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Mister J Oct 7
But surely
Step by step
Inch by inch

I'm almost there
Almost to the end
Letting them go

Feelings remain
Crumbling, dwindling
Memories replay
Blurring, fading

Tempo in ad agio
Hands pulling away
Hearts disconnecting
From synchronized beating

The music dies down
As the love dies out
I'm almost there
Almost over you

It's been slow
But I'll be over it
My heart will heal
Even as I miss you

Since you were gone
Nothing worked out
Motivation out the window
Dreams in an extended hiatus

But I'll get there
To the sunset by the sea
Where in the waves
I've buried your memories

The pain will subside
Slowly and carefully
As I shed your chains
From every inch of my body

This is farewell
My love in ad agio
Slowly fading away
Into its final breath
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Zywa Sep 28
The candle on the edge of the bath crackles
and, over my body, the ball is fizzing
the purple rain

of my red blood
in the blue reflection
of the sky in the water

my skin dissolves, my skeleton
shivers, so beautiful is this
ending, farewell my love

just let me go, I'm crying
but I love myself
since you kissed away what was ****
“Purple rain” (1984, Prince)

“Hate (Vent)”, and “The color purple” by Siera Mayhew (September 4th, 2019 resp. end of August 2019)

Collection “Take a picture, quick”
Bardo Sep 22
I left photograph albums of her out on
    the coffee table
Thinking the neighbours might like to
    see and so, celebrate her life
Her youthful days spent at home,
playing among the fields, by the river,
In the little country village where she
Her time in England and in America,
Her joys, her loves, her hopes,
I thought it was a good idea.
But when the neighbours came by
They talked only of their own families,
    their kids
About their hobbies and what Clubs
   they were in & what they were doing
      the weekend,
About their cars and how big they
What horsepower the engine was,
They talked of Life and of getting on
    with life
And enjoying life,
Maybe they had it right, trying to be
    positive in the face of sorrow
It must have been awkward for them,
Maybe it was my own fault too, for not
    drawing their attention to them (the
        photograph albums)
But I was busy getting drinks, making
    sandwiches, serving tea
(And had a fair bit of drink taken
    myself by then)
But the photograph albums they were
left their untouched, not a single page
was turned like no one was interested
Like no one wanted to know, like no
    one cared at all
I thought it kind of sad, and my Dad
    who had sat there silently for a long
Listening to what was being said
Suddenly got up and walked out in a
    bit of a huff.

We needed a suit of clothes to lay her
    out in, in the coffin,
I thought rather foolishly I suppose,
    that I should put them on the
     radiator first to warm them
It would be cold in that coffin, and colder still down in that deep dark

In the Nursing Home she had
    complained of being very hot
I used to take her in a little tub of ice
And give her a few teaspoons every
Now when I open the freezer door,
    there's still one tub left inside
The last one, the final one I'd brought
But never used, that same fateful night
    she died.

It's funny but I try not to think of her
    that much
Because I know if I did, it'd only upset
    me, make me all sad & teary eyed
And I'd be no good then, no use to
There's a time and a place I suppose, a
    time and a place to grieve... to
I know she wouldn't have liked to see
    me that way either,
She would have wanted me to get on
    with my own life
She used tell me, "Don't waste your
    time on me, my life is over now,
        my days are done,
It's your turn now, go live your own
    life and find your own happiness".

It only hits you when you go into her
    room & see her clothes still hanging
And you realize she's not around
    anymore to wear them,
I bought a lot of them for her myself
Used to embarrass me going into the
    Ladies Section to get her stuff
The pyjamas, their the saddest, they
    hurt the most
The ones with the little woolly sheep
    on them, the ones with the nice
( Heh! they always used to joke I had
    such poor taste)
The one with the bright red flowers
And the one with the little penguins
    on skis
With the scarves wrapped around
    their necks.

