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You are running out of places to hide
because they no longer mean what they
once meant to you.
And you are trusting more...
because.. **** it, that's why.
You now love the man, who the bigger
part of you once hated--
but when the bigger became the smaller,
you forgot just why.
And now all that you can remember is
that you have always loved the one,
you tried

so hard to hate..
And hate becomes love
when you let go,  and become  
a part of
the very part of you,
that you tried so hard  to un-do.

she runs through the streets
with eyes painted red
under a black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway she brings me
white gold and pearls, stolen from the sea
She is raging
She is raging
and the storm blows up in her eyes
She will
suffer the needle-chill
she's running to stand
by Michael R. Burch

Here where the wind imbues life within stone,
    I once stood
and watched as the tempest made monuments groan
    as if blood
boiled within them.

Here where the Druids stood charting the stars
    I can tell
they longed for the heavens ... perhaps because
boiled beneath them?

Keywords/Tags: Stonehenge, standing, stones, sarcens, bluestones, Druids, star, charts, charting, blood, heaven, hell
When you feel like burning the bridges
Setting them in flames and forgetting
What’s keeping you from hurting people
The ones you once befriended

What keeps you from being resentful
What helps you just moving forward
Holding the gazes of people
The ones you are leaving behind you

Belonging is a powerful feeling
Standing alone can be scary
But what are the ways to make sure
That you are not dissolving in others
Thank you corona,
For the awakening call to humanity that was lost in the midst of our daily lives.

Thank you Corona,
For exposing our weakness, and vulnerability as human beings to your power of invisibility.

Thank you Corona,
For showing us that we are all equal under your rule regardless of our age, ***, race, or religion.

Thank you Corona,
For reminding us of the forgotten heroes in the field of healthcare, who are fighting in the front lines risking their life to save lives.

Thank you Corona,
For teaching a valuable lesson in standing together as one in our fight of defeating you under the banner of kindness, love, and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak

Amanda Jan 8
You have ways of getting under my skin
When you are miles away
Don't understand why I hold onto
Words in the back of my mind each day

Forget past arguments
Continuous struggle I'm losing
Consuming the house we share
Showing scars
Blood oozing

Much more damage than can heal
Not what I choose
War becoming clearer with time
Further pain to gain unclouded views

When light fades I am blinded once more
Can't breathe when you're not here
Visions flutter faintly inside my chest
Standing in emptiness
Reach out to pull you near

I cannot explain why I cannot shake you off
Brain stuck on you like glue
Lift my gaze for a moment
Cast aside charm invading my view

I climb
Get away from your hold
And turn away from your eyes
I can't see through your blindfold
the darkness taken by your disguise

Standing heart falls deeper every night
Blackness is to blame
Heart entrancing with endless illusions
Surrounding me to be consumed by your name
Once again sorry but I don't know if I've posted this one before
amber Oct 2019
somberly standing
slowly sulking
stoic and sad
steadily swaying
sadly saturated
in sobriety
zen Sep 2019
Sewing the spiral depth
The halogram projected
Lapse time
Pixels to
Into diamond

The Dogon
Gamble's away his
In hopes of
Sound the sun rays
Of Saturn singing

Serpents tongue
Circulates the circumference
Of the circus
Sung circles
Sunken fertile land
Herbs in hand
The earth purges
And again
I am nervous
Hit with nerfs
Of the world
Me down
I laugh
I dismay the smuck
And smog
Smuggled by singularity
Stiffened by ambiguity
Banging my head on the mirror
Of the river
I bleed red
In blue

Futile, no
Forever, yet
Find the feather
I flew over mind and
Let loose

My severed spine
has broken down into
bread and wine
Dive inward
Tea Aug 2019
I am still standing on two feet...
I'm starting to put on the heat...
I'm planning to fly high...
Into the night sky...
No one will reach me...
I will look around and I will see...
I will forget all the bad things...
And I will fly on my own two wings...
Up in the air, I can laugh into the wind...
I will leave my sorrows behind...
No heavy rock on my back...
No more things which I lack...
Some people won't notice that I'm not there...
Some people might see that I'm not to be found anywhere...
But I can't really care...
Because I'm here...
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