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Jay M 5d
Things I cannot believe
My idiocy
Things I shall never achieve
O, my idiocy
Things I shall never know
O, my idiocy…

Hatred and anger
Burning flames
Things I wish not to remember
Yet never
Never will I forget…

Who am I?
I am no one
An idiot of course
A fool, so naive
A child indeed
Unorganized, I am doomed
This curse, I assumed
Would leave me, but never…

Shall I ever be released?
O never, o never,
Shall I ever be set free?
O no, o never,
Shall I see the light of day…

Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
The sorrow and woe
The sorrow and woe…

If they ever saw me
For me
Would they leave me?
Or would they feel me?
Would they lift me up,
Above the clouds,
Where they flux so freely
As a bird in flight
Across the vastness
That is my mind

Do you hear me?
Do you see me?
No, o never,
Never it goes…

O, if you could see it
O, if you could hear it
The broken melody,
The bleeding heart,
The depths it reaches to…

O never, o never,
Shall I forgive myself
O never, o never
Shall I forgive myself…

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
She paused
on the edge
of the kerb,

he saw her
standing there
in all her beauty,

dressed in jeans
and top
and fair hair
******* behind.

She looked both ways
as traffic passed
in a continued flow.

But he didn't
want her to go;

he wanted her
to remain
for his eyes to feast,
for his mind to dream,
for his joy
of seeing beauty
in a world of dross
and ugliness.

She moved
backward and forward
on her feet,
onto toes
and back on heels
and toes again.

He sipped his coffee
and gazed at her
from the window
of the cafe.

But then
she moved off
and across the road
as the traffic paused,
and she was gone
from sight,

but he had
the captured memory
to replay at night.
Approaching night
Wasting light
Save my soul
Before your sight

If I should stray
Beyond this day
Make me whole
For this I pray

Seanathon Oct 4
Someday I'll play this song for you
Someplace where only you will hear
And only we will see
Appearing suddenly as a mountain fog in the morning Spring
And you'll know the breadth of my thought breathed for you
The gifts I once created too
Long before we were we
Trying to be more truthful. In order to catalog. To move on until the dawn.
Diary of Jane Sep 25
At least I don't have to see you with her everyday now.

I don't get to see you either, anymore.
aennij Sep 23
A little glimpse of you,
a little glance of beauty.
Those eyes that never sees blue,
looking at you, you're pretty.

As you move swiftly,
these eyes only landed at you.
Those laughs that were quirky,
you're just too good to be true.

Gaining my courage,
breathing heavily.
Never will I be discouraged,
so let's take this slowly.

A little glimpse from you,
a little glance I cherish once in a while.
Those eyes that gives hue,
looking at you, I smile.
Ylzm Sep 23
Blind faith betrays itself
in hypocrisy and double-mindedness;
the sighted sees
the blind hears
and imagined:
proudly believing it knows;
does not and cannot know
its own ignorance
nor tell apart lies from truth.

Boldly, in self-belief,
calling out and stepping out, to lead;
immediately, stumbles and falls.
blind followers no wiser.
groping and wondering
where the voice went.
JAW Sep 17
I don’t know you’re name
But I’ve written you poems
Not really for you
But definitely about you
myrrh Sep 15
Light crawls in through the curtains
Stains the floor in shades of yellow & white
Sets pools of obscurity bright
As the sun retires from our sight
Twilight cometh, like one's mind at night
Seanathon Sep 11
Through the trees it peeks
Like a breath of Fall
Caressing the mirror of Summers last look
Holding the eyes of all
Of the passers by
Who happen to look
And luckily happen not to catch cold
At the very sight of miss Summer
Growing ever older between two trees
I saw it this morning. The first sight of Fall.
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