We almost found it somewhere through are addictions and abuse.

Where the young and delusional tread we walked a path of broken glass and razor wire .

Bled the emotions for all they were worth than killed it in a second  now only I concern myself with a past you erased with miles between.

Maybe you let it seep within alone in moments none others may see .
But a fool's hope is all there is of me and you desired  the separation .

My time is not long for here as I do everything to destroy myself .

I question why I linger then think in death there won't be another fix.

I have embraced the scene while you have rewritten the act .

Let's ride like once before the miles ahead and the razors edge a promise and nothing more .
we lived in eight where most only exist in thirteen .

A ring , A bruise, A scar and a sweet once passion filled kiss .
Was it are love of one another or just a love for the chaos .

Nobody walks away unscathed from this dance .

I wonder if ever do you recall the past as I?

And the lights will soon dim upon this scene .
Poetic T 20h
The bleached headers collect on this
sea of silence, words collecting memories
                  of names now wilted and silent.

But we remember these crests of white frozen on
the fields of shattered dreams, dormant reminders
                           that not all names are still spoken.

Nerveless there are still waves of regrets
                  and honour for fallen impressions.
Buried beneath the sea of green, our future granted.
I am back, jaded, tired; crammed with all the world's burdens, with sorrows and feelings, with the drowned in the chest, and the dried in the heart; with the desert of the eyes and the deluge of the mouth.

I am back without more creativity, nor for a final verse. I'm dying and you die with me. Because I'm back, but I have not come back with you.

How bastard destiny is —the chance, the predicate and the subject—; the future and the providence. How bastard is that who writes this; that sadistic storyteller that watches from above and plot-twisted everything, destining different endings than those which were expected.

Who would say that I would return to the same place after so much, with a broken promise, an evicted soul, and an uncertain future?

Who would say that I came back, even if I look more gone than when I left? What a pity to return, but not being the same again.
(Spanish Translation)

He regresado, hastiado cansado; atiborrado de todas las cargas del mundo, de las penas y los sentimientos, de lo ahogado en el pecho, y seco en el corazón; del desierto de los ojos y el diluvio de la boca.

He vuelto sin más creatividad, ni para un último verso. Me muero y te mueres conmigo. Pues he vuelto, pero no he vuelto contigo.

Qué desgraciado es el destino —el azar, el predicado y el sujeto—; el futuro y la providencia. Qué desgraciado es quienquiera que escriba esto; ese narrador sádico
que mira desde lo alto y le da vuelta a las tuercas destinando finales distintos a los esperados.

Quién diría que volvería al mismo sitio después de tanto con una promesa rota, un alma desahuciada, y un futuro incierto.

Quién diría que he vuelto aunque pareciera más ido que cuando me fui. Qué tristeza volver, pero no volver a ser el mismo.
Poppy15 1d
When turning each page
the portraits are occurred:
convince the mind to engage
the old experience with her.

Suddenly, the lip is wide
pure drops are falling down
into the midst of mind;
crowd of noise is surrounded.

Not long, being awaken
by the presence of time:
lay on the floor darken
to listen to the silent rhyme.
Farhan 1d
She left my world, why visit me in dreams?
Were my dreams more beautiful than my world?
milena 1d
they'll look at me like i'm a freak,
if they find out what i've done.
they'll give me no chance to speak.
my friends might as well hand me the gun.

                   my pencil strokes, writing this down;
                   i feel an instant pang of guilt,
                   thinking of the end right now,
                   throwing away everything i built.

                                       i could never do it, i'm not strong.
                                       i want to see more, do more,
                                       but if it makes everyone happier, is it wrong?
no one would miss me anyway.
written a long time ago
Alec 1d
I stare out the window of my usual spot
Sitting here at jack, thinking for naught
In about two years i will have graduated.
Excluded from this world with which i have Become infatuated.

It’ll all be over.
And these are the best years of your life
What will i say i did, or learned?
How many important things will come to mind?

I sit Here alone now.
Suddenly feeling so alone
Both at school and home.
What happened to the dramatic final bow?

Will i feel This alone the rest of my life?
Will it ever change
Or will it always stay the same.
I feel Like I’ve been stabbed with a knife.

My future that I’ve looked forward to for so long
Only a trace, a taste, the rest is gone.
Time seems to move too fast.
Or maybe I’m just stuck in a trance.

16 years come and gone.
To do it all over again, my soul yearns and longs.
But i can Only admit I’ve done this to myself
My hiding away on the high up shelf.

I left When i got Attached,
Being able to stay is something I lack.
So yes i am Alone,
Both at school and at home.

But I’ve brought this upon myself
So I’ll deal with this hell in and of itself.
Tkpoet 1d
Night must be Faded
Your eyes should pesky
I wasn't sure
Maybe you hold that rock so tight
Waiting for some miracle

That sky was same
No one holding your name
Look behind to find
Someone who lived in your mind
Start it or end it

Why you relay on this broken heart
Take some steps
You find yourself smart
In the middle of the crowd
You will laugh so loud
That is lost you
For someone...
Resiel 2d
She curled herself in bed as she weeps
Singing songs of lullabies
To drift her off to sleep
Memories of yesterday
Seemed too fresh to reminisce
Moments of us still together
Keeps me locked in my misery
Red strings only shatter my dreams
It said it was OUR destiny to last forever
But then I forgot that it can be futile
If two can't dance the tango
If two birds can't sing one song
And if two hearts can't beat in one
I was cursed from the start
To break another’s heart

Just as he did mine...
And left me here to loathe the love we created all that time

I healed my own heart now by another
But I’m thereby bound to all the others...
My past loves bind me up
And I’m left to sup
The poison of love
That dribbled down my own beloved’s cup

The one who was all I could think of...

And now I force myself to forget
All the things that I now regret
But they keep coming back...
And to my new love- it is an attack!

And so I was cursed from the start
To break another’s heart
Written on December 12, 2012 edited on February 21,2018.
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