We use to talk of all the things we loved to do:
holding hands, lying beneath the stars, our conjoining of hearts

I believed I was in love with you and yet,
I remember the day you said goodbye like it were yesterday,
erased me from your life as if everything were nothing;
A swift kick to the curb—
the nerve

I’m glad to know it’s that easy to walk away from me
and that all the things I sacrificed for you
were as meaningful as the dirt on your shoe

Thanks... No, really... thank you

For now I know what not to look for
And that’s all the characteristics in which you possess;

The v i l e,
psychologically projected fear of loneliness
Along with your tendency to hide, lie, and be promiscuous

You and all your disturbances left such a bad taste in my mouth;
so much so, that I refuse to even utter your name aloud

but I will take with me all the lessons I've well earned,
and forgive you for all the disrespect that you so gave me

oh, and yet
be rest assured that you'll see what the **** it is that I'm worth
Now go ahead and ask me if I care what it is you think of me?
yup, uhh nope, not at all
But I do pray that you learn from your past discrepancies..

why you ask...?
well see, no other girl should have to suffer
solely because you can't ******* keep it together

and not everyone can build themselves back up from the devastating destruction you very well cause

you should know
that every decision creates a tidal wave
that not everyone can escape the repercussions of
January 14, 2013
On a misty city morning
Still resolved to early rising
I came upon a heap of corpses

They were child sacrifices
Made to satisfy the fancy
Of Christian Capitalist and Pagan
And a jolly old fat man
Who lives at the North Pole

They might have been

Growing tall
In a field or on a hill
Drinking sunlight
Breathing love songs
In answer to caress of wind

But the quiet young pines
Didn't seem to mind
Their broken bodies one last gift
Filling my chest with fragrant air
And longings
For fields and hills
On a misty city morning
Sir Jan 12
One two steps are taken
Two feet below my bed
Three four buttons are plugged
Four minutes as my uniform got together
Five six kisses blown
Six times gently on my cheek
Seven eight litres are filled
Eight bucks for some gas
Nine ten rounds are loaded
Ten seconds before i am perished away
Along with guts from my chest
Ankit Jan 9
You are a scented candle.
Your perfume is beautiful.
You are running out of wax
but you chose to be on fire,
To spread brightness,
In everyone's lives.
I know, you will give more
Until there is nothing.
But you should notice
That you'll die out slowly.
You should stop messing about
By burning yourself out.
Do what makes you happy.
Not what makes you proud.
For someone special
ravyn Jan 9
Under the endless empty sky
Void of any things and all
Lived a little danger boy
Held a knife before his fall

Little danger boy met little danger friends
Encouragement only goes so far
Until they reach their ends
Blades and Falls and Harms that mar
The Outside of the Soul
And a garden grows in the bandaid covered knees and scattered holes

Little danger friends would scream and laugh their happy cries
Scabs and Neosporin go so far in their little eyes
With their blood and tears and laughs they pay the price for fun
But it only lasts so far until little danger boy is done

Little danger boy knew the dreaded time had come
But when the eleventh hour came he instead sung
why do I have to do this? wasn't I a good little boy?
And *** answered no and sent him with His ploy

So little danger boy set aslashing and asmashing
Wetting His holy blade with blood and bone
All his little danger friends gone and no more sun to be shone

The sky went dark
The stars blinked out
And little danger boy began to shout
please *** why? am I now alone?
And *** answered yes and thereabout
Cried little danger boy
the void has even left me
even Nothing has gone out
wrote this at 4 am
Behind enemy lines you gave your life,
The risks you knew and embraced willingly,
Red, black and green berets fought by your side,
And brought your body back to family.

Later in a ritual of their own,
They would name a field airport in your name,
And honor you, your brothers, far from home,
Their memory now your eternal flame.

I do not know your rank, your name, your face,
I only know that I am in your debt,
Who for your family can take your place?
Our debt to them we must never forget.

The freedom I enjoy comes thanks to you,
And all who serve with honor, proud and true.
Members of the elite special forces units consider themselves quiet soldiers. They do their work in the background, in some of the most dangerous places on earth. They bring their special skills to bear behind enemy lines operating in the shadows with only one another to watch their backs. And they don't leave one of their own behind. As a rule they don't talk about their work to outsiders. This sonnet is based on a very rare instance when one of these quiet soldiers very briefly mentioned an instance behind enemy lines where one of their own was killed in action but not left behind.

From of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems (C) 2011
I am done
With captivity.
I am here to set you free.
No ammunition,
No inhibition
Just two hands,
A heart,
And steady legs
Weathered by the sea
Solomon Jan 6
In dusk lies a light,
Sun painted on sea with pride,
A path no one walks.
my very first attempt on Haiku
empty seas Jan 1
i just
have to
and tell myself
it’s okay
to not want something
it’s okay
to not please everyone
it’s okay
to feel emotions

i don’t have
to sacrifice
to make someone else

one of my not-very-close friends is here in my house spending the night and I really really don’t want him to be here because they can be super clingy and I really don’t like it but I don’t know what to do so I’m just hiding in my room
SingingTree Dec 2018
She was standing at the arrival gate with her searching eyes screening the thousands passangers.
Her eyes lit up when it met mine. Her arms outstretched she hugged me with all the love.
Overwhelmed with her touch, I rejoiced in my Ama's arms, the world's safest and happiest place.
As we were heading back home, something was different,
I looked at her holding my hands, caressing my face and telling me stories unheard.
Her touch, her gaze, her talks were same, then why she is looking different?
As I dived more for the answer, I noticed her graying hair.
Then, the reality hit me hard as rock, she is ageing and her body changing.
My hero, my idol and strength with her fragile body was doing everything for me like before.
However, she was more tired, more weak then before.
As I registered these inevitable changes my Ama was going through, my heart broke.
But my dear Ama, I promise to hold your hands and walk you through the difficult road called life as you have done for me.
I promise you to be your spectacle when your eyesight falter.
I promise you to be your knight and protect you from all the evils.
I promise you to be your best friend and listen to your endless stories.
I just want one promise in return, that you will be healthy and happy, and never leave me alone.
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