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Mark Wanless May 29
You theme you are the only one and crap
A conscious **** excreting mindflex mobile
Bone bag commercially impregnated
With a semblance of life called existence
Firmly pegged in this moments suffering
Or relief of suffering called happiness
By most swimmers in the we turbulent
Through cause and calmed through cause to each their own
Journey a needless needful thing of our
Humanity etcetera moving
So we must go no where or now here to
Be the undiscovered country glowing
Light forms solidifying matter forms
Melting cyclic wonderment of what's this
old willow May 15
Rock is cause, and effect!
An amusing traveler answered with a smile.
Letting out a chuckle, I asked how so?
Reaching his hand for a rock from the street,
He rolled, it stopped after a moment.
He looked at me in the eyes, then walked away.
It was then, I understood.
Exerting force upon it, causes it to roll.
Where it lands, is effects…
Sowing a seed incurs cause.
Returning next summer, a sprout took its place.
⁠— this is effect.
Amanda May 3
They say "You gotta pay to play"    
Finding that's too true
******* ten ways from Sunday
No clue what I should do

Learning I can't maintain
I WAS in control
Overestimated brain
Habit swallowing me whole

Panic stricken voice
Gait leading to and fro
Haunted by one foolish choice
This agony I owe

I made the bed I am lying in
It's time to say goodnight
Afraid of darkness growing within
Bring myself to turn out the light

Cause and effect
It is simple and plain
Repeat the  same mistake once more
Is it really a mistake
If already made before?
You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it it's no longer a mistake.
Mark Wanless Apr 7
cause an effect to occur
there is not other time than now
think and choose and do
Khoi-San Mar 26
The devil divides
Pangea broken
the ancient sanctum
A global cause a course for prayer together we can overcome
Mark Wanless Mar 6
the wing beats
of the butterfly

tell me what to do
i disagree, but cannot sleep

i anger at the signals
all around me all the time
i drift to sleep on *****

called to something
outside myself
it said you are it

no effect without cause
i am it
Shout and hold your banners high!
The drumbeat guides us step by step
Warriors raise voices of song
And the heavens will quake as we march forth
Righteously wrapped in absolution
Absolved of any of our sins of war
Truly we are the glorious few!
And belt now our anthem
To besieged strongholds
We never stopped to question
Never truly learned the words
And our anthem rings across mountains
Echoes through deep valleys
Of a long-forgotten cause
I love passion and expression and standing for what is just and right.  It is one of my greatest woes that I meet so many people inflamed and impassioned to political, religious, or polarizing beliefs with so little understanding of what they stand for.  Stand tall for a cause, but please make sure that you understand what you are fighting for and understand the stakes of defeat and more importantly, victory.
Suraj singh Jan 29
Faces look so kind
They still roast and grind
Worst than aliens
They are sapiens

Their cherry lips may make you swoon
Wait till you find blood in their spoon
Worst than aliens
They are sapiens

Voices so soothing
You may mistake it as a boon
Speaking without a pause
Those voices never stood for a cause
Worse than aliens
They are sapiens

Wishing to fly
They'll catch you by their fake cry
Sugar coated venom
Their weapon
Worse than aliens
They are sapiens
Mysterious sapiens
Ruheen Jan 18
Water sticks to the sides.
A little push
And it falls.

Letters that go out at night.
A little slip
And it's gone.

Ropes that fray at the ends.
A little pull
And nothing.

Pencils that are too sharp.
A little pressure
And it breaks.

People that are close to the edge.
A little shove
And they disappear.
Makes sense. I think.
faye Dec 2019
Like I hope one day, eventually your name will be erased out of my mind.
Ur name wouldn't bring back bittersweet memories like before.
Cause then, when I am fully healed, I would be able to love someone without the unwanted toxins in it.
Anything would just be enough, eventually in time.
So I'm guessing that right now, it's just a temporary goodbye.
the first letter of every sentence, love.
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