With frosty weather lynching in the sky,
And navy blue waves, fleeting swiftly.
I make my way to the unfertile sand,
Hearing faint howls.
I look back to see
Shadows surrounding me,
Against my naked soul.

Hearing a thunder,
I step back,
Only to be embraced by a boorish cable.
Run, my psyche screamed.
With blood dripping from my skin,
And darkness forcing into my flesh,
I ran until I fainted
Only to welcome a new world filled with
-Khushi :)
DM00 7h
the sky today reminded me of my mind when i’m with you.
It was clear, periwinkle-blue with lazy clouds that take place
like my half-formed thoughts around you.
You are the sun,
and I’m the sky wrapping around you.
My thoughts wander,
but the core of them is you.

The weather changes,
from rain to thunder to snow to fog,
but throughout it all
you remain.
The rain shows me the reality,
the thunder is the qualms of our friendship,
the fog clouds my brain when we’re pressed together on the couch.
the snow was when you fell asleep on me that one time, and I could have stayed there
slightly uncomfortable but too much in love to care.

But the rain sobers me up from your intoxicating elixir,
the rain is your ‘girl’,
the rain is my insides melting, melting, melting.
And yet the clouds still clear,
the rain still dries
and the sun still shines
whenever you’re near.
Also written two years ago.
Mechanical failure,
Reactors burning,
Man will always,
Be able to destroy,
More than it creates.
Anji 10h
you and me, we are
backstrokes in the never-ending river
splashing and laughing as it carries us along.
We are on fire, we are sparkling diamonds in God's eyes
we are pleasure, rapture, pain and desire,
shining brighter than the stars overhead at night
here now in the raindrops' glisten, stop and listen
the soft sound of water paws leaping to the ground,
we are a flicker, we are a fancy, we are a fleeting
song carried along by shameless tongues and now
your mouth against mine
is the closest I've come to tasting the divine
so all I have to say is: lover, when we die
may it be just as poetic as this fraction of pulsating life.
for him.
I eat my corn dog
ketchup on my chin,
and the frogs croak,
while the crickets chirp,
warm air pressing gently on my skin.

A cool breeze tugs my shirt,
carrying a faint smell of cinnamon.

The cries and laughs of children
heard vaguely in the distance.

The birds' singing dies down
as the sun begins to set,
resting for another round,
as it hides its gilded coronet.

Yet the lights of the carnival
reflect like little stars
on the pond's surface,
dainty and novel,
shining without a purpose.

Just for that moment
I am unable to move,
for the night air takes my breath
and my body the darkness soothes,
so that all my pain melts away
as does this passing day,
and I let go of my regret.

I stop pondering whether I'm still sane,
for this moment I wish to remain
petrified like a Vesuvian
and all my worries, I soon forget.

And in those delicate seconds of clarity,
I feel like I truly understand
the meaning of my humanity,
of this abstraction that I perceive as actuality
what it is I really demand.

Everything in harmony
brimming with lucidity;
in utter awe of life,
constant serendipity.
Meg 12h
happy valentine’s day baby she says in a sleepy whisper
its the kind of whisper that travels through your ears and traces the magnetic pathways that live in your skull making road maps out of memories
and i watch as she rises like the sun from the bed sheets, stretches her naked arms toward a sky that she paints each morning with her smile
and i smile too
happy valentine’s day baby
i got you a hurricane, listen you can hear it in my chest, when your eyes meet mine
is it warm? can you feel it too? there’s a storm brewing inside me and it’s the kind that breaks the sky, sends rain down in torrents to an earth that’s so desperate for a drink
it brings life back to rosebuds and it’s you
and when the rain has passed and the ground is thick with mud you still linger
a wisp in that after rain air all clean and new
happy valentine’s day baby
i got you the sun and i wrapped its honeycomb glow around my hands
do you feel it when they touch you? because you’ve been making glass sculptures and gifting them to me in poems
and when i look into them i see your reflection it’s as if you reside in everything beautiful that my eyes notice, every flower petal is a mirror of your smile
and no i’ve never been astute
but you’d be blind to not see the beauty that lives within you.
i am in love. thank you victoria alison cooper, thank you for loving me, thank you for blessing me with your love.
Poetic T 16h
harvest time beckon
golden wheat, natures sunshine

natures lavish gift
They rose with their toes awash in snow
Breathing the crisp cool air
Their hands filled with icy crystals
Ready to erect fat little snowmens
But that was decades ago
When the seasons repeated themselves
In a cyclical pattern
But now it hardly snows
It's getting warmer each year
And winter feels so balmy
That we barely need to cover ourselves
With  beanies and sweatshirts anymore
But this isn't how it's supposed to work we know
this is a just a silent warning
That something's wrong with mother nature
We need to open our eyes and listen to her woes
The air no longer invigorates us
It chokes us
Cause it's packed with emissions
As poisonous as cigarette smoke
A grey smog of toxic fumes traps the city
in a web of darkness
Obliterating the beauty of nature
Making us sick
The moment we step outside of our homes
Yet we turn a blind eye
And a deaf ear
To these explicit red signs of trouble
We dream of visiting gorgeous locales
Capturing the beauty of majestic snow capped mountains
But never do we dream
Of the imminent catastrophic collapse
That'll sweep us away
If we forget to get up and act
To save our planet
And thus save ourselves
From being wiped away
A poem on the pressing environmental issues. Do give a feedback
I checked my time
It was around nine in the night
I look up at the sky
You should ask me why
Something seems strange
It is not a mirage
The Stars are shining full
The Moon is quarter full
The Sky looks beautiful
This does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

I stood up from my seat
Just to wonder around
Green grass beneath my feet
This shows good soil abound
I sighted the fireflies flaunting their light
I heard the toads croaking with their might
I saw some flies flying away with fright
I noticed the gentle breeze of the night
I felt alive
This sensation does not happen everyday
It was on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things were looking moderately bright

Something again occur
Nature was showing her Jamboree
When I saw it I concur
I could't help but to agree
A meteorite stylishly slowly decidedly descend
Contemporaneously with an aeroplane cruising westward
Its sound as if it's a firework
It's flashlight merging with the satellites and the starlight
Sizzling the sky with spree of synchronized light
This illumination does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

Here I am still wondering about
Free I am real round about
This World is not always a beautiful place
Round the years? Round the months? Round the days?
Across all the continents through the Asia
What makes today so special?
I believe the Heavens are smiling on me
Even Earth agrees to it
Cruel creatures couldn't conflict
Nurtured Nature nicely nods to it
All these are on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And my star is realistically ready to shine it's light
Lucia 1d
They say nature is a cruel mistress,
Predators, parasites and peril are her kin,
When she tears down our homes
And ruins our sunny days.

Walk among her
And her trees will ignore you
Whisper between themselves
Secrets forbidden unto the likes of the living.
Her petals turn away from you
Though you ponder them so.
Yet you still lord over them, obsession
In a rose bud.

I could chase her moon
And name every star
She'll still never look me in the eye.
I could dig my hands in her earth,
Pray to her,
She'll never embrace me as her child.
Try to understand her;
She hasn't a care to notice me.

Natures the cult with one way to join
Initiation to her arms
Is by decay,
Horizontal and silent
Sacrifice yourself to her flowerbeds.

I long for the day I'm useful to her
And the grass blades feel me back,
Leaf sprouting from my breastbone
Finally I become her breath.
Ever feel like the trees don't like you as much as you like them
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