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I dreamt of you last night
it had been awhile since I thought of you.

I conditioned myself to keep you out of my head
but you found a way to slip right through.

I woke up feeling lonely, longing hopelessly for a fate that's not mine

It kills me to know you still hold the power to hurt me,
even when I've made you up in my mind.
I Die Daily
Daily I am Born

Life and Death
Both are my Friend

Death is Lovely
Life is ****

Death is Cool
Life makes us Fool

Death is inevitable
Life may fail

I like my daily Death
No tension at all

Sleep is my daily death
I enjoy it after all
I Die Daily.  What about YOU?
Neli 4d
Lucifer devoured my ego and soul. His hot, paralyzing thumbs browsed my denuded body. His aura was furthermore malodorous and displeasing than the angst that fired upon my frail, adolescent heart. His feverish gaze that could make mourning widows weak on their knees and pungent in their stomachs. The remarkably satisfying, ivory skin held such unimaginable and lustrous glow. The slicked back hair exhibited his forehead, which seemed to posses nothing more or less than barbarian wisdom. I could almost feel my soul abandoning my body right after his lips urged onto my own, arousing a jeopardy so erratic and abominable that could lead the most virginal and glorified souls to deviate towards pleasure inferno.
Meruem 4d
For me to be able to see you succeed,
Made me fall into my knees; grateful of Him.
Because I was able to see you fail,
And it made me fall deepest, for you.
March 19, 2019 - 23:59

Hosanna, hosanna in the highest.
Jolan Lade Mar 14
Daily daydreams are where I find her
I see her in every corner of my mind
Targeting dreams where we are together
Talking in my sleep
Each and every moment, exiting and unique
I can't really do much else.
Meruem Mar 9
The truth is that I really don't enjoy long travels
That specific smell makes me sick
And all I want to do while on the road is
To sleep.

But everytime I close my eyes
It is you that comes to mind;
The thought of having the chance to hold your hand for a while
To be able to feel your warmth.

As time goes by
I learned to appreciate
The journey
Of coming home to you.

You are here.
This is,
My favorite place.
March 10, 2019 - 01:09

Nature always find its way to bloom.
Desire Mar 3
If you’re hungry, you can’t be lazy.
You must listen, learn, work, and read
in order to make the means to eat, and feed,
your appetite of aspiration and opportunity.
Satisfy both your stomach and soul.
feed me more
Madison Mar 2
I'm not falling for you.
We don't work.
I'm not falling.
You keep smiling.
I refuse to fall.
You deserve better.
I won't fall...
Because I've already fallen.
Jolan Lade Mar 1
Will you be at my funeral?
I think of it as a lonely place
A daily thought I usually face
Sometimes I look at a friend
And I think to myself
Would they be at my funeral
Would they attend?
It's not a beautiful answer
Not in my head
A scary thought, really
Aditya Roy Feb 26
******* at the shoes
And stuck in the
Time Warp
Imagine that
If you get caught in a problem
Hope I can take care of you

******* at the shoes
A simple beat
A promising feeling
Waking in the morning
Feeling the place in my heart

A heart's a place
Where keep that key
Every now and then
Channeling the inner fury
The visions slip into time

The pervading norm
Be a normal citizen
With a heart of gold
Cause this is a heart of silver
In a gold mine
Of strangers
Of this purple Haze
Finished in a black handbag
The same gun
The purse carries
Things that keep trapped hearts
The same hall you've been through
With some fool's dream
Or nightmare of the city lights
Around the star's constellation
The person that you were
Will not be the same, to you once more

You could inspire a nation
If you were the right color
Of a white yet black race
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