A hill presumed a to be man
As splendor as the King,
And he divided all his states,
With no authority;

Refused as he attempted,
His measured not enough;
His ears had mocked the syllables
Of those permitted foes;

And still he grew amorously,
The birds all woke the fields;
There was a parting dawn on him,
And worshipers beside.

T R S 3d
In line for the new roller coaster
was a group of ex-protestors
in cobbled monogamous flocks.
They squawked and squawked.
She warbled.
He wooed.
She swayed.
He swooned.
And she only had sunscreened her front.
Her back must've stung.
Bright red.
But I bet she reserves her best stories
for unreserved reservations in bed.
T R S 3d
Musky wine or sweet whisky
Can I feel the words?
Dense cheese and listful misty
sullen sorrow birds.
Hold me in their heart
They catch me with their eyes.
Flying by fly shiny pieces
Stealing all my happy faces.
Flapping flapper birdy types.
Flippy flirty wordy tripes.
So sappy and so sad.
God it makes me mad.
I thought I was the worried one.
But I'm the only one you had.
feathers and pipe cleaners
stuffed with bits of cotton
delicate by design
The doves, the doves
they fall from the heavens
for you, love

The doves, the doves
at your feet
they bow and kiss
your sores
heal your wounds

The doves, the doves
in your locks of brown and bark
they tangle
bring flowers for you
sprinkle their petals into your strands

The doves, the doves
they breathe your scent
lavender incense,
the first snow of winter,
trees and moss

The doves, the doves
lost in your eyes,
agleam, a striking color
mimicking the forests,  

The doves, the doves
they melt
at the chime of your voice
you laugh
you sing
like jingling bells
riding the winds

The doves, the doves
they worship your compassion,
the way you stroke their necks
and kiss their beaks
with such ginger touches,
absolutely mesmerizing,
ruffling their feathers

The doves, the doves
will follow you
until their wings
no longer sprout feathers
they will raise generations
to fill their spaces
to continue their love
for as long as you live
they will love you
your children
and your children’s children

The doves, the doves
will cry tears
of sunflowers
when you pass
and will scorn the Gods
when they take you
from them.
A poem I wrote my partner for Valentine's day
On a rather lonesome autumn day I drifted through the trees,
Wandering round the forest floor with a soreness in my knees.
I'd come out to this quiet place in need of healing time,
For those moments I'd let slip away and walked the painful line.

I sat down on a dying log when the leaves began to fall.
For what seemed like forever I just tried to fight it all,
Every hurt and wound I'd caused, every fall from grace,
That led me down the jagged path and brought me to this place.

As I saw the ashes floating, there was an unexpected sound,
and I turned to see a pair of wings that were lifting off the ground.
With feathers thick and dark as night but fire at its core.
I stood there frozen by the grace as I watched the black bird soar.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Black bird help me fly away.

The bird tore through the windy sky with an awesome show of force,
as if drawing on a passion fueled by some unknown source.
In defiance it let out its cry and that was when I saw,
The face of mother nature here in the cold and in the raw.

Valiant, stretched from wing to wing it carried on its way,
Sailing through the rugged skies and dreary clouds of gray.
It rode up to that horizon line and I watched it disappear,
Free from all its enemies and free from all its fear.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Blackbird help me fly away.

I chased it down the muddy trail along the rivers bank,
and suddenly I saw two more join up along its flank.
Then three strong they picked up speed and rode towards the sun,
Separate though they may have been, they found their way as one.

I still walk through the forest floor on lonesome autumn days,
For it's there I find my quiet time where I go to get away.
And I look up in wonder and listen for the mighty cry,
Hoping that the black bird is still tearing through the sky.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Blackbird help me fly away.
Wrote this a couple of years ago. These are pesudo song lyrics, written to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash.
ShowYouLove Feb 17
A splash of red against the wall of white
He stands: still and stark in the silent snow.
The sun strikes the new fallen snow
And light dances from a million crystals and more.
Sensing no danger, he calls for his mate.
With a voice strong and clear and sweet he sings for her
To feast on winter berries and sunflower seeds,
Keeping eye and ear out as his bride feeds.
Together forever these two they shall be:
When they mate, they mate for life you see.
Here he stands upon the fence, ever faithful ever true:
Dressed in ruby regalia, he looks at me and you.
ShowYouLove Feb 17
The bird takes flight on the wings of the morn
Uplifted; into the sky they are borne
The air is filled by their joyous song
And the earth stirs to sing along
There is nothing so great as a bird in flight
The spirit soars as hope alights
Flying free upon the vast sea of blue
To feel the wind flow past, to be renewed
I am one with the sun, the sky and breeze
Moving effortlessly through the trees
There is a kind of lightness in the soul
In these times, I am made whole
Written by: Dallas and A.B.
Vexren4000 Feb 16
Growing a rainbow of colors,
The fruits of flowering,
Shooting out color and sweetness,
So that some wayward birds may come by,
And spread some seeds for the bush,
As if the bushes can feel,
The pulse of life surrounding them.

Bethie Feb 15
Turn your eyes upward, little girl
See all the things I've made
Look at the stars, dear girl
Until your sadness starts to fade

Do you see the birds, My child
They don't labor or spin
And yet I feed them all the while
And they know this, deep within

Do not worry about tomorrow
Do not worry about today
Do not linger on your sorrow
But in My presence, you shall stay
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