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Ormond Oct 6
Bird in flight is grace
Beams truth is higher than proofs
A part earth and sky
My ancestors were a funny lot,
Christians, or Atheists who lost the plot,
I meandered into a world of Faith,
A Christian woman, praying for Grace,
We're all on a mission for God,
To a path beyond, we're trod,
Every faith is for free,
It's up to you what you believe,
I must say I am atheist friendly,
All inclusive Christianity.
Feedback welcome.
Poetic T Sep 28
We live on the same street,

but you anit nothing like me,

This isn't a 12A,
    The kids in this will **** you for

disrespecting the other side of the street..

Eternal outlaws, as kids we knocked and run
                                    each others doors..

But i knock your door,
          you lucky if you survive,

              the third knock that is off the safety...

A hole fills your vacant look, holes at the front,

                    smudges that cant clean off your regrets..

I'll knock your memory into the past..

          mothers will cry.. but you'll never realise

that we aren't just one street.

But you look at me wrong, I'll knock some sense
                   into your frame..

Bruised moments..

You cross my gaze,
                   my street…
                               I'll make the black
vison of bow heads grace the road..

   But you'll not see,

             your the one closed eyed,
                                     while others weep...
Ripples in a slow river, lazy,
Flowing down time for thee,
All the nostalgic memories,
Ghosts of the survivors, yes,
Living in our hearts to bless,
Then we'll all fade away into space,
Floating away in the ripples of grace.....
Feedback welcome
So I shall no longer defend
New kinds of love that you invent
Ever-changing list of demands
Keeps contradicting its own commands
After the sin quick to repent
With brief engagements in descent
Straighten all that you have bent
Amend what you're yet to amend
Letting those you left all depend
On your attention already spent
At each new encounter decadent
Your passion wasted on random men
Though fell, kept grace, that's evident
For what it's worth your growth is imminent
Freestyle written in 5 minutes.
Ormond Sep 24
Butterfly is welled
Overjoyous in flower
Tearing from the sun
My eyes hurt whenever I see what they have in their hands
It seems the treasures they have glow more than mine
If I could take what they have maybe I won't whine or demand
For my mother told me a boy should never be envious in life

As I was getting taller my resentment grew stronger and louder,
"I want to have what they want! They have the cleanest of luxury"
I was never raised to grasp rubies so I begrudge men with power
Whenever I want something they refused, so I grew up with envy

Now my hands can afford diamonds like everybody else
the satisfaction that I felt was all I yearned for these years
Looking back to where accessories were considered wealth
Senseless for me to think that not having earthly desires is what I fear

Now if ever I pass by an alley and a kid looks at me with jealousy
Three words to change his look, "Here's a candy"
So he could see that happiness shines more than jewelry
To the kids who were not given anything when they were young
you know what it feels like
You may have seen me
When I was folding my arms
Never did you noticed
How high I could fly

You may have seen me
When I was bedridden
Never did you recognized
How strong I am

You may have seen me
When I was stumbled
Never did you noticed
How gracefully I rise

You may have seen
My vulnerability
Never did you realized
How carefully I craft
Admiring it as
The Masterpiece

Probably you just have capacity
To see the partial truth
Never did you embraced
The absolute
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Dignity
Hunter Sep 17
First you take a drink,
Then the drink takes you.
You start asking,
Could have,
Might have,
Or should have.

I’m starting to realize that anger,
And sadness are for those who have given up.
Have I given up..?
Is drunkenness a temporary sucicide?

My anxiety is feeling like a rocking chair,
It gives me something to do,
But it doesn’t get me far.
It’s not stress that kills me,
It’s how I react to it.

Baby open your door,
Cause I’ve been waiting for my blessing.
Give me all the keys,
And I’ll lock away the darkness.
If your grace is an ocean,
Then please let me drown.

In your arms,
I find refuge.
Did you say you love me?
Or do my ears deceive me.
Cause I’ll say the same words,
But I’ll shout them clearly.

I’m so glad you came,
You drew the curtain on the night.
When you call my name,
I can’t help but smile.
I started my life drinking a lot thinking I had control of it leading to troubling moments in my life. Soon my emotions were overcome with anger from exes and the way people treated me, my nights of being drunk felt like "clarity" like I was flying awat from my problems. My anxiety started to get worse and make me feel hopless, and the way I treated it was stupid on my part. Thank god I was able to meet my lover who is always giving me grace on my mistakes, she calls out what I do wrong so I can fix It. I'm so happy she walked into my life, she's able to rock me to sleep and make me forget about all my worries. I love you J.J.L
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