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Bede Sep 24
Oh beautiful, my risen Sun,
My glorious radiant divinity.
You, the enlightener of the skies,
Warmer of hearts, thrill of the mind.

Sing praises, I, to thy wondrous name!
Who shall thy be in my world?
The brightest star, brighten the moon,
And make the night lessened so.

So, sing I the praises of you, my Sun!
My honey-worded Muse,
May my praises shine greatly,
As thy beams of warmth and love!
he is a turtle
she is a rose

he moves slow
she daily glows

he is rough and coarse
she smells perfect

he closes his eyes
she flies in petals

he proposed her
she refuses

he goes down underwater
she amuses

he came as a wet pet
she firms her guards

he tells a story
she discards

he stops trying
she loves the scar

he stays in front of her
and she remarks

what do you need?
what do you want?

his voice is crisp
he utters at last

I just need affection
I just need admiration
I just need approval
because I am a narc.
Carl D'Souza Aug 9
In what ways
do I make others
joyful and happy?

How much
do I make others
joyful and happy?
I want to strive to be worthy of your grace. So that the day I see your face, my knees will hit the ground in praise, but my eyes don’t drop to the ground in disgrace.
Carl D'Souza Jul 26
In my youth
I pretended to be
what I thought others’ thought
was prideworthy and praiseworthy,
and I was unjoyful and unhappy
self-annihilating my authentic self.

Now I am older
and I realise
only by being my authentic self
and striving for joy and happiness
using my authentic self
can I be joyful and happy.
Starlit gaze
Sunshine eyes
Soothe me with that Caressing voice
Strong and bright spirit keep on burning
The embodiment of vitality
Always growing
Always learning
Always caring from start
Fire in your heart
Swift charisma
Beautiful body
Beautiful mind
Always able to move with the times
Perfect rhythm
Resilient as can be
Mother in arms how I cherish the
Beyond strong never failing to amaze
Seeing the wisdom in every way
Being the example that deserves her praise
Sweet elixir, nectar of life
You came as a blessing from above
Your perception is flawless, seeing the world as it is
So many more words to say but it all comes down to love
You’re brilliant, I love you honey
Steve Page Jul 23
A Psalm:

It is fitting to praise you with joyful song.
It is fitting to make stringed music to you.
It is fitting to sing new songs to you,
to play skillfully to you and to shout joyfully to you,
our God and Maker.
It is fitting to hope in your unfailing love,
to hope in your help and in your shield
to hope in your fearful, unfailing love,
our God and King.

It is fitting to praise you in the kitchen
with spoon and saucepan
with smart speaker on full volume.
It is fitting for the family to worship you
with loud bellows in the car,
with all the windows down.
It is fitting to praise you in the congregation,
in the Town Hall, in the parks and in the university,
in places of further wisdom your people praise you.

It is fitting
to play skillfully to you
to play with drums and cymbals.
It is fitting
to play with bass and keyboard,
to play with gong and cymbals.
It is fitting
to fill the Weston Halls with praise
to fill the corridors with the prayers of your people.
It is fitting
to stand together with your people
with both arms raised to you,
with our hope in your unfailing love.
It is fitting
for your people to praise you,
our God and Redeemer.
Met for start of a week of prayer at Redeemer London, which was kicked off with Psalm 33.  'It is fitting...'
Johnny walker Jul 13
I sing my praise to my sweetheart Helen each
night before I go to bed
I say a prayer for
She was my world and
all I needed for I lived
for her God rest her soul
Helen In his keeping
I'll sing my praise to my sweetheart Helen to
whom I've never
stopped loving God
take care of her she's
In your hands
A hym for Helen I'll sing her praise she In God's hands now
free from pain
Lord how great is your creation,
Your glory radiates across the nation.
For this, I praise you.

You have everything in your hands,
Even things I will never understand.
That's why I praise you.

You lead those who have gone astray,
One by one you lead the way.
And they shall praise you.

And though I don't deserve your embrace,
Lord you give me constant grace.
And I shall praise you.

Lord thank you for all you have done,
For your grace is for everyone.
May I forever praise you.
Empire Jul 4
Let all praise rise to the Almighty!
He who looked upon me
This broken soul
This cacophonous mind
And wanted it...?
In this desperate, evil state
Down from glory, perfection
He stoops low
To reach into my vile spirit
My craving for rebellion
My lust for escape
My destructive habits
His heart is so soft...
He reaches to me
He holds me through the night
And strengthens me to rise with the sun
So, I repeat:
Let all praise rise!
Let it rise to my Savior!
Let it rise to the only reason I’m alive.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it
Prone to leave the God I love...
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