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You can

You can praise me
With your poetic mind
You can hug me
With your poetic arms
You can say
All in the verses

Let's get
Beyond this threshold
Take me to your universe
Meet me in your dreams

Never let
Wishes to run dry
No matter what
Follow me

I'am all yours
You can
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matter
Ormond Jan 19
Dear Pablo, as I look over
my soaking body, wet, with patches
of dirt, blotched and raw bleeding,
the clouds turn in my yellowed eyes
in order to love you, my Pablo.  
You, who made me feel radiant.  
As I am the sea,  I fish for you,
rolling in mud, and becoming
mountain, I topple for your toes
who'd dig in deep and itch my aching

breast to sleep.  My dreamful-drowsy
birds, rake the skies, rush-out like nets
wanting you on their wings, my poem.
Pablo, I loved you so when you said,
my flowers were little stars to pick,
and that loneliness was a train who waits
in a far-away station, and how, my most
minuscule attributes — a cat, a pear,
the atom, you praised, in odes, heaped
like showers hailed from heaven, as fresh-

water you reigned from the other side
of tears, and temper'd my salt, my green,
murky life.  Dearest Pablo, since you've gone,
my breath has the emptiness that hides under
stone.  And the blue-winds crossing, my life-
less age, they are nothing but long waves,
keening,   —  Nay   —  rood   —   ahhh!
Since you have left me.  And my trees,
they forget how to grow,
my song, my only,
Prince eduard Jan 14
My lord
Oh, my God my landlord
you are my life
you are my everything
I'm nothing without you
Now I offer my life, my soul
from you to me and to you
You made me
I'm just giving it all back to where it's worthy
To where it belong
And to where it for so long have longed

I love you, oh Father
you are my family
and your children are my sisters and brothers
I am yours, let it be

I will sing praises to thee
Wherever, whenever
I will always thank thee
Wherever, whenever
and i will always love and worship thee
Wherever, forever

Nothing I can say but Hallelujah
I believe and declare you are Yeshua
Jesus Christ, my God, my Saviour, my Lord
To where my life is dedicated for ever
oh Hallelujah
Nothing I can say but Hallelujah!
Just.. Hallelujah


You did something
that you were
told to do.

So why
are you
awaiting praise
for doing something
you should have done
in the
first place?
Poetress2 Dec 2018
He is our God,
the great, "I AM;"
Who created us,
before time began.
He cares for us,
as nobody could;
He accepted us,
when nobody would.
He watched us grow,
He watched us play;
And He never once,
turned His face away.
The great, "I AM,"
deserves all our praise;
Not only on Sundays,
but everyday.
Annie Dec 2018
You're just a soul
Without a body
A void, the hole
Inside me

I am unable to give you a form
A structure to the laughter I hear
You're mystical
More than just a smear

You're my intangible creation
Above everything, and all
You'll rise with me, if I fall

Too holy for the rest
Unfathomed, my beloved
Keeping me closest
With requisite gazes
md-writer Nov 2018
all my sorrows washed away
all my darkness turned to day
every sin and failing weak
every evil word I speak -
He has turned them all to dust
no more dirt and no more rust

blood now boils within my veins
life now covers o'er my stains
God who is the perfect ruler
has stooped to daily be my tutor

What grace! What love! What everlasting light!
What awe! What life! What
ever-growing sight!
JDL Nov 2018
I want Your strength
Not my strength
I want Your wisdom
Not my wisdom
I want Your patience
Not my patience
I want Your grace
Not my grace
I want Your humility
Not my humitility
I want Your love
Not my love
I want Your Spirit
Not my spirit
This is one of my favorite prayers
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Awoke today feeling strangely
different from previous days
not experiencing the problem
I usually have, not actually to
feel anything other than
overwhelming sense of
If all my worries just
disappeared with the sleep of
the previous night and I
believe It's down to this
site to where I now write poetry
and the wonderful support
from the fellow poets who
To those who set up this great
the site I've found a place I can call
the home, where I write my tribute
poems to my late wife which I
receive tremendous support
So much love from all the kind
people here I thank each and every one of you, who saved my life and In doing so now given me a new found purpose to my once fast disappearing  life
A poem as a tribute to all here so deserving of my praise, you who have helped me through this difficult part of my life helping me through grief with your wonderful support bless you all
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