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One for all, All with menace
Giver of life you've filled ours with Grace
Like sunshine leaving out no single face
Everlasting, you're the desire of ages
Deep in the realms of time and space
Opposition takes its place
By helping us to stretch our wings
We reach up toward higher things

In the beginning - Dark and Light
Swirling - sparking day and night
The yin & yang both show their face
In this realm of time and space

With opposites - come choices too
Choose the things we think and do
These opposites in time and place
See not as curse, but healing grace

Thus darkness can define the light
Dusk precedes the dawning bright
Flow with rhythm - accept the pace
Of opposites in time and space
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In this realm of time and space we experience opposites.  We experience yin and yang, darkness and light, day and night, happiness and misery.

One of the lines in this poem is "See not as curse, but healing grace".  Our life and our prosperity will flow better when we open and accept the opposites in the world, rather than chafe that we experience bad days, misunderstandings, and illness sometimes.

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Maria Diola Apr 14
In the field of grace
The wind of His Spirit blows
Healing wounded souls
Psalm 147:3, He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Betty Apr 13
A shiny halo can work loose
and when it slips
it becomes a noose
your sainthood lasts until the day
the rest of us see your boots of clay!
Glenn Currier Apr 12
I got to wondering today
if I am an old dog
who can’t be taught new tricks
if that windmill going round and round
catching the wind between the blades
is really who I am,
if the universe surges
into the spaces still left in me,
if it is trying to wake the music
yet alive inside
in the curves of my heart,
if the blood pulsing there refuses to go down
in one grave path
and insists on a symphony of swerve
an inclination in a new direction.
If that breeze is really grace
then maybe I am being reborn
a puppy full of life
eager to be all the dog it can be.
I recently saw two movies both of which touched me to tears. They were movies about believing and about dramatic changes, even miracles. I don't know exactly why they touched me so, except that they might have had a message for me, a message about changes I need to make, about a slightly new direction, a swerve away from what is expected, away from the exact trajectory my life has been taking. Also in this poem is the idea of swerve, a philosophy that some believe sparked the modern age.
Jana Q Apr 4
Yawning ocean current swallows
hollow bottles crushed for blasting
back to shore exquisite sparkles.

Grace that bears our abject sorrows
costs a change forever lasting:
birth again as broken marvels.
Written for Easter Sunday. Critique prompts:

Can you tell that the metaphor is about God’s grace?
Is the imagery confusing?
Can you tell that each line of the 1st stanza is meant to be a direct metaphor for its counterpart in the 2nd stanza?
selina Mar 22
your breath lingers on my skin
even as your body pulls away
the bass beat drops to the rhythm
of the thing pounding my chest

your fingers trace my figure
every touch is a blessing and a curse
goosebumps at these drops of gasoline
that set my body on fire

                                           if the touch of your fingers
                                           is enough to make me fall
                                           six feet under, straight to hell
                                           imagine what happens when
                                           you give the grace of your lips
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