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Paul NP Sep 6
Share your soul with the creatures in the midst of the beautiful
glass rice, crystal mirror kiss. This will help your spirit blossom the bountiful beauty of Christ's Christmas shore. When you bouquet a banquet blanket for your future husband make sure to remember the elegance of your wrist, the gentle kiss he gives back from the open air of his fumes he's one with you.
Across walk in time, he's heavenly solar. Across hop in lime, his lunar hips caress the shore. And the kidding around is a chore. The jokes and the smooches a bore. Neither more nor less, the human empath is electro-magneton's dress. Deep in the now my friends help me avow the name that sent me from the hip of the grave to the grey eye silver haze. My glory is the moonlight and the pale dark room, glowing in shadow monsoons of an empty breath and pocketed chest that holds the shadow in its gloominescent viber breathent snake charming crescent. One groom I am you, oh my ohm, energy breasted and lifted into empathetic rest and im calling out to you to give you the best mood i can possible assume
its You. Eye feel it in my hollow point pupil, infinite lunar tongue tied ultra sighrened side. I explain it in virtue, its purple, pouring plume, parfume, tamed in the name of the famed same *** existence.
The sacred Union
Mary Frances Jul 8
Your radiance blinded my eyes
yet they didn't hurt.
Your words pierced my heart
yet I did not bleed.
Your fire set my soul ablaze
but I wasn't burned.
Your chains held me to the ground
but they made me soar higher.
This is the kind of love you give:
complex yet affable,
resilient yet comforting,
agonizing yet appealing.
James R May 4
My sunlight burgeons,
burns, brightens, sears, and sees all.
I'm the son of light.
Rajinder Mar 27
Prostituting radiance
a shameless sun
seduces skies. Birds spurt.
Nathalie Mar 3
Love can sometimes
enter through a door
you thought you
had closed

Everything you are
now living appears
to be magnified with
so much brilliance
and more

Their is a depth
to your emotions
that you never even
knew existed

You can no longer
deny the waves
of sentiments
that are asking
you to share this
beautfiul dance
with your heart

A love song is no
longer just another
song as it speaks
directly to your soul

As you watch other
couples, you see
the radiance
and the admiration they
have for each other

You are floating on
your very own cloud
but now you know
that you are ready
to make room for two...

Nathalie Nov 2018
The rhythm embodies you
A spark of nature
coming alive, expressed
through a pulse
of light
You spawn from
heart and your radiance
flows from your very core
The seed of your
intention is created
from love
One that is
known to be pure
and whole.

TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
In its caves of insolence,
night hides its diabolic secrets
when light sows its golden pearls
across the horizon. It paints its treachery
with the innocence of the morning light
like a master-chameleon
that wraps its lies
in a psychedelic charm.

A rainbow
once disguised its radiance
to become the shadow of night.
It strobed its leaden drops of deceit
on the angel-white glow of the clouds.

Perhaps, that’s why we are the way we are –
living in different skins!
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Dry grass smouldering,
smoke spiralling up the sky,
nostalgia solidifying in the heart
like rocks of scoria from boiling lava.

An eerie feeling oozing through the pores
forming drops of cool soothing light
holding me in its albino hands.

The colour of light –
is it phantom white, or
a potpourri of sensations?

I remember,
in my tender days
all colours were red.
An effervescent cherry-red radiance
coloured the passions of my heart.

Seven Seas confluencing in the soul,
water throbbing in the expanse of the sea,
sky emptying its azure desires in the sea,
stillness at the heart of the sea –
a placid cauldron of pure life!

That day I met myself -
the mystic in red radiance!
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of melody
caress every cell of my being to a lullaby.

Like silver drizzles of sunlight
illuminating a willing landscape
to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call
from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a primaeval wonder of
thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate
to a land shut to mortals
blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escorts me to the
heart of its radiance.
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