The day is finally here
Bouquets and bow ties
Suttle chatter fills the gardens
out my window
Along with the sweet smell of cheesecakes
Sifting down the halls of the Ahwahnee
My dearest
I fail to hold your overflowing heart
Spilling starboard of these shaking seas
The bow holds stern
Along course amongst the laughter
And tears of those we send away
Spring clouds pouroette with the sun
Illuminating numerous fawn
With their gallant temperament

I love you

Glistening grass embodies the beauty
And nature of these woods
Towering mountains protect the chaos
Within our souls
Fresh dew glides the scape
Promising of new life to come

I love you so dearly

Stiffened suits mask soft bodies
As we make our way to the grand hall
Echoing excitement boasts beyond the trees
Yet as you enter
My heart is all that is heard
A single kiss to carve our names into Destiny
As one with many
We will prevail all fears
And concour these mountains
that keep us safe
Together forever seems too simple
With your blanket of love to keep me warm
The illuminating moon
shines upon your cheek so brightly
As if a star pours from your beauty
A bond born on a day of curse
Just as we planned
To tempt those who challenge our love
May we go into this unknown
With hands clasped
And awake as one

This is about my planned wedding day. Although it will no longer happen. I still dream of it. Seeing her there with me gives me a feeling I can't describe.

Moving Home during a monsoon
Summers turns to Autumn for advice
Stuff begins to Fall
  Sinking into the season,
We break up

Another winter heart break
Gets composted slow roasting
Fertile for Spring
Unless I keep adding waste to the pile...

rain like teardrops fall
into the maddest storm
hydrangeas stand tall

or perhaps she is crying
somewhat along the dark skies
hydrangeas are grieving

but her heart remained still
through all the time passed
she wont let herself to kneel

for what makes her grow
is the bitter taste of where she sow
strong acid break her veins
but it wouldn't stop her reign


As stated before, I was a delicate Rose.
Vulnerable to the first hands that were designated to pick me.
Taken advantage of within a split second.
Manipulated to the very end.
Tragic isn’t it?
You, ripping me out of my bedrock like I was nothing.
YOU ripped out my roots.
I did not realize how I did deserve to be treated.
I deserved to be watered and provided with sunlight.
Instead I was left to wilt,
Left with a single drop of water.
I was misused and abused.
I was exploited to the very end,
To the point where it was too late to realize that I couldn’t get out.
The impact you had on me,
It was so significant that it had made me hostile, fearful and frightened.
Making me believe that everyone else was just the same.
Ruining my perspective on people with intentions of ‘picking’ me.
Left hurting, left to die and left to fend for myself.
But that’s exactly what I did, I rose myself up, I made myself whole again.
Coming to the realization that I did NOT need you.
Stronger than ever before.
Wiser than ever before.
Perceiving that everything that had happen, was a lesson.
A lesson learned, knowing that I did not deserve a single drop of water,
Because this rose deserves the sun, and this rose deserves the ocean.

"What’s she like?"
She’s like a summer storm—smack, boom—and then the heavens break and she surrounds you and you can’t help but dance.

"No, what does she look like?"
She looks like moonlight and meadow flowers, like breathless laughter through a silent house.

"But is she hot?"
Fire is hot and she is a supernova. Smoke stings, but she—
she is suffocating.

Anu 1d

Took a liking for a leaf, as it shone in the summer Sun,

Plucked it out and kept it in a notebook, to treasure it for eternity;

Tried keeping it anew as the days passed, knowing that time would run,

Hoping against hope, ignoring the truth with alacrity.

It felt nice to know it’s there, but he did not dare to look,

Lest he see it browning and counting down the days;

But one day, as the winds blew and the ground shook,

The notebook fell open and the leaf dropped out, such are His ways.

The veins on the leaf spoke of the meandering paths life went through,

It was like a sheath, dry with age and brown;

It was a testimony to how time flew,

Trying to hold it back does nothing, but reduces you to a disillusioned clown.

He finally gathered courage to pick it up and return it to the safety of the yellowing pages,

But it crumbled with a touch, and soon, its remnants were on the ground;

As disheartened as he was, he could not help but marvel that it had lasted through the ages,

And had quietly laid down its sword, without so much as a sound.

He sat in the porch, clutching the empty notebook to his chest,

As the rain came pouring down on the grand old tree;

He saw the cycle of life begin again, saw a new leaf bloom, it was the best!

He opened to another empty page and quipped, “Not empty for long, dear diary…”

A warm summer breeze
sends clouds of dandelions
to swarm around my body.

They crash and glide,
spin and collide,
until they find their own way
to the ground.

Despite the heat,
my limbs are frozen together,
locked into place, while
my mind explores this empty town.

She’s there,
under the drifting shade of the dying oak tree,
watching me from afar,
waiting until I can see her sunlit countenance,
until I can know her.

My love,
the one my mind searches for
in the darkest alleys and
the jutting cliff sides of
my cavernous heart.

She lies in the shade,
just waiting for the moment when
the glimmering sun reveals her
identity, while
my persistent mind attempts to
distinguish characteristic features
within her impenetrable

But it can’t;
It never will.

When stubbornness and impatience
search for love,
only chaos breeds
and spreads
like fire in this lush, illuminating field.

The ash chokes the life
from the flowers before
they even get their chance to bloom,
and the deadly smoke lifts
to destroy my only chance
at beginning a life
with the one I love most,
my only chance
to understand my emotions enough
to see your beautiful face

Whoever’s it may be.

Nica A 1d

You carry love deep within your soul
you carry your heart,
still healthy and whole.
and even in those times your hurt,
emotionally numb with no control
A natural gift of love, you still give to all.

In a person's book
you'll be in more than just a chapter
you're one of the main characters,
always known as a lover
such joy that they'll always remember
accompanied by your contagious love and laughter.

the lovers, the dreamers, and me.   9/18/17   12:10 am

In the distance
a breeze is blowing
to the flowers
pale and glowing.
She clutches each one
close to her beating heart.
Lovely lilacs they are.
Lovely to the color chart.
She glazes afar
with a thought of bliss to share.
As she carries these pale flowers
with tender love and care.

She awakes
as the dawn nearly awakens
Rising above the river banks
the moon is slowly disappearing.

She walks on the pasture
watching the lake ripple
as the wind brushes against her
she looks to the sky.

A blue light sky
a color between dark and light
shines where the flowers lie
turned to periwinkle dandelions.

Her hand picks up the tips
as her breath touches the top.
Nearly brushing her lips
watching where the petals go.

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