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J F O 3d
Do you ever look at someone
and remember the chance
you’ve missed?

You look at how happy they are
and a part of you wishes
it was you?

Do you remember when he
confessed his feelings for you
and you walked away?

And now,
staring at this photograph,
you only wish him the world?
Tell them how you feel before you miss it.
Hands shake, my eyes gleam.
It's a clear step forward,
or so it seemed.

Every night spent restless,
now adding up to what's about to happen.

But what if my foot hits a rock and I stumble?
What if with this very step I sprain my ankle?
How do I even walk again? What if I stumble?

Doubt is progress' worse enemy,
procrastination is the fake friend,
imagination is the inspiration,
determination will determine the end.

My fate cries
and I can see time rising again
as I stare in awe
at the golden sun.
six seventeen
I've exhausted
all the options
just for this to stay.

split second
high noon
The eyes
are the first
to lose their way.

sorry sighs
The heart then
loses its place
in the dance.

six seventeen
How does it feel like
to never give
something a chance?
I hope it's good enough.
Still love.
Like it is there.
Like it is your last.
Like it is never an option.
Like suffering is a big blessing.
Like love is a always a distant memory.
Like it is a spirit bearing our empty hands.
Like it is a chance given to us down here.
Like it is a mask, taped onto our skin.
Like it is our skeletal foundation.
Like it is our clothed flesh.
Like it is our tears.
Like it is hope.
Like a smile.
Love still.
keep loving
People can run on earth where land is stranded amongst seas. But we can all run for so long, and drowning was never an option.
take what options you have
You, above all else
are a lesson in fate.
What more evidence do I need than my life with you?
We both took a gamble:
a name,
a notification.
A chat left to chance.
Who could have known you'd be so vital?
You are the air that I breathe,
the quiet whispers in the night time
when everything sleeps but us.
How lucky I am
that the universe brought me you.
My boyfriend and I have known each other for 8 years (dated 2) and have never met. We met on IMVU because I liked his hat. I never realized someone so far away could create in me such feelings.
Bragi Oct 6
Loving you was like I jumped on a train at the last second; the doors sliding behind me and I almost missed it, the carriage that held you. As I took a seat I noticed you there, sat reading a book, holding a sweet smile across rose tinted cheeks, the glasses you wear hanging tightly atop your nose. I never want to leave. I stop, start staring like an idiot and its obvious how I feel, but you haven’t noticed my existence. The book is written by someone who stole your heart and even though I hope you finish it before my stop I know you can’t. I just wish you’d have looked up. Just once, at me. I wish you’d have seen what I’d seen looking at you one last time as I stepped off the carriage and onto a platform that lead somewhere you would never know. Somewhere we would never be.
Autumn Angel, bring in fall,
see me, like me, text me, call.
Connection made is strong and now,
life comes quickly, she comes how?
Traveling vessels far and near,
planes and ferries bring us here.
Walking, waiting I grow eager,
business first before I meet her.
In the district lounge I perch,
finding me will end her search.
Her approach was my delight,
for now, we can begin our night.
Strong and vibrant she is ample,
allure and wares for me to sample.
Pints and chatter, Blue Ribbon prize,
my glare is locked into her eyes.
Her exchanges are so charming,
pleasant, light and not-alarming.
Time has come to find our way,
joined departure, plans to play?
Lodging and rides arranged by phone,
She knows her way, away from home.
5th floor shoe box, now our lair,
pajamas, toothbrush I’m prepared.
Netflix and chill is common trend,
Hulu and hold is our new friend.
I lay beside her, still not sure.
She watched her show, as I watched her.
I longed to kiss her neck and ears,
doubtful hindrance of my fears.
Surely right, it must be so,
She wants me here, and this means go.
I slowly start to kiss her lobes,
Her standing neck hairs brush my nose.
My mouth, it waters, for her kiss,
She turns to me and grants me this.
Her constellations are so bright,
Her moles like stars, I count tonight.
Her lips transport me to this place,
where there’s no time but only space.
I’d live here for a thousand moons.
sadly, departures come too soon.
Our time is short, not long enough,
I touched her face, she felt my scruff.
Constant contact, senses aflame,
I want her more, she feels the same.
Her essence sweet like summer flowers,
I found the center of her powers.
Far inside, my fingers reach,
while I explored her weeping peach.
Touching, tasting, and some teasing,
Her satisfaction, was my pleasing.
I want to give her more of me,
the part that daylight never sees.
I gave myself the best I could
& tried to make her feel so good.
My comfort lies in her content,
She understands, our needs were met.
Lying by her was so free,
I love the way she feels by me.
Alongside slumber was so grand,
snoozing blissful, hand in hand.
Several times I would awake,
was so pleased with my evenings fate.
When light began to fill the room,
we knew that we’d be going soon.
We didn’t want to leave this place,
I planted kisses on her face.
Once again we shared in pleasures,
in life, these are important treasures.
The final moment had arrived,
we packed our bags, prepared to drive.
The sun shone like no other day,
as we drove down towards the bay.
I sadly had to disembark,
but kissed her more while we were parked.
We said goodbye and rightly so,
our faces had a special glow.
This magic evening, all a blur,
more vessels take us where we were.
This poem is about my chance encounter with another traveler and our romantic evening together before we parted ways. "Hulu and hold" was an original idea that came to me during our night together.
So sitting across my drunk friend,
I decided to give happy a chance.
A chance on my paper,
A chance on the brim of my creativity.
A chance in my mind because,
I already gave a chance to my heart.
So sitting across my drunk friend,
I talk about how am I going to write happy?
Would I write about smiles or,
Would I write about the hypocrisy of nature?
Where the rains depict sadness but they fill my body with joy.
My emotions are so black in hindsight,
For them maybe happiness is just a toy.
So sitting across my now tipsy friend,
I ask her, how should I convey my notion?
Taking the last shot of whiskey and juice
She ,herself with a taint sorrow, laughed at my face and my motion.
My infrences were way too philosophical for her taste.
It's difficult to express, easy to feel.
This capital letter H is shown to be so glamourous in reel.
Maybe happiness is fairy dust scattered over a few lands.
I guess, when I am happy and I know it, I'll just clap my hands.
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