Nature isn't great
Birds and bees I hate
Don't mention romance
I don't like roses
Nice weather is bait
This is not a date

Ormond 1h

Light sparkles in the clover,
Yellow and blurr of bees
Are honeyed in the sun
And robins have come,
Yanking in the gasses,
So green is the moisten
Of the painting of the dew
And all is lolling in petrichor,
The soils running with slow
Time so shortly experienced,
Oils of wood permeate the air,
Lapping brooks bream into light,
The loft kestrel swirls in meadow
And chipmunks scuttle at base of tree,
Even the wind does freshly quiet, crisply,
There as a hug waiting for body and spirit,
Patches of white are disappearing, they know—
That one day we must all return, after winter snows.

Star BG 3h

Bubble magic filled the air, as flying unicorns took to flight in love energies. They finally returned to earth after being gone for too long.
The horned beauties returned as humans awoke to know of their divine nature. The world commemorated, as all drank from the golden waters of natures streams.
Humanity prospered as horns glowed with florissant light granting wishes. And creatures big and small danced in the moment free inside love.
A moment, where two suns filled the sky and life celebrated life.

Chaetura 5h

strident caws resound
winged shadows flock to oak limbs
wind-ruffled feathers
alert obsidian eyes
what intrigue are they mulling?

Star BG 7h

The tempo of the gentle wind,
tickled bonding with hearts song.
The musical beats rose in crescendos
to sing with birds.
It whispered in rhythms grand,
that travel on rivers waves.
It opened etheric wings to fly
in dreams divine.

It gave me a platform to echo my gratitude.

inspired by Cne

Dark clouds and pollution fills the air with dust,
Melted paintwork and cars full of rust,
The world we live in is cold,
People's hearts, brains and souls seem to be full of mould,
Innocent animals die,
Innocent children cry,
For the peaceful natural world we once lived in,
Is now full of death, heart break and sin,
I struggle to find a kind person,
It seems the more I try and help the more it seems to worsen,
If you're in doubt about the life you live,
Just make sure you put on a smile ask more and give,
For the world is a bitter place,
So pick yourself up, smile, be an exception to the human race,
When you wake up grin, laugh, giggle and share the laughter,
Because eventually you'll only end up wishing you did after,
If you feel like times are getting tough,
Go explore, see the world, you probably haven't seen enough,
Meet new people, meet new friends,
And fall in love,
Because you'll eventually be nothing but a star from above,
Small children in poor countries can't even drink healthy water,
But then families go out, and buy a new car for there daughter,
With the world always spinning throughout the years,
And all you're doing is sat shedding tears,
Just sit for a moment, open your eyes and ears
It's not all that bad, when you've got family, friends and beers.

Just some thought on the present world.
BabeRuth 16h

The hardest part of your death
Was not the muchness you took away
How easily life went on

The sun still rose sharp at 4 like always
The trains rattling away on time
The birds singing the same old songs like yesterday

Strange isn’t it?

Nothing has changed.
Nothing paled now that you’re gone
Life, my life, kept moving forward
It’s steady pace terrifyingly normal

Just a shadow of you seemed to remain
Locked deep within the lost sea of my soul
Your memories, that stupid smile, Forgotten

The world moved on.

Unchanged by the suddenness of your passing
Unphased by the hole you left behind
In my shockingly unstable soul
A place you once called home

A home now dusty and empty
In an endless eternity of waiting
Forever waiting….

The big green hill that overlooks the water
has never been grazed, never been touched
except for when my mind gets hazed
and the world stands still.
So when life seems to become gray,
I lull to the place where I can get my color back.
So as far as the moon when the brightness gleams,
I run for the hill and make no note on my pace.
Lying in the sunshine, moonlight, or under the clouds,
I know I can always count on that big green hill.
For when the world darkens and my life runs out of time,
I go to the place where I can make the time stand still.

originally written 4/10/17

If I scaled every mountainside
and swam every treacherous river,
could you learn to love me then?
Because I have become riddled with pride
and every thought sends a shiver
through my body, fingertips, and into my pen.

I could sing happiness into your soul
or invite you to a secret rendezvous,
and I'm sure your heart I could win.
So before my love loses control,
if I could make myself perfect for you,
could you learn to love me then?

originally written 3/11/17

After a long, dreadful winter
filled with sadness and despair,
it is quite nice to see the sun
and have it kiss your cheek
once more.
And awaking every morning
to the sound of small birds
singing out to you
has a way of putting a smile
to your face.
And the feeling of fresh air
filling your lungs with each breath
let's you know that good times
are coming your way.

originally written 1/25/17
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