Nomkhumbulwa Aug 8
He could have walked away,
For there were many a reason to do so;
But he never did;
He was there through the highs and lows.

I gave him many a reason
To walk away for good;
And yet he stayed beside me
While I was in his neighbourhood.

There were panic attacks, crying,
Semi madness, paranoia;
All the usual consequences of
Being assaulted a year earlier.

There were so many times
I expected him to be gone;
I warned him in fact that -
I’m not worthy – my people are gone!

There is no need to put up with me,
Its not good for your health;
I’m used to people disappearing,
I’ll deal with things myself.

For I am being punished,
It’s how its meant to be;
At least for those of us assaulted the middle of the sea.

But of course he didnt understand,
He’s from a different culture;
He wasn’t afraid to hold my hand
And protect me from the torture.

He has probably never met anyone
As mad and unstable as me;
Coming to stay in Soweto
And feeling so totally free.

He saw my love of Soweto,
For the children, the people, and more;
He spent so much time exploring his home with me –
He’d learnt which combi to get door to door!

When I had to get to clinics,
Not just one, two, three, or four (!)
He spent two days right there with me
As we waited hours to reach the door.

He didnt have to do that,
He has work to do back home;
Yet even when I shouted at him –
He never left me alone.

Of course I apologised later,
Tried to help him understand;
That my brain does its own thing,
Yet he was still there to hold my hand.

He never once walked away,
And thats when it occurred to me;
What a complete cultural contrast our “people of the sea”...

My “family” are now Sowetans,
Although i’ve known that for a while;
When the clinics registered me as an “African”
All I did was smile.

Of all the times I thought i’d given
A reason for him to abandon me,
There was one in particular –
Where he’d be fully justified to flee.

To protect yourself i’d understand,
You may need to walk away;
And yet he didnt – he put himself at risk protect me, I have to say....

It’s not an easy place to live,
He could have walked away;
I’m forever grateful for his bravery
And that he didnt walk away.

For a place where for so long,
Segregation was the norm,
It has come such a very long way –
Since the day I was born.

My culture, mixed as it is
Has not suffered in this way;
Instead it shuns and alienates people
....if they “dont obey”....

Well done South Africa,
Though the problems you face are not gone;
You could teach a lot to “my people”..
..a culture that needs to be re- born.
Written on Mandela Day 2018; an account of the total contrast I found in a society so different to the one in which everyone I know...walked away.
Selena Jul 22
I was always told girls don't cuss
they don't speak out of turn
they let the guy control the relationship
I was 5 when my mom told me to sit
Even straighter than the 180 degree line
I sat at
She said boys were scouting
And I was their prey
I didn't know
the way I dressed
If I was a whore or not
Because we live
In a society
where slut shaming
Is encouraged
And how many girls
Did you fuck last night
was an encouragement
But if I try and tell someone
I want attention
And I’m not really the victim
Because it was my fault
For dressing like I wanted it
My father told me not to argue with men
So the second time
You encased
Me in my nightmare
I didn’t try to fight
bruises linger from the first time
I felt worthless
you made me lose my worth
because my shoulder was
too provoking
the spark in my eyes gone
the emotion held on my face
non existent
as you pined me to the floor
you said
don't tell anyone
and my father taught me
to never argue with a man.
Grace Mosby Jul 19
let your body feel weightless
amidst the gravity in earth’s sphere
look down at your figure
and realize
you are alive
you are real
you have no end

allow yourself to combat the world’s constraints
and defy the forces binding you
to the dirt beneath your feet

it may seem strange
to oppose nature’s tides
but i promise you
it is worth it

you are boundless
a bird yearning
for the world beyond its cage
but most importantly
you are weightless
why, even gravity lusts for your release
Lyn-Purcell Jul 9
I am one who tends to think much, say less
which pushes me to
write more

I chose the pen, and it chose me
Seeing me through many hard

I only wish to show that I am worthy
of the title of 'writer'

I may not be able to change my past
but I have the power to build my

I want to
Have to
believe that I am
нє ωαѕ ѕєит fяσм αвσνє тσ ѕανє мє fяσм муѕєℓf
нє нαѕ вℓєѕѕє∂ мє ωιтн нιѕ gυι∂αи¢є αи∂ нιѕ киσωℓє∂gє fυℓℓ σf ωєαℓтн

