Empty glances see
only black and white within
our world of color
I shot down opportunities
Then stared at the wall
Watching them painting
Differences from their hearts
Building new stairs upward
While I managed my downfall

The lights weren't bright
Then I coughed on the dust
Pushing my vitals to decay
I spoiled my life and now I pray
God please help this pathetic
To raise both hands in joy
To raise my head in pride
All Humans shall act humane
I can't vouch would you pray tell
For demons are not benevolent
Have no honor nor soul to sell
Like a wolf wearing sheep's scent
Howling while the whole flock wails

False beliefs have kept us gripped
Superstitions consuming Sanity
Like icebergs sinking humanity
Innocence skinned out by hungry beasts
While we're running scared
Of things that don't even exist.

Once so sacred and pure
Religion today's a troubling issue
There's unity in diversity you sure
All I see are zealots chanting 'boo'

Don't take the Lord's name in vain
It's a bad omen father used to say
Little did he know what kept him sane
Could be the reason for riots someday

Envy Greed and lust have ganged up on us
About time we sober up give a shove
One for all and all for one
Bury thy hatred let's rise above
Rebel with a cause not without one
With a little bit of sanity little bit of love

Forget the differences be humans for once
This world's doomed until we stand up
Small portions of service from each of us
Could change the course of even the inevitable.

Those warm days
that symbolize your warm gaze

Those long nights we spend
planning for what lies ahead

Those sweet dawns
of watching the vanishing moon


The warmness is melting down
the thought of holding on

The future itself isn't pleased
and trying to stop us towards it

Those dawns seem to be the one fading
No more cuddling just too much suffering

I love everything about you,
But everything disagrees.
Heather 1d
Little girl
Optimistic in life
Little girl
Naive as can be to the cruelty of the world
Little girl
Aspires to be what she is told
Little girl
Through her eyes she sees
Rainbows butterflies and unicorns
Little girl
No longer little
Big girl, all grown up
What does she now know
Emily 2d
Here in the world we are separated into three main
Social classes.
The top level consists of gold
Embedded jewelry, just a single flawless career girl
In her luxury mansion by her lonesome
Because let’s face it, who needs friends right?

The middle class consists of a family living off their
Fathers wealthy salary, this
Months mortgage paid while their golden
Retriever runs happily around
The backyard.

But somewhere in the world there
Is a lower classman sitting on the rotted steps of his
One bedroom apartment having
A lengthy conversation with his
Friend Jack Daniels trying to figure out how
To pay this weeks rent.

Others were born into fortune
And fame, while somewhere in the world
Lisa tries to hush her crying baby before her husband
Wakes up and adds to the
Collection of scars on her back.

Because she was
Told not to disturb him.

Somewhere in the world there is a
16 year old girl crying over how life is
So unfair.

You wanna talk about unfair?
What’s really unfair is when your house burned down
With your wife and two kids
Sound asleep on the inside.

Now somewhere in the world Coach Miller
Runs his hand through one of his neighbors daughters hair
But she can not say anything because coach
Knows daddys boss and can get daddy fired.

Somewhere in the world
Mrs. Vixen is planning her and her husbands
Divorce so she can run off with
Some sugar daddy she found

Because once you
“Fall in love” it means until you
Lose interest then you can walk away.
Because love to a couple is a
One night stand while the girl goes home in shame
And the boy goes to share the news
To his friends and he is applauded.
And because of his actions he is not allowed
To apologize because a boys most
Valuable lesson to fit in life
Is to either nut up or shut up.

Because while kids complain about all
The homework they have to do we are
Counting off the
Obituaries of 15 year old girls
Who committed suicide in the last month.

Somewhere in the world there is
A child asking where it’s mother is
While being dragged
To the back of a white paneled van for a
“Free ride”.
Where that ride leads to,
We will never know

Because higher classes always get
The first say, manipulating the truth to
Deceive others
While the lower class has see it all.

