Madeon 16h

Fragile as porcelain flower
There is her world

Mono 1d

I will ask you a question

“Do you remember the child you once were?

Who colored the crayons beyond the lines, shaping everything in that child’s imagination.

That painted the rivers green and the trees blue, full of wonder, putting nothing in order.

Now, I ask you this… What happened to that child?”

Why is that child now organizing the shapes, his head now a machine on rotate

He solves the puzzles but not his dreams
He gives the leaves a touch green, and rivers with blue...

What happened to the child who once ruled the world?

Now the World ruled the child."


She grew thorns...
Not to lure him in
        with deception
But to keep him out
        who was deception
For as beautiful as she was,
She was dangerous within
Her petals holding secrets
No world could bear...
She grew thorns
All to protect
Her fragile heart
From unleashing
Her sins...

A rose picked by any other would've been sweet... but it was he who was a sweet poison on her lips that turned her petals dark...

Growing up
I feared the world.
Now that I'm grown-
I fear for it.

The surface of the water ripples
like little portals to another world
the stone sinks through
and then disappears

The water becomes still
the portals have closed
but maybe, just maybe
I can still get through

To go to another place
far away from here
where I have no one
and no one cares

Maybe if I got there
people with love me
I'll be happy
I'll be wanted

The ripples, a splash
is all that's left
swallowing the stone like mist
before everything disappears

the world is a strange place.
small, twisted, yet beautiful.
floating in space.
what is scarier,
the thought that there may be beings
in other galaxies
sharing the universe with us,
or the thought that we are all


It is lurking around the globe

The Dark Master's watchful eye entrails vigilant control

Binding us to the Lord of Lies

For those whom chooses not to offend the Master

They are playing the meek and obedient

Overhauled rationality and discernment

Unnerving capitalists had drained our blood

Left us as inanimate shells

The one eye casts deep hallucination

In which the mindless slaves rot

Wasting away the glint of soul

The vast labyrinth seeps into the mind

Hijacking reason and freewill

They have transfixed the humanity

Impoverished and cremated the innocent by their debauchery

Forced the mass into extinction

They hoard everything and starve the rest of the world

This world of black and white
filled with words bursting of colors
I hear things,
wind chimes swaying softly
in the warm, night breeze
the sound of pure bliss
yet there are still
the beautiful soft words, of
a young soul, drawing inspiration
from heartache
and a very quiet pain.

He is 18, he never heard
of William Shakespeare or Beethoven.
He love football and love smoking weed
he wants to be rich and live like a king.

He feels upset about his life, though,
he feels guilty and doesn't pray anymore.
He rarely smiles, only when is high,
he never cries, he'd rather die.

He gets angry of a smallest things,
he swears and shouts, he feels like shit.
He was born abroad, but raised in here.
He never liked West, and its ' sinful filth'.

He never belonged here, thrown into the hat
of accidental fate, which brought him here once.
He hates this country never calls it home.
It hurts him seeing his motherland bombed.

He is 18 he never heard
of William Shakespeare and Beethoven.
He doesn't belong here, he fucks all this shit,
he doesn't feel like being a part of it.

Bibek 2d

I knew not of the world I was living in,
the existance here, as bleak as the mourning clouds,
Trolled by the heavens, and hell alike,
This living, is worthless

Where once flowed the river
Where once blowed the peaceful air
Is now dead
Not as dead though, as the people living there

So as destiny pours stammers on our way
Let everything be done, as they may
I watch the blunders curl
As I pretend to live in this worthless world!

This one for the longing for peace, both outside and the inside for the within is more tender than the skin
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