to be lovers that only
pass by each other

"coincidentally yours" : a haiku

for wjh

I heard a story about love
it does conquers all,
how the beauty of it
tries to kill somebody.

They started to be a strangers
meeting with friends to friends
shake hands, a little glimpse of smile
and suddenly her name was known.

They were happy to hear stories
each pages were meaningful
and when someone get hurts
you were susceptible.

The tenure you were together laughing
and those memories that was so rigid
your determination on making on time
though you always omit failure.

Things goes up side down
I cried, I laugh, I feel anger at times
not because I don't give love
because I gave it to be destroyed, by you.

And now I see your widest smile
those shining shimmering eyes
while you are waiting on that isle
to whom I didn't know.

Then my tears slowly falls apart.

Luiz Syphre Nov 13

The passing of time is a concept from the past, a past I've been passed out of where passing would pass once, sometimes slow, passing other times with fast pases, but passing passed to past.  However, the pases passing from the pase of time in this past stopped passing becoming a concept past, from the time I've been passed out of. Now, no passing passes, it stays still dissappearing the past and making a moment past, present and future...with no passing.

liv Nov 2

instead of watching the clock, wishing for time to pass, make the most of that time, you never know how long it will last

make the most out of every situation
Nylee Oct 15

I'm counting time
to pass them away
to do all the nothings I still can
that will be soon forgotten
                                 in the time.

Amy H Oct 12

Mike Hauser had a brilliant idea to “Pass the pen” and see where it got us.  This, Friends, is the result.

I write of the stars
I write of the moon
I write of the things
That I love to do
I write of the lies
While telling the truth
And when I am through
I pass the pen to you

I read the things
that went before
and add my thoughts
for you to write more
of things we love
and things we hate
so here's the pen,
now contemplate!

I wait like a kid
the anticipation
breaks my quiet
like a train in station
with thoughts
pouring out
like the traveling weary
so here's the pen
"now what's my hurry?"

While looking at this
And studying that
As our poetic peruse
Comes up to bat
With much more in store
From the writer's’ knack
I jot down my last line
Then pass the pen back

and now it get's fun
with my lines and yours
at least it keeps me
from doing my chores!
fingers be nimble
brain be quick
I finished this part
now here's the Bic.

With words tattered and torn
I have you here to mend
Don’t know where I’m going
Brain lights on dim
With little or no warning
Here it comes again
All on a whim
I hand you the pen

so who will care
if we make no sense
“these poets here
must have the bends!”
but all the same
we’ve had our yen
it was a good run
let's retire the pen

Thanks Mike!  That was fun.  Now maybe some of you can grab a buddy and see what happens.  To put this in context, all the stanzas went round in under an hour.  A dizzying frenzy.
Poetic T Oct 11

You have much,    
   others less fortunate give a moment for..

And life, live it with humility..
                    thoughts to think deeply..
Always remember there is always
           someone who is less fortunate than you.

                                 For no reason of there own

joel jokonia Oct 10

I puff,
I pass

i learn a life lesson

share with people it pays if it doesnt it satisfies
ST Rossa Sep 26

To see you smile,
I'd write a comedy with a golden backdrop,
to set the right stage.
I have not yet heard you speak,
but how much i would give for a simple whisper.

Poor fool,
deluded in this delusion
wishing and silently screaming for you to turn,
look at me and know that I am here.

Like an eternal after, I'd wait for a gesture of yours
to put myself at your feet,
and when I see come my way
the sweet on my palate tells me
that your going to stop and stay.

But I end up swallowing bitter,
when you keep on going
and you pass me by.

ST Rossa Sep 24

I saw you pass by again and this time
and I followed your gaze, it gave off a light that feeds me,
your very presence is a mixture of my turbulent loneliness.

Your memory puts me in a state calmness,
While i trying to define how you light up
and blur the rest of the galaxy in your anesthesia.

And suddenly there's only you,

You, elegant and absent
without being aware of having turned every corner of my mind.
You, walk indifferently
making people into inert statues
before the light that you give off.

I have never had you
And even so I miss you
it's this blessed poison
it's the craziness I find myself in
it makes me want to be good.

And i would be more in between your hands.

You, impossible as the sky,
unreachable  as the past,
And me as far from death when I dream of you by my side.

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