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God is death and time
God is love music and rhyme

For death only takes all the good
And leaves the bad behind

When we see that all we are
Is ashes and worms food
Withering. Not fine

There is no divine
If we have no soul
For what god creates
The devil destroys.. You know

There is no evil
Greater than a destroyer of souls
Turning all of us away
Closing every door
That we tried to open. So

Blocking all our prayers
Till we have no faith or hope

We forget we were ever there
Our books of life erased
We dont even remember the taste
We just want to put down the pen
For there are no more pages
Nothing to write
Nothing to read

These sands of the hourglass
Counting me

If we could only smash it
And set our souls clock back
Forever to our childhoods

The great misery
To live only in the past

The great adventure
To dream of a future

And the great waste
To live in the moment
Unable to feel or remember
Any memories taste

To exist is a painful sin
To know eternity
The great fear of time

We never asked to be here
We only asked to leave
And in faith or desperation
We just wished for once
In our prayers
"Does somebody hear me?"
"Will anybody save me?"....

Nothing remains of us at the end
Except the sand
At the bottom of the hourglass

But perhaps. Just maybe
We could always just turn it over
And try again

June 4th 2019
I used to believe someone listened

But when i found out
It was just the devil

I burned away everything
And only wished i was nothing
No more

I feel like an empty shell
With a fire inside
That only wishes for pain and cold
I wish someone would put me out
And forget i ever was
In time we are all forgotten
Amaris May 13
Walk a tightrope as thin as a wire
Practice until your feet are on fire
Perform amazing feats, hear the applause
Smile and feel proud your life has a cause
Everyday I reach for the same thrill
Without it I just can’t feel fulfilled
If I’m not making people around me happy
Then what’s the point? My heart is empty
To make a great accomplishment,
Rescue someone from his malice thoughts,
Embrace his sorrows with your humane touch,
And show him the way to a life of great purpose.

To make a great accomplishment,
Brighten up his days with your kind words,
Give him a ladder, light him a candle, and be his angel.
Pour into his heart a cup of compassion and a dash of love.

To make a great accomplishment,
Draw your soul to serve those who are forgotten, their
Dreams shattered, their voices lost in wars, be their light,
Be their champion, and stand up for their cause!

Hussein Dekmak

MJL Feb 15
Fist in pocket
Rot from within
Rage immortal
Unknown for a cause
Alone in fear
Alone in satisfaction
Perish for peace

© 2019 MJL
Poetic T Feb 17
We all have questions of our motivations          
              and endeavours of life's
cause and effect.

Then we realise,
   life is a challenge of moments.
      And how we play the game  
                                of our finite continuing...

Do we give up?

                             Or do we collect our strength.
      Showing all that where stronger
                        than a question mark..

That falls at every ending to a query?
           But why must we be hooked by this.
                       Now answering it before
  we need to even explain ourselves..

Be stronger at the start
                        and never  question
                           where we finished.
Because to question ourselves
                     only leaves more question marks..
XyL0S Nov 2018
Colours have faded
off the walls
but the walls remain.
siinli Nov 2018
I break things
I hurt people
I delete words
I keep secrets
Its because
I am frightened
Its because
I grew up
knowing that
these things
can conceal
my feelings
—I am a lost cause
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We tend to avoid things that can cause us pain.
If we are afraid to be wounded,
then why do we break hearts?
ButterPecan Sep 2018
The three phrases I was given
At a time I thought
I could not go on
I want to share with you

You did not cause it
You can not control it
You can not cure it

Someone who understood pain and loss  
Shared these words with me

I did not cause it
I can not control it
I can not cure it

     I repeated them during my morning runs
          I put them on my to do list
               I read them aloud everyday

It wasn’t until it became my mantra
That it sunk in

At first I fought against them
My mind taking over
As it often does
With overthinking
And inflicting painful thoughts

     If I only I did it differently...
          I did not cause it
               If I only I do this now...
                    I can not control it
                         If only you would...
                              I can not cure it

I did not heal
Until I realized
I really did not cause it
I really can not control it
I really can not cure it
     But I can chose to
        ... Cope

I can choose to survive
I can choose to love myself despite the reasons these words became important
In the first place

Now I give them to you
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