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Kellin 2h
What will bind me
to my fate is the
illusion of another
Trixia 8h
is it bad that i like you?
when you’re with someone else
it’s a sin when you smile
i fell so much more every single day
oh i hope you’ll know
it hurts like hell
when i could only look at you
from afar
seeing your eyes glisten
my feelings are truly
colored red mixed with yours
then turned purple
and i was like this from the day
can’t i have a place in your heart?
but every time we look at each other
i feel there’s a connection
i feel that you know it too
the blank face
where your eyes only show
but you can’t
cause you’re trapped
in a different heart
and it’s too much to take in
so i’ll blend
in the stars and
just be shining
at least you’ll
see me
every night
looking at me
mesmerizing the shine,
i like you so much
nothing could mend
the pain
it’s sad that i couldn’t even touch you, so i’ll give up forever.
is there some way in which
the past
the present
the future
are all the same
are all wrapped up
are all on one line i wrote write will write
instead of three separate?

in some ways
4 dimensional space-time
says yeah
that's kinda sorta it:

all the space that exists in
this time
is simultaneously existing in
this time
and in
this time
and in
this time

so all the time that exists in
this space
is perhaps also
all simultaneously existing in
this space
and in
this space

but mostly
the world looks at me
nah dude
you're just insane
Z 22h
Your fingers move like lightning
my skin, my mind is bare
and our time is ripening
a wedding fills the air

All I do is think of you
it's true, it's all I am
everything is over, still,
I want to hold your hand
rebecca 18h
The river of possibility is an endless stream
and still, I'm lost, trapped in this small town dream.

I know I cannot change what happened in the history,
but I can change the soon to be.

The past is forever,
but the possibilities of my future are without measure.
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Nyx 18h
Why now?
Out all these months, All this time
Why is it now that you think its okay to jump back into my life?
You vanish, I cut off everything for you
I left my heart behind in the dirt
I buried my love six feet underground
To forget you, like you forgot me
But here you are again
Acting as if nothing has changed
My phone gleaming with your messages
And I respond to you in a heartbeat
I have no self control
You're stirring up a storm
Though you don't know the effect
This intoxicating feeling you give to me
With a single word or a call
It sends my heart into flutters
I love you
No, I did love you
I need to stop this now

I can't fall back in again not after everything
Not after what I went through to get out
It hurts too much to try again
but everything about you draws me in
Your striking blue eyes that seem to mirror the sky
Long wavy hair, in a Carmel brown
Soft to the touch, gently running through my fingers
It sends a shiver down my spin to think
But its forbidden to return to that place
To that state of mind and time
We removed that memory
Along with our existence
So why is it now
Why now have you come back?

Please don't come back
because I am still
Unable to Resist

Anne 1d
tiny houses
big dreams
best friends forever
we promised it all.

                                  ^^          ^^^
/\     /\                    \           / /
  -        -                       \  /   / /
||      ||                     \ \ / /
||      ||                      |      |
||      ||             ­         |      |
||      ||                      |      |
                                                    ­                                 tiny houses
                                                                ­                     again.

                                                         ­                            do you still
                                                                ­                     remember them?
                                                           ­   d r e a m s    which we
                                                              ­                      talked about a long
                                                            ­                        time ago.

                                                           ­                          tiny houses
                                                          ­                           big dreams
                                                          ­                           best friends forever.

                                                       ­                         but hey,
                                                                ­                 you know what          
                                                                ­              we made it all.

                                                           ­           we did
                                                             ­          o n c e  in our tiny heads.
There's a house, a tree and oh that's grass! (which I hope you can figure it out)
I raced across from field to field,
Felt the wind sweeping part of my face;
Feast’d my eyes on the golden yield:
On the padi dancing with grace.

A rain-drop rested on my palm,
A silver-drop from heavens high.
Nature’s cool freshness is a balm,
Rests the mind aft resting the eye.

I saw a youthful sunny face
Whose eyes were flushed with a soft light;
As at it I did gape and gaze,
The world grew dim, the face grew bright.

I shook my head, I blinked my eyes;
Across the face danced a soft glow.
It smiled and dimmed into the skies;
I looked everywhere high and low.

I saw it thrice, I lost it thrice;
I missed it a hundred times more.
It seemed to tease with gentle eyes,
And with parting smiles left me sore.
Why should I be reminded of you,
Now that we’re apart?
Let not your fair image be renewed,
Deep in my heart.
Let the past forever,
Return to me never;
Let it be wiped from my memory
Though we may meet,
Now in the street,
We will not stop each other,
Nor greet with a nod or smile,
But take each other for a stranger,
And look away all the while…
JK 1d
A tomorrow for every today.
The present won't go away.
Memories fade in shades of grey,
But the future has a price to pay.
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