нιѕ иαтυяαℓ σяєи∂α ιѕ ρяєѕєит єνєяу ∂αу
тнє ѕмιℓє σf му gυαя∂ιαи нαѕ ¢σиνιи¢є∂ мє тσ ѕтαу

α∂мιяєяѕ ѕυяяσυи∂ нιм, вυт тσ мє нιѕ нєαят ιѕ ℓσυ∂
ι ℓєт нιм киσω נυѕт ωнσ ι αм, вєιиg мє нαѕ мα∂є нιм ρяσυ∂

нє α¢¢єρтѕ мє ιи α ωαу ѕσ ρυяє
нє нαѕ σρєиє∂ υρ нιѕ ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ∂σσя

ιf ι єνєя иєє∂ α fяιєи∂
нє ωιℓℓ вє тнєяє fσя мє тιℓℓ тнє єи∂

συя נσкєѕ вяιиg ѕмιℓєѕ тσ му fα¢є
тнє ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ιѕ му ѕαfєѕт ρℓα¢є

συт σf αℓℓ ¢яєαтισи, нє ιѕ му αиgєℓ fяσм αвσνє
нє fℓєω ѕтяαιgнт ιитσ му ∂αяк ℓιfє, α ωιѕє αи∂ gяα¢єfυℓ ∂σνє

ι αм υѕє∂ тσ ℓуιиg fαя вєнιи∂, ℓєfт ву тнσѕє ωнσ нανє ℓσνє∂ мє
кι¢кє∂ ωнєиєνєя ι ωαѕ ∂σωи, тнєу нανє ρυѕнє∂ мє αи∂ тнєу'νє ѕнσνє∂ мє

ι киσω мσтнєя ¢αяєѕ ву тнє α¢тισиѕ тнαт ѕнє тαкєѕ
вυт ѕнє ∂σєѕ иσт ¢αяє тσ ¢нαиgє тнє fєαя тнαт ѕнє мαкєѕ

ѕнє тєαяѕ мє ∂σωи ωιтн нєя ωσя∂ѕ єνєяу ∂αу
ι αм иσт єиσυgн fσя нєя ιи αиу ωнι¢н ωαу

fαтнєя нєℓ∂ мє ¢ℓσѕє ωιтн ιиfιиιтє ρяσтє¢тισи
уєт нє ωαѕ тнє яєαℓ ∂αиgєя, ∂єѕριтє нιѕ αffє¢тισи

нє ¢нσѕє нιѕ ρσω∂єяѕ αи∂ ρσтισиѕ σνєя мє
нє мα∂є нιѕ ∂є¢ιѕισи, тнιѕ мιи∂-αℓтєяιиg ѕρяєє

"fιяѕт ρℓα¢є" ιѕ α тιтℓє ι нα∂ иєνєя киσωи
υитιℓ тнє нєαят σf му тєα¢нєя, тнє αиgєℓ, ωαѕ ѕнσωи

нє тσσк мє υи∂єя нιѕ fєαтнєяє∂ ωιиg
ι αм иσω fяєє, ι ℓαυgн αи∂ ѕιиg

ι нανє киσωи тнє αиѕωєяѕ ℓιє ωιтнιи нιм υρσи тнє нιgнєѕт ѕнєℓf
вυт нє нαѕ тαυgнт мє тнαт тнє αиѕωєяѕ αℓѕσ ℓιє ωιтнιи муѕєℓf

нє яєα∂ѕ му ωσя∂ѕ ωιтн ¢αяєfυℓ єуєѕ
му ωσя∂ѕ нє ωσυℓ∂ иєνєя ∂єиу

нє нαѕ ѕнσωи мє тнє тяυтн тнαт ι нανє ℓα¢кє∂ fσя ѕσ ℓσиg
ι иσω киσω тнαт ι αм ωσятну, fσя ι ѕιиg му fяєє∂σм ѕσиg
a personal poem for my favorite teacher
σn thє вαthrσσm flσσr, nσt αn ímαgє wαs ín síght
вut α glσw thrσugh thє wíndσw σn thαt wαníng crчstαl níght

thє sílєncє fíllєd thєm up líkє α pαír σf lєαd вαllσσns
αlσnє вut tσgєthєr ín thαt mσσn σf α rσσm

thє chímєs σf tσmσrrσw єchσєd thrσugh thє wαlls
thє mєssαgєs wєrє clєαr, thєrє wαs nσ σnє єlsє tσ cαll

