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Do birds question their existance?
Do bees think they're alive?
Does the walrus fight the resistance?
Do horses just survive?

Does the grass give a rat's ass?
Do the trees even care?
Do the shrubs think the bushes are crass?
Do the flowers curse and swear?

Do the rolling plains feel plain?
Do the mountains feel like a molehill?
Does the ocean just go through the motion?
Do the valleys lay in alleys like road kill?

Does the Earth feel worth?
Does Uranus feel hanus?
Does Jupiter hate its girth?
Saturn can stick it's moons up it's anus!

Our Universe is the worst!
The belated summer sky is alive
with a  D r a g o n f l y ballet
Beneath,.. the rain parched sod
lay sullied, cracked open
by an unsated thirstiness
awaiting the cleansing rain's renewal
in the painted autumn days

A lace-winged hatch rises skyward
— meandering  airborne —
drifting upwards like a burst of dust
dissipating in an invisible cloud
of eventide's silent breath

Darting shadows hover
above a seeker's curiosity
    just this side the  
dimming sunset backdrop

A synthesis of fluid motion
  – darting kinesis –
    swift agile fliers
steal away over the thirsty pond;
their mesmerizing beauty enchants
as the dimming dusk falls silent —-
embellishing the unrelenting ending
   another summer's
 imminent curtain call;

reminding how inexorable-time
is only a contrived human notion,
a recurring extrapolation
  of passing  seasons

Heightening awareness:
how we too are only
passing through these
unholdable moments
   coming to know
    we cannot stop
   how life unfolds

The raindrops will quench
the pond's aching thirst
again one fall someday...

  — hereafter —
there will be another
beauty of dragonflies
some other eyes will see
preying on another burgeoning
gossamer-winged hatch

another beckoning autumn
when the dragonflies hover
below the gazing totems
     in the treetops

Jesse Stillwater ... September 2018                                                 .
Notes: Dragonflies can fly at 100 body-lengths per second, and three lengths per second backwards.[20] Wiki   Fossils of very large dragonfly ancestors in the Protodonata are found from 325 million years ago (Mya) in Upper Carboniferous rocks; these had wingspans up to about 750 mm (30 in). There are about 3000 extant species.

Unholdable moments out here adrift —

Thanks for reading !
Tara 4h
If I hug you tighter, will I imprint you in my arms?
So I can carry you with me,
past the heavens,
past the rain,
past the pain.

I’ll hold your every ache on my back,
till I turn to cosmic dust.
When I seize to exist,
is the only time you can leave me in the mist.

I know that’s selfish of me,
but you I truly need.
Don’t forget you’re the one who told me my mind plays tricks on me.
You’re the one who told me to go grow on my own.

You said you’d always be there,
and I’m not letting you go,
before I let go.

One day we’ll shine down with the stars together,
and join the sun feeding all your favorite roses,
but till that day the soils are our home,
no matter where the other goes.
Sanjali 8h
Perhaps it’s been a thousand years,
the rivers have shifted so,
the lakes I swam in, have gone dry
the waterfalls though, overflow.
And so it is, that I have wandered back
tugged furiously throughout days
by this rugged tinkling thread
back to this ancient maze.

Most surely it’s been several weeks
the leaves are rough to touch,
the grass withers where I step
but trees don’t ask for much.
And so it is, that I have rambled on
pulled mysteriously through the haze,
at last I fall under the rays of morn,
My love, I’m home again.
Lost and found

A race on a race to self-destruction
A race who chase the dream of unity
and rules of Order when we are
infact governed by the law
of our jungle:

All of us are living contradictions.
Morning y'all! ^·^
On the train to my course currently.
If I get there on time, I should be able to read some of the messages you guys left!
Thanks so so much for 233 followers!
Thats so fricking insane! I'm truly grateful for you guys!
I wish you all a good day!
Going underground now!
Lyn xxx
Kelsey 15h
I am alive
In harmony with nature
The trickle of rain drops
Bounce off the orange and yellow leaves.
To soak my feet
In the damp field of green blades.
To sink my back
In the silence of the soil.
Inhale and exhale
To the beat of dancing thunder.
Cleanse my body with your beautiful, mysterious tears
Mother Earth,
I am your body
Mother Earth,
You are my soul
My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.

Once tied to my
rope burned wrist.
But removed by life
ever so swift.

I hope for just
a bit more time.
That thought I had
now gone from my mind.

My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.
Cherish your thoughts
aquis 22h
be your own island
surrounded with salt water
tears of joy
and pain, too

for there’s both
and darkness
in this universe

in the hiding sun
and in the shining night

in the sea of dreams

and in the new moon
of awakenings

to become whole
you need both

and darkness
in this universe

in your island, too
This is one of the first poems I ever wrote - After discovering my passion for poetry during the days spent near the sea, under the sun, wind blowing through my hair... One of the happiest times of my life that I will never forget...

Nature has the power to change everything, to make us realize things that we always had inside us but forgot long ago. This poem is dedicated to my endless love for nature - may we always remember its power and beauty
I Was So Lost In The Spirit World.
A Sky High Tall Man, Sings Rules Of The Land, All Of The Tropics That Rise Up From Sand, All Of The Oceans He Wept From His Glands,
How The Whole World Once Fit In His Hand.

When I Was Lost In The Spirit World. The Giant Sang "Dance, Fall From Your Stance, Roll Around & Into A Trace," The Giant Screamed "Jump, You Can't Escape In A Slump, If You Feel Down Then You're In A Dump, If You Get High You Can Slip From The Clump."

The Fae Look With A Sneer, In The Distance Its Clear, They Chant In Their Voices & Point At Their Heads  " That Giants Not Here, Hear Us We're Here, We'll Give You Gear,
Readjust Your Whole Steer.

Think Of The Mother & Think On Your Fear, Pray To The Dead They're Never Not Near, Free Yourself From The Demons Their To Dumb To Care, Walk From The Veil & Fly From The Tear. "
Harry Roberts - Traversed The Spirit World Part 2
Prithvi 1d
I Bloom in the presence of Rocks,
No matter what the world Talks,
My Color separates nature from Darkness,
Try harder, For I have Awakened from Inertness.
Are you Awake ?
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