Graven 8h
Bane leaves its trees
Finds shelter amongst the caves
Its shadows to our souls pursue
To bring awareness of our weak

Minds which forever wander
Fallen along the roads of life
Cycle which to its core returns again
We were all born overmuch fragile

The borders to the edge opening
Eternal admirers of the empty
Patterns as targets of claims and scrutiny
Questions the limit between life and death

But my gaze eternally grows longer
Above rocks I find the mountains touch
Embrace the soil inevitably to take part of me
Dissected and fated to never yield, O flesh and blood
The one who held on to us
In times good and rough
Placed all our needs on his shoulders
Made us into tough little soldiers

Never tired is he
Nor sleep does prevail him
Kills all his days to make ours bright
Our eternal light

The epitome of love
A blessing from above
Leaves behind all his desires for ours
His sacrifices can't be told in mere words

Someday I will be like you
Loving everyone true
Binding through trust and care
A family we will all bear
Love  you dad
RBWhite 2d
There are a hundred shadows upon me,
Seven Iron crosses will not allow their reign,
In this love,hollow and fulfilment can't be apart,
In this clouds,there will only be dark,
He will come soon,to reclaim your soul as his,
With a hundred shadows upon me,
How could I resist?
Without your light,
Is it a good kill?
Without your scent to lead my sword and claws...
Is my blood sprawled all over your bed a good sacrifice?
Kat 3d
How could your heart ever long

for anything but a love beyond the archetype?

love me, and you will forget the opposition

between want and need.

razor cutting flesh

while you go on searching for words to make it less mythical,

a ritualistic dance between aversion and marvel,

with love left to bleed out like a helpless deer.

there is music, songs of

sin and sacrifice

the great city burned to ashes,

by flames of pleasure that wreck deliberately.

We sit in the ruins

of what once used to be a ground of worship,

merely human,

with nowhere to come home.
nothing to write home about
The souls
of those great
men and women
Who suffered
And sacrificed
More than we can
Ever perceive
But never surrendered
Their iron will
to persevere and fight
Against those tyrants
Who brutally shackled
Their lives
And thus made it possible
For us today
To breathe
And live as per
Our wishes and needs
Will find peace
Only when
The rich diversity
Present in our country
finds itself
Unmistakably tethered
By the golden thread
Of brotherhood and fraternity
And our democracy
works for the welfare
Of every single person
Who resides within its boundaries
Completely Ignoring all differences
Based on class creed and colour
Of our skin
And granting all sentient beings
Equal opportunities
To blissfully flourish
Only then
We'll be able
to assert confidently
That freedom
We have indeed achieved
Happy independence day to all!
so, if you have a broken soul like I do
and you see someone
who still has hope
who only needs a few pieces to heal
to be a semblance of something whole
tell me, my friend,
wouldn’t you give your shards to them, too?
Lyn-Purcell Aug 8
~ ♡ ~
It's pleasure
~ ♡ ~
It's  pain
~ ♡ ~
It's  joy
~ ♡ ~
It's disquiet
~ ♡ ~
It's an antidote
~ ♡ ~
It's poison
~ ♡ ~
It's soundness
~ ♡ ~
It's madness
~ ♡ ~
It's a blessing
~ ♡ ~
It's a curse
~ ♡ ~
It's a haven
~ ♡ ~
It's a battle
~ ♡ ~
But above all,
Real love, true love
is sacrifice
~ ♡ ~
Love has so many pros and cons, it does good and it harms.
Nowadays love, real love, is not valued when people make sacrifices for others...
Makes me kinda sad. I know no man is perfect, at some point we all take advantage. We all have our ungrateful moments. But now, I see the important of love and how it's not only about giving, it's also about giving something up; size is irrelevant.
Appreciate what your loved ones do for you.
Appreciate what they give up for you.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
ANu Aug 8
The demons dance,
ominously disguised
as Monsoon clouds,
hovering above the
slick, crimsoned altar.

One more heart,
one more soul,
one more sacrifice
might make the toll.

Life-blood River
deposits iron
on the pyramid's
sculpted stone
cascading, absorbing deep, flooding the gates of hell.  

On a canoe of bone
the King embarked
to negotiate peace
with the underworld rule.

"No more blood,
no more skulls
no more souls",
said the Lord . ...
"your time has come.
No more bargaining fool"
Poem to complement a recently completed blow-torch, pencil and watercolor painting on raw edge wood.  See profile background pic.
zahra Aug 6
to walk through oceans and fly through skies
those were only a small fraction of the things she would do
in order to gain the chance to meet him

as simple as getting the two of diamonds
as complicated as walking through an everlasting maze
were the odds ever in her favour?

no matter if they were or weren't
she'd persevere
if only for a glimpse, a possibility
of seeing his smile, his laugh, his love

for love, she'd give it all
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