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If you donate, keep both of your hands open
Purify your mind and soul, and depend on legal earning.

Donate with the right hand
The left hand should not know,
Don't expect anything in return
With your donation.

The power to give is from the Creator
You could be the selected one, not everyone,
Brings peace in the midst of charity
Pacifies the heart.

That which is possible on one’s part
So let's donate,
He is the owner for your capacity
He will give the honor.
Anmol Mago Jul 22
At the cusp of Dawn
I see a bud
draped in dew
intoxicated by
a breeze of youth
trapped in a bardo
of vivid colours
hallucinating a dreamless dream
awaiting for the Sun
to whisper the mantra
of awakening
and for the earth to utter
the secret of yore

At the cusp of Dawn
where the infinite oceans
merge into horizons bleak
where the despair of the night
embraces the sinuous hopes of the day
countless ephemeral beings
seek to transcend
into the boundless mist
[The buds see not
The flower hidden beneath
Their Sepals Quivering]
M Salinger Jul 14
Do you ever feel
your heart
may overflow
with emotion?

That it will spill
and splash
against the edges
and tip over
the ledge,
into me
the space

Not from pain
and its

but from
an earnest
for the
of what it means
to be
and the
that are intrinsic
to our

Today, I feel
I could fill
and rivers
and oceans
with my salty
that well deep
from within my heart -
full of gratitude
for my existence,
and shame
that I did
not always
want it.

Share your tears with me
and we could give
back to the
all we have
and been
nourished with.

Today, the gold
of my skin
and of the

as, I step into
the full cosmic
performance in perfect timing,

For I can see that
clouds form,
and trees sway,
and wildflowers,
their beauty,
for me.

Today,  I ask
myself as
I ask you,
are you ready
to step into
the dazzling
of the
naked and wild,
as the stars
and play with your curves,
just for you?

Today, I
in all its
where to find
a soul


but real
and raw
and weightless
enough to
float endlessly,
to its muse.

Today, I see
and all
the sensations in between.

Today, I see the truth
Jeremie Jul 12
Does true Love stretch across the canvas of Time and echo in the deepest recesses of our soul, unearthing every memory that was lost in our transitions. From one life to the next, a faint glimpse of what we once knew, guiding us back to each other like a constellation only seen by our eyes.
You are all the evidence I need to confirm that Love transcends all barriers, all spaces of time, and all limitations of this earthly shell that houses my longing soul.
the wall painted black
wells out to become a dark room
when one admits-
he knows not
what he is looking at

the mystery of a world
designed beyond design
conceived beyond thought
created- not made

within man is fear-
fear that at the end,
he knows not the world
he thought he so conquered

one no longer is limited-
by a black wall of pride
but in humble unknowing
one explores an eternal dark room

the idiot only gazes into the abyss
against its maw in grit-
the fool shoots to miss
the point, however... to walk around it
Kate Jul 8
She was born with the brightest eyes like the first dawn of spring
Her soul was a precious gift meant to be kept and held tight by only herself

The dawn eyes turned to a summers green leaves
She held tight to her soul letting in only goodness and hope

The eyes that mirrored the trees began to fall like the leaves in autumn
Although she tried to keep her soul for herself she began to give small pieces to those undeserving

Those eyes that were once filled with color were frozen like the coldest winters day
A soul that once was her most precious gift was lost and soon forgotten
"Only a temporary awareness can know something finite."
~Robert Spira
My child, let your life come into the world of darkness
like a spark of light, without flicker and pure,
and thank them in silence.
You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,
their words are disguised knives thirsting for blood.
But do not be afraid, my child, go and stand in their hearts,
and let your gentle eyes fall on them
like the forgiving serenity of the night.
My child, let them see your face and so they know it
meaning of all things, let them love and love one another.
Go, at sunrise, open and lift up your heart like a blooming flower, and at sunset, bend your head
and silently complete the worship of the day.
Remember, my child, gods and demons,
ghosts and elves are fragments of one,
built by the hand of the abyss.
So, move on, go to the shore of the vast darkness,
there, is the Great Meeting of Children,
there, the sea gives a smile to the beach,
there, sing the waves facing death.
keith daniels Jun 20
flashes in the dark.
matches scratch,
little fires arise.
bread browns,
fish sizzle,
the scent of coffee boiled in cans.

a clatter of knives,
tobacco clouds,
a lapping on the rocks.

that vastness of sea.
the frozen wastes;
that barren of broken dreams.

they are so very far from home.

one stands,
points an arm toward the glow
of crimson afar.

they cross themselves,
ready the tackle
and stand,
knowing they may not return

but hunger is unkind,
and death makes no exceptions
for sailors.
All the world may look down at you in scorn, but carry on, knowing you may fall.
Jeremie Jun 16
Love is not a ebbs of emotions
that flow from the human heart.
Nor is it the reciprocation of
understanding promised by lovers.

Love is a dervish twirling
at the center of every cell.
Singing in the heart of Heaven’s soul.
With no notion of itself or another,
just Love and the silent music
of this ecstasy.
An impulse at the center of my soul
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