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I sometimes lose myself from pain
Wondering if it will ever end
'Cause this is taking so long
Don't know what I'm doing wrong

You've pulled me out of it far too many times
You've brought light to my life
But now that you're gone
Seems like you're bringing the light with you.
Miegrat Sammri Feb 2019
- Subhojit Ghimire

Seven hours a complete waste,
In the classroom I sit,
Learning not and listening not,
In my dream world I get lost...

Nodding and dozing,
Off I go to sleep,
My eyes are open though,
I know those are,
But my mind, I'm not sure...

The sound of the bell,
Oh! So melodious it sounds,
The teacher exits and the panic relieves,
The joy after that has literally no bound...

Exams come and exams go,
The result day is what we fear,
The harsh scolding and the words promising,
To us, all those are just so dear...

Books are our sleeping pills,
And game period- the energy giver,
Teachers teach us how to believe,
But friends make us a believer...

Doing assignment is a mere procrastination,
The burden that we'll never forget,
Give us a month's time, give us a week's leave,
We'll have the work still undone...

Those were the days, those were the times,
I will always frame in mind,
Saying goodbye would not pain much,
If we promise to stay in touch...
EA May 30
Please don't miss me when I'm gone
Hate me for leaving
Hate me for deciding
Without consulting you
To my safe haven who sees himself as a horrible ruthless man
Shhhh for me, you are simply amazing and great

Hmmm now, I'll give you the advice you are telling me

Live, love living
Self care

Don't lose yourself
Sachiko May 29
I’m sorry.
The two words that I want to hear.
But I want it to be sincere.
For the longest time,
Silence is how we communicate.
We both know feelings are hard to articulate.
When one starts to converse,
It is inevitable not to argue.
You aren’t found of sweet gestures.
I accepted the fact a long time ago.
I just want you to stay with me.
Your existence is all I need.
I appreciate silence that isn’t empty.
As I am patiently waiting,
The time comes but it’s already ticking.
It stings when I’m sorry isn’t an apology.
When it depicts goodbyes,
And probably the last farewell.
toleomato May 23
Seeing her was the same as
walking outside
and discovering
that the sky is blue
and finding it
absolutely beautiful.

I wish to experience life
as honestly as possible.
I have had enough of
my longings for
permanence and certainty.

Alas, must I stake a claim
on the sky to find fulfilment?
Do I need to own it all
to love it?
Should I resent those who
look upon the same sky as I?
Envy the clouds which
occupy it?

The sky was there before
and will be there after
And that is a comforting thought,
I suppose.
Zywa Apr 27
In the tearoom, we pretend
to be good friends – in turn
we bounceball our days

If only I could make contact
but with words, it doesn't work
Our hands are close together

We gaze outside
it can't be explained
although we understand

And that already comes too close
For CW #1

Collection "The migration"
Mia Apr 17
You are the violin & I am your bow.
You are the mountains & I am your snow.
I am the song sheet & you are my tune.
I am the night sky & you are my moon
I hold you in my heart, I have you on my mind.

You were the elusive dream, I tried to ensnare.
I was the light you couldn't bear.
You were the moth to my flame.
we both got burned.
As our story fades into a memory.
Adieu my heart.
Until the next life.

If only you could see what I saw when my eyes beheld you. Imperfect yet loyal, brave and wild.
Goodbye my lover M
Zywa Apr 16
I'm rowing away

from my love, pulling the oars –

that I have not yet.
Mental preparation

“Gitte” (2010, Kristien Hemmerechts)
"Est miskien" ("Is it maybe", 2008 Wannes Cappelle)

Collection "Willegos"
Ahmad Attr Mar 27
I am so happy
It’s all over, you are going away
Finally we are going to separate
The pain will be over
I hug you goodbye
I can smell detergent, shampoo ,deodorant
My arms barely around your back
finally you are walking away
The pain will be over
You turn your pretty face around and say
‘’Good luck’’
It’s all over
All over
All over
let me let you go
Reimers Mar 23
I began my journey,
Walking down on this lonesome road
Wandering for miles and miles
Til a car passed by and offered a ride

She greeted me with a welcoming smile
We talked a lot and exchanged stories
We had a lot in common,
And It made the journey more exciting

It was all smooth sailing
Had we not been unaware,
That the ride was going too fast
We had to make an abrupt stop

I'd hope that I could reach the end of my journey with her
But I guess from this point on
I’m walking alone,
but this time with a smile
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