i heard silence crash land on the field of my sorrow
saw the blood of my dreams drip on the soil of memory

there were no crows cackling, there was no obsidian
i cried so much, i cried about yesterday in my heart.

Eleni 12h

The only place we could be alone was by the brook.

Beside an oak tree
You and I lay, enveloped.

It makes me feel odd that
We were once shy.

There was a flute playing a blissful melody in the distance, lulling us to sleep.

It was a Celtic fantasy. Blushed cheeks, entrancing mandolins, serene violins.

You whispered delicately in my ear:
'Forget everything. Enjoy now.'

But how can I forget and enjoy now, when I am alone, my tears rusting my guitar strings.

That girl you once layed with by the brook is shattering...

                    ­       Effort
                      ­               Heart.

Farewell to light and all things bright.

Whenever I
find myself
back on the Mainland,
there'll be at least
three, four,
half a dozen
silently heart-stopping
little moments
when I
see someone who
might just
be who you
are now.

nim 1d

Back in my old days, I wrote to myself
A daily reminder, to use every day,
Not to forget the things
I thought were important back then.

"Feed your pets,
  Do your bed.
  Do not feed your school regrets.
  Ignore the roses' red,
  Keep your head in clouds, silver-gray,
  Everything I need is right here.
  Every day, now in May,
  You are your own seer."

That is how I see it now,
Material and shallow
Important was none of it, for it
Did not mention

                     A mother's hug
                     To love and cherish
                     One and another
                     To forgive and forget
                     To appreciate things
...I didn't know would disappear.

This song is about a girl who looks at her past, back when she did not appreciate what she had.

is it true
you need to
rid yourself of the
to make way
for the

PrttyBrd Jun 2016

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
I heard a distant cry

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Was never answered why

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Now isn't as it seems

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Today was but a dream


As once you saw the man
an illusion of what does stand today.

You cannot fight the tide it will take you away no matter your efforts,
as easily as it did I.

The tide is not there for you to fight
It is in it's nature to devour you whole
What you are missing is your anchor
That very small part of your soul
That piece of you inside the storm
That whispers in the night
I know you are drifting away from me
but I'm strong enough to fight
I'll fight the tide to keep you here
Just bobbing along the shore
I'll fight against the tides of might
So you don't fight no more

I once saw a horse run free
along a lonely stretch of beach
It's hooves continually flicked free
the waters that corralled it's feet

Many sunsets and storms cast dunes
broke are the barriers now
none stand ever so true .

We are all alone from where we view the horses running along the shore.

All this beauty that runs, we are no longer part of this picturesque scene anymore.

I can't bear these thoughts
the pain is too soon
the soul dreams seem an illusion.

We ran till that point from which we began
We became a blur and everything in between.

Much like us, everything
just fell in between the cracks of life and regret, I have tasted it's wine bitter sorrows to be broken in every sense.

All those horses see the truths we so easily mask to ourselves.

Trampled like innocent hearts under hooves.
The foot prints are simply a reminder, running off into that endless sunset .

I know this speaks of goodbye.

And I wish only to be blind to it all
As in love I was once as free as the horses
who in my minds eternal thought
run as freely now as your heart is
Erasing me as the ocean does the imprint left behind.

I have to thank Helen
For the work put into this im not in the best place at the moment

Thanks sis

She's forgetting you know
her, know what this is about.

Easy feels cheap, deceptive.
Easy feels like denial, trying
to comfort against our will.

She's forgetting, but not
you, never you.

People love life or death,
all or nothing, love the way rope
burns against the wrist from
struggle because it feels like we're
doing something.

And we love to lose because
winning means making more

Some things are too important
to forget. She taught you that,

but principles were often buried
and you tried to forget anyway,
talked on the phone with her all night,

loved when she made it about her,
so you didn't have to think about

Because you think too long and well,
suddenly it's November again, that
November, the one nobody knows about
because you threw away the evidence,

kept it hidden away with the other
sick black things inside you that will
never see the light of day.

This is not easy. It wasn't then either,

back when every wound was so
fresh skin had not yet seen scar,
feeling impossible and greedy and
too big for your body.

It wasn't easy. It could have killed
you. This isn't easy. It's just killing
you slower.

There are always choices, but no
guarantee of any good ones.

She's forgetting, but you're not. You've
seen heaven and hell. You've seen
wolves in sheep's clothing, never knowing
whose side you were supposed to take.

You've seen the truth. You've bled it:

The world is full of cruelty.
The world is full of beauty.
The world is so full and so
empty all at once.

this was right out of my journal w/ minimal editing, so sorry if it's a little direct and less of the sort of abstract and symbolic style typically associated w/ poetry (which I also enjoy writing)
Cynthia Ulloa Dec 2014

What would you do if I told you a secret?
One thing for sure, you will not forget it.

Our past won't always be embraced!

Copyright© Cynthia Ulloa
All rights reserved.

As much as you can put the past behind you,
she will not be forgotten.
For, when you least expect
She'll bite ya in the ass.

take care in your decisions
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