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Amanda Oct 11
You brought me flowers
Was honestly surprised
Certainly were beautiful
Betrayal cleverly disguised

I awoke without you there
Note explaining where you went
When you came home with a big bouquet
Knew exactly what that meant

That in the hours you were away
Had done something I’d disapprove
Suspicions were confirmed by that gesture
I had no way to prove

Sifted through your phone of course
You’re good at covering tracks
Had plans to meet up with some girl
Was told to chill and relax

That you did not actually follow through
Stopped to drop off some dope
Her and a couple of other people
Reason for me to mope

It was other errands you ran
Took so long
You swear
Don’t know if you expect me to believe
Or you just don’t care

You thought you were sneaky and smart
Bringing somebody along
Because if you had a chaperone
Could you have done anything wrong?

Which would have worked eons ago
I’m catching on to your tricks
Hard as I try to tear down your walls
You’re faster stacking bricks

I ask from you the truth
Though i give more in return
By now should be used to the sadness
My stupid heart refuses to learn

I keep asking what’s wanted from me
Thinking I’m not worthy of a reply
Maybe you don’t know the answer
Either way I am left asking why

Why can’t you stop slipping away?
Out of hands and into the air
All we’ve been through
Ups and downs
Now do you not want me there?

I am hoping this is just a phase
Patient I force myself to be
You get it out of your system
Like you when waiting for me

I have made poor choices in the past
Forgive me but can’t forget
Tried to move forward and start over
I can tell it still makes you upset

I suspect that is justification
Smashing my heart to pieces
I hate myself for all that I am
Your attraction decreases

I do not know when feelings shifted
It’s clear yours aren’t the same
Maybe til now you were pretending
Whole relationship simply a game

My head beyond damaged
Stories that don’t make sense
I am going crazy
Issues seem so immense

I am easily manipulated
By your hand
Into different shapes
I can no longer stand

You are my biggest weakness
Temptation I can’t resist
I can’t have you for my own
Should I even exist?

I should thank you for your presence
You come home to me each night
As you spend days with other women
I fear you can’t stand my sight

I wish I could trust like before
You won’t give deceit a rest
See through your veil of loyalty
Know better than protest

I wonder
Did you get her a present?
If the floral arrangement was just for me
May not be fair to hate her
Probably shares my agony

Except has the worse half of the deal
I get most of your heart
Rest is scattered in pieces
Others have a tiny part

They should have common decency
Respect the commitment we share
Since it clearly doesn’t matter to you
Why would they bother to ******* care?

I am aware I am a lucky girl
Call you my best friend
If you no longer picture a future together
Don’t prolong the end

I do not know how to change this
To make you happy once more
Hold the flood of tears inside
The second you walk out the door

Then waterfalls gush out of eyes
Rivers of snot flow from nose
Have no interest in hearing my sorrows
I won’t burden you with my woes

I try maintaining composure
You are near
Should be able to sense my emotions
Not as stable as they appear

But you are constantly distracted
Consistently divided
I pour my all into a relationship
Grows more and more one-sided

Even if you stop buying presents
Come back to the house less and less
I will remain devoted and true
Never fixing this mess

Roses the closest I will get
Any sort of apology
Someday you won’t buy me flowers
You’ll only need to be with me
Why is it the only time you act romantic is when you ****  me off???
Bhill Oct 7
jack and the bat went on a hike
they walked and walked till the nuisance spiked
it’s seemed kinda strange to see a bat walking
it doesn't really matter, as they both were just talking
what in the world could they be talking about
I'm sure it doesn't matter, at least I have doubt
as long as they talk, and talk while they walk
and don't cause trouble as everyone else squawks
there is too much squawking, in the steps of today's life
we are all very different, so put away that old knife
jack and the bat exist only in my mind
if you see something here we must be aligned....

Brian Hill- 2020 # 276
There is the moment
of release
when the trouble
is passed
and continuing to dwell
becomes unhealthy—
but take care
this fragile moment
must not be
Isaac Ward Aug 13
There's a pit-
      In my soul,
We'll find what might fit,
     Well, that's the goal,
A pound of Grade-A marijuana?
A lil' *****, yes I wanna',
A couple pills for the thrills,
Needles sure give me chills,
I'll try anything for the thrill!
But there's still a pit.

Plus, there's a hole-
     In my heart,
What'll make it full?
     Here's the art:
Driving sixty-nine in a thirty-five,
Punching the first person acting snide,
I'll eat my words till I burst,
Drink poison friendships; I feel worse,
And forget this vile, no good, gods-****** curse!
But there's still a hole.

And there's an ache,
     In my dome,
Keeping me awake,
     Yet I can't seem to leave it alone,
There's something busted in my head,
I bet I could fix it with some lead,
Or a sharp-as-sin knife,
Oh how Hell hath such tiring strife,
Oh don't, don't, don't, don't tell my wife!
But there's still an ache.
Stygian Aug 9
So who do want me to be
You say that you love me every day
But i can’t believe you’re talking to me
When everything’s taken the wrong way
Maybe if I go you’ll find who you need
I just want you to know you were everything to me
I’ve walked this road alone but I just want to see
Exactly what you want from me

I could give you the world and you’d ask for the Sun
I could give you all the answers but you’d tell me there is none
I could change the way I am but would that even be enough
I’ve fallen on my knees and you don’t care if I get up
I’ve been falling apart
Cause I tear me apart
Rip me up inside
Tear me up inside

I’m trying to stay afloat
In my cardboard box, a boat
Circling my head, a moat
Trying to pin a scapegoat

I’m never doing my best
Just trying to do my best
I can not handle my best
Haven’t started the rest

But I’m thinking this will end
The endless circle will bend
And it will break from the trend
But I’m only hoping

I know I can’t fix it all
So I should no longer stall
At some point, the weights should fall
And I can leave this brick wall

But I am being enclosed
By my mouth and my nose
I can breath, just barely
I can think, just rarely

I need to clear up my head
Or my brain, instead
Maybe my heart
I’ve been falling apart
The poem is a circle, a cycle that could stay in lock.
Nolan Willett Jul 15
If we could see our destinations,
We would not trouble ourselves with the journey.
Remember those nights
When we were close.
All the trouble to you, I cause.
We had All the fun and watched many shows.
I miss those the most when you giving me  romantically rose.
You are the best thing that happened to me you know.
Amanda Hawk Jul 6
Chasing after rainbows at midnight

Greeting the morning barefoot

Letting my smile linger a second longer

Than any conversation

Collecting fortune cookie fortunes in my back pocket

Believing the world is more beautiful at dusk

Recite my dreams in two second poems

Watch the city breathe

Collecting the lights in my hands

Setting them free in my closet

I will paint this city in my rules

Live within my own lines

Ponder a second too long on the ridiculous

Greet this life with a mischief smile and open arms
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