íntσ thє wαvє σf tєαrs, tσ thє tílє flσσr, thєч fєll
thє críєs σf thє nєw dαwn rαng σut líkє α míssíσn вєll

thє twσ fríєnds wєrє nσt rєαdч, чєt thєч fαcєd thє rísíng tídє
вuríєd ín єαch σthєr, thєrє wαs nσwhєrє єlsє tσ hídє

thєч lєt gσ σf thєír prídє ín thαt mчstєríσus plαcє
thєч rєvєlєd ín thє frєєdσm σf thєír vєrч fírst єmвrαcє

α rєflєctíσn σf thє pαst αnd thєír futurє dєstínч
вlíndєd вч thєír tєαrs, thє nєw pαth thєч cσuld nσt sєє

вut αll sєαsσns σf lífє вєcσmє clσudєd вч thє rαín
wαtєr mαkєs thє flσwєrs grσw, rínsєs αwαч thє єαrth's pαín

thє cσursє lєd thєm tσ σnє αnσthєr
thєч clσsєlч hєld σn tσ єαch σthєr

thєч díd nσt вєlíєvє thєч wєrє wσrthч σf lσvє
but thєч wєrє unítєd вч thє dσvє

thєч єαch knєw thαt thє σthєr wαs spєcíαl
thєч sαílєd αwαч σn thєír єthєrєαl vєssєl

thєч wαlk tσgєthєr hαnd ín hαnd
ín thєír nєw kíngdσm, thєч wíll stαnd

ín thє вluє єtєrnítч
thєч wíll cσnquєr αll σf thєír вєαsts

ít wαs α sσmвєr єnd tσ thє níght
вut thє dσvє hαd just вєgun tσ tαkє flíght

fσr thєm, ít ís nσt gσσdвчє
thєч wíll hαvє єαch σthєr untíl thєч díє

αs σutєr spαcє єхpαnds, thєч wíll kєєp σn drєαmíng
thєír tríp tσ thє mσσn wíll nєvєr lσsє íts mєαníng
an emotional, spiritual moment between two friends as they recognize their deepest feelings
self love is not
a final destination
it is a constant battle
between who i was
and who i dream to be
this world may feed off fear
but my light won’t adhere
i am full on my own
there’s no home
beyond me
C Solace Jun 12
As if walking down a dark staircase,
  every step forward gives way to uncertainty.
Downward, tripping upon my thoughts
  feeling less, and less likely to feel the sunshine again.

It’s the smell of decay, rotted souls, & tortured hearts
  smothered dreams, forgotten hopes, among all the lies.
Broken hearts left in its wake, like the skulls upon Golgotha,
  condemned for their crimes.

That darkened staircase has become damped by tears,
  fear as taken over, with its siren-like call into the unknown.
Crashing like waves, an undertow of raw emotions,
  my demise now bellows from the locker below.

I’ve created this fable, where the plot twist is all to real
  only to assume its identity in ghostly winds.
Loneliness, my old friend
  my true undoing.

Sun rises and falls, day after day, It does not change
  so will it ever get better with the dawn?
Do the monsters I've brought to be, ever vanish into the darkness, forever?
  For I know I’m not alone, no matter how I feel.

HE walks along side me lovingly, waiting for my less than faithful cries.
  Unconditional, Unconventional, Unrelenting Love
No matter my feebleness, my flaws, my imperfect human form,
   Forever will HE make good on his promises to me.
A poem based upon personal struggles with depression & its influence upon my faith.
She Writes Jun 3
I am done trying to prove my worth
To those unworthy of me
ShowYouLove May 5
My Lord and my God I am so unworthy
A sinner for all of my days
What did I do to deserve your love
When I deserve death
You died for me you love me wholly
You cleanse my soul and make me holy
By your perfect love you deem me worthy
To be with you eternally in love
You call me your friend, you call me your child
No longer slaves but free from the chains
From my sin and shame you restore me
You raise me up from the mire
Grant me Oh Lord a penitent heart
That I may turn from my ways and die to myself
In dying, you come alive in me
By rising I am born again into new life
You are worthy of all my praise and thanksgiving
You are the reason I am still living
You are worthy of all my love and affection
You are worthy of all my prayer and adoration
You deem me worthy to shine your light
You deem me worthy to listen and write
You deem me worthy to be your child
You deem me worthy of your love
You deem me worthy to be your Lamb
You deem me worthy and though unworthy it is enough
Thank you Oh Lord my God and have mercy on my soul
Help me turn my heart to you and so live in your perfect love
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