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the stars first had
to fall too
before they could rise as high
as they do
don't worry
so will you too
you will feel alright again.
climb the stairs
that lead from the underworld
rise up from the pain
darkness calls
you can't look back
something waits
just beyond the light
darkness calls
from deep within you
listen to the songs
they sang to you
souls of the deep
will hold you while you pray
as you ascend
step by step
to touch the stars of heaven
yes, I wrote this while listening to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."
No one is
everyone has
troubles and struggles.
You just need
to learn
to rise up from the
     breathe     o        u        t


you are the mountain's wonder
sculpted by the earth



above the others

- katrina ******
when i say "rise above the others," i think of the ones who constantly have something negative to say about you. they have to say your name because it tastes good. the taste of your name is so utterly divine and delicious that they can never get enough of it. it's like a drug to them.

your name soothes them but it slowly poisons them. their disdain of you seeps from their soul and drains their own energy because of how much hate they have for you.

forgive them anyways.

continue loving them for all that they are.

when you're frustrated about someone, or something, take a moment. breathe in. breath out. tell yourself that you are blessed. you shouldn't be stressed over things you cannot control.

i hope you're having a wonderful day.
Shed you must.

We were born too heavy
For our mothers wombs
So much knowledge
Of the heavens
With God on our tongues
And history at our backs
Heaven is always
A charity away
A death away
A heartbreak away

Heaven is only for spirits
Light enough to rise
Shed your skin colour
The Gods you were fed
Underneath all this weight
Is a soul
Peel until you find it.
Shed everything else.
And shed you must.
Bliss Jan 27
Every morning like sunflowers lost
their self on the sun,
I lost myself on your smile.
And then I reborn to rise in love with you
By finding myself in your arms...
I never fall in love with you because i rise in love with you..!!
Mayur dembda Jan 26
From rising up on a shiny day,
To lying on the bed to repeat that again.
Whatever time you say of your day,
You go through a lot of things you might not even know if you’ll gain.

Your mind is busy far away,
Analyzing and processing.
Understanding the things happened that day,
Soon to be rusted out and will be not good enough for obsessing.

The Time is changing,
Making your generation an older one.
The new Generation is leading,
Showing us as an old man who can’t meet up with them and run.

Think for a while,
What could have happened?
If you cared about what was happening on your time without being fragile,
You might not know but maybe it was your day
You could have grown through the day.
Denise Egan Jan 26
Brightly you burn; dancing in the ever so gentle breeze,
I flutter cautiously; dodging your odd, dangerous flicker,
How could I be drawn to something so dangerous?
Something that could execute me in one swift movement,
But I keep fluttering, around and around and around,
Until I become so exhausted that everything becomes a blur and I fall to the pits of despair,
It would take a thousand words to describe my devotion to you,
Every moment spent in your angelic presence renders me incapable of logical thinking,
So I rise once more, so you can watch my shadow play on the walls of your heart.
We are all different
But in your eyes we are the same
We went through great days
We all bear the same pain
But if you think in such a way
Then you never knew what it is like
To starve on a cold morning
Or sleep by the roadside at night
To bear the sickness that is within
Because you can't afford medicine
Yes we are all different
So never assume it has been easy for all
Today you may rise above others
But mark these words
Someday eventually you will fall
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