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Okay will someone please enlighten me on why I'm so ****** up?

Let's go over it from the beginning

Because I am baffled..
Barely a poem haha
George Krokos Nov 11
If we give out love
it will all come back again
many times over
A Senryu with some loving advice. Written in 2021.
Jme Love May 2021
My head spins
My heart aches

Once again
Again and again

My stomach burns
My blood boils
I never learn

Once again
Again and again

Alone i sit

Once again
Again and again

Only to find
This pain you left behind

Once again
Again and again
Speaks for itself realy. What i allow to continue will.
ky Jul 5
Stop leaving hints.
I get them;
I just don't reply anymore.

I guess it's because you claim everything
in that last message you sent
was a lie.

If that's true,
it means you won't always
be there if I need you,
and that I was never as important to you
as you said I was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, please
stop leaving the little hints.
Show me that you've moved on.
Prove to me that I never cross your mind
that you're completely over me.

Just get out of my life.
The world a force to pray
The months and years  
Looking up at the sky rays
The change of force
Takes over any course
Change of luck
The winning horse
Nature takes the course
Lighting fuse
Change of force
Growing full force
Godly- Rose
Tearing- forgiving
The change of force
Prepares us to a better living
a* change* of* good
Life is about change whether young or old stay strong life can be full of anxiety
Prices are sky rocket to many changes we need a better balance
Ley Nov 2022
two's a company
three's a crowd
but what if that crowd
was the most peace you've had?

three's a crowd
then two
then there was one

and years later you sit with nothing but the regret of growing up and growing without
nothing but the memories of love and closeness that you fear you'll never have in friends again

two's a company
three's a crowd
i'd rather drown in the masses
than drown in my solitude
dedicated to the ones who miss their ex-best friends
Jordan Gee Jul 2022

I’m sitting in the 8am sun by the end the driveway,
trying to get a handle on the day.
folding chair
house basket
such is my custom
and my delight.
driveways are a luxury this part of town.
my back is to the brick
sidewalk to my right
sunshine upon my face and forehead
eyes closed.
a rundown hispanic fellow
about my age
from nowhere
out of my blind,
asking for a lighter.
my eyes open and all is light.
he recognized my lighter sheath
heavy *** metal with the bottle opener at the bottom
told me that he had had the same one;
picked it up from some no name bodega
out of where he originated in
spanish harlem.
he began telling me his life story, you see.
he never heard the word
‘****’ until he moved to
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
told me he was the black sheep
of the little family he had left,
and that he hadn’t seen them in years.
he stood before me on the sidewalk
in the morning sunlight.
I asked him for a cigarette.
he was raised tangled in
a cultural straight jacket;
one tailored to his demographic.
an urban person of color.
his Divine Masculine
red lined and impoverished.
hand me down outfit
tj max rap music video.
I told him I identified as a stray dog,
sitting by the end of the driveway
8am sun.
he told me he was just doing the best he could.
best he can
with what he got.
our hearts were bleeding there together
pooling up on the driveway
8am sunshine
sky, blueish white.
I told him where I worked,
gave him the address
told him
come get some free samples of CBD.

everyday I forget that
it isn’t my job
save anyone.
he’s walking away with a limp up west orange.
i close my eyes.
I hope he doesn’t need any CBD.

©️  Jordan Gee
Valya Feb 2022
Yesterday, I confessed
One last time
To the guy I once
Imagined my future with
He said no
But nonetheless,
That was the happiest moment
Of my life
I'm finally free
From the aching nights
Of will he want me back
And is he worth it
i'm so happy that the worst is over
George Krokos Jan 2022
As the sun goes down
and day is all but over
a new world begins
Written in 2020
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