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LRF 1h
At the moment when
the last rays
to the faint glimmer of stars
and the time we have had
looks to be setting
on a far away horizon,
a finger of light
slips through long shadows
cast by tree trunks
and sparkles in the mica particles
of blazing red dust;
a trail to follow
a possible promise of a reclaimed day
that creeps into the undergrowth
and vanishes
with the pink sky.
May 2020
Guntang 5h
the sultan
of a newborn sky
awakens the dawn
in the blink
of an eye
How sweet is the sound
Of the songbird's spritely tune
On this summer morn
Nana Alli 10h
Roses are red
Violet are blue
My love for you is always new
My heart is yours
My soul becomes brand new
With each kiss you give

Too bad you left me
All alone in the dark
Craving for you
Waiting for you
Is all I do.
Thinking in words
I’ve kindled my body back into the earth. She stretched her arms wide and embraced me tenderly. I have time to tend to my garden again and I’ve seen what it really means to bloom. Vulnerability, once cataclysmic to the garden, became the set of seeds that were worth waiting for. Welcomed by the soil, the sky and the clouds, my flowers and my fruits grow in abundance.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Their delicate petals have withdrawn
They’ve curled up, like they are scared
Their bright colors no longer flared

Where have all the waters gone?
They no longer gleam at dawn
The river and the streams run dry
Leaving the many fish to die

Where have all wildlife gone?
The subtle birds and the baby faun
The chitter and chatter leave only an trace
Of the wonders that have been erased

Where has all the sunlight gone?
It used to wake at morn and yawn
Only a memory of warmth upon my skin
A ghost of what things have been

— OrcasTogether
Nature is failing and we must save it.
My face knew tears and trauma,
shadowing my eyes and tightening
my lips too thin to smile,
a walking mask, dedicated
to the moves and words
empty of emotion.

ice in need of a thaw,
it held me rigid and raw,
until the warmth of summer
heated me alive.

now I run beneath the sun,
feeling emotions I thought were gone.
Laughing with joy unbound,
I seem to soar and sing
no longer earthbound,
but like the sprites of
tales told in past times,
I meld with the nature,
and let loose my soul.
Shadow 1d
He was as pure as the sky,
And as proud as the sea,
And as mighty as the mightiest mountains could be!

Yet... he was a melancholy man...

He was as brave as a lion,
And as bold as brass!
There was nothing he couldn't do...

Or so they thought...

He was a melancholy man...
A man dismayed by life...
And disheartened by all the strife.
He was depressed.

A melancholy man was he,
As melancholy as could be...

Despite being as proud as the sea,
And as pure as the sky,
And as mighty as the mightiest mountains could be,
He was unlucky
To be
To a melancholy man
A caring mother we love to exploit.

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