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Rone Selim Feb 5
They think they can throw rocks at me,
to blind what’s in hindsight
But they dont understand Eternal Light
thrives in dark nights,
Rock bottom is my design,
I absorb it take power from it and form it
Peak through pain
Hurdle will be MY game,
so let’s play this game right.

Hidden motives they hide,
but I saw them with my minds eye
The say “love” as in false disguise
But real hatred they harbor inside

Which only ends in their own demise, because out of lust many of these men desire
to get in between my thighs,
to feel the divine inside
So I be polite and tell them to;
raise their consciousness above my waistline
and to go back to their wives. Respect her.


After the first line, I discussed my emotions with a friend. We talked about what I was feeling and then mixed in some shared creativity and emotions with my friend. Some power, empowerment and truth combined with a little humor.
George Krokos Nov 2023
You are the Ocean and I am the wave
moving in tandem as if I'm Your slave.
I rise and fall according to Your will
though once in a while I'm kept very still.

I have no real life without Your sanction
which now seems to be like a distraction.
There are so many others just like me
and I wonder somehow if they agree.

In this manner You just do as You please
and deploy us all with surprising ease!
Our goal seems to be on reaching the shore
then return back to You again for more!

The presence of the moon has much to say
with what goes on Your surface every day.
Its influence is more than we'd suspect
and has to be treated with some respect.

Beyond are other worlds and stars in space
along with the sun which dictates the pace.
They're orbs of living wonder in that sky
and cast their shadows if we care to pry.

How unenlightened seems this life of ours
when we consider how we pass the hours.
For our days are numbered lest we forget
but through One's realization some are set.

There isn't much else now that can be said
before a time comes and we're all but dead.
We can only hope that we've done no harm
on the Ocean's surface that's full of charm.
Written Dec.'22.
SYL Nov 2022

Brutal eyes,
Lament in the melody of hope.
Diverse imagery rolls on each soul
Defining the core of their music –
A genre that is one of a kind
With dustings of masculinity
Making a legacy for this generation.

Each voice has no nerves –
And they’re like a formless water
Searching for an everlasting container.
To showcase the exquisiteness of the Pearl,
The backbone of their glory.

At first, they find no one to understand them
Even branded with hostile names
But they never surrender their flags
And raised the Nations’ banner so high
Even if all their villains did belittle them.

Their chords were like no other –
Their skills, they never hype about
And yet both the moon and the stars
Collided for them
And now is their time!

Some say: maybe it was their destiny…
Maybe it’s just for a while.
But their passion and thirst for their craft are unrivaled –
Always exceeding their best
As if their competitor is their living mirror.

Today, even if the Sun has exposed their grandeur,
Their modesty becomes a plus factor.
The world is their stage,
While A’TIN is their steady sustenance.

They had sleepless nights before
But tenacity led them to so many doors.
Many clowns had backed down
And some even turned from villains
Into aficionados who call them their ‘masters.’

They were born to be a standard –
And they deserve mad respect from every Juan.
Coz they’re not just stars but kings of their kind,
World-class vanquishers that we all look up to!
And this is just the beginning
Of the unfolding to the world of their God-given stories!
freesoulandpoet Oct 2022
Push me back to the walls I can't break

Push me through the forest I can't cross

Drive me down the road I cannot walk

And watch me rise like a dark phoenix

I'll break these walls and build a bridge

I'll use the trees to build my shelter

And I'll walk down that road to my excellence

Such a dark phoenix, I'll come back to life...
Life will definitely throw you around and most of the times down but it's up to you to learn how to fly with the wind or be carried away by the storm
Pr nandni Jun 2022
YOU'RE not only who has problems here,
RISE above your grief.....
Look up,
SKY have SCARS too!!!!
Turns colourfull, Burns his BLUE ......
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
Wisp whisperings, tedious tensions,
all we face at a favour of an unfair life.
Summarised summonings, handful happenings,
to do all that is—not out of a place of strife.

Anxious agony, despairing delusions,
pains I can't always paint out in words.
Powerless poverty, penniless pockets,
let not status of the world; dictate self worth.

Joyful joinings, delightful decisions,
happiness isn't a given—still can't be lived without.
Humorous humans, creative creations,
all with a smile; moments are short. Make them count.

For into the night, the day will always rise—a dawn out
of the longest dusk. Like an Eve to it's Adam; the beauty
of their first fruits—seeds are to grow up touching the sky.
Do not threat dear child; the Heavens remain at the
highest,—above the hells of life.

It's time to RISE!
neth jones Feb 2022
i feel drunk
when reading about drunks
no bracement
i look up from the book
it's 6:45 a.m.
i'm in the hospital cafeteria
nearly time for work

in a stranger
     i clock a face
                     struggling to become a face
            she breakfasts
bent under a hood of hair
(she's not sure what expression
                     to let be witnessed )
i dodge her glance

the windows
make a massive jet mirror
          reaching the full ballroom height
a shield onto hard darkness
   protected from a primal cavity
the patrons are shied in its casting
a smudging forms at its base
   the horizon beeking
   an easing hint of winters sun

the glow is wanted
          but it brings nothing new to its display
still a hibernal wash
i don't hum with these morning frequencies
they can be beautiful
but i pitch sickly
and i suspect
the stranger girl is also no dawn spark either
not a morning person
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2022
I am a little bird.
I aim to soar and fly high up in the sky.
Although I tumble, I always rise.
I long to be free
Of all my pain and sorrows.
I strive to be alive,
And reach new horizons everyday!

I have a song, I have a fire;
I enchant people and fill their hearts with peace, hope, and happiness.
I am content with little,
Yet, I own the whole universe.
I travel the world to awaken
One soul at a time to the call of love!

Hussein Dekmak
Think of "WE", not just of "I"...
In this process of stating facts, you'll surely be questioned— "Why?"
Just stick to your point, what's the need to "justify"?
When they'll understand, they themselves will "identify" —
Truth was always there and it'll never "die"...
It may take some time but one day this truth will definitely conquer the kingdom of "lie' " !
Tried another flow of rhymes and some facts of this life...
Would you like
to stand with me here
appreciating the sun that rises?
my sweetheart.
Indonesia, 4th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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