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Shall I..

This is my moment..
Apple crispiness..juicy sweet.
I'm feeling vulnerable. way down to my feet.
Shall I..

I'm so dang vulnerable...Something fluffy to behold.
Soft plushable..
I'm gonna melt richly fulfilling someone's precious soul.

Shall I...

If I walk into your galaxy.. look into you deeply..
Search you intensely..
Do you take it personelly.

What's in your universe..
Will what I find be just rehearsed.

Uncovering Your galaxy..
Will it be welcoming to me.
Stepping away from poetry..
run away with me..

Shall I..

With you spread my wings and fly.

Like chewing spearmint gum.
Minty fresh.
Popping Bubbles..
secrets in my chest.
Glowing cause I'm at my best.

Are your skies friendly..
Are your intentions  sacred given purely.
Like diamonds treasuring me favorably.

Will You!
Be vulnerable with me oh gentle you.
Trust me to be what you should pursue.
Take my heaven its something new.
Creative awaiting you.

Will You......................!

selinasharday rose..S.A.M 2018
@She's ready, flowing, giving,, ripe and vulnerable
Kylie Oct 11
giving other lives a meaning
not caring about yourself
is that what selfless is

you don’t even care
when you’re happy or not
as long as they’re happy
even without you
Grey Oct 10
We fall past the need of others
Entrapped and wrenched from howling legions
Smell the air, the sense of sages
Crying 'Secrets! Secrets beyond ages!'

Sell your soul for whispered love
A candle burning into skin
Forbidden words spill from mangled throats
Tongues wag loose, tell me what hurts

I know your fears and sacred comforts
Fleeting addict shakes with longing
Give me touch till your bones are empty
I fill your needs from my own coffers

I fill your needs from my own coffers
rob kistner Oct 8
( Tanka for my father )

honest man of grit

no nonsense but so caring

shared your life with me

rescued me from orphan's plight

showed me what it means to love


rob kistner © 2018
I read "Fellow Passenger" this morning, a wonderful poem from Pradip Chattopadhyay. It put a lump in my throat and stirred warm memories of Bob, the man who adopted me and made me his grateful, though frequently headstrong son.
It has been 35 years since my father passed, but he is frequently on my mind, and often in conversations I have with my son. Dad was a nose-to-the-grindstone, hard working man, who never graduated high school. But he was brilliant in the knowledge of how to live and love life, and the need to unselfishly share what one has. A man of great integrity, he taught me how to be a man, and the meaning of decency and dignity. I miss him greatly. He was my salvation and my hero.

Pradip's piece sparked this tanka, a love note to my father.
Sam Oct 1
I'm putting tape over my ears so I don't hear cruelty,
I'm putting tape over my nose so I don't smell my own fear,
I'm putting tape over my eyes so I don't see a joke in the mirror,
I'm putting tape over my mouth so I don't say what people don't want to hear.

I'm taping my arms to my sides to avoid gesturing,
To articulate points that are certainly wrong,
I am taping my legs to avoid the shame
Of walking in the rain to the same sad song.

I am taping my body,
I am taping my mind,
I am through being honest,
Done with being kind.

It's selfish to die,
It's painful to live,
My solution is tape,
So I can't take or give.
Amanda Sep 30
I have thought about it for awhile
And don't care what other people say
I want to be part of yout life
This might be the only way

Don't see you as the bad guy
Not mad or angry, just hurt
Even though I know it's wrong
I think "**** he looks **** in that shirt"

Feel the electricity in the air
Can tell you feel the familiar thrill
Is the alcohol to blame?
Or do you truly love me still?

We reach at the same time to touch
Holding your hand just seems so right
I wish that I did not have to let go
Wish I could stay the rest of the night

When I have to say goodbye
It's hard to pull away and leave
I long to remain in your arms forever
It feels better than I dare to believe

Then you lean down to kiss me
It is bliss. It's too perfect to be real
I had almost forgotten how wonderful
Your lips could taste and feel

I know that you're drunk and it's late
I'm hoping that you feel the spark
And I am hoping my mouth will remind you
Of those nights we spent in the dark

Thank you for making me complete again
Giving me your love to borrow
Even if it is just for right now
I will not regret it tomorrow
Tonight I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow
Anya Sep 25
I’ve always thought
That an ideal relationship
Not nessesarily romantic,
Must have
A balance
Of give
And take
But what if that balance always tips?
I often find my self consciousness has me holding myself back and giving more than taking at times.
Morgan Spiers Sep 17
your gratuity
is not sincere
if it is balanced as a pendulum.
the anticipation of return
the authenticity
of generosity.

it is acceptance that brings humility-
acceptance that a gift
is not equal
to inherent necessity for reward.
you cannot define "gracious"
while using the words

allow every inch of your heart
to be a gift.
to be opened
and valued
for it is not in balance
that we show love-
but in the counterbalanced abnormality
of sharing.
Sherri Sep 16
A grave is raised before its time
To testify a cold farewell

Who saw her last teardrop fall
Its slow decent
To the desert sand
As the final nail is set

Who knew of her minds defeat
The battle lost
Her last hope shattered
By the hammer's final fall

Who heard her voice fade
On a silent scream
The endless empty sigh
Of her last and final breath

Who felt her heartbeat stop
Like a drowning drum
The slow pitter-patter
A final two-step march

Who stood witness that last long night?
Who stood by and watched her die?
You have turned your back on everyone.
Especially me,
But I can never turn my back on you.
Because I’m your friend.

You have closed your heart
And now it is as cold as ice.
But my heart is still warm for you.
Because I’m your friend.

You act coldly
When you were once kind,
But I can tell you are hurting inside.
Because I’m your friend.

After what you did
Others now think you’re evil.
But not me
Because I’m your friend.

I know you can still be saved.
Others have given up on you,
But I can never give up on you.
Because I’m your friend.

You can try to deny it
You can even try to **** me
But I’ll shoulder your hatred
Because I’m your friend.  

You’re trapped deep in the darkness
But I’ll do anything to pull you out
and bring you back to the light
Because I’m your friend.

I will reach out my hand until you take it
For if our roles were reversed
you would do the same
Because you’re my friend.
The idea for this poem hit me late at night and I just had to start writing it out.
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