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Lisa Conway Jun 14
I look out at the churning sea  
white horses a galloping
with each blink of my eye they seem more real
upon one of the horses there sits a beautiful woman
delicate seashells barely cover her *******
the elfin like face framed with flowing golden locks
seaweed sits red and green prettily like ribbons in her hair
iridescent scales cover a tail that sits perfectly
onto the saddle of her pure white steed
as they gallop closer, I realise she's singing
a haunting melody about a sailor
I reach out a hand , she's so stunning I can't resist
she stops, reaches for me and bestows a kiss, so sweet
my eyes shut as I lean closer
suddenly i'm startled as cold water covers my face
almost pulling me into the wave that holds my love
but shes gone, no longer there
I'm left behind to gaze out on the turbulent sea
and dream about my exquisite mermaid

©️ L Conway 2020
DxMarzz Nov 2019
Psychological warfare
been there
been square
ain't fair
but you gotta run with it
listen, i know it is hard to be different
But we s'posed to be
this the life that we livin
livin, Are you really living?
Are you really listening to the words i say
take it day by day child

And it ain't breezy to be bold
to be the type that will speak up loud without the choke
And it ain't easy to be the punch line that can't be told
an absent cough preceding a milky ****
Dearly departin'
I'm not a g but i move how the move with a head full of smarts man(j.s.)

Just remember that when your self care gets put on hold
you leave your own fire out in the cold.
And what a shame you're always learning
opposed what you were told

dear child don't let them steal the light emitting from your soul- you can't even put down the shovel to realize you diggin' yourself deep ina hole
Before you heal it's gonna be a while
I know it's gonna be a while child

chin up child don't let em win
protect yourself, love yourself and nurture what stirs within
and man ignore the knocking- don't open the door
in the fifth dimension you still rocking the crown that your ancestors wore
but with it comes the blood sweat 'nd tears that they hoard
don't get it twisted you're simply a new vessel that your family bore
Don't explain anymore.
watch your company mama they clouding up your aura

too many people claiming to be woke whilst walkin' in they sleep
sometimes all you gotta do is close your eyes
to unmask the wolves disguised as sheep

we livin' it up  but when the street lights be flashin'
we dashin' we ain't be lookin' back to notice who is or isn't laggin'
Ya son's been running the streets
then runnin' the sheets with loose babies makin cursed babies
Dear child

Sometimes i try not to make the song cry
Jay Z
my own mama hate me
But i don't sweat a drop
cause I grew into the cream of the crop
Destined to find the path that will lead my flesh to the top

and with each day that passes by i'll laugh i'll cry i'll learn
became the flame- now watch me burn
AHG mama we made it!
AHG you really hate it!
you n your mans can get up, get down
AHG wait
ya'll way too faded
Dear child
and when the song starts to cry I don't hold back
in fact
i let it seep into your souls
only my art can fill these holes
despite ya'll moles
im out
Erykah Badu
Big Pooh
Little brother
My brother
My sisters
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Surrounded by a turbulent world,
by introspective-philosophy
I strive to achieve
peace of mind.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"I fear of having my turbulent waves crash down upon you. I fear of having my chaos entangle you in it’s mess. I fear my darkness enwrapping, engulfing and entrapping you in it’s depths. I fear of leaving you bewildered by the cryptic words that slip my tongue."

- excerpt from an open letter
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I feel the ebbing flow
of venomous pain in my veins.
I feel the thoughts like bullets to my brain,
the emotions crashing down like turbulent waves.
I see the scars
rawer than before.
So here I am,
listening to music
louder than before.
Painting my heart
with more colors than before,
because it all hurts more than before.
Welcome, dear mysteries
My one and only planet is here
Here for no particular reason

We are turbulent creatures
Speckled with interesting features
Each so similar
Each so unique

Our minds race with life
The need to enjoy life
The need to create life
The need to help life
The need to live

We ebb and flow
Our tides enclose our minds
Thinking on two different sides of the same ocean
Often not in sync

Loud heads
Yelling out

We have a way
A way of including anyone
Yet excluding everyone

And this means you, hopeful friends
This means us.
This is a message for any aliens that come to earth
Aaron Feb 2019
Guess you're gone again
Watched you walk away;
You always said breathe out then in;
Know you'll be back someday.

Same seeks same to find its home
Not meant to chase the vogue
Some souls are surely made to roam
Rebel always chooses Rogue.

And rebels need a reason
We can’t abide bad laws; yet
Against the heart there is no treason
When standing for a Cause.

Always loved unspoken things
Like the thrill of open sky
Every bird must find its wings
To let go of fear and finally fly.

Beneath your chest there beats a fire
A powerful creature that needs to be free
Weave these words into the pyre
This is who you’re meant to be.

And I refuse to be your cage,
Won’t bind your feet or blind your soul
Won’t consign you to dance on broken stage, ‘cos
You’re meant for more than that role.

Can’t hide a sky of stars in a box
Can’t bottle a boundless tide,
Can’t block nature behind black locks,
Though I’m ashamed to say I’ve tried.

If you must fade to find your grace
Because you’re made of art,
Just know you always have a place
Wherever waits this heart.

You’re always free to go, and
Seek each untraveled road;
Build your dream abode.

Just please hear this song
That I’ve been singing all along:
I’ll always prove your fears were wrong, for
Some things will not erode.
H E L E N A Dec 2018
Rhythmic incessant thuds,
Drum rolls of flowing blood.
They ringed in my ears,
Welcomed my deepest fears.

A fragility of the flesh,
Shredding open with each new lash.
A fortress of stones, bone-brittle,
Shattering like an overflooded skull.

Haemorrhage, haemorrhage
How they gush,
Bright red, lovesick
Always in a rush.

To think that each wall I built
Only heightened the fall.
Each scar was a sensation,
I know they watched in awe.

Of flesh and stone,
They contest my throne.
but eventual.
Which "me" will I be today?
Stark Dec 2018
riding out the highs of life
with manic ferocity


the minutiae of life
drag you down into the depths of despair

a pure loyalty like no other
hidden by a dramatized emotional facade

always there to bring you up,
simultaneously bringing themselves down
it's a slippery *****--
emotional support

Oh, to be Mercutio--
is to be the eye of a hurricane,
winding about a center
--that may not be
as stable as it seems
shakespearean bffs, pt 2
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