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There she go
There she go
The most beautiful Girl in the world
There she go
There she go
In the world the most beautiful Girl
There she go
There she go
The most beautiful girl in the world
That my eyes ever seen
There she go
There she go

2 the most beautiful girl in the world that I ever Known, since U left my world I pulled my shovel out there's a hole in my heart a spot just for U forget them other girls U the only 1 I'm diggin on, U the fruit from my tree apple of eye picking on U I am not a bully I will never mistreat U, the work for your love is worth the hard labor my love for U is past exaggerated instigated by my admiration imaging U not living in the world would leave me devastated, let me show that my love for U ain't overrated sharing passionate moments together that's R- rated highly anticipated, sharring my lover for U we are bound to stick together now or later U the Queen of my World your presence will be appreciated, U the only girl in the world that's meant for me U define my purpose to love cherishing the most beautiful girl in my world

2 most beautiful girl in the world
That I ever known
There she go
There she go
Most beautiful girl in my world
In my world
In the world
There she go
There she go
Most beautiful girl
In a world surrounded by
so much hatred but amidst
all that hate there a people
who like me want nothing
more but to spread the love
and compassion for fellow
human beings

If not for such kindness In the
world full grief I'd think that
I was already dead and this
was **** I'm living here and
The world that needs more love and compassion in a world so full of hate
When the night bottoms out
painting in a chiaroscuro.
See the world in the painted glow
before it’s toned down
back into the shadow!
Broken World
Oh! Broken world
siNg me to s1eep Tonight
Tell me story
please speak true
Tell me story of me and of you
Crown my face
With rose tinted Glass3s
fOR I AM your chilD
i am your
Keep me living through thick and thin
In this sweet sweet lullaby
Oh broken world
Oh so perfect world
Sing me to sleep tonight
Another refined string of texts from a mental breakdown **
The way its written, broken and gramatically incorrect, is purposeful!
I remember the blurred vision,
Nose quivers.

The feeling of sadness free falling from my eyes.

I watched it take shape,
In the crevices of my palms.

Palmar Flexion.

My face was the night sky,
My eyes were the moon.

They controlled the tides,
And crashed the waves.

That night,
Those 2 weeks,

I was stuck in the twilight.
Helina 1d
Love every inch
Love ever curve and scar
Love the body that carries your soul
The soul that thinks there should be a goal,
a goal to be perfect
Because the World has told it so

They say you're too skinny
Then they tell you you're fat
Your mind wants to blow
What have we done to our world though?
Why want us to suffer mentally?
living up to societies expectations
Fake photos, and photoshopped *******
Why make us all follow their fake idea of perfection?
See her nestle the baby in her arms
Hold him close to her *****
Tears down her face
As she hears his mouth smacking on her
She looks beyond the sky
Mutters, "Thank you"
This is a man of promise
This is a man of hope
This is a man that will carry the torch of life to the next age

See her nestling in the embrace of her beloved
Hold her as a tree's shadow holds the grass of the ground
His eyes upon the baby he begot
As his vision penetrates his darling's soft flowing hair
He looks beyond the sky
Utters, "Our Lord has given us an arrow"
"Let me be your bow,
And Your glory we shall show
To nations we shall go
In Your body we shall grow"

See their eyes close
As the rain pours
Storms surge
Wing roars
Waves purge
As the lightning strikes
Thunder claps
Wolves bite
Ravens flap
As the jet fighters rip through the sky
As the helicopters project a deep sigh
As all the rockets and bullets fly
As all the radio transmissions die
See their eyes close

In peace.
you deserve nothing but the world
you deserve to be in a place
where the only thing you feel is
and support
you deserve to have people in you life
who make you feel like
everything will be okay
you deserve to feel like you can be
the most genuine version of yourself
and not give a ****
about what anyone else thinks
Hannah 2d
What if I jumped from a bridge.
In the middle of the night in this cold stale November air.
To heights skin and organs are no match.
A mess. Sadness. Comes. In. Threes.
I’m one of three tragedies.
My mother’s tragedy.
I’m sorry mom.
I didn’t try.
I’m a failure but you always knew that.
We expect tragedies in threes.
In series. In series. In series.
We live in silence for two moments,
for those who fell silent long ago.

For there sacrifice is  every breath
Where now  gifted with today.

Every name is woven in the fabric
Of our lives, never to forget the past.

When red petals fell, and so many
Did, there was silence for moments.

The past is a tribute and a lesson of
what must be learnt and not repeated.
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