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Her restless feet,
take her somewhere;
where she can finally meet
the sky and the ocean.
For years she've been waiting;
barefoot wanderer longing for
sand and sea salt,
sunsets by the shore.
Arisa Mar 12
shoreline littered

broken shells,

bits of seagrapes,

parts of a dead crab,

and footprints.
Arisa Mar 11
sand sticks onto my legs
as i crawl out of the water.

stench of salt in my hair,
as i walk the shoreline.

french fry in gull's beak,
as i toss my food away.

god i love the beach.
- anyone who hates the ocean needs to fite me >A<
cat Mar 7
unlikely friend
remorse of the swelling tensions
us risen from the affair
we muse together
of our greater imbalance
the spontaneous occurrence
of our bewicked empathies
we were not designated
yet this path our own will
tiding foreign bodies to his shore
of befriending the girl my ex left me for, and discovering an unexpected, new sort of love.
Dot Feb 20
I stood and studied my ankles,
As they rudely interrupted
the passage of sea to shore.
Waves; they almost made it
to caress the sandy incline,
slowed to a final trickle,
as they reach their journeys end.
They grasp at grains of sand;
a desperate bid
to drag them home to sea.
rose Feb 10
Sometimes I imagine us holding hands,
Walking along the harbor:
You, telling stories of all these lost years
       like a pelican begging for food
Making music out of my invisible tears

But maybe instead of holding your hand
I should hold on to the future
And stop chasing your footprints in the sand
Only to be led nowhere.
I will no longer swim in these tears.
I have felt the ache of the salt burn on my skin for far too long.
It’s not worth docking on this pier
If you don’t treasure me like the shells along your shore.

So I set sail.
I will find a new island to call my own &
Sculpt the land like shaping clay on a pottery wheel.

I will treasure all of my shells and secrets
The way you did not treasure me.
And for once, I will command the sea.
pa3que Feb 9
Lost in the sea.
          Lost in your eyes.
                     Lost in your love.
Am I lost in the depth of the         ocean?  

Waves crash against the shore. So are you the ocean, if I’m the shore?        
           I see a sea turtle.
A large one with a colorful glow.

It opens my eyes and I can see the life inside you.
                It’s bright.
                         And warm.

But when you wrap your arms around me, they’re cold and dark.  

      Are we like dolphins and lions?    
Different from so many perspectives and meant to stay apart.

      But again, the lion chases    
              dolphins, while they run.          
       And they do outrun him,       because the lion can’t swim.
     Because the lion will drown into
             the depth of the ocean.

So if I let myself drown and die for your love. Will you push me back onto the shore and let the lions, whom are so afraid of drowning take me.
          And tear me apart,
                     piece by piece,
                            part by part.
        And heart by heart.

I’m not the only one who’s afraid to let myself drown into a love of another.

     There will always be one ocean,    
              that lets you drown.
      And one that pushes you away.

      There will always be one shore,    
            that’s brave enough to try.  
     And one that will never get wet,    
          because it’s too afraid to die.
faeri Dec 2018
I'm not a pretty sunset on the beach
With small waves and a spring breeze.
My waves are high
They rumble fiercely.
No coral reef but a bed of rocks that guards ***** and sea urchins.
But I'll still love you more than the waves will ever love the shore.
Bullet Dec 2018
Moons watch me
Phases shift me
A wave bring me into existence
Show me the ways to the shore
Let me finally listen to the peace of the storm
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