The eagle can't soar.

Left wing and right wing
Working together in harmony,
And the eagle can be seen
Soaring beautifully, gloriously.

When the left and the right
Have between them a wall,
And continuously fight
Then the eagle will fall.

Alas, the wings are both broken
And the eagle is grounded.
Big dreams that will never be spoken
Amidst the din that has sounded.

Political commentary, Yay!

You compared yourself to a rainstorm
Your favorite kind of weather
Pouring, overflowing on cool Autumn days
Dripping through the trees leaving pearls on the leaves
And lighting up clouds, seeming daytime within the night
In contrast, you called me a song bird
In late Spring or Summer
In clear blue skies I rise gracefully
My voice carrying on the breeze
You were worried your downpour would ruin my wings
But now, in the middle of the rain
I hear the mockingbird chirping away her many songs
Unafraid of the thunder in the distance
In branches, not worried of their sway
But the wind glides through her feathers, the raindrops cleanse her heart
And she sings on
So I will for you

Bisaal Jun 16

I'm lost
like a bird
who lost its flock
during migration

I'm lost
can you help me
find my way back,

I'm lost
perhaps you
can tell me
where I belong?

I'm lost
help me.

Nathan Raux Jun 13

They may bark, meow or chirp,
Hiss, squeak or burp,
Pets or friends,
They're still there,
Your companions,
Whatever size or shape,
Are the best,
They have their tough times,
Dogs are always pooping and peeing,
Cats always have furballs,
Birds poop... everywhere,
Dogs always play with you,
Cats are there to let you pet them,
Birds are there to look... good and do tricks,
They may vary in intelligence and grace,
But one thing's for sure,
They're fun and exciting,
To see someone when you go home,
Someone to cry and lean to,
Someone that will always feel what you feel,
They lick you till you're comfortable,
Paw you till you notice them,
Breath at you,
Let you feel their heartbeat,
They have their different ways,
But one thing's for sure,
Their there to love you,
Companions till death,
Some might have shorter life,
But some have longer,
Than you can ever have,
Yet time always passes when they're there,
Love your pets,
Love your friends,
Companions are the best,
And with their presence,
You're sure to have fun.

Ryan Holden Jun 5

Morning bird calls help bring
harmony into a new day.

Breeze-Mist Jun 5

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
It read, a dove caught and crucified
Over two pages whole

Inspired by a photo in an old National Geographic article about bird hunting in the Medeterainian.
Edit: lines in italics are originally written by Emily Dickinson
Varsha Nehra May 25

There is she, Sitting in her cage,
Looking at something, Far from her reach,
Many thoughts runs through her mind,
But only independence outsmart all,
Independence is important for her,
She recalls the time,
When she was independent,
When she flied high in sky,
When her songs were filled with joy,
When her life was not a life in cage,
Now all she does is sit here,
In this cage, dependent on the one,
Who has in-prisoned her,
For the sake of her beauty and songs,
But she's not happy anymore,
And so are her songs,
They are sad, just like her,
She is slowly losing her hope,
Of a bright and independent future,
Maybe she will die in this cage,
Without reaching for the sky,
But she will try with all her might,
To be free from this cage.

The birds twitter to me
Lullabies abounding with history’s words
Of what had been passed on
From the ancestors to modern birds,

Their miniature minds
Carry great knowledge full of wisdom,
These flapping creatures
Import instructions, morals, and lessons,

Their amiable advice
Hangs on angelic feathers
Waiting to be touched by compassionate hearts
And intermingle their blessed spirits with ours,

They were created given the powers
To see through the soul’s leaks
Allowing their whispers full of emotions
To tumble off their bitsy beaks,

Their tiny eyes
Delivered a welcoming reaction
Yet they teared of dew drops
Weeping over its habitat’s destruction,

They wistfully watched from above
Looking at the restricting skyscrapers,
Oh! What have become
Of its ethereal home’s flavors?!

It’s evergreen forests and long rivers
Stolen by slabs of concrete and machines,
Human’s army of axes hunt nature
And even though nature is worthy of living
Humans choose to slaughter its features,

Nature sheltered humans
And was there for them in their time of need
Yet as a thank you
They abandoned its pleads,

It is tortured for the mistakes it never committed,
And humans, should learn to accept nature
As it had accepted them and adapted,
And even though nature is perpetually dying
It smiles to them whenever they’re near or baited.

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