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Will it feel the same way
If I give you a poem today?
The same as the day I first conveyed.

Will you fall in love with me again?
Will you believe that it's me and you
Until the end?

Can we revive the butterflies, the withered flowers,
And the nights of thoughts and dreams ?

Can I hold your hand again ?
Without promises or wishes,
I am simply the man you once sought.
The man who gives you love,
And not colorful leashes.

Will that be possible?
I will give you some time.
Will your heart be able?
To give a chance to this heart of mine?
I had a dream that I kissed you,
You didn't turn away,
Hesitant but beautifully,
You were there to stay,

I woke up in love,
But soon to be shattered,
Your heart was elsewhere,
My heart was battered,

I went back to sleep,
With hopes for another glance,
Your shadow was all I needed,
For hopes of another chance.
My Dear Poet Apr 15
There’s a hundred and one ways
to impress

and a one in a hundred chance
to pass her test

but I counted on the one chance
and gave it my best

and what do you know
she said, yes.
Io Apr 3
you shifted constantly
your form became that of a million bodies
and so, from everyone I saw,
I felt you staring back at me

we locked eyes

(I find your pupils in the eye of a storm)
(swirling in clouds of every colour)
(I remember you from before)
(I remember you in my dreams)
((I see you standing on a cliff))
((your silhouette drowning in an ocean of grey))
(((It’s raining)))
(((The Ocean is alive,)))
((((it’s speaking to you,))))
(((((but I can only hear the crashing,)))))
((((((crashing of the waves))))))

you closed your eyes
I looked away
but still I wonder...
if you’d drift away
a glimpse into the fortress of your eyes
the black door at the centre of the crater ridden moon
whose wrought iron frame hid a mind so beautiful
I didn’t know you hid a mind so beautiful
I didn’t know...
it’s okay, mistakes happen
Valya Mar 1
Is it ok
To fall for someone again
With no intention
To go far
Is it ok
To know that they have
Feelings for me
And advance on those
When I can't promise
Feelings back for long
Is it ok
To move on when I'm still so broken
Jakob Feb 25
this empty cup
with empty wishes
empty dreams all
my unfulfilled visions
thought you were
my future misses
but all I did was shoot
and miss ****,
why didn't I listen
thought my heart
was persistent but
now I hurt and
can't resist it, the
pain don't care
like I do but
won't fix it
she only wants
my attention
when it benefits
her own checklist
guess I'll never be
able to send her
my charms, just
broken hopes
hanging cold
like a rope
Jakob Feb 25
you push
as i pull
we both sway,
you keep hush
so i'd speak
like a fool
as i feel
what i say.
i seen what i love
you only remember
what you hate.
my vacancy
is your fear
to be lonely,
& estranged.
my mind
i'd think of
you daily
inside of
my brain.
a place in
your heart
is my safe
haven that
i desperately
so craved.
it was just
a place i was
unwelcomed &
not meant to stay.
Jakob Feb 25
when the unfathomable
becomes imaginable,
seeing myself as fallible,
when falling for you
impatiently just
feels more practical,
it's how i know
what i never thought
could be actual
you are a masterpiece,
contrived of everything
you know...
those things
we call magical?
an attraction
to your beauty,
is set in stone
just like how i can
be so stubbornly bashful
"sois belle à ta façon."
how you've inspired me
to be more masterful,
i'd happily be
chained to you
forever because
my heart is free,
and your priceless
love is untaxable
for you are everything
always the status quo,
inside my big sad head
and the root of my soul
thank you
my beloved time capsule...
Zywa Feb 12
It's only a game,

therefore there are no losers --

only new chances.
"Spelregels" ("Rules of the game", 2008, Hagar Peeters)

Collection "Wean Di"
Zywa Feb 12
I do not dare yet,

I wait and leave it to chance --

which does not arise.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 2009, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad"
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