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Sketcher 30m
Hearing sirens and sad music,
The worlds gone and I'm acoustic,
I live for the amusement,
Of getting picked then I refuse it,
Cause I'm the master of my own domain,
Cause I chose to ride eon this ****** up train,
Which puts all of these messed up thoughts in my brain,
For you it's called life, for me it's called fame.
I wrote this poem in 8th grade. Surprised me that I've been writing poetry for four years now. I thought I knew it all and boy was I wrong.
I lied when I said:
I don't like myself
I don't love anyone


I loved myself with you
I love you


Everything changed in an instant
Girl that started making me feel okay, but there she goes
Life's everything
Too vast for any pretty words to describe
Full of surprises
Full of everything
Funny even
Life goes by
Hand in hand with Time
Life grows
They grow
The little ones
They grew
Than me

But nothing
Nothing can take it all away
The joys of the past
The memories
And celebrations

They'll always be the little monsters I wage war with back in the days...

When we were kids

     A long debate everytime
I tell them to go take a shower
you are allowed
to break out of the old you
if it constricts you
like a pair of too tight jeans
you don’t keep pressing yourself into them
you go and get yourself new ones that fit
because your body keeps changing
and so does your mind

so who cares
if you had long hair all your life
and everyone likes your long hair so very much
take the scissors and
cut them off

who cares
if you’ve been doing this for years
but are curious for something else now
drop it and sign up new

you are not your past self
you don’t have to keep her alive
to satisfy other people’s expectations
you are allowed to **** her every evening
before going to bed
and rise anew from her ashes
the next morning
Do you remember me the way I do?
Of course you don't
It's interesting to see, though
You miss me,
But how?
Who was I with you?
Was I delicate and not fragile?
Was I missing pieces and not broken?
Your perspective of me is clouded by rose colored clouds
Am I a one way ticket to what you thought we were?
Sugar coated sweet nothings
Stained my lips in the past
I was consumed with doubts
That you fed not tamed
We covered each others bruises with flowers,
Hoping it will make them beautiful
But flowers are not forever
And so I saw them wither
I don't know who you miss,
But I do not think it is me
She told me she missed me tonight. I don't know who she was talking about. She remembers a different me.
Lydia 2d
someone asked me recently if
I was happy
I said that I was
maybe not all the time, but life is good,
and this time I really meant it

if you had asked me a year ago I would have said
that I don't think I'd ever be happy again
I was so low it felt like I was buried
and I meant it

funny what a difference time makes
how in a year, you can be a whole new person
I spent 4 months
Stuck on you
On what we could have been
On how i hurt you
But its time for me
To change
To fix my flaws
Make someone
To learn my lesson
Its time to move on
Its time to look past the past
I hurt myself by worrying about someone who didnt care about me anymore
Who was ready to leave
But wanted to get their revenge on me before they left
To have the last word
Nothing more i can do now
Other then move on
aih 3d
What it is, what it used to be
True love
Loyalty and commitment
Beautiful moments
Of walking everywhere together
Borrowing cars and seeing how far
Our feet could take us.
Where we can go to make out
Without looking like ****** kids.
All the things we could do with little bit of money.
Staying up all night together
Getting to know each other.

What it is, what it used to be
Fake love
One sided with a blind eye
I was loyal and you were looking across the street.
Sad moments
Of me walking to you anywhere
Borrowing cars and seeing how far
I can get you to walk with me.
Where we can make out
So you can get your hard one down.
All the things we could do with little bit of money.
Staying up all night together
Getting to know each other.

What it is, what it used to be
Me trying and fighting to keep us together.
Neglecting the red flags
Pretending what we had was true
Praying that you’d change your ways
Hoping you’d see I’m waiting for you
Cause I gave you everything you have now
But I’ve opened my eyes
And I’m done with you.
I've tried finding love once
And it broke me
I've tried finding love again
And it broke me some more
So don't expect me
To find love to fix me
When I am broken
Only for it to leave again
And break me some more
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