I really hate those school Cliche groups
The jocks, the skaters the nerds
How did this childish survival ways bleed into our societies heart

I hate the way it sticks into adulthood
How sad as adults we still have this need to be liked and wanted by peers
So much
So desperate are we
That we
Hateful hateful world

I want to see strong wild men in the wind standing tall speaking there minds and saving the abused

stood next to them strong Amazonian woman equal and proud

Intellectual characters being right, debating discussing , RANTING on their soap box next to the argumentative and rebellious types
Sticking it to the man with all their might

I want to see the witty and the bitchy speak up and say there peace
Socking reality and bluntness to you
Bowling over your cliche
And next to them ...
The advocate of the underdog standing  strong
I want you to hear our voices our views our arguments
I want you to stop bending and straighten your spine against the wind of oppression
To enlighten your fire your flame
Soul recharged
Eyes open to the realities and ignorance
To truly take into your conscious brain
The man
The rule
The emperor structure of unfairness of life
Stand against this gale with all your differences
Unique diversities
Proud to be that spark that can only shine like you do
I just want you to be the best you
Angry writing after thinking about some injustices at work - I still get fustrated even in areas where it shouldn’t matter that we are a face fits society in many ways
Poetic T Feb 16
A footstep stood
is better than a step back.
We may leave a deeper print,
but it shows others
                    that's its not easily filled.

And that those that try to fill it,
              have lot more to prove

than the reason of its depth..
Brianna Jan 31
Stood at the top of this interstate highway thinking... I need to scream.
I need to let the world know I am going to get there.
I need to let you know you have no control.
I needed to escape my control.

I didn't know I needed to get to this point until the cars below me were going 100 miles per hour and I was standing above the moving lights.

Stood at the top of this mountain and I looked down at the valley below thinking... I need to cry.
I need to cry for myself and the girl I wanted to be.
I need to cry for you... and how you left.
I need to cry for everyone else to know that things are going to get better.

I didn't know I needed to get to this point until the sweat was dripping from my forehead and I was breathing in the fresh air around me.

Stood at the foot of my bed staring at the rumpled sheets from last nights conquest thinking... I have to fucking stop.
I have to stop trying to run from the pain in every body that finds me attractive.
I have to stop trying to substitute sex for love because I am almost sick of them both equally.
I have to stop putting myself down.

I didn't know I needed to get this point until I was laying in bed with a man I didn't care to even get to know.
hannah kay Jan 9
im standing, barely
    trying to see what's around me
im crying but no one can hear,
    not really
people throw their advice at me and it hits hard like ice against my skin
   and all i want is for someone to
hear me
    to really listen
they keep giving me words i did not ask for
we love you, we’re here for you
keep it; give it up
    life is hard; welcome to adult life

i open up to you
   but it’s still not enough
you’re the one who sees me cry;
   my tears are hidden by my smiles
to everyone else
you’re the one who knows my pain;
    my laugh hides the torment
from the outsiders

here i am, standing,
wishing you knew
that i have given you
all there is to give.
Mars Jan 2
I will be worn

But standing,
and ready to weather,

there is no storm,

and I am lighter than a feather.

3 words come from nothing.
From nowhere they ring,
to a pen.
From within
to without, they sing:


No more,
no less.


I am worn

But standing tall
ready to weather,

there is no storm.
Seanathon Dec 2017
If you were here
I’d take the day
And you on a tour
I’d carve your name into the snow
Instead of hers
We’d rewrite history and revisit these
The songs which have yet to be sung
Together anew
Written weeks ago. Also - My publish poems option is erroring - So I'm working out of my drafts - Tell Elliot please. (:
Woman thou shall learn to say

They shall know exactly what it means
Standing your ground, not wavering
on pebbles of compliments
stones of interests

Woman thou shall learn to say

They shall put on their big boy pants
accept it for what it is
not shakara
a bold character

Woman thou shall learn to say

Standing out in a pool of swimming folks
second to none
exceptional is the word
trust me

For never have they seen any like you
especially when they refer to the others
'Just Like You'

Never are they anything like you
Even when they say
"Am I Not A Woman Too'

©Belema. S. Ekine
one word two letters: NO
I see happiness when I look at you.
Your eyes are gentle, lips so soft, laughing lines.
Sadness creeps in from the corners of your eyes, I wish I didn't notice these things.
Your light shines SO bright when you smile, I will never forget that.

I feel my core burning with desire when I look at you.
You trace your fingers across every inch of my skin.
Do I remind you of her? I hope I don't.
My body, pressed against yours.
Our legs tangled together, my arms around your neck.
Are you thinking about her? I'm thinking about you.

I see sadness when I look at you.
You're everything I've ever wanted - but I know I'm not what you need.
So many countries you have seen! Mountains climbed, rivers swam, foods tasted, people encountered, memories made.

Standing still, this is what I am - waiting. For my turn to see the world.
But I know it won't be with you.
I recently met a gentleman, he's the loveliest thing. He has the most amazing/complicated past, and a future of adventures.
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