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Haylin Jun 11
Life is just a long exam

Some pass

But most fail
Johnny walker May 31
For love Is for the lucky
and the strong for finding love Is
luck In Its self for
one Could search all one
and still never find It for that's were the luck comes
Lucky myself that the girl
who later became my wife
I'd had
known from a kid
but driffed apart thirty
years had passed before I saw again and that's where the luck for me came
Seanathon May 16
It's like I spend my life
Speeding through rivers
With the occasional wade or float
But when I sit and let the water catch me up
My life no longer flies
Instead the world passes me by
For a change
For a change indeed
Shivani Lalan Apr 30
the art of procrastination
is just that -
exactly what it says
on its faded, beaten label -
an art in itself;
a weathered process
that has divided humanity,
much like its more
brethren - painting, dancing,
maybe even writing poetry.

the art of procrastination
makes no bones -
it is made of unequal
and ever-changing parts
of chaos and consistency,
passion and practice,
destruction and discipline,
all at once.

it is learning that
you can train yourself
to not feel fearful of
whatever doom is upon you,
but also struggling to stay
just barely afloat
when the tides of said doom
sweep you off your feet.
it is both vain strength
(to think you can outrun Time)
and smart cowardice
(to trust that you can hide from Time)

the art of procrastination
does not beat around the bush -
to master it,
you must walk on the serrations
of a double-edged dagger -
both balance
and falling beyond measure
can ruin the practice
of the oldest art
in all of existence.
Amanda Mar 27
Why is it when somebody we love does us wrong
We bundle up our pain and pass it along?
Sharing the misery doesn't make yours shrink
Just adds to the chain another link
Only multiplies the hurt you feel
Gives another the same wounds to heal
We think by gifting it to someone new
Our own suffering we'll magically undo
But really we are just inflicting pain
On an undeserving person nothing to gain
All it does is make us feel even worse
To share with another our heartbroken curse
I wish people would stop destroying people just because they were once destroyed.
A tap on my shoulder,
And a wink,
From you,
When you saw me walking.
All I needed,
To make sure.
Now I know.
This isn't normal.
And even though I know.
I really know you're never there.
I still spend the breaks,
On the same place
Every day.
Still hoping,
You will pass me in the hallway
I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #13
It's only
four letters
put together to make
a word.
Living this is like a living in
a different world.

No sorrow
no pain;
no worry,
no blame.

It's only four letters,
spelling out

L     O     V     E

yet its outcome
is strong and more than enough.
And you can make it happen and pass in on to others.
Desire Feb 23
Study hard, hours long
You're likely to succeed
'Cept college quizzes question you
on things you've never seen
i see your face in the sky
the blue color comes from your eye
the clear color from your face
i believe your name will pass
every wish to make my world fine
and the worst will be wide
every one sees his lover in clear image
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