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La Girasol Oct 25
the thing about Grace,
is that She doesn't demand to be known.

There are no threats, no shame, no fear.
It's me, and Her.

and She normally comes by when I least want Her there.
when I'm sobbing, locking the door, and sprinting as fast as I can in the other direction.

She says nothing, asks nothing, demands nothing.

My heart, my wounds, my guilt, my shame, my fears, my anger, my doubts, my past.

She keeps pace with me. Stride for stride. She can keep up.

it's funny how She reminds me of hope, and of what was. And what will come again.
boom bidi bye, go the elephants.
Stara Oct 2018
White puffy clouds
Soft and bright blue in the background
Greens rushing by
Rain sprinkles
Never fully dry
Not today
Turn after turn
Up up up
To the top
Turn after turn
Back to the bottom
Farther and farther
Whisking by
Town after town
People living their lives
As I rush on by
Going to go somewhere
To learn about me
But this world still is happening
People and their routines
Day in and out
Same clouds
Same temperature
Same constant dampness
But I go
Leaving lovers behind
Wanting to give them one last piece of me
But I go
The greens all blur
Trees become brush
Mountains in the distance
Start to fade behind
I keep going
Moving forward
Upward and onward
Miguel Muller Nov 2014
Through happiness
through sadness
we walk
the journeys of life.

We do not know how
we do not know why
a plague
a sickness
an epidemic
ever begins
what was it
that changed
as it was not
there before
in Africa
just a while ago
but now it is
and how it is
we may never know.

We do not know why
the bullets are chosen
again to fly
even when the media
“tells us why”
the knowledge
does not
wipe our tears
it does not
the next
who will die
no matter
how much
the hospitals

Let us pray
let us hope
as we journey
for healing
of the body
of the mind
and a better path
by those of
the destructive

— The End —