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Dying under my sins.
Dead already.
My destiny was to suffer and die.

But you had other plans.
You sent, you...sent your only Son, to die for me?
Lord, why would you die for someone like me?
When i already wronged you.
When i hated you.
When i ignored your whispers and pushes and pulls of your eternal never-changing love.

You allowed the rocks to press on me, crush me.
But you allowed your son to be burdened with my stones and needles.
You allowed the nails to pierce through your Son.
and it wasn't even yours to carry.
it wasn't your fault, it wasn't your nails, it wasn't your stones and mountains to carry.

O, Father. You are so amazing and beautiful.
Your love has no end.
Your grace carried me so far.
You want to spend time with little old me.
You still believe me.
Lord, your mercy and grace pull me into a galaxy of stars and into the peaceful depths of the Sea.

O Bearer of my Sins. You have given your life so that i could have mine.  You suffered that day so that i don't have to do so for an eternity.
Your faith in your Father is steadfast, unshakable.
You love me so much.
Lord, you hugged me and held me close when the lightning struck and the raindrops broke windows when thunder knocked down trees and left me bare.
You didn't regret your decision. To die on that cross for me.

O Holy Spirit, you preserve my soul, you remind me of the Father's love. You inspire and set me on fire for God.
You guide and lead me.
You remind me of who I am.

O Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. You are One.
hehehehe Praise God!! Your Kingdom come quickly! Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!! His Love is ahhh indescribable. Perfect Love :)
I heard that there are seasons
To laugh and to cry
I struggle with the season
When You lived and You died
It's hard to play this game
Because the rules, they don't seem fair
If You care, God if You're still there

[Verse 2]
Bombs falling in Syria
A child dying of AIDS
Fighting 'round the world
A daddy lost his girl
Still we kneeled and prayed
But Heaven can feel silent
And the floor beneath gets cold
When your soul refuses to let go

But wait, tell me am I too late?

What happens when the healing never comes?
Do we stand and curse the heavens
Or lift our hands and feel the sun
The mystery's not clear
Just once, Your voice I'd love to hear
What happens when the healing never comes?

[Verse 3]
I know we love the seasons
Like summer and the spring
But I've been stuck in winter
Since the fall of misery
One day I'm full of anger
And the next I'm full of fear
Every year, there's a new supply of tears

But wait, tell me am I too late?

Is there a chance for me to believe
We would dance together soon
If there's a billion galaxies
I'll count each one 'til I'm with You
They say where You are is better
But I want You here with me
Oh, this is for a purpose
But hurt won't let me see

[Verse 4]
So now I must be silent
Your voice is in the wind
The hands that made the heavens
Will heal the storm within
I have so many questions
I don't know where to begin
Since You were there at the beginning
You already know the end

[Chorus 2]
Ooh, what happens when the healing never comes
Do we stand and curse the heavens
Or lift our hands and feel the sun
The mystery's not clear
Just once, Your voice I'd love to hear
What happens when the healing
What happens when the healing
What happens when the healing never comes
I love this song
no, i dont need the fancy lights and studio lights.
no, i dont need the cheering crowd, the rushing sound, bursting loud.
no, i dont need the big halls, and palace balls, and studded jewels and rings.
no, i dont need people with the same beliefs.
no, i dont need a cheerful heart or a forced one.
no, i dont need a perfect home or a  have to ice cream every day at home.
no, i dont need a brain of intelligence or the wisdom of an owl
no, i dont need to frost the broken heart, or to force myself to light up a broken heart.

to praise the King.

He makes my heart light up.
He is where i want to be with.
His presence is better than being a heir to an earthly throne.
He is willing to be with me when I am lonely.
He is all I need.
Amen!!!! haha you guys should listen to Tori Kelly's new album! the messages of each song is so amazing! God bless all of yall!
I want to smash this whiskey bottle
On the floor
And roll around in the mess
Then maybe
It will burn like it's meant to
the words of song pulled strings within my symphony and
made it a song, not of a song of melancholy, or of the cages within my heart which tries to tame me.
its vines pulled me in and the bare flesh of my body doesn't want me to be free it seems, from its curse of a decree.
from the shore, i dived into the difficult waters of the sea and he pulled me in.
i closed my eyes to see.
to see his majesty.
nothing less than a song bursting with life-energy.
hehe. did i mention i loove singing in the shower haha.
see God's majesty without distraction..ahhh
Irina BBota Sep 5
Listen to my prayer, Lord! Do not let me perish!
I need you as my teammate whom I deeply cherish!
Don't let the good remain unpaid and be envious
in this greedy world where everything is perfidious!

Help me, Lord, to stay for eternity in your cathedral!
Let me see my children well, protect them from evil!
Do not let them fall into the panic of this society,
but to trust, to believe in high-aspirations with piety!

Raise me up, Lord, pick my heart up from the floor!
Don't let my words be spoken for nothing, like before!
Give my mother and my sister good health, if you could,
to see them happy here in my neighborhood!

Catch me, Lord, if I should ever fall again!
Do not let me get into dreadful Satan's hell!
Leave me here with my both feet on the ground,
let me see the denouement of my life! Now I'm found!

