Overlapping lines design the coil.
Bang. Boom. Explosion. Or.
God, if you want. Then spiral.
The spire comes from rising circles.
History repeats as I climb.
All eyes are eyes among.
This point from one point.
Over. Over. Over. Over.
Over. Over. Over.
Over. Over.
I have so much depth to me,
I’m sorry if I made you drown
liv 4d
i always have so many thoughts, yet i can never find the right words to say
i think too much.
frankie 5d
sat in the chair
changed everything about it
the finale to getting over you
bleached the shit out of my hair
cut an inch off, you never liked short hair
the girl in the mirror no longer looks like the girl who loved you
the girl in the mirror no longer feels tied down to the idea of ignite a burnt out flame with damp matches
she has sewn her heart back together, it no longer feels the pain
the closure has set in
solfang 6d
when will I ever,
accept the acceptance
of letting go?
There are things in life that I can't get over.
S Hyndman Jul 7
You are so in a rush
You forget to listen
Consumed by lust
Can't wait to be taken
Do you know what you want?
Is she a hundred?
Is she the one you wanted?
is she....

You know what,
I'm done writing poems
About you
About what could've been
I don't care anymore
how you are doing
But if you ever reach that day
you realize how unhappy you are
Don't bother come looking for me
I'll be up there,
floating among the stars
Jarene Jul 7
you had me trapped
by the love
i still had for you
my hands on someone else's body
was a sin  
that formed an indescribable feeling inside of me
one that ate me from the inside out
and crippled me
until i was incapable of functioning
like a human being
i was stuck neck deep in quick sand
ready to fade away
until i met him
he broke the curse
the one you had placed on me
he set me free
free to love again
free to feel again
free to be me again
i am yours
no longer
young love
Johnson Jul 6
I’m a fool for all I’ve said
How I could never see through
But I knew from the start
It was too good to be true

For how was I to let go
With what was so good
Seeing visions of a new life
Under a summers moon

The most beautiful trap
The most devastating lie
For what I try to hold back
Only rips apart my pride

Now it’s a shame what’s to be
To watch you part
Tearing out the seems
Of my already tattered heart

But I happily let you proceed
I find the utmost comfort in it
I cannot be alone
For I am emotionally sick

Humorous as it is in sick way
I can’t help but feel removed
I can’t find the reasons
Why I have felt the way I do

As you continue away
As if you if never cared
Part of me is dying
As I return to despair
Alex Jul 5
The fight is lost,
The plans crumpled,
The dreams tossed,
The cookie crumbled.

It's permanently over now,
The battle's finally done.
The other side will take a bow,
And then maybe we'll see the sun.

But I can't hope.
Not anymore.
Not now that I've lost the only thing that made me feel found.
I hope you relate to this.
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