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Meruem 2d
Final scene of the movie:
Tom met this one particular girl.
They used to go to the same plaza,
But Tom wasn't looking.

The narrator goes:
"There's no such thing as fate..
Nothing is meant to be.
He knew, he was sure of it now."

A slight hint of hope,
A second chance in love.
Tom asked her out, she said sure.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Autumn.."
December 10, 2018 - 14:58

The greatest and biggest things in life comes when you least expect it. Live life to the fullest and just watch how it unfolds right before your eyes.
There Is nothing In this
life that compares to love
hard to find hard to keep but when found the feeling you experience Is truly unique
And when you thought this would last forever Is suddenly taken from you, first anger at being robbed of her love then thoughts of all the things you'll never do together
Places been places planned to go the last time you held her hand, kissed her lips then undressed her and made love to her laid there afterwards together
eventually falling to sleep
In each other arms beautiful warmth the heat generated from our ***** bodies as we slept
In peaceful dreams none of
of these beautiful moments will ever be again, and the truly hard part you're left to live the rest of your life with no second chances all that went before lost forever the day your life stood still
Life stands still the day your loved one die all the thing you'll never do again no more
beautiful love making all gone forever no second chances In this life
Take a chance on me
I'll show you respect
and love,
the beauty
of the azure skies,
you're still worth
figthing for,
hold my hands
and we'll turn
sad memories
into butterflies.

Take a risk on me
I'll be the remedy
to your pain,
the silence
of a moonlit evening,
you're still worth
the wait,
for all changes
are in chaos
and now he's gone,
you'll realize
you've chosen
the wrong one.
Copyright © 2018
There are moments when inside you is so wintery cold,
your night's secret is flipped over by the death's perfume,
you are in a turn, at one last intersection, but you're old,
wanting to **** the sadness, to let life once more bloom.

There are moments when you are so full of desire,
your destiny seems so cruel and you don't have the will
to heal your dark thoughts, the gloomy fears are on fire
but the cross, you have to carry it on your shoulders. Still.

Moments in which you spice up with nothings your existence,
you're satisfied with dead souls, with the remaining crumbs,
you run to the silence of the crying willow tree, for assistance,
you look at the mad fire from heaven... life hurts, death comes.

Moments when you're in front of the execution squad
without having one more chance to one last discussion,
you think that life is a mask worn in Venice, that it's a fraud,
the sky seems like a wallpaper of demons in combustion.

There are also moments when you want to start over,
to turn the book of anxiety into a beautifully painted panel,
you decide to meet your shadows in the valley of a loner,
thirsty for air, for life, you decide to change the channel.
Khoi-San Dec 4
Great great great
This is our time
We have been called
To say NO! MORE violence
Against woman and children
They can become great if we
Become the CATALYST
Remember a child only has one chance
It is written in support of
16 days of activism against gender based violence on woman and children here in South Africa
HELP make this GLOBAL thanks HEPO
i lose myself
for a peek of you
     to breathe again
i apologize for the past
   you come and go like the seasons
just when i release my demons
   for some reason we meet at the same place

you’ll come again for the betrayals
     but meet my angels
i know i’ve hurt you in the past but i’m different now please give me another chance.
So many people In this life
deserve to be loved, and have so much to give, but
life can be cruel, In that sometimes they just don't get a
Which was very true for me, till I met Helen, having a background of child abuse, she was the only one who gave a
I remember saying to her I'd never been loved and therefore knew not how to love
Helen reply simply does It not matter I love you, and for the first time In my life I knew what love
To live without love Is a lonely place to be everybody deserves a chance at
So many people In life are so deserving of love but life can be cruel In that they don't get a chance so unfair
Eleven Dec 2
Writers lies with intent to deceive
It cries for someone so hard to achieve
Give me a pen and I will write
With my almight then I will fight
Spectrum of ink with feelings inside
Come together with violent collide
White paper and thoughts of pure
Having no fault was so obscure
Teardrops around my sullen eyes
The broken poet it never lies
A thousand poem can never repair
The displacement of single swear
And if you could give me a chance to rewrite the past
Then it is my pleasure to lighten-up the blast
Inspired by The Universe
I look into the dark abyss of thoughts
They multiply in this endless abyss
The end is near
I want it
At the same time I am trembling with fear
I rub my eyes to look clearly
But I do not understand anything
A black, boundless abyss
Getting closer to me
It deepens
It devours me
It penetrates through me
I open my mouth to shout
But I spit out the darkness out of my mouth
Pain mixed with despair
Tears mixed with blood
Nothing stops
And suddenly
Black is pouring out of my eyes
So deep
So beautiful
So calm
I do not understand it
I am still waiting for this end
But this abyss gives me a chance
A chance to escape
So what should I do?
Johnny walker Nov 30
Interesting theory of the world turned full circle back to the beginning of time to start all
Would we do everything
In life just the same as before, my guess yes probably we
Another Interesting thought given a chance would we do It all over again just as before
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