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Kristin 1d
Great, Merciful Destroyer,
your mercy is abundant, overflowing in your devastation
as the dross is cleared

The time of great surrender is here
It is today, now
And, like a lover, I yearn to surrender
I yearn to let go

In your magnificence,
only the raw, unvarnished, pulsating, living truth remains
All else is dross  
All else is no-thing
All else is glimmer, not gold

Great Merciful Destroyer,
please give me the courage to witness
the destruction that creates
that fire that cleanses
the truth that liberates
Adi N 2d
Autumn is in full swing
and the streets are lined with carpets.

Carpets in yellow, red, and brown
made of fallen leaves and twigs.

Walk on them, cherish them
before they dissolve into the earth.

One day, you will also dissolve,
so live consciously while you have time.
Climbing up from the pile of rock and rubble -
my body is again strong, and mind forgets the ancient trouble.

From the place of war, lies, and confusion -
I surrender fight for the sake of my master’s delusion.

The form I held then was battered and broken;
my soul trapped in fear, and verse unspoken.

I am no longer shattered, thieving for fragments to catch. My best work yet is composed with spirit to match.

As the old world slips and falls to pieces,
we’d do well to recall where our own peace is -

once this circle resembles nothing we knew,
we must pick up the remnants and build something new.
I tried running away from God
Eternity is ******* scary

Except my mission was fruitless,
Proven pointless

When I realised that He was within me.
I stare out across the Indian Ocean
I see God's face amongst the waves

My darling, He looks a lot like you.

An interestingly ironic image, considering you don't believe.
That's just what I see.
my two greatest loves
Adi N Oct 3
You caught our eye,
sticking out
in a bed of old red and pink flowers.

What's your story?
Perhaps you were just a red or a pink flower
who chose to be yourself.

Or perhaps you were put there
by forces beyond,
to blossom into a messenger.

Thanks for making us think,
and offering a choice to change
while we still have time.
What is an empath
I person who neurologically
Feels emotions of other people
You cannot hide from them
As I am one
I have felt the emotions
Of myself
And another
Since I could cognitively remember
My spiritual abilities
My knowledge
Of religion
Bible or Quran
Where handed down to
Me via blood
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