Lights flickered
I screamed
my head spinning
What did it take?
You can't hurt me
You can't stop me
What remained of me?
It was finally over

Black Out poem I made for class rescently
Mims 4d

He's a "romantic"
And I'm an "over-it"
You were a rebound baby,
Get lost.

Song lyric thang or something.
"You gotta stop texting me, get a grip baby."

Sadness drips
While the mind wanders
To what used to be
Back when we made wonders

Tears glisten
While the ears listen
To what once was music
That played to our rhythm

Hands shake
While the body yearns
You came too close
Only to have you turn

Time passes
While the heart heals
The memories are fading
Slowly through the years

"I'm almost completely over you"
abiu 5d

I wonder if you rememember spending some time together,sharing my favorite Skittles
Each time we picked a piece and our face distorts, nothing else could be heard, only our giggles

The yellow one was Sour Pineapple, it was only us, not minding other people

Sour Cherry Berry was purple, nothing compares to it,it was irreplaceable

Mandarin was color orange, a sudden startle yet still hoping that nothing would change

Sour Apple was green, it was tangy yet sweet,it was like imagining what we could've  and should've been

Lastly, Sour Raspberry, our regrets, our sorries, the one that ended our story

Piece by piece we tasted it together
Hoping it would never end, wishing it would last forever
We appreciated every flavor
Each of them we wanted to savor

Skittles, my favorite sour chewy candies covered with colorful candy shell
I didn't know it would mean more than that,it described our love well.

And I want to taste it again and again.

I sat and pondered,
Helplessly wondered,
As I sat, sat upon my bedroom floor.
The clock ticked as time trickled,
My mind seem so fickle,
Helplessly wondered as I sat on the shore.
I walked I fumbled,
Cluelessly stumbled,
Lost in my mind, my mind oh so sore.
At last she came a knocking,
Her voice I heard  singing,
Tap tap upon my bedroom door.
Right beside me,
She sat so quietly,
She and I upon the floor.
Silence grew thicker,
The sun dimmed and flickered,
Quietly sitting, leaned against my bedroom door.
Day to weeks we sat and pondered,
In my mind we wondered,
Sitting by the shore,
Time trickled,
My mind seemed fickle,
Forever wondering upon the floor.

You were my grand final
but the show is already

Thami Oct 12

You occupy my thoughts day and night.
All my days are wasted daydreaming about you finally giving me my fairytale ending
& you again,visit me in my dreams. There's no escaping you. It's torturous.

My first heartbreak. How do people do it?move on from the person they thought they'd be with forever?
kate Oct 12

I asked you for an explanation,

All you gave me was lies.

What has gotten into you?

I used to know you really well,

Where did all the fun go?

Those weekends spent causing trouble,

So all those years as friends weren't real.

I missed you when you left,

I thought you'd never return.

But when you did you left me with nothing,

I worry about you,

I doubt you do the same.

Do I mean nothing to you?

Because that's how I feel.

I hope you disappear...because I already have.


It's been a while.
All the flowers in our garden are dead.
Our children have moved out.
We barely talk.

It's been a while.
The sky is still damp.
I have to many hoodies.
My fingers are cold.

It's been a while.
I'm still the same.
I saw you the other day.
Everything has changed.

It's been a while.
Not long enough.
I fell in an instant.
It's hard getting up.

Two objects cannot both be on top. I guess i'm stuck, because you're already over me.
Mikaela Oct 8

There's that one song
It was ours
Even if we didn't say it was
We both just knew

Whatever we had is extinct
But the song, now toxic, lives on
It makes it harder to forget
When I hear it, flashbacks replay in my head
That time I felt on top of the world

-"Trees on Fire"

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