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Priyanka verma Nov 2018
Tumhara mujhe yun tut kar chahna,
koi ittefaq nahi hai,
Naahi waqt ka takaza koi,
Naahi kudrat ka karishma koi,
Yeh Khuda ki rehmat hai,
Apne kisi khaas bande ke dil me,
mohabbat wo jagata hai uske liye,
Jo Khuda ke dil ko bhaata hai,
Yeh kuch yun hua ki,
Zindagi ke padaav mein,
Jab tum khuda ke ajeej huye,
Toh Humko toh chahna hi tha,
Jab tum khuda ke kareeb huye,
Toh humko toh waha pana hi tha...
Bethie 4d
I don't know what to think
I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
But it happened just today

I've liked him all these years
I watched and loved and prayed
He never, ever noticed me
So I lingered, quite dismayed

But now the tide had changed
And pulled me right along
So here I document the change
In this poem, my heart's song

It seems he saw me watching
It seems he sensed my love
It seems an even greater one
Heard my praying from above

So I don't know what to think
And I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
Yet it happened just today
He asked me out, he really did
Prince eduard Jan 14
My lord
Oh, my God my landlord
you are my life
you are my everything
I'm nothing without you
Now I offer my life, my soul
from you to me and to you
You made me
I'm just giving it all back to where it's worthy
To where it belong
And to where it for so long have longed

I love you, oh Father
you are my family
and your children are my sisters and brothers
I am yours, let it be

I will sing praises to thee
Wherever, whenever
I will always thank thee
Wherever, whenever
and i will always love and worship thee
Wherever, forever

Nothing I can say but Hallelujah
I believe and declare you are Yeshua
Jesus Christ, my God, my Saviour, my Lord
To where my life is dedicated for ever
oh Hallelujah
Nothing I can say but Hallelujah!
Just.. Hallelujah
Kellin Jan 14
if you do still care, Lord, please keep me safe.
Lord oh lord,
Lord oh lord
Between heaven & stars,
Clouds near & far

Turn down the stars
Turn down the stars
I gots ta' find my loves heart.
A light that shines bright.

Through prayer & bent knees.
Bent knees and loose shoe strings.
I look but can't find
My loves heart.

These old shoe strings
stumbling, falling
Looking up at the stars
Clouds near and far

These old loose shoe strings
These old loose shoe strings.
Lord if you can
I gots ta' find my loves heart
Poetress2 Dec 2018
I'll proclaim it from the Mountain tops,
I'll proclaim it by the Sea;
That Jesus Christ, lived and died,
to set His Captives free.
I'll proclaim it to the multitudes,
I'll proclaim it to the few;
That Jesus came, to heal the lame,
and give His life for you.
I'll proclaim it to the wealthy,
I'll proclaim it to the poor;
That Jesus Christ, shed His blood of life,
to forgive our sins e'er more.
I'll proclaim it to the weary,
I'll proclaim it to the strong;
That Jesus lived, free from sin,
not once did He do wrong.
I'll proclaim it to the Saintly,
I'll proclaim it to the unsaved;
That the blood He shed, for you my friend,
was the saving grace He gave.
I'll proclaim it during the daytime,
I'll proclaim it during the storm;
That if you want Him, to enter in,
He'll become your friend and Lord.
Ilion gray Dec 2018
There is something to be said about sadness-
there are levels-
these two words:

"Divine - Sorrow"

when I first met the Almighty,
I had already been a child for years;
I survived,
then I fell asleep.

I never woke up again.

I can see that you are confused..

If so,
May I suggest that you,
listen from the room
behind your eyes.
The one with no door,
Lay down,
With your back,
and head
on the bed;
But, leave your feet
on the floor.

There, on the ceiling in your head,
Painted from corner to corner
is a very cold small planetary garden,

Go there, and wait for me.

if you are reading these words,
I am already in the stomach of death;
Only the soul of my breath is here still,
Awaiting digestion.

I know a physician specializing
In didacticism,
I would suggest
that you not call him;
until morning.

When I have left the body.

However, tonight sleep in a fetal position.

Because I love you.
Because, you are very much meant to love and be loved.

something for the weaknesses
Is perfection.

the doctors,
have reasonable logical analysis,
maybe some other theories, about my condition.
They will tell you -
that i have mental disorders -
That my past drug addictions
made it easier for my sickness
to manifest-

They will tell you, "like anyone else ...
Your father is dying he needs help;"
And I know you'll be laughing inside
and I'll be smiling
walking through
woods behind my eyes,
Conversing with
trees and wind,
Sitting with the golden orb-weaver,
he tells me the names of the
Stars; I never ask him for his source,
For he weaves replicas of
The universe, while the world sleeps,
Then, as I walk a little further,
four-spotted palpitas
Flicker in the light of the
Many moons
of my minds-sky,
Every one of them,
The trees,
The wind,
The spider,
The moth,
All the moons...

Everyone of them speak to me with the voice of my father.

I am here most of days
Emptying my eyes,
Pouring myself out
Over the long bent grass
Of his words..


Here I am again,
In the doctor's office lobby,

It's cold,...
                 I put my hands in the
front pockets
of my jacket.
And, there in the pocket
I find a empty pill bottle,
(written in the fine print on the prescription label)

A little side note they send my soul,
regarding death;
before calling my name
in the waiting room,
It said,

" if you want to stay awake
Flush one pill down the toilet
A day"

Yes....there is work
yet to be done, and
I am not just the skin,
wrapped in thick blood,
running down
The throat
Of dry..dry veins
gurgle me down
Into, the stomach of death.

The lobby,
smells like blended
plastic machines burning,
tired lives;
expiring slowly.

I sit here,
waiting to be called,
The minutes are empty
from 1 to 60

There is nothing there...

Staring at dusty picture frames dangling from clinging nails,
Barely holding their place
On the wall
But they are only dusty, 
 plastic and glass...
and nothing else in here
Is where it used to be,
nothing is where I put it;
Unless I hid it from myself...
There is no-thing here,
I have lost my moons...
My elements
incomplete in unrest.
You and You.
Are a
thousand million
light years
I miss your gravitational waves and the wind that was yours when
You danced like a dervish
Across the edge of the walls of
I was slipping in and out of space
And again 0001 00 100 00...

When you left...
Why did you take all of your
I miss
peering into your worlds;
I long for you both...
Savagely, in whispering rain,
In blood,
with veins of wild fires.
Desire Dec 2018
saved souls
defeated death
alive again
XXIII. Jesus
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
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