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Graff1980 13h
The world is a deep shadow
cast over
the cold shoulders
of strangers
who need not be
so deeply

when each smile passed
could be a blast
of cherished sunshine,

and each kind word heard
could be a warm wind
the hold us up
and takes us in
a gentle hug.

In moments of
deep seated grief
it helps to see
and believe
that there are
other true hearts
that bleed
similar ink.
Martin Dove Nov 7
*** doesn’t care
Is what you need to understand
He set the world in motion
Not hoping for your petty devotion
So don't get this false notion
That he loves you as a person
We follow the same rules as other life
We are ants on a higher level of complexity

If you die in a car crash
If you get cancer
If your daughter jumps in front of a train
If your children burn in ****
He does not care.

Or at least he certainly does not cry about it
Its how he made the world
So what can he say about it?
I'm sorry?
I didn't mean to?
That's not the right answer.
He knew what he was doing
And now we eat his pudding

(Creating laws for selection
And effective strategies for a positive outcome
Suffering is one of them -
The reason it hurts is why it ******* works!)

We are meaningless pieces of functional matter
Wandering the world
Hoping to find love and peace
Just so that we could **** and raise children with ease.

Where is this all going?
Making it way too confusing.
Is there meaning to the Anthropocene
Or is it just another random biological flourish
Like the dinosaurs who so helplessly perished

No one knows
We will have to wait and see
Until then I think its best
To try and enjoy the scene
Just how *** intended it to be
Let's just hope he doesn't make it too obscene...
A precious gem,
Glimmering in light,
Dancing with promise,
Naught but a rock.
/ˈspɪrɪtʊs muːndɪ/

The general spirit of the world; forgetting the factions human kind has constrained itself into.
Weapons primed and ready;
Round the troops, sound the sirens.
Snipers, hold your rifle steady
for the battle of the irons.

Pride and Hatred take a stance.
Violence crouches - taking aim.
He doesn't take a second glance
before he fires across the plane.

She lies helpless on the street.
Shot down in violent fashion.
Pleading peace in her defeat.
The victim's name is Compassion.
When strangers sit together
they still exist alone.

When they wander in
the wet weather
without their friends
there is silence,

the same silence
that stares sullenly
at a tablet, or phone screen
without reacting
to any human being
in the general area.

There are always a few
who long to
break through
the silence
and speak with
others who have
no business
other then
sitting and waiting.

Spirits waning
from some
strange rejection,
not outright
but at daylight
when strangers
look right
at each other
then turn away
to speak.
A horse can see around corners
Look into your soul steal your heart
Butterfly kisses to die for
Make you wish people were horses
Jessop 7d
The age of man has dawned,
Like a red sunrise we flourished,
The light of our world.

By the skin of our teeth we clawed our way out of the mud.
And into the future.
Great generals lead us to war,
Great scientists into the future.
We endured for centuries,

Year by year, decade by decade,
We lived and learnt.

Until eventually
Like sunset we faded gently into the night,
The end of an age
A very brief history of humanity, skipping all the fun bits really
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