We had to write a final farewell
   message to put on a card
To go on the bouquet on her coffin
I struggled at first, looking over at my
    brothers, not knowing what to say,
My mind, as always, wanted to say the
     'right' thing
But luckily, my heart got in the way
I said, I wrote " Thanks for all the
    Years Mom,
It was a great pleasure knowing you,
Enjoy the next life, you deserve to,
I'll be seeing you! "
This was written several years ago after my Mom died, it kind of wrote itself, it was the things that stuck out to me in the days just after she had died. - Is a bit unfair to the neighbours, most of them went to the funeral home where Mom was laid out. Me & my Dad stayed at home just in case anyone came to the house. Only a couple of neighbors came & one brought their grown up sons whom I knew. I was glad they came & despite all we had a good night. -Also the ending of this, it isn't some death wish, I like to believe in reincarnation and that we all come back, every time I see a little girl or boy I think that could be my Mom or Dad (he passed away too a few years later).
Red or Dark eyes? 
Vampire, is it time to say goodbye
He stopped kissing her
Her heart broken, with love. 
Gold or pale leaves?
Vampire, where is their destiny?
He turned off the light
and left them with darkness
and she escaped from
twin towers last night.
Are they **** or ethology creatures?
Vampire, who could interpret the sound of his voice?
Early last summer, they met at a mask party.
Vampire found his true love after a Brahms themed concert, 
Vampire never intended to make a crime.
Vampire didn’t know what he had until he lost it.

The dusk arises to heal his wounds,
with the blood of another.
Vampire, opened his eyes, light came through heaven
Thank you for the fragile and painful love that you give. Muttered the vampire under his breath.

Vampire, took her to all the places that she never knew.
He came and she found what she wanted

Will she remember that she was there in his debt?
those days were a little bit daunting the days she’d rather forget...
Farewell, Vampire
He changed her life for the better 
And now he knows it’s better to be brave than be scared
to a little painful but fragile love.

Farewell, Vampire
He knew he had no choice.
But will he ever have one?
By: Angel.XJ
Revised 14/08/2019
Acina Joy Sep 17
I open the door.

It creaks open,
and my fingers tremble at the ****.
Beyond the small window,
and the pounding of my heart.

We are close enough,
and my words are lodged up somewhere-
all at once!

I want to say hello, for you to smile my way.
The yearning in my heart grows stronger,
but aren't we just friends? Can't I just say it?

So why, why, why,
is my body frozen to the door?
To the side?
As you pass by?

I need to move somehow,
just a little bit, *please

But you open another door.

And it closes.
I just wanted to say hello, yet your back only said goodbye.
Knit Personality Sep 2016
My pretty, neat,
And sweet Petite:
Our love was brief;
And, yet, with grief
   I swell.

Ah!  Woebegone
Forever on
   I'll be,
Never to fly
Cloudly and high
   With thee!

That all must pass
That's made of glass,
   I take;
But, like to thee,
The heart in me
   Doth break.

No farewell hurts more
Than one never truly said
When the moment came.
Hollow Steve Sep 5
depise m3.
Always clinging onto
It wasn't my fault.
The stresses stresses on
And nothing like it
Could ever begone.
It tears me.
You ever rip apart
The flesh of metaphoric
Ofcourse not.
It belongs subjective.
Parallel and defiant.  
It belongs to no one.
This continues onward.
It discontinues.
Asuzx Sep 2
I think I'm done
Getting lost in your mind.
I think my love
Was one of a kind.

I cared for you
More than myself.
I lived for you
Not anything else.

My life is over
With you not around.
Farewell, son
We'll meet in paradise.
- See you later -
B D Caissie Sep 22
I’d climb the highest mountain peak to greet you.
Can you see?
I’d nosedive my way back down to be with you.
Are you free?
I’d walk through flames for a moment of your time.
Do you care?
I’d wade through ashes of despair to meet you.
Are you there?


My love for you is a slow and steady burn.

My scars suggest perhaps I’ll never learn.

You left me staring blankly in the rain.

Gazing out the window on a slowly departing train...

I know this poem kind of changes but I'm okay with it.
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