Kwame 1d
A soul hollowed
moans out in hunger pains,
Lusting for sins
from damned souls.
Sin infested boy
Holds cold steel
and fires a hot bullet
that was meant for me.
Lost his soul, no chance at redemption.
In a vain attempt to cleanse my sins,
I take my soul to kitchen sink
Pour out 2 cups of bleach,
1 cup of faboloso and I scrub and scrub
And scrub till my fingers bleed and my skin turns raw and YET!!!
My soul remains as black as the devil
Pierce my heart and it doesnt bleed
See I've gone numb to the madness
My heart's turned to stone
and I've become cold blooded
I can see another nigga kill a brother
In the heat of the moment and watch as he becomes lost in the madness,
Consumed by the darkness
when will this madness end?

How can we stray so far from the light,
And still hope to see heaven?
My head is full of static, or maybe im made of static, all i know is I’ve lost myself in it and im not sure how to find my way out. Ive lost all feeling, its almost like im not even really here at all.
I feel myself fading, i wish i could save her but i know that she must be long gone now, i feel myself becoming someone else, someone i fucking hate. But i cant stop it the static, the constant feeling of.....

“Forget it, I don’t know. Never mind. Its okay im okay, no its really fine i don’t know its just a bad day, don’t worry about it.”

Static fills my chest as my vision blurs and im gone lost in my head the world around me just gone, everything sounds far away,  sometimes i wish i could stay here forever. Where the world is quiet and i don’t have to feel, or really think, its the closest thing ill get to peace. But i always snap back, and the sounds rush in and I’ve lost another piece of myself.
Fowsia 1d
I want real
There, in my hand
I want to feel it beat
So I know that I'm alive
Because right now,

I don't feel so alive.
Poetry is pain.
I only have words when
I can't take the strain.
In the day to day
when I can't complain,
then I feel nothing  
and have nothing to say.
The same ten thoughts on a loop,
the same old shtick-
This is just as effective
as a doctor's anaesthetic,
for numbing the mind.
I dose up till I stop feeling sick.
As much as I hate it,
I'll keep playing the game,
running thoughts over and over
endless cycle in my brain.
I am useless when I'm fine,
tragically boring when I'm sane,
because I only have words
when I'm madly in pain.
Before we met
Rainbows were black
Light never shined
Wind was stagnant
Stars were absent
Fire was cold
Birds never song
Rain never fell
Amanda Mar 10
I've been waiting far too long for you,
And like rain falls to the earth, spellbound,
Endless chances cascade from the sky,
You stand still and watch them hit the ground.

Loyalty, lies, and love for you,
Hold me in place though my heart grows numb,
The tragic part is all along
I knew deep down you'd never come.
It feels like there should be more in between these two stanzas but I don't know. I just write how I feel I don't usually write more than one draft, revision was never my forte. Feedback?
Amanda Mar 10
I am in this world trying to find my place
But everything i see leaves me with a bad taste
Pride and greed is the focus of the game
Every human I meet, they seem the same.

I cry at night in bed and wonder
If there is a way to live without going under
I am surrounded by pressure from people to be
A person my parents wanted to see.

But instead I'm caving in, sinking
Spend time smoking weed and drinking
I'm popping pills and shooting up H
Anything I find to reduce the ache.

Ashamed of who I am today
The way I am living is not okay
Pushing me close to thoughts of suicide
Wondering if it would matter if I died.

I cannot control my mind, I wish I could
Maybe then I would feel something good
Instead of this pain and sorrow
All I do is hope it gets better tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, and tomorrow goes
Without highs but plenty of lows
I lost my job and it's my fault
Income has come to a crashing halt.

Each bill I crumple and throw away
Utilities I can't afford to pay
Drowning in problems, with no help in sight
That's the reason I cry day and night.

I wake, nautious, before my alarm
I follow my routine; stick a needle in my arm
I hate the monster I've become
I'm tired of hurting, I want to be numb.

I cannot live like this forever, I know
But this lifestyle won't let me go
It is now or never, turn my life around
Or end up six feet underground.
Written on 2/27/17

This is an old poem I stumbled upon the other day it made me tear up reading how close I was to being pushed over the edge. These poems give me motivation to keep on the sober path!
Viany Mar 8
I smell spring around the corner...but here you are with your winter chillls that leaves me numb..I’m so tired of feeling nothing..when all I crave is warmth. When’s my next season of love?
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