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O God!
by Qateel Shifai
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Torture my heart, O God!
If you so desire, leave me a madman, O God!

Have I asked for the moon and stars?
Enlighten my heart and give my eyes sight, O God!

We have all seen this disk called the sun,
Now give us a real dawn, O God!

Either relieve our pains here on this earth
Or make my heart granite, O God!

by Qateel Shifai
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Since we met and parted, how can we sleep hereafter?
Lost in each others' remembrance, must we not weep hereafter?

Deluges of our tears will keep us awake all night:
Our eyelashes strung with strands of pearls, hereafter!

Thoughts of our separation will sear our grieving hearts
Unless we immerse them in the cooling moonlight, hereafter!

If the storm also deceives us, crying Qateel!,
We will scuttle our boats near forsaken shores, hereafter.

Keywords/Tags: Urdu, translation, translations, God, heart, eyes, sight, madman, moon, stars, tears, pearls, mrburdu
A dark room filled up
The shadows stretching
Like a full cup
In the darkest etching

The aroma of ink
The crumble of paper
The eyes that sink
The dusty vapor

The click of a pen
The bright desktop light
The typing again
The inscribing of graphite
Eh... I think I'm just a tad bit too obsessive with the small senses in life. By the way, if you're wondering my strongest sense is my smell. Everything, and I mean, everything has a specific aroma in my mind
Dark eyes messed up hair
Swinging, back and forth chair
Heads turn, eyes meet
Doubtless insecurities
I didn't notice you
I lie, but it's true
The air between, turned blue
And that was the moment
I knew.

Cold air, on my face
Eyes closed, head dazed
You walk, past me
I turn, only to see
You turn, your head around
Catch me, without a sound
Your sins were due
And that was the moment
You knew.

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Sonnet: Second Sight (II)
by Michael R. Burch

(Newborns see best at a distance of 8 to 14 inches.)

Wiser than we know, the newborn screams,
red-faced from breath, and wonders what life means
this close to death, amid the arctic glare
of warmthless lights above.
Beware! Beware!—
encrypted signals, codes? Or ciphers, noughts?

Interpretless, almost, as his own thoughts—
the brilliant lights, the brilliant lights exist.
Intruding faces ogle, gape, insist—
this madness, this soft-hissing breath, makes sense.
Why can he not float on, in dark suspense,
and dream of life? Why did they rip him out?

He frowns at them—small gnomish frowns, all doubt—
and with an ancient mien, O sorrowful!,
re-closes eyes that saw in darkness null
ecstatic sights, exceeding beautiful.

Published by The Neovictorian/Cochlea. Keywords/Tags: sonnet, newborn, baby, birth, labor, slap, breath, screams, life, sight, vision, mrbson
s a m Sep 4
Your eyes are like blue skies;
your lips are like eclipse.
Your face is undying grace–
a view with a lot of hue.
Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Bhill Sep 1
when the moon is full and very, very bright
you have to look twice and respect the sight
it's been coming around, since the start of it all
when it's at it best, it appears like a ball
that ball is bright if the clouds are just right
shining in the new day as it completes its night's flight

Brian Hill - 2020 # 240
Sun beamed at
her melodious smile,
Sand embraced
patterns her feet made;
A sight to behold
even time stood
in solitude to
witness love song.
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Mamta Wathare Aug 17
There was a war within me
A ****** terrible war - of deception - and lies - of hurtful ties that became knots in my belly and threatened to end me
Darkness clouded over - a hundred wails rang in my ears
I lost my sight - I lost my mind - only my soul remained
A soul that knew only your name - it invoked you - again and again

You arrived
like a knight
a brilliant blue light
in all the darkness
to lift the veil
The masks fell apart in your presence
And I saw your face, pouring with unending love, so holy, so pure

The war turned into a dance
An eternal dance of us
My war cries have become songs
They flow like rivers into the ocean of you
Alicia Moore Aug 16
I see myself in you,
but I wish I didn’t...
because you make me feel so blue.
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