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Rainy Days Sep 24
Fire and ice
Both so opposite
But can't seem to not
Attract each other
Äŧül Sep 7

Juxtaposed are our hearts now,
Embracing me is your soul,
Near or far from glow,
Inside, like blood you flow,
Far you are yet so near, baby,
Amazed I stand in your precious love.

I want to say this now.

Love, care, or affection,
Oh call it whatever you may,
Very sure I am by the way,
Enjoying I am this infection.

You make your mind,
Only me you marry,
Unless death tears us apart.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
Jules M Sep 4
I cannot get enough of you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
I am in love with you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
You make me enjoy life,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
I would spend my life with you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
But truly,
I don't give a ****.
I love you,
And I am abandoning all fear.
I am trusting you,
And truly,
All I ask,
Is that you love me back.
I don't want to be afraid of love anymore
Helen Was my everything my night and day I just
loved her In every way totally devoted I actually become obsessed with
Even though she gone I've now become obsessed with writing poems dedicated to
her none stop writing poetry stories of her life our life together
Johnny walker Aug 19
If I never awake again to the morning light have to ask myself the question would I really be
In my time here and have
I done enough and will I leave this life but most Importantly with
Having never really ever been ambitious enough
to ever even discover my
possible potential quess I'll never
Johnny walker Aug 11
So much I've been through  all my life but nothing hurts like the loss of my wife a life I say took
away far to
Never made It to retirement
raised to children work all hours untill she become so sick  till she couldn't
worked  no
Helen was worth so much more than she was delt In life she was beautiful person everybody loved ker for Helen was
simply the
there was nothing she wouldnt do for you so kind and caring loving wife and mother and I miss and I'll never
stop asking
Niki Gray Jul 12
We never truly get over
the great loss of life.
Like water smoothes and
shapes a rock over time,
loss carves and shapes
the soul into a much kinder
more loving person.
Inspired by the loss of my dad, Courtney's mom and my friend Chuck Horn.  For all those people out there who have lost someone before they were ready this is for you as well.  Thank you Todd Hoover for encouraging me.
Let me show you what you’ve been missing.
The things everyone notices when they come across you
But you fail to see
We all have a little self doubt
But you’re to perfect to be staring at the reflection of someone else.
The mirror isn’t broken
But I’d put the shards back together with bloodied hands just to show you the reflection of who you truly are.
Eric Angels Jun 28
Let her see you vulnerable,
And she will be the strength you need

Let her see your dark side,
That part of you that you have always kept hidden from her,
And she will be the light that you have been missing.

Let her see you cry,
And she will become your everlasting source of joy

Let her see you when you are broken,
And she will build you up again even better than you were

Stop being scared and let her in,
Love her better, truly...
You know she deserves no less.
Mercy Kabi
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