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i see your face in the sky
the blue color comes from your eye
the clear color from your face
i believe your name will pass
every wish to make my world fine
and the worst will be wide
every one sees his lover in clear image
Johnny walker Jan 10
Watching people pass me by were once with my wife
they would stop and say
But now they just pass me by as If I'm no longer there
I don't want to be entirely alone In
life can't do
that anymore more but when younger I just lived the day I was
Growing up facing the truth life ***** and can be very cruel
Seanathon Jan 3
No sky will ever hold such elegant phrases
Or pen to carve the cursive clouds
No such dreams were just a thought to be
Not meant for you indefinitely
No, like clouded skies they were ever passing through
Just as now no memory will remain
Either of or through or of you
Clouds Pass By
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Still the rain falls so strange It does seems
just like every other
day not like Christmas
at all
the horrible
empty feeling that lies within my very soul
a pain that can't be
can only pray over time the pain will decrease enough for life to become
a little bit more
Loss the pain only hope In time It will become a bit more
bearable as the days pass
Brynn S Dec 2018
Chase me like sweet syrup
Running down my throat
Plunging into the swirling pools
Esentric flames, bursts of passion
Only in minutes do I hold your time
Clutches of eminent divine
Glory blossoms
Fawning over youth
Rise lover’s quill
Awake the beast
I’ve been having writers block, my mind has not yet been cleared.
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
It’s okay, I’ve closed the door
It’s okay, we don’t talk anymore
It’s fine, I’ve already walked down the line
It’s fine, the days grow warmer in my mind
I’m stronger living through it rather than wishing for it
I can’t always forgive nor can I forget, I’m not some stringed up puppet, I’ve been turned into the neglected pet
So weak I crumbled at your feet and wept from your deceit
But I’ve been saved and I’ve been freed; no longer do these chains bind me
It’s life, the way of it, the shape of it, the pain, and the pleasure of it
Calling out my name doesn’t mean I’ll come back running to you all the same
The leash I used to wear so proudly for you, has finally rotten in the decaying love I have for you
I’ve just learned to let go of you in the only way I know how to
I live beautifully through
Running and jumping freeing my heart like dandinions in the wind
I’m in love with this  life that’s tragic, beautiful, and insane.
But perhaps the most amazing part is that I’ve finally found love for myself, through all my art
And I’m so happy to be living in this unexplainable and unpredictable world
I smile through my tears because I finally know I really do have friends here
And finally I truly realize that it’s me
That’s the key!
You have to love yourself before you can love and find love in this crazy world
©Jessica Stull
Jodie-Elaine Nov 2018
You watch the plastic frame meld into itself,
The second hand turning inward
Smoothly running down the walls like fingertips trying to find their hands,
Tapping the pencil against the desk,
Tapping soles onto tiled floors,
Toes rhyming in spite of themselves, waiting.
Ode to Dali. 2015.
Arcassin B Nov 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Baby don't you push me away,
Cause baby I ain't waste my time on you
for nothing,
I'm a good guy , guess that I was good for nothing.
Baby don't you push me away,
you put me through so much **** with my
people that its hard to call them my fam,
So their people to me, just like everyone else.
A lot on my mind , can't pass the time,
I'm in a loop,
I use to be a victim to the love thing , but it
took over and grew,
Soul searched for the wrong one , and now
this a requiem,
she could tell all her friends if she wants , I
don't have time for them,
You'll never take the confidence I have in
myself to see brighter sunshines and moonlights
and crimson dawns and all its beauty sparkling
a future that is only meant for me with
the right girl and right set of boundaries,
Not white girl that's so **** privileged,
she'll just down me,
I don't care if you push me away.


Enough of the racial slurs,
is there life in the stars I'm not sure,
Everybody in the world isn't pure.

Trust no one , hide your stash,
life is a check , don't get cashed,
reminiscent about what you had.

had a lot on your mind , you need air,
but there is certain things you can not bare,
life is telling you please grow a pair.

what you waiting for , At your peak,
nightmares at night when you sleep,
to have pride in this life , you can't keep.

sit up,
stand up,
sit down,
everybody gets a piece of the pie and the crown,
the moon,
running through a grass field and the flowers stay bloomed.
sushii Oct 2018
the mechanic ebb and flow
of time
continues on as the hours pass by.

collecting dust—
i’m a rotting machine.
my motherboard is overloaded.

but no one comes to help me,
for in all my gray and white glory,
no one can see the decay inside of me.

parts dying away,
short-circuiting dismay,
wires cut long ago.

my static screen is a threat—
they’ll replace me.
i’ll be thrown away.

for the chemicals in my circuit board
to seep into the ground,
and corrupt the natural memory

of the world around.
Death Horizon Oct 2018
I wish I could go back
Back to the days where there was no black
Black was just my backpack,
A backpack filled with dreams and love
There was no fear
It was all clear

There were no demons,
Only hope and dreamers

We were happy...
I was happy...
It was geniune...

Now it´s only a mixed feeling of emotions that i cannot explain,
And will never be able to do so...
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