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George Krokos Nov 11
The ascending angel of light
rises from the dark in the night
displaying colors that are bright
and is seen by awakened sight.

None may ever see its glory
unless proven to be worthy
and in their daily life's story
win at God's Grace a priori.
The above poem was written to go with an original graphic art piece posted on another website many years ago. If anyone would like to see the art piece just use the link address below by copying it in your browser to view.
Brian Feb 4
Every coin
no matter the filth
or how many times
they've been burned
stabbed or thrown aside
every coin
is one step away
from becoming gold
and that one step
is knowing
or being told
that I would risk everything
to have you as my own
I would cross the stars
lay my life down
on even a small chance
that you'd be found
I hope you felt worthy today
birdy May 2022
her love was everything I knew
until the world recognized her worth
and she was ripped away from me
I don't wish for her
I wish to be worthy of her
I S A A C Mar 2022
its been 2 years, I grew so much but I still carry the same fears
the fears that you kissed, your hand I still miss
I always have the memories but even those start to slip
it's all the ****, it's all the daydreams
my days start to bleed, I need a trip
I need to escape, I need a bridge to get across these violent waters
my emotions are stronger the longer they harbour
I return to that day in your car where the rain fell so hard
could barely hear rain on me on the radio
I think of you no matter where I go
I see you with your boo in Turks and Caicos
I see you living it up and not day goes
by where you don't
cross my mind, got myself in so much trouble in the pursuit to find
someone that shares your light, someone that takes their time, someone who is actually worth my time
you just wished me a happy birthday and I wish the convo never ended
I feel without you I am suspended
not able to move, not able to do anything but cry
as I watch the only good man I’ve ever met thrive
I wish I could say you were ****, I wish you hurt me harder
maybe then I wouldn’t be stuck like this, loved me better than my father
maybe I was just a pitstop til you found your forever
maybe I was destined to find better
but on these cold march nights, it's hard to keep that in mind
but on these cold march nights, I just want you in my sight
drown in your light, love you as you deserve
maybe that's what it boils down to
never met someone who
was worthy of my love, worthy of my touch
Nylee Sep 2021
How did my self worth
day to day
change to how useful I am
To you.
thepoeticwit Aug 2021
My eyes have encompassed all the world
Surveying its glory and splendour
Civilisations advance
Society cultivating cultures
Technology, created and innovated
By human beings being knowledgeable
Expanding capacity, capital, and territory
In terror of losing identity
Working, moving, breathing
They cry

But is this worthy?

My eyes have encompassed all the earth
Surveying her beauty and majesty
Mountains, hills, and forests of lush green
Beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes
Oceans, seas, rivers, and clear blue sky
They all seem to cry

Is there more to this?

My eyes gaze into the heavens
Surveying all their mysteries
Planets, systems, and billions of stars
Galaxies upon galaxies lightyears away

And I hear in the distance
Echoes of angels and heavenly beings
Thrones, dominions, powers, rulers
Saints and elders around a radiant throne

They all cry

I bow my head in awe
And in silence pondered
What the measure of a man is worth
In the grand scheme of things
Where one exists amid seven billion others
Working tirelessly to no end
Amid a vast and glorious creation
Which will all draw to an end

Am I worthy?

And I hear in the distance
The one called Worthy and seated on the throne
Calls out to me saying

“From the dust have I fashioned you
Formed you into My image
From the lowliest estate have I given you
Heavenly heritage
My child
Once an outsider, even an enemy
have I bought you with my shed blood.

You are made worthy
For I am Worthy
As with all who are Mine.

So define not your worth on futile things
Or others who lack the clarity to see
You are worthy
As I am Worthy

Worry not your worth
As it is found only in Me”.
On the worth we place on the world, and on ourselves.
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
I'm going to do the world a favor and not write anymore

I'm going to do you a favor and not fight anymore

I'm going to do me a favor and not feel trite anymore

I lied...
Renae Jun 2021
All roads seem blocked
All exits taped off!
This and that
always get in the way
I ask and wonder and
I don't feel okay

Am I worthy??
As though
you should answer...
Are you?
Who am I to choose

There are hidden things
I cannot see
Your heart, your soul,
your memories
Your trauma, your fears,
Your meant to be's

That crashed and burned
broke your heart...

Who am I to think
you're too broken to restart?

Can I assume you
have no right to life?
That you're cursed
unloved & shouldn't
been born... right...

When I look in a mirror
I only see me
So I ask myself,
Am I worthy?
And then I answer,
most certainly.
Aindri May 2021
Can u still see me?
In the dark?
Where all of us are just alone,
And all I am is a spark?
Can you still see me?
Every time I’m full of glee
When I hug my knees looking for you
Do you ever try to look for me too?
Do you try to hold on to the things around you,
Afraid they’ll run away?
Do you try all you can
To ensure they’ll always stay?
You know,Sometimes, that’s all it takes
For things to fall into place
Just a little bit of hope for what’s ahead,
And just enjoying the chase.
Some people are worth holding onto
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