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Dearest darlings Phoenix my fire birds how I love you how I miss you
My true love my grown children jewels of my crown motherhood
Beloved I too am your Phoenix Mother your first love
Forever and ever treasures adored rddbbajpcasg.
Phoenix bird wild birds of paradise beloved
Golden eggs if mine
My tragic life full of happiness
Infinite love baby girls my true loves
Forever and ever I love you adore you worship you
Yes I am crying like you are
We are one eternally
Come to me in every lifetime
I will protect you guide you free you adore you worship you.
It's a golden promise
From your Phoenix Mom.
Will it burn me up?
This extraordinary love?
I let my self go
George Krokos Oct 2023
The phoenix is a bird said to rise from its own ashes
being a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth.
So life in this world undergoes many similar flashes
which determine the degree and quality of our mirth.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
freesoulandpoet Oct 2022
Push me back to the walls I can't break

Push me through the forest I can't cross

Drive me down the road I cannot walk

And watch me rise like a dark phoenix

I'll break these walls and build a bridge

I'll use the trees to build my shelter

And I'll walk down that road to my excellence

Such a dark phoenix, I'll come back to life...
Life will definitely throw you around and most of the times down but it's up to you to learn how to fly with the wind or be carried away by the storm
Odd Odyssey Poet Oct 2021
A shadow calls-
vexed by whisper
In the night;
as I hear echoes of pity.

Through blackest eyes;
seeing nothing in-
Vast openness;
and at its center,

                     A bird.

Brokenness resting
on closed wings
Prisoned to ground;
stretching hand to her


She takes nothing-
of my helping aid
The sky;
has betrayed her;
Once she had loved

Each day passed;
I came to feed it love
By the crumbs;
each piece was strength


A day her-
wing could stretch
Flying highest to
tomorrow, and beyond
The black bird;
once again, became her

                       Fired Phoenix.

And so;
a light of hope
Lost in world's dark;
once again found her

Jay M Oct 2021
Like a phoenix
I burst into a burning blaze
Of flames of pain
But like a phoenix
I will rise from the ashes
Of the burned memories
I will rise again
And become what I do not know

- Jay M
October 11th, 2021
From the ashes of a burned love, I will one day rise. For now, I am still slowly smoldering, the embers dying in their agony to be born again, healed.
muteD Sep 2021
from a pegasus, i was a feather plucked.
drifting through the air, i wonder where my right hand went.
when i clench my fist, there’s nothing there
and as my eyes roam the room,
there’s not another soul in sight.
alone in the cold,
shelter had to forcibly be found.
fleeing through the flames, my stinger fell away
as a charred and scarred phoenix emerged.
aware to the deterioration of the world.
the anger and pain ran down the line,
until the line met me.

i’m different but i’m still growing.
from scorpion to phoenix, here’s to growth.
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