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Nothing compares to a love like this. I didn’t even know this could exist.
You touch me and there’s automatic peace. You carry me to bed when I fall asleep.
You tuck me in to keep me warm,
Or let me wear your coat even though you can’t feel your arms.
You tell me daily how much you love me,
And it’s what you’re always demonstrating.
You listen to me read novels and poetry.
And (almost) never interrupt me.

I hope that I do enough for you
To show you that I love you, too.
LaFayette Sep 1
Sons of the Eagle down to their last morsel
Terrified and exhausted from the fight
Alive in nothing but frozen soul and spirit
Lying within their cold encrusted tombs
Iced to the ground, like trees long dead
No longer understanding why they came
Gone from their families, lost and alone
Round and round the circle has closed
And it all comes down to this, a final push
Die in the snow soldier, and know not why
I'm a big history nerd and am reading about the battle of Stalingrad in World War II. Decided to write about what the experience would be like for a German soldier knowing the end was near and him wondering what was the point.
She captures sunsets for you
But I painted the sky

But still, you climb the mountain for her
**** the dragon and cry too

Because she's more beautiful
of course, she does.
she does..
Chiara Sep 25
Your blood flows so freely,
Quickly seeps through my fingers.
I try to stop it, but we cannot linger.

We have to flee,
Enemies draw near,
But your life is fading
And it’s only for me.

You stopped the arrow
Intended for me,
Didn’t hesitate a moment,
But jumped before me.

You saved my life,
A debt I cannot repay.
And I fear for the cost,
For now you slip away.

You’re steps from death’s door,
But what can I do?
I want to do something,
I want to save you too!

But I know my chances
Against the forces ahead.
They steadily grow slimmer
As I hold your hand.

I want to scream,
Demand to know why you did it!
I love you my friend,
Why did you do this?

Then it happens:
You touch my face!
You tell me to flee,
To go and save them and me.

But I can’t just leave you,
I wouldn’t dare!
But you don’t back down
As death stains the air.

You tell me to go,
To live on with the rest.
A stray tear leaves you eye
And I cannot deny.

It’s the last thing that you want,
The last wish I can grant.
I place a kiss on your brow
And rise to my feet.

I inhale the air,
All I can get.
I shout out loud:
Retreat! Follow me!

We’ve been successful,
We’ve escaped with our lives.
And we’ll never forget
Those sacrifices made.
Mother slept on a floor for years
with thin, withering sponge as a barrier between her and cheap carpet
in a room of no purpose
and yellowing walls.
Her harsh streams of smoke
comfort the child,
focused wildly on used coloring books
and certain this is Mother's preference.
Hadassah Sep 19
I stretched my hands to stop her but she was gone.
I waited to see if she would look back but she had crossed the lawn.

She shouldn’t have known.

It wouldn’t matter anyways.
We already parted ways.

I would do it again, just for her to live a happy life.

She would have died if I didn’t **** him.

She would have suffered the same fate I did.

Maybe she will be back when she knows.
By then, I’ll be long dead in the snow.

Tell her that her husband was a devil.
Tell her the one she loved was pure evil.

He would have *****, battered her children like he did me if I didn’t **** him.

She might never grieve for me.
I hope she finds it in heart to forgive me.

Tell my sister that i love her.
I like to imagine myself soft as down. All cream and pastel.
Much like a mama bird I would pluck the softest parts of me to build a safe place for you to rest.
Too stubborn to unburden myself of youthful idealism, but running short on feathers I find myself a fragile bundle of sharp edges.
I feel if I am not careful I could poke you, right in the eye.
But in this nest I've built for you,  crafted from the most tender, and pure parts of myself,  I find I can lay at ease.
Shielded from any storm or draft I take comfort in the soft wisps of your hair on by cheek.
Love is nothing new to me, but I have found there's no place like home. 
There was a time when I thought I knew how to carry that feeling with me. A time when nothing weighed heavy on my back. 
I have claws just as any other bird, but I am but a common wren.
For you I would give the world.  Even knowing one day,  you must leave our nest, to spread new plumage of your own.
Flower C Sep 13
The flower you hold,
Too tight and it will crumple,
No growth if too loose.
Gianni Sep 12
These words are a product of my sadness
A coping mechanism to all this madness
Do we accept the love we think we deserve?
Why am I only creative when I’m at my worst?
React or stay calm when that line is crossed
Was there ever any trust before it was lost?
A short poem isn’t enough to describe
The thing I always held on to
My suffering and pain inside
At any sign of discomfort a voice reminds
Of the easy way out, one way ticket to the other side
Does it matter at this point
When I’m full of anger
And all I do is disappoint
J J Sep 9
Lovely whispers cycling the night in
      Clearer than words ever could. His body
Emaciated and drenched in rainfall water
     Falling wishywashy on the mountain top
Which grips the sun as divinity-scannihg eye.

Met in icy surface that separates the dead and the living
From those who live in limbo;
      Purgatorial letters swapped
In gregarious burials that permeate a life of suffering
Better than any etched headstone could.

Would you trade your skin for water knowing
It'd save someone you never know?
Would you paint the sky gold with old red stars
Still poking through    just so

He knew that his journey was not just to die?
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