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Christmas is a time for love
a time for family
not for presents
but once again love
the true meaning of Christmas
was to bring others together
not to receive
but to give
so what does Christmas mean to me
it means forever family
this may not rhyme but it is for those who asked and for those of you who do not know the truth behind Christmas
Sunshine Dec 8
sometimes i feel like giving up on writing
feel like throwing this screen into a canyon
but then i remember all the memories stored
all those late nights i stayed up
either crying or restless or just confused
this world would have nothing left of me
so maybe ill keep some of these words
wont throw them all away
but eventually ill get tired of this game
the game i play with myself
how i lie and cheat and fold my cards
raising the stakes, they say
sometime before i felt like giving up on you
and i should have
but all you left me with is a storage
of feelings and memories youll never know
Theshygirl Dec 6
Giving up isn’t as hard as you’d think
Because I’ve given up thinking as well.
pluto Nov 30
it must have been hard for her-- letting go because she was afraid to hold on.

it must have been hard for him-- holding on because he was afraid to let go.
empty seas Nov 30
i’m beginning to hate myself again
all my work has been for naught
i still feel the same nausea when i look in the mirror
i still feel the same disgust when i eat
i still feel the urge to rip my skin off
has anything changed?
i remember what it feels like to be happy
but i was filled with anxiety for so long
i think it’s become my natural state

i don’t want to give up
but it’s so hard...
my skin is burning and
every step is like walking through fire
but i promised myself i wouldn’t give up
i won’t give in
i left the part of me that gives up behind
even as i *****
even as i burn
even as i hurt
i do not stop
i do not give up
sorry if the not giving up theme is a little redundant but it’s important to me
Redacted Nov 29
"you know, a thief who has stolen from a queen is typically locked away, never to see the light of day again."
"yes, but perhaps my heart was given, not taken."
Alexis Nov 22
Broken, beaten, down on both knees
Screaming, crying, as my world suddenly ceased
Down on the dirt and eating the dust
The luster of once sturdy metal, now filled with rust

Broken beaten, won't anyone look my way
Screaming, crying, don't know what to say
Down on the ground and digging my grave
For in all certainty, I can never be saved

Just a surge of depressing thoughts
Eugene Isahi Nov 16

You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife
You stab me in the back, not once but twice
Friends for life, but that’s a straight up lie
You aint gotta clue, about Ride or Die

I’m surrounded by wolves that are dressed like sheep
Telling straight lies, dry snitching on me
Claiming it wasn’t you, behind the line up glass
You straight pointed out me, to save your own ***

I’d rather sweat buckets, to search out peace
Than spilling gallons of blood, fighting demons in me
The battle continues, frighten the anger within
It’s a full time job, dealing with FAKE *** FRIENDS

Ever time I think I know, what you’ll do next
You end up selling me out, for a yard or less
You made you a dollar, so I’m screaming again
You’re a straight up punk, a FAKE *** FRIEND      

I can sit and formulate a plan in my head
Take a ****** shot; make your FAKE *** DEAD
Now I’m on the run, a fugitive at large
Aint a FAKE *** FRIEND around, worth taking a charge

Their a dime a dozen, you can find them anywhere
Just don’t be fooled, because its buyer beware
It’s a known street rule, don’t say it wasn’t said
Because FAKE *** FRIENDS, usually wined up dead

But ill take what *** gave me common sense, and walk away
It’s a soft *** move, but Ill write another day
Not locked up covered up, dealing with my sins
Nothing wrong with cutting off, a FAKE *** FRIEND

Aint a chick or dude around, can’t relate to what I’m saying
We all had friends, which were straight perpetrating
Saying they got our back, all the way to the end
Same ole same ole, just a FAKE *** FRIEND

So now I ride solo, I know it’s a risk
If push comes to shove, Ill add my girl to the list
Now I’m RICH and FAMOUS, and you wanna make amends
But as I told you before, **** FAKE *** FRIENDS!
Lynnia Nov 15
They ask me why
I care so young
I shrug a lie
On silver tongue
Can’t waste my breath
On smaller trials
Can’t stop for death,
It makes me vile
If I can’t help you,
can’t make you see,
can’t give you hope,
what’s the point of me?
What am I here for?
Why let me be?
I’ve more to do here
Than hide or flee
There’s so much I’ve got
So much to give
If that’s all for naught,
why even live?
I’m here for a reason
So lend me an ear
It’s not just this season
It should be all year!
If I have two shirts,
why not pass one down?
If someone else hurts,
can’t I turn their frown?
Is this not my purpose?
Is this not my heart?
Go mend all those pieces;
don’t tear them apart.
If I’m here, I’m here for a reason. If I’m here and I’m happy and other people aren’t and that makes me sad, maybe that’s an indicator of what I’m here for. And if I’m here and I’m doing nothing, what’s the point of even existing?
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