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I’m going to shatter like glass into a thousand, thousand pieces;
and then I’m going to put myself back together again.
Just like I always do. Just like the phoenix and the flame
My fortune is broken
She continued to say

Abandon by luck
reflecting her days

The magic in ashes
Phoenix seemed strong

Threaded in pieces
But still holding on

Stun by Night
her eyes in a glaze

Chills bring dreams
of flying away

Poor Phoenix
Night carries on

Poor Phoenix
I too will be gone.
Phoenix and the Knight.
Story of life tragic events.
Surkhab kaur Sep 5
There is no point for her being good
She was good with those who didn't deserve
They played with her little heart just like a soft toy
And at the end, ripped it apart
She was stupid
She was silly
As she still stood there smiling like a fool
But now... she picks up the knife
And cuts her chest
Takes out the bruised bleeding heart
And throws it in the bin.
Now no feeling
nothing for anyone.
She is done!
Be like snow....beautiful but cold.
melancholy Aug 11
His hands are an artist's, —

There's power in them

To sculpt

To create

To demolish, —

And she's letting him

Make her his subject.

She looks up at his face

As he molds her like clay

Whispers to him:

"I don't like you

But I love you."

His eyes are like a hurricane, —

Wild and vicious

Ravaging everything

That he **** well pleases.

He tries knocking her down, —

Tearing her apart

Stripping her bare

So she'll have to rebuild, —

But she stands still.

Back straight against the wall

She tells him,

"I don't need you

But I want you."

His mouth is like a hot knife, —

His tongue gleams like silver

Beneath the light of a pretty lie

His words, serrated

Cutting deep enough

To make even the most obscure parts bleed.

She looks on as he takes a stab

Utterly unmoved,  —

The wounds he leaves

Are never more than superficial.

She grins at him

And states:

"You are dangerous,

But you aren't frightening."

His heart is a rabbithole, —

It's a long way down that dark tunnel

But, if you're brave enough to take the tumble,

Once you finally land

You'll come face-to-face

With a mere little boy, —

Frail and trembling

Trapped for years.

Gracious and graceful,

She takes the boy's trembling hands

In her steadfast grip

And offers the truth, —

"You're a vampire, you see, —

A predator as old as time,

But once I stake you

You're done for."

His skin is like ice, —

Cold and thin

Melting away

Beneath her fingertips.

She looks at what she's done

And shakes her head

Before bursting into brilliant flame.

"You kept trying to **** me, —

And one day, you might have, —

But, love,

I am a phoenix.

I've burned and burned

A million times over

But you know

I'll always rise again."
LC Aug 10
they burned my heart
over and over again
until the ashes fell,
slumping over in defeat.

even as pain radiates
through my entire body,
the ashes rise into a phoenix,
and my heart takes flight again.
Aye I fell from the stars
When I touched ground, it broke me
My folks gathered the pieces they can
It took me a while to piece it together

Then I went looking for the missing pieces,
In places so alien & people so insane.
I was reduced to ashes in the process
My friends gathered a handful of those ashes

And gave me courage
To rise up like a Phoenix.
Rising up like a phoenix after total annihilation
N Jul 1
In your cold absence,
I have forgotten what
the word warmth meant

Perhaps you were  
the word warmth

But now, you are
the word silence

I talk to you,
but you do not talk back
Ode to River Phoenix. This poem is inspired by the campfire scene from My Own Private Idaho which was written by River himself.
Isaac Jun 20
Oh the dreadful battle
Bloodshed of the most high
Why do the innocent get maimed and die?
Breathing flames of the highest degree, baking me like a pie
But I didn't dissolve into ashes that simply float on the breeze
I returned to me, like a phoenix
Guaranteed to rise
Every time
No matter the weapons formed against me
A tongue, an arm, a gun
I will always rise above
My orange hues so magical
My presence demanding change, the inevitable you cannot interchange
The screeches I scream are speeches of the strange
Downloaded messages from the divine and purified with sage
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