Kellin 4d
you are two.
you are both warm & cold.
Bright nostalgia for a dark night.
you are dysfunction, like a numb limb;
you are alone but
still ecompassing
what it means to be human.
Asonna 4d
How does someone love you,
When the love for yourself is so numb?
sav 4d
all too quickly, the feeling of numbness creeps up my body. broken and alone, you're on my mind.
A face no one remembers
touched by the winter breeze,
dejected, walking with no rush
through streets that scream
You don't belong in here!
Looking for a hole in the ground
to lie down and sleep,
even when it's too cold
to decompose and disappear.
Red nose, watery eyes,
quietly humming a song
that no one seems to hear.
Stepping up the pace,
wishing to be headed somewhere else
than the pale yellow cracked paint house.
Cars passing by,
not a single friendly face
behind the steering wheel.
The cold pierces to the bone,
keep on walking, almost "home",
ease the coldness with a hot coffee.
And you travel through that state of mind,
never cured, never improved,
but you hope for it to change over a night of sleep.
Ee 5d
I often wondered why people do drugs
To not feel?
But not feeling is the hardest thing to feel
Chloe Aug 4
There's a point,
After all the crying
And hurting,
Of numbness.
It's kind of peaceful,
But it's also really
I sit there
Pondering all the ways I could hurt myself,
Reading the labels on the bottles in the bathroom,
Wondering if any of it
Could kill me.
I'm not suicidal.
But for a moment there,
I fucking scared myself.
Everything is just...numb
Everything was so cold
All I wanted was to fix the splinter
But I can't hear what I've been told
The world had enter winter
I remember it well
The world fell
Into a blizzard
And I chose to be inside
Even though I know it is dumb
Its better than the fake warmth outside
The world's blizzard
Have you ever met a flame?  
Someone so beautiful,
You don't notice when they burn the world around you?
Someone so gentle,
You don't feel the heat?
Someone so graceful,
You only see their dance?

And so you follow,
Blind to the destruction in their path,
Numb to the burn every time you get close.
Knowing the only cure to this madness is to extinguish the flame.
But you go on,
Burning in euphoria.
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