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Anastasia Jun 2
There was a little boy who lived in the clouds.
He would come to me and say “Please don’t be so loud.”
But at night he would come to me,
And tell me a story or two.
About his adventures in the sky.
And about the clouds when he flew.
About when he dipped his hands in the ocean blue.
And about when he got into trouble, too.
He would tell them to me, until I would sleep.
And in my heart, forever I will keep.
One day the little boy said farewell to me.
And waiting forever, I shall be.
my old poems remind me how lonely i was. and am.
human life
and human nature
is mind-boggling.

too much complexion,
difficulty, confusion
and misunderstanding.

too much boredom caused by too much time
too much time caused by too little ambition
too little ambition caused by too much carelessness
too much carelessness causing too much trouble
too much trouble can be the biggest gamble on life.

one should know this
after spending 5 sorrowful hours
in the damp heat of the bar
with 7 whiskey sours circulating
through their system
before they head off to a job
where the slightest judgment in error
can result in the whole place and
everything around it to blow up
within an eight mile radius.

they use to leave this town
in my golden buttery hands

but where I have failed them,
I’ve only succeeded in
Priyam May 26
I plan to drown in sorrow
My sorrow's red today
The cold blade & the warm skin
Kiss my troubles away
Phantom Poet Apr 14
There are heroes,
Who are people who fight evil,
To save lives,
They have the will,
To stay alive,
But now we have a new villain,
Depression, anxiety,panic,OCD,
And many other pain,
And all it takes,
Is a smile,
Or a 'hi',
Ull see people shine,
Just a moment of happiness,
In their troubled life,
No matter how much Ur broken,
Always make people smile,
And a smile so genuine,
So anyone can be a hero,
So go out there,
No matter what,
Go be a hero.
Inspired by many cool video games
Jos Apr 2
the gasses in me bubble
my head cloudy
blood boiling
i'm not real
but i'm in real trouble
Johnny walker Mar 29
Like hide and seek I hide In my thoughts to where I can't be detected hidden In my deepest thoughts protected from
Helen knows to where I'm for she still holds the key to my heart access to my deepest thoughts to where only she and I can go to escape the none
but Helen and I know for we are believer of what others cannot see secrets of the after life that
can't see so Helen and I will remain hidden In my deepest thoughts safely from the outside world a place only we
Helen and I play hide and seek In my deepest thoughts hidden safely from reailty
Nyx Mar 27
We use to wreak havoc together
At a small little school
With characters and phrases
Making the teacher look like a tool

Our Chinese school was hell
But ever Saturday we still went
Our partnership was one of destruction
Causing even the principal to vent

We sat at the back of the class
While all the proper students sat at the front
Determination in their eyes
Asian tiger parents forcing them to survive

While ours were much the same
Except a little more lenient
We passed everything so good enough
Our ways more devious

A team effort it was
We all passed with flying colours
Not without full blow hatred from others
Though we weren't bothered

And years have past us by
No longer do we speak
At most we have a snap record
But we only ever sent streaks

Though your basic asian look
closely matching with mine
except for you being a guy
and having black pitched eyes

We were close once before
We were a childish endeavour
Now reduced to nothing
Without a single word ever

And write as I will
About that old forgotten letter
and the missing you with my heart
but I can't get any better

As my will to talk to you is broke
I'm scared of the words I once spoke
With the shattered picture frame on the floor
I dare not defy those laws

Until you flash by my life again
For a moment, for a single memory or sight
I'll remember you in my heart
As meaningless as that is
For you will never know

I'll miss you forever
My little Troublemaker
Be happy and stay safe
- T
Baylee Kaye Mar 14
have I become mundane?
are my “I love you’s” monotonous?
am I just a hopeless case?
I try to have an optimistic outlook
but as days pass, everything comes up empty
and I don’t know how the hell to do this
I’m making it up as I go and nothing works
and I pretend to know what I’m doing
but in reality I’m flying blinded
dear evan hansen inspired
Through the ashes
And the rubble
Comes the first light
From a series of trouble
Life begins anew
From catastrophe comes new changes
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