They say she wears no makeup
They say she is not pretty
They say that I am blind
But I know that they lie

Her heart, soul and character
Made her the prettiest girl
In this world
They did not see it
Because they were all blind.
V Exeter 17m
Did it hurt --
upon departing for the metaverse?

I can tell you, through a low brow like stone,
home is wherever you carry your heart,
and I've been passed like yours into a black hole
where, upon the exit, the signs read reality,
but in the tickle in the front of your brain,
the realization creeps from the earth
to the fabric of your pants, to your neck.

It's in the death grip choke of memory, bad,
that purifies the poison you breathed,
the venenum served in the cup from
which you drank, a thanks for your devotion.

Did it hurt --
when your feet met the cement
in this uncanny world
of all things seen?

Does it hurt --
that you can't escape this place
and the regurgitation that occurs
with stagnancy?

Brianna 2h
Isn't it funny
we didn't ask for this.
No one asked for life
but when someone wants
to make a choice to end it

.... the whole world shatters.
I have not felt the feeling
to belong.
It has been months.
Maybe even years.
I belong when I am
with my own.
The ones who brought me
to the world.
But the coming of age
has left me wondering
if I will ever belong again.

It is a selfish world.
It is a cruel world.
It is a world preoccupied with
There is no place for the weak.
There is no place for the too kind
or the too nice.

I want to belong
But not like this.
I don't want to become
Like this.
Like this cruel

But then on we go.
because how do we not?
It is some what unavoidable.
And then here we are
slowly and tragically
The world becomes
ugly as time passes
but there's still beauty
It's an ugly place, but I still believe there is beauty here.
Lyn xxx
We travel the world
book to book, blog to blog
Guru to guru, mentor to trainer
Looking, finding, losing

Ultimately return
Empty handed

Only to find it all
And then some more
In the secret
of the heart
The world is a scary place,
But only if you let it scare you
Clench your fists,
Widen your stance
And roar with
As much vigor
As you can manage.

                                 (p.p) 9/23 4:07pm
the world becomes a weight
that is far too much to bare
the negativity spreads itself
across the television in my living room,
the soft glow of my laptop screen,
and the people i call my friends
it burns me to my core
this world is beautiful
but the people make it ugly
Ashamed to be an American
Ten years now in Denmark and it's getting harder every day
to name the land of my birth
my accent betrays me anyway
When I first came here I saw
a land that the US might have been
The field of the Danes is itself
far from perfect
but it's much more like the country
I grew up in
than what the US has become
Its leaders don't turn their backs
on old friends
and none of them share a common bed
with our enemies
Our leader
is a slander on the office he holds
and he supports
the worst of American flaws
and adds to them his own avarice
and hate
Is impeachment our only hope?
The sooner the better
for the land of the free
and the home of the brave
"field of the Danes" is a literal translation of Danemark,which the country calls itself
undressed she hums
her blessed hymns.

and gracefully dances
gently across the creek.

catching my breathe
and my world below.
The cadence of the roaring waters of the Cascadilla Glen gave me a clear mind to reflect on her seduction. - May 13th, 2018
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