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You told me not to be “sensitive” 
So here I am trying to deflect,
but I end up absorbing the pain of your words,
the intricacies of this world,
pretending not to care about what is said 
and has happened.

I hold the tears in,
place a mask on my face,
and a lock on my lips
so that none would spill.

But now I feel numb
unaware of how I feel
and unable to cry.

Now, here you are
calling me emotionless.

I guess there was no in between;
either a heart of ocean
or a heart of stone.
YYC Apr 27
To have momentary ideas,
such as these;
one must either be bored to an extreme,
or lacks wisdom
and lives in naivety.

i have no clue.
Merope Angel Mar 9
I ripped myself apart for you
Just for you to feel safe
I made myself never feel safe again
To those who's lives I saved
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