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Soar above your pains by coddling them.
Rise above your wounds by embracing them,
Ascend above your sorrows by accepting them.

Intertwine them, hold tight to the emotional charge.
Convert them to positive energy.
Make them a part of your prayer temple.

Your wound is the place,
Where your flowers will blossom,
With a rainbow of spring colors.

Your pain is the place,
Where your cure will emerge,
with the birth of new dawn and renewed purpose.

Your sorrow is the place,
Where your joy will bud,
With a life full of hope and optimism.

Hussein Dekmak
your bones
they glow
with galaxies
you have yet to
come to know

and when you sink
the ocean floor
becomes your home

the water finds
a way to seep
out of the corners
of your eyes

to wash away
all of their lies

salt that dances
in your wounds
will carry you
up to the sky

and you will feel
much more alive

so you can breathe
in the sunshine
and realize that
those falls arrived
just so you could
find ways to rise
waves to ride
ways to shine
and realign
c Sep 18
My body rises in opposition
To doing things in my best interest
It craves poison
Jagged rocks
And people who don’t love me back
Wang Di Sep 17
I see the waves
as I close my eyes,
calming me down,
whispering in the air
That the flowers that once were wilted
Are now bathing in the sun,
slowly rising again.

- The waves before your wrist.
Creator Sun Sep 16
The colour that flows through our veins,
The power that we keep in vain.

The one that spills out of our guts.
The one that power our hearts.

You have no idea,
How many times we've failed yet-

We should not try, we should do.
To keep the old, to strive for the new.

We will never surrender,
In the face of hope or never ending sorrow.

We have to accept the others that share our cause
The ones that help us, the ones who support us.

We will rise up,
Above the ashes.
A quick nonsensical one.
Mahdi Dn Sep 8
Rise, brothers,
Freedom calls us.
Grab your guns
Wear your helms

This day all tyrants
Will turn to our servants
This night their hearthstone,
We will own!

Army of the horde is on the way
Warriors, line up!
Standby for battlecry
Bloodlust has conquered our minds and our souls.
Rip off their hearts,
Break their skulls!

Trenches made of corpse
Armors made of bones
Slaying the horde is our goal

Taunts and cry-outs
Sounds of swords and shields
Is our music

Their throats and their backs
Sounds of the bones break
Injured warriors are bleeding
It paints your soul

Stand up and fight
Drive the lance of light
Into the eye of the night
Free the world from the rage of this dark hate

Army of the horde is on the way.
Warriors, line up!
Standby for battlecry
Bloodlust has conquered our minds and our souls.
Rip off their hearts and break their skulls!

Rise up!
Lyrics to the song with the same title by Chaos Descent, released in 2014
Written by Mahdi Monstrosity Dn
BoringBoy Sep 4
I didn't want to let go...
of all of our memories
of the long lost nights talking
of the dreams we'd share to one another
of the interest that was once mutual.

I didn't want it to change...
at least not into this
i liked you so much
i couldn't tell you what this feeling is.

But you let me go, and I fell on your shallow ground...
i wasn't the prettiest, so you didn't want me
i wasn't the funniest, not entertaining
i'm not the most colorful, so you didn't see me
but you used to...what happened?

Yet, after I told you that I couldn't watch you disappear...
and although you didn't seem to care
somehow, i felt relieved.

Because it wasn't you that I was going to lose...
but just another part of me.
i saved my self, and i got away.
i truly cared for you
after all the things telling me not to...
and you let me get away.
thank you
The moon was once asked, how do you keep evolving with so much beauty?
He replied, 'my longing for the sun makes me shimmer with light at night.
The love of the Sun, it makes me “Majnoun Leila” I die every new dawn,
So my love, my Sun can rise up every morning with a renewed hope and a warm smile'

Hussein Dekmak

Seanathon Aug 12
Like hopes
Midst falling waves
Encircling the outer banks

Like timberus structures
Known only to man
Which pass

Like Autumn
On a chorus of empty ears
In distant monologues

Like metaphors
In a cautious Spring
Learning to last
Crash, Built, Fall, Rise
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