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In my dreams, my love, you will always be there…
Oft catching me out suddenly unaware:
Gently and softly we touch and kiss,
Lost in a sea of eternal bliss,
Like forever we will stay like this;
Always faithful to you, just to you, I swear.

A moment lasts forever, caught in a frame –
Every page I turn, the picture stays the same:
A being so ethereal and free,
Another like you will never be,
A mo with you an eternity;
Quietly in your ear I whisper your name.
the quiet now when
once you
cut yourself to songs on boxes
shaped like hearts;

those edges
too have left
behind all blank and human
shaped a body trembling
Johan Nel 14h
Some days I come to find myself
Placed at your headstone once again
My ***** is adorned in rust
My will is all but spent
With the thudding melody
Of iron kissing earth
I mean to find the remnants
Of a heart which came by hearse
I can hear the manic beating
The drumming which I curse
It mocks my foolish youthful mind
In the regretful past immersed
When I come to blister
And grime is on my face
Leave I the wretched *****
And forget why I came to chase
© Johan Nel 21:00 2019.01.15
Kats 1d
a physicist
a man of culture
a man of love and hospitality
lonely walks around the streets of his desert planet
in friendly but ruthless roads
roads full of light and talks
seeking his future and his past
feels lost in the magic of tomorrow
and tangled by the uncertainty of yesterday
yet he is committed not to give up
he won't fail
but he won't succeed
I chased you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have realised
that you are not the one.

I loved you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have learned
I have lost, not won.

I suffered a lot,
but now I am done.
Punished by your past,
we’d never stand as one.

—Poetry by Paras
If I told the stars what I know of you
They’d shine even brighter through the blue
And if I told the sea what you used to be
Then the tides would start dancing underneath the moon
So take me to the sunsets that never seemed to leave
The ones that would glitter on the surface of your view
If I told the wind what I remember of you
It would whistle in its glory and carry me back to you
memorializing now
what is from the past
As a kid
I jumped on beds,
Ran across chairs,
And crawled under tables.

I explored jungles,
Danced with princes,
And fought in battles.

I hid in closets
And the occasional fridge.
Even under cars.

I jumped off monkey bars,
Twirled around light poles,
And chased after birds.

I raced the wind,
Climbed trees,
And gathered candy.

And now
I walk through fields,
Go around fences,
And gather berries.

I trek through puddles,
Turn around in chairs,
And chase down a cup of tea.

I hide behind books
And under covers.
Often behind a desk.

I explore archives,
Dance in clubs,
And fight for more time.

I jump on trains,
Walk down the street,
And crawl through stores.

And still today,
I feel like a kid.
I waiver in and out of
using *** in my favour
I wanna pass these English papers ya see
Become a journalist go overseas

I’ve got it all planned out
Cause that’s the way
it makes sense
It’s a truth I can focus my lense
And I’m asking *** to help me

To bless me in my ways,
But it’s been days since I’ve been
stuck in this grey haze
Not really sure if it’s
a passing phase

Cause I have favour when I walk
the way of my saviour
I literally can do anything my heart does desire
He gives me the fire

When it’s me tryna distinguish the plan
Cause I’m impatient and I can’t understand

It’s like
“Yo gimme the map” ,
eventhough I’m a
blind man and I’m walking right offa track

He makes your ways straight
He has the perfect plan but
you must wait
And don’t be afraid of passing times,
Or rising crimes
Or pressure that seems to suffocate

And surround you
*** will confound you,
Yes he will astound you,
Just let your worries melt

Trust in the lord ,
His word is a sword
Not in

The words of man that will lead you astray
You may have a past but the lord has today
And he’ll be sure to make a way.
I wanted to call you,
But I lost my voice  
I wanted to see you,
But you weren’t there.
I wanted to hug you,
But my arms were chained.
I wanted to kiss you,
But your kiss is poisonous.
I wanted to laugh,
But only shed tears.
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