JoJo Dec 2018
the secret to loving You
is knowing that I was loved
even before I took my first breath.

the secret to knowing You
is knowing that you Knew me
before my mother knew me.

the secret to spending eternity with You
is to walk with You in the present.
underestimated Dec 2018
I've never met someone with no worries
I've never known someone who's that worthy
Worthy of a peace of mind
Worthy enough to be kind
I guess things just get too blurry
Are you worried?
Mohannie Dec 2018
Listen to me now,
You are stronger than you know.
Just take a deep breath.
Sometimes, we all need to be reminded that we are okay and that we are worthy. Take a deep breath because you are going to get through this! It may seem tough now, but this will all be okay soon! I believe in you :)
Madison Greene Nov 2018
I never understood the reason I cry before things end
is because the man that was supposed to wake up every morning and tell me I was worthy,
only ever texted me on my birthday to tell me he was proud.
As if he ever played any part in raising the person I am today.
How dare he show his face every other holiday and act as if the good in me came from him.
I've spent the last twenty years using boys to fill his void.
I've spent the last twenty years begging those to stay that were never meant to.
Because the only way I knew to recognize a man's love was in his inconsistency.
You tell me you want me but the daylight fades over and over and I haven't heard from you in two weeks.
I learned when I was 5 years old that a man's words mean nothing when his actions don't align.
I am done giving you the benefit of the doubt.
This might be too honest
Myrrdin Nov 2018
You were always loving me "despite"
I needed you to love me "because"
Spitz Oct 2018
Life is a horse.
His size is intimidating,
fierce eyes petrifying,
his speed is chilling.
How to face his daunting figure?
The saddle might be secure
but still everyone will fall off.
And if he is chased,
never will they sit in the saddle again.
But if they are patient,
forever will the saddle be offered.
The reins might be held,
but still every horse will balk.
And if he is met with surrender,
never will they turn to the right path.
But if a confident hand is shown,
forever will he gallop to your will.
Life is a horse.
His size is intimidating,
fierce eyes petrifying,
his speed is chilling,
but the ride is exhilarating
when determination overrides apprehension.
Marrika Oct 2018
I perceived a few men who did not want me

but, my mind focused in on how lovely I am.
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