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See my face
Coated in tears

Like how the rain paints the sidewalk

Only know that I tried
No matter how insignificant my attempts appear

An abomination to most
But my heart pure

I roll myself out to allow others to dry their shoes
A ***** old rug after time
with each boot leaving its imprint

Drop a match on my gasoline soaked skin to keep you warm
Watch the flames dance and my eyes turn gray,
but my smile untampered

Out of everyone, I thought you'd understand
But time after time
I realize I'm just letting myself down
My mother always says that people will always let you down and high expectations are the death of you, you think after some time I'd listen

Her love to me is like moon light, on a starry night.
As rising sun at dhawn. Like vine planted on his heart's yard. which he ought to water to flowery And fruitage.
his love for her is as deep as the dept of an ocean, with the fishes abiding therein, as stars, moon, and the sun adhered to the sky, it never
departed away from her side.

  his love to her can simply easily be compared to GOD's towards mankind.

So he confessed and rendered  his heart to her. Like a teeming downpour upon  earthen  soften, it surface.
so her love compassed his heart comforting, like pabulum to mind.

As light rays to eye sight. His love for her is reality only can be told in tale of their love story,

gory to glory. He so
Much love her  and
really ready,

in for her, fell in the water.
Lost and found with her for ever. He wish he could wash her feet wilt the waters of his soul, cleansing her heart.

because he see her heart compatible  to his.

Remembered old days of midnight calls, they never used to give sleep to their eyes. While talk through night, dusk till dawn,

Remembered  promises and all the pain they both had gone through heaven and hell.

Never forgot the only first day he felt the fullness of her *******, how sooth her heart. Tongue on tongue, mouthy pleasure.

His hands on her curves. Briskly remembered she told him that after her
momma he be  next to her.

She call him dad he call her Mami. Before she demised his mama used to asked about his lady. His homies do too.
His young blood can't either forget her memories,
last night he was asked about her, oh sweetness
is all about thee. Can't forget
her,   _he always craves_ her. All he ever wanted and desires are all found in her, his boo. He truly loves her because he  knew she'd  make a good mother,

Hope she'd understand if he change sometimes just only because he never own everythang as his. So remember he always told her
that he will always be there  for her as time,
even in the world after here. Her love is so good to him

She has  the key to his heart.
reminisce she told him she'd

rather die for him than sleeping at someone else side.
She's his inspiration like a transportation, his motivation only she can help build his cloud nation. His aspiration
all is found in her, all in ONE no one else but she.

She source the past time joy and still the reason for today's and the hope
of tomorrow's glee.

Sacrifice his love for her because he believes in future with her, she's his  destiny his fate mate his ruth, his batsheba,
His mary, his eve and soulmate.
In the end of a depth, romance was never meant to be felt,
It's merely like a cosmetic in the top shelf, showing in
But we feel the need, for the most, the desire,
And we let it consume us, 'till love is all we want and breath.
'Till love is all that matters, and in the most important point of view,
All we seek for, in the other, mostly.

We open our hearts, let it sink in our bodies,
With raw eyes we take the sight, majestically
We hope in the end, it was worth it, the sacrifice
The blood and the ***** lies, 'till the feeling of death arrives,
Death of ours, death of theirs;
Slander, the olders would say,
Prophecy, the wiser,
A must, the lovers.
jǫrð Jan 28
He says he got no
Sugar. Says he won't go to
No stores for lovers
The History: You got a call, then turned to me,  'I don't get any sugar' you said and I said "same".
Love hits you when you least expect it.
It comes in a moment when you're not looking or ready for it.
Meeting a stranger in a strange place, in a strange time seems like a fairy tale we've been fed as lies all our lives.

It all starts off innocently enough...
A smile here, a laugh there and a casual touch.
But that innocence doesn't always last and leads to something more.
It just depends on who wanted those moments to last longer.

Love can make you feel all sorts of things, it disillusions you to believe that everything you have with them is real. One moment in time can change everything, just a little look of the eyes can make you feel a thousand things.

