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Empty;Deep Love and woes fill;
The former is me?
Fresh start same games but different play that is the sentiment don't want to say anymore
Brooke P Sep 2017
I always know when it's about to happen,
(an unfortunate foresight)
but I always neglect to prepare myself.
It's almost like
I look forward to the pain
because it gives me a scapegoat
for my persistant discontent.
Maybe I didn't love you,
I just need to be loved.
But either way,
I haven't been sleeping
and I'm struggling to find myself
outside the context
of someone else.
At the beginning
Was an open sea
Knowing nothing
But its own
Owning every
Beach it met
Not knowing enough to feel alone

After many
Long years it finds
There is much
More for to see
Inlets and outlets
On every shore
A sense of greater freedom to be free

The sea joined
To many rivers
Seeing land
On either side
Freedom then became
Just a memory
The river's end was not in sight

But along the way
An Ocean Watershed
Joining rivers to the sea
It had to sleep
In many river beds
To see what it was meant to be

Down in the river
Flowing headlong
To the sea
Joining the
River's rage
That is where
I long to go
That is where I am meant to be

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
An Ocean Watershed is a large basin, such as the Mississippi Basin & the St. Lawrence Great Lakes Basin, where rivers and streams end up in the ocean.
There are so many places and spaces for truth to be found all around in any particular way so never stop looking for what you may not know is there waiting to discover the honesty of that moment in a sliver of time which will make an elegant memory painted as a picture just in mind for this rainy Winter day.
those killers of innocents
will die in their own blood

not even mistranslated 72 houris
can save them

   the misguided fanatics of Paris
   who shot happy civilians
   with their Kalashnikovs
   and then blew themselves up
   will have discovered that
   by now

to throw terror and death
into people’s daily lives
is an abominable crime
not a heroic deed

those who instigated the massacre
shall be punished accordingly

fake heroes revealed
as ruthless criminals
shall face judgement

in whose light
their great deeds
are shown as what they are

****** ******

yet – far beyond the proper punishment
    required after cruel acts
there is the need to look ahead
and face the somewhat inconvenient necessity to
    remove the roots of violence veiled as religion
    speak up and stand up firm against fanaticized minorities
        no matter in whose name the claim to act  
    bring peace to regions devastated by the dire games of politics

we simply cannot allow
a bunch of ruthless desperados to dominate our lives

            * *
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2015
She didn't have to say she loved you
You should have deduced it from her eyes
She didn't have to cry for you
To open your eyes and realize
That she died every time she saw you with another
That she thought you're the warmth in her bed
That she was afraid letting you know might have complicated it further
But you were a constant thought vibrating in her head
You shouldn't have waited for her to leave to think
Wasn't it so obvious how she stuttered in your presence
How she faltered in speech and how her innocent eyes did blink
You didn't have to wait for the sting of solitude in her absence
She didn't have to feign affection and get played by a stranger
All you had to do was recognize her yearn and be the game changer
Frank Ruland Apr 2015
It doesn't
     truly end
someone says,
*I told you so."
Inspired by a conversation with TGWLY
RH 78 Feb 2015
I looked the other way but saw you coming
I heavily subsidised you and acted on impulse but I saw you coming.
Like a leach unable to find it's own food source I saw you coming but let you take a sip before you could bleed me dry.
You ducked and you dived but I saw you coming.
No fancy footwork though, you tried to bulldoze your way by acting out a false reputation.
No one works for someone who barks. That's your style. A riddle makes more sense than you do.
I saw you coming.
You're a sugar loaf!
I'm golden syrup!
I saw you coming!
Seeing is avoiding!
tattered breath
a vicious death
of song in mourning flight,

with glory true
efforts she flew
to find lone insight.

this soul so glowed
like circus told and
living the sight of a story,

where voice began
to take me in with
freedom of longing so sorry.

solo is me
and she to flee
of always wanting,

the hope of he
from a ****** sea
of continuous parting.

a soul be found
in corner round
nor impossible a feat,

yet here am I with a
pound and so bound
to gather the frequent beat.

endless plot
a string a thought
of conscientiousness
blending so softly,

but scattered am not
when freedom is bought
with eternity brightly.

there is to be red
in thee future had
a common of was said,

probably not
for it is sought
to be different
then first sent.

fogged my impair
this tale so dare
be treated like one
such as friends,

for essence of truth
be found in groups
where laughs gasp
when troubles lack
capture a head.

a traveler am thy
to the tale of why
and wonder to
words on the fly,

so figure this pass
oh such a task
in questioning,
who is eye?


tend ramble in sky
and tattering by
to song glowed
morning bright,

but whose soul
be sold a fate
so bold as
vicious death night.
© 2002
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