I've kidnapped them
or so it seems
and so they scream
and scratch me
draw blood clawing
sheets and gowns
with desire to get out
to home not knowing where that is
couldn't make it if they did
bodies sick as minds
I bind them softly to beds
soothe them with meds
I've got to send them off
to dream inside
what's left inside
a place where they can let me doctor
this choice I make to get them better
while they are non-the-wiser
Is it wrong to put them under
am I white coated cruelty
or saintly duty owed Hippocrates
taking those who know not what they do
and to them do onto.

What does it mean to do no harm to the patients who can't understand what you're doing?
alex 5d

lights on the ceiling

there is an earthquake
inside this house,
it wrecks      THE
            W A L L S
but reassembles
the destroyed mirror
we bought last week.
the cage is gold
steel cold hidden
painted with ichor,
your god and the

I came directly from through the ranks
All my dues paid, my homage to life
To my God alone all my humble thanks
For bread I slice with prayer knife .

I came strictly from my very own hood
All of my dues I paid through my strife
To mama dear for prayers and our food
For all she sacrificed to save my life .

I came humbly from a very blessed home
All my dues are paid through my chores
To charity, that says take and share some
For all I learned , I am beyond my shores .

I came strongly ready to join the hustle
My dues paid with my years of readiness
To poverty, a real caveat for my struggle
For I've persevered through steadfastness .


Every step of the way,everything came at a price..I paid my dues
Scarlet M Jan 10

People like us
who were born givers,
don't really
know how to love
without losing
in the process.

Alexandra C Jan 5

Have you ever had lives
In your hands?
Every choice you made
Would affect them
Either way

I have lives in my hands
I hold them on opposites ends
I want them both to be safe
But both of their safety
Can’t exist in the same place
I strip one of their freedom
Gifting them a rusted chain
And forcing them to stay
While the other flourishes
And I water them with love every day

I see the chained one lying down
I can hear their crying at night
My heart squeezes until it bursts
I can’t even describe how much it hurts
I look down at the flourishing one
And take away their water
And worry if that one day
Was the day that it would matter

The chained one
Now free, rests in my lap
They love me
And cling to me
Happy that they’re no longer lonely
But then the flourishing one wilts
And I can’t save them
Their very roots are dead
It is all my fault
I hold their corpse to my chest
The chained one then dies
They must exist together
But they can’t both exist
Happy and free

if you ever find yourself
tangled in a wood
please call my name

if you're falling
through some sort of
musky molasses
ill be there
among the muck

if the gasping ember blows
and winter cuts into
your warm body
i will send five fires
to ignite your veins again

if rocks stop on you

if they perpetrate a storm

when you feel it

try to summon me

because i would lift you out of blue flames
i would let the tips scratch my porcelain flesh
and i would writhe
for you to be free

Trevor Dowe Jan 2

Last night I dreamt again
Of a place long lost from memory
You stood beside me
On a darkened shore
The waning moon overhead
Inky waves crashed in with the tide
The ivory of your skin
Glowed radiantly
And illuminated our way
The island, so small, so large
Was a labyrinth
But you couldn't get lost
And I followed your luminescence
In the core of the maze
Sat an ice statue of us
Locked in agony or ecstasy
So lifelike, so vibrant
And then you sang
A haunting aria of love of loss
Of loneliness and pain
Tears poured down my face
Or maybe it was the ice melting
As I became colder
The statue came to life
And you ran me through with a dagger
My blood froze around us
I watched the sculpture depart

Horror Poem

He found her in the sand
Alone on the land
All covered in dirt
So broken and hurt

He said do not be afraid
I will find you a way
You are small and meek
But you are not weak

He washed her clean
Till she smiled pure green
And made her shine
Unencumbered by rime

Then it was time to set her free
But she could not bear to ever leave
Go on, he said
Be happy, not sad

You must not hide and shy away
You must go shine and share these days
So she cried and said goodbye
Then carried on for both their lives

Now she rests on a little girl's neck
Singing songs about their trek
Telling the tale of the kind-hearted man
Who raised her up from the sand

K F Dec 2017

I am overly kind to people who don’t need it.
I’ve been walked on while I roll myself out like a carpet—
so other’s feet don’t get wet.
With a complete disregard for the fact,
that I’ll soak myself to the bone in the process.

Nobody needs that amount of self-sacrificial kindness— it gets weird.
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