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you're priceless
no cost can be applied-
you have no value
You see what I did there lol...

Disingenuous sycophantic praise usually means the opposite.
justice comes
the subpoenas forced
into your ***
no time for love
I'm too busy-
******* myself
clichéd poetry
could look much better-
Tell me I'm wrong. But please don't insult me in a clichéd way. Make the abuse unique, at least.
Perfunctory ******* lol.
postcode lottery-
without a ticket
your number is up
In the UK if you live in certain areas of the country, even segregated parts of the same streets then you are not allowed to have subsidised drug treatment for terminal illness. You gotta pay in full. One way or the other. An estimated 6,000 died in 2017 through this scheme. Maybe its the government's way of enforcing a cull to cut out the dead wood from the economy.... one of many ways, no doubt.
cutest little claws,
soft fur, softer purr, and sweet
sandpaper kisses
my Bobtail kitten is the cutest creature that has ever walked the face pf the Earth.
change my mind
not a day goes by
shenanigans don't see her
in some kind of trouble
honestly don't know what to do with my pup at times. She's a quick learner, but she's just sooooooooo hyper!

always into something
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