Ormond 3d

If you love someone
Pray must there be conditions,
Conditions to love?


If you need some care
Pray must we always beware,
Conditions to love?
Graciously he turned to me
By grace I saw his face
Graciously he spoke my name
By grace I heard his voice

Graciously he spread his arms
By grace I ran to him
Graciously he took me on
By grace I took his name

By grace he is my God
By grace I shout his name
By grace he is my king
By grace I sing his name

Graciously he holds me close
By grace I hold on tight
Graciously he lifts my head
By grace I lift my voice

Graciously he walks with me
By grace I keep in step
Graciously he strengthens me
By grace I run unchecked

By grace he is my God
By grace I shout his name
By grace he is my king
By grace I sing his name
Romans 5 says it all.
As the months' pass,
And years go by,
Let us all show our thanks,
To the One who provides

Let us all bless,
His almighty name
So to His goodness,
Our lips will proclaim

He has blessed us,
With mercy and grace,
With hope and strength,
To stay faithful in this race

He has blessed us,
With His merciful and everlasting love,
With His promises,
That we’ll be with Him above

He has blessed us with redemption,
Through Jesus’ blood, we embrace,
For the forgiveness of sin,
Through the richness of His grace

He has blessed us,
With every spiritual blessing,
In the heavenly places in Christ,
So into Him, we’ll keep on pressing
He has blessed us,
With all we could ever need,
Blessed with His word,
Our hunger it can feed!

Psalm 103:1-2
“Bless the Lord, O my soul;
And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget not all His benefits”
Psalm 34:1
“I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth”
Ephesians 1:3
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”

♡♡♡  Let us rejoice in the Lord, for He is good, and His mercies and love is everlasting! ♡
Ormond Aug 10

Great blue, draped by fade, overall
Of sky, clothed in feathers that run
Earthward from the mottled sun—
In stalks and reeds you will surmise
As you thrust into waters of demise
How fish take run underneath wattles,
A giant neck as it flies muck, throttles,
With legs that reach to lowly heavens
Waiting for loss minions as they rush
Over boarding the marshes and airs,
Great reaper, you spill as you sweep,
The lost pools and dire bubbling mires,
And even your wings, wade underneath,
Buzzing choirs of your beak into spires.
ANu Aug 7
I've got a lollipop in space,
she's my saving grace,
with a gentle wrinkled
grandma's face

She has the Stars on a string,
makes the constellations sing,
and wears the sun on her hand
like a pinky ring.

She's light,
a delight,
always right
with a smile that fights
the blackest of nights
and hands that cure
anyone's plight.

She sugar on berries
when the path gets scary
and filled with the void
of wicked fairies.  

A dollop on top,
the cream of the crop,
the rain in the desert
where it doesn't drop....

An Illuminating Force
nothing can stop
My grandma in the heavens.... my Lollipop.
La quiero mucho abuelita
Janna Aug 5
He is stitching me back up
One weave at a time
Some days I’m under an anaesthetic
That life distracts me with
Other days I’m left with my own devises
I’m raw
A half open wound
On these days
I feel with all my body and being
I feel the needle of healing
Poking through the tenderness
Of my heart
Sewing in the thread of strength
The thread of love and repair
Interweaving and interlacing
The thread is blood red
To match the bleeding
Of an Overcomer
I am overcoming
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I look up
at the sky,
staring into space.
on the summit,
our daily meeting place.
I stretch
out my arms
to it, to embrace.
It's my solace,
the smile of my face.
I wanna jump
up to the sky,
Just wanna leave a trace.
I'll ask the sky
nothing but
A Jar full of
memories glacé
Yeah! It's my next dream
to chase, by God's grace.
By His grace,
undeservingly given,
It's all about Jesus,
that our sins are forgiven

By His grace,
God has given
family and friends,
are part of His provision

By His grace,
we get through each day,
He gives us the strength,
We shouldn’t complain

By His grace,
To Him we can pray,
Asking for forgiveness
and giving Him praise

By His grace,
At our weakest state,
He gives us hope,
to get through the pain

By His grace
and abundant mercy,
Justification epitomized
on the cross of Calvary!
By His Grace We Live!!!
Christina O Aug 3
The smell of a candle
reminds me that I’m still here,
and I’m perfectly okay with that.
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