The darkest prison
Shackles you to the worst fear
How people see you

So you do it all
You try to please everyone
At the cost of one

Finding happiness
You lose yourself in that fear
In prison's shadows

Some more haikus from my journal. Have you ever been one of those people to give up your own happiness just to please those around you? Easy to fall into, difficult to get out of...

The oracle, she knew, maybe not from the beginning
but in the end was true, not a matter, of whos' winning

Neo and Trin, made the sacrifice
that some just wouldn't make
being each other's vice
a case, of give, and take

While down below the battle raged, as EMP was used
many died upon that stage, many, won't pull through

To step into the lion's den
knowing the final cost
focusing on the here and when
and not the life, you've lost

The computer will hold the compromise
having to adjust all it's plans
the engineer, will keep the promise
"what do you think I am, a man?"

Saw this again for the first time in awhile, the ending stands out as one of the greatest sacrifice movies made. The rest of the movie kinda sucked, esp that jar jar binks kid pushing around that damn cart, looking like his eyes are gonna explode. :D

Oh and yeah, I know the engineer said "human" at the end, couldn't find a word that fit, that rhymed with it.
Chan S 7d

Dancing and prancing around your emotions gave me the notion that I'd loved you.
For you, I'd donned my ballet shoes one and two; but what did you exhibit for me? Nothing. What gave you the theory of your love for me? Nothing.
Years flew by to the distant past, taking my true self with them. Leaving me a mindless genie, dancing to your every wish. You had rubbed me the right way...your rubs being likened to the pellets given to lab rats' when they'd completed a task. How did I become so immovable, so attached, and bamboozled by the very life I ran from? Was it the moment I stood on my tip toes and had forgotten about my tenderness to soften yours? Dancing so softly to fix your core had hardened mine. Now I've become my own ballet dancer, dancing to my own musical appreciation. And you are the onlooker in my audience applauding, twisting, and turning for me and my Ballet Love.

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Humans are capable of the biggest hypocritical ideas.
They don't do it on purpose
Yet we do it.

Some love others more than they love themselves.
Well, I believed I also did
Yet it is not quiet so.

Think well about it, I love until I bleed and even more after that!
Well, I believe in love more than most do
Yet, should I quit my dreams for it, should you?

                               Would I blow my brains out, would you?
                               Is this even a question you're allowed to make?

I believe, I've learn, I've seen
And love is learning to love another by learning to love yourself,
Love is synching your dreams with others' dreams,
Love is bending and straining to reach out to the other,
                                                      to share the pain
                                                      to lick the bruises
                                                      to laugh whole in harmony because you found IT
                                                      to be insane but never feel suicidal.

To love is to burn together
Not to blow apart for one another.

july 14, 2017
0:54 a.m.

Morn after morn, He awoke alone
And prayed for her return
Until the truth made itself known
That to have her heart, He'd have to learn

To gather up all of his strength
And fly away from here
To let love carry him any length
And not be driven by fear

If I stayed the same and did not move,
By the world I'd be left behind
I'd be static in my opinions and views
And be cast from others' minds

So I must evolve in my character
And the things I do and don't believe
Not so much to please another,
But in order to shape my higher self, and make that higher self, me

With this He made a promise, for today, and not tomorrow
To not be frightened by how the wind blew
To not be kept back by regret and sorrow

And so to his dreams, He flew

awe Jul 13

Come on,
let's let go,
that's what love's all about



I. Cannot. Sleep.
Mysidian Bard Jul 12

Broken, hard scattered shards,
seeming impossible to undo.
You were just a jigsaw puzzle
and I wanted to complete you.

Interlocking jagged fragments;
we both knew from the start
that you were missing pieces,
ones that belonged to your heart.

If we were to ever be together,
I knew what I had to do --
I began to take myself apart
to give those pieces to you.

Slowly I break with each piece you take,
but my love only increases;
for now I am a part of you,
I am your missing pieces.

M Harris Jul 10

A Fairy Tale Lost In Demise,
His Visions Of Lies Still Painting Her Paradise,
She Lived With Incisions Of His Force Fed Lies & Sacrifice,

With Eternal Incarnation & Immortal Intoxication,
Ethereal In Translation, Lies Her Irrational Infatuation,

Mimicked Sanguineness & Emancipated Promiscuousnesses,
Her Mesmerized Senses Enticed By His Pretenses,

Digital Fears & Artificial Screams,
Her Carnal Tears Inside Her Abysmal Dreams,

A Ray Of Her Solicitude & Her Sublime Prelude,
Shes Gleams With Platitude & Visions Of Prime Servitude,

Crystalline Waters Of Her Erotic Fountains,
Like A Valentine's Songster With An Ecstatic Bloodstain,

An Emissary's Vignettes & Infatuated Ex,
Lies Imaginary Silhouettes & Intoxicated Sex,

A Twirling Luminaria With Metaphysical Symmetry,
Waltzing With Euphoria & Her Lyrical Tapestries,

Transcendental Memory & Reminisces Of Her Scars,
A Sacramental Story With Kisses From The Stars....

- 05:07 AM

Rebecca H Jul 8

Don't take your life.
I mean; it's up to you,
but I don't want to lose you.
The pain doesn't go away -
it just finds more people to hold onto.

I believe that there are people out there
who we are meant for.
But by that I don't mean that
everything's perfect or
that we are living happily ever after.

Think of what you're sacrificing.

Imagine fighting with your partner
but you solve it and in the end of the day
you sleep next to each other
and you're happy.

You're not perfect -
but who is?

There is forgiveness -
not from others but ourselves.
If you forgive yourself
then I can forgive you too,
and your mother,
and father,
and sisters can
all forgive you.

It all starts
and ends
with you.

And you need to make a list of
the pros and cons of taking your life
before you toss a coin in the air
and let it decide the life for you.

I believe in you.
Please believe on yourself.

- i believe in every single one of you -
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