JAC Aug 31

I read it
a few times
and then again
and again and again
even though I do know
you really, truly miss me.

i know i'm growing up.
life has taught me many things,
things that i think are mistakes
but in reality,
they aren't...
they're just lessons,
teachings that will help me
discover who i am.
who i truly am.
who i was born to be.

Sun Jul 26

Silver Moon Keeps me dancing
Brightest Stars paint for me
Mysterious Oceans sing for me
Colors of sunset make me smile

Wild winds always sway with me
Rhythmic Raindrops hugs me warmly
Blue birds always fly for me
Morning sun embrace my days
Verdant or Grey

They wait for me
As if they are my lifelong home
I come back to them
Until I heal under my soul's skin
I evolve again to walk alone
They keep me alive with my shadow

Who said, Love Long Gone!?
I run to nature at the end
They love me more than
anyone can hurt me to the worst
They are always there for me

The night sky touches my eyes
when they are not dry
Moonlight smiles on my weird face
I don't love them less
but more than my suffocated silence....

Dear Death,

I am making you wait till there is something  that worth living.

You're damn too worthy!
Truly Trustworthy,
Your Life
Paul Jones Jul 21

The forest shimmers,     sunshine glows and dims,
Dappled light dancing     with summer colours.

12:30 - 21/07/17

State of mind: nostalgic.
Perspective: personal; spiritual; existential; philosophical.

Thoughts: from memories - of walking along a riverbank, deep into a Welsh forest, the sunshine glowing and dimming, dappled light dancing with the summer colours.

I think I experience true joy and peace in times of solitude and exploration. These times always become strong memories. Ones that can be visited, as if they were never left.

It makes me wonder about those adages that state how if pain is felt deeply, joy also can be felt strongly. But it doesn't end there. We have sensitives, which draw us to the things that make us feel a certain way. They become our habits, if easily obtains. Our dreams, if not.

When, for real, I walk through the dappled light of that Welsh forest, I will be living my dream. But the dream is not the goal, for desire is only an urge. It is when we are there, this place of dreams, that we can comfortably give life to our thoughts and thought to our life.

Questions: Where is the place that gives life to thought and thought to life?
Zan Balmore Jul 1

my soul,
cannot be
it's gone,
been stolen
When you
reach for
wick warmth,
you find
When you
bare teeth
to bite,
I'll hide,
too truly
Can't you tell the time
for pleasure's passed?
Two tired eyes and
mirthless smile,
don't care to stop it.

JAC Mar 24

To whom I hate:
If I truly knew you
I wouldn't hate you
Such is life.

I'm Truly In Love With You.
I'm dreaming of love
One look at you and
Oh I fall in love
Your my everything in
Life your my true love
Only you could love me
Like no other I'm truly
In love with a woman
I really love forever I shall
Love you never
Loving an other
As much as I truly love you.

David P Carroll
I'm Truly In Love With You.

Our happiness together
Our love together
True love forever
Together forever
With you
My true love
I shall always be
Truly in love.

Always Truly In Love
David P Carroll

I love you for the beautiful and complete young human being you are.
You value your blood relations.
You work for a stable future.
You are truthful towards me.
You never kept me under a false impression that you love me too just like I love you.
Though I am probably not going to meet you ever, let alone marrying you, but I do feel for you.

My HP Poem #1407
©Atul Kaushal
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