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heikkitsh May 11
In realms unseen, where dreams take flight,
Your ethereal beauty shines in the soft moonlight.
You’re a glimpse of heaven’s trace, adorned in grace.
Your aura is an essence to seize.
In awe we stand, mesmerized and pleased.
MC Escano Apr 26
Lord knocks at the family of four
sensing the needy void
a grace hopes to cure
and fill light to its darkness
that almost devours the other three
for its life-taking shadow

A veil of moonlight uncovers
Lord's worn in tanned and dreads
Together his lady angel
carrying bags of white powder
looking around for space
separated, weighed and fed the void

Led the lord to a room
spacious and humid,
no other stuff but
a static television sound
no moving air
powders remain
let the cure runs thru the house
of juvenile and the lost

Goodbye days are waving
to the lost's relative three
A vast and lonesome emptiness
Hits the face and broke a bridge
Of trust and a second chance

A Lord's fraud grace
put the four
floating in pitch black water
sets the powdered metal
and spark from their eyes
shines through
the soul and life
were almost taken
if the wall didn't catch
the bullet
from the drug lord's blessing.
A haunted memory together with my two siblings as I couldn't imagine we're still breathing.
Serendipity Feb 28
Here I lay
at morrow's feet,
begging for yesterday's grace
to fill me once more,
so I may face the dawn.
Katinka Feb 5
she looks in the mirror
grabs her face cream
and as she applies it it down her neck
she looks at me and smiles
"don´t forget your neck" she says
otherwise only your face will stay young

since i can remember she was beauty
everyone always told me
but i was never her
i didn´t have her long hair or nails
that easy smile and grace  

"you know my lips used to be just as full"
she says showing me old pictures
"i used to have fuller hair too"
she says stroking my hair
but i don´t anymore

It almost feels like a contest
you look skinny she says
i didn´t eat today she says
my mother is beautiful
but she doesn´t see it anymore

sometimes i forget she is more
more than just beauty
more than just my mother
who always carrys grace
that she is a person

my mother just turned fifty
"does this make me look fat" she asks
"do i look old" she asks
sometimes i believe she forgets too
that she is more than her beauty
that she is a person
Ken Pepiton Jan 28
If wishes were prayer

Saturday, January 28, 2023
12:06 PM

let me go wry or right, let me
be as one you witnessed falling,

and for that breath, believed,
wishes work as wonders do,
with very little help from things
thought truer.

I think of you, reading words I write,
I thrill a little at the intimate point of wedom,
the thoughts I fit to words, and sent into the
state, to wait, and wait, and become too tiny
to make any change not made,

at the time, when we touched as words do,
and held the hope that words hold.

Being as an event, we be apart, we be all one.

And we cannot unbecome.

Inner being, being in me, other than I,
guide me, today.

I am willing to be useful, I do not have an aim,
I hold no hope of fame and recognosis,
I live to become a memory, at best,
and less than a memory, eventually.

I lie if I deny the joy I take from any sign, I see
you, thinking whys atop wherefores and how comes,

sudden otherness
occuring in a wedom framed by grand imaginations,

a new form of governing mankind, a new reason
to be defensive…

earnestly contending for pride of place, top of the pile.

My Saturday, as all my days are now,
a day of rest,
a day of being after growing old enough, not, too;
but plenty old enough,
to reason with war,
face on face, as if, war
and I were forces of the same sort.

Ideas, grand wads of thought threads, spun
from times last chances,
grabbed with all I have to hold, huggishly,
for comforting knowledge,

I am not alone in wishing prayers were left being,
answered on reception, now, then, left being
alright. Amen.

It is in the thousands, tens of thousands, even,
Even, everish, same old, same
balanced on the upright,
past any hope to become one of those, the greats,

not even a billion to one, the odds of me becoming,
by the time I survived, the odds were even worse,
not a chance.

I bet, I said, I bet I won,
my race already run, by now, you know,
the results are pending
and then I died,
and the results were these remaining
lines you take in,
as though you heard me talking, and thought
you might
over hear and know, all the songs of us, are about you.

The most self-centered man I ever met, said
my therapist to me, as I spun dervishly on my point.
In the hope of doing good by being ready to give account,
all my idle words wait in lines linking now to the cloud
which cannot withstand the constant collection of all we think or ask.
Nigdaw Jan 12
I have looked upon his face
so many times
on windows that he graced
pictures on pages of the pious kind
relied upon his mercy
when all else failed
while calling his name in vain
after some ill or painful wound
but I have never looked
him in the eye
for fear that true belief
might trespass in my mind
from heaven to grace
from heaven to speaking grace
speak is speaking grace
speak is speaking the lord of grace
jesus is a lord of grace
speaking grace is speaking the lord of grace
grace is speaking grace

a son is a son of grace
a son is a son of the lord
jesus is a son of grace
jesus is a son of the lord
a son of grace is a son of a lord
heaven is a founding grace
a son of grace is a son of a founding grace

heaven is a founding grace of heaven
jesus is a son of a founding grace
jesus is the lord of a founding grace
founding grace is founding heaven
the lord is a founding grace of the lord
heaven is a grace of heaven
a grace of heaven is a grace of the lord
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance. for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about heaven is a founding grace. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2022
When a person
is in a certain state
of spiritual ignorance
They have no idea
of the audacity
of their requests
and no concept
of the abundance
of blessings
and Grace
With which they have already been bestowed.
Every Tom, ****, Harry, and Eric
Should listen to the prince of peace named Derek,
A type after the Prince of Peace
Himself, and an increase
Of grace in him who hears
Him with open ears.
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