Asonna 1h

Building walls to break them down
but sometimes they're forced.
find a penny, pick it up
and all day long you'll have good luck
unless you won't..

3 is the number of shatters i hear
all within different times.
if only pieces i picked were like that penny,
I could really use some luck.

Rivers bound around the pores,
slopes below the cheek.
waterfalls placed at the chin
where it pools onto my skin.

Kindness I have too much of
It's slowly becoming fault
advantage taken where feelings are broken
my walls come crumbling down.

I should have learned my lesson now
it's only happened twice before
I guess I'll know better now
and keep my feelings to myself.

Pain thumps loud and hard.
i can barely breathe.
Instead of lucky pennies,
i've only got shattered glass instead.

Sunlight swathes the car door window, warming my shoulder with southern heat.
Tunes hum, rattling around in the radio, patiently waiting their turn to serenade me next.
The anxiety coats the air like warm milk in your stomach, clinging to the interior of the vehicle.
Words are few, silence abundant in it's absence, it only pauses for brief discussion.
There is not much left to say, the worst is over. New chapters begin, the fear seeps out and reality creeps in.

. . .

My heart lurches.
I feel the jitters coming on.
Can you taste the acerbic air?

It's so cold.
Your eyes are frozen.
Locked beneath the hull of your anger.

Hit me.
Don't flinch.
The words cut almost as deep as my unkept fingernails.

Apathy rings loudly.
Empathy has yet to resurface.
I choke.

It's over.
Jitters have passed.
The footsteps fade.

Almost there.
Mina 2d

heard that youre doing great
heard that youre happy now
that you are with her
thinking about that makes me be
the happiest and saddest
everything at once

im pretending as if i am but im still not over you

The endless trickle down my neck reminds me of you

The memories like warm honey that dry into a sticky mess on my back, pulling me down to earth whenever the next fall is taken

I can't hold in the rasping breaths that plague me, hyperventilation crushing the base of my skull, a fight for my conscience, my concious

I can't see the end of this now as I know it is near, I can hear it. I can taste the bitter synchrony of our thoughts, and I give my final look

One last trickle, my darkest friend.


No longer will I melt for you
Like cat shit in the rain.
in a gooey grocery bag
from the store
where you first sold me your lines

I finally threw it out the front door
after holding onto it for far too long
sifted the nasty chunks from my life

I am on the mend
take your swollenness elsewhere
my ears are plugged and my interest has dried

I once found myself broken down to dust,
but now I see that I have been
artfully rearranged
with no room left for pain

Goodbye to you... Smooth talking fuckboy
lovejunkie Dec 7

And now it strikes
Like the first blizzard
After the last unexpected melt
From the last blizzard

I waited so long with only one
Single crystalline wish
For it finally to be over
But now that it is
I find myself with nothing
Apparent to look forward to
And long for the days
When I still missed you

Maybe freedom really is just another word for nothing left to lose.
Vacuous Dec 6

My heart is all yours.
If you choose not to have it.
That's fine, I do too.

The only place I get to text is where she doesn't reply , does that place even exist as she has blocked me out ?the only place left for her to block me is here , and I say go and  do it . I don't like you anymore I cry out loud ! I don't like you anymore but all I know is without a head or tail of knowing about poems I'm here to extend a hand for friendship which she doesn't know I say go ahead with the flow and with a blow knock me out on the floor .

I know I can't write poems as sadly my heart is blocked or rather clogged!!

has come
read the memo
large print


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