Words were not required to convey the message held within.
The warmth of your touch when your hand held mine
Just easily melted my frozen heart.

The moment was so perfect, so magical
That felt like all the stars aligned for us
And the universe conspired in our favor,
Allowing two souls to meet in a chance encounter.

©Penchie Limbo
Mica Feb 15
This was it.

The moment I've been waiting for ever since I've laid my eyes on you.

I wanted you to feel the same way as how I feel for you.

It was my daily wish as 11:11 comes by.

But my patience wore thin.

I stopped.

I stopped expecting that you'd feel the same way.

I stopped hoping you'd say the words I can't say.

I stopped believing that 11:11 could work out a way.

And so, here I am.

As if my whole body was electric shocked.

Never did I expect that you'd feel it too.

But you did.

You fulfilled my daily wish.

You made all my hopes come true.

But you did that when It was all over.

When it was all gone.

I was better off without you but then you came along and started to destroy the pages I've painted my artwork on.

You ruined my masterpiece.

You ruined every piece of me.

So this I tell you, be careful of what you wish for because...

Everything can change.

No, Everything has changed.
I just wanted to let all of my feelings and emotions out. Please bare with this. I've been feeling really frustrated ever since an incident. I feel sad ):
Mica Feb 15
Halika't samahan mo ko
Sa pagbalik sa nakaraan
Kung saan ikaw pa ay aking gusto
At ako ay iyong kaibigan

Nang makita kita
Ako'y namangha
Sa iyong talentong ipinakita
Sa buong eskwela

Di ko aakalain
Na ika'y gugustuhin
At ang panahon ay palipasin
Nangangarap na ika'y mapasaakin

Ngunit heto na tayo
Sa kahuli-hulihang pahina
Ng ating kwento
At ng ating pagkikita

Oo, hindi na kita gusto
Sapagkat ang paglipas ng oras
ay masyado kong sineryoso
at ang pahina ng aking mga damdamin at dahan-dahan kong pinilas

Ngunit, bakit?
Bakit kung kailan ilang buwan nalang?
Bakit kung kailan nasa huli nang hakbang?
Bakit kung kailan ika'y maglalaho na?
Bakit kung kailan huli na?

Kailangan pa ba na ako ang umamin ng hindi kayang aminin?
Kailangan pa ba na ako ang lumapit upang masabi ang gustong sabihin?
Kailangan pa ba na ako ang magsimula ng gusto mong simulan?
Kailangan pa ba na ako ang gumawa ng paraan para sa'yo?
Sa tingin ko, hindi ko na kailangan

Pasensya na
Sapagkat huli na ang lahat
Ako'y nakadaan na sa iyong pinagdadaanan ngayon
Ngunit hindi tayo nagtagpo

Pasensya na,
Dahil huli na ang lahat.

Hindi na kita kailangan.
Jen Snow Feb 15
You have a
complicated smile

He informed me


How to answer
A question so

While the

How do you explain
Light and

Or Einstein’s
Spooky action
At a distance

Is it all intertwined

Or separately


How do you explain



Does my



Or is it


All the

And when I



What does it


To you

Is it like mine


Will my

Will my

Or did my


loving or loved
its all about love
burn down your feelings
to another strange place
you want to die in every single day
if there's no chance to see

sarah Feb 12
it’s unfair for me to be upset at you
for not liking me how i like you, really  
because you have no idea how i feel about you  
maybe if i sucked it up and said, hey, i like you
a switch would turn on in your mind and
you’d start to notice the little things about me
the way i’ve noticed them about you  
and maybe that little bit of attention
could flower into something more
something that i’ve always wanted with you  
a chance
a chance that you’ll fall in love with me, too
Hannah Feb 11
I know what it feels like
To be
laughed at,
to feel worthless
to be told to kill myself
to be late to class just to avoid my bullies
to ask teachers for help and not get help
I hate to say it but if I had the chance to make them pay for what they did, I would
I don't understand why anybody would feel the need to push someone past their breaking point. I have been bullied before and everybody told me to forgive and forget but it's my choice so what if I don't want to forgive and forget.
Alex Feb 9
its been 5 almost 6 months
since I left you,
4 months
since we started talking again.
3 months
since I tried to move on
2 months
since I found out you moved on but that it didn't last
1 month
since I've been dying to tell you that I still painfully love you.
"Time will heal" but it never does.
Andrew Ewen Feb 6
In life sometimes you meet someone so special, they turn your life upside down.
Keep that person close, as a person like that may never come into your life again.
Treat them special, don't take them for granted and cherish every moment with them.
No one knows what life holds, don't regret not taking a chance.
When you think about that person with every waking thought, you can't let it slip.
Those kind of feelings are what make life worth living and there is nothing in the world that can make you feel more special
Those feelings and emotions are worth risking it all for.
We met at crossroads
Heavy with our own loads
It is so wrong
Why'd we need to get this long?

It's not right from the very start
I should've known better
Now I'm letting myself fall apart
Why do you need to be with her?

