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I don't care if I'm at the top of a fucking cliff
If you are drowning at the sea below me
I'm going to jump
save me
I don't understand it
the misery
we sacrifice
the pain
we live through
in life
just to be left
with the emptiness of death
She gazes out the window
A distant look in her eyes.
In her green eyes I see a longing
To be alone, to be away, far away.
And in that moment I see
For the first time, I can see
In her weary eyes the show of time.
I see in the lines of her face
A story of loss, of longing, of love.
Her sad eyes shift slowly to me.
To me and you she looks upon
Love painted across her face.
Tis then she knows without a doubt
Her sacrifice was not for naught.
You ask me why I left
well here's why.
It's because I realized that
my life is mine.

Maybe you think I'm selfish,
well aren't you too?
You said we would support each other
but nothing was ever true.

You had your dreams,
and I watched as they grew,
I guess I forgot,
that I had dreams too.

You said that I'm selfish,
but maybe it's because you didn't understand,
that in a relationship,
it's not about being in the upper hand.

You said that I'm selfish,
it's because you failed to see,
that even someone like me,
had things I wanted to achieve.

Maybe that's why I left you,
maybe I was wrong,
Maybe I should've told you,
that I wanted to be strong.

You say the past is in the past,
yet you want to start all over again,
I agree that the past is in the past,
but I'm sorry, this is the end.

I've found someone else,
and I hope you do too,
someone who wasn't as "selfish" as I was,
someone who can sacrifice for you.

We all have a soulmate,
I once thought it was you.
But the tides have passed,
the sun has set,
and nothing can be reset,
because I've found someone new.
Ouch. I hurt myself while writing this.
Riptide 6d
I am a protector,
I protect those I hold dear.
But... I sacrifice myself for others,
I have no time for myself.
I lose who I am,
But I protect those I love.
They say that I am too
And protective.
I am like a treasure map but without the X
I am useless without who I really am,
But I am useless without the people I care for.
So I gave myself up for them.
When my door is been knocked
Food cooks over my prestige's stove
For you it’s business's dirty food
But in night my daughter doesn't sleep empty stomach
I am a Prostitute, Sir!
Food is overpriced than my pride.

Every morning my body broke up with pain
His hand through my breast squeezes my heart
For you it’s necessary pain
But in morning my daughter goes to school
I am a Prostitute, Sir!
Today's pain is bearable against her future.

Everyday i put darkness on my face
Dreams dress up on bed in the face of money
For you they are pieces of my soul
But my daughter fills colour in her book with it
I am a Prostitute, Sir!
Her happiness is expensive than my body.
In the perspective of love, sacrifice is nothing.
Day Oct 3
i found you
chasing youth
and offered myself.

like candy
another piece
of this broken body,

f e a r
is nowhere to be found.

you've convinced me
sacrifice always smells
best over brunch.
Consider a bee
while the sunbeams dance on a bench in front of a melting clock
Consider a bee
while the cradling mankind sees a gun under the pillow and feels safe.
The dust of the soul,
the soul dusts away
The bee
Interrupts a series of copulations
and a run across the industrial lawn

The sacrifice
of a fat lobster named eternal consciousness
garlic sliced bread & a fear of a thing
as per the given prescription?
am I right?

I have no more time for such nonsense,
Consider a bee
5 more minutes, a 90-degree angle, you are dead.

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Blade Maiden Oct 2

I sell my soul
for a pre-made bed
I give myself whole
for a sleeping spot in your head

I give my blood
for sacrifical purposes
I crawl through mud
til I no longer feel the worthlessness

I shed my fears
and all my dark feathers too
I spill them like tears
They fall of my leafs like new day dew

I pull out all my flowers
and plant them close to you
they will grow and become towers
which can only hold things that are true

And as my demons come for my lungs and liver
my hive heart will send all my bees
so these towers never wither
and this love never leaves
nihiliti Sep 28
i am a moth drawn to the flame of despair
flutter through the air
no care
for body
just the burning of my soul
the yearning to know
what it feels like
to throw
everything away
in hopes
that dawn is close
closer then is possible
that time flows faster
when you're giving your all
for the promise of tomorrow
where tomorrow is
worlds away
from today
and its sorrows
and that sorrow will someday
be a sweet memory to borrow
from when the joy becomes
too much to bear

i am a moth in a world aflame
it looks like hell
but apparently
hell other people
and i'm sick of feeling
sinful for feeling
the sorrow of my fellow
tortured torturers

they tell me i'm too hollow
that riding the updraft is no good
and being tossed about the firestorm
is for fools
and i'm as flighty as a feather
in weather unsuitable
to be out in
yet i'm part of this world
and to lock away my soul sounds
so a throw to the wind
to see where it goes
it might singe
but it's worth it: the sorrow

i am a moth telling myself i'm not
and blaming it on outside sources
but being honest shows
my woes are my woes
and everybody knows
their own

and i just speculate and spectate; trying to know my fellow moths
you're not nearly as sorry as you wish to be, and it's awful
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