Oculi 4d

Get in your suit
This is your armor
Close your eyes
Fight for your life
You're not willing?
I haven't a care

I've dreamt of a world ever so beautiful
With attack ships on fire
Where beams could glitter
It was my first dream, and I feel so lost

I've run away
You have?
I mustn't fight
You mustn't?
I can't give up
You can.

It wasn't my decision, I was forced
This isn't me
This is my powerless last breath, let me dream again

Oculi 5d

One dose of a drug to make it intriguing
But we're taking more than that, reeling
Positivity out the window with these dead clouds
Oddity in bedlam for me, it has me wowed
So tell me why I feel this way
I'm not getting anywhere, but hey
90% of the things I've done in my life ain't as important as you
Sweeping that floor

G J Nov 6

Every time you undress me
the tips of your fingers slit into my skin,
with only a simple slide of your hand you can open my chest and kidnap my heart.
I was alive with the sting of your touch but over time the sting became a burn,
and I started to find that you prefer to retrace the expeditions that both your hands and your eyes would endure.
You don’t think twice about reopening scars,
in fact you feel obligated to purposely disfigure me,
even if I could leave you it is your name that covers my body.
You wanted to see how far I’d let you take it, how much of me you could take over
you controlled my life and even my thoughts
somehow you became a part of who I was,
and no matter how simple it could be
I can no longer imagine surviving without you.

Vanessa Grace Oct 27

When he came around
I thought perhaps he would
Fill in
My sunken spots,
The hallow parts of my being
That had kept me from standing

But he was no builder
And our love was no
And so I resolved to crumple
Like ash upon his frame,
Until it was just him standing there
With the memories that remained.


Halfway between a thought and a dream.
Raquel Butler Oct 19

This feeling,
of wavering uncertainty,
of overwhelming doubt and warning.
This feeling,
its whispering in my ear,
to run 100 yards in the opposite direction.
This feeling,
is grabbing my heart,
and squeezing it so tightly I don't know
whether I'm living or dying.
This feeling,
is playing all the right notes in my head,
despite every warning bell ringing in my ears.
This feeling,
this feeling is telling me to love,
to risk, to give, to trust, to taste
like never before.
This feeling,
is teaching me how to love you,
all in.

ShowYouLove Sep 29

Full of mercy and compassion
Abundant grace and blessing
Justice and peace are never out of fashion
Focus on what we can do and stop stressing
Rest easy and be quiet as we go about living
The Lord rejoices in cheerful giving
Giving some of our time or money or skill
We use what we have been given for good will
The humble and the broken are graced
The lonely and oppressed are lifted
Those who mourn will have a taste
Of hope and joy and all will be gifted
We are to be light for a world that is blind
We are to be love in a world often unkind
We are to be warmth in a world now cold
We are to be courageous when so few are bold
We are to be strength to lift up the weak
We are to be gentle in a world that is not meek
We are to be pure in heart for a world that is broken
We are to be the truth that must be spoken
Be a blessing for others and a blessing for the Most High
Help others, do your best, and always try
Allowing God to bless what little we bring
We find that this can be a wonderful thing
Whatever you did for the least ones
Whatever you did for my daughters or sons
You did for me says the Lord God of Hosts
Help us be humble and honest lest we should boast
You gave us everything we could ever need
You are like good water to our seed
You gave us all we could want and ask
You will aid us in all of our tasks
Be with us Lord when we are burdened and  worn
Keep us safe through the night and wake us in the morn
Let your love go before us strengthen us while we pray
Let us bring your kingdom here this very day
There are so many who suffer in spirit and in physical pain
Give us the grace to bring them back and there, remain
Bring me to your heart and help me love with all I am
Take my hands and use them for your healing
Remind me why I do good with this wonderful feeling
To praise you with all that is in me
Bless and glorify so everyone can see
This is what I hope to do
And serve your people the best that I can
Let me not be prideful in me but rest in you
Continue to refine me in your perfect plan

Let our light shine
In the community
Let us draw in the
Broken lonely & vulnerable
Let us love with all
Our hearts in a world that's lost the way
Let's give hope
In a world
Where humanity is forgotten.

Be still and know that I am GOD
Shofi Ahmed Sep 12

In between
the sky and earth
there is always
a Moon gap.
In giving is Love!

Josh Mayesh Sep 7

Like you,
I read "The Giving Tree"
When I was young.
And I drank in that definition of love
With my roots.  
I wanted to be that tree.
I wanted to give that love
To everyone; to someone.  
And you found me
And carved your heart on mine.

I have the scar.

And I felt loved
For a while.
It felt good to give;
It felt good to see your smile,
For a while.  
It felt good to give you shade and shelter,
Stripping and shedding
For you.
And it became our life.

So how could I blame you for the way you were treating me
Shearing me
Expecting me
to Give,
to Love,
to Serve—
Even when you no longer recognized me?

The rings on our fingers
Spoke nothing of the truer rings,
The rings recorded in me.  
It took many years to learn,
Many years to chop away at that old definition,
Many years to rip away the rotting bark,
Many years of knowing that
A tree is always there because
A tree’s roots are stuck within the ground.

But I am not a tree.

Miss Me Sep 1

To ALL of us who write!
   And to this DAY!

Cheers to us I send your way!

I wish for you today! And everyday!
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