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LitEm 6d
Desire to see
How you'd be
Makin my world flee
Dont know how to feel
Cuz lovin u is my need
That i cant stop but feed
Eyes turning with speed
Whenever u proceed
Yet your always accompanied
Afflicting to admit but envied
Makin my heart bleed
For they may mislead
For i am pitied
If only youd forseen
Decree as my queen
By all means an equisite scene
Not a soul step intervene
Abundant love since sixteen
Take you to cuisine
For all is unseen
Have all ur questions
I'd answer with combustion
You may ask am i the right one?
Different from everyone?
Worthy or is there no one?
But this aint done
So listen
You maybe be taken
But i have ur heart won
Give you all for love you more than all
Haunting yet sacrifice my self
in any circumstances given
Always and forever there for u for certain
Stand out as there mistakin
They dare forsaken
Have audacity to Heartbreakin my queen
be ****** heartachein
My undertakin bringin them shakin
Cuz none will stop my wrath for godsakin
I am thier nightmare satan
Deeply awakin like a hawk
I am not all talk
But at least not like them to stalk
Have u in a shock cuz i am destined to rock
Have ur love lock full of stock that none can knock
Dont care if i am mocked
Waiting for all ticks on clock
No need if you let me have u spoken
Take all my action
Never be forgotten
For ill give all my attention
Be your best decision
Cross Boundry Sep 23
i told him i didn't love him
every word burned truth
he said he could wait forever
he could hold his love to the last
that he could keep the time we spend
and capture it in the lens of his newly dusted camera
he said
"if that's where i can have you,
                         i'll love you there."
like a thing to be phtotgraphed
           he talked about me like a thing worthy of being kept
a story he never wanted to forget
           a moment to capture
"i see what others can't and keep it
                          the  difference between dreams
                                        and reality
                                            is her."
true story
thanks to anonymous
Alec Astaire Sep 18
History repeats
I could never be worthy
..But for you, I’ll try
Trying to love someone when you don’t love yourself is so hard.. I just want to stop sabotaging myself..
paschelco Aug 23
what are apologies worth?
do they mend broken souls
or fix broken homes...
I see it as a placebo .
we want them because we think it'll make everything better
but they don't .
they just remind us of the rotten memories and unhealed wounds...
so, to all the girls that I've hurt ,
I'm not sorry .
the best thing I can do is to let you grow,
admire you flourish from afar
accept the fact that I wasn't ready for you .
Nilia Loh Jul 24
I'm worth more than how you’ve treated me.
I settled for less because I thought I didn’t deserve the best.
I let you come back over and over again,
let you trample all over me.
I blamed myself for your toxicity,
and let you poison me with it.

Eventually i said to myself,
I'm not unworthy of your love.
You are unworthy of mine.
I deserve better friends,
I deserve to be loved and cared for.
Not to be toyed by people like you,
to use me to stroke your egos.

I'll live my life to the fullest.
You’re not worth dying for.
I'll have my own glow up,
do what i love,
and surround myself with those who truly loves me.

Because I totally deserve it.
I said bye to those suckers and hyped myself up. I  don’t need them.
Lupus- Jul 17
In my eyes you are perfect
Nothing could ever change that
You have done nothing wrong
Not only an opinion, it's a fact

You may believe otherwise
I know you're filled with insecurities
But I'm here to assure you
And save you from your lies

Why do you only see cruelty
When you have saved many without a fee
You help others get better
Yet you don't let yourself be

Your existence feels like a crime  
You believe you are worth no one's time
There is no value within you
That without you around things would be fine

But you are my time, you are why I fight
Being with you feels so right
I feel safe, loved, and warm in your embrace
I long to hold you all night

And you wonder why I love you so
But I just told you what I feel and what I know
In my eyes you are perfect
And I don't plan on letting you go
In my eyes you are perfect
Kyle Jul 10
I'm looking at myself in the mirror;
Just staring at myself with curiosity.
Realizing how good enough I am at what I do.
Then thoughts keep coming to my mind;
"I'm actually not useless."
"I'm amazing."
"I'm a great person."
"I'm passionate to what I do."
"I'm good enough."
"I'm worthy."
"I'm not perfect, but I'm thankful to myself."
We are all amazing for who we are.
Himani Jun 11
Don't try to pin me to the ground,
I will soar to the sky even before you have time to look around.

Don't try to throw light on my flaws,
I'll wear them with my head held high rather than yielding to your laws.

Don't try to meddle with my thoughts and make my emotions stir,
You'll be lapsed into a blur.

Don't try to wear your mask of pretence,
In this pandemonium,I am the essence.

Don't try to bridge the chasm,
My potent art will contort you with spasms.

Don't try to wear that smile on your face,
My attitude is hard to trace.

Don't try to atone for your sin,
In this battle of heart and mind you can never win..
Never allow your self to be underestimated or misjudged by any one..Be you and live free.
I let myself succumb to desires
That aren't worthy to be nurtured
I fall for the same sin, the same fault
That I've a million times taught
Myself not to surrender to
But it keeps falling through
The cracks of my soul
Making me lose control
Of the goodness inside

My entire being.
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