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Sanmi Pawar Nov 18
She stood by the door, with tear-stricken eyes;
A small-little push, and they'd be inside.
She thought of her mother, who left her all alone;
She wished for a father, who would care her like his own.
Her thoughts were broken, by the furious bangs on the door;
She begged the Lord of mercy, even if she wasn't the one wrong.
Her frail body was thrown aside, as they rushed into the room;
She closed her dead eyes, awaiting her doom.
Throughout the push and pull, she did not utter a word;
For she knew her mistake, of being born as a Girl.
There is no dishonesty
greater than mine, o lord
there is no lie
further than mine, o lord

I shall give you one thing, to repent
no I can not give you my head,
nor my heart, nor my hands,

I could give no god such things.
Unholy and corrupt those gifts would be.
They all contain my sin.

Instead I present the creases amongst my brow.
Taken as a my last untainted element,
Free from the treachery of my crime.


Though you don’t think it much
It may be all I have left
to prove that I had grace

They never betrayed me as they won’t you.
They will not displeasure, o lord.
For they are honest things.

They speak of pain and joy
They whisper my deepest heartaches
They coo my greatest fears

If you would be so kind, o lord.
Take this gift with open arms
the rest you can discard.

Toss me in the ocean, for I am but a sinner.
A broken thing, too broken to beg
I am not fit for Heaven, o lord.

But you can take my brow.
They are pure and true.
We glorify his name and praise him
But still aren't strong believers
We honor him and worship him
But still disappoint him
He takes care of us and guides us
But we neglect him
We spend hours making tweets
But under praise him
He saved us
How cruel can we be ?
Tizzop Oct 6
this whole world is like a pit
by your side, i'll find a way

prosperin' in times of sadness
people are loaded with madness
questions in their eyes, a quest
by your side, i'll be blessed

lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood
baby, take a trip with me, soul dealin'
we were sick, now got feelings of healin'

don't get me wrong, don't tell it everybody
yet i'm not flawless, a human being, a body
lord, i wanna be good, so good
lord, i wanna die in the hood

lead me through the valley of my fear
lead me through the valley of my tears
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly
do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a slowie
fan of bowie, jeezy, straight up deezy
i don't respect the "i", but my woman
o lord, holy almighty, you sent me milly

the beginning of a journey, the winning
just the beginning, i'll be fightin' waterfalls
all in all, i'll crush the chinese wall to be
with you girl, not my new girl, but my true girl

funky like a whirlwind, my head is spinning
people waitin: what about him, ain't no sinnin'??
don't have to to do that, cause i am tru dat, so in it
my head is spinnin', lord i wanna be good

i wanna live and die in the hood, maybe in the woods
you sent me milly, this is not to be misunderstood
embers in her eyes, and a nice-hearted smile
lord, do i deserve her? am i worthy?

ya know me, a friend of forties, a blowie
o lord, holy almighty, please bless us...
Kyle Oct 4
Thank you for writing my story;
Thank you for bringing me to life;
Thank you for everything;
Thank you God.
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