Rachel C 10h

Look at the moon.
Every night.
Exactly at midnight.
Your view becomes my view.
Even though we’re worlds apart,
At that very moment,
Our worlds will collide.

Rachel C 10h

I had everything in the palm of my hands.
The whole world.
Your world.
My world.
Our world.
But like sifting sand,
In a moment,
It was all gone.
Out of grasp.
And I was left

Rachel C 10h

Everything was black and white before you,
But now my world is in a million colors.

Lucero 14h

We are lost souls
trying to find out
where we belong
in this universe
filled with rotten spices
and uniformed diseases
set to make us fall,
but you know
we will be back
to stand up tall
with the strength we carry
to improvise
whenever we need to be
realistically alright
and fend off the darkness
that may arise
quicker than one may blink
and say it's fitting
to be like this
when in fact
the truest of words
were painted on a fabric
of world bliss
carrying to sooth the soul
and bring the best
in every situation
and every constellation
in the sky
and in our selves today.

Sometimes I wonder why
Other times I don't
I think leaving you behind is best

Hard times come and go
Life isn't easy, I never claimed it was
but sometimes something can make it easier
but that didn't
Em 1d

I wish it were for attention
or an accident
or a phase.
It would be easier that way.
Maybe then
I wouldn't be scared
to love what I love
Who I love.

You are reading this
as I am navigating
my life and
my newly discovered
what has always been.

Trust me.
I'd much rather hide
behind her hair
and in my room
tucked away
alone, together.

But my heart yearns
to scream at the top of
my lungs
that I love her.
And to say,
Fuck the World
and whoever is not ready
for Us.

would be attention.
And I don't mind.

Bryden 4d

My home is the axis.
I am everywhere at once
but still I am lost.
I can show you the world
but you will experience nothing.
Sometimes I worry that I will be forgotten
as I am simply a starting point
for greater things ahead.
I wish I could travel in another direction.
These circles are tiring.
I radiate knowledge from my plump pot-belly,
but inside,
I know far less than you.
I accommodate the whole world,
but my shell still fits in your hands.
I lodge the scorching swelter of the deserts,
but I only feel warmth between your palms.
I breathe the icy air of Antarctica,
but the only snow that bothers me
is the grey blanket that sits on my surfaces
when you are gone for a while.
My home is simply the axis.
I wander all the places  
but still I am no where to be found.

(Poem about a globe spinning on an axis)
sindy 4d

I am really good at creating relationship

But for what ? If i don't really need them.

Do I lie to myself about the fact that i don't need them or i really don't need them ?
I think, they just make me feel normal in a society.

But why ? After all, they all lie and I am the real one, and they feel bad about my behaviour because they don't want to be seen that way or this way.
Really ? You can't come around me because i make you look different ?

Did you ever ask yourself that maybe you were always with people that don't act truly with you ? Maybe you feel different with me because i am the only one that shows you what the world really is.

I won't change, if what i do best is showing you the real world.

Perhaps the birds will carry on
singing after I am gone,
or perhaps the world unfolds
only in my lonely mind.

I’m not yet old enough to find
a good answer to this burning question,
for though my fledgling fingers
grasp facile responses,
the same doubt always plays over
in my aching head:
what if I’m looking at things all wrong?

Half awake and ruminating in bed,
cool winter wind carries through the window
that familiar morning melody that reminds me:
listen to life’s song!

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