Catlynn 7d

There’re are two paths going opposite ways
People travel these paths every day
The first path leads to a place of tears
people who take this path, reflect death like a mirror
Guilt haunts them when they do wrong
The memory of their sin creates a mournful song
People say you can do whatever you please, they say, “Come over here, join us!”
But a wise person knows down that path, people give into their lust
Most people who follow this path, don’t see the dangers around them, But those who truly believe in Christ can see through the fog
For they are the ones pulled out of the miry bog
                                                            The second path is thin and narrow
It is thinner than a golden arrow
There are very few who find this path
Those of the world look and laugh
This is the path that leads to life
It is full of danger, hardship and strife
There are trials on this path, it won’t be easy
But that gives no excuse, like the rabbit to be lazy
What’s so great about this path is that someone cares for you when you fall
Through the church, He sends out his gospel call  
He is all holy, powerful, and merciful
He is Author of the universe, and Creator of all the people
You must be born again through his holy Son
Who died on the cross – the victory won!

Dr zik Jul 17

What a beauty of a flower showing!
What a fragrance of a flower mentioning!
What silence of a bud can offer?
What a dawn whispering!
What a dewdrop capturing!
Can You say?
It is not about You.
O’ my Lord!

Dr. ZIK's Poetry
Hadiy Syakir Jul 7

I can see it beforehand
three months three wounds
and the Death is dragging me
hail the eternal chain
hail the Danse Macabre
the allegory is dead,
the hegemony is trapped
in the continuous fashion,
insurmountable passion
Oh Lord, you must've
loved me.

Dr zik Jul 7

I am facing gigantic obstacles during travel towards You
Which make me more vigorous and resolute!
O’ my Lord!
And I assume them as mile stones

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Dr zik Jul 3

A travel between two milestones
How long it is!
O’ my Lord!

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Eleni Jun 28

Cold feet
And she likes the cold she used to know.

The gone heat
Seems like summer came a century ago

The night is dark
She walks along the train tracks like a dying soul.

Her love she'll guard
Until blood shines on her iron sword.

Knight to knight
And storm to storm
She'll stand by her unfaithful Lord

Night to night
And dawn to dawn
He's long gone but his body is warm.

Out it blooms
Like daisies flourish in the springtime.

Her life she'll doom
But there's still hope through those haunting crimes.

And if she stays
Maybe her life will solve with a big climb.

Knight to knight
And storm to storm
She'll stand by her dying Lord

Night to night
And dawn to dawn
She'll cloak herself in a reckless ward.

Dr zik Jun 26

I can not stop falling pearls from my eyes at night
You are not about to stop falling dew drops in the morning
O' my Lord!
Both are the signs unshaken-able
Of our everlasting Love
And the morning star is witness

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Dr zik Jun 26

I admit I am not able to You
O' my Lord!
Keep in mind my passion!
Keep in mind my waiting!

Dr ZIK Poetry: An extraction from Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal's poetry

My past karma are so
that they make me go beyond
just being a human
while the present ones
tend to fall me from the same....
Amidst the struggle of these two
I am falling for his name..

julian r Jun 17

Dearest Rebekah, my first lover-
she whom I discovered far beyond the filth of Canaan.
Her fair radiance surpassed the confines of scripture.

By blessing, fluke, or fate she happened upon me,
shroud in a modest veil- and our lives became soon intertwined
in a bond stronger than the Lord himself.

Undaunted by nearly five-hundred miles, she cried:
"I will go!" and though deprived of my mother's blessing,
we found light in a faith beyond our dirt and our feet.

For eternity we would prosper-
her beauty remained, as did our love.
My Rebekah was an angel, sent by the Heavens.

Eternity, however, was for none save the Lord.
There was more still I was unable to provide,
and my Rebekah soon fell discontent with our love.

She began to seek comfort in deceit,
whilst my eyes turned gray as milk- our youthful desires
since devastated by trials beyond worldly control.

Dearest Rebekah, my former lover-
cursed to remain with our hearts empty and raw until the
Lord saw fit to turn us upon separate paths- never to meet again.

Inspired by both the stories of
Rebekah and Issac of the Bible and Rebekah and I.
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