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Ylzm 3d
every breathe a praise
every sight an insight
every utterance, life
and every act, faith
of those who gather not
nor reap but live
as in every beast
who dwells on this earth

#C9fm ~~
1 Make holy his glorious name and adore His powerful word.

2 Sing praises unto thee. And let every breathing creatures tremble at His footstool.

3 The Earth and everythang found therein. Lift on high His glorification and sing adoration unto the supreme Spirit of thy Lord.

4 Hallelujah! Thy Lord reingth  till eternal.

5 From all entities through entities.

6 For He has magnified Himself and manifested Himself through every wondrous works of His hands.

7 Ruler of the universe, His glorious crafts exists even beyond the miltiverse.

8 Underneath Earth and above the skies may thy Almighty God be adored.

βˆ†ΒΆβˆ†9 His right hand through seas His breathe roared the waters.

10 His voice quake the Earth and the foundation of the universe wary.

He looked and lightening from His eyes revealed the secret place of the wicked.

12 Let thy Lord be praised. He has smitten the jaws of His enemies.

13 Even Lucifer and his angels.

14 Thy Lord  reignth till eternal.

15 Blessed be thy Lord our Gad; with psalms and doxologies thy Lord be worshipped. Selah!
When I think of all His awesome doings all  around, my heart does praise . And may it be count worthy before the Almighty
Maria Diola May 28
Praising God is good and right
What a joy, what a delight
To praise Him day and night
"It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night." (Psalm 92:1-2)
Isaac afunadhula Dec 2021
I've been searching for a place like home
But here I choose to stay for the undeniable truth
For the stars shine with every year as a song of praise
In the night it may seem dark but I will rise and stay at the Father's heart.
Blake Dec 2021
You burn,
Your flames rise more,
Offering them warmth,
You burn and burn,
Their wooden throats,
And their cold inners,
Now only love it when you're scorching hot.

So you burn and...
you burn,
They are surely pleased.

But the more you burn,
The easier they become cold,
And the quicker you cease,
To smoke.
Let God be
praised and let
Himself praise Himself.
Let His people
joyfully praise Him,
and let the whole
world and its hosts
and the firmament
and its bodies
laud Him praises,
He who was
and who is to come
He who reinth for
evermore, word
without end. And from
the east pole
of the earth, to the
north of the
south reaching the
west, laud His praises.
In the deepest
part of the sea
sing Joyfully
doxologies of
glorification and
adoration to
worship πŸ› Him
beneath the earth
and underneath His
throne were twenty
and four holy spirits proclaiming His
praises for He his
worthy to be magnified.
Praised be thy
Lord our
God till eternal.
Amen !

Francie Lynch Sep 2021
Who would call them losers
Because they couldn't stand;
We lifted when they moved about
On worn out knees and hands.

We didn't call them fools
Because they didn't talk;
We oohed and ahhed with all their sounds
When they stood free and walked.

We heard a blend of letters spew
Like spilled out alphaghetti;
Raving with their oral prowess,
Like roars on the Serengeti.

As years passed by, and they were graded
(And most certainly not by us);
They might return with D's and E's,
But we never judged or fussed.

This is how we treated them,
Our children that we raised;
I pray that our changing world
Will forgive, forget and praise.
Positive thinking moves...
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Silver lined eyes
Roaming in my mind
your silky sheet on ruby rainbow,
shall occupy my sky
your slightly thickened and dyed hair,
on nape waves your eternal joy of beauty

All the girls were so impulsive for you
I'm the idle one to adore your slow whispers
you told you're going to sleeping
without listening my high notes
singed for you all alone in this dark.
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