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Cold as moonless sun
Close as stars
Far off as city streets
Swept apart by the combing of the beach

Mere steps away
From the sandy sea
Is the salty churning stairwell down
Into the depths

But there no answers are to be found
Just like here
Only sounds
Are the words to me
Cold Moon Over Atlantic
Spitz 5d
You missed out
on one badass queen
who would have given you
her entire world.
This queen never needed saving.
She never needed you
and she sure as ****
didn’t need your ****.
But she wanted it.
She wanted to give you herself
and to accept every piece of you,
but you missed out
on the best thing that
could have happened to you
because you're too selfish.
And she got over you.
Katinka 7d
Tell your friends all you want
about how you don´t want to hear from me
or never want to see me again
how you never loved me

but the memories will for always be mine
and I don´t have to tell them
because I like to keep them thinking
thinking it was the way you said it was
this way these memories will never be broken

the memorie of how we babysitted together
or how we drove with our bicycles for hours
without a destination

how I kissed you first because you were to shy
how you fell asleep in my arms
how you told me you wouldn´t go till I would believe you

how you teached me how to play basketball
or how we flipped stones into the river
how you kissed me and said all lights were green

all these things
all these memories and much more
they will be mine
and they won´t ever be forgotten  
but I don´t grieve about them anymore
I just smile
and am happy I got the chance to experience
love this way

so I won´t tell anyone how bad it was
or tell any lies
because I rather keep the truth in my head
and be happy.
Today I'm at all time
low, don't feel so well
think I'm pinning for
for Helen
Christmas coming It's
something can't do no
more, 23rd Dec 2017
I lost Helen
Tried to tell the family
I'm afraid of that day
Just Can't face It no
24th Dec last sat looking
at the Christmas tree
couldn't justify It being
their anymore
So I through the Christmas
tree and all into the the
garden where still lays to
this day never again will
I celebrate
Christmas over for me never again
now Helen gone
lins Nov 5
be gone
get out
you aren’t welcome
not in my mind
not anymore
those thoughts
the ones that hurt
aren’t real
I am more
more than that
more than you
no matter how much
I run and scream
from you monster
you catch me
and trap me
mess with my head

well guess what
I’m over it
I’m free from you
and I’ll stay away
because you ruin
and you wreck
my lovely life
Pre Nov 5
maybe I'm oversensitive
but that does not mean
I suffer less
it means I suffer more
because I need others
to tell me
that I'm worth something
if not
then I'm worth  
nothing at all
an oldie from a while ago that still rings true
Katinka Nov 3
christmas eve
The day we met

I immediately fell in love
in love with your sparkling blue eyes
your straight blonde hair
your beautiful hands


we kiss
it felt like all I ever wanted
I loved you more than anything else

It were those little things that made us so special
the way I always waved you goodbye
every day when you left

I remember the one time I didn´t
It felt like my heart was being torn apart
I run outside
not wearing shoes or socks
but I just couldn´t let you go
without telling you
I love you

I screamed your name
and jumped into your arms
it was the way you swang me around
in the dark
that made me love you

It was the way we layed on the playground
in the nighttime
just the two of us
looking into the sky
you holding me close
inside your arms
that made me love you

It was the way you stopped
in the middel of the sidewalk
to go back holding the door open for a pizza men
that made me love you

It was the way you always looked at me
right after we kissed
right before you told me
told me you loved me
the sparkle in your eyes
the kidness
that made me love you

we broke up

Birthday party
I arrive
You were already there

I still remember the tasted of your kiss
nicotine and beer
and we kissed
all night long

we hug
and tell each other
that we love the other one
but it isn´t the right time

you go
and once more
I wave goodbye as you leave
but this time
you do not turn around.
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