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Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
I wonder
How much ground
Would be covered
By the shadow
Of a man?
Depends on the man
I suppose.
And where
He stands
His ground
Multiple ways to see things. It's shadow season.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the taste of hell makes us appreciate a life in heavens:)<<<33333

now the moral I view me
blind eyes open wide for the destined sea

heartbreak from a nonexistent lover or them harmonize
would never fail a cruel existence never restore I fantasize

gave the blood I lean blame to bleed
gave the ache I feel shame to plead

called the begs of the braided sirens
called the legs of the shaded horizons

knew the death of me anticipated on hope
just from that **** embraced on October eloped

sure getting rid of the brown brushed one face
what I regret is the hell of before brutally fazed

Khoisan Apr 2021
Fenced in
a pig in a pen
he remembered her
black eyes
couldn't take flight
he still cries
justice was served
a brave woman
never lies.
Jaxey Dec 2020
I'm on fire
I'm burning
I'm dying
I'm bleeding
I was careful
I was cautious
and yet
I'm still weeping
I'm tripping
I'm falling
I'm desperate
for something
to catch me
to hold me
to help me
to fix me
I'm gasping
I'm breathing
I'm drowning
I'm fighting
I'm six feet under
and yet
I'm still standing
It's not over yet
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
if you ever try to hurt me,
remember that I’ve already
hurt myself ten times worse.

if you ever try to hurt me,
I wish you good luck.

keep in mind that you are not
the first person to hit me.
you are not the strongest person
who has tried to knock me down.

and look at me.
I’m still standing.
she stood still
only wanting to be
wanting only to be
for that moment only
time stood still
when he stood still
only wanting to
find her
and give her
anything she wants
only when they
both stood still
could they really
he was the one
for her
she was the one
for him
all along
The little steps
Seem like
No steps at all
Living a life
Maybe not truly living at all
That seems
To stand still
Everyone, Everything
Catching up
Seemingly impossible
Dvali Taytem Jun 2020
I have begun to think about
The many times I’ve fallen down
And realized I had no crown
Because I am no king
And I cannot even imagine how
I don’t know the path that led to now
But I’ve tightened my hands onto the plow
And stood up after everything

Most of the time I’ve been around
I’ve wanted to find a poetic way out
Because living this way is a little too much to bear
I’ve been talking to myself as I lie on the ground
Wasting my life, losing weight by the pound
But I guess it’s fine because I’m still here

I guess I’m fine because I’m still here
6/3/2020, 4:02 PM
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