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Poetic T Nov 25
If stones where tears,
Then I would be a
     Tombstone of sorrows.
Gathering  beyond
             my standing
Angie Nov 18
What keeps you standing proud and tall?
What wipes the tears off of your tender face?
What makes you smile despite it all?
What is it - hope, elation, grace?
What makes you rise again after a painful fall?
What pushes - step by step - ahead?
What still outlines evasive goals?
Is it the past, all that you've had?
What warms you up among the snows?
What makes your heart a trembling bird?
What is the fire - yes, it shows -
That lights your soul up from within?
The answer is in front of me,
I need to read betwen the lines.
Both complicated and so simple, see -
It's Love, so powerful it shines!
When young always
travelled around by
National Express

Always remember
stopping at Bristol
coach station after
a very long journey

Ready to board the
Coach home there
female German bus
station attendant

She was  hearding  every
body like prisoners of
war awaiting entering
a prisoner of war

Wasn't a happy bunny
that day, so I let get have
It, with both barrels these
are paying customers
treat them with respect I
told her

She tried to ban me from
the bus, but was overruled
by applause from everyone
on the
Including the driver who
said, about time somebody
told her, that made me proud
I'd done my good deed of
the day
Paying customers should be treated
with respect
Nylee Oct 21
No one has the time
to give me another chance
maybe I will fail again
or I will fall from the train
at least I am trying.

Don't bury me
when I am standing
Let me be free
I am pleading
please give me
an another chance.

It is hard to feel all the heat
but I am keeping on my feet
don't make me choose the defeat
I'm inching a bit closer to complete
Really I do not want to sit, now.
i’m standing on the
edge of the world
so much talent and

but i’m waiting.
waiting for something
to happen that will
never happen.
You can try to shame me
And call me all sorts of names.
You can try to persecute me
And accuse me of false crimes.

You can publically undress me
Parade me around like a clown.
You can mercilessly flog me
And chase me out of town.

You can scam me in transactions
And take away my only home.
You can take away my possessions
And put in the streets to die alone.

You can behave to me like the devil
And speak in an unknown voice.
You can show me you're very evil
And even treat me like a sacrifice.

I'll someday again rise and shine
I am unbreakable, I'll survive!
I'll live to tell my children the story,
And testify and speak of ***'s glory.

Amanda Aug 24
Saw her standing on the tracks
Dressed head to toe in black
A smile sat upon her lips
Eyes were sad like sinking ships
It feels incomplete
Written 3-1-15
Or maybe the current can take me away.
For upon this stiff plane,
I don’t know where I’ll stay.
The path is familiar,
Yet still it is long.
A recluse come true.
A lonely man’s song.
The trees aren’t foreboding,
They welcome me home.
This is the real peace that I’ve longed to know.
Or maybe the current can take me away...
hannah Apr 17
I will still be waiting here for you to return
You will be damaged and broken
But it is the only time you turn to your real friends
Ashley Kane Mar 13
I really hate those school Cliche groups
The jocks, the skaters the nerds
How did this childish survival ways bleed into our societies heart

I hate the way it sticks into adulthood
How sad as adults we still have this need to be liked and wanted by peers
So much
So desperate are we
That we
Hateful hateful world

I want to see strong wild men in the wind standing tall speaking there minds and saving the abused

stood next to them strong Amazonian woman equal and proud

Intellectual characters being right, debating discussing , RANTING on their soap box next to the argumentative and rebellious types
Sticking it to the man with all their might

I want to see the witty and the ****** speak up and say there peace
Socking reality and bluntness to you
Bowling over your cliche
And next to them ...
The advocate of the underdog standing  strong
I want you to hear our voices our views our arguments
I want you to stop bending and straighten your spine against the wind of oppression
To enlighten your fire your flame
Soul recharged
Eyes open to the realities and ignorance
To truly take into your conscious brain
The man
The rule
The emperor structure of unfairness of life
Stand against this gale with all your differences
Unique diversities
Proud to be that spark that can only shine like you do
I just want you to be the best you
(C) Ashley Kane
Angry writing after thinking about some injustices at work - I still get fustrated even in areas where it shouldn’t matter that we are a face fits society in many ways
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