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mustard clap noon
fog dry
bramble potato slay
pasture whale spoke
India reflect
can bamboo hail
piñata fleece beak
canyon sage
potato winch gaff
creak ghetto sole
pincer lot
rinse blimp wink
shelter copy Prince
agnostic hop
scuttle deer fountain
melancholy Jan 10
My heart is breaking

Beneath all this agony

And none of it's mine.
melancholy Jan 10
You'll hate when your friends

Become successful if you're

Sad, — or Morrissey.
...same difference.
melancholy Jan 10
"Angsty poetry."

That's five syllables, ain't it?

Wow! I'm self aware!
nickel shine table
elephant doze
restful clout tambourine
melancholy Jan 8
He's so **** pretty.

Soft voice, green eyes, he loves me

In my lonely dreams.
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