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Eva Jul 2
I've been told that all happiness...
comes to an end.
I've never understood,
what they truly meant.
Why have I only understood the value,
once I've lost a friend.
(I just want to make it clear that my friend did not pass away, I'm not sure if my text makes it confusing, I have just lost her as a friend)
Cattatonicat Jun 27
Kissing ***, left and right
Feeding on the weak, feeding them sweet nothings
Makes you wonder if they can mean anything truly sweet

Kissing ***, up and down
Feeding on the weak, feeding them fake respect
Makes you wonder if they can truly respect anything
Eva Jun 22
I've learned to love
the silence-
grew numb to all
its screams.

It's like I've died
a million times,
but still know how
to breathe.

Im conscious,
I'm alive...
but am I truly
Eva Jun 13
I've fallen before...
Fell into the coldness of a winter night,
and sunk into the chilling shadows of the moon.
I've tripped on the stutter of my words,
and let myself collapse into gloom.
I've never fallen in love before.
Never melted in the tenderness of ones heart...
Or drowned in the eyes of love.
I've never understood the feeling...
of how it is
to truly fall.
Carina Apr 17
he asks me what i do
i tell him i work part-time and
he stops me-
not what you do for others, but for you
what keeps you up at night
what drives you crazy

i tell him,
i write

-he wanted to know who i was.
The open way is coming
Try to tie
Your love with your family
Call your parents
Ask in truly

Phone your sons
Greeting your daughters
Make a beautiful kiss
Flaying over clouds
Chattering the fear
Improving our tie

That is a way
In addition to obey
Our Gods who can forgive
The faults and can give
Happiness clouds that will save
Our plants of life
the love and makes good tie will overlap any and tie with your family
Caveat Spender
by Michael R. Burch

It’s better not to speculate
"continually" on who is great.
Though relentless awe’s
a Célèbre Cause,
please reserve some time for the contemplation
of the perils of EXAGGERATION.

Stephen Spender in his best-known poem wrote: "I think continually of those who were truly great." This near-limerick suggests that Spender may have exaggerated the time he devoted to hero worship. Keywords/Tags: caveat, spender, truly, great, think, continually, hero, worship, exaggeration, contemplation, awe, fawn, fawning

by Michael R. Burch

If only we were not so eloquent,
we might sing, and only sing, not to impress,
but only to enjoy, to be enjoyed.

We might inundate the earth with thankfulness
for light, although it dies, and make a song
of night descending on the earth like bliss,

with other lights beyond—not to be known—
but only to be welcomed and enjoyed,
before all worlds and stars are overthrown ...

as a lover’s hands embrace a sleeping face
and find it beautiful for emptiness
of all but joy. There is no thought to love

but love itself. How senseless to redress,
in darkness, such becoming nakedness . . .

Originally published by Clementine Unbound

Keywords/Tags: caveat, eloquent, eloquence, sing, enjoy, enjoyment, inundate, earth, thankfulness, praise, song, light, welcomed, enjoyed, enjoyment, bliss, joy, love
Maja Mar 17
It depends on who is looking;
whether a picture is truly true,

The picture can be a lie when looked at by someone
who has a different view
we all see things differently.
Colm Jan 31
In time, imperfect being knows itself at such
And still accepts that it is
And isn't so much
That which is immediately wanted and more
For all could become in time, in time
So much more than that we ever were before
The point being... we all can grow and change. If you want yourself to be, you probably will. So take responsibly for who you've become.
LC Jan 27
was intangible
less than a spirit
its voice inaudible
color exited life.

is truly tangible
a spirit with a bright aura
its voice so enticing and loud
that color is entering life again.
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