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You steal away my smile
Replacing with hurt
My mind consumed with ease
Making me think I'm dirt

I'm tired of the pain
Future dark
Display doesn't seem like home
Gets me not wanting to speak

I try yes I attempt to move on
Right the flaws inside
Always reminded of the past
I can't run or hide

You are doing just great
Look up with determined grit
Here below the surface
Admit defeat and quit
Written 2-22-21
George Krokos Nov 2023
You are the Ocean and I am the wave
moving in tandem as if I'm Your slave.
I rise and fall according to Your will
though once in a while I'm kept very still.

I have no real life without Your sanction
which now seems to be like a distraction.
There are so many others just like me
and I wonder somehow if they agree.

In this manner You just do as You please
and deploy us all with surprising ease!
Our goal seems to be on reaching the shore
then return back to You again for more!

The presence of the moon has much to say
with what goes on Your surface every day.
Its influence is more than we'd suspect
and has to be treated with some respect.

Beyond are other worlds and stars in space
along with the sun which dictates the pace.
They're orbs of living wonder in that sky
and cast their shadows if we care to pry.

How unenlightened seems this life of ours
when we consider how we pass the hours.
For our days are numbered lest we forget
but through One's realization some are set.

There isn't much else now that can be said
before a time comes and we're all but dead.
We can only hope that we've done no harm
on the Ocean's surface that's full of charm.
Written Dec.'22.
Man Jun 2023
She writes poetry
As though she knows me,
But what a facade
She's really seen.
Only a surface glean.
Calm still water,
Digging below the depths,
Raging saline.
Alienpoet Jun 2022
Over the surface of feeling
skin healing
from cuts bruises and scars
what happened to us being made of stars?

we sit in black holes
no money for energy bills
it’s a battle of wills
to survive
we strive
Just to be alive
and yet our dreams perish
yet we should cherish
each other.
Jay M Aug 2021
More than they seem
In the midnight gleam
Emotions run as a stream
Ever flowing, ever growing
Or perhaps moving steadily
Pooling far below
Into an unknown depths

- Jay M
August 2nd, 2021
Emotions are like water, constantly shifting and changing. Sometimes they have a steady flow, and other times they are raging. One can never truly know the depths until they have dove in for themselves.
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