The smile which brings these crows to my face
Is owned by something else this day
A name, a name
A beautiful name
How it brings a smile to my face
A smile so loud, it would scare all other birds away
But not the crows feet in this place

*babbling* It' a miracle I could form a coherent sentence after discovering that. Hahahaha. It made me happy. (: (: (: (:

Words unfit for a caged bird;
  wasted air on an abundance of tweets.
Withered laurels now rusted in sand;
    mustered strength as the bars now meet.

Feathers ruffled by steel words;
  free will is fastened to the papers below.
The sunrise beset with faded scenes;
  pastures dream in an oil laced flow.
      Purpose has flown to trees unknown;
          fallacies linger, clouded trance...
      Beauty colours a prosaic corner;
          wondrous magic, opening chance?

Like a fluttering caged bird, my soul begs to be free..
To write, to sing; to not be afraid of anything.

The future is never certain, a gamble at best..
But I am determined to live my life to the fullest with my best friends' heart within my chest.

No matter who you've been, where you've gone, or what you've done..
Each day begins with the rising sun.

Like a baby bird in a nest, you're covered in twigs, vulnerable and pure but you're ready for what the world has to offer, just getting your wings. Learning to fly towards me rather than to fall downwards. Won't you swoop me up in your feathers, just hold me for a while. I'll pluck the bad parts of you and you can carry me forward.

run with the wind to
the killing freedom
search for the
ultimate home
surrounded by fields
to make an eternal summer
the frozen sun goes
around and around
a bird with a
broken wing is dead
no one came to visit

Meghna Sharma Jul 14

Little bird,
Where have you gone?
Won't you chirp your melancholy song?
Little bird,
Where did I go wrong?
That'd keep you from visiting me at dawn?
Little bird,
It has been terribly lonesome without you.
You have left me without a single clue.
Little bird,
I shall wait for you,
Until you return with your familiar rue.

I was walking down the road
Just as happy as can be
And all the leaves upon the trees
Were waving back at me

I saw a curly snail
As he stretched to greet his day
Then headed down the road with me
Then stopped to stretch again

I saw a pretty sparrow
She was perched upon a wire
She sang a song—I sang along
We made a lovely choir

The snail conducted from a twig
Just as our song began
“Happy Birthday to You!”
Did you hear us as we sang?

We had a happy party
As we danced around—We three!
And we wished you Happy Birthday!
Just as HAPPY as can be!

Rebecca H Jul 13

You are the one,
yes you are mine;
you don't know it yet, hun,
but stars can align.

You haven't seen me,
nor have I made myself heard;
but I'm here, I'm real, I'm free,
I'm using my wings as a bird.

I'm on my way, love,
not quite there yet;
I'm the dove up above,
whom you have never met.

- i wish you would see me the way i see you -
Zoë Marie Jul 13

And in poems
The little bird finally
Sees the door of her cage
But chooses to stay

Star BG Jul 13

A little bird sang to me
with golden feathers soft.
Its tune radiated in ears.

Its wings covered distance in grace
with beauty captivated my eyes.

It launched dreams as feet took to dance
and I aligned with the moment.

It sang in rhythms whispering in wind
as the tune transmuted into words.

“We are all one we are all one.”

StarBG © 2017

First poem of the day. :)
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