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Ikimi Festus Feb 2019
Trapped within enigma's embrace,
My heart pounds, a wild chase,
Searching eyes pierce deep within,
Seeking solace, fearing lonely din.

Edam grew empty, void and bare,
Yet two gazes intertwined, aware,
Weary feet and longing souls collide,
As I, the strange beast, arrive.

Mutual, unfamiliar, a dance anew,
A connection formed, sensual and true,
Bound to stay, unable to depart,
Witnessing our fading hearts.

She, adorned in beauty's grace,
I, the beast with hidden face,
Love intertwined, destined to be denied,
I perished when she uttered, "I can't abide."

She perished as I turned away,
A beast's departure sealed her dismay,
Yet, look beyond this monstrous guise,
See the beating heart that never lies.

Though screams of terror fill the air,
My heart remains untouched, fair,
For she is all that I desire,
The one whom my love won't expire.

In her grasp, I find solace's touch,
No longer bound by loneliness's clutch,
Her essence lingers within my veins,
Her thoughts ignite joy, erasing all pains.

No force on Earth or heavenly high,
Can quell this love that won't comply,
Her beauty meant solely for my gaze,
Oh, the tragic tears our fate displays.

For her beauty claimed the beast's last breath,
Our love's demise, a dance with death,
So, I climbed the heights of Babel's might,
With a note proclaiming, "Beauty killed this Beast."

Reaching the summit, I took a leap,
Hoping the struggle would finally cease,
Breathing no more, as still as the night,
While she drew a bath, preparing her plight.

She bathed in sorrow, her heart torn apart,
A note declared, "His true Beauty killed the ugly heart."
With wrists cut open, a final sigh,
Her last breath joined mine, bidding goodbye.

Beauty Killed The Beast, a tale profound,
A monster of beauty, a truth unbound,
A beast whose beauty thrived within,
At last, together, the beauty and the beast shall win.
Pyrrha May 4
Once upon a deadline dreary,
In an office bleak and weary,

The hours we spent with work and play
Now seem to pass like a distant day
And as I look upon each friendly face,
I feel the sting of time and place

As I bid farewell to those I hold dear
My heart is heavy with the weight of sorrow
For though you go forward with hope and without fear,
It is steps further away from the times we shared
And I'll miss the friendships that I've come to know

So let us say farewell with heavy hearts,
As each of us moves on to different parts
But know that in our souls, we'll always hold
The memories of our time, both warm and cold

As you pack your things and prepare to depart,
Know that memories will linger on
Your presence, once a comfort to our heart,
Will now be felt in silence, a mournful part

Though distance may separate us, I'll keep in mind,
That true friends are never truly left behind
Saying farewell to college coworkers who are graduating  or leaving our program
Megan Parson Apr 30
I forget
I remember
I forget
I remember
Like crashing waves,
I too will be forgotten.
Thoughts at the end of a college farewell.

© Megan Parson 2023
Zywa Apr 25
Closing time, the farewell
almost over, the seats free
the table full, the glasses empty

I have to go, I'm leaving
Don't look at me like that, you
old singers in old frames

It's quiet on the street, I'm going
The moon is shining, we are turning
back to the sun already

The dogs stand
The scent of our love
has evaporated

The sheets are cold
Put an extra blanket
over your memory
"Restless farewell" (1964, Bob Dylan, album "The times they are a-changin' ")

Collection "Great Flow"
Phoebe buffay Dec 2022
“Can miles truly separate you from friends? If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?”
A very good evening to one and all present here. Today Im  here in front of all of you as we approach the end of our schooling days.
But i believe half of my job is already done here because its not me but our scribbled stories on our school benches that will dive us into this beautiful journey of nostalgia.
Although walls cant speak but the doodles on walls of our school bathroom can surely make us reminisce those malicious scenes of crimes we have done there.

