrow i will go to the market
i will walk to the water and smile
i will skip rocks on the shore
and watch the waves stretch out for miles

i will keep those petals in a jar
those of green and yellow and blue
i will remember their place on my shelf
i will always remember you
Andreas Simic Feb 2022
Passing Through

We are like two sailing ships
Passing through a narrow canal

Veteran captains standing  on our decks
We nod heads to each other

In acknowledgement as if to say
Congratulations on a job well done

The sails of our boats once taut now sag
A sign of the relics we have become

In our hey day
We were the top of our class

The envy of the fleet
Known for speed and cunningness

The scourge of the open seas
Few willing to take us on in a battle of the minds

Feared in competition
Avoided where possible

But alas like all things in life
There is decline and decay awaiting us

When you know the time has come
For navigating into the sunset for safe harbor

All that is left is to idle away time
Sitting on the sandy shore until...

Andreas Simic©
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
a piece of shore can
enter the river slowly
to become much more
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
first you have to be
a river not a piece of shore
then journey begins
I fall in love
to a girl
who sits
enjoying solitude
in the crowd,
her long hair waving
hitting the shore.
She laughs,
and the world
smiles at me.
Indonesia, 15th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Svetoslav Oct 2021
All sailors get drowned by the number as the sea monster devastates their journey. ''Don't ya worry, lads! It will start to rain once we get home,'' was the last sentence the captain said to his mates before the clash. Echoes of cannons and guns, cries are carried in the wind onto distant shores.

Anchors are floating in the waves, on the surface of the sea, drifting downstream. Memories of this event are sealed deep within the sea monster's conscience. Stories about these murders thrill the skin of the sailors that follow. Their wits get consumed with terror. All who dare to sail there analyze their lives. Reaching this ****** domain may be the last sight the sailor will see. And the only concern of the sea monster is-- will there be more fools to pass from here?

This legendary beast returns to the bottom of the sea. Flutes alarm the isle cities as panic arrives as an uninvited guest. Whirlpools swallow the remaining objects of the ship that remained intact after the impact with this mythical creature.
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