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One slow step follows another
Limbs still bound to earth by
The golden cords of love.
At night, my dream self,
Startled awake, I watch
From my window as one star
Tips the dipper,

My strength has gone
To well-water, frozen  
In winter, convinced
That spring must arrive
By dawn, but hope has
Blown away like the petals
Of late summer roses,

As I watch that silly moth
Circling the candle flame,
Longing to become Buddha,
I wait for the cure, a guest
That may arrive too late.
Sameer Denzi Dec 3
Light and Darkness
Most of us assume
Are equal and opposites.

But In reality,
Light and darkness are opposites
but they are not equal.
Light is a physical entity
While darkness in the mere
Absence of light.

Love and hate are opposites
but they are not equal.
Love is real
While hate can only exist
in the absence of Love.

Truth and falsehood are opposites
But they are not equal.
Truth is a fact
While falsehood is
The omission of the truth.

Love and Truth are
the essence of the Divine.
Hatred and falsehood
are the absence of the Divine.
ab Dec 3
keeping it light
drums towards 4am
playful and whole

how you see me, i couldn't say
but your fingers trace my back
like words you cannot speak

the words i spoke felt
right in my shaking hands
and you paused to consider them

next to 4am lies overnight
which is where hands wander
and the silence drips in urgency

you wanted to consume what you could
tasting without a mouth but your spirit
handfuls of raspberries cupped in your palms

i woke up to your arm resting
on my waist, i turned from you
in the night (i don't know why)

and while i wrote these words
you called me down, crying prophecies,
lips shaking and eyes swollen red

dark magic, you called it
or the presence of knowing far too much.
naming your spirit guide, i twisted my tongue

i will speak for you tonight
and remind whoever hears
to shake you of your walls

if that is something you might do

without force

i hold you to my lips
~you told me you knew how to speak in tongues without a ***
Francesca Nov 30
I shared a moment with you today;
for once,
I was just
Not plagued with the what ifs,
The constant dialogue,
Bewitched was I
by nature’s percussion,
Dancing a melody outside,
I wrapped us in a blanket,
You calmed -
We both were still,
Our souls connected in a song:
A simple lullaby,
In your eyes sang the Universe,
It echoed back in mine,
An orchestra of consciousness
that I’ll treasure
for a while.
A lovely moment with my baby boy inspired me to write this poem.
Bracelet Nov 22
How do I love this, let me count the ways
as I love stars in the bejeweled night
reminding us, look upward, all is right,
or panes of sunrise on bejewelled days.
Not every woman loves her jewellery
yet here is one with eyes for precious stone
their sparkle seems to say, when we’re alone
we stardust irises, just wait and see.

Your lovely magic conjures seeds of joy
that grow like lotus in the reader’s mind
a blend of sunlight and a sparkly toy
***’s shimmered sandbox that he left behind
when chasing up a wayward angel boy
who danced the fields one night, midst humankind.
In honour of Timothy, a wonderful poet here, who writes about sunrise, and frost. His haiku can be found at


Not exactly a Petrarchan sonnet. :)
Jamie Word Nov 21
some color inside the lines.

and others, outside the lines.

some are like “wait.. what, there are lines?!”
and then are those who

sit back watching all the beauty unfold. 

But then the real magic happens:

They jump back in and make their mark.

Inside lines, outside lines, no lines;
knowing all of it so deeply as an expression of themselves,
and simultaneously, so not.
By releasing all grasping of their contribution,
they serve as Spirit's paintbrush,
for life and energy to express itself through.

It’s in the release that frees and makes room for possibility. 

We are all artists - working from different places,
but it's happening, now and always. 

So let the fact that we all are artists, be our unifier, not our art.
I'm not religious, I'm spiritual and for me that means, it comes from my soul.  No dogma or religious artifacts attached. Call it what you'd like, Spirit, Universe, Source, Ourselves, Nature, ***, Goddess - to me all the same.
Bracelet Nov 21
a lighthouse shimmer
framed in ocean shadow -
a star, and a sky.

heartfelt warm embrace
a simple statement of fact -
radiant as sky.

chocolate chip cookies
potent as a fall in love -
tastes of crumbly sky.
For Skye, who really likes 5-7-5 haiku. :):)
Bracelet Nov 20
Why do I love you?
Because the bones I carry
came with ikea instructions
Nobody noticed
the string connecting them
was missing
until I met you
and they all fell apart.

Okay that’s not a why.
I don’t know why.

Because you and I are a law of physics,
two singularities
destined to touch.
Might as well... :)
Bracelet Nov 18
a season is a really funny thing
so filled with petals, feathers, rays of light.
the planet needs the season bell to ring
five times a year; four never did seem right.
a time when everyone steps off the road
to walk the field of why beside all things
yet worry tends to stumble pigeon-toed;
appreciations, they can fly with wings.
thus winter, spring and summer, fall and why...
hiatus for my every thought of you
with depths of physics for the blue of sky
that lights the reason why a love is true.
     this time and space of why has facet sides
     where joy can land, and paranoid collides.
What if we had an extra season every year called “why”, not so much to ask about the bad whys, but to appreciate the good ones in our lives?
Bracelet Nov 10
i see honour in

a salute.
hands on hearts.
the fragrance of fresh flowers in a shrine.
five people running to help a stranger in the street.
genuine laughter.

three bowed heads.

a delicate frame carrying a child.
hundreds of backs, straight and standing.
a gaze that holds no harm.

a thousand souls who turn away from fear, or a substance,
and reach for ***.
In remembrance.
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