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Maria Etre Nov 2021
I gained weight
my shoulde(r)s slouch(e)d
at the burden
I am carrying
that'(s) increasing
with my age
as time piles
my waist ex(p)ands
fertility is just an adjective
with(o)ut a part(n)er
sen(sib)ly carry(i)ng
(li)fe's weigh(t)
Zack Ripley Feb 2021
It's not about the bad times.
It's not about the good times.
It's about all the times.
The heartache and the pain.
The kisses in the rain.
There's so much for you to gain
If you don't worry
About your heart getting stained
scatterbrained Jan 2021
Burning in a sweeter version of hell
Your skin smolders, growing into a fire that I didn’t mean to start
But suddenly I’m a pyromaniac that’s coaxing the flame
I know I’m to blame
And I know what they say
But I want to get burned

With my moral compass leading south
And your jaw pressed to my mouth
This price seems so small to pay
i wonder if your price is the same as mine

you have everythang to gain by

playing the card of authenticity.
M Vogel Nov 2020

All these years
(and all those covered up, fears)
Ah, babe.. the things I would do
to keep myself separate..
to keep from being  pulled in--

to all things, nonlife;
from that which  my spirit
could not believe in..
to paths that felt to be
diametrically opposed
to a true north  
that I did not know,
but could only feel
Oh what have I done,
my beautiful--
I have judged, and lost
so much

in order to become  so un-able
             to  hold on  to so little

Just how much  of me
would be left,  
had I let you in; 


Or  no-thing--

sans the memory
of all that I have done
in order to obtain it.

I'll face myself
to cross out what I've become
erase myself,

and let go of what I've done
~ C Bennington

all the years, and years
and years of it
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
The mind
Is fertile

Any age
One can learn
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Enroll
All energy comes from the same well
every whim wrought
whims not
while sitting on a fiery throne
or cast out onto frosted stone
buy or sell
It's drawn from the same well
close your eyes
what color is it?
Ally Gottesman Aug 2020
Say every year is a step away
From who you once were
And is a step closer
To who you will be

Ten years is ten steps
Ten steps and ten lessons
Ten lessons that shape
Who you will become

In ten years you will be
Ten steps away from now
And ten steps
Closer to then

Say ten years ago you liked fiction
And now, ten years later,
You only read memoirs

Say ten years ago you were angry
An now, ten years later,
You can’t remember why

Say ten years ago your hair was brown
And now, ten years later
Your hair is blonde

Say ten years from now you live
In a big city with loud noises
But now, ten years before,
You live at home and are uncertain

Say ten years ago you
Would never do that
And now, ten years later,
It is all you ever do

Ten years full of growth
Ten years full of lessons
Ten years full of discovering
You and what makes you whole

Say ten years ago you felt alone
And now, ten years later,
You have comfort
In solitude
Inspired by “You Are Jeff” by Richard Siken
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