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Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Time makes no resting places,
such occur in time spent, unredeemable,
waiting to see the effect,
suffering now to be,
wait, a call, yes
no, I have no terms to offer. Redeem the time
you have,
don't feel the need to borrow on eternity.
----- jump cut ---

Salve on the wound, ******* spits out the bit.

Mount up old man, we got an old tale
stuck in a Shalomic message state during
an ego war.
-- there are those scribes
-- wrestling, like kittens with the yarn…

Heir of winds am I, in mind to be.
What would I do,
eh, Jesus, what about you?

peace, be still, I'd say, in a voice so small,
few feel the call to listen to the first word
plied off the point in ever outward,
pearling, pear shapes,
stem to pollinator,
being all we may imagine,
in a given moment of peace past understanding.

With a prosaic drumming mixed in the humms.

Bees at ease in my perennially
blooming rosemary hedge. These fingers tapping.
Peace made for a moment -in some future, moment redeemed.
It has been 13 years since anyone told me to get a job.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Live life step by step
Taking care to smell roses
Passed along the way
Don't forget to stop and sniff the flowers as you go by them
hazem al jaber Apr 2021
Let's pass miles ...

when we love ...
we could pass ...
so many miles ...
just to get a hug ...
yes sweetheart ...
i got in love ...
so ,...
i would fly ...
would run ...
so many miles ...
just to have a hug ...
and a sweet kiss ...

i'm running now ...
for you sweet lady mine ...
to there ...
together with my heart ...
for you ...

come lady mine ...
let's pass miles ...
let's have our desires ...
hugs ...
with a  kisses ...

let's pass miles ...

hazem Al ...
They say the fastest thing in the world is light
Then how come you are never in my sight?
I cant help but beg you to please slow down
But when I finish, youre already out of town
I cant even tell, as you slip right by
Thats how it'll be, 'till the day I die
Ill catch up to time eventually....
everything passes good
every thing will be good
when you only look
with your shine good
and attractive carrying every atom
in every heart of the solid mount
to be soil and go as fluid

want no which is that?
your heart
good thing will pass good when you look at
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
They say time heals all wounds
Honestly that is *******
Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do
Pain has dug too deep of a pit
There are instances where you lack the strength
Or can't find a foothold to climb
The distance up is just too great of a length
And then what good is time?
Some cuts never quit bleeding
They just slowly run dry your veins
Every day the sting keeps on repeating
Years pass yet the hurting remains the same
Maybe not everyone but some of us have a harder time mending. Me being one of those.
Zack Ripley Mar 2021
The seconds, minutes, hours pass by.
And yet, after all this time,
I can't help but sit back and wonder...
maria Feb 2021
1.Writing poems for you
Written somewhere between 10 to 18 of Febuary, 2021
© ,Maria
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