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Sitting alone with the stars
I wait
For the last minutes of today
to fade into tomorrow
Turning what felt so precious
to memories
I remember the nights spent on the rooftop
caterwauling to the stars
and ache a little more
Everything reminds me of when we
had sock races across the slippery floor
Danced in the sky
fought battles with swords of leaves
Lay underneath a ceiling of blankets
and got tipsy on caffeine
That which cannot be tangible
feels like a knife to the heart
And as I wave goodbye
to the retreating light
tears start to pour from unblinking eyes
I stare motionless as it disappears
into the night
Numbly waving as my body shakes from the cold
I cannot feel
Life is full of goodbyes it seems
and nothing lasts forever
But just this once I wish it would
just this once I would turn back time
To have a few more minutes of oblivion
even a few seconds
But time waits for no man
and no man waits for time
That is what you would say, isn't it?
They say that time has no beginning
and no end
But this feels final
this feels like the end to something
I will never have again.
To Michael, my dear, dear, friend. Who was always there for me, who I cared for so deeply. Thank you for the many laughs we had together. And the many memories we made. I shall treasure them always.
If only had one chance to a say farewell to you my darling but knowing now what I didn't a year
That you were dying and this was to be the very last farewell I would held you my arms and never to let you
go kissed your sweet and tender lips and begged to
never leave me for I was frightened to face life all alone
And wish I could have gone with you my love so I didn't have remain In this life here all alone one last farewell to my
But know this will n
  ever be, but It will never stop me from dreaming to where I hope I'll say my last and final farewell to
you there
Having never got to say my final farewell hope at least to
dream of you to where I can say my final farewell
Zywa Jan 15
Only the radio is still here
the movers left
my house, an interplace now
a pause in the street

There, the inner garden
squirrels and tall trees
Standing at the window, warmth
on my face, in my clothes

The room is nicer now
swept, a sunny emptiness
with a windowsill of music
that I will take with me, in a little while
"Sun in an empty room" (1963, Edward Hopper)
"Shirley: visions of reality" (2013, Gustav Deutsch)

Collection “Webgarden”
Zywa Jan 14
We had tea without honey
the conversation dragged, what did you say
I asked and he said it again

What could he mean? Searching
for clues, I prolonged the failure
of clear thoughts

by looking around
In the bar mirror, I saw a thread
of my scarf on my coat

it was like a scratch
There's no sense in talking
if you behave like this, I go

my friend said and he went
Fifteen minutes later I got up
the tea had become cold
Collection “Webgarden”
Deb Jones Jan 2
Taking off my worn cloak
I wore you well this past year
There wasn’t much
That we didn’t handle
While I wore you as my mantle
I fold you up
All patched and thin
Farewell my old friend
I won’t forget the comfort
You enveloped me in

My new cloak feels a little awkward
Most fledglings do
Still I am homesick...
Goodbye 2018
carbonrain Jan 5
I love her.
I want to wake up next to her.
But last night we didn't say see you later,
we said goodbye.
I know, I know
                    that it may sound cliché,
but when you're not around
                       everything seems grey.
I think about you
                 each and every single day,
but it doesn't matter though,
                 soon you will be far away.
I got so little time
                 and so much words to say,
but there is nothing
                  i can do to make you stay,
so i just hope that
             we will meet again someday,
                        till then -
Yuki Jan 2
I reach out to touch your face
but find a void.
When did you
become so distant?
(to the hours spent
feeling alive;
to the cities i admired
and their streets that changed me;
to the thoughts that moved me
the arts that made me cry
the ideas that disturbed me;
to the unforgettable joy of living a dream;
to the dreams that became true
and the truths that became better than dreams;
to the sorrows that wounded me;
to the tears that didn’t wash the pain away
and to the kind words that did;
to the people who dared to share with me
childhood memories
views on the universe
stories about old lovers
secrets of their beautiful minds;
to the depths of those alluring souls;
to those who offered their days and nights to me;
to the ones i disappointed
(i’m sorry);
to the ones i hurt
(i’m sorry);
to the ones i never apologised to
(i’m sorry);
to all those who never asked
for an apology
for an explanation
for anything in return
(i’m sorry) thank you
for being there
for opening your arms
for listening
for caring;
to the friendships that endured
and the ones that failed to;
to the dearest of friends i loved
and cared for;
to those who stood by me
and to those who understood;
to the foolish heart that loved;
to its courage to break
and its strength to mend;
to the poems i wrote
and the boys i dedicated them to;
to the lips i kissed
and the kisses i longed for;
to the parties i remember
and the sleepless nights i don’t;
to the late-night wanderings;
to the turquoise sunrises
the crimson sunsets
and all the adventures inbetween;
to the drunken celebrations
of youth
of summer
and winter
of brithdays
of weekends
and weekdays;
to all the first times
and all the last tries;
to all the magical moments)
to 2018.
december 31st 2018
Seasons pass one after another
Hope leaps like the grass that grows sweet and green
Shaking the earth beneath the flowering plums of spring

As the sun conquers the sky,
Its eyes wander the heavens with pure apathy
My life is all dried up in midst of bustling summer

While the wind stirs whispers to the trees
Autumn walked the earth with rage, perishing the colorful leaves
It withers and falls along with my hope, cries of annihilation howls the skies

Winter has impaled the world with its bare fingers
The silver hue dominated the sky, crystal snow falls silently
The world grew colder, so did my heart

Dear, my repugnant past, I bid you this poem of farewell
For in the next season, a flower will bloom to tell a poem of hope
But it will never die out, even if it is starved of sunlight
A poem of farewell
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