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Yes, injured Woman! Rise, assert thy right!
Woman! Too long degraded, scorned, oppressed.
Unlock the potential you have inside,
expand your wings and fly.
We need to move beyond the limits
we've placed upon our lives
to touch your heart, O love,
Rise up, O woman!
Nor angel, nor man, nor brute,
Nor body, mind, nor he nor she,
Before the sun, the moon, the earth,
Before the stars or comets free,
Before even time has had its birth
and the Causation’s law,
there was the immortal dream of love
that embraced everything.
Syv Elena Jun 7
Tomorrow has passed
Interstellar & interwoven
More than he cares to admit

United fates
Removed and obliterated

Farther away he travels
Amidst the heavens, beyond the stars
May you meet again one day
Cassius Moon Jun 4
When your voice is drowning in an endless sea of chatter, and your life has been reduced to ash and sorrow -
in your darkest hour, in your blackened thoughts, at the end of the spectrum, there lies the tipping point;
the plunge into darkness or the ascent into light.
Syv Elena Jun 1
In its harshest reality
And its sweetest embrace
In its lowest of earth
And its highest of heavens
In its coldest darkness
And its warmest light

It is one of the few symphonies
That will play until the end of time
Syv Elena Aug 2018
I've seen dragons in rivers
I've seen wolves in forests
I've seen things in my orb
Things I haven't seen before

I've seen the elements controlled
Sometimes intertwined
I see things everyday
Of the other side

It's more sense than seeing
Because I mostly have hearing
I can go out when I'm sleeping
Knowing I am not really dreaming

There's always an island
There's always a building
There's always something going on
There's always something that needs fixing

But these are only my dreams
Without them I am blind
Because I can only sense
What's on the other side

I know I am never alone
At times I have friends in my home
And I often talk out loud
When no one is around

Together we laugh
Together we cry
Together we go
To the other side
Cassius Moon May 15
I have faith in you, and I know you have faith in me, and solely that is  what perpetuates my life.

To my guides, I love you.
The  sea of silence lies between us,
but In silence nature's grandest work is done
and the Life's brightest stars rise from a troubled darkness.
So remember, even if you are not ready
for light it cannot always be darkness.
Mamolefe Apr 24
I was first born a solar system.

Living in a realm where I wheezed stars and suns. My eyes, black holes to a new universe.
It was a time where planets burst from my belly and latched onto my ******* - no longer hiding in my vortex of a womb.

The world swung around my neck heavily. Steadily, I adorned my fate gracefully...

...because I was born second a mountain.
My hips creating hills and heaps while my tears birthed oceans. I carried the crescent moon in my left eye - Venus in my right.

And often times, I’d shape shift and kneel to the ground, grabbing the soil of the earth.
Its mud, dancing under my nails and knuckles. Its dust, smouldering the creases between my palms.
Sand, caressing and matching the tones of my skin. Accenting hues from the palette of eternal life.

My mouth, birthing spirits and spells. Souls - mining from my ribs.
My womb, carrying ancestors and avatars - Coloured girls glowing in browns, blacks, purples and blues.
Their nebula personifying secrets from Zion as they break through the realm between my legs.

As I continue to carry my message in the wind; breathing life into lifelessness;
narrating stories of hope in times of hopelessness; morphing my magic across the abyss.

I was born third a Nubian.
A Maasai, I am the one they call MAKEBA.

Walking these townships streets as though diamonds lay at my feet.
Gliding on gravel from the ghetto to Greece. Leaving behind a fragrance so sweet.

Blessing the unblessed even when left distressed. Honoring the feminine power that flows within me. The roaring lioness! Smell the audacity of my celestial essence. I am the first to bleed, but last to fall – the S forever embroidered on my breast.

For I am you and you are her and we are She! MAKEBA!

Inkosazana. The melanated fruit that you seek. You stare in disbelief at these words that I conceive.


Ke mang a tshwara thipa ka bogaleng? Ke mang afang botho mo batho ba hlokang motho? Ngubani le mbogodo elingabambeki?


My eyes, carrying alchemy.
My smile, a treasury. My skin, reflecting the origin of humanity.

A piece by Mamolefe Molefe & Reaorata Mashaba.
“Ma” meaning Mother and “Keba” meaning fortune, health and spirituality - which is of Tanzanian heritage.

In this collective project, we bring to life the artistry and alchemy of the Black Woman.

The Mothers of the Universe. The originators of man. The true, living form of God.
Marla R Apr 6
Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my beautiful, energetic & magnificent girlfriend entering my life. She has been my best friend & darling sweetheart through thick & thin. The apple of my eye & the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I love her & she is my Queen 👑

As a way to mark the occasion, I’m dropping the link to my poetry book which has been a work in progress for me these past five years up until now. I wouldn’t have been able to be here right now if it weren’t for my gf as she has been my biggest supporter & fan 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩❤️😘🥰

Check my bio for the link & enjoy!
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