Hold me with pride.
Keep me with passion.
There's no need to cry,
But I'm not leaving in any ordinary fashion.

Release me with sorrow.
Allow me to be who I am.
I might see you tomorrow,
But if you're not okay with it, I am.

My hands got tired of holding on.
My nails ripped through your flesh.
You can go listen to a sad song
Because I sacrificed it all to hang on.

No one loves you like he does
That warmth portrayed across the room
Like passionate fiery doves

He's strength of love exceeds the capacity Of what you've ever believed in, like reality,
And feuds within he's heart just brings
Wars upon this strange yet existential thing
Be within him a Pillar of which he's growth of love would be
And let it loose and roam freely

Give him you, in exchange for love he always seeked

Let him in
O'er the sunsets he'll leap
For you.

Flow in him when you let him in
Clear and purify your soul within
Sway each day through roses and mint
For him,
With him...

It's not okay to be not okay because soon"okay" won't exist within and then when you're think you're ready to be okay you just fall into a different type of "not okay"

There cannot be white
Without black
There cannot be light
Without dark

There cannot be up
Without down
There cannot be happy
Without sad

There cannot be good
Without evil
And there cannot be right
Without wrong

One can't exist without the other
Someone has to make the sacrifice
So that there can be

So I am what is sad
I am what is evil

I am

So maybe
Someone can be

Pseudonym96 Nov 10

I can barely open my eyes
Can barely open my mind
Can barely fake a smile

Im not sad nor mad
Just depleted
Utterly defeated to this aching head

The tension rising in the back of my neck
Im slumped forward on my desk
Eyes open mind asleep
I silently admit defeat
As I smile
As I nod
Stifling a yawn
No, a sob

I sit up, grab a coffee cup
Feel the fake energy rush through my veins
Get through another day
My mind in overdrive
My thoughts faster than the speed limit
Unable to slow down

Work hard for the hall of fame
It's a shame, it's just out of arm's reach. You tell me: Persevere
You tell me, to hold on my dear

So I listen and then I go home
I am a mindless drone
I soar, rise and fall
Then float in between

Know what I mean?

So I wonder
At what point
Are we sacrificing too much?
Compromising too much?
And getting too little in return?

A speckle of light in the dark
a thought, or is it a feeling?
I approach it cautiously,
protective gloves, sterilized tweezers, chemical test kits
Douse the specimen in iodine, apply indicators,
flatten, view under a microscope, apply filters to the images,
Compare and contrast with previous samples.
I strain myself to determine its nature most accurately.

Is this feeling irrational?
Maybe actually justified, yet exaggerated?
Or real, true, pure...

I can't tell.
I bend, I break, I wring what's left of my mind dry
but my methods are proven insufficient.
no way to differentiate

I take off the gloves.
So there's nothing in the way
As I crush their wriggling bodies between my fingers.

All I do is turn life to dead silence

It's safe after all. unchanging, stable.

Pure black feels almost soft.

Nothing but void. Just this.

So simple.

but next time, I'll try again,
there must be
A different way

some kind of continuation of "paper-white butterflies"
Lunar Love Nov 8

I suppose
I feel
that it is possible for soulmates
to feel each other's sadness
if so
then I want to cut the thread between us
so my soulmate won't feel mine
but I don't want to cut it either
because I would want to feel theirs
and lighten it with them

But I guess that
there is always certain sacrifice
we have to make
to find our other halves
to complete ourselves

wjh, there is a part of me which wishes that you are my soulmate, and i wonder if you're sad whenever i am. yet there is another part of me which wishes the opposite, because i don't want you to feel my sadness.


Give me a moment,
And I will give you an eternity
Give me a breath,
And I will dedicate every breath in my lungs for you.
Give me a secret,
And I will confide in you all my secrets
Give me a bit of your love,
And I will give you all of mine
Give me a smile,
And I will always give you a reason to smile
Give me a reason to come back,
And I will keep coming back for you
Give my heart a life,
And I will live for you.
Give me just a tiny piece of yourself,
And I will give you all of me.
-© M

R Nov 6

I'm here for you. What do you need? I'll let you take it.

Pluck my eyes from my sockets so you can see.
Slice my skin so delicately
to patch the wounds you need to heal.
Rip the nails from my fingers and toes to fill
the cracks in your spirit to feed your will.

Slice my hands to help you come back in touch
with an intimate nature you didn't do much
to channel and experience.
Extract my legs to help you walk,
and steal my lips to help you talk.

Use the meat to feed your soul,
my muscle fibers to pay the toll
of your daily wear and tear
as you use my arms to reach the heights
of stars that glimmer in those endless nights.

Take my bones and make thoroughly sharp,
and re-use my nerves to make a harp
so you can play sweet music
as you defend yourself from misery and pain
and bring beauty to that of which you've slain.

Use me all, and leave me as dirt
but there is one rule you cannot skirt.
My heart, forged in steel and coated in iron
please do not take that away from me.
My heart isn't for free.

I saw a flash of rainbow in your cheek
It liven up the color of your eyes
So beautiful, i could dive straight into it

The falling leaves reminds me of you
Reminds me of the great time
When it was just us
Surrounded by the greatness of love

Every scars i had remind me of you, too
You told me ‘pain was made not only to be healed,
It also made to make you stronger,
So i’ll leave you, painfully
So you could be strong”

Mel Oct 29

Because its 2am
                                                and im sitting in my bedroom alone

    thinking of ways to kill myself
                  thinking of reasons to hate myself  

                                                                  while you're sleeping

because I told you I was fine.

Thoughts- Which is better? To get help for your thoughts for the worry of another? Or let them think you're fine and let them sleep peacefully for once?
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