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In its caves of insolence,
night hides its diabolic secrets
when light sows its golden pearls
across the horizon. It paints its treachery
with the innocence of the morning light
like a master-chameleon
that wraps its lies
in a psychedelic charm.

A rainbow
once disguised its radiance
to become the shadow of night.
It strobed its leaden drops of deceit
on the angel-white glow of the clouds.

Perhaps, that’s why we are the way we are –
living in different skins!
Dry grass smouldering,
smoke spiralling up the sky,
nostalgia solidifying in the heart
like rocks of scoria from boiling lava.

An eerie feeling oozing through the pores
forming drops of cool soothing light
holding me in its albino hands.

The colour of light –
is it phantom white, or
a potpourri of sensations?

I remember,
in my tender days
all colours were red.
An effervescent cherry-red radiance
coloured the passions of my heart.

Seven Seas confluencing in the soul,
water throbbing in the expanse of the sea,
sky emptying its azure desires in the sea,
stillness at the heart of the sea –
a placid cauldron of pure life!

That day I met myself -
the mystic in red radiance!
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of melody
caress every cell of my being to a lullaby.

Like silver drizzles of sunlight
illuminating a willing landscape
to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call
from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a primaeval wonder of
thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate
to a land shut to mortals
blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escorts me to the
heart of its radiance.
Mary Frances Aug 21
We are like Sunflowers.
We always look forward
for the Sun's radiance.
Even if sometimes
it's just too harsh,
still, it makes us feel alive.
Dan Beyer Jul 13
lift up your face
let your radiance
like the sun shine
fill up this space
with your sapience
(i) wish i could enshrine
rob kistner Jun 25

there is a needing and a caring
a taking and a giving

pieces of one's soul
peeled away
for the sake of the cherished

a duality of dark and light
positive and negative

that haunts the reaching out
and clutch of profaned hands
which inflict raw wounds

that also blesses the sacred touch
to sooth the burning bruise
and heal the unseen damage

a rootedness in the need to nurture
in the looking one-eyed blind
to see that which is not visible
to the unfocused seer

madness engulfs the heart
of the flat-light sighted
obscuring truth

the radiance of clarity
envelopes the sainted
illuminating the wondrous

voids of spirit
marked and remembered
are besought in the leaving time

at the crossing over
to the dream
or hard justice

I am here but for you
until all that remains are bones
taken up to strike down menace
that which means you harm

devour me complete
in validation of my path
consummation of my holy fate

I am your vessel of deliverance


rob kistner © 2009
This is a prayer, a pledge to a loved one that you will be there in life,
whether good times, bad times, joy and sorrow, throught easy and hard,
and in their time of dieing, to be their spiritual and emotionsl vessel
at the moment of death.
Isla Jun 4
I look over and see the rolling hills

They stretch long like your smile

I glance up and see the radiant sun

It shines like your eyes

I peer down into the pond

it is flowing and soothing like your voice

You are here with me

You are my mother nature
A poem written by a friend who wanted me to post it on my page.
storm winds howl
in fury rage
lash dark clouds
in thunder running
lightning laced
they storm across
her cool
impassive face

she answers
in silence
immortal grace
her face
softly knowing
her smile
sometimes showing
in silence

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Aflaha Feb 18
In the silence of the morning
The sun rises, bright and clear
And it's you she's missing, my dear
I tell her, it's not real
She says, life rarely is ideal
I tell her, it's only a feeling of love
She says, your hand fits like a glove
I tell her, it will break her heart
She says, to love is to be torn apart
I ask her why this dangerous path
She says, it's a game and to lose, we hath
I ask her how this happiness
This radiance of her being
She says love gives me strength
It gives me peace
I hesitate but ask
If you love her too
She said, she never asked
She was busy falling for you
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