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Diffuse the phantoms
Give away the reigns
Take over left-brain
Talk sense to me
Raise the barricades
Hold me to gun-point
I do not want to think about you.
Happy Christmas to me
War is over(But only if you want it)
All I want for Christmas is war to be over
War is over(If you so desire)
War is under(If you dream it)
War is love(If you think it)

War is over(If you want it)
She says(Happy Xmas to you, she says)
War is war is war is war is war is war is over
If you is you is you is you is God is all is love
Want it to be
Lyss May 20
That destroyed me. Destroyed myself at the core. Who she was, all she wanted, what she loved. Changed 10-fold.
jaz May 20
stop thinking
about how rays of light
always seemed to
meet his eyes and
made them
gleam a golden amber
that reminded
you of honey

forget that his voice
dropped from his lips
like honey too

imagine how it was
before his presence
made you feel like
you were water
changing state

let go of feeling
his hand painting
your body
turning it into

remember yourself
crumbling under his grip
and the way he didnt even look down
when pieces of you littered
the floor

remember how much
she looks like you
before you were a collection
of broken promises
im ******* feeling it y'all
Rox90 May 19
These days are over
These days are gone
When you made me feel like I was the one
These days are over
These days are done
When one touch made me feel numb
These days are over
These days are torn apart
When your smile stole my heart
These days are over
These days are dark
When your eyes were a piece of art
These days are over
These days are lost
When our footsteps and love crossed
It was wonderful until we paid the cost
They refused to verbalize
that which they dared not realize;
in their fog of silent lies
lurked love's unspoken goodbyes.
Don't long for the wilted flower
To stand tall again
It's time is spent
Turn your attentions to another bloom
stay in the present
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