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Ormond 7d
Bird in flight is grace
Beams truth is higher than proofs
A part earth and sky
Noura 7d
A blue bird flies into the sky
It is as blue as he is
A minute goes by
The bird can be seen no more
For he is one with the sky
That fate of his
Did he die?
Did he fly?
If only he didn’t merge one with the sky
Fall is my favorite time of the year.

You can already tell when Fall is coming near.

The air is cool, and it is so perfect.

The leaves are falling as if they are imperfect!

The colors are changing from green to yellow and red.

I really can almost sense what the birds have just said.

They are chirping away in the trees like a song.

To me,

Fall makes me feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong!
I had written this when I was at a park sitting on a bench :)
Sky is red,
Birds chirping,
Life coming to pace.
So smile for you got one more day to pray.
Jonathan Moya Sep 20
The lightness of paper
soft enough to crumble
to a chirping palm ball
released into the air,
an imagined perfect pitch,  
too gossamer to float
to its ultimate arch,
unfolding in the web  
of alluring sunshine

aspiring to be
in its unfolding angles
a thread of silk
caught into the patterns
of a spun handkerchief,
flapping finely down to dirt,
flagging to human desires,
a reverse puff tucked black
into a left back corner pocket.

In its extending it is
****** wood pulp
culled and hewn
from rings of fine pine,
rising in its descent
to barely glimpsed evolving
beaks, talons, feathers
caught in the spider’s web
and shook down by thundering axe.
Flagging or the handkerchief code (also known as the hanky code, the bandana code,) is a color-coded system, employed usually among the *** male casual-*** seekers or **** practitioners in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe, to indicate preferred ****** fetishes, what kind of *** they are seeking, and whether they are a top/dominant or bottom/submissive.

If you wore your hanky in your left pocket, you were deemed as more submissive, or a "bottom," whereas the right pocket meant that you were a "top" or more dominant.  A black handkerchief meant that you were into S&M- sadomasochism.

Reverse puff refers to a type of handkerchief pocket fold where the puff or pointed ends fold out like the petals of a flower.
Cassia Lione Sep 18
I've imagined this a thousand times

The way I'll whisper that you're mine

How my lips will brush your ear

How you'll drag me ever near

You'll trail a hand along my waist

Gift me that kiss that I misplaced

Then run your thumb along my jaw

You're mine, my love, so we won't fall...
F A Pacelli Oct 3
the colorful birds 
chirped with glee
to defend their nests
up in the tree
while a young poet
listened with delight
as thoughts of love  
inspired her to write
Marian H Sep 12
feet wandering from field to field
my mind stays in place
the place between the dream (so real)
and this mood of my life (so fake)

i feel
grateful for peace, silence
gentle sunlight, dewy breezes
airplane whir, traffic blur
crowing of the valley locomotive
birds (birds everywhere)
crickets and frogs, too
kaleidoscope view of summer's bloom
end-of-summer gloom
bright, like the silver cumulus
dark, under camellia dollars
so bright and dark and joyfully stark
it breaks through my skull
in pale slivers and deep blue.
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