Ennovy 21h

If you should see
a forest so blooming
a calming realm
finest things in life

If you would be
a better you
greater animal
nature nurtures

If you could try
to bring to life
deep desires
thoughts and cries

If you might dream
things never seen
but needed, morals
keen callousness

Every time I sit alone, staring at the ocean waves crashing close to shore, at the expanse of water extending out endlessly to the horizon, I always feel a yearning terror creep into my bones. It is all that we do not know. The freedom and wild ways of the ocean, boundless, ruleless, never endingness. Instead time is filled with laws, expectations, conformity, and limitations. But for a man, you are the closest to the ocean I've observed. Your mind's depths deeper than the dark waters no human eyes have laid upon. Your joy stronger than the ocean's wells that have sunk many a men. Your soul more tranquil than the glassy ocean surface on a breathless day.Your ways of life more daring than the first voyage around the world's seas.
Your entity inspires.

Happy birthday dad <3
Lily 2d

Breathe in the hate
Exhale the love
Accept the lies
Discard the truth
Remember the pain
Forget the beauty
Feel the shame
Bypass the happiness
And continue to believe in those
who manipulate others to avoid
their own fears.

-With love

Today Cassini falls
Into a spinning wheel of news
Hoops and reels
An article of faith
A candle in the dark
The next stage of our journey

Outside my window
I see only blue
The same blue men have always seen
When they ponder time
To look up briefly
From their dream

The endeavour to know
They say is Why
We go there and do the other things
But it is easy and NOT hard
To let others and their machinery
Do the Math

Today Cassini dives into history
For us all the latest splash
Of a skipping stone
Out across the sea of stars
That binds us
To our island atoll

Outside my window
I see politics and pain
In the laptop screen
I see science and exploration
In my mind's eye
Wonder, yes – but also doubt

Frankie 2d

Give me a sign you understand,
Pleasure my psyche with   confirmation,
Twist and turn my moral brain,
Until it is worn to a bucket of mash.

This awkward bio examination you speak of,
Has it always been so complex?
My finicky brain seeks the resolution,
A solution to this core that is common.

How is it that man can be man,
If man evolves to entities beyond,
We are our own experiments of modern science,
Constantly analyzing data we have yet to comprehend.

A technician fails foolishly,
As another earns their Nobel Prize,
We are chosen to fit such devious survival tactics,
Though in our hearts we look at the consequence.

A quizzical I carelessly push aside,
Finding it easier to risk the perks,
A self made genius consistently preaching,
Superiority over those who are victims of doubt.

To have a mind like he,
Is devilish as much as it is holy,
We find vices that motivate illusions,
Created by those who are lost in time.

Figuring the start of a new,
As a new so boisterously grows old,
An aging sweet wine with sour grapes,
Contained in a waterlogged barrel that never ceases to replace.

Star BG 3d

Bubble magic filled the air, as flying unicorns took to flight in love energies. They finally returned to earth after being gone for too long.
The horned beauties returned as humans awoke to know of their divine nature. The world commemorated, as all drank from the golden waters of natures streams.
Humanity prospered as horns glowed with florissant light granting wishes. And creatures big and small danced in the moment free inside love.
A moment, where two suns filled the sky and life celebrated life.

My eyes, they lie;
an awful lie they tell,
My brain trembles;
by this sinful spell.

My mind, it splits;
bipolarity and depression,
My teeth plaques;
from witty perception.

Let my sight be blinded;
by love whom existed none,
Hell awaites my hollow chasm;
my life pointed by a gun.


I stand at the forefront
of human existence
and all that stands
is an empty vessel
of idealism
and missed opportunity.

A shallow mass
of pathetic selfishness
instead of selflessness;
a common mistake
of mixing words
that sound eerily too similar.

All the people
that stood here,
may become hardened
or maybe they never stood here at all.

Maybe they sat
at the center of the world
where they never crawled out of,
so they never saw all the beauty
or opportunity
that rested
right above their heads.

These are the burial grounds
for a peaceful existence:
one where equality lies,
still alive,
but buried so deep,
that it hides right outside of thought--
and each person mistakes
helping themselves
for helping the world.

Reading yet another article where prejudice minds keep our doors shut.  We should be building each other up not tearing the world down.

Promise quoted- a celebration given if
Not late then certainly not early
Enough, what’s a few billion years
To acknowledge your existence, return the
Wind blown as a gentle kiss from your lips
With grace and regulation in 1970 Earth Day
Was consecrated and the Clean Air Act was passed:
Your candles were sapling trees planted
Wax analogies that would grow giving us
Again, the ability to breathe easy, ten years on
Coal continued to be taken from history’s bloodline-
Vandalizing our own flesh and bone
To burn a little brighter
In the grand scheme
Is to suffer for a longer period of time

Sulfur released from impurities confiscated
Floats into the atmosphere forms dioxides
Mingles with nitrogen and water to form acids, ten years on
The true nature of ignorance makes the front page:
Lake acidification kills fish destroys that which
Has otherwise treated us so kindly, at this point
The National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program is established
Investigate the issue
Great Mother forgive us
For we are naive children who’ve been
Blessed with an immense gift, feeble minded
Unable to cherish that which has always been
Seemingly infinite, our strengths are obvious
But these weaknesses are vast and we
Are just beginning to gain consciousness, In 1995 the Acid
Rain Program is implemented to lower sulfur output,
A slow process met with success emissions
Fall below 1980 levels- for everything received it’s a start,
Repair the relationship between you and I as honorary
Representative of your children, curse words said out of
Confusion finally we are able to realize this is reflexive
To abuse you is to pour corrosives
On our own skin, invest in renewable energy
Turn the electricity off when not in use,
Great Mother embrace these frail arms once more
Sew these holes shut
The ozone layer has slowly been patched
Since CFCs were banned nearly forty years ago,
For now we are not
Clean or rectified though rest assured,
We’re getting there

A poem written for a Physical Science Class
Star BG 6d

Skies fill with toxins
due to Chem trails.
Sludge covered waters,
kill fish on regular basis.
TV is used as propaganda tool
to brainwash.

Still I trust carrying optimism
with actions to assist humanity.    

Air is poisoned with pesticides
to make many unhealthy.
Man continues to rape forests,
and burn fossil fuels.
Governments keep all in bondage
with hidden agendas.

Still I trust carrying an open heart
with voice to assist humanity.

People are now awakening
to know we are one.  
The heart is the place
to travel into for wisdom.
Time to reconnect with
Mother Earth to make a
heaven on earth as its meant to be.

Still, I trust carrying love
with compassion to assist humanity.

Love and trust is the answer.
Come join to help humanity.

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