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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, listen to you when you speak or scream ;not me who said that:)

I wonder I ponder freedom bright
if what people read upon my sights

do they feel me in the ravens
because when I view others' dimes its a haven

even not poems on stones
novels have their power to sensate my bones

sour attachments I prize I pave
something to my heart to a  sweetest cinnamon save

Splashes of colour
I've never felt duller
Seeing through my rose-tinted glasses
I never saw the red flags
My heart now carries these heavy bags
My feelings torn to rags
Bright and red
I feel sick
Hit with a rose coloured brick
Red and bright
All flags insight
I squeeze my eyes tight
Wishing everything was alright

You're the
light in my
heart, my
breathe &
inhaling air.
You're the
lens and
the pupil of
which I
sight. The
window of
my soul and
my twin-spirit.
Baby you're
my motivation,
mission and
destination. I
got my  whole
world in you,
believe me I
live in you.
For your love
soothe and
makes me whole.
George Krokos Apr 19
O God, may Your light of love and truth always shine through
illuminating all the darkness and dispelling our ignorance too.
You are the Only One That eternally shines by Its own infinite light
and everything’s a reflection of Thy glory witnessed by divine sight.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Ylzm Apr 18
I've walked and savoured
Seen the magic and ate the food
Sight and hearing may deceive
But taste, fragrance and touch
Directly speaks and to you alone
And by same measure I know
The liars, the blind, and the fools
For their fruits are without taste
Even as plastic fruits are for eyes only
I had no idea
to call you back
when I lost everything
from my eyes sight.
But I want to get a help.
Indonesia, 14th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Sal AK Apr 12
Give me a thousand kisses
In the midst of the darkest night,
Find the bridge from my heart to yours
Let love be your guiding light
They say the fastest thing in the world is light
Then how come you are never in my sight?
I cant help but beg you to please slow down
But when I finish, youre already out of town
I cant even tell, as you slip right by
Thats how it'll be, 'till the day I die
Ill catch up to time eventually....
I weirdly - no, wantonly - want to kiss you the next time

Your blue-gray eyes besiege my focus and I resign

My sight - no, soul - to your vision and spread your word

As the bearded and fattened prophet of these feelings deferred.
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