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Lost bearing, a bird,
Slams against window pane;
Nature’s guards forced down?
with violin in hand with
sand in your pocket
i go i step again
where will i find that
golden bird

I live I want to live
find the last treasure
to burn to burn
and darkness and darkness
never know

play a tune
one melody of the world
play the misty of mist
but fog and gloom
and not know darkness

a bird ***** its wings in Rio and there is a tsunami in Tokyo.
there is a tsunami in Tokyo and your father takes your mother to bed, calls her beautiful, does not raise his voice at her, does not leave her alone in a ***** motel room. she unpacks her suitcases and never leaves Missouri.
you do not form in her **** and she stops screaming.
a tsunami occurs in Tokyo and you do not exist and there is a break in the violence of our bodies. you disintegrate before me and I melt back into the earth where I belong and you never stopped loving me.
we unbecome the casualty of our own flaws.
we were never here. we were never gone.
a bird becomes road **** in Rio and you crawl into the **** of your mother, you are the 7th of 7 and the cause of your mother's stress. there is no tsunami in Tokyo and your mother packs her suitcase and leaves for Texas, she unhappily marries your father and stays with him to the bitter end.
there is no tsunami in Tokyo and your mother dies of lung cancer, your father leaves you in may, does not kiss you goodbye, does not look back at you, you pack your stuff and he sends you away.
the birds in Rio do not sing, Tokyo bay does not roar to life.
you are here. you cannot leave.
i got the inspiration from another poem although i do not know who it's by or what its called. if you know comment down below
Kevin Hayes Dec 8
Like a bird
We have a lot depending on
the right direction.

But Unlike it
We have too many doubts
and questions.

Spread your wings
but don’t span out nervously.

*** gave moral compasses
to Guide us personally.

Never be afraid
to go and do your best.

Keeping pulling straws
until you’ve built your nest .
Vanessa Dec 4
Don’t mistake my innocence
For the catalyst in your healing

I am not a bird in a cage
You get to release when
You finally feel free
From the pieces I helped
You glue back together.

Just to whistle me back when
Old wounds always relapse

Craving the morphine of my existence
The cure from the bottle they
Once drank from.

But don’t you forget -
My wings don’t give second chances
For the people who abuse the healers.

Without your second thought
Watch me fly away from your hands
But never coming back.
Abby M Dec 4
Hoarse are the birds in this garden
Coarse are the feathers they wear
Strange are the songs that they’re singing
Songs that tell strangers “beware”

Deep in the shadows lies Beauty
Long overgrown by thick vines
Lying in silence she’s staring
At naught but the passing of time.

Footsteps are scarce in this garden
Scattered with leaves as it is
Darkness has snatched it from Beauty
Her once cherished garden is his

Crying in silence lies Beauty
Watching her poor garden rot
If it lies only in darkness
Her toil will soon be forgot

Soft sang the birds in this garden
Bright were the feathers they wore
Sweet were the songs they were singing
But now there is Beauty no more
Rise, oh rise brave bird!
The sky is waiting for your flight.
Long have these eyes yearned,
For a mere glimpse of your sight.

Prayers and cries can be heard,
They are with you in your fight.
The calendar marks the day as third,
In your absence, there is no joy or delight.

An old man with his vision blurred,
Waits sitting under the street light.
Without a movement or a word,
He patiently waits in this cold night.

Saddened and angered,
He refuses to believe that your future is not bright.
Though Broken, bruised and battered
He knows you won't quit, he knows you will fight.

For those old eyes that have yearned,
For a mere glimpse of your sight.
For his sake, oh brave bird.
Rise and take flight!

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved.
This is my most straightforward poem till date. There is not much to explain on this poem, I hope you like it. Thank you.
Nyx Nov 26
I've lost my sense of happiness
I've lost my point in life
As I stare upon my phone screen
Not a single message lights
And I cry and I cry
Dont stop me
From attempting to fill this void
I smile and I smile
Dont fault me
For letting myself be destroyed
I'm alone right now
Watching it all pass me by
As people change and move on
I stand idoly to the side
Its tearing me apart
Demon clawing at my soul
Dragging me down into the abyss
Buried deep below
These chains tightening
Its harder to breath
Don't try and save me
Its pointless as I have the key
Its comforting these shackles
As at least I have a place I belong
When the world around give me no purpose
Its me that has to somehow live on
Even when all the friends I have leave
And I've been beaten and deceived
I've always been alone
There is no one I can trust
A mere passing fancy blinded by ****
And it appears to me I've grown too reliant
On the birds that perch upon my window
Keeping me company but only for awhile
Before flying away back into the sky
Where they belong
Unlike the caged bird with her wings clipped off
Singing softly to those who listen
while the owner merely sits back and watch
In the cage she is happy
As she knows no other life
Unlike the free birds
Who know how to fly
Faith Brown Nov 20
inside of my cage there’s a bird inside of my cage there’s a bird inside of this cage and it hangs and hangs and it sings and sings then it ***** on me it ***** in me and bobs its head in satisfactory and it’s pecking at my beating heart it’s pecking at my heart it’s pecking and pecking and it’s causing this swelling my heart it swells and i’d be positive it’s going to burst but it just keeps beating and beating my heart keeps beating and my brain will never win and my lungs keep breathing in anything that comes it’s way but we all know it won’t last my lungs must give everything back.
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