my heart is that love like a sneeze that never comes
in the night that has no moon and the scent of wet grass
my room is not yellow like the dim bulb that lights it
it's a soft red that memory the mind forces with a fucking hell

just now i swear i swear this moment has happened once before
and only the stars remember their places in the night of my mind
old paint always chips off all dream homes pretty faces and coffins
a flux of angels in heaven carrying swords with tears in their eyes

Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

Tend to your garden, and pull
out the weeds. Bid goodbye
to the toxic, so you can
finally breathe.

I've gotten rid of ALOT of toxic people. And these were the people that I've know since high school. It did hurt, but trust me. You'll never be more free when you're away from the endless drama.
Remedy Aug 6

Everywhere they move has cracked foundation,
these stakes so high but different sizes,
remove one to stop devastation,
burn them all to settle ties;
The bitter clasps of stubborn pride and
Blueprints of fate that have been dyed
Black by the ink in one’s own mind.
The family tree is but a weed.
You cut its blossoms while the seed
Of hatred festers under tears
And rains on it for years and years
Until weeds overtake the garden,
No size shears could ever pardon
Such sheer bitter disregard
For those birthed in the same backyard.

My wonderful garden ...

beautiful lady ...
you are ...
my greatest lady ...
you are ...
my wonderful life ...
you are ...
as the angel above me ...
always you are ...
my wonderful heaven ...
you are ...
full of all kind aroma ...
full of all flowers and roses ...
you are ...
the main greatest Rose ...
the Queen to all flowers...
you are ...

my wonderful rose ...
you are ...
my wonderful garden ...
my own world ..
who i belong to ...
the heaven to my life ...
the gift to my breathes ...
from your amazing fragrant ...
which i granted from my God ...
through your eyes ...
your lips ...
which gives me the taste ...
within your aroma to my breathes...
to feel always ...
that i'm alive ...

hazem al ...

Ma Cherie Aug 2

I saw a lovely frog today
a hopping in my garden
he stopped a sec -
to quickly say hello

I said hello to Mr frog
how do you do you do
how do you do,
my lil' hopping fellow?

he said I'm fine
no point to whine
this life is good
so why not be just mellow?

I said good point
just like the sun
in happy summer yellow

we both just sighed
a tad misty eyed,
so grateful for the lovely warmth
becuz in the light we are freed
and as we looked up- agreed
it is what we all need,

that it is always best
to just allow

Ma Cherie © 2017

Lol ; ) love you poets
Ma Cherie Jul 27

I have a dream of a garden
I have this dream of a place
where everything planted is growing
and inside is where I find grace

an in this garden
is everything
that I've ever wanted to grow,
every lovely seed that I've held
that I take the time now to sew

where I will cook and take care of
the people and things to me dear
where only sweet love
can reside there
and we'll never know any fear
where arms are open and loving
to wipe away sadness and tears,

where this love is only protection
safety amidst all the trial
where contentment
is how we can feel there
and rest our sweet souls for awhile

and then at night we'll retire
amidst the garden we've planted
and make and grow love everlasting
thankful our wish was just granted.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk lol I have a garden... yes, but this garden!?! I can dream....❤❤❤ love you x - Ma
Shofi Ahmed Jul 27

It’s a garden I saw
one propels within oneself
there was no shadow.
I saw starry rows lining up
in broad daylight, I was stunned
Yes, stars in the broad daylight!

Here I see the sun up on the high  
and the full moon in the night.
But here they weren’t
needed in the fair fare!

Angelina Desh Jul 21

I keep your secrets close to my heart
Like the necklaces we wear with memories tucked deeper inside than we've ever shared
Like a flower blossomed from us, held tightly to my chest
Genuine seeds of thought sprout as our petals are doused in golden dreams
While lust stained tips and thorns sharpen alongside the crescent moon
I pick that flower every morning and think of you.

This doesn't seem happy....but it is. It's about how beautiful it is when two people share secrets, or even random thoughts, with each other. Those two people have grown a beautiful, secret garden between them.
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