The caged bird
you won't let sing,
croons the loudest
when it forgets how to.

A song that should've been haunting and beautiful
becomes only haunting.

Oculi 3d

The bells of the cathedral we're standing in,
Seething hate, rage, everything horrid within.
The ritualistic percussion sounds off in my head
As I'm looking right ahead. At you. Right ahead.

You fucking despicable horror of a person.
Have you ever tried doing something nice?
Have you ever considered not being such an idiot?
You have the capacities of a teaspoon,
With the mental awareness of a tiny child,
You little stain of semen on the couch of life.
You were never wanted and you were never loved.
You couldn't show me one thing that makes you worth it.
You can't prove anything to me, I know you.
You're disgusting, you're worth the hate.
You're nothing to me, you fucking maggot.
No wonder you get degraded and taken advantage of.
No wonder nobody wants you and they just use you.
Continue on your worthless existence, you fucking moron.

As I walk towards the gigantic door I came in...
I see him walk off towards the same door in another world.

Josh 5d

"Dreams are foreign and uncomfortable. The common dreamworld never quite mimics life in its truest form."

I flew over snowy mountain peaks on my way to Amsterdam, dreaming of existing in my truest form. My layover in Reykjavik was only three hours long, & I was traveling alone. Three hours is just enough time to worry about getting lost & I pondered what it would be like to let go.

My trip would take me to Amsterdam, then London. I would find myself in Amsterdam again by day 10. I chose to ignore the loneliness by drinking a pint of Belgian beer in a bar that was much too small and enveloped in tobacco smoke.

On my way to the bathroom I spotted a cat prowling the floor like he was hunting for a bird. He was out of place, yet here he was in his truest form. Forever hunting for a bird that was nowhere to be found.

nim Nov 6

Wrote a heart, haven't felt it,
Stabbed my heart, made me wonder where it went?
Search, search, search.
Cooled his heart, watched it grow.
Where's mine at?
Mister Heart? Where'd you go?
Why'd you leave me all alone?
Mister Heart?
Misses lungs?
Why are you failing me,
Why am I failing you?
Drew a heart on a carton
Watched a seagull steal it.
Mister Heart?
Why did you let him?
Then it fell in the ocean.
Well at least it's near the coast.

Nisa H Nov 6

I wish to be a mockingbird

To imitate perfectly
singing at the sight
of a flicker of light- right on time

To amaze and never once fail
to carry a perfect tune
with just enough joy
harmonizing till noon

A melody already heard
yet new and unique

A master of imitation
an artist within
following a yellow streak

Every chime and song
is voiced peculiarly
not a hint of hesitation

Moving it’s body rhythmically  
it never doubts
For it knows which direction it shall go

I wish to be a mockingbird

To imitate so well
to be cherished
because I am
because I do
without fully being myself

"If you could be any animal, what would you be?" you asked.
"A bird. Any bird, as long as it can fly." I said.
I've always admired how they can fly away, if they want to.
You said you would be an owl.
Goddammit, you could be one. Your freedom comes naturally.
But me... I feel locked in a cage, waiting to be set free.
Please, set me free.

Peter Balkus Nov 5

I look above
and the eagle I see,
but much larger bird
is watching me.

Poetic T Nov 4

Would I dream of you,
  Your face entomed within
Me, like a bird caged but free.

I dream of you,
But the emotional turmoil
Leaves you blurry within.

I never wished to lumber upon
       You, better that I let this
Dream do as others, fade away.

Seema Nov 1

A bird, fell off its
flight, exhausted in this raging
heat, the flock gathered
Only to find, a dead friend
With torn wings and lose feathers  


5-7-5-7-7 syllables

Song bird,on the branch on the top,
of my tree of life, you wake me up
with sweet twitter, each day a new one,
to my bitter sighs you give your ears,
day and night and remain my true comfort,
in every change of weather, may it be
monsoon torrent, winter freeze or spreading gloom

Little bird you know this well
never ever would I take you for granted,
you are the spirit that bring me cheer,
keep my nest such a quiet space for peace.
take the fledglings,under your sturdy wings
keep your glad eye on my desires that
seldom sleeps day or night, till it's told.

In this nest, it's your hallow that fills, spills out, too
in every twig of this nest we built, is the mark
of your efficient beak, that worked to move it there!

Petite you are,but it's so deceptive
my talisman and shield, none but you are that,
if my songbird's eyes by chance fill,my heart bleeds!

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