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myself urges to understand
with no capacity to bear despair
i try to rest somewhere
between the thoughts
i am unable to sense sweet words:
a full well illusion
engagements with People
Nicx Jan 1
Splinters of glass rip through my chest
I can feel my heart breaking and I know it's a mess
Grief fills my lungs with liquid, like swimming pools for my emotions
I wonder what's the right decision, when everything feels so broken
Some days it's hard to stay, but leaving would tear me to shreds
Back and forth and back again, until theres nothing left
See, I know enough of humanity, to trust I'd learn to breathe again
But the thought alone is devastating, like losing a piece of me instead
I have thoughts so problematic, I will only tell one person
Because if I'm honest I'm kind of messed up, holding sins inside me like organs
My cards tell me three's a party, which means I'm the odd one out
The universe once gave me hope and peace, but now she feeds me doubts
Tarot cards obliterated me with a year forecast that makes sense and hurts my heart
We like to see the things, black and white...
We don't want to get into, What's wrong... What's right...!?
Struggling against the situation, we usually forget our power and might...
When the day feels heavy... We write, to keep our mood lite...!
We dodge the darkness of trouble from our powerful word's light...
Observing the nature, from the start of the day till the end of night...!
We pour our thoughts and imagination on the paper, when we start to write!
It's 2nd part of my poem — "We write"...

Read first part here
👇👇👇 ...

Wasn't active here from last few days... Coz of my sem. Examination... But now my examinations are finished... And I'm back here again 😅 again, I'll start exploring new poems... And 'll try to interact with most of the writers 😊😊...

Another flow of rhymes 😅😅
Coralie Marie Nov 2021
I wish they were happy. I wish they found peace, the both of them. I wish they had never broken up, so I wouldn't have left.

I wish she knew her worth and didn’t cope by isolating herself. I wish she forgave her parents and focused on her health.

I wish he wouldn't burst out into rage so often. I wish he had a friend to share his thoughts with instead of the bottle.

I wish they didn’t have a justification for it all. I wish they didn't blame me for all their dreams that have failed.

I wish I could be better and be happy myself.
Steve Page Oct 2021
Triumph with diversity.
Not knee deep in
Not wading
despite the extra gravity.
But with - taking it with me
on my journey making me
who I am building, i.e.
a stronger, fuller me
triumphing in the company
of those who walk ahead of me
who know what it will take me
to more fully glory
in my whole me.
Come with me.
Let's triumph with diversity.
Nicked the first line from a radio.
rk Oct 2021
with your soft blues
and lyrical words
you whisper my name
and i see rolling green hills
and sapphire sunsets
each syllable
a prayer on your lips
your breath brushes my neck
and i know in that moment
i would follow you
into hell and back
just to have you
to myself
a little while longer.
- forever running to or from trouble, as long as it's with you.
Johnson Oyeniran Oct 2021
Night sweats from worry, troubled
Me deeply, for that dreaded thought
Of old still lingers within mine soul.

When I make my bed six feet under and
My legacy goes on display, will the children
Of Eve be swayed to esteem my name as
They do with great men of renown, adored
Unto this day?
Kennedy Sep 2021
an inconvenience is what the rain is.

it does nothing but forces me to fall in love with the softness from the people i let hold me. one after the other. love after love. i always listen to the rain too closely while i let the fourth lover of this lifetime take me in his arms.

he isn't listening to the rain.

he's letting his imagination run wild with the possibilities and scenarios that could take place in this room. my imagination runs to another lover who listens to the rain and imagines me too.

the rain is a nuisance. it falls too softly—the name of my burdens whispered against it.
never will i ever understand why my mother named me after something so troublesome.
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