We met at crossroads
Smooth, rough, like millions of ode
When time came, you chose the smoother
Now I'm on the side letting you be with her

Still, I'm waiting, giving you all my love
But we're on the crossroads my dear
You didn't give me back the love
You swerve, you give it to her though I'm here

Still, we took the journey further
I stayed by your side though it pains me
Seeing you two together
I want to lose my sanity

We reached another road, the one way
I followed you even if it's her you follow
'Cause I'm hoping that one day
You'll see me and the love I show

But we're on a one way
One way only, no another
I just wanna give up and lay
Seeing you better with her

Still, the martyr that I am
I still chase you though it breaks me
Seeing you considering her as the emblem
I wish I lost my memory

Now we reached the two way
Maybe it's time to detach myself
Maybe it's time to go away
For me to get rid of the heartache

You go with her, I go alone and run
It doesn't matter if you're my The one
'Cause you only see her, it doesn't matter to you
It tears me apart but it is true

We go our separate ways
I told you everything before I leave
But all that matters is what she says
How 'bout me, without you, could I live?

We saw the traffic lights
Then I remember all our nights
Then I just got myself hurt again
Realized I'm always your last option cause me pain

We saw the red light up there
Then you told me to stop hurting
Forget all he love and care
And being like her, stop trying

You told me to stop hoping
For you won't love any other girl only her
What about me? It's you I'm loving
Can't love another man who's better

How can you love her and leave me in blue
When I'm the one who loves you
How will I stop? Tell me
How will I forget? Show me

Then the yellow light came
You told me to get ready and wake up too
Is it bad of me to blame
That girl you doesn't even love you like I do

You want me to get ready and leave you
Do you know I'll only be in blue
Why are you being so unfair
Why can't you just love me, not her

Still, you pushed me to get ready
Balancing me, making me steady
I'm steady, still, I'm empty
How can I fill the void inside of me

Then finally, the green light shine
You told me to go and move on
You told me that sooner I'll be fine
Guess I'm really the last option

I go, I let go, I walked away
If that's what you want to say
I you really don't want me to stay
If I only mean nothing to you all our days

How can this hurt so bad
It's like dying over and over again
How can I feel this sad
How can I feel I'm in vain

How can I love you this much
Even if you choose the smooth not rough
Even if I'm willing to be a latch
Why does my love not enough

I'm the one who was with you
But it's only her you cared about
Even if I'm the willing, everything, I'll do
You still chose her without a single doubt

I'm letting go, freeing everything
Accepting we're not meant to be
I'm done, I gave up, the pieces I'm picking
Soon, all our memories I'll bury

Then one day, your friends told me
That you're suffering from missing me
Of course I won't believe that lie
I knew from the moment you said goodbye

But then you are chasing me
Never want me to leave
Realized it's me you need
Now, you want me to believe

You shouted you're such a fool
For being so fucked up
So dense, stupid, so full
And begged me to stop

You don't want me to go
I don't want to go too
But that was before you said so
Now I'm ready to forget you

You chased me then we saw another traffic lights
And all I could remember now is our fights
For all the time you took me for granted
For all the time you told me it's only her you wanted

You told me to stop, stop walking away
Beg me to not leave you ever
Told me to forgive you and stay
Start anew with our forever

Told me I'm the one you love ever since
You just thought you're in love with her
You cry, you beg, you plead, you convince
It's me you need, others don't matter

You just know you can live with her
Now you can't see yourself live without me
When you let go of me, it hurts like hell
Said you need me pleadingly

Still, I get ready and not stop, I won't
How can you be so unfair
Have me when you want and throw me when you don't
You think I'll always be there

Just so you know, I'm tired
I told you I gave up
Wishing I I'll be your bride,
So I didn't stop

I get myself ready
Willing myself to forget
Then you came begging to me
Still I get ready and set

Then I go like the green light
I run away from you 'cause it hurts
Taking the path, this time it's right
Don't wanna hear what you blurt

I go as you said so before
Though it hurts me to the core
I won't believe another lie from your mouth
Though you love me, you shout

I go as the green light show
Still I can't stop the flow
Of my tears streaming down my face
I'm in the worst case

I know you're just confused
'Cause you thought I'll always be there
If I leave and you get used
You'll realize it's always been her

I don't want to get hurt again
I want to take away the anger and disdain
Don't want to be broken over and over
Let's stop hoping we'll have forever

Then I got tired and stopped
Thinking twice if I'll give up
Should I give in and believe
That you're never gonna leave

Then I ready myself
Decision-making is in need to happen
If you'll really be bereft
If I left you hanging

I go and run away
Still I hear you sobs and cries
You thought it is the price you pay
When you ignored all my tries

I reached the U-Turn this time
Still you're shouting you are mine
Will I let you and trust my heart
When it's wrong from the very start

Will I make the U-Turn in my life
Will I turn around and go back
Or is this just another stab of your knife
This time, should I still try my luck

And as I turn around
I hear my heart pound
I remember all my sacrifice
All my efforts, time, cries and tries
But then, I just don't care
About what if's or what's true
Maybe what I'll do is just fair
Found myself running back to you.
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