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Simon Apr 21
Or not until the changes of seasonal events reach out towards that very flower with a creepily chill in mind. Something that gives it a chance to open up (when it least expects it).
Flowers are unseasonably unbounded towards their truest of fateful claims (when only the desires don't swelt your measure of control going overboard from right off the bat)!
Ylzm Apr 18
Surer knowledge by cross examination
of witnesses than belief in imaginations
Will more certainty than mindless chance
Shakespeare was a man rather than monkeys
and Eve than washed up fishes learning to walk
Rea Apr 14
isn't it funny how
the best things come out
after you're taken the fall.
how my heart had to break into a million pieces
before i realized what poured out of the cracks.
the potential to love
like a cup that's been filled too much
and it pours down the sides
and on your hands
and on the floor
and suddenly it's everywhere.
something so tiny, you didn't even know it was there
until it was plugged in
and now it's thousands of lights
that won't burn out.
you're blinded by the brightness
and you think "how could this all be contained inside me?"
and all you want to do is throw open the doors and invite everyone in because you know your heart can withstand it.
you know now you are strong enough to
love and break a billion times over.
so jump then fall and see what comes out.
cassandra Apr 10
you’re like a mental map
that i use
every time i get lost
in somebody’s eyes
to remind myself
it’s not worth a try
Hera Mar 31
I heard you shouting my name,
I heard you taking all the blame.
Can you feel the flame?
Is it still the same?
I guess not,
Because it was all a game.
My Dear Poet Mar 15
A flick and toss
Is no win nor loss
If the coin remains in your hand

Heads and tails
Never fails
If you allow the coin to land

So give a throw
You never know
What destiny has planned
FELILA Jul 2020
I wonder
How many shooting stars
We let pass

Just because
We refused to look up
The sky's vast
Look up and see.
GJLT Mar 3
to wake up is a chance
at what you want out of this
don't treat it with haste,
don't let it go to waste.

to breathe is to be present,
here, in the trenches of today.
don't let outside voices stay,
don't listen to what they say.
live for today,
live it out your own way.
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