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I'm slowly losing faith in humanity...

Aren't we all?
I work in retail, and I kid you not... today a customer stole my soda when I turn around to put their receipt in the trash. Why are people so mean?
If you’re a good person
It radiates. People know
If you’re a bad person
It radiates even more
After Ten Thousand Years, what will remain; after the seas and sands have reclaimed L.A.?

When the continents don't look the same; shuffled around like dominoes, as God prepares to play another game.

Will the stars our audience stay, though we prioritise these silent spectators above our planetary play?

Then there shall come a day, when no taught tongue these words can say; lest as maxims to complement aristocratic displays. When this poem's rhythm and reason, no researcher can attain.

The Gate Wall has been long erode, rendered flat and smooth; a mat laid out upon the floor. Our precious salads' descendants, both physique and favour now wholly unknown; after Ten Thousand Years Nature's nurture will be shown.

After Ten Thousand Years, humanity will remain, and with their mortal expressions; the savagery of ten eons, nay eternity, shall be tamed.
Michael Feb 26
Ola Crappola
Ola Kazoo!
I have a bowl a
Crappola for you!
What do you say when
you're feelin' a stew?
Ola Crappola
to Life's Number Two!

Crappola Crappola
needs to be freed.
Then comes relief,
and pain's history!
So Ola Crappola
Ola Kazee!
Do you have a bowl a
Crappola for me?
When life happens, get it off your chest.  That's what friends are for.  At times, they'll share some Crappola with you.  But at least we don't stink alone!
Chad Young Feb 25
What exactly does this expenditure of energy for solving a math problem do?
After I forget about solving it, what do I have?
An accomplishment?
I have conquered a bit of logic and reasoning; just as this sentence does, but math takes more effort usually.
It is precisely the reason that math requires more effort than reading or writing that there is a following behind it.
That's probably why I'm into it.
Because not everyone does it due to its difficulty.
So it is an exclusive group.
This is why it is bothersome to know others have excelled beyond me in math, because they have put forth the work; that they were tired enough of their ignorance to accomplish so much.
It is nice to know what I
could and couldn't accomplish from seeing them.
99% of mathematicians will never put forth a new theory or solve a once unsolvable question.
It would seem my whole life of math would prove futile in light that this exclusive "club" only allows 1% to make a dent in human history.
Therefore, I must strive, see it as a process of unending steps, and pray that I will add some work to humanity's progress.
Graff1980 Feb 22
Look at me,
I am desperately
trying to get you
to see my humanity.

I deserve dignity.
My struggles
do not diminish me.

Traveling, running,
drowning, falling,
hope is still calling
so, I move on.

Being a refugee
does not make me wrong.

Have you ever been
as strong as the heat
and desert winds?

Do you know
the kind of fear
that turns the slightest rumble
into another bomb,
or the nightmare
of knowing
most strangers
won’t bother showing
a single particle of compassion?

I am just an atom
blowing in the air,
here and gone
before you ever
noticed I was there.

I know life is not fair,
but why don’t you care?
How about a little grace
and an ounce of decency,
to highlight your supposed
superior morality?
B-rich Feb 13
I wonder where relationships end
and where they begin
Who is nice who is mean-
Who is friend and who is fiend
Because not everything is how it seems
But who are we?
But simple human mortals
Not gods nor creatures
But simple mortals with their morals
Salvador Kent Feb 13
time end
good bad
now you see
this be nature

things inevitable
in the grand scheme
this be nature

call absurdity to
old man on side of street
who with sign calls god
god god god see

for god
say he

so he point
mouth and brain
say very
primitive you be
this be nature

this this
be nature
the first in a series of deconstructions.
time makes things inevitable.
That flaming evening,
their lives were at stake,
Humanity was at stake.
ended up in a,
brutally tortured and tormented.
They were bared, forced, left for dead.
They cried, pleaded, screamed.
Yet not a flicker of emotion sustains.
We protest, sob, mourn.
We hum, sing, shout slogans.
But cannot feel the pain and agony,
they had been through.
Every mark made on them,
on their body, on their soul
are reasons to ponder on.
You not only ****** out of hunger,
You peel their imaginations like a shell,
decays their soul, emotions,
ruins their dignity, gravity, life.
Those scars can never be healed.
I feel abashed for being a Human.
I feel sorry as being a noble Native.
As I can’t make the grade to bring
a change towards Humanity.
I plea, I bid...
Stop such sinful infamous act.
Your mother, your father, your family
can also be a victim.
Our call for justice should not be disdain.
Heat and fortitude of the rouse mob
has to mould into consequent actions.
Condolences to all those victims
who have fought their battles for life.
Chad Young Feb 7
My Self is rooted in a larger city than mine.
My Self is rooted in male comradery.
My Self falls into a group. The group isn't universal for all my traits though.
Thus comradery isn't a universal attribute in this sense.
However, if I feel I need comradery, and I'm not in familiar surroundings, I can shift to a reality of the oneness of humanity, where all share the same home.
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