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lua 6d
let me tend to the butterflies in my stomach
so when you step into my world
you'll see a garden full of colour.
Lay still beneath the swaying leaves
The gentle green and awning eves
Late evening sun to slip away
From purple gold to silver grey
Stay with me here as twilight falls
And shadows grow along the walls
Ivy covered and of ancient stone
Long centuries has this garden grown
It will be here still when we awake
When sleep has left and dawn does break
Kennedy Feb 26
We say we want a garden. One that will be full of things that will nourish our minds, bodies, and souls. You take your pick. Roses, of course. A lemon tree.

"Lavender," I say. It softens anxiety. Instead of a garden in our waiting backyard, I'd like to plant a new world inside of you. I'd pull back the layers of flesh that cover your bones and intertwine lavender in your ribcage. Wrap them around your fingers. Replace your eyes with new-bloom petals.


A garden so full and surrounding every part of you. I pray they unravel the uneasy feelings in your chest, so that it may never tighten again.
He says that lavender reminds him of me.
SJ Feb 26
A flower
Waiting to bloom
A garden lush
In all its color and florescence To wait for spring
An eternity
So, pick me
So that I can blossom
CA Guilfoyle Feb 10
I am counting things
at night numbers, dreams
hum of a hundred bells
soft harps to soothe
sweet with birds colored blue
in the tiger grass, big eyed cats
twitchy whiskers and paws
they sleep beneath tree limbs
branches wild and gnawed.

Do not wake me
while the garden is glowing
a thousand flowers in rows
I am fixed on violets
hydrangeas indigo blue
with fingers I paint thick
brick in red rose variants
on the lawn peacocks in resplendence
with monde blue-green iridescence
and a million gypsophila clouds pass by.
tia Feb 9
when you grace the garden
i am overfilled with sunlight!
an intense admiration
leaves me with sudden blossoms
of an ever gentle pink...

won't you come closer?
i don't ask of you to be mine
nor for the warmth of your hands
i simply asked to be loved
every now and then...

and when i realize my feelings are one-sided
my appearance falls apart one petal at a time
leaving me to cry among the decay
when the flower is no longer a beauty
what reason do you have to stay?
it can be interpreted as romantic love but i'm not really capable of that
Love's Garden

Within the beautiful garden of earthly delights
True love blooms always both day and night
In the garden once filled with endless thorns
A place where true love is forever born
Said I love you and that's the honest truth
Your love takes me back to the days of youth

Chorus: Lay our love upon the waiting shore
Within love's garden we could not ask more

Your love is my glowing sunshine in the sky
We can't let another precious moment go by
You fill my beating heart with a burning fire
In the heart of pure love and a wild desire
Will you walk with me till the end of my road
Bringing your true love always unto my soul
We could run without ever looking back
You make up for the love I once lacked
Love as beautiful as a rose with it's thorns
Into the emptiness a hole is forever torn

Chorus: Lay our love upon the waiting shore
Within love's garden we could not ask more

My glorious sun rises and sets upon you
Born is a love eternally heartfelt and true
Come with me we'll fly to distant galaxies
Within this love there's just you and me
Place our love upon the restless shore
Certain true love is what fate has in store
Love's garden was once taken with weeds
But know your tender love is all that I need
Know that you dwell deep within my soul
Because you possess a heart of solid gold

Chorus: Lay our hearts upon the waiting shore
Within love's garden we could not ask more

By Gary Edward Allen 2021
All of my Songs are copyrighted and for sale on Songbay
Jay M Feb 5
One touch
Calls forth reality
Just a glimpse
Caught off guard
Never much
Walls with a moment of clarity
Of clearest quartz

Windows to the smokey undertones
Dried bushes of roses
Wilted, with petals to the wind
Stained stones
Line the path down
Into the endless pits of brown
Like bark of a tree
Or perhaps nutrient-rich soils
Of a secret garden
Watered with internalized rains
Never to flood out with great pains

In the garden
Shielded away
Is a pond of fish playing coy
Above tangling reeds
Only they stay
Protected from hands that may destroy
Or perhaps to brush against the hand that feeds
Light filtering through the green curtain

Buried beneath roots of reeds
Lies a chest of steel
Painted with winged steeds
Ghostly figures, perhaps once real
Locked with a strange mechanism
To which there is only one key
Of the strangest sorts
Perhaps lost to time
Or kept close as can be
Just out of sight

- Jay M
February 5th, 2021
One touch of the hand when least expected, caught off guard can show a glimpse to something unknown. A look in the eyes could speak volumes, if you know how to read them.
Eola Jan 20
Jasmine scent lingers
I fall down on grass
The sky is different
It wasn't as blue in the past
Allyssa Black Jan 14
The white garden of black flowers
A storehouse of letters

It was the quietest party
It was the constant friend
The portable magic
Which can be tragic
The flying vowels

A white garden of black flowers
Gazing at creatures
Which are teachers
The delicate pages
And colorful covers
The falling words

The suspense of a mystery
The tense thriller
The love in a romance
The fun in a fantasy

The white garden of black flowers
A storehouse of letters
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