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Young man lusts in youth
Sees her dress bellow in wind
Life is so unfair
She has old stories
Things she tells only strangers
Nothing left of me
Tolerance seems kind;
guised, it's apathy malign,
silently we pine.
Tolerance can be insidious if we allow it to wear away at our beliefs. Apathy is often the reason.
M Aug 24
I wish that I had
given love more freely with
no fear of shortage
By open window
She towels herself with me
Moon cries in bathtub
Wet welling from earth
Deep valleys, hills, sweating *******
I plung into her

We are lost at sea
In moonless night our soft cries
Curled waves drowning us

Above her in bed
Little breaths lifting our bodies
Eyes, fingers, dreaming

Her green eyes are set
Jewels from sargasso seas
My ghost ship is wrecked

Her long hair tangles
No struggle in rising— then
We are rapt in bed

Her eyes blinding me
Milky way of her body
There is a heaven

In forest we taste
Each other in evergreens
Hot dews on the moss

Blissful time kissing
My bare thighs sink into hers
Running sands so quick

As olive or grape
So shed, paired souls are threshed
Out of their bodies

Hummingbirds share truths
Nature sounds with all sweetness
Bee in the flower

Always in a field
Wild flowers— a bunch to pick
Herself a bouquet

In the park we walk
Flocks of white birds taking flight
Two hearts light as air

We kissed under moon
Pox of stars grew flowering
Nightshade of her lips

She took me to bed
Skinned in bliss— was reborn, lost
In her satin folds
D Thornhill Aug 12
time gives no quarter
for time is the ferryman
his vessel sails light
©️ dt + b
It is over now.
I bow my head as you leave,
Rain fills your footprints
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