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Maja May 8
I was with you for so long,
you became a part of my world.
Like the sun that rises every morning.

Until you were gone.
And the sun didn’t rise.
And everything
got so
It's not until something is lost,
that you understand,
you had something to lose.
Kalen Dion Apr 20
you will rise from the ashes,
but the burning comes first.

For this part,
you must be brave.
In the midst of the rise of Asian bullying during the COVID 19 pandemic,
Let us show them our sympathy.
Advocate against Asian hate.
Stand with their cause.
Give them warm greetings.
Treat them with more kindness and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Willow SR Apr 12
Don't stand so tall and mighty
Under the weight of those you've wronged
For one day they might not be so helpless
And as the collective rises
You alone will fall
There’s a thin line between hero and villain.
Everyone’s a hero in their own story,
But someone must be the villain.
Both are born through trauma and grief,
Yet one rises above
While one brings others down.
A gentle push from fate
Spirals an innocent mind.
Eventually a choice is made.
The proverbial line is drawn.
And teetering on that line
Is the indifference of man,
Waiting for their push.
selina Apr 5
i was burning those photos with a hope
that the memories of the past
could stop haunting me today

but there were scars on my hands
and my burned and blurred fingertips
reminded me of what made me

the heat was never kind but i found solace
in likening myself with phoenix and fire
i knew i was not meant to be controlled

the plastic melted with my fears
the faces and memories disintegrated
but i held onto the ashes of my origins

you told me that people would tie me to a stake
wrap ropes around my hands and feet
burn me down and scatter me to the sea

you taught me to fight back because you knew
like a city buried under cinders and dust
like a phoenix crawling from under ash and feathers

even if the world slipped from under my feet
if i came crashing to the bottom of an abyss
i would rise again, and again, and again...
don't really know where i was going with this
The trees,

They whisper to me.

Of the things they want me to believe.

The trees, say

You are strong.

You are tall.

You will rise,

Like me.

The wind,

Whisper’s to me,

Be like me.

Be wild, be free.

Forgive. Let in.

The waves,

Speak to me.

With their resilience,

Their everlasting crash.

Forward and back, Forward and back.

The waves tell me,

Keep going.

The world will still go on without you,
The waves will still crash
The wind will still soar
The trees will still stand tall.
Seasons will change,

So keep going.
Stay strong. Be resilient. Let go, Let in.

You may lose your feeling to write a poem, but you never lose your feeling to love someone who never gives you a love back.
It's okay not to be loved by someone who never gives you a love back.
Maybe, there are many people will judge you by your fool things even you spend many times by loving one.
But, it's true and it's you
even they never know your feeling,
because love still will be love.
Who cares about them,
they do never know
because they never know
how love will be fallen
or how love will be risen.
Indonesia, 2nd April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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