The soul mindless alone,
The whole yet to be filled.

Find one to another and breathe,

The soul mindless at home finds itself in the beating minds of the tormented,
Abashed to its own state of mind.

Signed the treaty to service of the lost.
Little do they know.

The chip, chipping away at the stone heart constructed nigh,
The stone heart slipping away from its own grasp.

Broken hearts cannot heal another,
Stolen minds speak no reason.

Find unto yourself reason for pride,
Your own heart must stand fast.

So that,
One day,
You may pave peace for another to stride,
And find their way.

~Robert van Lingen

How much of myself do I need to give up before you want me
I am adding to a pile of bones
I don't have many fingers left, they just sit there
can't you take them?
you are off hunting your own food, Making your own bones,
so I know you need them.
maybe at least pick your teeth with them?

Learn to always love yourself
For it's the realest and greatest love of all
Learn to prop and balance thyself
I guarantee you'll never ever fall .

Learn to always say the truth
They say it will always set you free
Don't trust words from a man's mouth
Some truths will hang you from the tree .

Learn never ever to believe a living man
For man to man is so very unfair
Learn to never trust a beautiful woman
Many things fits beneath her long hair .

Learn to always hustle and look for your own
Nobody has time for those without
For the poor will always be the least respected in town
Nobody really cares what they're ever about .

Learn to always give those in need
But make sure you do it when you can
For charity is a blessing and a seed
And learn never to say yes when you can't .

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One life to live ..follow these rules and you will longer

Blank space was left
Empty bowl was bereft
Occupied mind is what it was
Numb heart is what it has

Not thinking
Not living


Alive but dead
Covered in red
Slowly flowing
Losing everything

Gaining something
Hearing nothing
Beats gone
It's done

Such a relief
As the thief
Runaway with it
Never again you'll meet

You let it be
You are free.

Suffering alone
Cracking bones
Calling home
Wish to have won
The past battle
Not left with little
Little courage
Little torn page
Little piece of heart
Making it hard to start
Start a new life
Just pull the knife
Push until they drop
Until the flow stop
Silently cry
Until eyes are dry
Until it's done
Until I'm gone
Such a fast escape
From this world I hate

Nashoba Dec 2017

The tradition of ending the old year ringing in the new. What has this tradition really mentioned to you?
It's a fun thing to do. I get it for the most part. But to me it's just another winter day.
As with all the holidays the consumers sink in. Ringing in the new year is just another sin.
The money you have wasted just a few days ago, now you're credit cards are huge so owe and off you go.
Make the resolution to be your self this year. Why must you follow what others do each and every year?
Maybe you all can realize the rich and famous are the ones that you follow are the ones that are getting more rich.
Don't get drunk at midnight should be a resolution to make to your self if you  can't find a way to put the alcohol away.
Help another that isn't so lucky a small token of maybe even a hat goes a very long way. That's a resolution that would give back.
Change for 2018. Become the leader of the pack. Stop following everyone. Start giving back.

Emmanc Dec 2017

Always giving
Never getting
Always talking
Never taking

One day will I run out
Of things to give, of things to say?
Always helping, never helped.
Is this the way?

I'd shout, but You won't hear;
I'd Sing, but could You care?
You: my loves, my people, my hearts.
For You is all that I do.
Here's to hoping I won't fall apart.
solfang Dec 2017

I wish not,
to write anything,
about love that is
related to Christmas.

how can we forget
that Christmas is
the day where we
rejoice for the Son
and not for the
Sun of your life.

how can we forget
that Christmas is
about giving
your heart to God,
and not giving it
to someone who
might break it.

let's get real.

there's nothing
greater than celebrating
the one and only Him,
with words and verses,
written for no one,
but Him.

Jokes aside, Merry Christmas - religious or not! Let's all remember the true meaning of Christmas. :)
Brianna Love Dec 2017

Tis the season
of love and joy,
and giddy moments
of girls and boys.

A season of songs
gifts and laughter,
of times to remember
forever after.

A season for families
neighbors and friends,
a joyful season
for traditions and trends.

A season for giving
and receiving of gifts,
a season for doing
only that which lifts.

But most of all
it’s the beauty of,
making cherished memories
from this season of love.

Merry Christmas to all
my amazing beautiful friends,
may you feel this kiss of love
and know, it will never end!


Brianna Dec 2017

It's sad
that the one man to tell me he loved my body
was the one man
who was the worst for me.

It's sad
that the one man I wanted to give my heart too
decided destroying it was easier
then loving it.

It's sad
that the one man who dedicates songs and poems to me
is the one man
who I can't seem to fall in love with.

It's sad
that the girl who needs me to love her
is the one person
I can't seem to find love for.

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