Umi Dec 2017

Oh radiance of the sun, do not leave us and go
Illuminate the path and we will turn to guidance
Do not leave us
For darkness, no!
We'll be back

Light up, Oh sun of pride and beauty, with your radiance to provide the growth of the wonderful spring flowers whichs oud and fragrants we enjoy!

And then the night comes to break
We'll look at the horozon and make
A prayer that will take
all the darkness from the night
Make this world bright
Beautiful with the suns might

~ Umi

inspired by an nasheed which was on arabic though
Artistic Muse Nov 2017

Like the glowing sun
I start my days with a smile
And thoughts about you


together with a book on my hands and thoughts of you...that's how my morning starts
J Nov 2017

There is strength in her heart,
like the waves that softened
a stubborn rock.
Warmth, like summer breeze
that gives solace to
a weary soul.
Radiance of the sun emanating
through her eyes,
and brings hope with every sunrise.

And I will love her,
until my heart caves in.

Cimmerian Chaos, incediary
The Requiem of the Revenant:

Tis I,
The Breathing Song
Conjuring a vestige,
Ensorcelled by what I'd been envisaging.

Maimed by Tempus, The Temporal Arbiter
Words reverberating on the wavelength of my soul
Left me vibrating desolate and wayworn.
Utterances deluging me in the Dominion of Doubt
Until I reached a crossroads
For perilous was the pilgrimage I peregrinated.

The Penultimate Tribulation has begun
And though angst is festering in my flesh,
The Sacred Lotus of Dreams has not wilted,
Shalt it ever upon the Lake of the Holy Oracle;
Elysium of the Soul is awaiting those who are stalwart
In the Visage of the Shadows.


By Sanders M. Foulke III

Two month old free verse poem regarding my own martyrdom and tribulations in the flesh. My iniquities can bring about lightness and sanctity if I so speak it into my life. Surrendering over all suffering, woe, and lamentation over to the Ethereal leads to transcendence of blight and ascendence to Elysium of the Soul. Be encouraged when you suffer, for peril means not ending but genesis. Genesis of wisdom, love, power, justice, endurance, meekness, humility, loyalty, faith, hope, joy, and every other virtue that is His. Any feedback is most appreciated. Enjoy! God bless!
jessie Sep 2017

i want to bring warmth
to spread comfort
to inspire kindness
and hope

i want to bring to others
the playful contentment
i feel when i observe a sunflower

blooming with no acknowledgement of its surroundings
just using the sunshine and unknowingly sharing
its radiance

the paradise
where you
see the
sun, and
It's light
the fairer
In radiance,
In the
As the
a cloud,
rise to
the places

shåi Apr 2017

a poet
acts as a mirror,
an instrument
to cast
a translucent reflection
not one's own sentiment
but upon
the kaleidosopic realities
of the world


be the light you want to see...
rose Apr 2017

the ray of sunlight
peaks through the over sized clouds,
and that’s when i want to wave hello to the shining light
that is calling my name.
i shield my oval eyes, watch the darkness
that surrounds the sunlight
[ the small dust particles all around
light up too, as luminous as the sun itself ]
i want to run towards this crepuscular ray
- this bright, shining light - that pleads for me.
i’ll skip on clouds, dance till i reach my destination
i’ll run up to the sky, bask in the single ray
of light
that is slowly fading.
i’ll lie underneath its radiance,
until it finally  d i s a p p e a r s .

Josh Cheshier Feb 2017

we made eye contact, her fiery gaze was so bright all I could see were sunspots.
It started as just one but I didn't want to look away, I couldn't, and god dammit it burnt. My vision started to falter and that little speck of darkness began to grow.
My trance-like stare remained unbroken, I was being burnt from within
Sunspots, until one turned into ten.
I felt her heat deep beneath the surfaces of skin and as the heat rose my little sunspots became all I could see.
I was dumbfounded, lost, her radiance had blinded me.
Confused and scared I spun about to see if there were any traces of light left in the dark, Sunspots.
It wasn't long till I began to lose hope, beaten and broken with my toes dangling off the floor I hung myself and used her as the rope.
Sunspots, as my little dark circles couldn't possibly get any darker the rope snapped and my vision came too.
There on my knees I began to sob, I was so captivated I let light burn me out.
When I picked myself up, to my surprise I could still see her glow.
She had remained present through the night, hidden behind a thick shroud, unpiercable by the most furious of light.
I glanced softly, tracing the aura surrounding her, I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact even though my entire chest was pounding for her.
I've learned a gentle focus is key, I can bask in her radiance without her worry of burning
I can finally see

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