And there she goes
Off to a far, far away land
Where the pastures are more green
And the people more refined

What a beautiful life awaits her in that town
Clear streams and sparkling brooks
Birds singing like minstrels of old
Nature displayed with utmost majesty

I wonder how she will fare
Will she find joy in that precious escape?
Or yearn for the sweetness of home?
I wield not the power to know

Perhaps we shall meet again
When the stars are right in the heavens
When the call of the heart echoes stronger
Than the shout of wealth or want

As she gallops away into the sunset
Towards the promise of that hopeful land
With her, she carries a piece of my heart
Because she has gone far, far away

From me
To my aunt who went away to Canada
Amanda Aug 7
Goodbye doesn't have to be permanent
It can be good for two hearts to temporarily sever
But I also know from experience
Sometimes goodbye is forever
"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting"
Paumanhin sa aking sasabihin dahil ito'y paalam na,
Paumanhin dahil ika'y masasaktan sa pangyayaring magaganap,
Paumanhin dahil sa kabila ng ating mga pinagdaanan ika'y iiwan ko na,
Paumanhin dahil sa bawat ngiting ating pinagsamahan ito'y mababahiran ng lungkot at poot,
Paumanhin dahil ang tayo ay magiging ikaw at ako na lamang,
Paumanhin dahil ang dating tayo'y hindi na muling babalik,
Paumanhin dahil noong nagging tayo ay nasabi kong hinding-hindi kita iiwan, na ikaw ang para sa akin,
Paumanhin dahil ika'y makakaramdam ng matinding sakit sa aking pag-lisan at wala ako para ika'y hagkan at yakapin at masabing andito lang ako,
At ngayong patapos na ang aking tula nais kong humingi ulit ng paumanhin dahil ako'y magpapaalam na,
Hindi ko man mabigyan ng maayos na rason o paliwanag ang aking pag-lisan nais kong sabihin sayo na totoo ang lahat ng nangyare sating dalawa, ang bawat yakap, halik, halakhak maski ang ating pag-iyak ay totoo,
Paalam aking binibini.
This a goodbye poem in my local language Filipino
Jester Andre Jul 26
I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth as I gulped;
My head tilted upwards and stared at the sky filled with the
blue color that reminds me of your eyes filled with
wonders, trying not to look directly into the windows of your
I did all these not to suppress my anger, but something even more
But no matter what I do, everything is not under my
control and will
never be
For these tears still streamed down my cheeks filled with deep sorrow and melancholy;
Yes, it's hard;
It's making me bleed so much that I feel like I'm dying yet still continuing to
It's far more arduous than any predicament that I have encountered in my whole existence;
Yet I still have to do it;
For I cannot continue any longer to hurt you by offering you my heart, my dear;
As you continue to heal and purify all my sins
While all I ever do is
your soul and drag you in the the deepest and darkest abyss that I call
Darling, I am now setting you free and breaking the chains that
you from ascending into the
limitless sky where you truly
belong, so flap you wings
and fly to your
Xaela San Jul 24
Remember the last time we walk
Also it was our last time to talk,
It was the night of snowing December
Freezing our bodies with its cold winter

But there's no use crying again and again
As memories flows of you leaving with a train,
Together with our tears falls like rain
Saying our last farewell caused pain

Those vivid memories of you leaving for war
Drowns me with anxiety and uncertainly,
Waiting for you to go home feels like enternity
But keeps me aiming far;

And I've always known war is a game
A game of life and death
Which even a man without a name
Would die in womb of his mother;

Now death has prevailed, your life has ended
Promises, shattered, broken instead;
Your lifeless body was an evidence
Of war's dreadfulness and cruelty at worst.
Umi Jul 22
Farewell, to my voice wich vanished beneath the echo of those mountains, disappearing in the far distant, out of reach
The summer sun burns through my skin, lightens up this cold heart of mine for the first ime in a very long time, but even this won't last,
Yet I have no reason to be sad, this agony is bittersweet you see,
Constant change around me, without me changing one bit, it is as if I have become stuck in some kind of loop, unable to ever advance,
What does the future hold for one who has given in to this madness?
Farewell, to all the flowers which were blooming majestically this summer, now withering over to the merciless, drought like heat,
The greensleeves of nature are to already become colourful,
Farewell to all the warmth you have given me before you slipped away into the sea of time, moving on without thinking twice,
When the lullaby of a vampire is sung it'll be time to shut my eyes,
Because then I can be sure that I don't want tomorrow to come,
Farewell to the times we were friends conveying about silly things,
Now everyone can rejoice, once my voice is gone,
Farewell, left behind, I can no longer even cry

nish Jul 20
if the sun disappears
and the stars say farewell
would you be the only light
for those left to dwell?
just a short lil something
Anya Jul 2
When you watch the sun set
what do you see?
The world aglow with
The sun’s last melody
A parting farewell
Or perhaps
A last clinging hope
To keep one good friend
Or at least imprint
A memory in our hearts
Of glimmering lights with orange hue
Before the sun rise starts anew
And our previous memories are washed away
As our mind turns to small common place affairs
And we start another day
Sarah Mann Jun 29
You can see slightly
through the discolored leaves
That so lazily blow
With the wind
Flowing slowly behind  
Encouraging them to break
Supporting them to make
The sound that they do.
I wonder if you hear it too
From far faraway hidden to most.
The sound that they have given
Echoes past where is safe,
Past where is hidden.
And a girl with curls
Falling down her back
And eyes wide open
Hears the rustling once again
One that she’s swore she’s
Heard sometime before
It’s a quiet continuous rumble
A soft and welcoming mumble.
I appreciate the brief glance
Into the other side that
I was allowed
Though rarely thanked
In the out loud.
A whisper signals an ending.
Bring forth a closure of sorts.
I resolve to bid farewell
To my place amongst this wonder.
Some different topic material, a little something to remind me of the peaceful and beautiful essence of what nature can be.
June 28, 2018.
Daidaiiro Jun 23
We were walking
Along the sidewalk
Your shoulder gently touching mine
Your eyes laughing
While mine were crying
You turned around
And said goodbye

Your silhouette
Was fading away
As you ran into the fog
My heart breaking
Shedding tears
I kept on calling out your name

Restless thoughts
A sleepless mind
Walking against walls
As if I was blind
Wherever I go
Forever I'll search
I'll never ever see you again
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