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D Thornhill Aug 4
shannon is not gone
part her became part of you
life is forever
©️ d_t + b
D Thornhill Jun 25
word usage be wise
for the universe feels both
spoken, unspoken
©️ d_t + b
D Thornhill Jun 3
it happened today,
without hesitation, time
simply continued
©️ dt + b
D Thornhill May 13
an alarm goes off
again a clock hit its mark
ending restless sleep
©️ dt + b
James Study Apr 21
old photo album
photographs of a lifetime
bottom shelf thrift store
D Thornhill Mar 25
am getting older
affairs are in disorder
am not looking back
©️  d_t + b
D Thornhill Mar 4
it was fun, given
up freely for growing old
so much in life is
©️ dt + b
Khoi Jan 19
Glossy lipped nectar
the dark holed flytrap goddess
attractive Venus
D Thornhill Jan 14
life is serious
living not, enjoy its ride
once upon a time
©️ dt + b
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