Ashlee 2d
The sly fox is none more sly than you are.
Words come out of your mouth, they are all lies.
There is this gap between us, it is far,
The ties that hold us are coming untied.
But can I let you go? It would mean death.
You are my lifeblood, my everything;
Without you, I cannot find any breath,
My heart stops beating, my eyes stop seeing.
Yet you betray me, I can’t fathom why.
I gave you my love, my years, my life.
It seems like we have already said bye;
After all this, it still cuts like a knife.
Despite everything, I still love it;
I suppose that’s why I took that bullet.
Ellison 7d
I've shrugged myself away since three years ago
Always wanting to change away from too much innocence
Wanting to know more about what others did
But now I've learned too much.

I want to be able to go back and cry on the sleeve of myself
And tell him to stay young forever
Tell him to not worry about the future and life
And how big your genitals are.

Tell him never to smoke or drink to death
Tell him to never yell at your angel mother
Or take for granted what keeps you warm at night
And love your friends with a peaceful mind.

Farewell, another part of the child
That once never needed an herb to have fun
He crumbles like the ash on a dusty page
Burned by the lighter of irrational maturity.
Alison Latres Mar 27
I've taken fake answers and I've seen your little mockery.
I know the endless telltales of your continuous hypocrisy.
I've been waiting in the light for you to abandon such a novelty.
But the darkness gives comfort to the despair of your monstrosities.

I've watched and I've read each line and in between.
I've kept my wits about me and pretended to not see.
I've mustered all my courage and last drop of bravery.
The mask comes off to reveal a missing identity.

What more did you want from me than to lie and cheat and steal?
The sweet nothings that I couldn't offer were of no actual appeal.
Maybe I'm the villain of the past, now a victim of the surreal!
I'd been watching every move, you liar; give up! Give up and kneel!

Reclaiming honor through downright confession!
It's time that I relearned forgotten lessons.
Turn my back and decrease the repression;
No more forgiveness, no more exceptions.

Apologize! Apologize! Give up and submit!
Either option is worthless. You've exhausted the limit.
Turn your back, and I'll turn mine; nothing's left to finish.
Every blade's been brandished, broken and detested.

Nothing's worth the efforts I'd put into making happy.
Nothing's benefitted from others. I'm better never laughing.
Nothing's worth the struggles, the signs or the confronting!
Nothing's benefitted from you. I'll turn my back and leave.
Oliver D Apr 2
She sits in a
Room by herself.

Her dad's at a bar, cheating
While mom is getting high.

After dinner
She hears them
Fighting again.

She covers her ears
Hoping it ends soon.

She hears him slap her.
She hears mom's whimpers.

Footsteps are storming
Up, up the stairs,
Getting closer.

They stop.
They have gone to bed angry.

A nice man picks her up
From school the next day.

He gives her sweets,
A warm blanket, and
Even a coloring book.

He takes her to a
Strange building.

He sweeps her off her feet,
And strolls into the building.

As it turns out,
He was a policeman,
Her parents were arrested.

Her dad looks at her
His eyes glassy.

Goodbye, they say.
She never saw them again.

She loves her new home
Where she is loved
And never forgotten.
A story about an neglected little girl. I bet you guys thought she got picked up by a pedo, huh? That's what I was aiming for :)
Sarah Mann Apr 2
When your eyes are failing.
Knuckles swinging and twisting,
Sadly, it’s not always smooth sailing.
Knees crashing and bones clattering.
Hurricane came and left the mind scattering
Hands releasing, lips quivering and fading.
Defenseless, to no avail, they are invading.
Heavy begging eyes and pleading arms
There’s nothing left of your charms.
The words fall out.
Such a request
A final farewell if you wish.
No, please. Don’t go…
But it’s too late.
Wednesday, May 11, 2016.
Ken Rafiñan Mar 24
The wordless farewell;
the only sound heard is our future
finally fleeing.

From skin-sought sensations
to soul-swept subjections:
an affection that's more faint by the minute murder of our muscle memory,
but never less felt,
lest you may be forgotten
and forever.

As if this this summer had never happened—
and all things considered—
we may wish it never had,
but it did,
just that once,
then never again.

For a forbidden friendship like ours,
perhaps it was an instance too many.

Kisses awkwardly given
and taken as we lay in the brush
watching the sunset and cicadas overwhelm us.

Rough touches stealing sweat off of my skin—
secretly wanted,
then openly needed.

And the way I inhaled your name
as you exhaled mine
in the midnight mess we made of my parents' platonic hospitality.

Our real names.

A mantra repeated,
sometimes a sigh,
at others a rush:
of joy and sadness;
of trust and pain;
of comfort and loss.

Too much to be hushed.

Not enough tears to be cried.

A moment too cold,
even for a wood fire on a Hanukkah morning.
Inspired after a viewing of Luca Guadagnino's "Call Me By Your Name".
Em MacKenzie Mar 16
First level was simple denial,
I argued with myself for awhile,
counted each and every bathroom tile
while I waited until sedated so that I could smile.

I felt the anger twinge inside myself,
I cursed all the time spent seeking wealth,
and bathed in loathing for my careless lack of health,
and my inability to ever ask for much needed help.

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
but when my number's up I won't try
I won't fight; I'll have no punches to throw.
Five stages and seven hells,
turn the pages and hope it sells.

Next was bargaining but I had nothing to give,
no reason to be here, no reason left to live,
but I took my chance on a lie a and fib,
and offered up my heart along with a shred of rib.

Every layer always gets warmer,
until it surely burns your skin,
you'll find the next is worse than the former,
is this the punishment for sin?

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
but to say life is short would be a lie,
'cause some of us just feel it's too slow.
Five stages and seven hells,
open the cages and ring the bells.

Depression walked in like an old friend,
it was no big change, there was no letter to send.
I realized I was defective with no chance to mend,
my spine officially broken even though I didn't bend.

Then acceptance finally washed over me,
with a conclusion some things are just not meant to be,
I didn't bow my head or fall on one knee,
words can't describe that feeling of being free.

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
I hope to find a comfortable home in the sky,
or atleast in soil for something else to grow.
Five stages and seven hells,
I'll live through the ages, constantly shedding my shells.
This is to tell my mother
that her husband has died,
but he is not gone;

For I am here
and I am the last
breathing, bleeding &
living fragment of my father.
If he has left anything behind,
it is himself,
& that- is me.
In loving memory of my late father
I am a tree, grown in the shade, and today I stretched my branches to tremble for a while in the daylight. I came here to tell you good-bye, my beloved, and it is my hope that our farewell will be as great and awful like our love. Let our farewell be like fire that bends the gold and makes it more resplendent.
Selma did not allow me to speak or protest, but she looked at me, her eyes glittering, her face retaining its dignity, seeming like an angel worthy of silence and respect. Then she flung herself upon me, something which she had never done before, and put her smooth arms around me and printed a long, deep, fiery kiss on my lips
I love KG
you posted a coming out video today.
you've left your boyfriend and you're accepting who you are.
I'm happy for you.
I just wish you had found someone else, somewhere else, something else to test the waters on.
After years of hoping, you gave me the chance
to hold you and touch you
and I felt like I could dance all night.
But suddenly, you flipped a switch
and asked
I'm sorry we haven't spoken since then. Maybe I wasn't enough for you. I know for sure that I'm not enough now.
I'm sorry that I can't tell you this in person.
I've come to a realization. I can be angry. I can be hurt. I can be proud. I can be supportive. But I'm afraid that I must be all of these things in silence. I can't be directly involved anymore.
I don't owe you anything
you don't owe me.
Consider us even.
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