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Vish Sep 24
these eyes have cried an ocean of tears,
this heart has endured hurt in the form of daggers and swords,
this mouth has kept an eternity of words unspoken,
these ears have heard things that can’t be forgotten,
this body has fought wars that are yet to be won
but this phoenix will rise from the ashes,
unshaken and unbroken,
like the heat of the sun that’s ever burning,
warming everything it touches,
the phoenix will be unrestrained,
and effervescent
whatever you’re going through, you will get through it
i love you
Ashley Aug 28
In my darkest moment,
I gave you my light.
In my weakest state,
You had my strength.
I broke myself to build you up.
I sat there, in the dark,
You never returned.
While my demons tore apart my soul,
You continued to bask in your stolen light.
I found the strength to pull myself from the depths of my own hell,
As I climbed the searing brimstone, relighting my torch with hell fire,
You craved my new-found strength like a fiend,
Because I was A Phoenix, born from my own ashes,
And your soul was desperate to heal.
Don't let your lows
Define your heights
Keep your goals
Set within your sight

Focus on yourself
What you want to achieve
You can bring about
Whatever you believe

Pick yourself up
Brush off the dust
You're almost there
Right on the cusp

Learn from the past
Rise up from the depths
Climb the stairway
Step by step

Like a Phoenix
Reborn from the ash
Ignite a new flame
Shine with a brilliant flash
I’m a Phoenix who melts in demise
From the ashes of my past I shall arise

I shall witness happily
The morning sun’s new glory

I shall rise up from my feet
With a courageous heartbeat

I shall spread out my wings wide
And set all hindrances aside

And I shall make them see
That there’s a radiant hope in me.

I’m a Phoenix, I’m a Phoenix
You shall see!
a poem inspired by the burning of our parish church (OLSP) & my highschool Alma Mater (OLSI) in 2009
Andrew Harris Jun 16
Not too long ago I knew
Things, people, family, future plans
Not too long ago
They grew...

Then, over the course of 4 years
Everything fell apart
Everything came unglued, undone,
Nothing fit together so smart(ly)

It took six month of pain, regret and confusion to...
See colors once known
Look out
It’s time to get into my own zone

And now I am alive
I feel like I might thrive
I feel more me now, then I ever was
Before. Before all the fuzz

They actually gave birth

Every day isn’t easy
Far from everything perfect
But I feel things are flowing
I feel that my soul is growing
My choices flowing
My expectation growing
sometimes beauty does come from ashes, and though i am still covered in ash,  the light is shining through
From a pinpoint explosion
to the edge of space and time
a never ending expansion
racing through stars that shine

stretched too far
like this rubber soul
trapped in a bell jar
a personal black hole

let go
for this name has been expunged
let go
for this big crunch
let go
for this death
let go
and draw the last breath

as the pinpoint universe
explodes only to reform
as stars and time disperse
this soul contorts and transforms

rises from the ashes
and sees a new day birthed
gazes as a new sun flashes
on a new mother earth

happiness has finally been found.
S Smoothie Jun 4
A ring of futility

The patience game is not for the faint heart

Watching them tear your confidence apart,

Pulling the flesh from your backbone

Creaks give way to breaking

Shattering of nerves

Plucking away the feathers of hope

Bare naked and goosepimpled

The carvery lays waiting

An unceremonious carving

Beligerant twisted barbs of lies

They think they have power

They think the can destroy me

I almost thought they could too,

But as they say reputation is king

And mine speaks flesh to my bones

I pick the scales off one by one

Their pious deception no match

for my holy inception

A twisted fork tongue lays deep in its own rotted flesh

How the snakehole swallows it's own creator

Writhing in contorted panic as it's own truth flashes in its eyes

I may well be torn down every shred of pride

Only to rise a new and free from their serpentry

While they taste the bitter poison in their own sad tales

They never had real faith

And mine was never afraid of being tested

They forgot the sage old saying

Death trampling on death

Arise Tabitha and sin is no more

And nor is the serpent whom devours its self.
Özcan Sh Apr 22
I looked into her fiery eyes
My love for her
Awakens like the phoenix
From his gray ashes.
had a rough month but i didnt leave HP :)
OpenWorldView Apr 20
I can hardly wait
to rise anew from ashes.
Set alight by love.
Star BG Apr 18
In the wounded shadow
we must shine light.
Consciously choose
expansion into a rebirth
to cleanse pain.

The wounded shadow
calls out burning like fire
with purpose
so Phoenix of self and world
can emerge.

It’s flames dance so we
purge remnants of old
that no longer serve.
That stipe truth from emerging

It’s time for
cathedral of heart to be built
for all to see.

See a new structure
of human form meant
to sing with choir of soul.

Let us all come together with love,
and weave a time line of peace.
Saw the burning Cathedral photo thus this poem was born.
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