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How dare I sulk
over dust which has
slipped between my fingers
when poppies are rattling
in damp air
when daises smile up
beaming at their sun
clover and grass gleam
green and iridescent;
the dust which I lost
panged me so to no
avail until today I saw
this was the food
for early June creation.
I wrote this on my Iphone 5 after a run last May. I ended up running through a field of poppies, daisies and other gorgeous little baby flowers whose names I don't know (but would love to get to know)..

I was feeling angsty and melancholic, still processing this situation I was in with this immature dude. I realized he wasn't really into me when I had invested so much emotion.  But who has time for moping around when the world is so vibrant and amazing ?  So, essentially this is about Gratitude and Getting Over It !
Wrenched from a walking nightmare
Is this my rude awakening

My reasoning mind convincing a hollow heart
The storm is over
Foggy memories of you mistily fading

Slowly erased from my lifes pages
The notes that you left all that reside
A memory I'll hide in the depth of my mind
Box it and cage it in cages.

Air smelling flowery
I'm no longer choking on all that you are
Your toxic love I'm no longer chasing

My feelings no longer hating
Happiness is smiling again
I bought more shares within myself
My confidence now hugely inflating.
When you finally get over a broken heart
And the sky so clear you can see
Remember you once lived without a ounce of their love
So it's something  you don't really need.
kgl 3d
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rain pelts down harsher than the
words you spit
in violent vehemence
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my lightening strikes brighter than the
empty promises you made
(brighter, but just as fleeting)
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rage is vast, immeasurable
filling oceans with its ferocity
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and this too will pass, leaving
chaos in its wake.
Bongani 7d
Have you seen
It looked like a dangerous scene
In heavens it is written as a sin
Look over
They are deeds look unclean
Your shoulders *****
Your profile unworthy
Look over
What they started is over
But they are not through
With you
Look over your shoulders
Look over your shoulders
Seanathon Oct 4
The most ardent kiss which the asphalt will ever know
  Is when mother nature bows her head
    Purses her clouded cotton lips  
      And gently drops a trillion kisses on a square stretch of highway
        Until they puddle up in joyful memory
          And the autobahn is lost in a contented, smitten, bliss
Raindrops Over The Autobahn
Can I please just go home?
I don't want to exist anymore.
Just seems horrible.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to exist.
Nothing bad has even happened and I just don't want to ******* be alive.
Erian Sep 26
"Can we start over?"
"So we can just be."
Bartholomew Sep 22
I keep you in my contacts just in case I build up the courage to call
but that thought alone is ridiculous

Though we are not in contact I sometimes forget that we’re not together at all,
So much for being meticulous

Am I going crazy for keeping your number saved or even being involved
With this love’s viciousness?

Cause when I love, I love hard and give it my all
To the point where it’s sickening

As I lay in bed while you pay a visit to my mind
Hoping that I somehow pay a visit to yours

I stare at the ceiling contemplating why you aren’t mine
Wishing that I was brave enough to hear your voice

I keep you in my contacts with the hopes that your name will glitter on my screen
I guess I need new contacts cause a future without us was something I couldn’t have seen

Even though I can delete your number I can’t erase our shared moments that are forever saved into my memory

I hope you remember me

I’ll keep you in my contacts just in case I build up the courage that’s long over due
Cause one day I will pick up the phone just to let you know I’m finally over you
If it’s all the same to you,
I’d like us to
Never speak again,
Everything’s already ruined.
When this came to me it didn’t seem to mean anything on a personal level and I don’t think it does now, but I’m sure I could come up with one. XD
Lily Mae Sep 20
When someone starts the "I love you's" (and you cringe)
knowing your friendship just ended by the words that just departed their lips.

I don't want you to love me.  I wanted to be a friend.  You don't know  how to do either.  

Sorry I don't want the spice of life you offer.  I'm swimming in my own **** actually.  But thank you for the advance warning that you **** and are totally gloom and doom.  

The habit isn't so far off after all is it?  Safer, kinder and just slightly twisted.

Not knotted up in ball binds and finger *******.  

Good on you....Good on you.
Sick of self absorbed blame shamers..carry on.  I know you will, whoops...are...
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