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i taste ashes on my tongue
my will drained like wine
on a wednsday night

i still feel so numb
my motivation dies like vines
left to wither with no light
this is a warning to my future self, but it also feels like dejavu
Hamies 10h
drinking my sorrows
crying my pain
smoking my anger
can't stand the blame
inescapable ice
freezing off my lungs
so i stop feeling
and start being numb
Aleka 5d
I want to fly away...
I can hear her whisper...
A soft, tender melody.
I want to fly towards her...
But my fears,
They won’t let me.
Because of my cries,
She won’t hear me.
I walk towards her light,
Ignoring my pains.
Is that light as bright anymore?
Are her whispers as gentle anymore?
I’m almost there.
Her melody and light invade me.
My body,
It goes numb.
My mind,
It Shatters.
So... I realized not a long time ago that I really enjoy writing and reading poetry. I wrote this. I was one of my fist poems, apart from school assignments etc, and I’m very proud of it.
Empire 5d
I stagger through my days
Feeling nothing
Stuck in a state of numbness
Spreading from the inside out
And just once
I pray that the thing I get to feel
Something just as strong as my pain
Is something good

But I know that’s too much to ask
I know the only way out of the numb
Is through suffering further
Good things don’t happen
Not anymore
Not to me
Haley 6d
Embody fictional characters exquisitely with my poetry,
But I was just reliving my past.
I told them thank you and to have a good day,
But I was just looking back at myself.

You see;
There's this girl.
She wants nothing more than to be a superstar,
She wants to experience the thrill,
And experience of the high life.

But you see,
She meets another girl,
She slowly starts to fall in love.

All she wants is to help her.
She is willing to do anything for her,
Even give up her dreams of living in bliss.

So she gives up her dreams of being a superstar,
And to replace it she chooses psychology.
Everything comes easy to her,
She thinks she found herself.
As she studied, she helped countless people,
And she got burnt out, and gave up her dreams yet again.

Then, there comes another girl.
This time she reminds the psychologist of the delicate words on the page,
And she starts writing poetry.
She indulges herself within her love, because it will never die out.
Until it does.

The girl that just wanted to become a superstar,
The girl that wanted to and still wants to help people,
The girl that wants to be called a poet,
Is numb.
She relies on her past mistakes and experiences,
Because it's the only emotion she knows.
Ron May 20
My eyes are heavy,
My mind is full.
My body is numb,
I'm feeling cold.
I can't believe it.
This isn't real.
You can't be dead
I love you still.
Parker Poole May 19
my body

heartbeats like footsteps pounding up the stairwell
desperate, as though frantically and passionately running towards a lover, this body

my body

wound so tightly, heart on the edge of a cliff ready to jump
the only thing reminding me I am alive as it pumps blood through this body

my body

snaps, reacts like a whip cracking through the crisp air intending to enslave us: mind, soul and this body

my body

wired, as though plugged directly into an unstable outlet charging electricity throughout this body

my body

curves, no, mountains, creating a flesh terrain cultivating life carefully crafted by some heavenly being, this body

my body

miracle of childbirth, life emerged from love and two bonded souls leaving valleys and canyons of stretch marks on this body

my body

a temple to be cherished, yet it is degraded every day as pain is numbed and the soul is muffled inside this body

my body

picked over by perverted people, imprisoned; locked in an all out civil war against itself just to survive

my body

strength and resilience as the brain mends itself, it has never been weak; only made to believe that it is nothing more than this body

my body

but they werent ever right; bodies are just the vehicles in which our souls are transported to the purpose life so please dont worry about this body
Artemis May 19
I slip in and out of my own mind
and often enough
I get caught in the empty spaces
between my thoughts
and sometimes it is peaceful
that moment of quiet
but when I find myself stuck
in that nothingness
and that silence
there is a stillness that I cannot outrun
and it is cold
and empty.

and then I remember
that feeling anything
is better than this
Sheila Greene May 19
In the quiet
Rattling peace
Confusion in chaos
Created by me

Hollow heart
Deadness within
It's not real pain
It's mental
Yet unbearably insane

Seeking punishment
Well deserved
It's ok
Turn your back
It's well earned

Quailing nightmare
Find no peace
Hurt me to ****
The beast
To make it cease.

Time's the enemy
For I suffer
Deeping hole
Widening abyss
Where I can't find my lover

© sd greene 9/19/17
We all have bad days, we are human.  Some of us have a daily struggle with the hollowness left by the monster within.
Jace Joesph May 19
When I can't comment on your small talk and I feel dumb
When I can't feel anything and pain becomes numb,
Wondering if I even have a free thought.
Wondering and questioning if iRobot?
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