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Hammad 4d
your success
to the haters
they always stoop so low
so you may rise up
I’ve got my laugh and cheeky wink
But that’s who I am on the fifth drink
And at this point I’ll tell the truth
With so much time, we are the youth
So pick my mind, aim for the brain
Learn too much, I’ll be whom to blame
The feeling’s short, it’s feeling long
It comes and goes, an endless song
All rise for the National Anthem
Guilt free lies and mild tantrums
Give the opera, I have the phantom
It’s organized, but all feels random
Sometimes I’ll write to the melody of a song and spill out whatever words and feelings come out. I don’t know if this meant to be anything direct, but it’s how I feel
-elixir- Sep 28
Take away these brick and stones,
that we seek shelter in.
Take away the promises you once
pacified us all with.
Take away the blue skies above us,
and replace it with grey clouds.
Take away the land that your fraudulent
minds apparently amass.
Take away the nature which grew
it's roots deep into our souls.
Take away our property, wealth and trophies
that still reek of our sweat of ages.
Take away the media that we see
and blindfold her with injustice.
Take away but you can never take the soul
that keeps this land alive.
Take away but you can never take the knowledge
of your people.
Take away but you can't wipe the smile off
our children of soil.
Take away but we don't forgive nor forget.
-elixir- Sep 27
Hops and giggles echo in my mind
as I tread towards my inner self,
I take off my clothes that once
hid me.
I become the source of childish giggles,
as I run around the eternal fire of youth
that flush the wilted lilies with life
once again.
My hair's entwined with the scent of jasmines
that cleanses my lungs of the storms,
that once posed as my inevitable
natural calamity.
Paddle amongst the dark
Masked shadows clasped in sharp arches
Explore your flaws to experience more
Question conceit as preachers reach deep
Shots drawn before dawn
Chasing bright sunlight gilded aside
Brought up to rise again
Our lives repeatedly warned of descent
Air still warm as we sit forlorned
Sleight of hand connections tight
Observe the signs confined in mind
Silent whispers guided from behind
Focused awe channels through us all
Do we care to share energy
Too few view the transference of form
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Bhill Sep 7
the rising of the sun is extremely beautiful
the beginning, of what is, the rest of your life
will you make a difference

Brian Hill - 2020 # 246
SEN Sep 5
After a fall you must rise
Pick yourself up for the next surprise
Lie there for a minute on the floor,
No bones broken but the body feels sore
Praise yourself and stand up tall,
Don’t stay down after a fall.
You may feel hurt or shatter like a cup,
When you go down the only way is back up.
Fall forwards down to one side
Go backwards and lose your pride
Dropped like a glass just about to smash
A phoenix rising up from the ash
Its more than instinct avoiding pain
The will to live is to get up again
Safana Sep 4
between sun rise
and sunset
there is a passing
sun ray over the
apart from,
sky darkness and
the sunlight bring
bluish of the sky
Julie Sep 1
I’ve lost connection to myself.
Yes, I function. But just barely.
I function to survive.
It’s consuming.
It consumes me
every minute of the day.  
So much it has me drifting,
drifting long and far away.
My shell remains a presence;
yet it’s vacant, barely there.
While it holds a place amongst us,
it’s a space that can’t be filled.
Because she’s been forgotten.
Forgotten by myself.
Just a faint and faded memory
of a girl who once was bold.
Of a bright and beaming spirit
that was strangled into silence.
What’s left over is a shadow;
a flickering candle in the wind.
A soul that wants survival
but lacks trust in her instincts.
Because society was certain
she wouldn’t know what would be best
to keep that fire burning
in the middle of her chest.
Realization hits me.
I can see through all the smoke.
Those efforts weren’t noble.
They were self-serving to invoke
a tortured lone existence,
void of passion, void of love,
to keep her flames from growing,
from embracing all the space
that was all along intended
for her to illuminate.
What’s left behind are remnants
of a life that wasn’t lived;
of a soul that’s long been dormant,
meekly waiting to be saved.
And although it still is weakened,
scared, and weary of its might,
it’s now ready to be wakened;
eager to return to life.
Like a Phoenix from the ashes,  
be prepared for her to rise.
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