I know this might be tough...
but what if all we saw...
isn't all we could get?

I’m not usually overly emotional
over deaths of people I’ve never met
but upon hearing the news of Dolores
yesterday I wept

Her voice a soundtrack
to my life since 1992
always there when I need her
yesterday I cried

The Cranberries a cut above the fluff
hard hitting lyrics of emotion
devastated for her family and friends
yesterday I shed tears

I have no overt religious faith
but do believe in spirituality
for Dolores a kindred spirit
yesterday I prayed

The sudden death of Dolores O'Riordan has hit millions of fans hard. I surprised myself just how upset I've been.

I’ve never met God but I want him to be kind
To be cradled in his warmth
To be the center of his adoration

I want a wave of reassurance
To collapse onto my sinking body
As I tell him of all the times
That I had forgotten how to swim

He will laugh and nod his head
Wipe my glossy eyes and remind me
That swimming isn’t always so easy

Especially when the tide picks up
And you are left gasping for air
Desperately clinging
Onto anything that will keep you anchored

Despite my doubts, his love for me is not lessened
His impression of me remains unchanged
And because of that I remain loyal

For there is nothing more appealing
Than an unadulterated love
By a creature of such divinity and grace

Although in it the universe folds,
Your little bubble is not the world
Just if in every atom, the Truth ye behold.
As you close your eyes in pain,
A girl in Zambia does the same,
As you relax and listen to the rain,
A homeless wishes his condition would change.
As you understand a concept, joy flowing
An old man to the same idea is glowing.
As you listen to the heart's song of your lover,
Billion other songs wait to be discovered.

Dead lover Jan 9

Oh my soul, my foul cry..
I ask why,
You wish to stay,

Body, mind or more?
There's enough love to pour,
Pour everything for you.

You love me more, I do know,
Just don't expect me to accept,
I want you to love me even more.

The emotional string between,
Would keep our terms evergreen,
I adore you My Spirituality.

For my special someone..

It's beautiful if you just float. Let the clouds give you pace on this spiritual boat.

The solar beams gleam through the steam, wafting off the radiating stream.

Beneath me a spirit, above me the genesis. Intergalactic boulders batter through the ozone. Laying waste to the land.

From the waste of destruction lays the fertility to a new world. A universe self aware. Seeded by the space rocks, for we are only atoms and bits made possible when the meteor hits.

Spoken words,
while lively,
are fumbled about with,
met with a familiar understanding.

An array of information exchanged, thoughts and ideas,
floating about in the energy,
expounding from the individual aura.

As a white light encompasses those,
we choose to direct our energy.
Love abounding from source,
is always interpreted from perspective.

The consensus views an outward appearance,
even when frequencies are matched.
Letting flesh take over,
not meddling in the spiritual veil floating above.

Those that deny this power,
will be denounced to walk amongst themselves.
Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.

Be still,
breathe in the comfort you are provided with,
bask in the energy of source at this moment,
but do not ask for more than you are provided.

Raising to a frequency,
still able to interact,
I can now see their intentions,
and in them lies no tact.

Standing on the mountain,
we see things for what they are,
for everything in the physical body,
replicates behind the veil.

We walk amongst you,
we converse amidst the harshness sensed.
We meddle in our creative aspirations,
in hope that you too will understand.

Those that recognize the true inner nature,
will be invited into the garden.

Queries were many
as the boy was crazy,
answers were few and
Old man gone tizzy.

His questions unlimited
but pure was his heart,
and man was unable
To quench his thirst.

Failing in answer
Man replied the boy,
An authentic man can
surely lead you to joy.

Questions unlimited
Thirst growing more,
Kept looking for man
Whose heart was pure.

With lamp in hand
Through day and night,
Boy searched for years
and continued his fight.

Having tired of journey
and efforts relent-less,
One day in mirror
He saw his face.

and started to dance
and laughed in joy,
Old man got anxious
and asked the boy.

Free from anxiety
and no more in swamp,
Replied the boy
I have saved my lamp.

  Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved

In the shadow of hill
and Bank of a River,
Father and Son were
Treading together.

Gentle was air though
Forest was thick,
Rabbits were playing
A hide and seek.

Saw the son, birds,
Chirping in rain,
Flowers were flowing
In beautiful terrain.

What a dusky cloud
And rainbow by chance,
Exclaimed the father
And begun to dance.

Tears flew through eyes
With gratitude and Joy,
Bow down to Gardener
Father said to the Boy.

And boy was surprised
In such forest and rain,
Where is the Gardener
In such man-less plain.

Why he would take
such fruitless task.
whom to show this and
Still hidden in mask.

Who is here to enjoy
The  flower and rain,
and what is award
Boy asked with disdain.

Not able to watch
Not able to touch,
Why such a puzzle
Throw you so much.

Smiled the father
Replied to the boy,
No body is required
To celebrate in joy.

He cares the plants
With water through rain,
gives sunlight to grow
And makes beautiful plain.

Food through soil
And thorn to protect,
Shelters the flowers
Can not you detect.

Can not we touch him
Can not we watch,
But he is surrounding
Where ever we walk.

He is prevailing in
Fragrance you love,
Blossoming of flowers
And  Cuckoo of a bird.

And Son you are asking
What is his award,
This dance of nature is
making him to laugh.

  Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved

is worship
here namaaz,
Sun Temple
here is Taj.

singing in temple
Dancing day night,
While shutting
His sight.

Is here
Here Ardas,
This India
Not Country
but a collage.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
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