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i wanted to know the moon
every crater, every imperfection, every mark
so hollow and white
yet filled with days of experience
i became envious one night
of her need to be so far away but
see everything, still.
how she could never get bored, exist
only as a symbol and as a light source
and be

Jay M Nov 2019
A wing
Carved of wood
An inch in length
Painted black
With red and blue details
Swirls and dots

Bought at a beach
From a street vendor
Selling hand-carved trinkets
Bought by her parents
When they were together
Before their child knew of their disagreements
Before chaos entered

The last good thing
Embedded in that little trinket
That little wooden Pegasus

The child decides
Then places it in a box
Upon a soft blue cloth
The box; black with fern patterns

Decided the child,
"Shall go to the best thing in my life."
She prepared the gift
For her love

Meeting with him
Talking, spending time,
Then him having to return home
Seeing the child in a few days
Forgot the gift with the child
The child promising to bring it with her to him

Leaving it where she would remember
The child goes to carry out her day
Forgetting it
Until she looked out her window
Seeing the remains of the gift scattered
Shredded outside her window
In pieces in her backyard
Her dog standing over them
Wagging his tail

Shock and disbelieving
The child runs out to the remains
Trembling as she picked up the pieces
Relieved at finding the gift itself intact
The only thing ruined being the box
Once so beautiful
Now ugly shreds

Returning indoors
The little wooden pegasus wing in hand
She wept, her tears falling to the floor
For the last good from her childhood
Was almost ripped away from her

This last good
She wished to give to her love
As a symbol of trust and unity
To show her affection
It was so close
So nearly stripped from her
Almost swallowed by the jaws of a mut

- Jay M
November 23rd, 2019
This is true...I have no more words than those you see above...
Kenshō Nov 2019
no words
Just Motions
no mind
no world
Just Devotion
Odd(Old) Notions
Magick Potions
no tide
no wave
Just Ocean
no soul
Just Emotions
no face
no image
God is Remoting
Part 2 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Ylzm May 2019
meaning is evidence of soul:
for it's in the heart and mind,
that meaning is conceived and perceived;
meaning is soul speaking to soul.

meaning separates symbols from
accidental scratches,
arrangements of stones,
noises and random motions.

but symbols are not meaning in themselves:
they are carriers of emotions and ideas,
as in a flower, or the rain,
or the rising and setting of the sun.

meaning is the counterpoint of meaning:
the juxtaposition of ideas and emotions, or their negations, or absence,
perceived by the heart and mind,
in the language of emotions and reasons.
Maximilian Stein Mar 2019
The border between chaos and order,
Whats your secret, how you don´t freak it?
just how did care - so free - hover mid-air?

Go stay aware of yourself,
Blow it on the higher shelf!

Flying so high above can´t even see,
What used to be my sky mind
Paved away - turned eye blind.
Broken back plus dirt - I find
Grow into this bye-bye kind

even cruel ghosts, playful companions,
Mistook death for happiness.
Paved away - turned eye blind.

So full, yet empty, king of a wasteland,
Listen, you hear a song - just taste bland,
"Zero Zero" by The Big Brass Haste Band

Why you smiling?
Something you did?
starts to sting, kid?
try - dont fling it

Don't look at yourself, now
Don't test your strength, now

Want to grow faster than time makes me,
Want to run faster than my body takes me.

Secrets, knowledge accumulated,
disconnecting the great connected,
Between you and you,
In better times long ago, hidden - found,
On what has become forbidden ground.
symbol, abstract, free, flow
gabriela Oct 2014
it's weird that sometimes
when you study books
so hard
and so long
you discover
how every little thing
has a meaning too

some historical allusion
or literary illusion
that tells you exactly how someone feels about you
or how you feel about them too.

so maybe all those studies
weren't always a waste
maybe the real meaning behind all of it is that
they want you to give you a taste
of all the symbolism of things
before you're too late
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