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Zywa Nov 15
Well, ultimately,

human beings are born from --

the same Father: Chance.
Novel "Lighthousekeeping" (2004, Jeanette Winterson), chapter Two Atlantics

Collection "Chance"
Zywa Nov 8
I am an island,

I just have to wait and see --

if Love docks with me.
Novel "Sexing the cherry" (1989, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "1649" (Anno Domini 1649)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 80s and 90s"
thyreez-thy Oct 9
Hand in hand, eye to eye, your gaze leaved me elated
Your smile sends me, it was made in heaven, all negative emotions negated
Was this meeting between 2 people fated?
Will our love be debated?

Your Dress shines brighter than stars in a sky
I laugh awkwardly just staring into your eyes
Heavens know how lucky it must be for a guy
To be blushing so hard it cannot be disguised

Hands intertwined as the music sets the motion
Movements so in sync we receive jealously from the ocean
How would your parents feel, what is their notion?
Am I the only one feeling this much devotion?

Tip toes and sways, you match the beat to the Tee
We scream at the top of our lungs, so what if the world sees?
Be it fate, chance, destiny, or the power to believe
I know that we could never be deceived

This must be real, you must actually be here
If not, then why do I feel your hand wipe my tears
Were those dreams just illusions to feed into my fears?
Or was our love ever really there my dear?
Something I managed to come up with after seeing an incomplete poem, I hope to write down each poem I've ever created and will create by the end of this year.
I once knew a girl from a north country shore 
as it was some place I had been to before.
We had met one fine day going down the street
each walking in opposite directions sweet.
We were both minding our own business when
an incident happened for us to meet then;
some elderly lady with a shopping bag
was coming along but got caught in a snag;
one of her shoes on the uneven pavement
nearly sent her headlong towards derailment.
Fortunately for her we were both there to
stop her from falling and to save the bag's spew.

As we helped the lady and looked at each other
we caught a gleam of light in our eyes to bother
all preconceived notions of what life was about
and it seemed we were both uneasy to find out.
For we looked up and away with sighs of relief
then back again at each other in disbelief.
I couldn't help seeing then the look on her face;
reflections of my own as from a mirrored place.
Or was it an image from deep within my heart
projected outward being therein from the start?
What happened next was not so amazing to tell
as we spoke certain words of greeting and farewell.
Written in January, 2023
leeaaun Sep 29
Happiness, a fragile, elusive wisp,
In the shadows of life, it often slips.
A distant memory of days long past,
A bitter reminder of dreams that couldn't last.

It's the echo of laughter in empty halls,
A fading photograph on crumbling walls.
Happiness, once vibrant, now a faded hue,
Lost in the maze of responsibilities we accrue.

It's the weight of burdens that never relent,
The scars of time, the love that's spent.
In the solitude of nights that seem so long,
Happiness, it seems, has gone so wrong.

It's the dreams deferred, the chances missed,
In the search for meaning, opportunities dismissed.
Happiness, a distant star in a dark abyss,
A longing, a yearning, a bittersweet reminisce.

So we chase it still, through the years we roam,
Hoping to find our way back home.
But adult happiness, it's a complex art,
A delicate balance, a fractured heart.
pov of an adult
Steve Page Sep 4
He was grateful for the earlier impetus to shave
and the rare spur to trim his wayward nostril hairs.

He was pleased that this was a shower day
and that he had thought to try that citrus gel after all.

He was relieved it hadn’t been a typical Friday night,
topped off with a large fish supper after work.

He thanked the saint of 40-plus, single men
for these small mercies, as he recalled her kiss

- a peck really - on his left check, just in front of his ear
as they hugged their goodbye, just outside the station.

It had been just after she gave him her number
and promised a proper catch up soon and sealed

that promise in the squeeze of his hand as they parted.

And later, at the 1st anniversary of that chance meeting,
they laughed their recollection and she confessed

she had been swayed by the citrus.
Prompted by a Stephen King line in Mr Mercedes.
Zywa Aug 7
A stranger falls, and

as he falls he is breaking --

in into my life.
Poem "Weet nog wel" ("I remember", 2022, Ester Naomi Perquin)

Collection "Truder"
Zywa Aug 1
A door may open,

in any blind wall, it will --

be a door of love.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "CHOOSER"

Collection "Within the walls"
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