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the vagaries of
love push pull this troubled mind
to balance hard fought
I am a blue planet,
My home is the universe.
I am a part of the solar system,
Revolving around the fiery sun.

I rotate on my own axis,
Only to give you day and night.
I walk on an oval path,
Just to give you season and climate.

I have my own luxury,
In the form of water, land, air and life.
I have my own children,
Named as plant, human, animal and microbe.

I provide them everything,
Whether it's food, water or home to live.
I provide them all resources,
Clean and pure air to breathe.

I give my everything to them,
Yet, they are expecting more.
They are so hungry ofΒ Β their desires,
That they are not hesitating even to hurt me.

How long can I bear the troubles?
Now, I just want to cry on myself.
I am now suffocating in my own family,
Just need to relax in my mother's lap.

I am your mother EARTH,
What're you doing to me?
I have enough for your every need,
But yet, you're killing me slowly in your useless greed. . .
we all know our earth is getting sick and polluted day by day.. hour to hour.... it's facing so many challenges to survive just because of us... so this poem is an appeal to save our mother earth....
Symphatica May 19
Unscented flower

Things went south
As you utter pleasantry
That comes with titter

I stayed disheartened
In-between forced laugh;
Caused by ancient occasion

Waiting with bated breath for fortuity to cut-off the lines
I thought, I have never been
Impatient to arrive at the period while writing a sentence

Predicament has once again occurred ;
Scratching off thorns on my flower scene played in my head

En voyage to holocaust
A sigh whether of relief or misery have escaped between my lips

Deep breath I took
In dread that you would
Take away the scent from my flower once you depart
I hath taken a liking unto musing
Upon a discrete cliff
Leaning over the edge of Britain's
Borders so much so,
That troubles nostrils
Grow numb upon days
Devoted in sheer solitude
Unto that cliff housing peace,
Content and their daughter,
StormriderIX Apr 21
A poem can take flight with our troubles

But sometimes instead the weight doubles
We carry something for so long
And suddenly we don't know what's going on
Dreams can shatter
It feels like nothing will matter
We try to move on forward
But we realise we feel cornered
Things happen yet time stands still
Time passes yet it all stands still
Life goes on.
Once I went for a diving school,
it does not look like a swimming pool
when I jumped inside the turquoise blue,
i found myself at bottom of blue
by chance i got a shining pearl,
which reflects the tale of hidden past
once, the pearl got hit by the rays of sun,
soon it will end up the curse of blue
but the hurdles to win is not so clear,
the path is got to be simply hard
and if the mindset is the crooked way,
then I'm sure you'll be the mightier...
We all face/faced hardships in our lives.
Sometimes crooked way helps to achieve.... rather than straight one
This is a reminder gifted by my dream
All I can ever ask when you leave me

Was I enough?

Would I ever be enough?

People are always fascinated by me

Attracted to me.

Proclaiming that they will love me for all eternity.

And I can only sadly laugh at such mockery that fate keeps bestowing upon me.

Face it, for all of you who try to love me.

You cannot handle me.

In the end you will always leave me behind.

While I am stuck with the burden of trying to forget.

Your love is not enough.

And you only view me as your saving grace from this ****** world you only suffer in.

But I cannot save you.

To hell with your hero complex.

You most certainly can't save me either.

Love is not enough.

And I am not worth the trouble

I'm not your savior.
my back aches
to the sound
climbing up our stairs.
run to hide all contraband
for fear of losing everything.
swallow loose pills
you remember you told me you hate me?
oh ****
its just my sister
J Mar 25
there are secrets that I
have trouble admitting even for myself.
and less yet more than myself
admitting to others.
I can spill some dark secrets
some entirely perverse
secrets and
yet there are some that I cannot
I cannot
even talk or think about
or imagine
and therefore I will not speak
you will not know.
hm. this sat in drafts for a while. nothing too too much, but you know what I mean. maybe one day I'll write about it.
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