Somewhere in the world, there is
Still hope for a change.
This is another mock poem based off the original poem "Somewhere in America"
Emily 2d
Oh world, what happened to you?
You used to be my best friend, now you wouldn’t give two shts
Because you have Mr. Dean spying on underage girls,
Mrs. Vixen is planning her and her husbands divorce
So she can run off with some
Sugar daddy she found online

While teenagers run around mocking Mrs. Raymore
For how she talks when she just came out of a coma a year ago
Where she was trapped without any escape.

Coach Luis runs his hand through one of his neighbors daughters hair
While she can’t say anything ‘cause Coach
Knows daddy’s boss and can get him fired.

As if words are going to stop you from
Catcalling  that pretty girl walking home by herself
All because you weren’t taught to keep your hands to yourself.
You were taught to share your touch with any girl that
You saw as ‘the one’.

Because once you score you go and share with
All your friends how you banged this one
Chick and they applaud you.
Because in your society world,
A boys most valuable lesson to fit in life is
To either nut up or shut up.

You can hear Jenaveve crying because she handed
Her baby girl over to a vacuum
Death machine specifically made to wipe
Snot nosed brats off this earth for those
Who aren’t old enough to take care of a young one after
They were molested by their boyfriend
Because they can’t pronounce the word,

Did your phone buzz?
I bet it’s your facebook notifying you
That Lilly posted another embarrassing secret about you
While she gains likes and popularity you gain
Stress and trauma.
The same reason your sitting in this therapy session
For “borrowing” your mothers razor to
See the better side of life
All because a once good friend
Was swallowed whole by a pixelated void
Of media and internet friends.

While your breaking down your brother is
Damaging his eardrums blaring his music to avoid
Hearing your parents yelling back and forth about your
Families financial debt.

It gets better, I promise.
Because while your worried about
Being able to pay this months rent, you find out that
Government is upping upping stores prices because they
Want to make sure that they do what the government was designed to do.
Be the living hell that all of us despise.

And if you think that’s bad your boyfriend is breaking up with you
For cheating on you with a dainty
Country girl who happens to be pregnant.

If this all comes to you as a surprise don’t let it be one,
Because this is just the beginning,  while your hearing
Various artists popping out
Songs about the same foul content it’s been
For years, there's a kid
Out in the world asking where their mother is and
Being dragged to the back of a white paneled
Van for a “free ride”

Where that ride is to, we will never know world.
Because while your building more factories and
Polluting more air for more overpopulated areas
We are over here counting off the obituaries of 15 year old
Girls who committed suicide in the last month.

Because world while you bask in the ways of how you fit in
Jerome is hella’ depressed,
Drew can’t decide whether he should hang out with
His preppy friends or his true friends that are outcasted by everyone they know.

Your probably mad at me now world,
But the truth can hurt.
Now if your as immature as I think you are
The correct answer you will give me is
“Fxck you”

But for the sake of my reputation, and for the sake of this friendship
I’ll be the mature one to walk away instead of
Facing your problems for you.
I wish I could view the world
Through the eyes of a child
Finding beauty in the small things
Unapologetically happy
Blissfully unaware of the evils
Lurking behind every corner
Do you know what the stars
spell out as they fall from the sky?
They tell us that we are just as fleeting as
the next thing; just as fleeting and
just as beautiful.
Take these words out of my mouth before
they come back to haunt me,
I never was good at cutting ties and letting
the pieces fall into place.
I'm PRO-GOD His truths are written in my heart!
So why do you tear my every word apart? Hmmm... so I'm-Semitism, I'm anti-God, I'm anti-American and anti-peace?
Do tell me then, who is pro western media, pro-mass destruction, and Pro-Zionist in the 5th columns in the USA, today? How do those last 3 spell  peace in anyway?

I have been accused of falling for everything because I do not stand for something; as the sayin goes... I ask my accusers to play that in reverse. Maybe those that claim stand for something are falling for Satan's curse.
l opened up my Facebook today and here's what the message had to "Sorry but, FBI, has been removed from your approved words that you can search." I think I can finish the word of what I was looking for, "FBI," wasn't even anything close to what I was looking for.
So you take my freedom to express what I stand for? #TruestorybymeaboutwhathappenedtomeyesterdayonApril8th201
True story.
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