Jabin 4d
The children, they don't need us.
In fact, they repeat us.
And what ungodly error.
Collecting our wounds en masse,
spreading our crimes so fast-
continuous looping terror.

We spit upon the face of the devil
and bring ourselves right to his level,
pray for consuming ignition.
With triteness we scheme for money,
and laugh at things unfunny
to dodge the hard decision.

Kill me, my God I'm not ready.
This burden feels so heavy.
But will it save all creation?
My child, I love so dearly.
I see what love is so clearly,
and gained such appreciation.

Remorseful I am for pain I've caused.
With arrogance, I've rarely paused
to accept the pain of my brother.
And in my soul harbored hatred
and never known what is sacred,
Blamed this disease on father and mother.

What shall we do now to gain redemption?
Life's too vast for our comprehension.
Apes that we are, we continue to wrestle.
Domination, we damn those who're different.
Though we fall from a common descendant.
I pray to our God, re-brandish the pestle.  

Live for each other, I'll tell her.
Into bondage, I'll never sell her.
But unto the enemy, I'll submit.
And those who subscribe discrimination,
and from torture derive their elation.
I tell you the truth, you're all full of it.
Isn’t interesting how much fear we hide even from ourselves? I think that if we’re mentally healthy people, this world and living in it is a terrifying experience. The thought of our inevitable death alone is enough to humble anyone, if they let it. Some people are stronger, and some are weaker. Some pretend to be strong, so they don’t appear weak. That is a dangerous path. When you start deriving your self identity from the thoughts of others, you become as weak as a person can be. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be angry. We have to accept these realities, and if we do, I think we can begin to accept each other more thoroughly. We just have to realize that we all have control over our own lives and our own selves. Look deep into your being and seek out the truth. Let it guide you, because lies are stumbling blocks no matter how you slice it. The sooner we become more comfortable with the truth and the telling of it, the sooner we can actually deal with our problems in a healthy way. I think a lot of violence, depression, anger, etc. could be avoided if we made honesty more of a priority in our lives. And the truth is, we will fail in this quest from time to time, but it's one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. And you will feel much better about yourself if, when you realize you are wrong in a particular moment, you are able to openly admit your error out loud. It doesn't feel good in the moment to be sure, but pulling those weeds up as soon as they sprout will always help ensure a more healthy garden. There is an idea that everyone lies, and that might even be true, but by repeating that mantra throughout the generations, all we do is justify our own dishonesty, because hey, everybody's doing it. Do not be afraid. You might lose friends or even family over honesty, but sacrifice is a fact of life. And who's to say that your influence won't open their own eyes, leading you both down a path to a better relationship in the end?
Harsha 6d
When I was in hostile environment training in Manchester
I picked up this butterfly pendent for you but never presented it
Because of your ludicrous inkling, that true friends should never exchange gifts;
When I first met you working at that coffee shop back home
I was trying to woo you by writing poetry but I failed and read them on my own;
When I was 20 occupied in Dubai I was rationalizing what adventures you might have ventured in to
While observing the city erect bloody monoliths of sand cement and glass;
When I was stuck in an airport in Pakistan, I saw a humming bird and a blue plastic bag
Arbitrarily floating in the air, then thought of your indigo hair band
Which you use to wear, hopelessly on your left arm
When I was watching the Formula 1 back in Bahrain I watched the race cars firm pass
And wondered how our time together also expired just as fast;
When I was 23 - enduring in the war tore city of Baghdad
I meant to write but there was nothing stimulating
In that hell hole to write for your innocent soul to have ever grasped
Hence I held my silence steadfast
I spared you the misery when I failed to communicate the wounds I received in Ballad (a US Air force base in Iraq);
Then when I was in the opium fields in the Kanoon province of  Afghanistan
I discovered that heroin is almost as intoxicating & addictive as you
When I was in a discotheque in New Castle, I saw a girl with a butterfly tattoo
Reminded me of how you spread your wings and flew away with someone more attuned to you
When I was in a seafood restaurant in Singapore, I ordered a Unagi sushi (I did not even eat it)
Only to induce the aroma of your favourite dish as it evoked the sweet memory of you
When I was in a 15 hour layover in Male sinking my feet in the sea sand
I simply wished that you were there with me holding my hand
When I was once stuck in the metro in London I allegedly meant to send a postcard
But got distracted by the fact that you were engaged to another hence it was excruciatingly hard
After a Coldplay concert ended in Liverpool I saw this little Irish lass
And thought how beautiful your children might take after your beautiful stance
When I was visiting a castle in Edinburgh oh! How I wished I have secured a castle for you
And how I should have said those 3 words more often than I ever moved around without you
Sylph 6d
Despite all the scars and blackened wounds
Despite all the lies and reassuring coos
Despite all the pills and momentary escapes
Despite all the breakdowns and spontaneous rage
It would always make me wonder,
         how you shatter with just a simple phrase,

