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i tend to mourn things as it happens
i’m too ahead of myself to be in the present
Lately, I feel
Out of it these

Life seems to
Drag me down
And I know

In the end,
I’ll be fine.

I remember those
Winter days,

Nearly ten years ago,
When we met in a haze.

Lust turned to love,
And over the years,
we burned out,

Just like the flickering of
The flames in a silent film,

Never making a sound.

Now I live with
The memories,
That plague my mind,

Playing track-by-track,
Just like a CD, singing

The good and the bad times.

I look around
The corner

Between St. Louis
And the town that
I live in,

Remembering how I
Used to drive past

The city lights,
Months after the crash.

I remember how it
Haunted me,
Every single time.

Now I’m stuck
In an endless cycle,
Far from fine.

It seems life
Likes to drag
me down,

Just like the
Memories that plague
My mind.

I’m doing everything
I can to be more than
To move on-

1. To leave.
"His mom told him that he should move on with his life"

2. To ignore.
"To see a beautiful flower, and not pick it. You will see it, then never see it again.  You move on."

3. To leave her alone.
"She left you alone, so you do the same, move on."

4. Beautiful, isn't it?
"To move on?"

Antonyms: to obsess, to bring up the past, to pick the flower.

Pathetic, isn't it?
You'll never move on. You're grasping at the past.
Grasping at
AE Sep 9
I sometimes sit on our old couch in the basement
And think about what we left in its recline
The leather is cold and distant
It is coated with the film of time
Stained with tears, laughter, and secrets Nestled in the crevices is all my growth
When I lay my head against it
1 can hear dialogue from the movies we watched
And faint conversations with ghosts
oluwajimi Sep 8
Year after year
2016 was a year I would never forget
More like I would ever regret
It was all just a letter
I should have known better
She had a friend
Who would tell her lies with no end
And she looked at me straight dead
And told me u was evil
She didn't want any of me
I lost her that very minute
Most importantly
I lost a friend that day  
And her name is mj

Fast forward seven years down
You sent me a friend request now
I laughed saying you came to late
You made me wait
And now I have found another mj
True life story
Ninah Sep 3
i remember my own misery
like i remember my first kiss:
it was innocent, i was nervous
and it lingered for years

even now, navigating this ocean
of happiness, i remember hunger
and i am drowning in grief

i wish i had no memories;
even that kiss turned violent,
its softness still haunts me

God, i see smiles and hear their laughter;
why does mine not sound like theirs?
i fear my pain has tainted everything
Remember that one,
autumn when you
thought you lost
it all?

Your heart was
in the worst,
state it has
ever been

A drug-filled
binge that
took you for
a never-ending


You broke down,
and then your
heart broke in

Because you saw
it was
the end of me
and you.

You clutched
the photos
close to your chest

Because you
couldn’t hang on
to what has been.

You felt lost inside,
and you couldn’t
control the downward

You trapped
yourself in.

Now one year
after and you’ve
let go of false
hopes and illusions.

Scared and
afraid to make
changes and leap

Into the arms of
another soul

Remember that one,
October when you

Thought you lost
it all?

You haven’t hit rock bottom
and I know it feels
like you lost it all.

Keep your head up, kid.

Stand tall.
I forgot I had a mind
I forgot about the tornado inside
I forgot who I was
I consumed hearts I shouldn’t have
Including my own
I got lost in the chaos
The demons took over
The storm wouldn’t pass
**** yourself, go die, why are you here?
The voices screamed
I felt paralyzed
My voice disappeared
My body motionless
If words could ****
I’d already be dead
Man Aug 31
Conflict & confusion.
What comes, and has been.
Of fact, and of fiction.
One world, many nations
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