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George Krokos Nov 2023
You and I will most likely be gone as there'll be hardly anyone else around
without a building left standing, to be seen, anywhere near on the ground.
There'll be chaos and destruction wherever one may happen to look about
with the screams of women and children heard from afar in pain no doubt.
The voices of men crying together with words mumbled in resignation
addressed to a deity that had been forsaken long ago in condemnation.
Days of the future foretold now are passing under cover of a blackened sky
with the smell of smoke and ashes slowly rising from the ground to pry.
The earth as it has been known in people's memories now exists no more
and former things of beauty loved been shattered to pieces on the shore.
Hopelessness and helplessness are words to express the current situation
with no effort on anyone's part to make amends in a general desperation.
The howling of many dogs and other creatures can also be heard as well
with the sound of rolling thunder fading in the distance is a story to tell.
Flashes of lightning seen in the clouds above add a surreal touch to be
made out or viewed like it's doomsday come at last for those left to see.
With the earth itself trembling from all the current devastation around
there's no one to speak words of comfort to subdue the noise profound.
Like a worst case scenario the images will be etched in the hearts 'n minds
of all those who've remained alive, in one piece, the way that true guilt binds.
Written in Dec'22. I once read a similar poem by a female poet many years ago on another website to which I commented saying it was too negative and pessimistic but these days views expressed on such topics are becoming more commonplace even with me trying to imagine what may never happen. Or is it happening now? Hmm...............
PenNameBree-Z Sep 2022
It was a moment of painful despair
Typing between tears and gasping for air
Convinced there was no one left who cared

This was my final, desperate plea
The call for help, so hard to see
My broken heart rejecting life in me

Deleted moments after my posting
I felt the world - "worth ghosting"
And very little expected opposing

What was the point anyway?

But then, your words reached out to mine
Chased away the screaming in my mind
Cradled my shattered soul in kind

And over the course of weeks, befriend
Refound purpose; continued me to mend
A feeling of trust that cannot bend.

Saved from a monster from deep within
My will to live, once so paper thin
Gratitude for you, where could I ever begin?
RD on reaching out when my life felt like it meant very little anymore.
fm Feb 2022
you look just like her
your body, your face, your hair.
you look most like her
when you’re defiant,
an attitude that rivals her.
you’re stubborn and you’re wrong
but father forgot to mention
that i look just like her.
my body, my face, my hair.
i look most like her
when i’m yelling my face red,
an anger that rivals hers.
i’m tenacious and confident,
i have faith in myself.
yes, father forgot to mention
that i wear my mother well.
they had their good parts, but I got their bad.
Leo Bennett Apr 2021
suffocated in the grip of the unshakeable hands of sorrow and guilt
devoured by the mouth of depression
devoured by the mouth of depression and ****** into a pit in the stomach of despair
there's something familiar in the pain i try so hard to escape
my pain mimics me, deep down I fear its too late
Zach Blackmer Feb 2021
My hands beat against the glass,
For every breath I let pass,
You draw ever closer to your last.

Shall it be with some great blast?
Or will it be a somber gasp?
Or will it end with a shaky rasp?

My hands beat against the glass,
For all my effort I cannot surpass,
The falling of your mast.

Shall I be able to clasp
Your gentle hand and hasp
Your life to this great mass?

My hands beat against the glass,
As I watch your end come to pass,
May your laugh forever last.
Jet Dec 2020
            I     S P R A W L E D.
            Still impressive,
                               I am now
                               Harry Houdini
                               in the worlds'
                               smallest box

Less impressive,
I am covered in my own ****
which is soaking into the cracks between the linoleum tiles
in the ****** kitchen
of the ****** apartment
i live in
with my ****** ex boyfriend
(But he is not home)
Serenity, alone
It's rare
To feel love
From inside

Serenity, together
It's hard
To have help
from outside

An hour and a phone call later

A friend hoists you up and carries you
Mopping your floor
wiping your genitals
Tenderly, platonically
The way we hoped had already happened for the last time
A moment between you as a baby and you as a parent
Before you gained a real memory
But that moment is happening right now
But, somehow, your whole childhood is ahead of you still
Originally performed and published in Syzygy (2020)
Saba Sep 2020
I know being apart is what's best for us both,
but the selfish heart makes both of us think that there's hope.

I know there are many ways to cope,
but the selfish mind directs me to the nearest of ropes.

I know trying to love is like racing up slippery, steep slopes
But the selfish soul still craves forbidden fires even where there's no smoke.

I know...
...everything and nothing at the same time, a prisoner in my own body...
AuEcologica Aug 2020
Work the bread and the butter to the bone,
Let it penetrate your pores,
Become your very blood,
A part of your soul,
Emerge a hero of your own.

Because if you’re not then who?
Who, who will be your own?

A true part of your heart.

Work the bread and butter to the bone,
Be the magic you speak of so,
Have it become your flesh and core,
The vital part of your all,
Emerge victorious on your own.

Because if you’re not then who?
Who, who will be your own but you,
Who will be the fuel but you,
Who will have the power but you?

Don’t lie to the single being who is a must for you to have a life,
for you to have it all,
Emerge a…
Emerge vic..
Emerge a…
Emerge vic…

You know thyself too well to lie.
Mercy Aug 2020
The waves welling
Up my throat
My stomach full with doubt
Constipating despair
Irritated by questions
As my brain can't comply
My reasoning sick
And the rhetorics
Driving me crazy on what
Is the real deal here.

Who am I?
Why me?
Why all the struggle?
Then purpose drops
But the questions still
Remains unanswered
Bewildered at how people
Push through suchlike
And why?

You know yesterday
I actually found a card
He once sent me
Then reading I discovered,
He saw that coming
Us breaking up
"We may not be making each other aware of our feelings often, but the love we share, is beyond the day to day expressing...
Its a feeling that our hearts have taken for granted forever."

Am not sure what I
Feel anymore
Should it be joy
That he hoped that even though now
We might part ways
That later we will reunite
Or he saw that even though
Our love was true
It was forbidden and
The only way out to
Protect both our hearts
Was to break the bond and hurt
To nurse it all our lives.

Its hard to keep breaking
Through when all I can do
Is try keep up!!!
This breakup sure is contradicting to everything I believe in.
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