Amanda 2d
I am aware each breath might be my last
I'm careless with them though
If tragedy strikes and I die today
There are a few things I need you to know

You are the best I've ever had
You are not mine anymore
Better than highs from any drug
Ever readily ingested before

You changed me completely inside
The way I think; how my heart beats
I lost my confidence somewhere
Amidst folds of your tangled sheets.

I will always treasure moments
Spent together the most
I screenshotted every sentimental
Romantic Instagram post

I kept every present you bestowed
My tie-dyed hoodie and stuffed bear
Cherish each gift, though they make it
Impossible to pretend you did not care

You taught me to understand
The broken, fallen, and dark
By helping me to become that myself
A lesson that left a substantial mark

You showed me how to laugh through fear
I remember that tip every other day
You knew there was happiness to find
Even when skies were cloudy and grey

In your arms I learned to open up
Gave my secrets, shadows, and scars to you
Unlocked the door to vulnerable parts
Of my soul. That took courage to do

Thank you for being there to care
Loving me despite my worst
Most of the time I was put second
I could tell you wanted me to come first

Betrayal made me understand
How brave it is to forgive
Holding tight to bitter resentment
Is not the way to peacefully live

You proved to me it is possible
To overcome certain defeat
If two people put forth 100%
They will get up when knocked off their feet

The most profound thing discovered
Thanks to memories you left in my brain
Is when you meet the right person
The love you feel is worth every bit of pain
Tell them how you feel
Genesee 6d
Part of me wants to try again.
But the other rational side of me is like you’ve got a lot of healing to do.
it’ll take a long time but you’ll get there in due time so don’t rush.
So I don’t rush
taking it day by day
Simply observing
But I can’t help but fear of getting hurt again.
And the way certain words rolled off your tongue so easily
It frightened me.

Only because we barely know each other.  
I don’t know your likes and dislikes in general
Or anything else related to get to know each other
The unspoken moment of being vulnerable with each other frightens me to no end
Only because the thought of doing the same cycle again and again
Makes me want to run and not do this again
But then there’s that 1% of me thinking
what if this one time around you don't get hurt and your happy
The pattern ends and is destroyed forever.
Unspoken topics such as one’s past is filed under things that may or may not be talked about
Personally for me it’s one of those things that won’t be told to anyone
Even if we reach that point of closeness to where I can trust you
Whose to say you won’t leave me suddenly and out of no where
But the point is.
I might take a chance and try again.
But then again I might not and leave it at a simple hello
Walking out of your life
not by choice but because I’m going to be going through another life changing event - Graduation.
We’re going to be at two different stages in our lives.
But I’ll simply observe and continue doing what I’ve been doing.
right now my chest feels like it has 100 bricks laying across it, my head feels like it weighs 100 pounds and it's going to tip over. We're back where we were when we first started and it's a shame that this is where we've landed. Time after time after time again I have tried to fix this, tried to fix us, tried to fix you. I couldn't save you from yourself, I couldn't save us from this disaster. You aren't the only one to blame, I know I could have done more, I could have forced you to get the help you needed in the beginning, but you didn't want to, you never did. I hope now that I'm leaving you realize you are not okay, that you have never been okay. You're broken and that's alright, just stop trying to pretend you haven't shattered into a million pieces already. You were my world, my moon, the current in my ocean. My soul has never felt more at home in your arms. We loved each other in another life and maybe that was enough, maybe a previous lifetime spent loving you was enough.
Maybe it was enough.
I never wanted to leave you.
Ja jeg mistede dig
Men jeg fandt mig selv
Og på en eller anden måde
Betyder det mere end noget andet
Sarah Mar 12
How am I supposed to have mind over matter
When I have no idea what the matter was with just me?

Feels like I’m drowning,
in an ocean as deep as my thoughts
since you hurt me,
and my feet are tied to the weight of my mind.

She was your sun
I was your moon
Both beautiful and didn’t deserve what you do

I hate you.
I never mattered
Daisy Rae Mar 13
We bicker
We yell
Fighting with words
Losing our minds
Blood rushing
Screaming, crying
Lost in this brokenness
Trying, trying
To fix it
To make it alright
Bandage it back together
Kiss it goodnight
Yet here
There are no kisses to give
No love to receive
Forgotten, not forgiven
Screaming, crying
No more trying
Den trøje
Han stjal den fra mig
For at holde sig varm
På de kolde sommeraftner.
Han gav den en unik duft
Og på det tidspunkt duftede den af tryghed, som var jeg hjemme, som glæde, som ham.
Men nu er det vinter.
Jeg tog trøjen på i morges.
Og nu får den samme duft mig til at føle mig glemt
og at den trøje
har brug for en tur i vaskemaskinen
Anonymous Mar 11
You can have the town,
I’ll call the mayor and get you the deed.
You can have the have the roads,
I’ll arrange for the potholes to be filled.
You can keep the job,
I never intended to stay that long.
You can keep the friends,
I can make more.
You can keep my records,
I can find more music.
You can have my watch,
I won’t miss the time.
You can take my shoes,
To have one last stomp on my heart.
You can keep the jokes,
I don’t laugh at them anymore.
You can have my jacket,
So something can keep you warm.
You can stay with her,
I can promise, it’s no longer a concern of mine.
And in return?

You can let me go.
just know that as you drew me
you took a piece of my soul

and as you held me
I lost my heart in yours

so now we're at our close,
I will never again be quite
sex is scary and I look back at our time together with fear.
friend, i hope you are okay
ali Mar 9
i know the devil
isn’t the one to lead us all into Hell
because there’s no chance
he’s that good
at hiding behind crystal blue eyes.

if you told me seven months ago
that those blue eyes
would lead me here,
i would’ve thrown my head and laughed.

here i am.
and there you are.
in your hand,
my heart.

i’d never thought
i’d be one to beg,
but then again i never thought
i could be this foolish.

my words ricochet off the walls
each with as much power as a bullet
yet they never seem to hit you,
and only come back to hurt me.

as you look me straight in the eyes,
clouded over from..something..
a glance at your hand
leaves me grasping at my chest.

the pain seems to only intensify
until i look down
and see
that my heart is resting in my own hand..
and i’m crushing it myself.

because this entire time,
i’ve been staring in a mirror,
imagining you there,
all the things we could have been
and should have done.

but in the end,
you disappeared and lied,
and i had to realize
that in all of this,
i’m only hurting myself.
i’m not really sure where to go with this certain idea or topic, so i’m sure there’s more like these coming. inspired by a friend:)
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