Just imagining the ancients once pondered,
From early in the morning
to late in the night

From where cometh rushing rivers
with salmon jumping
frivolous and free?

And what of those chirping birds
flying together in peace
and harmony?

And where cometh the mighty oceans,
with dolphins jumping
altogether happily?

And when they finally lay themselves
down to dream,
They wondered with each beautiful
Light they saw,

From where cometh those shining stars
up high in the midnight sky
so far above me?

And so the ancient ones penned down
many mysterious messages
for their descendants

And still we are wondering even today,
what is the meaning behind all these
pictographs and hieroglyphs..
Alice Lovey Apr 17
The strangest melody came
'Cross the trees.
Into those dark woods,
Where the Raven hung in green.
Drifting on that tune,
The Raven found the blue
Of the sole Bluejay
Aloft and lonely too.
But not for long, really--
A violet Starling fell into.
And this began a harmony,
Unknown purity that grew and grew.
Beholden of the heavenly,
The black Raven watched afar,
Wishing for eternity, which dreams...seldom are.
Soon the Starling flew away,
And the Bluejay
Recited once again the next day,
Till quieted, and no more.
Sat back still, the Raven saw,
Then searched for the brightest purple feathers.
Plucked out its own to replicate;
It loved that color anyway.
But the Bluejay would never sing
The song it did with that Starling.
And the Raven could only caw,
While its black feathers wore away.
But to the Raven's canopy
Had come
The Bluejay.
I tried to use more imagery and analogy lately. The “short story” format’s narrative is pretty obvious. It was fun to write.
I woke this morning
To birds singing lovely songs
And it made me smile
Loving spring my fav season :)
Hearing all the birds
singing so loudly over
this peace and quiet
Written on holiday in France on 4th April 2016.
Trying to practice minimalist poems.
david o'neill Apr 16
The Heron possesses nothing
but the freedom of its flight,
Into the great beyond
Where freedom has no price.
Majestic in its movement
Gracefully gliding by,
Gravity, an anomaly,
As it soars on through the sky.
The beauty of this bird
We seldom appreciate,
In my memory, I will hold thee,
Never to erase.
morseismyjam Apr 12
The key slides in,
The tumblers are thrown,
The knob twists,
The hinges glide,

The coat thrown aside,
The hat as well.
The carpet is tread,
The shoes wiped,

The kettle put on,
The blanket grabbed,
The radio plays
a favorite song.

The window looked through,
The ground covered in snow,
in April, no less;
but the birds are new!
laila shaaban Apr 10
The sun shines through the thick canopies of tall trees,
While the autumn breeze rustles the leaves making you feel at ease.
As the honeybees buzz by your ears,
And the crickets chirp without responsibility,
All in perfect harmony with the calming birdsong
All happily singing along creating a melody often mistaken for stridency.
Long blades of grass swaying in the gentle breeze dancing to the rhythm beautifully. Climb the tallest willow tree and look out towards the swirling sea,
And admire the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline
No matter how many times its sent away.
The enchanting ocean with the blue sky above
Adorn by the soft luminous clouds
Which can only be seen through the eyes of a dreamer
The clouds are to the sky as creamer is to coffee watch it flow,
Doesn’t it make you feel happy?
The way they are perfectly imperfect, intertwining together.
Just like the trees,
Which can be bent in several ways yet still look better than any architectural design. The grass is never leveled
No tree is like the next, this one withering, and this one growing.
No two hills are identical
Yet every atom is a miracle,
Every creature irremovable, exceptional.
Each helping in their own way completing this cycle we call life.
Amidst all this chaos lies its beauty yet customarily dismissed.
With realizing that Nature is enticing and mesmerizing,
With realizing that beauty surrounds us.
By keeping our hearts free from hate and our mind of worry.
By living simply and scattering sunshine.
Happiness will only be a heartbeat away.
A gentle breeze is flowing free
Amongst the leaves a robin sings

Her tune rings clear and floats with grace
Hewn down my fears, the sound embraced

The sweetly sung and blended notes
Are neatly strung with mended hope

A robin’s song is better still
More stories told than letters will

They lift me up and see me down
A gift of love that’s free from doubt

Her nestled sound forever perched
Has settled now in clever search


A robin’s song is never free
It’s bound by wind and
Lives in me...
hanaz Apr 9
Wind blows from the west,
Birds are returning back to the nest,
My heart is filled with a lot of interest,
With the events that had passed in the past,

Birds are thoughts which always fly around the nest,
The nest is my heart, a nest which always overflows with birds,
Each bird has its own color, a color which never vanishes,
Everyday a new birds enters into the nest,

Some birds sing song of melancholy, some sing song of joy,
Birds are not bored of singing; they keep on singing as long as
the nest is there,
Listen to the songs of these birds as they always teach you a lesson,
All these birds sleep on the bosom of the nest,

No bird leaves the nest unless the nest itself leaves the tree,
The world revolves only because of these ever living birds,
These birds are the most precious as they are very hard to get,
Long live birds, Long Live….a bird is singing
Umi Apr 8
A bird, earthbound, disabled by birth.
Left out, deserted and even made fun of by the others, because it was not just different, it was also not capable to do what they ever did,
Taking off into the azure of the wonderful heaven, the sky far above,
A tasteless sight of a rainy day, brought from the drought of emotions
A fate, to never take off, unless he finds another to be his other half,
Broken loneliness, dancing in the loitering darkness of their life, infinite shades of punishment, fear and  envy embellished in his soul,
Looked down upon, yet determinded, hopeful of what the future may hold, two single winged herons might be able to melt within love,
Darling, blood flows through the veins of fate, are you my lovebird, the one I'll finally spread the one wing I have with and fly, far away?
Let us melt, like no others have until we are unable to feel alone, dear
So don't be shy, experience the grand beauty of the heavens above with me, after all we are two peas in a pot, crushed by the same fate.
Kiss me now, take off with me, so we may fly through the embrace of the sun which is shining, with every cloud and their silver lining,
It will be alright, Darling

~ Umi
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