Little did we know how quick ten years would pass by just like that.We have bloomed into  flowers from tiny little saplings in this orchard of childrens Academy. And in no time, us bunch of flowers will be unveiled in front of the whole world.
I still remember in flashes, the days of our pre primary section where we would yearn for that one cup of hot chocolate milk that would be served to us at least once a week. The same craving, in the primary section transformed into love for shezwan vada pav which still continues to be our favourite. Maturity then peaked and we entered secondary section to disrupt the whole world and win the worst class award right in the beginning of sixth std.
For me Children’s Academy is not just a school- but a journey that all of us have endured for these past ten years. Living every moment as If there was no end to it because that’s how it exactly felt like ! But today im realizing how wrong I was. It ends! The journey sure does- but the bonds and the friendship is never going to end. I wish someone had warned me that more than the people, it’s those moments that I will miss the most. Now, we will never be able to dance in front of our friends classroom and make them laugh during an on going lecture while we were on our way to the washroom. Now reena miss will never nag us for using the word “abbey”. Those menacing threats by Suddha Shetty miss to apply the canteen oil on our hair if by chance we showed up with washed dry hair to  school instead can never be relived. Now nikita miss will never  ask you about your missing id card and ask u to tuck in your shirt. Whom will we have psychology sessions with if not our bhagayshree miss.Whom will we wish suprabhat guruji to now? Who will leave us discombobulated with their flabbergasting vocab if not our beloved English teachers madhavi miss and  sen gupta miss?  not even paresha miss’ chemical reactions could beat our instant change in  our demeanour from a loud noisy fish market to an attentive obedient class when rohit sir or mallya maam would be on rounds.  Its hard to believe that no matter what we do, no one will replace the void of affection of our teachers in this emancipation. Its hard to believe that how all of these annoying rules that have  been playing in the background of our life will suddenly just cease to exist. Its hard to believe that the building of children’s academy that we visited everyday will no  longer even be a part of our life. Its hard to believe that now we wont see Vipin sir laughing at his own jokes before we all start laughing… just by watching each other laugh.
The cherished and hallowed corridors of Children’s Academy will become our Alma Mater that one day will surely be revisted by us to share the pride of our collective success, one day. These golden memories and the fact mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell will never be forgotten by us. And for that I can’t thank bhakti miss and simi miss enough!

And lastly to end my speech i wish to quote no one. I wish to end my speech just by singing the first  two lines of our school song. Lets chime in for the last and final time and sing it in our heads.
“ the bells of our school, ring out far and wide
Their chimes make our childhood so happy and bright!”
Erin Feb 18
Dear blue sweater,

Fluffy as I can remember
Warm as the summer
Huggable in any weather

You were everything I wished
but the opposite of my likes
But who am I to judge
when opposites collide?

I hoped a lot of things,
That went the wrong way.
Accepting our difference
made a lot of change.

I tried to see the good,
Not the quality you present
What more can appearance do?
When you're perfectly fur-fect

You'll always be my favorite
The comfy mellow fabric
The blue sweater I adore
Even if blue isn't your favorite
P.s. It looks good on you.
Jules Harper Dec 2022
Tears drop, heart aches
Nothing can be done
On my chest, heavy weights
Waiting for the Sun

3 months, as short
Not enough to blow
But 3 months, too short
Not enough to grow

3 months, just long
Enough to learn self love
And 3 months, as long
To bond and long for love

All connections made
Cannot sew in strong enough
All realizations fade
Cannot say I’m as tough

But not a second wasted
Have lived in the present
Much love given and taken
Are all lovely presents

Tears drop, heart warmed
All things have been done
On my mind, love swarmed
Finally, I see the Sun.
I’ve said goodbye to all my friends this week, one a day. It was heart-wrenching af, but at the same time, I’ve never felt this genuine appreciation simply of my existence before. These 3 months have been beautifully weird for my brain. I try to write my journal a lot to help process but the gears in my head are still figuring it out.

Farewell has never been easy for me, but this one is the hardest. What I had with my friends are so special, I doubt I can ever recreate this again in any other scenarios ever. I genuinely appreciate this experience, but sometimes I just wish it would never end. (But still, idk if I would’ve stayed longer, will I give it all the way I did knowing I’m here for only 3 months?)

Anyhow, as much clarity I gain from this trip, as many new questions about myself pops up in my mind. The times to come are going to be even more fun. On days like this I just love my life. And I’m celebrating birthday this year, cause for once, life is meaningful and is worth living.
Zywa Dec 2022
Objects from the past,

just a few remaining friends --

nocturnal ground frost.
Collection "NightWatch"
anotherdream Nov 2022
You said not to fall apart
And yet here we are
You went on to neglect me
When our troubles became hard

You said I couldn't see
What you imagined us to be
Fully awake but you're still asleep
Always dreaming instead of accepting me

I admired you from afar
With my own kind of art
I guess I'm a painter after all
But my work was mine and never ours

And then you found it was always me
That I was all you'd ever need
Guess you finally came around
To acknowledge I'm a human being

But love, I'm gonna accept you
Like the way you accepted me
Hoping that the flaws I see
Will eventually come to be
The end of you.

The irony of it all is that she broke her own rules
Laia Blackthorn Oct 2022
We are going off the road
And we need to get out now
This car is gonna crash
And we might not survive

Lock the “I'm sorry's”
Deep in your soul
And let the song ring out
The last note

Hold back your tears
Don’t make a sound
Were hanging of a cliff
We need to say our goodbyes now

Forget all my laughs
And heartwarming smiles
Let me be another
You leave behind

Its time to drop our hands
And keep going on our own
This ride has come to an end
One more verse and it’s done

Turn the engine off
And close the door
Step by step we leave this place
And never come back here again
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