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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I can be the villain that you need me to be
If that's what it takes for you to once again truly be happy
Then that's what's important to me, that's what I want to see
If I can't be that for you then I've failed miserably...

Oh the stupidity

I can play the bad guy, that comes pretty easy
To think love would find me, that in itself was awfully silly
I don't even have the love from my own friggin' family
...apparently no thanks to me...
But to bring you to the reality that it's time to leave me...
...that came all too naturally

Oh the humanity

George Krokos Oct 2023
Blessed are they who are able and know how to truly help others for their motives stem from a sense of divine compassion deep in humanity's real heart.
Simple Observation #471. From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Àŧùl Oct 2021
When I write a love poem,
I make sure that it rhymes.
When I write a love poem,
I aim for her heart's chimes.
When I write a love poem,
I make sure to commit the crimes.
The crimes of loving truly,
And crimes of writing the truths.
The crimes of being lovely,
And crimes of romancing the youths.
My HP Poem #1946
©Atul Kaushal
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
A true friend like you hard to find
And kind
Greatest person I've ever known
The one who always picks up the phone

When I am angry
I'm sad
When I've done something bad
Complain to you about why I'm mad
You somehow make me glad
A bit of laughter
Few jokes
Beers and a lot of tokes
Playful tickle and a dozen pokes
Ounces upon ounces of **** to smoke
It is hard to feel low when you're real high
Lay down
Closed red eyes
Lose the frustration in your mind
Leave it behind
Sometimes wish I was like
I wouldn't have to hide
From relatives
My life
You and my family are not alike
It is true you and I
Will be best friends all our lives


Tell how many late-night telephone calls
How many times you swept in to break down all my walls
Is happy ending possible after all?
For a moment free of fear so I take a breath and fall
Either dreaming or I finally worked up the *****
Sad thing about pavement is it's where I crawl
Happy people call me crazy
They don't understand
Pray for my soul because it's ******
When they themselves stray from God's plan
No one is perfect yet stones are still thrown from their hands
Promise when I say you're beautiful that you believe
No matter fiction others try to weave
The hardest part of learning truth is to first receive
You can walk away
It will never truly leave
Haven't posted a rap in awhile
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Kissing ***, left and right
Feeding on the weak, feeding them sweet nothings
Makes you wonder if they can mean anything truly sweet

Kissing ***, up and down
Feeding on the weak, feeding them fake respect
Makes you wonder if they can truly respect anything
Eva Jun 2020
I've fallen before...
Fell into the coldness of a winter night,
and sunk into the chilling shadows of the moon.
I've tripped on the stutter of my words,
and let myself collapse into gloom.
Yet I've never fallen in love before.
Never melted in the tenderness of ones heart...
Or drowned in the eyes of love.
I've never understood the feeling...
of how it is
to truly fall.
Carina Apr 2020
he asks me what i do
i tell him i work part-time and
he stops me-
not what you do for others, but for you
what keeps you up at night
what drives you crazy

i tell him,
i write

-he wanted to know who i was.
The open way is coming
Try to tie
Your love with your family
Call your parents
Ask in truly

Phone your sons
Greeting your daughters
Make a beautiful kiss
Flaying over clouds
Chattering the fear
Improving our tie

That is a way
In addition to obey
Our Gods who can forgive
The faults and can give
Happiness clouds that will save
Our plants of life
the love and makes good tie will overlap any and tie with your family
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Caveat Spender
by Michael R. Burch

It’s better not to speculate
"continually" on who is great.
Though relentless awe’s
a Célèbre Cause,
please reserve some time for the contemplation
of the perils of EXAGGERATION.

Stephen Spender in his best-known poem wrote: "I think continually of those who were truly great." This near-limerick suggests that Spender may have exaggerated the time he devoted to hero worship. Keywords/Tags: caveat, spender, truly, great, think, continually, hero, worship, exaggeration, contemplation, awe, fawn, fawning

by Michael R. Burch

If only we were not so eloquent,
we might sing, and only sing, not to impress,
but only to enjoy, to be enjoyed.

We might inundate the earth with thankfulness
for light, although it dies, and make a song
of night descending on the earth like bliss,

with other lights beyond—not to be known—
but only to be welcomed and enjoyed,
before all worlds and stars are overthrown ...

as a lover’s hands embrace a sleeping face
and find it beautiful for emptiness
of all but joy. There is no thought to love

but love itself. How senseless to redress,
in darkness, such becoming nakedness . . .

Originally published by Clementine Unbound

Keywords/Tags: caveat, eloquent, eloquence, sing, enjoy, enjoyment, inundate, earth, thankfulness, praise, song, light, welcomed, enjoyed, enjoyment, bliss, joy, love
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