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Sarah 4h
you love it, don’t you?
to be powerful and adored
to have people fighting for even a sliver of your attention
oh how i long to be free from your orbit
but being around you feels less like love
and more like a relapse
how am i supposed to move on from someone as intoxicating as you my dear?
Heera 4d
To build a home from scratch is like learning alphabets for the first time in your life
Only that you aren't a toddler anymore
And you already have those newspapers, articles and sheets to be read before your boss throws you out.
You see the world pace by you, moving fast and furious towards their unending circle of duties
You pause and breath out, you realise
This time alphabets have decided to cut through your skin as you skip his first name's letter L or her whole name from it.
You don't really write them on the paper  but your heart can see them even without your fingers making their outline
And you wonder how You can unsee what you have already seen
You know you can't stop how your heart pounds on only those words, read in your mind as


Out of all those alphabets,
These were the only four letters you recognise, it seems

But you get the metallic taste of other words as well, like


The touch of tongue to your upper mandible in,


The little shock and shake from under the ground as you pronounce,


But most important of it all,


As your cheeks go up in a fake smile

Maybe the home
This time will be a little crooked
With something missing
Like Y O U
From 'I love'
But you will still have L O V E
Maybe this time, just enough for yourself.
I might edit this more.
This poem implies on how it feels  when you start afresh with hurt in your bones.

Its getting bad for me but i'm trying because here is no other way.
Um... Just read aloud the words in italics as separately as alphabets and you will understand the words beside them.
never only lasts so long,
so long until it's over,
until it's disappeared,
until it's gone.
Anya 5d
Before you know it
It’s over
And you’re left wondering
How did it start
How did it end
Is it really gone?
A suspicion of deception invades you
Until your rationality convinces you otherwise
Its really done
No more
And tomorrow
And the next
Your heart refuses to believe
For the longest time
As you gaze at your phone waiting
Until it gradually grows slow
And cold
And slower still
Till it stops all together
Julian Delia Sep 12
Frozen in place I stood,
A deer caught in a hunter’s crosshair.
I never thought you would,
But you did; you killed me, right there.

I am angry at myself, most of all;
For staying when I should have left,
For not dodging the bullet and taking the fall.
Twice now, I found myself broken;
Carelessly adrift in life,
Like a raft on the ocean.
Too much pain this chest,
These monsters in my head
Feel like an obstacle I cannot best.

I don’t just want to be loved;
I want us all to love and understand one another.
‘It’s not possible, we’re too different,’
Those who wish to rebuttal will answer.
No, that is the distant path you chose,
I choose to keep my humanity close.

And yet, I cannot stop the terrifying flashbacks.
You made me feel like a train veering off its tracks.
Like a bridge that leads to a precipice,
Nothing but a cold, dark abyss.
Meet the millennials -
The most criticised generation,
Suffering from emotional stagnation,
Raised on a steady diet of instant gratification.

‘What do you want, then?’
I want us to feel the soil with our bare feet.
To associate freely with others we meet,
Not bow down to the pretension of the elite.
To embrace our soul,
Not shun it and drive it into a locked room;
To retrace our role,
Not simply run our life’s course to its doom.

We are being led astray,
Our hopes and dreams hidden away.
We have no room for thought, little to say,
For few want to go out of their way.
No criticism, no originality -
No witticism, no vitality.
We are criticised for criticising,
And we are ostracised when we act defying.

We are the paralysed;
Our fears leave us immobilised,
Anxiety and depression,
Killing variety of expression.
We languish in prisons
That we build for ourselves in our own head;
We have nightmarish visions,
Like a guild of the living dead.
A re-write of another failed poetryfoundation submission, because fuck those guys.
Zersrol Sep 10
Fear is not put aside
No matter what
It's there to stay
You could channel it
But you could never
Get rid of it
When you think
You have
Is the day you are DEAD
When looking down
For the first time ever
You would be in
And even feel the SWEAT
Going down your back
When seeing a speeding car
Moving fast and crazy
On the street you are
Causally walking through
With no time to blink or move
You are in Shock
You are feeling THE FEAR
Soon enough it takes you over
Soon enough the fear of life's troubles
Consumes you
But these events is what makes us
In a world such as ours
You can't get rid of fear
But you can mold it
To make you STRONG
I made this to pass time in class when I was in 7th grade. I was honestly letting my brain go plays again and this poem just happened

I keep..
Minding my own business.
in the kitchen doin the dishes..
minding my own business..
keep trying ta forget..
Not wanting to digress..
To where I feel your absence and my loneliness.
Seeing your conditions..
Reminded in my visions
I see your hands through my own hands.
I remember the simpliest things..
Even though your absent finally from my dreams.
I've been seeing you even down to the basics of you.

The unstraight lazy walk the deep sound in how you talk.
I'm still minding my own business I must confess.
I'm a little wounded yet healing.. Coping well with my feelings.
Missing those interpersonal roles.. naughty ways to console.
So old and foundational..
With you so long that our chatting.
It used to get kinda confrontational.
So close I don't think you ever truly knew.
The closeness now makes me blue.
But right now i'm just kinda tired of spiritually seeing..Y.O.U!

SelinaSharday..2018_09 .S.A.M
I really don't like it.. and i really wanna forget..
Michaela Sep 9
It really is unfair that I entrench you in despise
But looking in your eyes it's just not cutting through all the lies
The lies I tell myself so I can get by feeling alone
All the fucking time
I'm only reflecting how you make me feel
Difference is mines with itnention while your is innocent still.

The only way I see this isn't through my eyes
But crying everytime I see
Something which you can't make mine

Mine is home
Mine is love
Mine is the effort you got to despite all above.

But the word forget has froze you still
Stuck in care and sweetness
But passion and lust need to be separated my love.
Presley Sep 5
I’m getting very bored of this
These mind games
Hot, cold, yes, no
Which one is it?
Which answer do you have for me?
I can’t comprehend how someone can treat another like this
I’ve shown you kindness and willing
You’ve had my heart, my flesh, my feeling
It’s never enough
You’re searching outside for more than this
Why are we continuing this silly dance around each other, dancing in these circles is making me dizzy
Who’s going to pull the trigger?
Who is going to be brave enough to say “this is over”
For a long time I thought it would have to be you
I didn’t have the strength to walk away from you
I couldn’t do it because you’re toxicity had seeped into my soul and pickled my brain
Is this what withdrawing from heroin is like?
But now I’ve got to be brave
lifelines Aug 31
i know we're not on the same team anymore

but is it wrong that i still root for you?

i know you know
that i know this is best for us

we were never burning nicely

always to bright or too soft

sometimes the wind would leave us

stuck in the dark

when i think of our conversations
i know it is clear

that there is good reason

for you being somewhere else

and me being here

but when i lay down at night

and i hear your favorite song

the only way to sleep

is to pretend im in your arms

so is it OK that i need you
even though i don't want you

is it OK to still miss you
while wanting nothing to do with you

so when im on the field all alone
is it OK that i root for you?
don't even ask me bro im over it but that one song brings me to tears
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