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There’s a concert in my back yard
solos and duets all day
a circus with acrobatics
clowns painted with reds, blues and browns
just feet from my perch
here as I peck on the  keys
the stars fly in
then flit away with ease
as if to tell me:
you can’t hold me long
with your seeds and your eyes
we are free to dive the skies.
With gratitude to John Wiley and his poem, “Kookaburra” -  - the inspiration for this poem.
Alio Mar 30
The crows outside my window
Feast on what I have done
And the birds upon the wire
Toss with restless desire
For what I’ve done I’ve locked away
In a cage if prickly bush
And only the smart
Crafty black crows
Can slip to see my mush

Yet last, the crowbrids call
A shrill that warns them all
And ah —alas— in frenzy of fear
The crafty black crow
Seeing no exit clear
Frantics and pushes
All against the spines
And traps itself in
And having no option
All it does is scream
And no one could hear
It’s desperate dying dream of

And soon enough, as days passed by
The crows feast again
On mush twice the size
And the birds on the wire
Still violently wish
That they too could pick
If only it wasn’t so sick
In this view, I know the name
of that village on the hill
but I forget the next and the next

Most of these birds, this song,
were here before
but the heft and pin-black eye
of the red kite are new,
not known

And though the sharp-scrape panic
as the pheasant protests
has sounded a thousand times past,
these days it’s heard different
The hedgerow pulse
seems quickened as the dipped flit
of three blue **** from here to there
declares that something is coming

Maybe too early to call spring,
the jackdaw on a slack wire
is still willing to give energy to balance,
as his eye sees good things

And the fettered earth begins to flex
as something elliptical
returns to tickle us
Thomas Steyer Feb 14
Blue ****, sparrows and some rather pretty birds indeed
Gathering around their special wooden box of feed
Respectfully waiting for their turns to pick a seed
Then they fly away and I'm thrilled about my good deed

For I'm the supplier - in their eyes the Mighty Lord
I know a few things but mainly where the food is stored
Feeling a little superior is my reward
Though most times they believe I deserve to be ignored
The hawks scream from the sky above
while the jays screech.
Melodious notes
seem out of their reach.
The raven is silent,
while the crows caw;
the blackbirds’ discordant noise
is from Hell’s maw.
But the swallows twitter
as they fly through the air
and the finches chirp
from tree branches bare.
Even better is the song and the trill
that comes from the lowliest bird still.
The humble sparrow
on bush or ground
has the sweetest of any bird’s sound.
Blackbirds make truly appalling sounds.
When the mountains are melted,
The host of heaven dissolved and
The heavens rolled together as a scroll
And all the host fall down
The streams turned into pitch
It shall not be quenched night nor day
The unicorns shall come down
And the bullocks with the bulls
The cormorant and the bittern shall possess it
The thorns shall come up in her palaces
Nettles and brambles
It shall be a court for owls
There shall the great owl make her nest
And hatch
The vultures shall be gathered, every one with her mate
None shall want her mate
They shall possess it forever
Generation to generation
They shall dwell therein
Birds rule. Even the Bible says so.
My Dear Poet Feb 3
      hides a
     secret within a
    letter or placing of
     a word look carefully
           and intent-fully
                   a secret you may have
                heard examine it ever closely
                       what’s preferred
                  or inferred if you
         open read it slowly
     it may fly out
like a
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