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O soft evening, I keen await
your calm, consoling atmosphere,
The peace drifting upon your whisper,
The choruses of the birds I hear.

My troubled soul, it longs for you,
When it may finally be at ease,
When the world is stroked by golden charm
to sleep, and red boughs sigh in the breeze.

The dying daylight gilts the earth,
and drowsiness settles in the warm air,
I sigh, for the day is nearly done,
and some days are more than I can bear.

As evening slips into the night,
and as the gold fades into grey,
As darkness falls upon the land
I let my thoughts and feelings stray.

I think of this Autumn evening,
so beautiful and without a care,
I think of its creator, my Almighty God,
and I offer up this evening prayer.

Please banish from me the thoughts of day,
O Lord, and deliver me upon your wings,
and I praise you, Lord, for the calm you bring,
Upon an Autumn evening.
Spriha Kant Sep 27
Loving , praising and embracing oneself isn't hubris and selfish ,
rather , the best technique for keeping all those at bay who expect from others to stay under their feet.
Who showed up?
It was she who showed up
At my door
I just praised her
In all innocence
Garbage, she wasn't mild
This is how ******* work
I am told
Frivolous thorns thought
They would receive huge applause
For protecting 'roses' beautiful and pristine
But to their dismay
They find themselves thrown away
While 'roses' getting praise and care all the way
They regret why they born
Nobody appreciates the thorns!
Lyn-Purcell Aug 23

Willow-swift beauty
Flowered fruits have earned her praise
For she is acclaimed

New day, new haiku!
Taking it slow and steady as always.
Three of the Charites, children of Hephaestus and Aglaia [aka Kharis, one of the three Charites] down and after this, one more to go!
This is Eupheme, goddess of praise. And again, there isnt much on her but like her sisters before her, I wanted to give her some character.
I picture Eupheme as someone who is diligent and hardworking at her passions, someone who is worthy of praise because of how much heart she puts into her work. I wanted to make her more human in that regard, you know. This is something we all deserve, praise for our passion.
Please just keep at what you do and be honest and open too.
The best is yet to come, for us all!

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn đź’ś
Without a whit of goodness from my birth,
Iniquitously living day by day,
Out from the center of my sinful earth,
T'ward self-fulfillment, poor, I made my way.
Nothing to glorify within myself,
Yet glory-seeking for my own self's sake,
I heard vain fancy, too deceiving elf;
And, cheated well, I listened to the snake.
But now, the life of Jesus having entered
Into my life and spirit, and my soul,
I have within (the which within is centered)
The holiest of holies to extol.  
Glorious God! I render unto Thee
The glory that is Thine that is in me!
Isaac Muigai Jul 29
We only live once, my father once said
But I say, we only love once
For ever since I met you, I have had no affection for another
Your Love pulled me, and just like a song, I danced to its rhythm
I fell into a trance, and just like a puppet, you bent me to your will
You had me by your fingertips, my heart in your mercy
I became a slave, my only job to guard your heart
Drunk in your love I made a promise, a promise to be your shield if you became my heart
Sheela Jul 25
Symptoms…. They don’t make me go dull for I am filled with his wisdom…all of it prepares me for his kingdom….remembering me to live only for my father… Yes he is my ruler…

Lord I love you, there’s nothing in this world above you….he is my Lord my only god

Sickness, sorrow or strength my love for Jesus will never quench…. Down in the valley for him when I search …. He is always close within my reach… I drop myself at thy feet… Hoping to turn like you in midair when we meet…

Healing….That comes from my Lord, is a great feeling that words have lost their meaning…Through his nail pierced hands… Waiting for us to fulfill our purposes and plans…

His hymns make me strong and crucified love gives me a song… ,when am gone I don’t wonder where Ill be… As I will surely be carried by thee…
Tom Morrissey Jul 19



There’s a shortcut through this maze,

And it’s not rage.
Zack Ripley Jul 16
it's time to let myself go.
It's time to give up.
It's time to let everyone know
That I finally believe
That I'm worthy of love. Praise.
That I'm finally comfortable
in my own skin.
And if I can feel that way about myself
I have faith you can too.
It all starts by looking within.
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