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Euphorie Oct 6
As she remembered her first kiss,
That moment of pure bliss,
His tippy toes higher to reach her,
ses cheeks burned in the summer heat,
His eyes were as innocent as grace itself,
This instant of love viewed by the shore,      
He confessed to her smiling face,
As the breeze witnessed their embrace.
fraudelle Sep 1
If you don't want to be with me
You can still walk beside me...
I can sing you a song
That has no ending...

I just want to say

I won't stop on reaching you
Even sands won't allow me...

I can wait during fall... Spring even winter.

All I want is to be remembered...

In this coming summer.
Nicole Aug 17
a flower behind my ear
the sea air filling my lungs
i am waiting by the shore
in case you come back
Bansi Adroja Aug 12
We are always falling together
like the waves and shore
pulling apart
at every opportunity
but addicted to each other
in a way only we know
under the moonlight
waiting for a sunrise
on and on
we go
It's just you.
To write,
was to embrace all the waves
that you kept off the shore.

To write,
was to embrace the thoughts
you shoveled down
so they wouldn't have the power to hurt you.

To write,
was to feel liberated
of your shackles and confinement.

To write,
was to find yourself
navigating towards
your own thoughts
and emotions that you
kept away for so long.

To write,
was to feel once more
and be brought back to yourself.
Kriti Mishra Jul 16
She took a hesitant first step
Closer to bay.
Sand crunched under her toes,
And cold slapped her ankles,
As a wave broke upon the shore.
Receding waters,
Left her tilting like creaking post,
Overburdened with laundry.
Surprised, she jumped backwards
Retreating to the sane solid ground.
But sanity lost,
To the wild, tempestuous sea.
JDL Jul 12
As I stand upon the shore,

Peering into the waves of what came before;

Reflecting upon times of pleasure and revelry

Just as the tides leave awash priceless treasures and memories

Some are swept away into the seas of eternity

The ocean before me, the only certainty

Into sand the water seeps

Like tears for loved ones lost we forever weep

Each day another tally etched upon our flesh

Each one bringing us closer to the day of our final rest

Adding yet another plank upon our rickety raft

Born within a body that was not meant to last

The final plank in place ready to head out into the great unknown

For our sins we must be prepared to atone

For on this journey they will be our only companion

Yet blocking our way is our soul’s Champion

His body and soul bruised, cut and bleeding with every one of our past mistakes

My flesh renewed, is that all it takes?

To the hand of the Son of Grace we grasp

As He reaches to the Father of Truth and Love that will forever last
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