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I'm on the edge of love
Where sunflowers no longer bloom
Willows no longer sing
And roses are dead in spring

I'm on the edge of love
Where fingers no longer touch
Where passion is forgotten waft
And the salty tears on my cheek are the only thing that drift

I'm on the edge of love
Where my heart no longer flutters
his words are missed and their memory is a constant reminder.

I'm on the edge of love
Where the days are dull, nights are ominously silent
Sun shines ever so coldly
And the stars twinkle with sadness
Dream Fisher Sep 9
"Hey how have you been?"
Let me think, with a smile,
Just say I am well, let's have a seat.
Here's a real answer, it just may take a while.
Spare me a minute if you could.

I've been selling drugs for six years,
About re-up another two,
I'm at the top of my game,
Minimum wage seems to go up,
I get compensated all the same.
I've been watching my worth diminish,
Another blow to the ego, another questioning why?
Another person asking why I even try.
I've been a hand me down, hand out case
And I'll never go back to that.

One person asking why my wife doesn't work
Another proud that we make that work.
No matter what path you take,
You'll disappoint someone all the same.
If you aren't a player in my life,
Kindly stay out of my lane.
That's no disrespect, I get your intentions,
Your opinion may prove better with wait
But if that's the case, I accept all my mistakes.

Some weeks I feel exhausted,
Some days I pass out in bed,
Most days poetic thoughts flood my head
But I can say I am well
I could say I'm broken, I could say I'm complete
I could fall over and cry
But most days I keep dancing to a beat
Even when it's been 12 hours on my feet
Call me anything but I'll never be weak.
I can feel it all simultaneously and all be true
But I guess that's enough about me,
How are you?
when we start our day
how it might end

whether we'll see
our loved ones again
after we say goodbye to them
in the morning

wheter the world
will kerp on turning
as we know it

we do not know

yet we asssume

a world built on asumptions
is the only one
we have
Meruem Sep 2
Imagine the life of a plant,
Harmonizing oneself with nature.
Some are in a conrete jungle,
Slowly growing out of the pavement.

Imagine your life,
And it's continuous search for meaning.
Some days might be rough,
Yet you'll manage to get through.
September 3, 2019 - 03:52

Taking a rain check on them lonely days.
Meruem Aug 25
"You never loved her."
These words are marked on you;
Like a deep wound in your heart,
Like a sad song in your head.

I loved you, and I'll always do.
All the hours that we spent,
And everytime that our hearts skipped
A beat for every sweet nothings.

I loved you, that's why I came back.
I loved you like the moon loves the sun;
I was outshined by your light,
Yet all I wanted was to meet you in the middle.

I loved you,
Because you were my world.
And it really breaks my heart
Because you still think that I only used you.

I loved you;
I returned so I can mend your broken heart
I wanted to be the one to wipe away your tears
I offered you my heart, my soul, and a life we can share together.

But you never loved me.
You only loved how I patiently loved you.
You only loved the idea that I'll still run to you despite our darkest days.
You only loved your old memory of me and discarded the truth that nothing has changed.

You never loved me, but I did.
August 25, 2019 - 12:56
PoeticMinds Aug 8
The things we do.
The things we say.
We pick at each other while we play.
This sick twisted mind game that no knows.
Only the ones who have stories,
Belief in the skys.
Looks up, saying "I wanna ride! I wanna ride!"
But deep down inside,
there's no where left to hide.
This poem is just another deep thought that I had. and to be completely honest, I named it deeply confused for the fact that I went that deep in to my emotions and creativity that i was confused.
Meruem Jul 29
All I want is to write,
But something ain't right..
July 30, 2019 - 00:05
Zia Jul 16
how to love
how to hate
you taught me both
Meruem Jul 4
I'm so tired of love songs,
Someone take me home.
Just wanna go home,
Cause I can't be alone.
July 4, 2019 - 08:42
Meruem Jun 30
One thing about sadness,
It consumes.
And it may appear
In all shapes and forms.
Whether it comes from the outside,
Or deep within;
It will definitely loom
Over your whole entire being.
June 30, 2019 - 21:23

What a sick feeling...
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