"i will die for you"

and i did.
so many glass cannons in the world
Joshua Nai Jun 7
Obedience is better than sacrifice~LORD
So in the Bible,  "lord" can mean like a master as well as "Lord". It can also be LORD. Solely for God. And well, he said that obedience is better than sacrifice. And I think sometimes to obey you have to sacrifice too.  So ye.
MG Darwish Jun 6
Never have I seen one as generous,
Nor one so abandoned as you in your darkest hours,

Never seen someone as noble as you,
Oh helper and hope of the lonely,
Where are you?

Where has your Light gone?

The sparks through which you guided us all,
The light that tore away the dark of our souls,

Your supreme sacrifices to which now I long,

My heart belongs only to you,
You taught me love and duty,

Then persisted that I remain humble,
One so pure, without, I could never be whole.
Wrote this last night just before dawn. Hope you like it.
Emma K Jun 5
There was a man
he carried a sheep
He warmed the sheep with his hands
There was a man
he carried this lamb
across deserts and unknown lands
He had a flock of 1000 sheep
but he lost this one
so he traveled across the lands
and found this lost lamb
Then he carried it back
on his shoulders
he sacrificed everything
this one determined man
Clyde Jun 2
do not remember
the warmth
of another body
my understanding and perception
of love
has all
been changed
though time and experience,
yet my memory,
which is my own
has no recollection of it.
It's blank.
A scary thing to feel
to see those truly touched by love
and you're to wonder
where's mine?
what's wrong with me?
where is my piece of happiness?

It comes again,
slowly seeping in
and in honesty,
it sucks
the limited warmth away
I'm not talking about
what genuinely makes me happy
for you see, I'm an addict of love
an addict caught without his drug
whom has sacrificed himself
to changes different loves bring
till eventually
I lost myself
in the intoxication of
drugs and hormones,
burning myself out

....or rather,
I should say that's what I was
I have come to terms
not just with my flaws
but what's the main problem
down deep in my core
to why
there is never any satisfaction
as to why
what I crave is
the warm embrace of support when the world turns against you
that happy smile that lights up your day
eyes that send you to another universe if you stare at them long enough
the gentle touch that calms the nerves and steadies your aim
the sweet kisses that momentarily stop time
those moments of admiration at the little imperfections
that one spot on their body that you claim as your own
the secrets and little details no one ought to know
the pride felt when the other succeeds
cause you know all the tears wept to get that far

Because you can only fight on your own for so long
and the kind helping hand of a friend
can only hold, lift, carry and heal
so much

That is why I weep
why I can't feel
and why love
is still something
I don't understand
for I
have no memories of it at all
and yet it's still what I crave

I think this is what happens
when you've been alone
for this long
ty tokyo May 30
you can steal my warmth
if it gifts you one more breath
you can take my life
We ply our trade pretending that we matter
avoiding death, prophecy much sooner than the latter
our hearts on sleeves, and feelings held up high
another love is born, but eventually, must die

We push on through the storm, praying to see another day
wishing all our problems, and faults won't get in the way
every breath we breathe leading unto the next
hoping that one day our spirits, souls, are fixed

Broken down and leaking love as water
unforgiving self, allowing us, no quarter
confidence, self worth, always set to falter
used and riven, sacrificed, at love's
bloody altar
Love is a mixture of pleasure and pain, even if, it's not intended :\
Rain May 26
Is it more of a sacrifice,
To love life, and die for someone other than oneself?
Or is it perhaps harder
To hate life and yearn for death,
Yet live for the sake of one you love?
I'm thinking it's the latter,
Because clinging to life here in misery for their sake
Hurts so much more than choosing to leave forever.
You do not only have to stay alive for you. Sometimes it is enough to stay alive for your mom, your brother your S.O, anyone. If you have no one but your cats, then stay alive for them! If you have a dog, think of how much pain you'd cause him/her if you left. Point is, find something, anything, even a temporary thing, to live for, and live for it! If you must, find a new something/one to live for. Just don't give up.
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