Teach me, Lord, the secret of two gathered hands!
Touch my soul with prayers that are so intense!
Have mercy on me, give me strength to bear my cross,
to find out where peace and serenity are! Not to get lost!
ChildofGodyay Aug 31
Mouth. Voice. Hesitant. Flesh vs Spirit.
Fear vs Love.
If only I could stop letting the lizard step on the plans God has for me.
If only he could stop conducting the ochestra in my head. To play the music he wants to hear.
Help me see past the nice wrapped empty boxes. What if the cardboard boxes out of view kept bars of silver, marble and gold. Or something even better.
If only I could stop riding on marble waves, and drown in deep. To have been surrounded by your Love. Mercy. Grace.
Maybe I don't know the plans, but you showed me pieces, cassate tapes, videos of what your plan is for me.
Show me more.
Show me pictures of your majesty.
Movies of what is a Godly family.
Help me get past this.
Open up my heart.
Force open it.
I want to give you the keys. You know my secrets, my dreams.
You take care of me in my sleep...
Lord, my family, my friends.
Help me with my insecurities...
Hoi. Why am I so anxious all the time haha.
Liyah Bella Aug 28
i always knew we would spend our lives together
but as you were reborn in the water
i knew now we can spend eternity together
la hawla wala quwwatha illa Billah
there is no power nor might except in Allah

the trees, Who caused, them, from the earth to sprout and grow?
water, Who caused, from the skies, to fall and by the torrents, pour?
the planets, Who caused, to align by the ellipse, by sheer gravity?
the heavens, Who adorned, with stars, of utmost clarity?

which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?

the sun, Who caused, to shine, to set and rise at appointed times?
the poet, Who caused, the words to flow in deliberate rhymes?
the human, Who caused, to electrify the messages of time?
the offspring, Who caused, to arise from a mix, minuscule?
oh, to men of ancient times, did all this be of ridicule.

indeed, man is flawed.

science is merely an implemented plan.
how can we believe there is a plan, with no Planner?
how can we expect, the gears to turn on their own, with no Turner?

the workings of the universe is defined by science,
but certainly, there must be a Definer?

do you not see the workings of your Lord, now unfurled?
surely, if even then, man does not believe, he has erred.
I haven't capitalized the words at the beginning of the sentences to show that compared to His superiority, they are minors.
The trees, the rain, the planets, the stars, the sun all have a methodical system which nearly all of us know so I won't explain it here.
By the actions of the poet, I am referring to the activity of the brain involved in all of that, linguistic and whatnot.
By the human, I am referring to mainly the brain and heart, and the nervous system, (which work by neuron signals/ electrochemical reactions) as well as the intelligence He gave us to be able to discover all the electronic advancements of today's technology.
And further. All of these have very deep meanings and loads of references.
I have used the word Allah, because it is the name God chose for Himself and which He prefers to be called by, and that it is free of all blemishes. The word God, is flawed, for it can be made plural (Gods), and be assigned gender (God, Goddess).
The name Allah, is neither male or female, and is singular, and is very divine since Allah, Creator and Owner of all Knowledge and Power, chose it for Himself.
(I use pronouns like He, Himself because there are no pronouns in the English language that are gender neutral and singular)
Mix refers to Nutfah, the Arabic word for mixed sexual discharge, the sperm and ovum, which anyone who has access to the Qur'an (which is everyone [Internet], can look up as it appears countless times in the Qur'an.
The only source that proposed these ideas, 1400 years ago, was Islam and the Qur'an. So to disbelieving folk of those days, who did not believe in their Lord, all this, science, was ridiculous. They did not believe Allah when clearly, He sent down the revelation. Except for the believers.
To all those who didn't know, yes, there is SCIENCE in Islam, a RELIGION, which many argue don't go together.
Science as we know it, is what man has found out of the truth, with Guidance from His Lord.  Islam, is the truth, which includes all of science. The Truth that Allah revealed very clearly.
I did say the workings of our Lord unfurled as in we've discovered Allah's Plan. But that doesn't mean we can implement it ourselves. Which people argue on today.
But yet, we've only unfurled a fraction of what He has done. Barely a fraction. Indeed, man is a creation. He can only comprehend so much. So it is up to us to be smart enough to listen when it comes knocking at our door.

I am only human. I can only portray what is within my ability with the permission of my Lord. For those who want to read an astoundingly better version of this, look up Chapter 55, Surah Rahman in The Qur'an.
(WARNING: This is not only based on Surah Rahman, it also includes references from many other parts of the Qur'an)
We, as speakers of English can only understand the translation of the original poem. And as anyone knows, to get the complete amazingness of a poem, you need to read it in the language it was written in, especially in this case, since the original Arabic is by Allah, and the translation by humans.
But it still maintains certain literary techniques.
In Surah Rahman, Allah asks the same question, over and over again.  It is because humans are forgetful and we need to be reminded. Repetition instills remembrance and then we think deeply about it.
Plus, we need to be told something countless times, until we understand it.
Thank You for taking the time to read all of this. I hope it helped and opened up a better understanding of this world in your minds.
We are the creation most loved by Allah, and indeed, we can do AMAZING things! Inshaallah (If Allah Wills)

If you have anything you want to ask, you can always message me, and I will try my best to answer. But you can ask any others who are knowledgeable on this topic (I must admit I am not as knowledgeable as most).
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