Pyrrha 4d
Two bold butterflies flutter by
Like lovers, reaching up to kiss the sky

Down swoops a radiant raven
Beak open and ready for the kill

Yet as it speeds down
It falters and glides past

Today it spares the lovers
While it carries on it's merry way looking for another meal

They were ignorant to the danger,
Consumed by eachothers love and blind to the world

The raven was like a warning of an unavoidable conflict
Possible to stall, inevitable in the end

But not today,
Today is for the butterflies
I wrote this after watching two butterflies avoid getting eaten by a bird at the park today while cloud gazing.
and the days passed by
and the light above the fireplace burned
and did not burn
and the candle flies into the sky
where are my eyes

and the days passed by
and the twilight seized me
o uncertain vague
o let me go
at the will of the bird

I sit by a pool
That is kissed by lovely light
Singing bird now flies
Back to my haikus! ^-^
Lyn xxx
At the long-board farm table
With dents and splinters
from a hundred years of suppers;
The windows open
To the morning mist
And the dawn chorus
Of titmouse, phoebe,
Wood thrush and
Chick-a-dee dee dee;
The grease of butter
Slick on my tongue,
And the scrub of oats
Between my teeth,
The salt a satisfying
Smart on the roof
Of my mouth;
My dog soft and warm
On my feet
Waiting for the bowl;
I feel as rich as the fat
pooling in the simple gruel,
And I feast
on gratitude.
In the audio recording you sent me
An hour of touching yourself
punishment for misbehavior
you giggle and cry at the same time
With a trembling whimper

It's too late now, for a confession.
We were never so honest, as our sex
Violent, passionate
suspending reality momentarily

Life's one true sin, objectification.
And now, you are a recording.

Your eye begging Me, The Cuckoo Bird
To Free you from your own fingers

like the cuckoo bird
My religion
Only gave me one hour
To howl, at passing time.
life is like a bird
set it free on time,
will forget to fly
if caged for long!

वक़्त पे खुला छोड़ दो जिंदगी को
उड़ नही पाते हैं परिंदे लंबी क़ैद के बाद
yellow soul Jul 6
If I were a bird              I know where I would fly
I would fly everywhere                      at any possible time
If I were a bird                     I would sing to my lungs hurt
I would sing the                   most beautiful songs
So beautiful that              people would stop and listen to me
If I were a bird                I would be free
it began with the two cats

then the dog trotted in

then enough time past
and unfortunately, so did
one of the cats

then we rescued a bearded dragon

and for a while there
it was just a trifecta
of various species

until the new kitten had arrived

and now the bird is on its way

as the animals keep rolling
into this sanctuary
we call HOME

I spend my afternoons
taking care of our pets
feeding them
watering them
picking up their shit
maintaining their
living spaces
making sure they each
get attention

along with working all morning
and taking care of the kids
cooking dinner
tending to the ignored laundry
mowing the lawn
washing dirty dishes

my wife thinks I’m masturbating
on my leisurely hours
but not taking into consideration
that sex is no longer
an aching mystery

and as I’m bitching about
common domestic work

those pets bring such
rapturous enlightenment
to my spinning brain

but they don’t pull out
my inane thoughts and
put it down on paper

except for maybe
this poem
Azrapse Jun 30
i follow the prettiest girls
the ones ill never speak to
they are like birds flying around
i am but a worm slithering
through other scum like me
they are out of reach
but when the bird gets hungry
it flys down to devour the  worm
they catch us by suprise
and sweep us
off our nonexistent feet
flying through the sky
with their talons
peircing our chests
they eat us alive
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