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Soon it all dies down,
I’m behind the Queen’s gown

When you lose the throne,
The links drown in his bloodstone

You’ve become the malefactor,
The framed picture of my backstabber

Premier cinemas we’ve stopped,
Reputations and ranks swapped

The shivering sierra,
Why leave me stranded in Canberra?
Is this a farewell? @Kelly Grace Richardson: Remember those “Avery” moments in our photoshoot? ***** to be in the popular group. ;)
Summer 2d
Solace is the
worn-out blue shoes and
quiet poignance of last night's dream;
an old conversation putting on loop —
a forgotten cascade tape;
morning light flitting through faded curtains,
hand holding a cup of sour coffee,
freshly brewed from loneliness chanting
stay, stay with me

Despair, old friend
visits after a dinner of pasta
blue shoes hitting pavement
passing the lanes of green and grey,
strolling around the meadow where
Gentian flowers glisten in full bloom
clouds wailing, pelting tears on
chilled cheeks, purple fingers shaking —
go home, go home

distant beckoning lights,
swaying lanterns overhead saying
come, come to us
white sand on a winter shore where
you wrote my name,
next to a set of baby prints
before the waves came
and lapped them away murmuring
no more, no more

running barefoot
down empty streets, crescent moon chasing
my back, scattering thoughts on the way
pine trees bending, cobblestone grumbling
at the scarlet sky, dancing with
your ghost one last time, whispering
farewell, farewell
I was having a particularly difficult day since I learned of my friend's suicidal thought the night before. I couldn't sleep. And I want to seek solace, though I know not where to find it. Seeing her like this reminds me of my old self — those dark days when loneliness twisted my insides and everything was just screaming and screaming and I couldn’t get out of my own skin. I am not even sure, sometimes, if we can truly be healed, for I still struggle with the same monster every day.
Again, please find me on instagram if you like my content, your support would mean the world to me. It's hard to continue sometimes
Summer 3d
numbers & figures are
nothing more than a flicker
of the winter chimney's smoky snicker;
fleeting as the sad beggar's liquor &
grandmother's empty wicker
chair, rocking with the gentle gale
breezing past rootless weeds
to settle on the frozen well —
Farewell, numbers & figures.
Sometimes I think I'm too fixated on numbers & figures, so this is a poem to remind myself not to be so caught up with them because 1. they do not define me and 2. they are as fickle as a breeze, might as well stop caring so much on fleeting things.
Timeless in our archives,
Immune from heartless knives,
Bravery streaks your face,
Stage fright, my ultimate chase,
We run faithfully away,
Stayed hidden in the art closet for a day,
Nightmares of my nemesis,
Duchess of the venomous,
Our loyalty marked by,
The city of Versailles,
Have I bitten you,
Have I gone too blue?
You never bid me a fair adieu,
We were the best of friends,
Is it because of her Mercedes-Benz?
Why bury me so deep,
In the mountain of poisoned apples,
Where the ocean of watercolors never dapples?
Surrender the streams,
Of eternity,
I wish you a farewell,
From the deepest depths,
In the abyss of Siberian steppes
I kind of miss you now...even after such a horrible fall out. Why did you shut me out so suddenly?
You thought that time was poetry,
Gifting each and every day.
But now the soft wind gently calls,
These leaves of life have blown away.

You thought goodbyes were poetry,
Just how the stars fade into dawn.
But they are only sleeping,
And are never really gone.

But maybe death was poetry,
And perhaps you’ve lived enough.
Farewells don’t need to mean the end,
And you’ll finally rest above.

So perhaps this was all poetry,
It’s not always bad to die.
Your dawn is finally breaking,
It is time to say goodbye.
Shadow Oct 17
Farewell now, peaceful dales, farewell to
Familliar hilltops that I call to
Farwell, familliar wood nearby,
Farwell, the beauty of the sky,
Farewell, glad nature that I cherish;
I am exchanging my dear peace
For noisey, glittering vanities...
Farewell my freedom that must persih!
Whither and wherefore do I strive?
What can I hope for in this life?
Dearly Beloved
by Michael R. Burch

for Suzan Blacksmith

She was

Dearly Beloved by her children, who gather
to pay their respects; they remember her
as they clung together through frightful weather,
always learning that Love can persevere ...

She was

Dearly Beloved by family and friends
who saw her great worth, even as she grew frail;
for they saw with Love’s eyes how Love’s vision transcends,
how her heart never faltered, through cyclones and hail ...

She is

Dearly Beloved, well-loved, sadly missed ...
and, while we mourn the lost days of a life too-soon ended,
we also rejoice that her suffering is past ...
she now lives in the Light, by kind Angels befriended.

And if

others were greater in fortune and fame,
and if some had iron wills when life’s pathways grew dark ...
still, since Love’s the great goal, we now reaffirm her claim
to the highest of honors: a mother’s Heart.

Keywords/Tags: Suzan Blacksmith, elegy, eulogy, epitaph, memorial, tribute, remembrance, farewell, goodbye, last respects
Yolanda Oct 14
In the morning the  sun gives farewell
to the moon and in the night time
the moon gives farewell
to the sun that's their routine.
Tai Roberts Oct 14
Goodbyes are for people
Who are prepared
to let go.
But we were never ones
For accepting the truth.
My friend,
We are going to sit here
And watch the sunrise,
One last time.
Pamela Oct 4
A song of beauty, a storm of sadness
Coexist in my heart
Neath the stone cold outer, it hurts and heals
Letting in gale after gale, not once the lock holding fast
Limerence and love collide, collide
Reality and fantasy alternate, tide after tide

In one life, we live a million different lives
In one life, we traverse a thousand miles
Knowing or unknowing, we touch many a life
Some left despondent, some with smiles

So much to do, so much to say
So much regret we carry, each and every day
So many lessons learnt, yet not one nigh
Not one nigh the art of saying goodbye

Clouded by hunger and bound by thirst
We see what we want to, unless coerced
Nostalgic, for the past we mourn and yearn
The present awaits us, undiscerned
Life passes us by, mutely we spectate
Gate-crashed by ebbs and flows, rendered desolate

We do things wrong, we do them right
Lost in the immense horizon, we lose sight
Whatever our secrets, we confide in the night
For, the moon and stars, hold wisdom erudite

Long after it is gone, we stay and wait
What holds us back, it never abates
All the will we summon goes awry
For never have we known the art of saying goodbye
This speaks about how difficult it is for us to let go and say goodbye to something that doesn't exist anymore.
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