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He says he is the shallow waters,
but I can see that he is the sea.

He says he only sees the dark
but I can see the light that fills his heart.

He says he is nothing more than a reflection
but all I see is him in me.

He says he is but a momenttopassmytime
but I wish he could see
how I long
to reach with him

He says all he is is b  r   o k    e       n
but I wish he could see how he makes me

I wish he could see
that he is the sea.
what a bad or good
when i looked up
i found rosy flower
filling every span
drawing a big heart
my secret was released
the birds make it in poem
i love you
all creatures know
they sing my name and you
i felt shame
i ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , i find
your heart
but you get shame
as the universe might know
you  ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , you find
my heart
the time of love passed as a sight,one can,t discover
Asante' 6d
Somewhere there are stars
Even when they're out of sight.
They are shining in the Heavens
Making radiating light.
So even when it's cloudy
Or the world is feeling grey,
Remember somewhere there are stars
That can brighten up your day.
When I looked at you I saw the world,
The way you saw the world.
Everything was shaded with the brightest yellows
And the deepest blues,
But all the reds were gone.

Looking away from you
I saw the blinding white haloes around the stars,
I saw the pink laces between different cells of my hands,
I can see the red ball thrown in the field of green.

I just had to look away from you.
Some palettes change. Dogs see only blue and yellow.
Starring at the window
Waiting for the glow
Starry Starry night
Where does my heart go

Blurry blurry sight
You hurt me so right
It makes me feel blue
I don't have a clue

The rain start to fall
So does my eyes too
Waiting for the night
That I'm gonna be alright

Those season I have
that I never had
That I've been this bad
For our second chance
sunprincess Oct 30
Behold, a fallen prince from the old country
Lost one of his most prized possessions
He requested everyone in the grand castle
From the king’s cook, to the court jester
To the queens hand maiden
To search every nook and cranny
high and low
From the bell tower to the dungeons below
Yet his sight was nowhere to be found
So heartbreaking, a friend lost his sight
Vibrant Vectors,
Bounce Buoyantly,
From castle top,
To dungeon dark,
Their Technicolor angles,
Make angels’,
Wings which,
Provide unique views,
Of the Kusama colored,
Blinking barking lights.
Simra Sadaf Oct 19
It is a voice I am trying to abandon,

Grey coloured glasses concealed my eyes
Of a condition as clear as the summer sky
That caused permanent damage to my sight,

This thrum has caged me in a mirthless setting,
Hating an existence, harming an existence,
I wonder which is for me, which is for the other,
Saving an existence, subduing an existence,

Hand in hand they go, trust and deceit,
Usurped a land only to leave it barren,
Murdered a being and nobody found it,

It is a buzz preventing me from moving ahead,
Numbing my fingers and aching my head,
Suffocating darkness is everywhere,
It is getting difficult to breathe, it is in the air,
Debunking your half-truths and all the lies,
Evoked so much grief that even the sky cries,

My mind is begging for a moment’s sanity,
Yearns for a fresh breeze, for tranquility,

Heart that is decayed now hopes to dream,
Eager eyes are waiting to gleam,
And wishes to drift into a far off galaxy,
Desires to bloom, to reach the sky valiantly.
Beautiful heart
A heart not to be worn on your sleeve
In search of Love in a pit of snakes
White rose among the scarlet
Only to be found once in a lifetime
Disappeared it has
Like a cat sleeping in a windowsill
A common site overlooked
It was always there
The vase in the window now is missing
The one with the golden heart
Locked away far from sight
Never again to grant the opportunity to be shattered
A beautiful heart
The holy grail
Shall be difficult to find
Written by Sean Achilleos 18 October 2018©
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