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myrrh 18h
You're supposed to learn from your mistakes right?
Then explain why I opened my eyes
And didn't just stay asleep like it was one long night
Everyone says my future is bright,
But the bulb has gone out
And there's no replacement in sight
Guess I just gotta hold tight
And wander through these dark times
Maybe one day, I can go up in Life: a new height
To see the sun shine over the horizon
To flicker light into my eye which is oh so white
Jolene B 21h
I wish I never looked in the mirror. So that I could decide for myself who I wanted to be.

I wished I didn’t have to live in a world where your appearance defines who you are.

I want to be me, but I can't. Because we have eyes.

I do act differently because of how I look. Isn't that why our preconceptions about people are usually right. We act differently if we satisfy the conditions of beauty in this society. We are a completely different person.
Who would I be if I never looked in the mirror, If I never heard any opinion about my appearance from other people, if I never learned how beauty is supposed to look for it to be labeled: 'beauty’. Would I be the same? Act the same? I think not.
Would I be a better person? Would the world be better... without sight?
What I love

Your soul is within your eyes.
The colour, the pupil, the lens to focus the light.  
Your visions are put together like a family photograph.
Click!  You stole my soul through your camera lens.
Give it back!  

I’m no Demon;
I am Human-e, that is for certain,
Because if I had the power to change the world for the better,
We would all live in paradise, forever and ever.

I would make every Human marry their equal
And a self-destruction button would be activated,
If they were ever unfaithful.
Spontaneous combustions like stars falling to the ground.
Everyone is guilty; everybody cheats love if they are fooling around.
So I would be the last man standing,
Before you my love, speaking the truth; being genuine.

Please accept that you are all that I need.
If at the moment you feel differently,
It doesn’t mean you should just ignore my true feelings.

Yes it is possible someone loves more than you do.
No it is impossible for me to cheat on you.

Leave you I will, if I think you have strayed.
Wait for proof?  Never again.
Drove me insane, it did for sure;
So I cannot be your whore.
Use another body; anybody.
Just please do not use mine.
My broken heart stares up sadly, at my broken mind.

My soul is shattered!
I love…
I love y…

It doesn’t matter…

…what I love.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When I see you

My eyes turn to the side
Just past the wrinkles

To the corners of the world
Where the greatest hope still resides
Besides that of eternity

And you, you…

You seem to me
Like a picture of a jubilee

As a lightning strike
Before my eyes
You change the way I view the night

And the days so short
Which pass us by

Though your heart of Autumn
Often beats
There is always summertime in me

And the will to be

Yes, the mere sight of you
And the mind I see

Always makes me feel
Alone but I'm glad you're not. With a wink and a smile. I strive endlessly.

Best when read to the tune of - https://youtu.be/Y-Es0N3yOjs
Let there be colour
Let there be shape
Let the air be filled
with sound and scent

Let colours and shapes
Let sounds and scents
be blended together
with roaring intent

Go soak in the sights
and relish the shapes
go embrace the new
come and escape
Inspired by a young designer. https://www.ellamaestatham.com
Lyn-Purcell Sep 13

You claim to see true but yet you fail
to understand a key factor of sight:
The perception of one's self is
different from reality

Seriously, some people need to have one BIG slice of humble pie...
Especially in this day and age...
Morning, y'all! ^^
Lyn xxx
Riptide Sep 6
There is a girl,
She is scared of love
She doesn't want to be cared about because she is afraid of losing someone she loves.
So she is scared to caring or loving someone.
There is a girl,
Who is afraid to be blind
She doesn't want to miss out on all the pretty sights she could see.
So she is scared to not see the world in all it's glory.
The first girl falls in love and gets married,
But her husband cheates on her.
The second girl loves to star gaze,
But she is just dreaming when she wakes up she is blind.
These two part are like the two sides of me and I fear both things and I am afraid of what's going to happen
V Exeter Aug 31
What's worse
than a shell
of protection?

I can say for sure,
it's automatic trust
response to

They're human, right?
Are as I am, it would seem.
Then more so
do I doublethink:
remove myself
as at their best
they're bad as I am
at my most immaculate.

Brain in a toxic stew
of all logical goo,
I whisper the shorthand,
.help me.

Were I to break the gates,
you would storm the city.
Future sight.
dream Aug 27
My eyes met yours,
And yours, mine.
For that split second,
Stagnant, was time.
I looked away first,
I then walked away,
But I felt your gaze on me,
And mine did not stray.
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