Hearing the softness in their voice when they tell you how they feel, can make you catch a disease no one ever wants to feel.

The sweet words that are said that give you a feeling of bliss, soon turn to sweet lies that make you feel as if you don't exist.

Falling in love is oh so easy, the happy moments spent daydreaming of the possibilities.

But the moment those feelings burn to the ground, you finally realise it wasn't worth all the pain you've been feeling after a while inside.

Just like falling in love it hits you hard when you fall out of love, your world comes crashing down around you as ashes that you built with the person you once loved.
dailythoughts Jan 15
scared to be alone
I rather live in your betrayals
comfort in your haunting lies
From the ashes and dust
We rise again
Bearing the scars of death
As we count our lost
From the bones and graves around
Many have fallen
And the sword is red

We march through the village square
Bearing more corpses
Looking for a place to rest
From the raging sword of the invaders
We seek the face of the gods

Why do we dance on their graves?
Like masquerades in the village square
The kings come from afar
And we take them to the shrine
The invaders helped us built
And none shed a tear…
None raised a wail…
And none grieved
Because it’s not their lost

They said we wail too much
For the lost was small
A tiny drop in the ocean of blood
That has flooded the land

Our contribution was small…yes, small contribution
Or how else could we justify this ceaseless carnage?
So they took more
More women…more children
More boys…more girls
Some pregnant…some suckling
A sacrifice to make up for the rest

We thought our shrine was big enough
To pacify the gods and save their wrath
But we were wrong
Their white regalia is not red enough
The blood is not deep enough for a swim
But why desire blood as one seeks for water in the desert
Oh sword! When will you rest?

The king is coming
Maybe he will see the mountains of graves
And the waiting dead—candidates for mass burial
Maybe he will say it is enough
And the priest can take the blood
And pour on the altar of the gods
So the living can rest
And the land will know peace
And the sword be no more red
May the gods be pacified
This sacrifice is enough
A reaction to the many killings Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State and the nonchalant attitude of the Federal Government to the situation. And the political pilgrimage that followed afterwards to the site of the mass graves of the victims.
I was never told
To behold

The tears
Carrying all my fears

To let them flow
For the glow

To pay the price
For snatching the prize

To let someone die
On the mere roll of the die

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the fairies
Amongst fires in the prairies

Of the sacrifice
For the fool’s paradise

I was never told
To behold

The danseuse death
In her fight with fate

The glory bequeath
With the fory dead

I was never told

To prepare myself
To fight herself

To wrench my prize
From someone her size

I was never told
To behold

People’s fate
In someone’s gait

To let the decision
Be forsaken of vision

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the dead
As if they had never bled

Their waking up again
Out of deign not disdain

I was never told
To behold

The history being rewritten
And the mysteries being smitten..
I was never told.
Lovely lovely love
No eyes, no nose, no lips
Formless godess
Binding force for unions
Unbound is love
Lovely lovely love
Love is an emotion
It's a wrong notion
More than a feeling
Love is a drive
Like drive of ***
Like drive of hunger
Examples to drive
Home the point
Lovely lovely love
Knows no bounds
Love drives to sacrifice
Selflessly act and protect
Many lay down lives
For the sake of love
Most survive and live
Because they love
Lovely lovely love
Love makes lively
The life we live
Love isn't an emotion. Emotions are short-lived and are accompanied by physical expressions. Love is a feeling and more than that it's a drive.
Anger is an emotion. Hate a feeling. Hate often a drive to harm. Hope driven home the point!
Paul Idiaghe Dec 2020
There’s a holocaust
sweeping through my body
but i call it

strap myself to its stake
as a sacrifice, relish
how its fire

dignifies me,
how the tongue-like torso  
of my scent
rolls out to taste

You, with the hot air
for hair, you
with the sparking skin,
feed my flames,

hearteater, the mouths
on your cheeks
open wide
& I enter, as if to join
the rest of me; see

how all that is left
circulating in my veins
is your voice; my body,
now inanimate,

an instrument for your
its cinders sing like

is the sequel to your stones
thrice striked.
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