When I am dying,
I beg no crying.
Angels will be around me,
No one can see.
Sit with me,
Call the family,
All pray for me.
Read the Quran as much as you can,
To ease my pain.
The Angel of Death will take my soul,
Again I implore no one should howl,
Only pray, pray my soul flows out,
Smoothly like a drop of water from a spout.
Bid me farewell with love,
As it leaves,my soul will hover above,
To bid you adios!
Maybe you'll stumble and fall off the road
Maybe you'll lose what with tight hands you hold
Maybe you'll drop it all
Only then you will see

That you don't really need me

Withstand the pain
You'd better say
I wish you well
Maybe you'll sail
Maybe you'll fly
Maybe you'll fail
But first you must try
For life is a flight
My angel so bright
Withstand the pain
I hope you say
I wish you well

Maybe we'll see each other again someday
I wish you well
We'll meet again through this pain
I wish you well

Dreams aren't always what they seem
Dreams aren't always gone when we wake from sleep
Dreams reveal to us who we truly are
And your dream has made you a star

Withstand the pain
If you can, please say

I wish you well

I'll meet you in the sky
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well...
Never say goodbye until it's the right time. But the right time never comes...
Today, my cat died that I had for nearly six years.
When I found her dead, it brought me to tears.
Animals always bring plenty of joy.
I adopted her in September of 2012 and I named her Boy.
I named her Boy even though she was a female.
It was heartbreaking when I had to say farewell.
It wasn't until she died that I truly appreciated what a special cat that I had.
Boy and I went to Sneedville and spent the last Christmas with Mom and Dad.
She was very pretty and solid white.
She was indeed a beautiful sight.
It's very sad to know that she no longer exists.
Goodbye Boy, you were my cat and you will be missed.
Willow shade Jun 8
Only fire can be born from a spark, nothing else.

It is impossible to keep fire not burning.

You cannot warm yourself near volcano and feel serene.

You cannot touch the sun, you can just only watch it.

Even if you love the sun, you must love it humanly, not like a moth. That is the main difference of a deeper, conscious and pure love.

No human loves suffering or wants to live in it. If one does and wants, he is something new, but anyway, not a human.

And if the one is not a human, he cannot be purer than he was before.

Pure thing is humanity. Humanity is always serene and as calm as shallow, mild water to swim in.

Being humane is the highest state of being.

Anything surpasses it with suffers, pain and fire, either can turn you to inhuman being or to ashes.

There is no humanity beyond suffering. Even if it is the suffering of the deepest love. You have to come back.

In any case and circumstances, pure love must not hurt, pure love cannot degrade, pure love has no ability to set a fire.

But the thing inside me began with an instant spark and I have been in a fire burning everything and everyone around.

I wish I could cry and extinguished this fire. Yet I cannot cry. Because its spring is not from a pure love. It does not know tears. It is from a spark, from an insincere, egoist and rampant origin.

My poetry and feelings to you are a flame. It deceives by making you feel hot when you are cold and showing itself as a great present or creating various magnificent ornaments. I remember how heroically you tried to carry it, I also tried, but it is impossible. It wants only one thing - just to burn anything it has, it finds and it encounters. Even myself.

At least, for humanity and for you I must stop it. Not being too late. I wanted to provide a divine shade, but that rampant feeling inside was always deceiving and preparing a more frightful plot everytime. It was too many times stronger than me, it was courageous and tireless, however, it was not humane.

Sorry for burning your hands, my dear
Sorry for all hurts I gave

Be attentive about the genesis of your inner impromptu and inspiration, my dear poet brethren...

Thank you Eliot York and all Hello Poetry family

Goodbye to all
Gray Jun 7
This isn't great.
He left going straight towards the interstate.

He never even gave us a proper farewell,
or didn't decide to dwell.

I think i just got used,
and permanently bruised.
dear heart
you fought so hard
and for so long
but silent is the song
that hangs from your lips
and fragments of memory
slip quietly out of the room
where you left me
holding your hand
as the shadows grew long
Avery Glows May 22
They shall recall
fragments of you.
Your past.
Your future.
Biding farewell
at the darkest hour.
There you lay
with roses tinged white,
a sight, like art.
And in static handwriting,
your name
be drizzled, in soft italics,
delicately, like craft.
They mumbled
Au revoir.
The voices of the living exhale,
in echo with the relief—

You lived,
have lived,
May, 2017
Our Farewells are sunsets
Slowly you sink into the horizon
Beautiful as red-orange hue
Leaving me in reverie
Of the day, hours, minutes spent
Enthusiastic for tomorrow's
And the next's sunrise
As you emerge and break light
In red-orange hue
Samruddhi May 3
Tonight, I hear my own voice, ordering me to speak out
I pacify her by saying, "Few things are left unsaid,
few strings are left untied
with all the knots just the way they are"
But I hear her again, as she boldly shouts
"Yes! You leave it as it is, someone might have said,
only when you have any feelings and emotions tied
with all the beings from whom you are now going off far"
And she makes me ask, "Am I still tied to you,
even after when you lied to me about all your plans?
Are you still my whole night drunk-talk partner,
even when you have simply forgotten me?
Maybe now I am like the lightest hue
admist all the bright colors that you'd ran!
Just a name now, written in your life by marker
with no memories, neither of saddness nor of glee!!!"
She asks me to bid a final farewell
to all those who could not come ahead
A farewell to forget all the wrongs
and to let the cool breeze of peace flow, for once and for all
To conclude she says, "All is well that ends well,
even when the beginning did start real bad,
Finally all would be forgotten and will soon be gone,
when one fine day, you would stand up tall with no glimpse of this fall!"
imai Apr 22
white petals have bloomed
in the sky
as i waited for you.

  the Sun has gone down,
  it could not wait,
  but i waited for you.

    i asked Time to stand still,
    it did not wait,
    not for you.

     it seems as though the
     world still carries on,
     even when every part of me
     aches for you.

   as i wait,
   i’ll think of an endless number
   of ways to get
   through you

  let me see you
  one last time,
  underneath the lonely
  deep blue

let me tell you
i love you
before you
lay with somebody new

let me hold you
on our last moment,
our final
thoughts of a lover preparing to bid farewell.
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