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Amanda 2d
Thank you both for everything
It means a lot
To know at least two friends
If nothing else we have got

You invited us into your house
Helped any way you can
Were truly there for us
We had no other plan

You let us use your Jeep
So we could travel around
Or took us yourself
Til own ride was found

You let us eat food
Though money is tight
Patient and understanding
It'd been easier to fight

You have loaned us many dollars
We had not a single cent
Don't think we've properly conveyed
How much the money meant

You treat us like relatives
Without keeping track or score
Not because your motive is to gain
That's what friends are for

We may not show it
But are grateful to be here
I thought this token of gratitude
Would be pleasant to hear

Do not ever doubt that your kindness
Is a gesture we appreciate
Just hope we all can show it
Before it is too late

We could not do it without you
You continue giving each day
That means so much more
Than words could say
To our friends megan and jon who are the only reason we are not homeless and starving right now
I'm often reminiscent of times,
When my grandpa used to
Take me out on his bicycle,
We were just roaming around
His tunes always left me spellbound.
But it was so pure
He was one of those people for whom
Money held no allure
He was a man of passion and music,
He was a poet
But I didn't know it
He gave, not just with his words
But also his soul,
Even when he didn't have much control.
I would always ask him for a candy
I remember once he even gave me a sip of brandy
He never said no to me asking for a toy
He often considered me his blue-eyed boy
He would stop all his work and writing
Just to play with me outside,
Whether clear skies or lightning
Now that he's no more
I miss him and the lessons he tried to instil within me
But more than that
I often miss that genuine connection
With someone who understood so much,
But still cared enough to smile and laugh along
The man with a golden touch
With him, I was happy as the day is long.
The world will be a much better place
If we all could learn to live our life
With his grace.
A simple tribute to one of the greatest humans I've ever known. I'm not such a big fan of writing for someone specific, but he was a special person not just for me but for a lot of people. He always lived life king size before it was cool!
I  want an addiction
But nothing with a presctiption
I want the same,love,care and Attention
I want to shoot you up and feel you when i blush
I want the adrenaline to make my heart rush
I want an addiction someone i cant live without
When im away fromyou all i think about is a fix
Everyone hates when me and u mix
I want an addiction, nothing any pills can relieve  
I want the best of you to bring out the worst in me
I want someone to be the only reason im happy  
I need an addiction
A reason for me living
I want an addiction
So who's gonna start giving
ibkreator Sep 19
not for the want of it

as its a giving to the self
not a getting for the self
Nathalie Sep 18
As I grow into
different versions
of myself
I sit, watch and observe
the layers of thoughts
and beliefs stewing
to make sense of the
reality I once knew
Life can throw us
dashes of unpredictability
sometimes waking us
sober to the drunken
effects of being conditionned
by others who want us
to stay blind to the truth
But is only by seeing
the falsehoods that
we can truly be free
It is by rising and listening
to the still voice within
all of us, that we can truly
make a difference, not only
in our lives but by giving
life to others.

pale Jul 31
and when you can't see it yourself, please
close your eyes and remember me saying
that you deserve it all, the moon and the stars,
the whole nightsky and whatever you're wishing for.
For you have worked day in and day out and all night long
to give those around you and to get what you want.
So if someone says, you shouldn't have what you've got,
just take a breath, close your eyes and remember this,
smile and think about how I once told you,
that everything you've got came to you
because it's exactly what you are worthy of.
It has always been this way
And always will,
History demands it.
Weak minded, downtrodden, ungrateful
Foolish slaves and peasants
We are all that and more
To our emotions.
But while enough strength remains
To raise a hand
We will fight back
Even at the risk of losing everything
The little we have
We will fight back - we must
For no-one should stand
In another's shadow.
Steve Page Jun 27
The veg of the Spirit is
a bended knee in the morning,
a prayer while fasting,
and a habit of listening
to God’s voice in the evening.

The meat of the Spirit is
open hearted giving,
open handed serving,
open armed hugging
and being open to weeping.

But the fruit of the Spirit is
Love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness,
and self-control.
Against such things there is no law.
Galatians 5
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.
25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.
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