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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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She stood there unmoving, her back straight
Still as a statue, after a long, torturous wait
With hair fluttering like a smashing sail
Vivid like sunset that seeps through every crevice in the air

Amber eyes burning like the fiery depths of hell
Passion muffled by the angelic smile on her face
With rattling grace she marveled at its perfection
The litheness of its descent enough to set her heart into delirium

It landed with a thud, breaking branches on its wake
Cawing once, the milieu faded on the background
Emblazoned with nameless hues and shades
Now everything else dulls and fades

She reached for an arrow, wondering
Why a thing with feathers on one end
Soft and innocuous as it may seem
Can have a part so inevitably noxious, it’s inane

Stretching the bow as far as it may go
The sound making her flinch all the way through
Her hands, so steady, now quivered ever so slightly
She aimed, the voice in her head screaming finality

For one moment her resolve faltered
Wavering as her stormy gaze softened like snow
The roaring in her ears dulled to a white noise
As the creature turned and snatched her voice

A gust of air escaped from her mouth
Breathing was suddenly impossible
But before the beauty could take off and leave her
A sudden prismatic burst of feathers filled the air
In high school, we were required to read a Filipino epic poem called “Ibong Adarna.” In a nutshell, it is about a magical bird that could heal anything by singing its seven songs. However, these songs could put anyone to sleep almost immediately and once you’re under, it will turn you into stone by dropping its poop on you. I wrote “Artemis” when I was in college, inspired by this magnificent bird and the goddess of hunt herself, hoping I could paint with my words, as was the goal of our literary folio that year called “Canvas.” If you made it this far, thank you so so much for reading this.
the grass is green
so are avocados
my school uniform is green
so are avocados
the tree is green
so are avocados
kitty cats climb the kitchen
so are avocados
dog barks
Diane runs
bird tweets
Diane dies
are avocados
Along the riverside.
Tweeting of birds, joyously they sing.
Rushing of water, crystal clear.
The whistling wind speaks, the waving leaves answer.
The scent of nature. Indescribable.
Up in the sky, the eyes of baby blue.
Snow white clouds above greener lands,
they speak of a language we do not understand.
The riverside is one of my favourite places to imagine. I've never been to one before, but it my head, I can still see, smell and feel the surroundings of the riverside.
Am I pretty enough for you little songbird?
I see you and all your friends and how you fly around.
Singing and tweeting your songs of love.
Oh, how I want to be up there with you.

Are my feathers groomed enough?
Is my beak too big or too small
are my legs too long or too short?
Are my eyes as pretty as yours?

Oh, look at my wings!
I’ve been working on them so hard.
You see I’ve cut back on the worms,
but they still aren’t where I want them to be.

But soon I'll be pretty,
Soon I will soar,
Soon I’ll be loved,
and soon I shall be
a pretty little Gay Songbird too.
Oh, Gay Songbirds, how I can't wait to be one of you.
I visited insomniacs anonymous
but fell asleep during roll call
I thought I had "short-man" syndrome
but found I was too tall

I asked a bird to sing me a song
the feathered fiend tweeted my request
it said it disliked my flat feet
but loved my #pigeonchest

I took the low road to the high street
gave cash to a busker with spoons
I then found a fork in the road
deflating a man selling balloons

I popped off to the nearest Greggs
at a bus stop, ate a cheese & onion pastie
asked a bloke "how long's the next bus?"
"about 40 foot"... no need to be nasty

Walked home with takeaway heartburn
constructing a poem in my befuddled head
searching for a muse for inspiration
my last one was ivy on my shed

Poets anonymous stopped taking my calls
after I revealed my identity
these words are becoming more ridiculous
but at least there's no obscenity
Bella Sep 4
I want to be free
Like a bird.

I want to spread my wings
And fly away.
I would fly so high
The stars would whisper my name.

I want to be free
Like a bird.
But I’m scared to leave my cage
Because a ghost blocks the way.
Yet again, another one of my past poems. I found it only half finished, though, so I suppose you can say it’s also new.
I know some things about dirt
I shed my feathers many times just like a bird

Always daring
never preparing
for the fall
I fly
bold with a certain confidence
but so very shy
hold a truth to obedience
when the voice tells me to abide
holding evidence of bloodlust at night

Maybe not a bird then
but a bat when
feeling a strong hunger
for your crimson liquor
in the dark I reach out to my monger
won't you be my cherry picker
I'll draw the night out and make the darkness stay longer
I'll bite you and make your blood run thicker

See me still hiding a diffidence
under this bold confidence
But I'm not about pretense
bird and bat, all the same
I feel so very tense
as it seems either I can tame
Though I don't need defense
and as you will see, I got no shame
Michelle Sep 3
Verse 1:
I wish I could sing
like a song bird
Beautiful thing
Uses not a word
He's not afraid
to share his song
That God has made.
Delightful of a thing
Not afraid to be heard.


Pretty song birds
Give me a tune
That can be heard
Even by the moon.
I'll sing me a tune
For the ages strewn
Return to mockingbirds.

Verse 2:
If I could sing
What a thing
using kind words
beautiful songbird
Confessing it's maker
Jesus the peacemaker
By God the orginator
Using just my words.
Hope you enjoy!
A M Ryder Aug 29
Find the blue bird of happiness
Find it, and be cured
A simple task he says, one of three
I'm not sure what the next will be
But he'll tell me
He'll tell me..
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