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And I cried a little
Maybe a tear or two
With that softly spoken
From both me and you.
I always thought that
If *** gave us the chance to talk and get to know each other,
we'd be friends and beyond,
but He didn't.
So here we are today,
on the opposite ends of the farewell
trying to bid goodbye without saying a word.
Isshi Oct 4
Simply speaking,
Even dreaming
There they die
Wave goodbye
Farewell innocence
Pay my penance
I have some issues. Under a fake name I express.
Tori Oct 4
The summer left lipstick stains on the tops of trees
Breathing beauty and death in her farewell kiss
Randy Johnson Sep 30
She starred in a Star Trek episode as the girlfriend of Khan.
She was talented but it's sad because now she is gone.
She had Multiple Sclerosis and by 1985, she was bound to a wheelchair.
When she died in December of 2003, it proved that life can be very unfair.

She guest starred in such shows as Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza and Daniel Boone.
When she died at the age of sixty-eight, she died too soon.
Because of her illness, she was unable to reprise her role in Star Trek II.
She was a beautiful and **** actress and her name was Madlyn Rhue.
The embers are dying out
Not a wind whispers
Here, at the end
Wounded and ridden with scars
All I could think of is the shifting
Shadows of your face
I hear the echo of your laughter
I remember the ghost of your smile

Here, at the end
Weak and waiting for the dark
All I see is your eyes
Your kind, gentle eyes

Will you be there, I wonder
When they finally
Let me through
Will you be there
Waiting, and
Waiting for me
All this time?
Summer is on the edge of the cliff,
saying good bye to you
with a smile: a bitter-sweet smile of knowing
the fact that the past will possess its soul
and make it a ***** of yesterdays.

But you know the pain of living with memories
better than anyone else
will you miss me?
forget me?
or continue to love me?
because darling
you know
I’ll be gone come morning
Wayward Sep 18
I told myself I'd never fall again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I wouldn't love again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never trust again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never truly smile again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never be able to laugh again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never be loved again,
Yet here I am.
I  told myself I'd never be happy again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd stay happy.
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never cry over you,
Yet here I am.
I told myself you'd always be there for me,
Yet here we are, far apart.

Oh the beautiful lies and the false hope we gave ourselves.
When will we learn to descend
From the fantasy that we built
Farewell love, I'm glad that we met
Random, hazy, raw, and true
That's what I was going for.
Exploring out of the rhyme scheme and basic metaphor.
we didn’t say goodbye
as we parted
“see you later”
it was
and we laughed
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