JAC Mar 24

To whom I hate:
If I truly knew you
I wouldn't hate you
Such is life.

I'm Truly In Love With You.
I'm dreaming of love
One look at you and
Oh I fall in love
Your my everything in
Life your my true love
Only you could love me
Like no other I'm truly
In love with a woman
I really love forever I shall
Love you never
Loving an other
As much as I truly love you.

David P Carroll
I'm Truly In Love With You.

Our happiness together
Our love together
True love forever
Together forever
With you
My true love
I shall always be
Truly in love.

Always Truly In Love
David P Carroll

I love you for the beautiful and complete young human being you are.
You value your blood relations.
You work for a stable future.
You are truthful towards me.
You never kept me under a false impression that you love me too just like I love you.
Though I am probably not going to meet you ever, let alone marrying you, but I do feel for you.

My HP Poem #1407
©Atul Kaushal

As I take your
Hands we smile
Deeply in love
Share our happiness
Share our laughter
We kiss in our
Perfect moment
Loving you
Forever is my dream
All I say to you is?

I truly love you......

David P Carroll
I Truly Love You

As I'm Loving you sweetheart
Its the right thing to do
I can truly do
I shall always love you
As you feel my love

I could only love you
I'd give you my whole world
Oh love I truly would
When your saddened
I'm here for you
Oh I truly am
I'm truly deeply in love
With you my love.
Copyright David P Carroll to a Dublin
Court of law.

David P Carroll
Im Truly In Love With You

As I dream of you
My heart feels love
Knowing that
I'm truly in love
Loving you
Forever makes
My life worth
Loving I could
Never feel
More loved than
Been with you
Forever inside my
Warm beating heart
I shall always
Be truly
Deeply in love
With you.

David P Carroll
Always Truly Deeply In Love With You
David P Carroll Dec 2016

I would love to cuddle hug you hold your hands and passionately see you smile and knowing that your heart is truly smiling as my heart truly makes your heart smile every day in life knowing that I truly see your true beauty from your smiling face as my heart forever makes your beauty shine your heart all forever smile

David P Carroll
Truly Smile
David P Carroll Dec 2016

Loving you I Truly Do.
As I hold you
Closely to my
Beating heart
It's you I truly love
My utter love
I only love
For you I've
Everything I truly
Need forever
With you is
Truly all I need
Loving you for
Forever I shall
Do I shall
Always be
Loving you
Truly forever and
Ever until the
End of my
Time I truly love
You only you
I truly do.

David P Carroll
Loving you I Truly Do.
Ma Cherie Dec 2016

I need my beautiful Muse,
I have no words for which that I can use, or anyone else that I would let abuse,
me in this way

I want my beautiful man,
I seriously thought we had a plan,
I would never put up with this or stand,
for the things you sometimes say,

I loved our beautiful life,
I would love to be your beautiful wife,
I'd never let another twist an angry knife,
as you stab I pray,

As you let me bleed to death,
cold on the kitchen floor,
I think,
as I take my last long final breath,
and look on heavens lovely shore,
I blink,
I am,
in this endless pool of indigo bloody ink,
But like any relationship,
I will never
be really gone.

No notes..
Sorry poet's life is still just kind of really bad right now and I'm really sad right now but I'm trying to send out something.❤
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