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Zoe Mae Sep 13
Not only do scars remind me of what I've done
They also remind me of what I've become
With age came the wisdom to put the knives down
At least while I'm drunk and running around
Nowadays my scars collect on the inside
Solid tissue grows where my heart once thrived
The doctors are shocked I'm still alive
Quite frankly so am I
Zoe Mae Sep 8
A black widow waits
For a lumbering beetle
To deliver lunch
Zoe Mae Aug 30
Orbiting the eye
Is a force greater than man
Her wrath knows no bounds
Zoe Mae Aug 25
Poor Count Dracula
He nicked himself while shaving
But doesn't know it
Zoe Mae Aug 24
She'll spend her last breath
Doing laps around the sun
Until they are one
Zoe Mae Aug 22
The sky's blinding us
Only her eye offers sight
But for now it's shut
Zoe Mae Aug 21
When writing don't take yourself too seriously

Try to keep it fun

That's what I always tell myself

As I reload my gun
Zoe Mae Aug 21
The sun calls in sick
Clouds rush to cover her shift
No sunshine today
Zoe Mae Aug 18
Choking on your words
Tried swallowing them for years
Time to spit them out
Zoe Mae Aug 17
Stars are always there
Some nights we get a free show
Make sure you look up
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