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I watch as you stir
beneath the covers - they are not silk
like you deserve,
yet you wake stretching
and smiling a crooked smile.
And like the deity you are,
you clamour through the kitchen
for a cup of tea
and sit atop a desk
where you speak with the sun
through glances alone.

I like to believe that you are
looking for something
in that red glare of morning
-hope, perhaps love.
And yet, I love you so:
I love the way you unfurl
the pages of a book
like moth's wings
-I love that you know
where all the lost things go
and your habit of brewing a second cup
for breakfast when you laugh
around bites of buttered toast.

I love you most in those moments
when you seem
to hold all of time in your hands.
Before the day begins,
when you are most yourself
-and at your most wonderful.
It is very important to take care of yourself, and to make peace with yourself - because you are one of the persons who will never leave you.
If you truly loved me you'd save me from death
If you truly loved me you'd save me from life
Johnny walker Feb 25
Awoke to the sun beautiful
this morning the kind of day one feels alive admittedly
still a sense of losing emptiness but somewhat
less than winter
I suppose days like these It's that I want to live for the both of us Helen would not want me sitting around
moaning but to get out there live for Her
Go some of the places we went together just to sit and remember all the fun things she loved to do and to think back to days at seaside those Ice creams
dinky doughnuts and of cause
But just to Imagine she In the sat beside me which I'm sure she still Is giving Instruction how to drive all those things at the time might seemed annoying I'd
have all back
complaint because I loved her so much never stop missing her one In a million a real rare gem priceless
Helen was like rare Gem priceless one In a million there will never be another
Johnny walker Feb 22
Days of late I've learned to forget of reality or lies that newspapers tell news I never see use the Internet to check If there's anything
I need to
Other than that I'm blind to what going on any more and surprise surprise I'm not bothered at all for I now live within the very poetry the words I write far removed from
I'm truly happy where I don't miss the real world I've found where real love lives within that of poetry
It's my own place from the harsh realities of life can't touch
I'm untouchable from the evils of this deteriorating world being destroyed by It very Inhabitants but I'm safe I live the world of poetry writing where freedom really
I've arrived at the point In my life to where I want to be and this Is what Its going to be poetry all the way from now on
Found at last arrived at the point In my life I truly want to be that of the world of poetry
Johnny walker Feb 22
And as I lay upon my bed looking  at our wedding pictures on my wall and know that my darling Is free of the pains she suffered throughout her
And with her loss small
comfort I know but comfort all the same to
know she free of the worsening problem of
this world
No longer to face the suffering of degrading assessments by people
that are not even qualified to determine her right to disability allowance
Helen required a wheelchair because of walking disabilities breathing heart
Osteoarthritis crumbling bones her spine was twisting she required oxygen a ventilator mask
at night and through the day
She reached a point where no amount of pain killers worked  for her she was left to suffer the
She was so Incredible In her bravery shown but still, she wasn't given the correct amount of money she was entitled
I to have been through that assessment process I know how degrading It Is so as for gaze upon our wedding photos on my walls  wedding photos a comfort
to have for having lost her
but I know In my heart my sweetheart
Is free of  the terrible pains she suffered through her short life her quality of life was so poor she's at peace now God bless her soul, I shall forever love her
Helen Incredible In her bravery right to the end
I will always love her and
have the greatest respect
for her so very proud to
shared twenty years with
her as man and wife an truly an honour
Johnny walker Feb 12
Every day I sing In praise  to my sweetheart deserved
so much more In life than she ever received there Is no justice In this world to which we

A world I'm not to keen on anymore when I see the way the misfortunate of our society are treated they are cast-aside as If of little Importance for God shake they fellow

What Is wrong with our society that allows this to happen shame on those Involved who make these
poor people lives so miserably

We send out foreign aid nothing wrong In that but we don't take of our own It's as the authorities are ashamed of the situation
but don't want to admit to
it or the big part In causing the terrible suffering they have created I'm lost for words
So much  unnecessary suffering to our fellow
humans at times It almost
Unbelievable the suffering
Äŧül Feb 9
You impressed me effortlessly,
I love you truly and crazily.

You looked at me beautifully,
I fell further in love for you deeply.

You have goodness truthfully,
I shall never lose my faith crazily.

You give me patience truly,
I am not saying this flirtatiously.

You stand these testing times strongly,
I get pulled towards you simply.

You may take your time pondering carefully,
I stand here, waiting for you eternally.

You know that you live gracefully,
I shall make you realize that you live gorgeously.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Brayan Jan 24
I can see you on the cellphone, In my peripherals. hindsight just a pigment off somebodies imagination.
Not here. At all.
Johnny walker Jan 19
Muhammad Ali had such an Influence on me saw every fight from first to the last
never ever be another Muhammad Ali
For he was the greatest there ever will be never had an Interest for boxing till Muhammad Alli
he floated like a butterfly with a sting like a bee truly was the greatest  
Muhammad Ali
A tribute to Muhammad Ali who had such Influence on my life a true Inspiration the greatest
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I'm still finding people who
didn't know Helen had died a nice Hungarian lady
she didn't
I had to tell her the smile fell from her face the shock
It broke my heart to see her she said how sorry she was told me look after myself then high fived me that was a nice
Helen was loved and missed by so many, the testimony of the loving and caring lady she was there will never be another Helen a true
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