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kerri 46m
that’s the thing about people,
you only know the side they choose to show you
they may have been good to you,
but they may have also done the worst to someone else
that’s life’s tragic irony
I observed
her closely,
long enough
to see the
and raw
in her eyes,
I was the
one to
hold her
hand when
her heart
fell apart,
as the moon
went into the
bed of the sea,
I held her closer
In my blanket,
as she wept
close to my
chest, I told
her these
“close your
eyes and sleep,
the sun will
rise, and the
world will
for you
as the
to meet
the love
of the sun.
no I never died no
I was never born no I
never developed no I
never swallowed nothing
I'm not alone I'm not the only one in my
many millions of eyes and deaths
I am the whole world and even the future and
the past has never been in the world
everything was only and only once
once and only just now
all that was the sixteenth century
seventeenth eighteenth and now
and now it's all in one moment
all in a jiffy just now was not
I have a birth and I did not have death
will not be tomorrow and will not be yesterday and was not
tomorrow and there was never and never before

no I never died no
I've never been born no I never
I did not feel nowhere to feel
go after all this whole world of
an unfavorable corner and place
every girl and every man of every character
every word every poem every torch every love
every eye and every color every moon and sun every
clouds all this all this all
this all this is me and only
only and only and only and only
and only me and I and I and I
every time every time every artist
and every composer
every poet every deceased every newborn is all equal
they were never and never were born there was no being
being has always been and is all this
I all this I all this is me

Haleigh 10h
Life is a lesson
full of adventures to ride
it is a product of achievement and joy,
suffer and pain
but there are a lot of test
that you will take
some challenges
to test your patience
and perseverance
hardwork that you should try
but after all, you’ll still
get through all of these zigzag lines
to the path that you will never know
what consesus would it bring into you.
Whether you labor it in
each continental parts
of living the success in life.
your choice is your destiny,
your will is what makes you.
& so you create what you become
and you become what you think
simple, but people always
choose the easy route
rather than the hard route
that will only makes them
overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
though uncomfortable things
will only let you G-R-O-W
once you give it a G-O-
To C-H-A-N-G-E
is a M-U-S-T
and so is to be a better self.
because to be a better person
means to suffer
to be a better person
means to change
and to be a better person
means to be kind and to be grateful for.

quotational marks that you carried in you
all along the way,
it will guide you
to reach your dreams and goals
in life.

this is the presentation
to make an impact to the world.
Addie D 10h
We were lying,
you and I, an eternity,
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields.
We were dreaming,
you and I, the realists,
of the wonderful world we didn’t want to explore;
of all the stars in all the skies we’d never see;
of all the love we’re missing out and all its heartbreaks.
We were crying,
you and I, the optimists,
for all the death that ever came upon the world;
for all the tears and screams of pain that filled children’s dreams.

We’ve been lying,
you and I, the eternal,
under blue skies for ever and ever.
These blue skies,
our shared grief and last hope of salvation.
For we've been lying
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields for
far too long.
For we’ve been searching for the same blue skies
far too wide.
But there is no other place like our blue skies
where we always meet in the end.
This is not a love poem. But if you prefer it as a love poem, enjoy either way!
julianna 14h
I love him and I worry about him
I wonder if he’s in good health
Or whether he’s found someone new
Is he in need of a friend?
Is he back at school?
His whole world was disrupted,
But my world is distorted
So I couldn’t be the good friend
When it was needed.
Please repost this, like this, comment on this, whatever... I need something to feel good about today.
I am everywhere, the shadow remains of the girl I was supposed to be.
This amazing girl, full of life and oh so sweet. She whispers to me sometimes in my sleep.
I wish I could see her again, hear the silent voice before it cracks like a tweak underneath your shoe.
In the park without trees, I remain still. I made my bed, crushed underneath my anxieties.
The hope that washes away from me little by little, the sparkle in my eyes replaced by a deep understanding of nothingness. A hollow shadow that can only see.
I am nowhere not now here.
I once lived, really lived once.
But once is not here now and once is not me.
I am the shadow of something that was supposed to be me.
Though the world is grey,
it always will come down to
either black or white
Small haiku! ^^
Lyn xxx
Anya 1d
I held back the waterfall
threatening to pour
Is it passive resignation?
I don't believe so
It feels more like...
Taking joy in the little things
But clutching onto a hope
that the world
my world
my story
will just evolve into just about every book
I've read
A happy story
I mean-it is
But, it's imperfect
Filled with incessant
pity parties
I'm not friendless
I'm not heart broken
I have my family
I have talent
I have resources
I live in a great community
I have a great education
Endless opportunities
At my disposal
If I just reach
It's impossible to feel perfect
And impossible to shrug off the laziness
The complacency
The flaws
It's important to be greatful
And I am
If I had the opportunity to trade
I definitely wouldn't
It is true that sometimes
I'm smacked in the face
with the imperfections
the flaws
of my world
that I strive towards
I must keep striving towards

I feel better now.
Fiona 1d
Dear Colors,
you are oh, so bright,
Shining, glowing, beautiful.
So why must you become so dull,
When I need you to shine brightest?
When my world is crumbling,
Or when life is just plain hard,
I'd like it, dear colors,
If you'd shine the brightest,
When I can't.
Life can be though, and your colors dulled, but keep shining and everything will work out.
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