Eli 6d
i never thought love at first sight could be real. i thought, how can anyone fall in love with someone they don't know?

but when i turned around
and saw you,
you smiled at me.
when your eyes met mine,
i knew it immediately.
i felt it in all my bones.

you had me even before hello.
i've fallen for you and i kinda don't know what to do now.
Gods1son Jan 8
Faith came to me in the night
Told me about a journey for the next day
In the early morning we hit the road
He replaced one of my eyes with his

Then he put work in my hands
And he went way ahead of me
He told me "your eye could see things
That would get you scared
Close your eye and see with mine"

The journey wasn't as easy as I thought
So many times I got stuck
Then, I would see with his eye
And suddenly a way would pave
Oh, I wouldn't forget the "Doubts" cave!

Sometimes, he would come back to pull me out
He was the help I couldn't do without
To cut the long story short
After the countless hills and valleys
We made it back home with all the work fully done

From then, I learnt to walk by Faith!
This is more like a story, I hope you enjoy it
theforest Jan 6
i was already in love
with who she was
but i was at war
with my life
with my feelings

that day
everything else
was as grim
as it always is
life was covering me in dirt
like a toy soldier
waiting to be forgotten
and discarded

but the moment
i laid eyes on her
everything else became
white noise
the universe ******
all the colors out of everything
so i could focus on her
my pupils dilated so quickly
i thought my heart would explode

when i first saw her
i suddenly felt capable of loving again
and even if i was not
i knew that i would never stop trying

when i first saw her
everything made sense
Been watching war movies lately. Realizing, that the war never ends even after the soldiers come home.
Alex Zhang Jan 4
Silken sweet is the sycamore's song,
where robins roost and raise their young,
and smooth smells of chrysanthemums run
to see the sordid spring.

The shiny sheen of nature's skein is too delicate
for my Velcro eyes, which tear and wrench
the tranquil strands into a tangle of rough satin;
be my sandpaper soul that skins salamander to
brawny bones and bores raucous cores like
maggots and ****.

Raw sewage seeps, creeps carefully into
the spaces of Her starry quilt
until squelching squishes escape
my hoarse rasping whispers
and see the calloused corpse that casts its rueful shadow
into bright days, silver nights
to a twilight that will not end.

Caustic contaminants cross my veins and cake skin in
corrosive gasps; fumes funneling fingers of pus
pancake pores of porcelain dust to a mortar
of blemished touch.

May I bathe in boredom's ennuinous ***** so that I may emerge
blessed, reborn best as salty caramel springs,
let the day spray sparing tea into me and cleanse
careless cacophony.

Burrow my body,
leave quelled, cool Calvin to play the fool
and be me for the day.
Abby M Jan 3
The Great Wave
A sight often mistaken for a thing of beauty
A sight that means death
A graceful tragedy
MissPine Dec 2018
by: MissPine

The city at night;
All lights so bright.
It always stay & I might.
The beauty of it is a sight.
John Glenn Dec 2018
Your eyeglasses
Are a stimuli
And I
I hope you
Keep wearing them
So your heart sees clear
That you're beautiful
With them on.
Amanda Dec 2018
Sometimes takes too long to see
The things you were always blind to
Once your eyes have opened though
Your entire world crashes down on you
Everyone knows THAT moment...
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