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Johnnyqu33r May 24
At this point I am absolutely aware
Birds have nibbled the whole trail
Of crumbs scattered loosely behind me
For you to follow and for you to find me

Nothing is worth measuring time
Dusk to dawn to candles burning out
Candles being blown out surrounded
By people and laughter and nothing

A dream found damaged and gathered
In my basket while on a visit to grandma
Heart ripe red and silver spoon fed to you
Only to become the evil queen at the end
Eloisa May 18
Gazing at your different faces
in my pile of photographs.
Remembering the rhymes
I used to carve in those smiles.
Reliving the affection and delight
I used to see
in those luminous eyes.
These words I tried to write
for this unfinished poem,
With my heart in fragments
and my soul cut open and torn,
I will now have to say goodbye.
For you have willed that tiny hope into stillness,
And with the flame I long adored
started to flicker,
These last lines
I needed to pen in bitter darkness,
“Goodbye, my love.
Please take with you
the memories of me!”
emma May 14
You told me that day,
"The girl I knew would never"
and filled the rest in with everything I've done

The girl I knew would never listen to rap or country music
The girl I knew would never have driven down the backroads going 70 .  .  .  80 . . . 90 ... 100 .. 110
The girl I knew would never think about themselves first
The girl I knew would never put their needs above anyone else's
The girl I knew would never wear such revealing clothing
The girl I knew would never been comfortable sharing their thoughts
The girl I knew would never feel sorry for themselves
The girl I knew would never feel comfortable in their own skin
The girl I knew would never stand up for themselves

The girl you used to know hated themselves
The girl you used to know was taken advantaged of and walked all over
The girl you used to know hid their true self
The girl you used to know would have sacrificed anything to satisfy you, even herself
The girl you used to know cried every night
The girl you used to know hurt herself when she couldn't feel anymore
The girl you used to know could never stand up to you

I'm glad you never really knew that girl
And I'm glad she became me
you know who you are
Kole J McNeil Apr 20
Looking into your eyes I see the pain as I stand at the edge my hair whipping in my face. I see you chained to the rocks. Inches from me, reaching out. Your screams silent and straining against the chains and wind.
I stare my enemy in the eyes as he reaches out to save my life. He had become my best friend and saved me from the girl who had tried to **** me. He still needed an enemy after all.
I look at you with your tear stained face
"I guess you were right from the beginning I AM a monster. I could never be saved."
I smile as you strain against the chains and I fall back off the cliff into the sea.
This is going to be the end of Book 1 in my book series. The book is Called AS I RUN. This is probably going to be my favoret part.
Jason Apr 17
We were in love, successful, and happy,
We had a graphic novel series and a hit CD.

We did everything together, I stood tall beside her,
Then some insecure scientist turned on their LARGE particle collider.

Right was down, and down was blue, and blue was east,
Now she's married to another man, and I got no teeth.
Ever imagine what alternate realities might be like?
What if the large particle collider activation in 2009 mixed all the realities into one big jumble?
Akta Agarwal Apr 4
This world is changing a lot and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today
But it's wrong to always blame the youth ,
how can we blame the future only when without present we can't blame future.
Youth is the beginning of future and they can be the end of future if they didn't get guide of right way,
They have the only power to construct and destruct the world as per the guidance,
Youth are now living a virtual world on facebook, instagram or twitter ,they no longer need to speak face to face.
If they only knew the value of time and a lost childhood which is the one thing that no one could ever replace.
All the youngster want to cause riot but they also hide their faces in the hoodies,
The girls desperate to become thin and that's why they through their breakfast, lunch and tea at the toilet.
Each of us is born with a hidden gift but our future children have just forgotten how to find it.
Older generation demand respect but it's one way traffic as respect back is something they sometimes forget to show.
Instead of teaching our future generations how to fly we tied them down in the fear of if they fly high above us.
Bullies and racist still torture their victims leaving them to cry on their own because they are afraid of open up.
Sometimes they want to open up but we just ignore them and that tend them to choose the wrong path i.e .,destruction.
And then again present becomes the main or hidden reasons of destruction.
Because of our negligence their beautiful and bright dreams fades away and then their dreams captured by darkness .
The dawn of a new generation will begin and no doubt people will still blames the youth and will forget their deeds and negligence.
And the main point is blaming is nothing the ultimate solution if it's truly is then the presents itself have to be blamed not the future generations because they are only the key toy in the hands of their parents and they are the main culprit.
So lastly it is to be said our youth or we can say future generations is not only responsible for the destruction if they will have got the right guide then they were surely the proud reasons of constructions of the world.
So that's why Youth can be the beginning of destruction means end of the world.
Youth is not the main culprit
Hands holding onto her hips,
breaths bouncing with bliss,
we both crave just one more kiss.
Hands now on the door,
pouring out even from my pores,
we both look to adore.
I love her in my life,
but this feels like so much strife,
so I need to just let her go.
No, she’s not near anymore,
yet the water still flows,
my garden of unemployed roses still grows.
Any more guilt and I’ll hit the floor.

Why hold guilt, a better man sees chance.
I grab her waist, just hoping we dance.
It worked but, she's just looking for free lance.
I keep coming. Closing the distance.
For her, I’ll go the distance.
But why do I feel this shame?
She ended things so I’m not to blame.
But her ocean eyes still hold my flame,
so for love again should I change my aim?
My fear should be cooler,
my wish was to move her. Closer.
Just a bit closer. But I can’t reach forever.
I loved her so I can’t seem to forget her.
I just miss the safety in us being together.
Her warmth was enough and I never needed a sweater.
And this passion to love what I’ve seen,
seems like beams of an eternal dream. A racing bee
is to me, as a honey-laced flower is to she.
I’m stuck and falling even though the leaves are changing;
maybe I should move on and leave her to be.
But if you truly love, is it right to flee?
Sakshi Balla Mar 21
And now the world is ending
but you didn't come over, alright.
this is my version of song "if the world is ending" by julia michaels and jp saxe
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