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selina 40m
i find it stupid that we were taught
two negatives cancel out to be a positive
do two wrongs ever cancel out to be a right?

ages ago, i made two stupid mistakes
hooking up with you in the gallery and losing your number
but i bet you're doing just fine

it's been three years, counting the first
and it's depressing to think about but
my memories have started to fade with time

i can't remember the tilt of your smile
the curves of your dimples or the lilt of your accent
if your hometown was cambridge, quincy, or boston

i can't recall the feeling of your fingers woven through mine
or the warmth of your body pressed against mine
or the way my heart raced from your words

so i'll tuck away whatever's left of the good times
into a little chamber in my heart
let it simmer and boil and wait

until the day we find each other again
i'll keeping looking back and thinking
i'll keep looking back until i realize again

english is a strange language
red is a mesmerizing color
my guitar sounds better when you play it

two past events cancel out to form the present
only one of the two mistakes previously mentioned was stupid
and the night i said i love you, i meant it
Pain is a normal sequence to provide us to learn and to make is change.
Memory give present idea of how good you give and how bad you are.
the Past connect with memory to give you an idea how bad you are.
Estel 4d
Left in the ashes
Of a burnt down past
How long will this feeling last?

I feel trapped inside my own mind
There’s nowhere to hide
It’s making me slowly go blind
Losing sight of what matters
My world shatters

Right from beneath my feet
Slips away
Everything I love
Thrown anyway
Into the hole I dug.
Brett May 23
Fingers tracing my scars
Like celestial bodies in the sky
Every wound hides its story deep
Like eons etched in stone
An archaeological dig
As time deforms the tissue
Beneath, forgotten bones
Roads lead back into the past
A one-way ticket carrying you far away from home
Life leaves its mark
Though I heed its reverence each day
The world spins on
Our silent unspoken truth
Destined to be the scars
Just another rest stop along an eternal route
Julia Celine May 23
Live with me away from here
Where the poppies wilt to nothing
I promise I caught these little secrets
in days when the roses caught me blushing

Cascading light on fallen clarity
Left for a past that'd gone indifferent
Isn't it something, we found infinity
And learned how little that it meant
Ahmad Attr May 22
Often I find myself getting nearer to the sky
The gap between my feet and the mud
Seems to be increasing
My hair and clothes flutter in the wind
With my arms all up, I accept my fate
I feel peaceful, a Zen state

Like a helium balloon, I aim for the clouds
But something tethers me to the ground
My memories, the happy ones
They don’t let me leave

I begin to sink, slowly back to the land
As I think about, the silvery river water
Pushing my sandal off my feet
I run to grab it, trip over slippery moss
I begin to sink, slowly into the river
I wake up near the hearth
lying on the sofa,
my mother narrates me my favourite bedtime story
the soothing piano on radio, and whispers of fire
sending me to sleep
I begin to sink, slowly into my dream
Playing in the country land with my brothers
Catching ladybugs, and building their graves
Jumping in the plashes, roaring out loud
I begin to sink, slowly in their voices
The echoes of which still play in the background
As I run on fallen cherry petals
Caressed by the warmth of summer,
I chase butterflies in the streets
Suddenly a void opens underneath my feet
I begin to sink, slowly into the darkness
The dark is frightened away by the white hydrangeas
As I lay encompassed by hundreds of them

Such beautiful memories
Are they memories?
Or are they desires?
I keep sinking back to life, now contemplating
I land my feet back on the grass
My soles feel the moisture of the mud
The soft blades of the greens
I hope I stay here
Longer than the last time

Before I inevitably begin to float again
A poem about Memories and desires saving me from Suicide
Estel May 21
I enjoy the talks we have
The secrets we spill
Under a rich sunset
Of golden dreams and our blood stained fate

But the doubts remain
Shredding my mind
It’s a never ending nightmare
Of never being enough

When the sun gets too low
Its glow starts to fade
And along comes the moon
A comfort for some
But a horror for me

Dangling among the stars
Taunting me
“Now they’ll hate you”
“You’re a failure”

Why must you remind me?
Don’t you see my mind racing?
My heart pacing
I know what I am…
Dang...I miss the sun
Sindi May 18
I took time tick
The broken tock clock
I hung it and sat down
Then I turned to look
In amazement at the tick tock clock

It ticked and tocked
When it stuck half past one
The morning was gone
And I realised
I touched nothing but the tick tock clock
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