a loss
he tells me

"I have until August"

my dear friend suffers
he is tired of fighting

ready to swim the river
to the next life
he has lived and loved
done so much
to make the lives of others

The Cards tell me to
get ready-
he will soon
gain freedom
from his strife

I attribute so much of
my self awareness
to him

the veil
has been lifted -
the path, clear
now we see
the reflection
of the complete circle
where the beginning
and the end

here we have
such a solemn moment

here we say goodbye in
all the words
have been said
we understand
the connection

soul deep

and wake me
(take me)
-take me
with you
I remember
the me
I once used to be

random emotions
wash through me
I remember

the places I've been
for a moment
I am there again
savoring the feelings
I once felt through
every part of my flesh
I remember

the search
the journey

to be more

to discover

to breathe
the air of the cosmos

I would love to say my faith in humanity has been restored, but sadly, I have never had any faith to begin with.

Josh 4d

I often stare off, into space
Like I'm thinking, intensely
But I'm just musing
On the concept
Of, me
The genetic flaws
That make my body
My home
This vessel
To contain, my essence
The childhood impressions
That shaped
And changed, my essence
Into what, it is today
And I think
Of containment
I am an essence
Thus contained
Inside this body of mine
And this body, is contained
In these four walls
Most of all, I am
Contained, held, constrained
By my lack of belief
In my own infinity

Shall we step outside for a swim
in this ocean of artificial light?
Aren’t the lamppost legions lining the streets
the bioluminescence of the night?
Shall we take a stroll through the gardens,
through the forest of wire and twisted metal,
and admire how the cool autumn winds
waltz with these polythene petals?

The old and the new are already married,
Tied to the mast of time’s great voyager.
And beneath their most brilliant disguise
Lies the truest and most perfect reflection.
What does it matter in the sagas and songs
If now there’s a tower where once a tree stood?
A tree is nothing but a pillar of bark
Their lofty branches, girders of wood.
The grey and the green, the towers and trees,
Former is shunned, yet the latter is lost.
Hemlock and arsenic both send you down
And of granite and concrete, are either so soft?

Time marches on and leaves no-one behind.
It’s the ceaseless march of all of mankind.
If the end seems impending, and the path draped in black
To the darkness you go, there is no turning back.
This pilgrimage is a bitter prescription
And our sour rejection is sorely reflected
that legacies past are lauded and loved
While modernity’s beauty lies cold and neglected.
On the railway tracks we are hurtling down
Laid each day by the hands of history
We cannot turn back or regret our mistakes
Or the careless advances we were perceived to make.
While we grasp at the memories, and skeletal remains,
With our rueful yearning that's becoming so desperate
The fact remains, ‘till the end of our days
There's no better, or worse, there is only different.
There is no behind, there is only beyond.
The passing of past lays the road for the new.

Vyscern Jul 17

The very air I breathe is like poison to my system
Toxins in my veins, bravado slain, it's mischief
Wondering what's going on in my spectacular life
From the flames of a lighter to nomadic trips in the night

I'm a lost soul, a lone cause, I said that wrong
Just like everything else, bad lyrics to sad songs
I'm told to talk more, and told to talk less
A double standard board walk, a wooden plank into the depths

Coz we're all just fish food for ferocity, humanity
And if anything killed the cat it's curiosity, hilarity
Satisfaction: zero, this ain't the time to play hero
More or less to defend the rest and pass the test with a blue-coloured Biro

Pen to paper, ink the saviour, Jack be nimble; quick
Trying to do the right thing is worse than jumping candlesticks
I know I seem quite confident, give me the world I'll handle it
But you have to realise I'm only human with nightmares too imaginative

Just colouring in white pages to fill blank spaces
Is this just one for me or for the ages?
Because you can find a reason to smile in creation
But more reason to grin and laugh in the path to destruction

.........as the sun just went for his nap, I woke up disturbed; in the middle of turmoils, on the edge of disasters.........
Even though I wanted to, I couldn't sleep; I couldn't cry out for company, for I had known long back that my words were weak...

There was some sleep in my eyes, some emptiness in my heart, and hunger in my soul...
The situation here was chaotic, people killing each other for the sake of some long lost freedom...

Time is obnoxious, then human lust for power,
and some frivolous ideologies about freedom,
make existence more dangerous...
But when hope runs out, we become merely living dead creatures....
And Such had the conditions worsened in this area, that all was lost...

Each night I slept without a single hope of seeing tomorrow's sunshine...
Each time I went out, I filled myself with the sight of my beloved ones, as if it is the final meeting with them...

So I couldn't find much difference between today and the other days....It seems like all was imprinted on me; my birth, which brought me here;
My journey, which was neither much in favor, nor much against my stable, yet conflicting mind; and my end, which was too stubborn to accept me....

I was neglected by everyone, from everyone, and that's what solidified me...
"I hid my pains even from myself,
I revealed my pains only to myself..."

I was unaware of what I was headed to,
Or whether I'd make it or not....that was unacceptable to all, I was unacceptable to all....

"My days are keeping on getting bad
My nights are keeping on getting worst,
I don't know the truths, just I guess I'm thirsty,
But unaware of what would quench my thirst..."

This area is a battlefield,
And my battle here is with the guerrilla force,
My battle is with the terrorists....

~a day in Jammu and Kashmir
~14 June'17 (17:00-17:07)
( I'm not a fighter, but on seeing the news today, I felt so... Did you also feel the same?)
Nadine Aire Jul 17

A man is a lion is a pig is a man.
In cages is trapped
but his dream's roar is not silenced.
In muddy clothes
he still has arrogance to plan
a future damned.

A man is a poet is a king is a man.
From dawn ‘til dusk
his creations crash upon a reality untouched.
For the sun is diffracted and illuminated
on the golden sand,
but not on the hungry hand.

A man is a feather in shackles
with ink on his fingertips
and iron around his ankles.
His life a dainty dilemma
between instincts and prayers
engraved on each of his skin's layers.

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