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I Tried 1d
As this year bids a sweet goodbye,
Will my pain also leave by my side?

As I count the months left,
Will this give assurance that soon I'll forget?

Months passing by, seems time is inevitable as it flee,
But the clock within me  got stuck ever since I set you free.
Jennifer Ale Oct 7
My Black Black Man
The Walls of your Mind
Beckon only a Unique kind
The Love of a full Woman
An illusioned witness to
the Truth behind You
and your fettered prime, can
Be more black, more diaspora than
thee. Educated with sight
Yet conflicted by societal rite
And a King in every Troubled Stage
Unable to Fight
Can or cannot Love right?
My Black black man.
She was flawed, completely; but not in the way she though.

She was flawed in the way an artist ruins a white canvas with a beautifully colored sunset.

she was damaged, in the way the night sky is broken by the dawn
At times she had confidence and at times she felt as if she was a scrap of something used up
Our beginning , like new life
was pure.

So far away are the days that like the horizon seemed filled with eternal promises to face
side by side.

First as friends,
then as frolicking fools
too blind to see the roads sharp fork
that would divide like a deep chasm.

Still, we rushed forward
on passions temporary fuel
hitting the first bump,
soon to be trapped in a cycle
of blissful agony,
like new life growing only to wilt
in the unceasing cold to come.

But, as a dead flower leaves a seed,
So did we leave scars,
that tells a tale to carry each of us
with the other as we move on.
A lesson learned or a wound
to be examined on colder days,
that like the markers along
a journey
guides us going forward.

So as dents display the wisdom our once
fresh bodies did develope on our trip,

We learned to seek out bumps to avoid
and though we drive different roads
In opposite seasons,
peace floods me as
the passing road markers
down memory lane become
like the grave stone on that forking road
where I layed each wilted petal
of the flower on the dash
to rest along the road on that autumn trip.
Love like a fresh flower on the dash of ones first car, where freedom is found, wilts in the sun as we drive forward on our paths, someday we may pull over in a beautiful field and pick a new flower after the petals from our first love have completely fallen off and we are ready to lay then go rest in an unmarked grave
Fairy tales are lies, lies
What happened to my prince?

He's imaginary
'Cause it's a fantasy

Where are you now my prince?
I believed you would come

Take me to your castle
So we can run away

I want to be with you
Don't leave me here my dear

The ending is near, near
Why did you deceive me?
Enigma GD Sep 16
As the morning sunshine warms their wings
The colourful choir will begin to sing
Beneath the trees it will start to glow
And everything that knows how will continue to grow

The light will dance, such beautiful tones
Above my old decaying bones
The soil will shift and start to fill
And the earth will go on as I am finally still

No more thoughts, no more mess
No more love to confess
I'll be a memory, then even less
A Stone, a rock, a ground at best
Only down the road the theatre show,
actors and crew the flowers they throw.

And only one man seated down at the back,
no applause from the palms of his hand.

And red curtains this time fall and unveil,
what I should of felt from love for sale.

And don't shine those lights on me.

And you did.
It is electric, she is passionate from a far, conversations all night, making our future plans daily until the early light

She took my heart completely sent me large amounts of love so deeply

Then we were there the truth was on the ground, life changes made us each our love to be realized and truly found,

It was good I will not lie on it, new realities some take your breath away some make you cry on it.

Changes made, loves been found, realities realized how does this go down

She packed up her life, changed her pose, she gave me back my heart like a wilted dried up rose

Left me with empty promises unfulfilled back to her chaos my feeling love and heart totally killed

I see her from time to time, passing by I think to myself shes dangerous lives lie uses hearts like thing to be had, gives them back broken bad...
Love found and left it lost, heart break like never before my life shortened for sure...
Trout Sep 8
Suit of armor in the sky
The redeemed values conjure my eye
It’s a game, to be fair
Rotation to capture despair
A band of sea monkeys can capture my grenade
The funny feeling sits around and waits until it’s dead
I’m growing older, feeling ghostly bugs outside my leg

How time can pass so fast and leave you empty after facts
I’m going back a day ago when I could not relax
I’m solitary now but when there’s more
People, I feel alone

My birthday in a month
It’s great how my life is a joke
All I see are severed roads
How could you be so deeply soap?
You quit trying to manage me and blocking me all out
The truth is that it’s both our faults but you’re the one who broke
It’s just the way I am but you’re the one who hurt me most

I never realized how much I always think of you
Many things around my life were built upon us two
I never meant to look like such a dork
So you stopped all the work
Trout Sep 6
My fretting rain now sets the corner of the world into the sun
You little one, a pocketful of number ones to run along
This is the end, my very beautifulest friend
The spirit dancing on the Nile
And will I leave it with the changing of the seasons?

Making friends that go immediately
Suns into a spiralling
Little joys admiring
The geese that fly by, leaving all supply dry
Anonymous see butterflies

Point to several setting moons to enjoy panorama
Just like my treble clef inside
Standing up towards the sky
Need I remind you my problems?
Virgins peel like a cornhusk light
(Cactus-like tendrils, spiky and purple
Yields an invisible fruit inside)
So will I
I am the motion
I can’t see you against the sky

Five AM is when you’ll go
To be caught up in your cries
You will stand by side, your side
I’m over it, I wouldn’t lie

I’m such a weak, tremulous girl
I dive into love way too fast
I get attached to a horrid choice
It should have not been this way
Because of the way social plays

Your sentence stutters, it’s make believe
The transient way that you sang to me
I lost the lover, he’ll never see
The chains that describe what he means to me
Sinking in the sea where the creatures can attach
I want to scream a mountain and override this black
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