[birds cawing, screeching]
“Mommy dearest I'm bleeding
Through birth I’m feeling”
[trees are leaving]
Grown feet and with large strides
“They leave me here and go elsewhere”
To live, birth, and strive
“Now I’ve got nowhere but the cells in my veins to hide
Where I weep to sleep because pain has sent me
Staggering into a sunset invisible to me”
[not meaning to make it about she,
but conclusions arise that we can’t defeat]
[background chatter stimulates the flight of bees]
[buzzing fills the air, men feel suffocated
and can’t see their free seeping
through their fingers like the sand on the shore
where they’ve left their boats]
[They leave these boats with no mind
even though their fathers planted the trees
who gave their all
to be built into a ship
strong enough to carry the sun]

Under an eave between house and wood shed
It rains seas of gray and weariness and I
Alone captivated in a field of tobacco smoke,
Watch the wet persistent birds
With their damp persistent wings
Fly back and forth,
From canopy to feeder
Gorging themselves on sunflower seeds,  

Fruit fumed slowly with hickory permeates
Bringing back summers now spent,
Past purchases where the sun
Was nothing but an ambient metronome
Ticking in rhythm to the beats of adolescent fervency,
Oh, sear seen afternoons where rivers clung optimistically
To bedrock and the birds serenely dry sung
Illimitable hymnals and the young sang along
Knowing exactly the melody

There is a flash of lightning
An expansion of air,
Feathers flutter instantly
An unnoticed second heaven makes an appearance
Only to vanish with company
But persistent as always
Wings of sangria and pecan shortly after
Return and gorge
Stuck maybe in a world far from my own

Waking up to birds
Darkness always leads to light
Each step forward counts

Sparrows sing sweet songs:
echoes of forgotten dreams
never truly die

love sparrows love there singing so sweet especially in mornings :)

The tolling of the midnight bell,
the fireflies; they cast a spell.
The birds calling, quietly
calling, calling.
The water full of small lights,
the soaring of the midnight kites.
The lighthouse warning, quietly
warning, warning.

I find myself becoming like you
but I don't like you
Donna Jones Jun 14

Ducks glide happily
Making pond giggle , fishes
pop up for visit

Swans so snowy white
Zoom down treading waters , then
relax with there friends

Brave geese walk on grass
A little fed up floating
They feel earths soft warmth

Willows in a row
Look like Michael Jackson band
Silently they sing

People walking dogs
Children kicking a football
Gangs laying on grass

''Tis a lovely day
For a walk over the park
Tomorrow may rain

when my youngest son finish school today we went for a walk over park , it's such a wonderful summers day I wrote this when I came back :)
Donna Jones Jun 13

I see families
Enjoying summers day out
I felt inspired

So I turn on 'Smooth
Radio' , sipped ice water
and bathe under sun

I then put shades on
And end up looking like bee
Thinking what a buzz :D

After an hour of ironing I now in garden and saw a crowd of seagulls fly by reminding me as if they on a family day out it was  awesome :D
Donna Jones Jun 13

Coffee is brewing
Toast is toasting in toaster
Birds sing 'Good Morning'

Good morning everyone :)



Mourning doves
        lament the dawn
The air is filled
           with clucking song
        sing sweet and high
Pigeons reach
                  to touch the sky
Gamble Quail
             swoop low to ground
Cactus wrens
         make chuckling sounds
Desert Thrashers
                go "tsk, tsk, TSK!"
Flickers pound
                  the satellite discs
Feathered finches
          search the stones
Light as clouds
                  with hollow bones
I wake up
           to symphonic calls

Desert birds...

                   I love them ALL!

(C) 6/11/2016

Sitting outside I love to watch
and listen to my neighborhood
buddies. They ROCK!

There's GOT to be a God to
               make such creatures!
Donna Jones Jun 10

Two pigeons on roof
One bows , other one flowers
Little coo coo's...coo

I love pigeons there everywhere but last week for first time I saw a pigeon bow to another and the other flew off it was totally amazing :)
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