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Would love to meet you again
After all these years

But for now,
I need you to know—

that I have always loved you,
And I always will,

It’s just that,

I don’t trust my self enough
to see you the next day,

or any day after.
It’s excruciatingly painful to be fine one minute and gone the next.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 15
You lived twice; living out a life for two,
In the spring; you sprung out your sprouting love,
But it all falls; woodlands descending echoes into madness,
For she wasn't as mad over you.

So you deferred away from despair,—
Love being an icy glass cutting your teeth,
Despondency circling round her running in your mind,
Seems no other love to compare.

Bare you a kiss; sweet as it's lamentable finale,
On top of a hill, by the bend and red eyes,
Crying as if; the ocean's waters ran away from it's place,
You said, "goodbye my sweet Sally"
Zywa Mar 19
Let us just enjoy

this late evening together --

After us the spring!
A final farewell

Old Chinese poem: "The farewell", 1908, Gustav Mahler, based on the free version "In Erwartung des Freundes" by Hans Bethge from 1907, after "Su Ye **** shan fang" by Meng Haoran [690-740] and "Songbie" by **** Wei [699-759])

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
Jamesb Jan 17
If I  leave this life
And do not get
To say
Then know this truth
My alabaster lady,
While I had breath,
I loved you
Sometimes a poem writes itself....
Jack Mandala Dec 2021
In a shadow you appear
But I know our end is near

In the blink of
An eye closed
Your projection fades away

Our time was so short
But I’m sure
We could’ve been much more

As I pull out my roots
To find fertile ground

I call for your return and look around

Echoes of silence
Too much to bare

I must venture toward the unknown
No choice but to dare
Just projecting my unrequited love for someone who used to be close to me
Zywa Dec 2021
Will this be goodbye,

our happiness a photo --

of a splendid day?
"Foto van een mooie dag" ("Photo of a beautiful day", 1985, Frank Boeijen)

Collection "After the festivities"
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
There will be others
after you.

none are
as you are
to me.
Joker Nov 2021
Loving you
hasn't been
start noticing
when I finally
stop caring-
like you,
bid farewell.
Can you hear my heart?
Joker Nov 2021
I am trying to become strong-
Acting as though it didn't matter-
And perhaps it didn't matter much.
I have learned to suppress my feelings-
the feelings that're lost in the dark.
We are two humans now on different roads-
Different views, different destinations.
This road goes nowhere; I know if I don't stop here,
I will find myself standing alone in the valley of death.
Farewell sweetheart
Ram B Nov 2021
ayoko mang sabihin, pero
masakit man isipin, pero
marami akong tanong, pero
di ko maintindihan, pero
bakit ganun
bakit ngayon
bakit di ko man lang
bakit di ka man lang
I am saying goodbye, but why?
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