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George Krokos May 12
A prologue
The dialog
Sleep like a log
Work like a dog
Look like a ***
Stuck in a bog
As thick as fog
Rich as eggnog
A wooden clog
The gear’s cog
Croak like a frog
Let’s go for a jog
Tastes like grog
Eat like a hog
It needs a flog
Something’s agog
Give it a slog
It smells like smog
Check out the blog
See the vlog
A monologue
The epilogue
A bit of creative humor. Written a few years ago as a distraction to see how many words ending with 'og' I could come up with.
anotherdream May 12
Tell me this is not the end
That you simply just forget
To ask me how I'm doing
When I'm lonely once again

I am losing faith at best
In the promise that we're friends
I still see no interaction
From the words we haven't said

There's still no standing argument
To suggest it's in my head
I cannot be the only one
Who's concerned the other's dead

But if there's nothing left to say
Then I suppose I need to rest
Silence can often speak volumes
When you're laying on your bed

So teach me how to handle it
And rest assured I'll try my best
Maybe I can finally get ahead of this
Cause I could really use a reset

To be okay when I'm by myself
And start this once again
To know when i should stop and reflect
To be thankful for all you've been
To me....
Sometimes it's best to move on and let things end naturally.
Keen Apr 20
Things are going
south between us
because you muttered
the worst about us.

“We’re just two sad people”
Take with you my spirit.
I brought it with me when I visited;
Tasting of apples, smelling of cheap perfume:
Happy to see you.

With no key, no schedule,
I was the Prince, you were Repunzel:
Smiling at me out your window.
Your arms were my favourite place in the world.

Take with you the picture
Of my sad eyes: heavy and puffed.
Holding my own hand.
Happy that I now could.

I made my choices, lost my way.
You learned more about me then.
Frown lines cracked my porcelain face.
Your presence offered me solace.

Take with you my love;
It stayed around all these years.
Missing your hands, searching for your eyes.
Happy to have met them.

Time took with it the motions.
Though, inside me we both stand still.
I catch glimpses of your arms, and your delight,
But you are no longer in the crowd.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
TS Feb 23
11.29.23 I'll start the story and then never finish it because there will always be more to write. There will always be more to our story. Or so I hope.

2.2.24 I started the story and never finished because missing you cuts too deep to write of our missed adventures. There are no more words left to our story.

Because it's not our story anymore.

maria Jan 20
I always thought relationships ended with anger,
but you know they say the opposite of love is apathy.

Like the death you confront after your fall from religion,
there is no fear, nostalgia, or sadness - just a void.

To not be thought of is to be dead.

I'll become like that pesty buzzing in your ear
that reminds you every now and then there's a fly in your house.

I'll ask if you remember those times together,
and you'll look past me like a foreign stranger asking directions.

You won't even need to say goodbye because you said it a hundred times to yourself.
When you finally say it me, you'll be hanging up the phone, but I'll be crumbling under all the weight of what was left to be said.
Mrs Timetable Nov 2023
I rode by a Cemetary today
A very old one
I had never seen before
The headstones...people here
Long before me
Lay there resting
Did they know anyone
Who rest there with them?
Very likely
Did they love anyone
Who rest there with them?
Even more likely
It made me incredibly emotional
To know how much past loves
Were resting there
It made me happy to think love existed
But it made me sad that it also ended

(Sometimes I think too much)
Nickols Oct 2023
Mortals may think that death is the finally ending.
For you, my love; it's merely the beginning.
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