aashi 1d
the sun waved to me
said something about a breathtaking smile.

the moon leaned in
whispered something about sorrowful eyes.

I saw you walking towards me,
green and blue and full of life.

Flowers bloomed, the wind sighed.
They were teaching me about
love and sacrifice.
love the earth please.
Isla 3d
I would carry the world on my shoulders
or die a thousand deaths
just to see you smile
I would confess
or I would lie
just to hear that laugh again
I would search the great unknown
if it would help you heal
I would carry the world on my shoulders
and for you
I wouldn't mind the weight
For my mom, whom I would do anything for.
Ashlee 4d
The sly fox is none more sly than you are.
Words come out of your mouth, they are all lies.
There is this gap between us, it is far,
The ties that hold us are coming untied.
But can I let you go? It would mean death.
You are my lifeblood, my everything;
Without you, I cannot find any breath,
My heart stops beating, my eyes stop seeing.
Yet you betray me, I can’t fathom why.
I gave you my love, my years, my life.
It seems like we have already said bye;
After all this, it still cuts like a knife.
Despite everything, I still love it;
I suppose that’s why I took that bullet.
what point in that

a personal hell
brief but

drenched in that
which is

becoming the fuel's
further fuel

flames bursting

like the inferno
of a sun's orb

blood-colored reds
yellows, oranges
hot white



by the hungry flames

putrid stench


to make a statement?

were those final "words"
even "heard"?

above the sizzling
Read today about a prominent lawyer and environmental activist who burned himself alive to protest use of fossil fuels. So pointless, a strong voice self-silenced.
Kim Essary Apr 15
Never believing in love at first sight, nor my prince charming riding in on a white horse to rescue me and live happily ever after.
We have dreams and fantasy's , most never come true, that is until the night I layed eyes on you .
My eyes making me aware of my surroundings, suddenly there wasn't another face I could see, in a restaurant full of people yet none of them existed.
My stomach felt like it could fly away from the butterflies flapping there wings,  I knew from that moment I had met the man I had convinced myself didn't exist, it was love at first sight .
Our love story is a one of a kind . There was no means to break the bond that we had, until that day our happy turned sad, circumstances ripped you away and left me alone, my life after that left me holding your promise. For twelve long years I waited and  wondered, when I had all been given up on you ever coming to find me, my prince showed up to rescue me. From that point on we picked up where we left off. I know in my heart God sent you to me to love and cherish and never to leave.
True love story Paul I love you
I never really knew
Amidst all this sacrifice
I could find paradise
Whenever I'm with you
nomads stream into black rock's
tent cities astride wastelands
scoop out echoing silicon valleys
Narcissus' heirs gaze into pools
fluid lines stain fleshly temples

chits remove the paupers
gifting sold as artsy tribal
orgies sacrifice to erect
hollow men burnin'; ashes
and dust drift on empty winds
2018 © Christos Victor

Narcissus lives again in the west
Nic Mac Apr 12
I willingly say the words you need,
again and again without question.
Allowing them to slit through my heart,
If to hear them, is what you need most.

Again and again without question.
they slit through my bleeding heart.

The price to keep yours close.
As you crack down the length of my bones.
Again and again without question.
what do you need me to say?

they cut me,
as I speak them.
and burn me,
as i feel them leave.
You'll take them,
and thank you,
as you watch me bleed.

"Its ok, Im fine"
By Nic Mac
campbell Apr 12
My life has been a garden
For flowers than seeds
And more weeds that that

I grow
And I climb
And I begin to wither when the sunlight fades

You should know all of this
But maybe you don't
Maybe you were so blinded by the sun
That you forgot to water me

I pulled the weeds out myself
Thorns and burs and splinters
But I planted my own seeds

My hands may be filthy with dirt
But yours are covered in demons

And maybe that's okay
Because I will be able to wash mine off
to my father
Giving others
the roses of your life
while holding them
by the thorns
is sacrifice
sacrifice is pity, not love.
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