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Marla Feb 23
Life is as inviting
As she is intense,
But don't be put off
By her indifference.

She will make us all martyrs
Before we're left diminished;
Leading us to slaughter
As we bask in our innocence.

So fear not her wrath,
For she is not shrill.
Their only directive is to ****;
Live before you've had your fill.
Marla Nov 2017
It's hard
Not to go mad
Knowing these nights
Are here to stay.
It's quite sad
To see my tears dry
In the bright summer's day.
All I want is to hold
Your hand,
Alone so that the world
Can't see.
But my heart weeps
At the fact that
Our love will
Never be.
Marla Aug 2018
I'm Alive
But only still.
Can't thrive
Cold is shrill.
Fight & Fight
Work & Pain.
But All
In Vain.
Hours glide by
I'm still bored.
Crying on my
Bathroom Floor.
I'm Tired
Of this silly
You tell me
To Play,
But that won"t
Fix my
Marla Dec 2018
Crying alone
On the bathroom floor,
A barrel to my head
And a stock to my thigh.
Maybe I'm drunk,
I don't feel very high.
The extractor rains steel
As I prepare to stop the feels.
My life is a bitter lie
One I can no longer conceal.
Baby hold me tight,
My heart has no seal.
The blood is spilling out
While my veins grow cold.
Two lovers we once were,
Now it's just you and my bones.
There you are,
You pile of steaming hot ****,
I knew you were watching me,
And so I was on the lookout,

Why do you always turn up,
At the most inopportune time?,
Can't you see I'm busy?,
Can't you see I'm content?,

you sneak around leaving black sludge,
Shovelling despair and anguish into my bag,
Making it heavier as the minutes drift,
So heavy, I can't carry it much further,

I see you,I saw you and yet,
There's sweet FA I can do about it,
Other than crouch down and endure the deluge,
So bring it, let's have it,

Because, when you're done,
I may be broken, but alive,
I will be on my knees to be sure but,
I will always get up.. Always......

(C) [email protected] 06/05/2019
Depression.. That **** life sucker, is always lurking, sometimes it fools us into thinking we have a few days yet before the onset, then it pounce, like a lion on a gazelle.. We're helpless, we see it coming and we're helpless..

Like a button
Like string
As my happiness
Leaves a trail
That I can't
Get ahold of
For, all the string
Is picked up
By the wind
And all the buttons
Bounce down the road
I want to chase them back
But I'd rather
Lead myself home.

Michael Apr 16
Once was a pussycat and an owl
Who went to sea in a boat.
But wind and wave and weather so foul,
And a boat without oars that left cat and owl
Without fur or feather, flannel or towel,
And then Nighttime swooped with an awful howl
And the boat refused to float.
I mean what does one do?
J Michael Apr 9
Stark silence
Walked with me until,
I saw the entrance gaping
The back of a stare.
Motionless emotion,
I hesitate.
Swimming through the feeling,
I dared to descend.
The helplessness touched me,
So I carried her worry
To wash the guilt
For the nothing I did.
kmr Apr 8
The room spins
And my head feels
From the rest of me.
I’m falling
To the ground,
Through the ground.
My world
Shatters around me
And I watch
As the pieces drift
Too close to the sun
And burn.
Like Icarus
With his wings
They melt away
Into nothing
And I’m left
I have nothing
To hold onto
And no ground
To keep me steady.
All I can do
Is fall.
Fall into nothingness
And be swallowed
By the void.
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