She pulled the arrows out of my heart
And played darts

I was the target
Set on what I built

While Babies cried for milk

I supplied them a mother
And Paid bills
I bought gallons and filled
Hungry mouths for years

Under roof
                   and over sills

But the Archers killed
Bowing their arrows

A dear blood spilled

Like the memories
Of the battlefield

I layed queer

As the headlights on a deer
My sacrifices were lost in fear

Maybe they'd be better off
By themselves

Or account the mirror

…Salmon eggs
I carried them
Because she didn't care

For I'll be the one left dead
As long as they spawn here

I tore myself open
so that you cloud see how broken I was,
And instead of running away;
You stayed.
You stayed and you healed my heart
with parts of yours.

It is really my fault.
I let my emotions swim through all this.
I should have kept quiet.
I shouldn't have thought about it.
I tried convincing my heart that there's nothing more to this relation, but no my heart coincided with my mind and breathed out hope, hope that maybe just one day things will change we would be comfortable with being each others.
Seeing that we both know how the other is.
And everything will fall into place.
I always knew that it would not work, but my heart.
It saddens me that I'm divided into three and two, two overpower me they cloud my reasoning and judgement.
I really hope that things go back to normal.
That the balance remains.
Being emotional really sucks.
There's no shallowness at least if it were present I would be laughing my ass out about this now, but no.
I won't lie.
I am actually hurt.
It is slowing sinking in that we want different things.
We view this differently.
Maybe if I was still younger I would consider this whole friends with benefts thing.
I am older now.
I can't settle for such an arrangement. I get attached easily.
I won't manage.

Falling for your best friend can take it's toll on you. Sometimes it works and some times it doesn't. But at least he knows how I feel.

Sacrifice is a choice we make
while loss, unfortunately, is
bound by fate.

Haze Sep 13

Ill stay here, Ill be your house
I'll keep things warm when you're not around
so that when you decide that you're feeling cold
and the world around you
doesn't feel like home,
I'll open my door and welcome you back
no matter how many times
you forget or lose track
of whatever promises you made
I'm willing to sacrifice my own happiness for your sake
You don't have to be here, I won't force you to
You can leave whenever you want to
I just want to remind you that I'm here, and I will always be
No matter how many times you throw me away, out of your mind and heart
I'll be here on my guard,
ready to treat your pain with my life as a remedy

It may be stupidity but I'll willingly waste away if it'll guarantee your survival
Lyn-Purcell Sep 12

I have yet to truly live my life.
I sit in my room, gazing at my pen, my weapon.
The bane of my existence.
My cocoon.
My choice.
As I write in my journal, I ask myself, "What do I have to sacrifice in order to move ahead?"
A dark chuckle ripples through my room and I look at my reflection.
As I am clad in a white robe, my mirror is clad in black.
Holding black.
Being black.
The only truth is the gold pen in her hand.
"Sacrifice," she murmurs in a venomously sweet voice. "All things require a sacrifice. Why should the pen be any different?"
Red lips curl up into a smile but her eyes did not. All
they did was bore.
"Perfection is not controlled. Perfection is raw. Sacrifice for your desire, or your desire will be sacrificed."

John Emil Sep 12

Umiiyak sa  bandang huli
Nang masagot ang tanging tanong
Natinago ng ilang taon
Mga nararamdamang itinabi

Akala ko magiging okey pagsinabi
At ipinagtapat na walang pagaalinlangan
Ang nararamdaman ng puso't isipan
Ngunit akoy nagkamali

Dahil kamiy ipinagtagpo ng mali
Sa panahong may ibang nagmamay-ari
At nakatali sa mga na unang pangako
Nabinitawan sa inakalang mahalaga na tao

Kayat itoy nasagot ng masasakit na patak
At  naiwan ang pusong wasak
Dahil ipinilit na ipinagtapat
Ang nararamdaman na higit pa sa sapat na di dapat

Pluck the beating heart from my chest
Take my dignity, yeah, the rest
Take my soul and all my morals
tear my flesh from the bone
for my sins, i'll atone
take my eyes my ears my tongue
give me lashings give me stones
break every last one of my fucking bones
take my whisky take my nicotine
take my honor take my loyalty
break me hurt me torture me
but please dear God
Don't take him.

i dont like religion lol

Beside me is my one and only
For my arms to hold so tightly
It was her eyes that engaged me
The way she smiled genuinely

The sun goes down
The darkness engulf the place
It was you and i till the dawn
While the moonlight shines on your face

I can only fantasize
Every girl wish to have your eyes
I want to be the one who gets the prize
And hope to win everytime

If it is love that i'm fighting for
These fist would break its bones
The melancholy that you would take away
Is mine to embrace everyday

We are like two stars in a pitch black sky
I watch as you shine every time
I want to pull you close to me
So i can see a thing of beauty

Only to know that you are perfect for me
I will play the fool and you will be cruel
There would be sad
And there would be you

As happy as you are
Understanding is for me
My tears are meant to fall
You will be there to see

I will be the light at the end of the tunnel
Walk the down the aisle
So you won't have to suffer
Then i will walk a thousand miles

To be with you
Is all i can do

Precious <3
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