forgive me father for I have sinned
I can't repent
I am not your child

forgive me father for I don't believe
I am not pure
I do not give my body to Christ

forgive me father for I am an adulterer
I have laid with man before marriage
I did not save myself

forgive me father,
or not.

JΛΧδΡ⑧Z Apr 12

Through the cotton mist
We saw the rope of the lights lift
A beam from a lighthouse cliff
Pulling us in from the highs and lows
Like a fish for his bait
The Light moves up & down, we crave
It gets bigger every minute we take
This lighthouse,
Unto our swim
She brings land & hope within
Thank you, Lord! for the light of my fins
& allowing the shore
My skin

Be someones lighthouse
Keasbey Apr 9

Sunlight bleeds through misty cloud,
Your love shines through and goes abound.
Your mercy reigns like drops of water,
Your love for me burns all the hotter.

My heart does cry for you aloud,
In you my hope and dreams are found.
The LORD my God's name do I praise,
Dear Christ my king show me your ways.


Christ is my only need.
Abhijit Patil Apr 4

Here I lay, my lord,
The night so dark.
Darker is our soul,
So easy to lose it whole.

I pray'd to you, my lord,
make me all that I am not;
Been chasing rainbows
from the womb to the tomb.
Yet there it was, bliss,
in the dew drops at my feet,
Only if I'd look away from the abyss.

I pray'd to you my lord,
For power, pleasure and ecstasy
but the prayers they were empty.
And all in store for us, the pain,
Please lord, take it away, the pain,
like the first monsoon rain.

We are still praying to you, lord
You've given a long rope, of hope
So fallen we are, We tied it to a noose;
On the hanging tree of sins
Our need is greed, and that we breed.
Soul laid to rust with all the lust.
Fanning the flames of hell so high,
I am sorry, lord, your halo's on fire.

And yet, still to you, lord, we pray,
Inside of us, the soul of Dorian Gray.
And as I close my eyes to sleep;
I now pray for you, my lord,
That if we die before we wake;
There's a soul down here left for you to take.

-Abhijit Patil

Julie Grenness Mar 31

Who is the most important in this life?
Has to be the Saviour,  Christ!
We cherish Him all year round.
A humble Faith is to be found,
He never gives up on anyone,
Always there  for everyone,
You don't have to believe, of course,
Life is better with Jesus on board,
You can be too religious, I guess,
Keep it to yourself, no less,
Indeed, that's what some sayeth,
True Love can be found in Faith!!!!

Feedback welcome.
R K Mar 29

Wake up my precious girl,
Join me in this special world.
I love you endless like the sky,
I want to fuck you till you die.

My heart beats hard just for you,
Whips and chains and buttplugs too.
I like it when you scream my name,
Till your forehead busts that vein.

All day you are on my mind,
Your secret g-spot I will find,
Scratch my back and grab my head,
Make you cum and shake the bed.

Lay down and hold me tight,
Sleeping nicely through the night.
Wake up my precious girl,
Let's do it again, fuck the world.

- R K

Named for her love of 'Lord Of The Rings' lol..
ezra warhol Mar 28

given gift, twas fire, it was,
caused a titan to feel the wrath of the Gods.
eternity, to display such a crime,
liver picked out, by an eagle, over time.

repeated until the mind becomes ill,
repeated more so, breaks a man's will.

repeated until the mind becomes ill                                            ,
repeated more so, breaks a man's will.
but those don't consider the Eagle's dire pain,
for liver aint tasty when eaten every day.

Consider how Caucasus feels in the Prometheus story.
Timothy hill Mar 28

Dragun lord warrior of dark blooded soils.

You lead the men to there transcended.

Eager to disslove there reasons.

Despite the bridge was being rased.

Silver tail horses were sent from under volcanos defending.

Musk rats and rabbits stealing corn and wiskey from the moon shiners tavern.

Drink quick, as the door pushed open promptly, who is the of anger and none manners.

It's is me Leo, from cave highs near bentley town.

The grim reaper and his souls repeat there old habits creating Hellish disasters.

Let's prepare the spell of bindment.

Recite with me fellows and say grim reaper hells refuge you have no version here.

Be gone with souls you stealthed and stole for they only where not death and void.

Your promise to give them your powers and fighting abblites.

From whence, the trees where harvested for there hides to make a new script and spell book for ivory tablets and shelves.

Men dressed of red suits medal belts and center a infusion coil sparks of purple source energy where emitting power.

Lord draguns a novel I'll be working with.
Sean Scribbles Mar 27

Rolling hills
Golden fields
Left to right
Feet to feet
With every step
Through the wood
They stride away
Towards eternity
Into the deep
The unknown scene
Away from home
From everything
They’ve ever known
Or hoped to be
And with this step
One more has been
Further away from home before
Than he’d ever thought he’d been
God bless your feet Samwise Gamgee
Step onto the road and you will see
The greatest adventure you’ll ever keep
Burning alive within your mind alive
Until the in Havens you reside
And therein find the eternity you seek
For alive and well
You’ll ever be
And beside the bearer
You were meant to be
As a friend against all enemies
And the second set of sturdy feet

Inspired by three words... "Come on Sam"
IrieSide Mar 26

One thing I learned
in my long college career
is that
I don't know a thing

I cannot read minds
nor fix this world
I still fall back to
this broken poetry

The place to be
we thought as youth
though in this life
it's a choice we choose

where you desire to be
is a figment of reality
a plan so mismal
to the burning sun

What faith you lack,
oh guilty one
on this track of life
you chose death!

In this college degree
I learned to see
not through intellect
but through emptiness

Poetry flows like gentle tides
before a hurricane
her sandy shores

Three jumps left
and two jumps right
the lord speaks
and I follow

Milk moonlight of divine delight
silky sheets of satin rose
nerves underneath
emit electricity
and birth

Lovers in my past
don't leave my mind
their faces exist
etched in time

Sink like a stone
through deep waters
fall to her blackness
and the dark sea's wonders

thin skin, a lighted hook
neon guppies glitter
in florescent
store light

Take heed when he calls
for the depressed ones
in your life
call out

Always help
those in need
for you never know
when you, it could be

Solomon wrote
songs and poetry
they flowed from thought
as divine symphony
of what does this teach you of women?
Solomon had the most
of any man

Be true to yourself
and your dreams will come
not the dreams you've planned
but the one's- you stumble upon

A gentle tickle, a sudden pulse of electric energy
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